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1.13 MeteoLit-Sorceress by HCNemesis

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/16/13

Diablo 2 : LoD MeteoLit-Sorceress Guide
-V2.0 (16 August 2013)
-By HCNemesis

           This guide is only for private use. It may not be sold or reposted 
on any website,  magazine, book, etc. You may print it out and distribute it 
if you wish but you cannot sell it without letting me know and I will most
likely let you do it if you tell me. This guide can only be posted on and by
GameFaqs.com or any other CNET owned site but no others. If you wish to put it
on a personal website let me know beforehand and you will not be punished for 
violating a copyright. This guide is property of HCNemesis. My
e-mail address will be posted in the "End." part of the guide.

1. Updates:

????		V1.1	- Minor Updates

16 August 2013	V2.0	- Added a Update Section
			- Change the Guide Level
			- Skills
			- Items

2. Introduction:

Hello everyone, welcome to my guide for a
Hyrbid-Sorceress that isn't that common to
see on Battle.Net. I'm talking about the

Why making a MeteoLit-Sorceress in the first
place? Simple questions need simple answers;
"Because it's using the two strongest
Skills of her class".

You don't see these characters that often
because people believe that these characters
are not "balanced" or that one Skill is not
strong enough in Hell. I'll tell you that those
people did not see the character with their own

This guide is based on a LV.90 Sorceress.

I hope that you'll enjoy this guide en that
you can make use of it. Feel free the write me
comments about it.

BTW: My guide is just simple so that can get a
clear view of what it's really important.

3. Table of Contents:

1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Table of Contents
4. Stats
5. Skills
6. Skill Placement
7. Equipment
8. Inventory
9. Statistics
11.The End

4. Stats:

Strength: Only enough for your equipment, but
nothing more!!!!
Dexterity: Don't go for the Max. Block. You'll
use 'Energy Shield' so you won't need it.
Vitality: We all love this Stat. Pump it up!
Energy: ...Useless piece of stat...

5. Skills:

Cold Spells:

Total: 0

Lightning Spells:

 1 | Charged Bolt
 1 | Static Field
 1 | Telekinenis
20 | Lightning
11 | Chain Lightning
 1 | Teleport
 1 | Energy Shield*
20 | Lightning Mastery
Total: 56

Fire Spells:

 1 | Fire Bolt
 1 | Warmth
 1 | Inferno
 1 | Blaze
20 | Fire Ball
 1 | Fire Wall
20 | Meteor
 1 | Fire Mastery
Total: 46

*Everyone is wondering; "Why waste one point in
'Energy Shield'?". It will end up being a LV.28
'Energy Shield' and because you'll use 'Spirit
, 'Magefist', 'Arachnid Mesh' and two 'Stone of
Jordans', you'll have more than enough power and
endurance in 'Energy Shield'. So now you can use
'Energy Shield' you won't use it that much...
It sounds weird but you must use 'Energy Shield'
as your 9-1-1 call. When you're about to get
beaten, cast it so you can quickly 'Teleport'

Make sure you max. 'Lightning Mastery' first.
You are not going to use 'Chain Lightning' that
much, so it's better to make your 'Lightning'

6. Skill Placement:

Just divide your character in two; Fire and
Lightning. Start with mastering all the Skills
for the Fire part of this build and then max the
Lightning Skills you need. In this order the Fire
Skill is strong enough to kill everyone. When the
Fire Immunes monsters will arrive you'll have your
Lightning Skills ready.

The other option is that you'll just put points in
Lightning and then use the Reset function from
Quest 1 or a Token.

7. Equipment:

Helmet: Caster Rare Circlet // Ber, Ber (2-20)
Armor: Chains of Honor // Dusk Shroud
Weapon: Heart of the Oak // Flail (40/x)
Shield: Spirit // Monarch (35/55)
Gloves: Magefist (20/x)
Belt: Arachnid Mesh (20/x)
Boots: Sandstorm Trek (x/20
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Ring: Stone of Jordan
Ring: Stone of Jordan

Weapon: Call to Arms // Flail
Shield: Phoenix // Monarch*

The only expensive thing about this build should be 
the 'Caster Rare Circlet' with 2 All Skills and 
2-20 FCR and adds like Strength.

You won't need 'Eschuta's Temper'because you'll need
the Resistance you get from 'Heart of the Oak'. If
you have more than enough Resistance than 'Eschuta's
Temper' is better than 'Heart of the Oak'

The reason I choose for 'Phoenix' is because of the
great 'Redemption' Aura. If you had a tough fight
or Battle.Net was lagging (again)... you can use the
switch to regain Life and Mana in an instant.

8. Inventory:

Horadric Cube
Tome of Town Portal
Hellfire Torch
5x Sparking Grand Charm of Balance
3x Sparking Grand Charm of Vita
2x Shimmering Small Charm of Balance

You'll reach the 142% FHR with the Balance charms.
Combine that with your LV.28 Energy Shield and you
won't be killed that easily.

Don't forget to check your Resistance. If you need
more go for the 'Shimmering Small Charms of Vita'.

9. Statistics:

- Damage:
Lightning: 11 - 13.688
Chain Lightning: 10 - 6.083

Fire Ball: 5.898 - 6.398
Meteor: 13.3887 - 14.429

- + Skills:
19 (Incl. 'Battle Orders')
 8 Lightning Spells
 1 Fire Spells

- FCR:

- FHR:

- DR:
26% (Equipment)

- Absorb:
83% (Energy Shield)

10. Mercenary:

Nightmare Defense Desert Mercenary:

Helmet: Ethereal Crown of Ages // 2x Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Armor: Ethereal Shaftstop // Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Weapon: Infinity // Ethereal Cryptic Axe

The Holy Freeze Aura on the Merc will grant you a awesome
Crowd-Control skill. All the enemies will slow down in order
to be get slaughtered by your character. Give your Mercenary
the 'Infinity' Runeword and he will be your best friend on

With this equipment he has 45% DR and more than enough Life
Leech to keep him alive.


I did not post any kind of "lower"-equipment because I feel
that the items this character needs are not that expensive,
except the 'Caster Crafted Amulet' and the 'Infinity'
Runeword. If you're having trouble getting the Ethereal
versions of the Mercenary items, just go for the
non-ethereal. Those will do fine as well.

Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave comments:

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