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1.10 Flaming Druid by Akai Akuma

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 12/20/04

         | DIABLO 2:LOD     THE FLAMING DRUID GUIDE         |
         | For PC                                           |
         | Written by Akai Akuma (joanroda@eresmas.com)     |
         | Version 1.7                           (92.6KB)   |

     TT     HH    HH  EE
     TT     HH    HH  EE
     TT     HH    HH  EEEEEEE

  FFFFFFF  LL           A      MM    MM  II  NN   NN   GGGGGG 
  FF       LL          AAA     MMM  MMM  II  NNN  NN  GG
  FF       LL        AAAAAAA   MM    MM  II  NN  NNN  GG    GG
  FF       LLLLLLL  AA     AA  MM    MM  II  NN   NN   GGGGGG

  DD   DD  RR   RR  UU   UU  II  DD   DD
  DD   DD  RRRRR    UU   UU  II  DD   DD
  DD   DD  RR  RR   UU   UU  II  DD   DD

---Table of Contents---

1.  Version History
2.  Game Information
3.  Introduction
4.  Stats
5.  Skills
      I.   Elemental Skills
      II.  Summoning Skills
6.  Controversies
      I.   Spirit Wolves vs. Dire Wolves vs. Grizzly
      II.  Oak Sage vs. Heart of Wolverine vs. Spirit of Barbs
      III. Poison Creeper vs. Carrion Vine vs. Solar Creeper
      IV.  Pure Flaming Druid vs. Mixed Flaming Druid
      V.   The effectivity or not of Armaggedon
7.  Synergies
      I.   Synergies Bonus
      II.  Possible Build-Ups
      III. My Druid   
8.  Strategies
      I.   Hirelings
      II.  Basic Strategies
      III. General Gameplay Comments
9.  Equipment
10. Bosses Guide                     !!!!!!!POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!!!
      I.   Tyipical Monsters
      II.  Über Diablo
11. Legal Stuff
12. Special Thanks

* 1.  Version History

Ver. 1.0 (05/28/04) - First version of the FAQ. Completed from section
                      1 to 7.
Ver. 1.1 (06/11/04) - Sections 3, 5, 6 and 7 have been completed.
                      Section 8 is now available, wow it takes me ages
                      to complete it.
Ver. 1.2 (07/01/04) - Gomen,gomen!! Sorry for the delay.
                      Sections 6 and 8 has been revised, specially the
                      strategies and section 10 is finally available.
Ver. 1.3 (07/04/04) - General corrections, mainly spelling mistakes.
                      I extended section 7 with my druid build up and
                      Section 8 has been splited and completed with
                      General Gameplay Comments.
Ver. 1.4 (09/31/04) - Many corrections in nearly all sections: stats,
                      equipment, controversies, gameplay and more.
Ver. 1.5 (10/21/04) - Yes, it's me again. Some comments on sections 3
                      and 7.
Ver. 1.6 (10/29/04) - My first fight against Über Diablo deserves an
                      special mention in section 10.
Ver. 1.7 (12/20/04) - Big mistake in stats section corrected.

* 2.  Game Information

Title: 	Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Genre: Role
Platforms: PC
Players: 1-8 players
Designed By: Blizzard North
Published By: Blizzard Entertainment(NA), Sierra Entertainment(Europe)

* 3.  Introduction

This is my 3rd FAQ, 3 in 1 year. :) I hope you'll enjoy it.

Q: What is a Flaming Druid?
A: As you can imagine a druid who uses basicaly fire skills.
Q: Why should I create a Flaming Druid? 
A: Aesthetically, the werewolf and the werebear might be more
   attractive, but... who were the druids? The druids were religious
   leaders, philosophers, judges and many other things in the Celtic
   society. The common point between all of them is that they were in
   a perfect communion with the nature. As a result of this, it was
   said that they could communicate with animals and plants, but not
   convert into werewolves or werebears. According to these, the most
   pure druid would be a summoner druid, but it was said that they
   could control the weather also, so an elemental druid is also a
   sensible and suitable choice.
Q: Which are the benefits of being a Flaming Druid?
A: The main benefit is that we can defeat physical immune enemies
   easily, who are the nemesis of shape shifters and summoner druids.
   I've never run away from a combat, I could defeat anybody, maybe I
   need my time against some immunes but I can kill anybody. Who else
   can say the same? Some classes can't.
Q: What about fire inmunes?
A: Skills like Volcano, Molten Boulder and our hireling will deal them
   with an acceptable effectivity.
Q: Why fire and not wind?
A: Windy druids appear to be more desirable due to their Cyclone Armor
   which could add to you an extra defence of 1200 or more elemental
   damage, when it is fully sinergied(does this verb really exist?).
   But his main elemental attack Hurrricane(similar to Holy Freeze,
   the paladin skill but 3 times shorter in range terms than the maxed
   Holy freeze), this lack of range obliges you to approach
   dangerously to your enemies and the nearer you are to your enemies,
   the nearer you're to the death. They have another main atack
   Tornado, but surprisingly it's not elemental, it's physical, I know
   it cause I trained a windy druid too. Tornado is nice ranged attack,
   with a nice ammount of damage(around 3000). Tornado has no caster
   delay, so you can cast them constantly and it stuns your enemies
   and passes through them, so one tornado can hit many enemies. There
   is a con, it's precission is a crap, and you need time to aim
   correctly to your enemies, so you should need a tank hireling or
   strong summonings.
Q: Sorry, but this built sounds really attractive to me...
A: Maybe or maybe not, he's not an elemental caster that's why I prefer
   the Flaming Druid. Attacks like Fissure or Volcano give you the
   chance of attacking the enemies without being affected by the
   offensive auras and curses that some uniques use and not being
   affected by their novas while killing them.
Q: Is a fire Druid comparable to a fire Sorceress?
A: No. A pure fire Sorceress could do a fire damage of 7000-8000,
   while a pure fire druid could take only 2000-2500. Well,
   theoretically you can inflict more damage(8000) with Armageddon,
   when fully sinergied and without using spirits, anyway the
   precission is pityful, reducing the damage drastically.
Q: How does the patch 1.10 affected on the Druid skills?
A: Most of them have been improved which made the elemental Druid more
   attracting than the one on the previous version.
Q: Is it possible to play in Act 5 in level Hell?
A: Yes, but it's not easy. Choosing to be a Flaming Druid is a
   challenging option, but it's absolutely possible.

* 4.  Stats

The best thing about being an Elemental Druid is that you don't need to
spent many points into mana,because mana cost is nearly always constant.

You should spent points this way:

Two times this:                     One time this:
Strength  1                         Strength  1
Dexterity 1                         Dexterity 2
Vitality  3                         Vitality  1
Energy    0                         Energy    1

In three levels the overall balance should be:
Strength  3
Dexterity 4
Vitality  7
Energy    1

Strength is important due to our strategy(see section 8) and in order
to use several nice armors and helms, and to use some weapons(Earth
Shifter with +7 elemental skills, which needs 253 strength), if you
are considering to wear Aldur, then 85 is enough, cause the +30
strength bonus from Aldur's mace.

Dexterity is interesting also, and remember that if you use Heart of  
Wolverine our decent attack rating will be improved drastically. If
you prefer using a shield, and want to have a decent block rate invest
some points here to have 75% block rating.

Vitality is crucial for not dying easily and to fight in melee without
risking your life more than necessary, Novas, Corpse Explosions,...  

Energy, 50 is more than enough. Potions will do the rest, remember that
your spells consume a little bit mana, most mana will be spent on 
re-summoning your wolves against bosses because they're not fully

* 5.  Skills

Due to my previous comments I will omit the Shape-shifting skills tree,
to focus on the other two. All the values that appear here are from
patch 1.10 and assuming that you only have one point in the
pre-requisite skills.

I. Elemental Skills

Requirements : None, available from level 1
Description  : Similar to the Firewall that Diablo uses, but a lot
               weaker and with a little range.
Advantages   : Ridiculous cost of mana, quite powerful at high levels
               due to the synergies.
Disadvantages: Short range.
Comments     : Takes a considerable amount of energy, the problem is
               the range, anyway put some points(10) due to the
               synergies if you're planning to be a pure flaming
               druid, if not 1 point would be enough.
               This skill has been improved in 1.10 patch.
Grade        : B

Level        Average Fire        Mana
            damage per second    Cost
  1              3-7              4
  2              7-10             4
  3             10-14             4
  4             14-17             4
  5             17-21             4
  6             21-24             4
  7             24-28             4
  8             28-31             4
  9             33-38             4
 10             39-45             4
 11             45-52             4
 12             51-59             4
 13             57-66             4
 14             63-73             4
 15             69-80             4
 16             75-87             4
 17             83-97             4
 18             91-106            4
 19             99-116            4
 20             107-125           4

*Molten Boulder*
Requirements : Level 6, Firestorm
Description  : A ball of fire which knocks your opponents and explodes
               when hits one of them
Advantages   : Low mana cost
Disadvantages: Low damage
Comments     : Absolutely useless by itself, but it's nice to invest in
               it to improve the damage inflicted by Volcano. If it's
               not your case one point to access to better spells. If
               you like Firestorm, you can also invest some more points
               here due to the synergies.
               This skill has weakened in 1.10 patch.
Grade        : B-

Level        Average Fire        Mana
            damage per second    Cost
  1             12-15             10
  2             20-24             10.5
  3             27-30             11
  4             35-39             11.5
  5             42-48             12
  6             50-54             12.5
  7             58-63             13
  8             65-69             13.5
  9             74-78             14
 10             83-87             14.5
 11             92-96             15
 12            101-105            15.5
 13            109-114            16
 14            118-123            16.5
 15            127-132            17
 16            136-141            17.5
 17            146-150            18
 18            156-159            18.5
 19            166-171            19
 20            176-180            19.5

*Artic Blast*
Requirements : Level 6
Description  : Ice version of Inferno.
Advantages   : We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Disadvantages: We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Comments     : One point only to access to Armageddon.
Grade        : C

Requirements : Level 12, Firestorm, Molten Boulder
Description  : Cast a fissure on the ground.
Advantages   : Low mana cost, really nice range.
Disadvantages: Only 3.2 seconds, the casting delay is a bit long.
Comments     : My favourite attack, especially while attacking a
               group of enemies. Maximize it.
               This skill has been improved in 1.10 patch.
Grade        : A

Level         Average Fire         Mana
             Damage Per Second     Cost
  1              16-28              15
  2              23-34              15
  3              30-41              15
  4              36-48              15
  5              43-54              15
  6              50-61              15
  7              57-68              15
  8              63-75              15
  9              77-88              15
 10              90-101             15
 11             104-115             15
 12             117-128             15
 13             131-142             15
 14             144-155             15
 15             157-169             15
 16             171-182             15
 17             189-200             15
 18             207-218             15
 19             225-236             15
 20             243-254             15

*Cyclone Armor*
Requirements : Level 12, Artic Blast
Description  : Armor that absorbs elemental damage.
Advantages   : You will attack from the distance, so you will receive
               mostly elemental damage. Really nice to absorb some
               of it.
Disadvantages: It doesn't absorb physical damage.
Comments     : The only wind skill we are going to use, you can spend
               more than one point here(not more than 5, due to the
               synergies it will get a nice final result absorption.
Grade        : A-

Level           Damage Absorbed         Mana Cost
  1                  40                    5
  2                  52                    6
  3                  64                    7
  4                  76                    8
  5                  88                    9
  6                 100                   10
  7                 112                   11
  8                 124                   12
  9                 136                   13
 10                 148                   14
 11                 160                   15
 12                 172                   16
 13                 184                   17
 14                 196                   18
 15                 208                   19
 16                 220                   20
 17                 232                   21
 18                 244                   22
 19                 256                   23
 20                 268                   24

Requirements : Level 18, Artic Blast, Cyclone Armor
Description  : Creates a pitiful tornado.
Advantages   : We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Disadvantages: We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Comments     : One point only to access to Armageddon and to improve
               the Cyclone Armor.
Grade        : D-

Requirements : Level 24, Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure
Description  : A volcano emerges from the earth to burn your enemies
               throwing fire balls.
Advantages   : If the enemy is still and you cast it over him then
               it takes a lot of damage. 50% of the damage is physical
               and the other 50% is fire damage.
Disadvantages: Useless against several monsters.
Comments     : Maximize it due to the synergies with Fissure.
               This skill has been improved in 1.10 patch.
Grade        : B+

Level         Fire/Physical         Mana
                 damage              Cost
  1            8-11/8-11              25
  2           11-13/11-13             25
  3           13-15/13-15             25
  4           15-17/15-17             25
  5           17-20/17-20             25
  6           20-22/20-22             25
  7           22-24/22-24             25
  8           24-26/24-26             25
  9           29-31/29-31             25
 10           33-35/33-35             25
 11           38-40/38-40             25
 12           42-44/42-44             25
 13           47-49/47-49             25
 14           51-53/51-53             25
 15           56-58/56-58             25
 16           60-62/60-62             25
 17           67-69/67-69             25
 18           73-76/73-76             25
 19           80-82/80-82             25
 20           87-89/87-89             25

Requirements : Level 24, Artic Blast, Cyclone Armor, Twister
Description  : Similar to Twister, but more powerful.
Advantages   : We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Disadvantages: We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Comments     : One point only to access to Armageddon and to improve
               the Cyclone Armor.
Grade        : D

Requirements : Level 30, Artic Blast, Cyclone Armor, Twister, Tornado
Description  : A hurricane surrounds you and damages the monsters
               inside it with cold damage.
Advantages   : We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Disadvantages: We are Flaming Druids forget about it.
Comments     : One point only to access to Armageddon and to improve
               the Cyclone Armor.
Grade        : B-

Requirements : Level 30, Firestorm,Molten Boulder,Artic Blast,Fissure,
               Cyclone Armor, Twister, Tornado, Volcano, Hurricane
Description  : After an endless casting delay a rain of meteors will
               fall damaging the enemies around you.
Advantages   : High damage,sinergies on other fire skills.
Disadvantages: The accuracy is crappy, the problem is the same that
               with Hurricane you have to approach dangerously to your
               enemies without obtaining a big result.
Comments     : Put one point just for the synergies, if you put 20
               points on Fissure, then Armageddon will last 50 seconds
               which is a lot for only 35 mana. As I explained in the
               Q&A section, it's possible to do nearly 8k damage with
               armaggedon due to sinergies and if you're a pure Fire
               druid(100 points spend in the fire tree). But this is
               theory, the harsh reality shows that the real damage is
               very low due to the deficient precission.
               This skill has been weakened drastically in 1.10 patch.
Grade        : C

Level       Average Fire       Mana      Duration       Radius
           Damage Per Second   Cost      (seconds)      (yards)
  1            14-18            35          12           5.3
  2            22-27            35          12           5.3
  3            31-36            35          12           5.3
  4            39-45            35          12           5.3
  5            48-51            35          12           5.3
  6            56-60            35          12           5.3
  7            65-69            35          12           5.3
  8            73-78            35          12           5.3
  9            83-87            35          12           5.3
 10            93-99            35          12           5.3
 11           103-108           35          12           5.3
 12           113-117           35          12           5.3
 13           123-126           35          12           5.3
 14           133-138           35          12           5.3
 15           142-147           35          12           5.3
 16           152-156           35          12           5.3
 17           164-168           35          12           5.3
 18           175-180           35          12           5.3
 19           186-192           35          12           5.3
 20           198-201           35          12           5.3

II. Summoning Skills
This is an important tree for Mixed Flaming Druids, remember to spent
some points here.

Requirements : None, available from level 1
Description  : Summon ravens which blind your enemies.
Advantages   : Ravens don't die and low mana cost.
Disadvantages: Pitiful damage on enemies
Comments     : One point is more than enough for the pre-requisites,
               the +skills objects will do the rest. 5 ravens are
               nice to distract your enemies.
Grade        : C+

Level        Hits        DMG        Ravens       Mana Cost
  1           12         2-4          1              6
  2           13         3-5          2              6
  3           14         4-6          3              6
  4           15         5-7          4              6
  5           16         6-8          5              6
  6           17         7-9          5              6
  7           18         8-10         5              6
  8           19         9-11         5              6
  9           20        10-12         5              6
 10           21        11-13         5              6
 11           22        12-14         5              6
 12           23        13-15         5              6
 13           24        14-16         5              6
 14           25        15-17         5              6
 15           26        16-18         5              6
 16           27        17-19         5              6
 17           28        18-20         5              6
 18           29        19-21         5              6
 19           30        20-22         5              6
 20           31        21-23         5              6

*Poison Creeper*
Requirements : None, available from level 1
Description  : Summons a vine that poisons enemies.
Advantages   : It can distract enemies and useful in Hell mode
               against enemies who are not resistant to poison.
Disadvantages: Low HP, they last only a few seconds.
Comments     : One point is enough, but the + skills objects will
               make it an useful ally on Hell mode.
               The life of the vine has been improved in 1.10 patch.
Grade        : B-

Level           Life           Poison Damage          Mana
                              Over 4 Seconds          Cost
  1            42-58               4-7                 8
  2            52-72               7-8                 8
  3            63-87              10-11                8
  4            73-101             12-14                8
  5            84-116             15-17                8
  6            94-130             18-19                8
  7           105-145             21-22                8
  8           115-159             23-25                8
  9           126-174             28-30                8
 10           136-188             33-34                8
 11           147-203             37-39                8
 12           157-217             42-44                8
 13           168-232             47-48                8
 14           178-246             51-53                8
 15           189-261             56-58                8
 16           199-275             61-62                8
 17           210-290             67-68                8
 18           220-304             73-74                8
 19           231-319             78-80                8
 20           241-333             84-86                8

*Oak Sage*
Requirements : Level 6
Description  : Summons a spirit which increases your and your allies HP
Advantages   : More HP :), what else can I say?
Disadvantages: High mana cost at high levels.
Comments     : Really nice for you and your allies, but you should
               chose between this skill and the Heart of the Wolverine.
               I will discuss about it later(see point 6).
               The life and the radius of the spirit has been improved
               in the 1.10 patch.
Grade        : A

Level          Life          Life +%        Mana           Radius
                                            Cost           (yards)
  1            56-64           30            15             20
  2            72-83           35            16             21.3
  3            89-102          40            17             22.6
  4            106-121         45            18             24
  5            123-140         50            19             25.3
  6            140-160         55            20             26.6
  7            156-179         60            21             28
  8            173-198         65            22             29.3
  9            190-217         70            23             30.6
 10            207-236         75            24             32
 11            224-256         80            25             33.3
 12            240-275         85            26             34.6
 13            257-294         90            27             36
 14            274-313         95            28             37.3
 15            291-332        100            29             38.6
 16            308-352        105            30             40
 17            324-371        110            31             41.3
 18            341-390        115            32             42.6
 19            358-409        120            33             44
 20            375-428        125            34             45.3

*Summon Spirit Wolf*
Requirements : Level 6, Raven
Description  : You can summon 1 to 5 wolves to kill enemies.
Advantages   : 5 wolves are more than 3 wolves or 1 bear, so they can
               distract more enemies.
Disadvantages: Low damage and crappy HP.
Comments     : This crappy wolves might be useful at low levels, what
               you really need are Dire Spirit Wolves. One point will
               be enough.
               The life and the attack rating of these wolves has been
               improved in the 1.10 patch, but the damage has been
               reduced a little bit.
Grade        : C+

Level   Wolves  Damage  Attack Rating   Defence   Life     Mana
                            +%           +%                Cost
  1       1      2-6        50           50       60-82     15
  2       2      3-7        75           60       60-82     15
  3       3      4-8       100           70       60-82     15
  4       4      5-9       125           80       60-82     15
  5       5      6-10      150           90       60-82     15
  6       5      7-11      175          100       60-82     15
  7       5      8-12      200          110       60-82     15
  8       5      9-13      225          120       60-82     15
  9       5     11-15      250          130       60-82     15
 10       5     13-17      275          140       60-82     15
 11       5     15-19      300          150       60-82     15
 12       5     17-21      325          160       60-82     15
 13       5     19-23      350          170       60-82     15
 14       5     21-25      375          180       60-82     15
 15       5     23-27      400          190       60-82     15
 16       5     25-29      425          200       60-82     15
 17       5     29-33      450          210       60-82     15
 18       5     33-37      475          220       60-82     15
 19       5     37-41      500          230       60-82     15
 20       5     41-45      525          240       60-82     15

*Carrion Vine*
Requirements : Level 12, Poison Creeper
Description  : Summons a vine which eats corpses in order to 
               replenish you life.
Advantages   : Recovering energy is always positive. And devoured
               corpses can't be resurrected.
Disadvantages: Low life, it's a pity that your hireling, allies
               and summonings aren't healed also. :(
Comments     : Really interesting, but one point is enough.
               The life of this vine has been improved in the
               1.10 patch. 
Grade        : A

Level              Life             Heals %            Mana Cost
  1               80-110               4                  10
  2              100-137               5                  10
  3              120-165               6                  10
  4              140-192               6                  10
  5              160-220               7                  10
  6              180-247               7                  10
  7              200-275               8                  10
  8              220-302               8                  10
  9              240-330               8                  10
 10              260-357               9                  10
 11              280-385               9                  10
 12              300-412               9                  10
 13              320-440               9                  10
 14              340-467               9                  10
 15              360-495              10                  10
 16              380-522              10                  10
 17              400-550              10                  10
 18              420-577              10                  10
 19              440-605              10                  10
 20              460-632              10                  10

*Heart Of Wolverine*
Requirements : Level 18, Oak Sage
Description  : Summons a spirit that increases your and your allies
               attack rating and damage.
Advantages   : You can attack more accurately, and do more damage.
Disadvantages: High mana cost at high levels.
Comments     : This spirit is quite useful, but I will discuss it 
               later(see point 6).
               The life and the radius of the spirit has been improved
               in the 1.10 patch.
Grade        : A

Level       Life       DMG       Attack Rating      Radius      Mana
                        +%            +%            (yards)     Cost
  1       128-144       20            25              20         20
  2       160-180       27            32              21.3       21
  3       192-216       34            39              22.6       22
  4       224-252       41            46              24         23
  5       256-288       48            53              25.3       24
  6       288-324       55            60              26.6       25
  7       320-360       62            67              28         26
  8       352-396       69            74              29.3       27
  9       384-432       76            81              30.6       28
 10       416-468       83            88              32         29
 11       448-504       90            95              33.3       30
 12       480-540       97           102              34.6       31
 13       512-576      104           109              36         32
 14       544-612      111           116              37.3       33
 15       576-648      118           123              38.6       34
 16       608-684      125           130              40         35
 17       640-720      132           137              41.3       36
 18       672-756      139           144              42.6       37
 19       704-792      146           151              44         38
 20       736-828      153           158              45.3       39

*Summon Dire Wolf*
Requirements : Level 18, Raven, Oak Sage, Summon Spirit Wolf
Description  : Summons 1 to 3 wolves to kill enemies.
Advantages   : 3 Wolves distract many enemies, acceptable damage and
               adds a bonus on %life on wolves and bears. They eat
               corpses also in order to recover their own HP, and
               remember a devoured corpse can be resurrected.
Disadvantages: 3 wolves are less distraction than 5 wolves. They could
               be quite mana consuming if they die constantly at
               level Hell.
Comments     : I prefer my Dire wolves over any other summoning, but
               against uniques and bosses it's better to use the
               grizzly. I will discuss it later(see strategies in
               section 7).
               The life and the %added life of these wolves has been
               improved in the 1.10 patch, but the damage has been
               reduced a little bit.
Grade        : A

Level       Life       Life      Damage     Wolves       Mana
                        +%                               Cost
  1        147-195      50        7-12        1           20
  2        171-227      75        9-14        2           20
  3        196-260     100       11-16        3           20
  4        220-292     125       13-18        3           20
  5        245-325     150       15-20        3           20
  6        269-357     175       17-22        3           20
  7        294-390     200       19-24        3           20
  8        318-422     225       21-26        3           20
  9        343-455     250       24-29        3           20
 10        367-487     275       27-32        3           20
 11        392-520     300       30-35        3           20
 12        416-552     325       33-38        3           20
 13        441-585     350       36-41        3           20
 14        465-617     375       39-44        3           20
 15        490-650     400       42-47        3           20
 16        514-682     425       45-50        3           20
 17        539-715     450       51-56        3           20
 18        563-747     475       57-62        3           20
 19        588-780     500       63-68        3           20
 20        612-812     525       69-74        3           20

*Solar Creeper*
Requirements : Level 24, Poison Creeper, Carrion Vine
Description  : Summons a vine that devours corpses to regenerate
               your mana.
Advantages   : Mana regeneration.A devoured corpse couldn't resurrect.
Disadvantages: Mana regenerates alone and several objects increase it.
Comments     : Carrion is more crucial, even Poison Creeper is more
               useful. Obviously a elemental druid spends lots of mana,
               but potions could solve it.
Grade        : C+

Level         Life        Heals Mana %         Mana Cost
  1          138-192           2                  14
  2          165-230           2                  15
  3          193-268           3                  16
  4          220-307           4                  17
  5          248-345           4                  18
  6          276-384           4                  19
  7          303-422           5                  20
  8          331-460           5                  21
  9          358-499           5                  22
 10          386-537           5                  23
 11          414-576           5                  24
 12          441-614           6                  25
 13          469-652           6                  26
 14          496-691           6                  27
 15          524-729           6                  28
 16          552-768           6                  29
 17          579-806           6                  30
 18          607-844           6                  31
 19          634-883           6                  32
 20          662-921           6                  33

*Spirit Of Barbs*
Requirements : Level 30, Oak Sage, Heart Of Wolverine
Description  : Similar to Thorns(Paladin aura), you summon a spirit
               that returns a percentage of the damage taken back to the
               enemy who attacks you, your allies or your summonings.
Advantages   : Returns a percentage of the damage taken.
Disadvantages: High mana cost and a risky spirit for you.
Comments     : Only useful at very highs levels and only if you're
               using the grizzly, who can receive lots of damage.
               Don't waste any point here.
               The life, % Damage Returned and the radius of the spirit
               has been improved in the 1.10 patch.
Grade        : C-

Level            Life        % Damage        Mana        Radius
                             Returned        Cost        (yards)
  1            200-226          50            25          20
  2            250-282          70            26          21.3
  3            300-339          90            27          22.6 
  4            350-395          110           28          24
  5            400-452          130           29          25.3
  6            450-508          150           30          26.6
  7            500-565          170           31          28
  8            550-621          190           32          29.3
  9            600-678          210           33          30.6
 10            650-734          230           34          32
 11            700-791          250           35          33.3
 12            750-847          270           36          34.6
 13            800-904          290           37          36
 14            850-960          310           38          37.3
 15            900-1017         330           39          38.6
 16            950-1073         350           40          40
 17           1000-1130         370           41          41.3
 18           1050-1186         390           42          42.6
 19           1100-1243         410           43          44
 20           1150-1299         430           44          45.3

*Summon Grizzly*
Requirements : Level 30, Raven, oak Sage, Summon Spirit Wolf, 
               Summon Dire Wolf
Description  : Summons a Grizzly that helps you.
Advantages   : High HP, high damage and adds damage to wolves.
Disadvantages: 5 Spirit Wolves or 3 Dire Wolves distract more enemies
               than 1 bear. Against a group of enemies the grizzly
               will be massacred.
Comments     : As I explain in section 7, a Grizzly is a worth ally
               against uniques and bosses. But not against groups. I 
               recommend to spent only one point here.
Grade        : B+

Level         Damage       Damage           Life        Mana
                             +%                         Cost
  1           37-75          25           825-1125       40
  2           54-94          35           825-1125       40
  3           72-116         45           825-1125       40
  4           93-139         55           825-1125       40
  5          115-165         65           825-1125       40
  6          140-192         75           825-1125       40
  7          166-222         85           825-1125       40
  8          195-253         95           825-1125       40
  9          235-297        105           825-1125       40
 10          279-344        115           825-1125       40
 11          326-393        125           825-1125       40
 12          376-446        135           825-1125       40
 13          428-502        145           825-1125       40
 14          484-561        155           825-1125       40
 15          543-622        165           825-1125       40
 16          605-687        175           825-1125       40
 17          684-769        185           825-1125       40
 18          767-855        195           825-1125       40
 19          854-945        205           825-1125       40
 20          945-1039       215           825-1125       40

* 6.  Controversies

I. Spirit Wolves vs. Dire Wolves vs. Grizzly
As I said while commenting the skills, I prefer Dire Wolves over the
other two because they are an acceptable number of wolves(3) with a
high HP and damage. Use 1 Spirit Wolf in the beginning of the game just
as a pre-requisite. Grizzly is OK when fighting against uniques and
bosses or in parties, due to the number of players playing, but not
playing solo against a groups of 20 enemies. Dire wolves are the choice,
and they could recover energy from devouring the corpses of your
enemies. The only but comes if you use the Carrion Vine or the Solar
Creeper, because there won't be enough corpses for everybody. 

II. Oak Sage vs. Heart of Wolverine vs. Spirit of Barbs
Spirit of Barbs is useful only for your summonings, because with the
Dire Wolves maximized they will have a lot of life, so the enemies will
receive more damage. If your summonings die you can summon more, but
Great spirit in Normal and Nightmare, the problems come at Hell, 
considering that all monsters has 50% resistance to physical damage,
its effectivtiy is drastically reduced and it's useless against
physical immune enemies. Furthermore, I don't like this spirit because
I don't get any bonus directly. The other 2 spirits give bonus for me
and my allies.

Oak Sage is a safer and conservative choice, your life increases
drastically and the same for yours summonings, the more life they have,
the more they last and the least you have to re-summon them, so more
mana for spells. For 1-Player games I recommend this spirit, you will
thank your extra life at Hell mode. The main con is its low HP.

Heart of Wolverine increases your and your summonings attack rating and
damage. This is the one I chose. There is no doubt that it's much more
risky than the Oak Sage, your summonings has less life so they die
easily which a considerable cost of mana, but on the contrary they do
more damage, so their enemies die quicker. Your attack and damage is
increased, so your close-range weapon attacks are much better.
Remember, we're not a sorceress, neither a necromancer, we can fight
as I explain it in the strategies(section 8).

III. Poison Creeper vs. Carrion Vine vs. Solar Creeper
There is a common problem with all the vines, their HP sucks. So they
die constantly, it's up to you to re-summon them, but in the middle of
a combat is better to re-summon your wolves and casting spells than
the vine.

If you run out of mana you can escape, if you run out of life you die.
Is it clear? I hate the Solar Creeper, you can always use potions
instead of summoning this vines and you don't spent too much mana.
If you don't spend a point with it you can use it anywhere, which
would be more useful.
If you run out of HP potions and you are trying to create a town
portal to exit from a combat, the Carrion Vine could be your saviour
or at least enlarge your life. As I said before, it's a pity that it
only recovers your HP and not the energy of your summonings. But
that's all, don't rely too much on it.

Poison Creeper is the right choice, at least my choice. The poison
damage it inflicts is ridiculous, but it attacks your enemies so it's
a distraction and could poison several enemies with one attack. The
main con is that if it attacks the enemies they hit the vine and with
one hit the vine dies. Don't re-summon it until the poison damage
disappear on your enemies(they are green while poisoned).

IV. Pure Flaming Druid vs. Mixed Flaming Druid
Variety is the spice of life! Like the idiom says I found much
interesting to use multiple skills than only one. Why? Until you play
in Hell level any choice of the druid skills tree you have done, would
seem useful, but in Hell mode with lots of uniques immunes to nearly
everything or plain creatures immunes to Fire oblige you to fight with
your weapon against a group of enemies, which is quite dangerous.
I chose the Mixed Flaming Druid playing in solo and I had problems
due to this previous problem, so a Pure Flaming Druid might be really
more proving. I preferred to take 1300 instead of 2500 damage in order
to summon powerful Dire wolves. It's up to you, but I really recommend
the Mixed Flaming Druid, unless you're planning to play in Hell mode
only in a party.
Ver.1.5 Comment: In the new ladder, I returned to my origins building
many druids, Sumoners, Windy druids and I tried the Pure Flaming Druid,
I really enjoyed him, he's not that bad. Give him a try.

V.  The effectivity or not of Armaggedon

For Armaggedon lovers: Theoretically, Armagedon could take 8k or more
with a pure fire druid, but the problem is, as I said before, the
There is a way to take advantage of it, to be a melee caster: To cast
Armaggedon and fight in close range but I find that, independently from
the equipment you use, this is a suicide unless you spend a few points
into shapeshifting to use skills like Fire Claws. Then we would
be talking about another built, the Fire Claws druid, which is a
extremely powerful druid, but I'm not going to talk about it here.
A fire druid caster can use Armaggedon for the coolness factor, but you
can't rely on it as you can on the rest of fire skills.

* 7.  Synergies

The first decision is to maximize Firestorm or Fissure, but as I said
before I preferred Fissure because it allowed me to cast it into another
platform, for example in The Arcane Sanctuary it's quite useful. There
is no choice for the Mixed Flaming Druid, maximize Fissure, because it
will benefit Volcano, our second most used spell. Especially against
bosses and unique while they are still and distracted by our summonings.

I. Synergies Bonus

Firestorm Receives Bonuses From:
Molten Boulder: +23% Fire Damage per Level
Fissure: +23% Fire Damage per Level

Molten Boulder Receives Bonuses From:
Volcano: +10% Damage per Level
Firestorm: +8% Fire Damage per Level

Fissure Receives Bonuses From:
Firestorm: +12% Fire Damage per Level
Volcano: +12% Fire Damage per Level

Volcano Receives Bonuses From:
Molten Boulder: +12% Damage per Level
Fissure: +12% Fire Damage per Level
Armageddon: +12% Fire Damage per Level

Armageddon Receives Bonuses From:
Fissure: +2 Seconds per Level
Firestorm: +14% Fire Damage per Level
Molten Boulder: +14% Fire Damage per Level
Volcano: +14% Fire Damage per Level

Arctic Blast Receives Bonuses From:
Hurricane: +15% Cold Damage per Level
Cyclone Armor: +15% Cold Damage per Level
Cyclone Armor Receives Bonuses From:
Twister: +7% Damage per Level
Tornado: +7% Damage per Level
Hurricane: +7% Damage per Level

Twister Receives Bonuses From:
Tornado: +10% Damage per Level
Hurricane: +10% Damage per Level

Tornado Receives Bonuses From:
Cyclone Armor: +9% Damage per Level
Twister: +9% Damage per Level
Hurricane: +9% Damage per Level

Hurricane Receives Bonuses From:
Cyclone Armor: +2 Seconds per Level
Twister: +9% Damage per Level
Tornado: +9% Damage per Level

II. Possible Build-Ups(Possible SPOLIERS)
To get the real level you need to finish each build-up to subtract 11
to the total of skill points used. Why 11? 1 skill point is given by
Akara, another by Radament, 2 by Tyrael. Now multiply it by 3(levels
of difficulty) and then add one level gain skills from level 2.
Remember that when you  kill ancients in each level you raise 1 level

A) Pure Flaming Druid(110 skills=level 99)

Firestorm 20
Molten Boulder 1-20
Artic Blast 1
Fissure 20
Cyclone Armor 1
Twister 1
Volcano 20
Tornado 1
Hurricane 1
Armageddon 1
Poison Creeper1
Oak Sage 1-20
Carrion Vine 1
Summon Spirit Wolf 1
Summon Dire Wolf 1
Summon Grizzly 1

Comments: In this case, the spirit you must choose is the Oak Sage.
Firstly, spend points in Firestorm until you can invest in Fissure,
when both maxed then go for Volcano and finally Moulten Boulder. It's
up to you to max Oak Sage or Molten Boulder. Even though, Oak Sage is
one of the last skills to max remember to activate it as soon as
you can. A Grizzly with a nice merc should be enough for tanking, but
your hireling will REALLY nice stuff.

B) Mixed Flaming Druid(94 skills=level 83)

Firestorm 1-20
Molten Boulder 1
Artic Blast 1
Fissure 20
Cyclone Armor 1
Twister 1
Volcano 20
Tornado 1
Hurricane 1 
Armageddon 1
Raven 1
Poison Creeper 1
Oak Sage (20)
Summon Spirit Wolf 1
Carrion Vine 1
Heart Of Wolverine (20)
Summon Dire Wolf 20
Summon Grizzly 1

This is my choice, and it's quite viable in solo or multiplayer. The
only doubt is to choose Oak Sage or Heart of Wolverine, I took the
second. Your Fissure takes 763-799 which could be upgraded to 1100 with
+skills objects. When completed, improve the Firestorm due to the
sinergies with Fissure. I you found that using Armaggedon is a waste of
points, you can avoid the wind tree and save 6 points to invest in them
Moulten Boulder, to boost the phisycal damage of Volcano.

III. My Druid
I play in the European Realm, my druids name is Druid_Gaiseric, he has
level 90 right now and my skills are these:
(In brackets important information)
Firestorm 8            (580-676 fire dmg per second)
Molten Boulder 1       (153-159 fire dmg per second)
Artic Blast 1          (104-115 cold dmg per second)
Fissure 20             (1844-1927 fire dmg)
Cyclone Armor 1        (208 dmg)
Twister 1              (40-43 cold dmg)
Volcano 20             (188-190 physical dmg/601-630 fire dmg)
Tornado 1              (173-191 cold dmg)
Hurricane 1            (134-164 cold dmg)
Armageddon 1           (283-297 fire dmg per second)
Raven 1                (5 ravens/11 hits/9-11 dmg)
Poison Creeper 1       (115-159 life/23-25 pison dmg)
Oak Sage 1             (173-198 life/+65% life)
Summon Spirit Wolf 1   (17-25 physical dmg/+225%Attack/+120%Defense)
Carrion Vine 1         (220-302 life/heals 8% life)
Heart Of Wolverine 20  (960-1080 life/+202% Damage/+207% Attack )
Summon Dire Wolf 20    (784-1040 life/235-255 physical dmg/+700%life)
Summon Grizzly 1       (4400-6000 life/195-253 physical dmg/+95%Damage)

I use Aldur's set, Seraph's Hymn amulet, Arachnid Mesh belt, Lidless
Wall shield, 2 rare rings with high resistances and 3 elemental
skiller charms.

My current stats are:
Strength 225
Dexterity 100
Vitality 165
Energy 50

As you can see, I didn't follow my suggestions with the stats.

* 8.  Strategies

I.  Hirelings
To have mercenary under your orders is a must. Think it over carefully,
this decision will affect you in the future. A little comment
affecting all hirelings, their resistances increase 1.5 each level, so
at level 80 at Hell mode they will have more or less 50 resistance to
all which is pretty high. Consequently, from level 50 and don't use
objects which add resistances to your hirelings.

A) Rogues Scouts
Only useful during Act I(Normal), in Act 2 I strongly recommend to
change your hireling. Rogue Scouts are ranged mercs armed with a bow
which is cool, but most of their damage is physical and sometimes it
adds Fire or Cold damage. Their speed throwing arrows is acceptable,
but the damage they do is ridiculous unless you equip them properly.
So, they take their time to kill an enemy so your minions or yourself
will kill them, in consequence this hireling levels-up REALLY SLOWLY.
I really encourage to use an act 1 hireling at least once in your
life, it's really cool and fun, but equipt her properly Windforce
(with a Hel rune)or a Widowmaker bows with a nice armor will be needed.
I any case, this hireling doesn't fit to a Elemental druid, better for
a summoner druid.
A.I: Like Iron wolves, probably the smartest hireling. When she is 
     hit she runs away so she dies a few times and consequently you
     don't need to revive her saving up money.

Basic Equipment: Artic Furs and Arctic Horn from the Artic gear is a 
                 nice choice. An ethereal helm will do the rest.
Advanced Equipment: Upgraded Shaftstop(with an Um rune), Vampire's
                    Gaze helm and Widowmaker bow.
Rating: 3/10

B) Desert Mercenaries
You can hire them in act 2. These guys armed with a spear, are really
good, but only the ones found in level Nightmare are really worth.
Desert Mercenaries use Paladin auras, in Normal and Hell mode you can
use these:
Combat -> Prayer (Regenerates Life)
Offensive -> Defiance (Increases Defence)
Defensive -> Blessed Aim (Increases Attack Rating)

In level Normal I will pick the offensive one, if you have the spirit
Heart of Wolverine or will pick Defensive if you have the spirit Oak
Sage. Forget about Combat, the % regenerated life is ridiculous.
In Nightmare you could pick these ones:
Combat -> Thorns (Similar to Spirit Of Barbs, it reflects damage taken)
Offensive -> Might (Similar to Heart of Wolverine, increases damage)
Defensive -> Holy Freeze(Adds cold damage to the enemy, and slows them)

Holy Freeze is amazing, considering that a killed frozen enemy can't
resurrect, it's his more attractive aura. Thorns is nice too, but I'll
go for Holy Freeze.
A.I: Like act V merc they're too brave, they attack without retreating
   and the result is obvious he dies a lot unless you give him potions
   constantly. Anyway, he's not the focus of all the attacks if you
   use summonings, which is an advantage respect other characters.

Basic Equipment: Boneflesh to begin with, a nice helm and a rare spear
                 which adds lots of elemental damage would be enough 
                 at this level.
Advanced Equipment: Ethereal Reaper's Toll or ethereal Tomb Reaver
                    A +800 defence armor(ethereal uniques if possible)
                    Vampire's Gaze(nice leeching bonus)

Rating: 5/10  (Normal&Hell)
       10/10  (Nightmare)

You casting fire spells, your summonings and your hireling with
physical damage, his freezing aura and his poisoning weapon is
something unmatchable.

C) Ironwolves
Available in act 3, until you hire an act 2 mercenary(Nightmare) the
Ice Ironwolves will be your man, forget the Fire and the Lighting ones.
He throws one ball of ice after another like machine gun, freezing
COMPLETELY your enemies, not slowing them like the Holy Freezing merc.
A.I: Like Rogues Scouts they know when to retreat and don't die easily.

Basic Equipment: Boneflesh to begin with, a nice helm and any sword
                 because he's not going to use it, he only throw spells
                 Wall of the Eyeless(increases cast rate)
Advanced Equipment: Any sword or a sword that increases casting speed
                    An armor which increases casting speed, like Skin
                    of Vipermagi, Ormus Robes or Que-Hegan
                    Andariel's Visage(poison damage also)
                    Lidless Wall(increases cast rate) or a high
                    defence shield 
Rating: 9/10

If the Desert Mercenaries are unmatchable, then... why do I use a Cold
Ironwolf? Because I own a Treasure Hunter Ironwolf.

Helm: Crown of the Thieves --> 100% Extra Gold
Armor: Goldskin --> 100% Extra Gold
       or Wealth(Runeword)---> 300% Extra Gold and 100 % Better Chance
                               of Getting Magic Items 
Sword: Blade of Ali Baba --> 2-247 % Extra Gold and 1-99 % Better Chance
                      of Getting Magic Items socketed with two Ist runes
Shield: Wall of the Eyeless

I own Gheed's Fortune unique charm(110 % Extra Gold and 32 % Better
Chance of Getting Magic Items) which bonuses are added to my Ironwolf.
The results are: 100+100+212+110= 522% Extra Gold
                 85+32= 117% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
So every time he kills anybody, the chances of getting a unique/set 
item are higher and I earn lots and lots of money.
This hireling is not a melee fighter so to use a pitiful armor(400 def)
is something affordable. To build a Treasure Hunter with another
hireling is at least a suicide considering that the damage inflicted by
an Iron Wolf is independent from his equipment because he cast spells.
Another hireling like act II and act V are melee fighters who barely
survive at Hell mode using a really good armor.

D) Barbarians
Available in act 5, they are melee fighters like act 2 mercs but
without their cool auras. Do I really need to say anything else?
A.I: Err...the same that act II mercs.

(armor,helm,one-handed sword/two-handed sword)
Basic Equipment: Duriel Shell, a nice helm and Swordguard
Advanced Equipment: The Grandfather
                    A +800 defence armor(unique or set if possible)
                    Andariel's Visage(poison damage also)
Rating: 7/10

Barbarians are not bad, they endure better than any other hireling, they
could inflect more damage than anyone else, but their extra-features
(Bash and Stun), aren't as good as Desert Mercenaries auras or
Ironwolves cold spells. As plain and simple as that.

II. Basic Strategies

*The strategy is simple: your minions distract and kill enemies while
you cast Fissure over them. Hire a Desert Mercenarie or an Ironwolf,
they will freeze your enemies or at least slow them, making much
easier for your summonings to kill the enemies. When a group of
enemies is reduced, you could collaborate killing frozen enemies.

*The AI of your summonings is...a crap. They don't follow you
constantly, so some times you will have to re-summon them if they are in
the previous room. For example, in Catacombs. To avoid this, you can
teleport. Teleport? How? You will need Naj's stave or Enigma. This is
just optional, but teleport is quite useful, because when you teleport
your summonings and merc are teleported with you and don't need to
re-summon them.

*Against uniques, who can't be frozen instead of using Fissure, use
Volcano on them. Volcano is especially useful against Vampires, Zakarum
Priests and Oblivion Knights who are immunes to cold at Hell level.

*When fighting against bosses let the right button of the mouse pressed
constantly over the boss, then you only have to press one shortkey or
another in order to cast or summon or press a number to take a potion.

*Until you get Aldur's set, I recommend having 2 columns of mana, 1 of
full rejuvenation potions and 1 of HP. When you own Aldur, then 1
column of mana, 1 of full rejuvenation potions and 2 of HP.

*As you will be re-summoning quite often in Hell mode, I recommend
these shortkeys:
F1 Summon Dire Wolf
F2 Heart Of Wolverine
F3 Fissure
F4 Volcano
F5 Carrion Vine
F6 Poison Creeper
F7 Raven
F8 Armageddon
This configuration is totally personal, but it worked great with me.

*Druids were created to be shape-shifters and shape-shifting gives them
more life, defence, attack and damage; the elemental spells and
summonings were just a complement. But we aren't shape-sifters, we're
original, it implies that elemental druids are more vulnerable to physic
attacks. Be aware of that! You could and you must hit your enemies, but
be cautious while attacking because your life will be reduced quickly in
melee combats and if you're surrounded you're almost dead. The hit and
run tactic is needed in your play.

*To use some +175 Poison Damage Over 6 Seconds charms is a good idea,
they occupy ridiculous space(1 or 2 slots) but the benefits are crucial
against physic immunes.

III. General Gameplay Comments

*Playing solo is really challenging and fun, but in parties were enemies
HP is increased you'll find that your spells and summons are useless at
Hell mode. 

*Dueling is not a possibility for flaming druids, elemental druids can't
win a duel. Duels are for melee characters or extremely powerful
casters(sorceress) which is not our case.

*My recommendation is to start Nightmare mode at level 50-55 and Hell
mode at 70-75, this values are totally orientative depending on the
equipment you use. You will reckon:"How can I get this level?" If you
play online, then I recommend Baal runs, which is to say, to kill the
uniques who dwell at the Throne of Destruction one time after another.
This way you can earn lots and lots of EXP. If you play solo, it will
take a loooong time.

*Where to train: Level 1-15 Act1 and Andariel runs
                 Level 15-20 Tomb Runs(Act 2)
                 Level 20-25 Travincal Runs and Diablo runs
                 Level 25-30 Cow runs

*If you play a rush, a game where a high level character boosts you
through 1 or more acts, or if you want to boost somebody I have some

1) Give all wp's to your friend creating a tp near the wp.
2) Only complete necessary and really good bonus missions.  
Glossary: Ax-y  --> Act x Mission y
          (X)   --> In brackets the bonus obtained
          [X]   --> Only necessary at a this level
          wp    --> World portal
          tp    --> Town portal
  Necessary Missions: A1-3, A1-6, A2-2, A2-4, A2-6, A3-6, A4-3,
                      A5-5(+1 level up), A5-6
  Bonus Missions: A1-1(+1 skill), A1-2(1 free Rogue Scout)[Normal],
                  A1-4(random runes&money),A1-5(imbue one item)
                  A2-1(+1 skill),A3-1(+20 life),A3-3(rare magical ring),
                  A3-4(+5 attributes), A4-1(+2 skills),A4-2(runes and
                  gems), A5-1(socket one item), A5-2(Tal,Ral&Ort runes),
                  A5-3(+10 to all Resistances), A5-4(rename one item)
  Unnecessary Missions: A2-3, A2-5, A3-5
In unnecessary missions I would include: A1-2,A1-4,A3-3,A5-1,A5-2&A5-4
3) For mission A2-2, you only need the Horadric Cube in Normal, so in
Hell and Nightmare you will only need the staff and the amulet.
In mission A3-6, you only need Kalim's flail which is obtained by
killing the Council. When you have it talk with Cain, and now your
friend can give the wp8(the last one) without destroying the orbe,
automaticaly the orbe will be destroyed without needing the rest of
4) There are some wp than can't be used until you complete some missions
Act I:   all available
Act II:  wp7 only available when the staff is completed(A2-2)
         wp8 only available when completing A2-4
Act III: see point 3
Act IV:  all available
Act V:   wp8 only available when completing A5-5

*Don't dare to ask me about any kind of bot or maphack, anyone who uses
them will lose their soul, their honor and last but not least their
account if Blizzard caught them. If you see anyone using them jot down
their names and report them to Blizzard as I've done, I do and I will
continue doing. Let's make the net a safer place!!!

* 9.  Equipment

I divided the equipment in 3 categories: Basic(1-30), Advanced(30-75)
and God's(75 or above) equipment.
After reading this equipment guide you will notice that the stuff don't
boost the Faser Cast Rate, this is due to the unnecessity of it,
because all fire spells hava a big delay.
This section contains the ideal stuff you should use, I'm not saying it
would be easy to find them, indeed it's really difficult. So use this
guide as an orientation.
If you play on 1 player mode, lots and lots of luck and time. If you
play in battle.net you can trade making more easy to get the Basic and
the Advanced equipment, but not the God's equipment. To get the God's
equipment is a question of time(months, years,centuries, milleniums).

I) Basic Equipment(1 to 30 level)

A1) Helm: Tarnhelm
Defence: 8-11 (varies)
Required Level: 15
Required Strength: 15
Durability: 18
+1 To All Skill Levels
25-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item (varies)
75% Extra Gold From Monsters

A2) Helm: Peasant Crown War Hat
Required Strength:20
Required Level:28
15% Faster walk/run
+1 To all skill levels
+100% Enhanced defence
Replenish life +12
+20 To energy
+20 To vitality
Comments: Both helms are fantastic, Tarnhelm is a nice option until you
          can wear the Peasant Crown War Hat or a Shaman druid pelt
          (adds +1 skills to all druid skills, required level 30)

B) Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi
Defence: 279 (Base Defence: 111-126)
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 43
Durability: 24
+120% Enhanced Defence
+1 To All Skills
30% Faster Cast Rate
Magic Damage Reduced By 9-13 (varies)
All Resistances +20-35 (varies)
Comments: Resistances to all, +1 to all skills. The only con is the
          defence, but the faster cast rate is unmatchable, considering
          the delay all our spells have. 

C) Weapon: Hellplague
One-Hand Damage: 5 To (32-34) (18.5-19.5 Avg)
Required Level: 22
Required Strength: 55
Required Dexterity: 39
Durability: 44
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
+70-80% Enhanced Damage(varies)
+2 To Fire Skills
Adds 25-75 Fire Damage
Adds 28-56 Poison Damage Over 6 Seconds
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Comments: +2 To Fire Skills, Wow!!! What else can I say? It adds fire
          damage and poison also, getting a total of 58-163 damage

D) Shield: Sigon's Guard
Chance To Block:64%
Required Strength:75
Required Level:18
Increase chance of blocking
+1 to all skill levels
Comments: +1 to all skills is fantastic. But apart from that you get a
          high percentage of blocking. If the defence sucks, then...
          why should I use it? The bonus you get from using it and the
          Sigon's Wrap are really good: 10% Life Stolen Per Hit
          This leeching bonus is quite useful for shape-shifters, but
          it's well worth for us too

E) Belt: Sigon's Wrap
Required Strength:60
Required Level:6
Fire resist +20%
+20 To life
Comments: Its defence sucks, but as before the bonus you get from using
          it with Sigon's Guard are amazing: + (2 Per Character Level)
          2-198 To Defence (Based On Character Level)

F1) Boots: Tearhaunch
Required Strength:70
Required Level:29
+75% Enhanced Defence
20% Faster run/walk
All resistance +10
+35 Defence
+5 To dexterity
+5 To strength
+2 To Vigor (Paladin Only)
Comments: Really nice for low level druids, the +10 to all resistances
          bonus rocks. Sigon's Sabot is a nice choice also:

F2) Sigon's Sabot
Defence: 12-15 (varies)
Required Level: 6
Required Strength: 70
Durability: 24
Assassin Kick Damage: 10-20
20% Faster Run/Walk
Cold Resist +40%
Comments: +50 To Attack Rating (2 Items), +50% Better Chance To Find
          Magic Items (3 Items) and +100 to defence. Very useful, also.

G) Gloves: Frostburn Gauntlets
Required Strength:60
Required Level:29
+30 Defence
+20% Enhanced defence
5% Enhanced damage
Increase maximum mana 40%
Add 1-6 to cold damage
+30 Defence
Comments: Average defence and lots of mana, quite useful for us who are

H) Rings: The Stone Of Jordan Ring
Required Level:29
+1 To all skill levels
Increase maximum mana 25%
Add 1-12 lightning damage
+20 To mana
Comments: Lots of mana and +1 to all skills, but there is a problem
          it's really difficult to find one. So use any rare ring that
          gives you resistances to many things.

I) Amulet: The Eye of Etlich
Required Level: 15
+1-5 To Light Radius (varies)
+1 To All Skill Levels
3-7% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
Adds (1-2) to (3-5) Cold Damage (varies)
Cold Duration: 2-10 Seconds (varies)*
+10-40 Defence vs. Missile (varies)*
Comments: Again, at low levels The Eye of Etlich is the ideal choice,
          adding the leeching bonus to the one you get on from Sigon's
          Guard, you would get a final result of 13-17% Life Stolen Per
          Hit, but it's difficult to find it. So A Shaman's amulet(adds
          +1 to all skills, required level: 30) it's not a bad choice.

II) Advanced Equipment(31 to 76 level)

At Hell level you're going to need high resistances, because -100 to
all resistances are big handicap. So I recommend using high level sets.

A) Aldur's Watchover(Helm,armor,boots and one handed mace)
Maximum required level:76
+3 To Druid Skills
+1 To Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
+1 To Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
Total defence: 1092-1225
Cold Resist +90-100%
Fire Resist +90-100%
Lightning Resist +90-100%
Poison Resist +50%
+45 to ALL ATTRIBUTES!!!!!
+150 to Life
+150 to Mana
+20 to Strength
+15 to Dexterity
10% Life Stolen Per Hit
15% Mana Stolen Per Hit
50% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
And many other bonus
Comments: This set was designed for druids, it's the one I'm using right
          now. It's difficult to find something better and it's
          relatively easy to complete this set, there are only 4 items.
          The mace has 2-3 sockets and the helm 2, you could socket
          them with really nice runes, making this set unbeatable.

To complete this set use these:
i) Shield: Lidless Wall
Defence: 271-347 (varies)(Base Defence: 50-150)
Required Level: 41
Required Strength: 58
Chance to Block: 40%
Durability: 40
Paladin Smite Damage: 14 To 20
+80-130% Enhanced Defence (varies)
+1 To All Skills
Increase Maximum Mana 10%
20% Faster Cast Rate
+3-5 To Mana After Each Kill (varies)
+10 To Energy
+1 To Light Radius
Comments: Increases your cast rate and your mana, it suits elemental
          druids fantastically. Furthermore, it adds +1 To All Skills.
          The only con is the chance of block(40%) but the benefits
          are really something. Socket it with a perfect diamond at 
          act 5 to get +19 to all resistances.

ii) Belt: Thundergod's Vigor
Defence: 137-159 (varies)(Base Defence: 41-52)
Required Level: 47
Required Strength: 110
Durability: 24
16 Boxes
+160-200% Enhanced Defence (varies)
Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
5% Chance To Cast Level 7 Fist Of The Heavens When Struck
+20 Lightning Absorb
10% To Maximum Lightning Resist
+20 To Strength
+20 To Vitality
+3 To Lightning Fury (Amazon Only)
+3 To Lightning Strike (Amazon Only)
Comments: Thundergod's Vigor is the right choice which requires a low
          level. Probably, the best is that it also increases your
          Maximum Lightning Resist, which is the most damaging
          elemental damage.

iii) Gloves: Magefist
Defense: 24-25 (varies)(Base Defense: 9-11)
Required Level: 23
Required Strength: 45
Durability: 18
+20-30% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+10 Defense
+1 To Fire Skills
20% Faster Cast Rate
Regenerate Mana 25%
Adds 1-6 Fire Damage
Comments: At this rate you will have enough mana, so lest's increase
          our fire damage.

iv) Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Required Level: 67
+2 To All Skill Levels
All Resistances +20-30 (varies)
+5 To All Attributes
Comments: Well, obviously this is the best amulet of the whole game by
          far. If you don't find it, Seraph's Hymn(+2 To All Skills) is
          a nice choice also. Don't get depressed if you can't find any
          of them, a Gaea's amulet(+3 Druid Elemental, required level:
          60) is a more than acceptable possibility.
v) Rings: The Stone of Jordan(described before)
At this level you could aim for:

Bul-Kathos' Wedding Ban
Required Level: 58
+1 To All Skill Levels
+ (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)
3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
+50 Maximum Stamina
Comments: The leeching bonus makes it quite attractive, gives life and
          +1 To All Skill Levels.

B) The Disciple(amulet,gloves,armor,belt and boots)
Maximum required level:65
+3 To All Skills
Total defence: 1056-1294
Cold Resist +83%
Fire Resist +139%
Lightning Resist +65%
Poison Resist +100-115%
+100 to Mana
+20 to Strength
+10 to Dexterity
Half Freeze Duration
And many other bonus
Comments: It's not as astounding as Aldur's Watchtower, but it's is
          really good because it allows you to use a druid hat, which
          implies +2 to all skills and allows you to use 2-hands weapon

i) Helm: Jalal's Mane
Defence: 247-297 (varies)(Base Defence: 73-98)
Defence: 73-98
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 65
Durability: 20
(Druid Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Defence (varies)
30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
+2 To Druid Skill Levels
All Resistances +30
+5 To Mana After Each Kill
+20 To Strength
+20 To Energy
+2 To Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
Comments: All Resistances +30!!!, +2 To Druid Skill Levels and a high
          defence. This helm is a lovely choice.

ii-1 hand ) Weapon: Dark Clan Crusher
One-Hand Damage: 17 To 61 (39 Avg)
Required Level: 34
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 24
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
+195% Enhanced Damage
+200% Damage To Demons
+50% Damage To Undead
+200 To Attack Rating Against Demons
+20-25% Bonus To Attack Rating(varies)
+15 Life After Each Demon Kill
+2 To Druid Skill Levels
Comments: The damage is pitiful, but +2 To Druid Skill Levels makes
          this weapon a sensible choice. And you can continue using
          the Lidless Wall shield. 

ii-2 hands) Weapon: Athena's Wrath
Two-Hand Damage: (45-50) To (113-224) (79-137 Avg)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 82
Required Dexterity: 82
Durability: 65
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
+150-180% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+ (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character
+ (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 To Life (Based On Character Level)
30% Increased Attack Speed
+1-3 To Druid Skill Levels (varies)
+15 To Dexterity
Comments: My former weapon. A scythe with +3 to Druid Skills is a bit
          risky, considering than you can't use a shield which is a
          must at Hell level. But I survived until I can use the
          complete Aldur's set. And a druid using a Hunter's Guise
          and a scythe looks really cool!!! You seem to be the devil
          who has been described like this way many times.

iii) Rings: the same used in Aldur's set.

C) If you can't find any of this sets, then I recommend using this
armor: Skullder's Ire
Defence: 634-732 (varies)(Base Defence: 225-243)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 97
Durability: 90
+160-200% Enhanced Defence (varies)
Repairs 1 Durability In 5 Seconds
+ (1.25 Per Character Level) 1-123 % Better Chance Of Getting Magic
  Items (Based On Character Level)
+1 To All Skill Levels
Magic Damage Reduced By 10
Comments: More than acceptable defence, +1 To All Skill Levels and
          extra vitality.

Boots: Natalya's Soul
Defence: 112-169 (varies)(Base Defence: 37-44)
Required Level: 25
Required Strength: 65
Durability: 66
Assassin Kick Damage: 23-52
+75-125 Defence (varies)
+40% Faster Run/Walk
Heal Stamina Plus (0.25 Per Character Level) 0-24% (Based On
Character Level)
Cold Resist +15-25% (varies)
Lightning Resist +15-25% (varies)
Comments: Tearhaunch are one of the best boots due to their
          resistances, if you want to change them do it by Natalya's
          Soul which defence is high and their resistances also.

The rest of items has been described in the previous sets.

III) God's Equipment(75 to 99 level)
If you are really addicted to this game, these are the items you should
aim for. Some of them are rune words and consequently it could take
several months, years or centuries to complete this ideal equipment.

A1) Helms: Ravenlore
Defence: 343-390 (Base Defence: 103-155)
Required Level: 74
Required Strength: 113
Durability: 20
(Druid Only)
+120-150% Enhanced Defence (varies)
+7 To Raven (Druid Only)
+3 To Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
+20-30 To Energy (varies)
-10-20% To Enemy Fire Resistance (varies)
All Resistances +15-25 (varies)
Comments: A Gaea's pelt has also +3 To Elemental Skills, but the
       defence won't be that high. A real elemental druid must own it.
A2) Helms: Delirium(runeword)
1% Chance To Cast Level 50 Delirium* (morph) When Struck
6% Chance To Cast Level 14 Mind Blast When Struck
14% Chance To Cast Level 13 Terror When Struck
11% Chance To Cast Level 18 Confuse On Striking
+2 To All Skills
+261 Defence
+10 To Vitality
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 17 Attract (60 Charges)
Comments: If you only get +2 To All Skills, why should I own this?
          Delirium  morphs you into a Bone Fetish for a period of
          about 1 minute, it makes you look really cool!!
B) Armor: Enigma(runeword)
+2 To All Skills
+45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 To Teleport
+750-775 Defence (varies)
+ (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Damage Reduced By 8%
+14 Life After Each Kill
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic
Items (Based On Character Level)
Comments: Err,... the only pity is that it hasn't any resistances, but
          you could solve it socketing any of your items with Um runes.
          Consider that the overall defence of your armor could be 1300-
          1500, due to the 750-775 Defence bonus.

C1) Weapon: Heart of the Oak(runeword)
+3 To All Skills
+40% Faster Cast Rate
+75% Damage To Demons
+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal)
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
+10 To Dexterity
Replenish Life +20
Increase Maximum Mana 15%
All Resistances +30-40 (varies)
Level 4 Oak Sage (25 Charges)
Level 14 Raven (60 Charges)
+50% Damage To Undead
Comments: +3 To All Skills and +30-40 to all resistances is something
          to consider, it could be socketed in a on-handed weapon
          allowing you to use a shield. Apart from that the name suits
          perfectly to a druid.

C2) Weapon: Earth Shifter
Two-Hand Damage: (115-132) To (630-720) (372.5-426 Avg)
Required Level: 69
Required Strength: 253
Durability: 60
Base Weapon Speed: [20]
+250-300% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+50% Damage To Undead
+7 To Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
25% Chance To Cast Level 14 Fissure On Striking
10% Increased Attack Speed
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
10% Faster Cast Rate
Level 14 Volcano (30 charges)
Comments: 7? Yes, you have read well. It adds +7 to elemental skills.
          It only has a con, you need 253 strength to use it.

D) Shield: I continue recommending Lidless Wall if you are using a
           one-handed weapon.
E) Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Defence: 119-138 (varies)(Base Defence: 55-62)
Required Level: 80
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 12
16 Boxes
+90-120% Enhanced Defence (varies)
Slows Target By 10%
+1 To All Skills
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Increases Maximum Mana 5%
Level 3 Venom (11 Charges)
Comments: Like the Lidless Wall shield, this item is ideal for casters.

F) Boots: Natalya's Soul
Defense: 112-169 (varies)(Base Defense: 37-44)
Required Level: 25
Required Strength: 65
Durability: 66
Assassin Kick Damage: 23-52
+75-125 Defense (varies)
+40% Faster Run/Walk
Heal Stamina Plus (0.25 Per Character Level) 0-24% (Based On Character
Cold Resist +15-25% (varies)
Lightning Resist +15-25% (varies)
Comments: Fast Run/Walk and high resistances.

G) Gloves: Gloves: Magefist
Defense: 24-25 (varies)(Base Defense: 9-11)
Required Level: 23
Required Strength: 45
Durability: 18
+20-30% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+10 Defense
+1 To Fire Skills
20% Faster Cast Rate
Regenerate Mana 25%
Adds 1-6 Fire Damage
Comments: At this rate you will have enough mana, so lest's increase
          our fire damage.

H) Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope is still the best choice.
I) Rings: The ones described on the Advanced Equipment section.

IV. Charms
I recommend to own as more elemental skillers as possible, they're a
must for us, the elemental druids. Some resistances charms is a good
idea also.
Unique charms:
Required Level: 70
+1 To All Skills
+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
+5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)
Comments: Yes, it exists. But I've never saw it. It's only dropped from
          Über Diablo, a super Diablo that appears out of the blue on
          battle.net realms. 

Gheed's Fortune
Required Level: 62
80-160% Extra Gold From Monsters (varies)
Reduces All Vendor Prices 10-15% (varies)
20-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies)
(Ladder Only)
Comments: I own it. It only appears at battle.net, it gives you more
          chances of getting more money and magic items, and remember
          that the nearer you're to magic items the nearer you are to
          uniques, sets or rare runes.

* 10. Bosses Guide        !!!!!!!POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!!!

I. Typical Monsters

Firstly, kill all the monster that are outside the cementary, then go
through the doors. This boss is annoying because she is always moving so
it's difficult to hit her. The graveyard were she lays it's plenty of
zombies also, but they're not a match for you; don't lose time killing
them cause she revive them. Try to surround her in a corner with your
wolves(in Normal you will only have one wolf) and finish her with
Volcano or Fissure(Firestorm in Normal).
Difficulty: 3/10

He is extremely slow but resistant also. Firstly, kill all the monsters
around him, after that your summonings will distract him while you fry
him with your spells.
Difficulty: 2/10

Kill her army first, attract them then kill them one by one. Finally,
face the countess, the same as always send you summonings to distract
her and cast Fissure or Volcano over her. Try to avoid her pitiful
Firewall. An easy one also. =)
Difficulty: 3/10

Let me introduce you Griswold’s older brother. Slower and tougher than
him, as always the same tactic summonings and spells.
Difficulty: 3.5/10

Wow, this one is hard. Her poison attack is deathly. Firstly, clear the
zone, once you open the door of her sanctuary kill the monsters which
dwell before the columns to not request Andariel's attention. When the
battle is clear go for her. Remember, summon and re-summon because her
poisonous attacks will kill your wolves really quickly. Be prepared to
run if run out of mana, because she is deadly but if you cast spells
from the distance you could kill her without problems, considering that
she is vulnerable to Fire spells, so let's start the barbeque.
Difficulty: 6.5/10

His breath stinks!! :P He's as poisonous as Andariel was and can 
resurrect his army of skeletons so summon your wolves near him and fry
him to kill him quickly, because when he dies his army dies.
Difficulty: 5.5/10

His minions are all over the room throwing poison everywhere, summon
your wolves and cast Fissure, really useful in this case. Once his 
minions are dead he will be an easy pray he can't attack.
Difficulty: 3.5/10

His cold spells are really something, try to avoid them and destroy him,
his low HP will be his doom. Summon your wolves in his platform and then
 cast Volcano over him.
Difficulty: 3.5/10

He has Holy Freeze and lots and lots of HP. In Normal, he will be a
challenge(no in Hell and Nightmare) because your spells aren't strong
enough and your summons will die quickly. So then? Re-summon eternally
and cast Fissure when possible, it's probably the longest combat for
the Flaming Druid but absolutely possible to kill him. Be fully
provided of mana potions, you'll need them.
Difficulty: 8/10

Fight them one by one, they will be an easy prey for your summons, 
hireling and spells. If you fight against more than one at a time it
will be hard.
Difficulty: 6.5/10

Firstly, clear the zone. Then summon your wolves over him and fry him
with Fissure. Without doubt the weakest of the 3 Great Devils, but be
cautious because if all of your summonings are killed he could cast
Blizzard or even better Lightning over you, I can assure that he can
kill you with one of these.
Difficulty: 4.5/10

Clear the area and the face him, don't get to close he can cast a
freezing Nova like Mephisto, so as always the same strategy. Summon
and fry. This one is an easy one.
Difficulty: 4/10

He looks like a tough enemy, but he's a piece of cake. Lower HP than
Izual, burn him into ashes.
Difficulty: 2.5/10

This ones are uniques, not bosses but I find necessary to talk about
them due to their difficulty. The guardians of the temple of Diablo.
They're tough and are always helped by a considerable army. Firstly try
to kill their army and then go for the boss. The Vizier is probably the
easiest, then come Lord de Seis with his fucking curses, he's really
dangerous his spells weaken your summonings. Take care with the Infector
he and all his army are really strong, I'll try living them for the
final when the whole area is clear to be able escape easily. Try to
attract a few of them and kill them like the Council.
Difficulty: 7/10  6/10  7.5/10

Big D is in my opinion one of the toughest bosses at the same level that
Baal. With him the hireling is useless, Diablo's Lightning Inferno is
deathly(50% physical damage, 50% Lightning damage) try to avoid it. His
Flame Circle is vicious because your spirit will die with 1 or 2 of
them which implies a considering amount of mana when maxed. His Cold
Touch damages critically your summonings. The main strategy is the same
as always: summon and re-summon your wolves when they die, cast Fissure
over Diablo one time after another and be careful with his Lightning
Inferno. Remember to open a safe Town Portal before beginning the
combat. In Nightmare and Hell, it will be a extremely long combat which
requires many potions but it's a relatively easy combat. In Normal,
when your summonings and spells aren't enough powerful you could suffer
to beat him but it's absolutely possible to kill Big D.
Difficulty: 9/10


A strong enemy who mainly bases its strength on his suicide army, get
rid of them attracting them and when the whole army is defeated finish
him with the usual strategy. Summonings and Fissure.
Difficulty: 5/10

I really hate this boy. We could be considered ranged players when
casting spells but his teletransport makes his Arctic Blast a dangerous
menace for us. But this is not the worst, he can summon monsters and
when they are dead, he casts Corpse Explosion, but not the usual one.
He casts the one which appeared in DIABLO II(not the expansion) were
this skill was extremely overpowered depending on your equipment one
touch could imply your dead, so don't get near any dead corpse. The
strategy as always is summonings and Fissure.
Difficulty: 8/10

The famous Ancients, their fame is not a fake. They use respectively
Whirlwind, Shout, Double Throw and Leap Attack. In Nightmare and Hell
mode, they receive immunities and extra abilities like most uniques,
this could make them a tough burden. If their immunities are too much
for you then open a Town Portal and recast the ancients again, their
abilities will change. What makes this combat really tough is without
doubt that you can not run away, when you open a Town Portal the
Ancients disappear and you have to fight against them with full HP.
So try to fight one-by-one them, I'm not saying this is going to be
easy, because they move all the time, but remember summon and cast
Fissure, if you can surround any of the Ancients cast Volcano over him.
Difficulty: 9.5/10

They are uniques(not bosses), but I find that a piece of advice will be
appreciated. Colenzo is a shaman, he and his minions are pitiful you
will crush them so badly. Achmel and his poison skeleton mages are not
bad, but they will be an easy prey for you. Bartuc and his army are
tough, try to fight them one-by-one like you already did with the
Council. Let Bartuc for the final he's a tough guy, but alone he's not
that dangerous. The same strategy with Ventar and his army. Lister and
his friends are a nightmare, to kill one of them alone is difficult
cause their hits makes you dizzy, so don't let them surround you
because it will hurt too much.
Difficulty: 4/10   5.5/10   7/10  8/10  9/10

Finally, the Lord of Destruction. His melee attacks aren't dangerous
but we are not melee fighters and this disadvantage makes this combat
the hardest one. He can cast Mana Rift, a beam which consume lots of
mana, but the worst is the Hoarfrost, an ice arrow than freezes and
pushes you and your summonings. Try to surround him with your
summonings, then cast Fissure over him, when this happens he tends to
teletransport anywhere and create a clone of himself. Apparently,
they're the equal, but the clone has lower defence and his HP decreases
faster, so leave him a go for the real Baal. This combat is hard not
only because of the tons of mana potions you're going to use, his clone
and his spells specially the Hoarfrost will kill your summonings
faster than you can imagine, be especially cautious with getting
surrounded by Baal and the clone, a double Hoarfrost will drain your HP
Difficulty: 10/10

@       Über Diablo       @

Well guys, this boy is tough, really tough. But not for my Blizzard
sorceress who crushed him so badly. :P
When he appears in a game a message appears in your screen: "Diablo
is walking on the Earth". He can appear in 2 different points:
   Act 1, Stony Field, in the are where it's a portal to Tristan
   Act 5, Frigid Highlands, near the Waypoint, where Eldricht stays

He's like the usual Diablo, but with higher HP, higher resistances to
all, more damaging attacks and using constantly Armaggedon(It's really

A Flaming Druid, it's not a Hammerdin,a Sorceress or a Trapassin, builds
absoultely broken. So we can't defeat him easily, the strategy is the
same we used against the original Diablo. But the combat can be really
proving cause his autohealing is insanely high.

The Dilema:
So then, is it really possible to defeat him with a Flaming Druid?
To be honest, I don't know because I didn't have the chance, but I
guess, well I'm almost sure, that it won't be possible. But an Annilus
is a really attracting candy for anybody, so if you want to defeat
Über Diablo by any means, then read the next point.

The Dirty Trick:
There is a trick to defeat Über Diablo with any build in the game. How?
Act 1: Firstly, clear the way between Burial Grounds and Stony Field,
to not get many interruptions, but don't kill Blood Raven yet.
Secondly, attract him to Burial Grounds, now kill Blood Raven and
voila, the thunderstorm will kill the apparently invencible Über Diablo.
Act 5: The trick is similar here. Attract Über Diablo to the area where
Shenk dwells, now kill Shenk and in this case a deathly rain of
explosion from the catapults will erase him from the Earth.

Congratulations enjooy your Annilus!!!!

* 11. Legal Stuff

This document is Copyright 2004 Joan Roda. All trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders. Feel free to distribute or post as long as you don't
change my name or try to make any money off of it, okay? Letting me know
about it would be appreciated too. (joanroda@eresmas.com)

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* 12. Special Thanks

To Konstantin Inozemtsev, Levent Tekbas and Christopher Yao among others
for their comments, critics, suggestions or just questions which have
helped this FAQ to grow in contents and quality.
To Blizzard for creating this fantastic game.
To Battle.net for all the useful information posted at The Arreat Summit
To CJayC for posting it in his marvellous website.
To me for writing this FAQ.
To you for reading it.

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