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Character Event Comments by TRAIN

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/28/04

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction                            
Character Event Comments


1. Revision History
2. Background/Info
3. Character Comments
4. Credits
5. Legal

1. Revision History

1.2 + July 05, 2004 +
After suggestions from RuneVarneev and a submission from link_knight, I decided
to try for a complete version of this FAQ.  Rather than playing through 
multiple characters, again, I decided (after the suggestion was made by
RuneVarneev) to get off my ass and extract the .wav files out of the .mpq
files and make sure I got 'em all.  Downloaded an mpq extractor utility
and mpq file list for Diablo 2 v1.10 from The Phrozen Keep (source details in
credits).  Thanks to Blizzards tidy file naming system and the file list for the
extractor it was easy to figure out what comment (.wav file) was said for each

Only one problem remains with this FAQ to date.  For each character,
there is a file called xxx_act2_trigger_field.wav (where the xxx is ama, ass,
bar, dru, nec, pal, or sor for each character class).  Even though I have
played this game multiple times with every character, I have no idea what this
comment is from.  My guess it that it is an unused file for an event that never
made it to the final release or perhaps an event that I never encountered (the
former is the MOST likely :] )  These comments are included in this
guide.  Any help you readers could give on these would be appreciated.

1.1 + February 26, 2004 +
Finished most complete collection of character comments.  Some still missing,
most notably a lot of the Council comments due to the fact that you only get
one shot at it (can't force Diablo 2 to quit through task manager and go again
quickly once Khalim's Flail has dropped and Council members' hydras' sound
effects tend to cut character comment short).

1.0 + January 5, 2004 + 
Started FAQ.  Downloaded Archon Horadric Mod with experience boost .mpq file.
Contact info and mod information in the Credits section.  This mod helped
greatly with progressing through the game at a furious pace to get to each
event faster (100x experience boost per kill and ease of acquiring powerful

2. Background/Info

2.1 + What is this FAQ? +
This FAQ is an attempt to collect and document the character speech that occurs
during the progression of the plot in D2: LoD.  It is a collection of comments
made by each character class at certain quest completions, area entries, and
quest item interaction.  These comments are said once and only once during the
progression of the game with a different character: the first time you complete
a quest, defeat an enemy, pick up an item, etc.

2.2 + Motivation + 
Decided to make this FAQ since it had neither been done as a stand-alone or
included in FAQs present on gamefaqs.com.  Also was a way for me to get back
into the game after playing for so long and burning out on it a bit.  I also 
feel that many players have heard these character comments before but may have 
not been paying attention or missed them entirely so here is your chance to
know what your character was thinking throughout the game.

2.3 + Character Builds Used +

Doesn't really matter what builds I used but I thought it was worth mentioning
because for some builds it can make it hard to hear character comments due to
skill/spell audio interference.

Used a basic bowazon build heavy on passive skills (mutli-shot, guided arrow,
pierce, penetrate, critical strike, dodge, avoid, evade) and valkyrie for
another meat shield.  Used Act II mercenary throughout (offensive (blessed
aim) for normal mode, defensive (holy freeze) for nightmare).

Utilized a lightning trapsin build also utilizing shadow warrior summon since
there is more control over what skill this summon uses (i.e.- more light
traps). Again, Act 2 mercenaries used but this time defensive types in normal
and nightmare.

Used both a frenzy barb (dual swords) and a concentrate barb (maul) who 
eventually became an IK concentrate barb (using the Immortal King's set).
Kept the rogue hireling from Act I with both builds just for fun.

First time through I used a wind elemental druid since that is my favorite
type. This proved to be a bad choice for the purpose of constructing a
character even comments FAQ.  Hurricane, the main spell of a windy druid tends
to drown out or cut short character audio, since you can't stop the
hurricane to hear the comments.  Second build I used was a fury/feral rage
werewolf shape shifting druid.  This proved to be a much more effective build
for gathering comments since skills don't interfere with game audio as much.
Used Act II defensive mercenaries for both normal and nightmare.

Almost exclusively used a summoning necromancer with bone spirit at higher
character levels.  Used a defensive Act II mercenary in normal mode, offensive
in nightmare for higher skeleton damage.

Used a hammerdin build for all run-throughs since they are highly effective
and possibly the most powerful PvM character build in the game.  Used
defensive Act II mercenaries in both normal and nightmare.


Used two different builds in several games.  A fire intensive (fireball,
meteor) and cold secondary (frozen orb) sorceress and in later game an
exclusively cold sorceress (frozen orb, blizzard).  Utilized defensive Act II
mercenaries throughout normal and nightmare.

Well onto the meat and potatoes!

3. Character Comments

After playing through both normal and nightmare modes multiple times (and hell
a few times) with the same character class, I can reasonably assume that the
character comments are always the same for each class of adventurer and for
each difficulty.


+ Cairn Touch comment is only heard if you click on one of the Cairn Stones
before picking up the Scroll of Inifuss in the Dark Wood.
+ For comments labeled as "Touch" this means simply clicking your mouse on the
indicated quest related item.
+ For comments labeled with "Pick Up" the audio may not be initiated or heard
if the item is picked up and auto-dropped due to having a full inventory.
Sometimes it messes up the comment trigger, sometimes not.
+ Comment which occurs after talking to Tyrael in Tal Rasha's tomb is
dependent on your character walking away from Tyrael and him ascending out of 
the area. If you simply town portal from the next to Tyrael without moving 
away you will not hear it.
+ Comment which is heard after defeating Izual is the same as after talking to
Tyrael in Act II.  You must walk away from him for it to occur.

+*+ Comments that are immediately followed by "(F)" are comments that were not
actually heard during gameplay by this FAQ writer but found by extracting the
 .wav files from the .mpq speech files for Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: LoD install
directories.  If there is an "(F)" for the same event for every character, 
this comment may not actually occur at any time during gameplay but most
likely would occur at that point in the game.  (Man, I really sounded like a 
lawyer there.  But hey, gotta cover your ass, right?)+*+


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: I shall purge this land of the shadow.
Den of Evil Entry: I hear foul creatures about.
Den of Evil Completion: Perhaps now the sisters will trust me.
Burial Grounds Entry: I sense great sorrow and misery.
Blood Raven Defeat: Rest in peace, sister.
Cairn Stone Touch: Theses stones serve some magical purpose.
Tree of Inifuss Touch: What a strange looking tree.
Tristram Entry: It's as if a great war were fought here.
Free Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain, go to the rogues camp without delay!
Forgotten Tower Entry: What's that smell?
Countess Defeat: Ahh, the Tower's trove for the taking!
Monastery Entry: So, this is the plight of Andariel's atrocities.
Horadric Malus Pick Up: The sisters will be glad to have this back.
Jail Entry: What nightmarish tortures took place here?
Catacombs Entry: This place is eerie.
Andariel Defeat: Heh, this maiden shall inflict no more anguish.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: Ugh, this place disgusts me.(F)
Radament Defeat: Atma has been avenged.
Maggot Lair Find: What is that strange mound?(F)
Maggot Lair Complete: These sand maggots sure have good taste in equipment.(F)
Tainted Sun (when darkness comes): Great, an eclipse.  This just keeps getting
better and better.
Claw Viper Temple Entry: I hope I know what I'm doing.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: Let there be light.
Arcane Sanctuary Entry: Am I the first to find this Arcane fortress?
Near Summoner: Oh, what a freak.(F)
Summoner Defeat: Good riddance, freak!
False Tomb Entry: This has got to be the right place!(F)
True Tomb Entry: Should I enter?  Diablo and Baal may have laid a trap.(F)
After Talking to Tyrael after Duriel Defeat: This is not good. Will this
madness ever end?

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: What would this bring from the right buyer?
Golden Bird Trade: Alkor will know what to make of this.(F)
Gidbinn Pick Up: This dagger will separate the faithful from the fallen.
Pick-Up Lam Esen's Tome: Hope the secrets within this book could help us.(F)
Lam Esen's Tome (after giving to Alkor): All this trouble over a tattered book.
Sewer Entry: Ugh!  What died down here?(F)
Sewer Lever Touch: I hope this does something good.(F)
Sewer Complete: Eureka!(F)
Near Blackened Temple: Such a dark temple for a religion of light.(F)
Council Defeat: Ahh, Skatsin's reign is renewed.
Durance Entry: This must be where Mephisto is.
Mephisto Defeat: Ha ha, success.  But still, there's something not right.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat: Goodbye, Izual.
Diablo Defeat: Reign of terror has ended.

Act V:

Bloody Foothills Entry: the siege must be stopped.
Shenk Defeat: Oops. Did I do that?
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak's Temple Entry: Oh, Nihlathak's home away from home.
Nihlathak Defeat: Conspiring with Baal, what a tragic mistake.
Arreat Summit Entry: The fabled home of the Ancients.
Worldstone Chamber Entry: The Worldstone.
Baal Defeat: My work here is truly done.


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: They'll never see me coming.
Den of Evil Entry: So dark, perfect.
Den of Evil Completion: The rogues' test is done.
Burial Grounds Entry: Hmm.  Who's handiwork lies buried here?
Blood Raven Defeat: What I kill stays dead.
Cairn Stone Touch: These stones hold an ancient power
Tree of Inifuss Touch: How has this tree escaped corruption?
Tristram Entry: Tristram, the first to fall to Diablo's wrath.
Free Deckard Cain: Cain, go to the rogue camp!
Forgotten Tower Entry: Ugh, who would want to remember this place?
Countess Defeat: So much treasure, it almost covers the stench.
Monastery Entry: Such corruption in this place.
Malus Pick Up: A malus!  This should go to Charsi.
Jail Entry: Try and cage me demons.
Catacombs Entry: I don't like it down here.
Andariel Defeat: Death becomes you Andariel.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: Why must evil hide in such wretched places?(F)
Radament Defeat: Vengeance, for Atma.
Tainted Sun (when darkness comes): An eclipse.  Never a good omen.(F)
Claw Viper Temple Entry: Dark magic in a darker tomb.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: Serpents.  I expected worse.
Arcane Sanctuary Entry: The sanctuary, Horazon's obsession.
Near Summoner: Summoner, the dark magicks have corrupted you.
Summoner Defeat: Horazon, your decoy is dead.
False Tomb Entry: The Horadrim have left their mark here.(F)
True Tomb Entry: I sense Tal Rasha's presence.
After Talking to Tyrael after Duriel Defeat: I shall track the primevils to
the ends of the world.

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: Hmm, a jade statue.  What should I do with it?
Gidbinn Pick Up: Mmm, what a delicious blade.  I should consult Ormus.
Sewer Entry: Ahh, and I thought the Forgotten Tower stank!(F)
Sewer Lever Touch: Levers are made to be pulled.(F)
Sewer Complete: This is one drain I don't mind cleaning out.(F)
Pick-Up Lam Esen's Tome: Black books make for dark thoughts.
Lam Esen Tome (after giving to Alkor): Ormus, you have strange taste in books.
Near Blackened Temple: Oh, I dread this place.(F)
Council Defeat: The dark magic here is dispelled.
Durance Entry: Mephisto, I'm coming for you.
Mephisto Defeat: Heh, Mephisto, you were no match for me.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat After Talking to Spirit: Corruption, take flight.
Diablo: A hero's mistake was finally corrected.

Act V:

Bloody Foothills Entry: You'll pay for your atrocities, Baal.
Shenk Defeat: Shenk, your command has ended.
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak's Temple Entry: Heh, I should've known.
Nihlathak Defeat: You dark mages are all alike, obsessed with power.
Arreat Summit: I shall prove worthy.
Worldstone Keep Entry: The worldstone, what power!
Baal Defeat: The brotherhood is no more.


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: Beware foul demons and beasts.
Den of Evil Entry: There are many foes here.
Den of Evil Completion: The rogues are safe, for the moment.
Burial Grounds Entry: I shall meet death head-on.
Blood Raven Defeat: Good riddance, Blood Raven.
Cairn Stone Touch: These magic stones are ancient.
Tree of Inifuss Touch: This tree is one of a kind.
Tristram Entry: The land here is dead and lifeless.
Free Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain, you've got to get out of here!
Forgotten Tower Entry: The stench of poison.
Countess Defeat: Ha ha, this is reward enough.
Monastery Entry: This monastery reeks with evil and corruption.(F)
Malus Pick Up: I should take this to Charsi.
Jail 1 Entry: No one should ever be caged.
Catacombs 1 Entry: So cold and damp under the earth.
Andariel Defeat: Let the gate be opened.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: Hmm, the tell-tale stench of a carnivore's lair.(F)
Radament Defeat: I've just about had my fill of the walking dead.
Maggot Lair Find: What is that?!(F)
Maggot Lair Complete: Ahh, this stuff will come in handy.(F)
Tainted Sun (when darkness hits): What is wrong with the sun?
Claw Viper Temple Entry: The sun has never shown here.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: It is good to know that the sun shines again.
Arcane Entry: One could get lost in here.
Near Summoner: Stand aside old fool.  I have no time for your 
Summoner Defeat: Oh, I hate staining my hands with the blood of foul
False Tomb Entry: This tomb is very ornate.  This must be Tal Rasha's
resting place.(F)
After Talking to Tyrael after Duriel Defeat: I've failed.  Diablo has
freed his accursed brother.  The world remains at their mercy.

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: Hmm.  What a strange little statue.
Golden Bird Trade: This contains the ashes of a great wizard?
Gidbinn Pick Up: This holy blade does not belong in the hands of the 
Pick-Up Lam Esen's Tome: I hope this book was worth all the trouble.(F)
Lam Esen Tome (after giving to Alkor): May this book lift the shadow from
Sewer Entry: Ugh, the stench down here is choking.(F)
Sewer Level Touch: This will drain out some of the filth.(F)
Sewer Complete: Good.  Now I can get outta here and get some fresh air.(F)
Near Blackened Temple: The spirits of nature have fled this dreaded
Council Defeat: The dark powers here will no longer poison the land.
Durance Entry: The final resting place of hatred itself.(F)
Mephisto Defeat: Maybe now the world will have peace.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat: Even fallen angels deserve freedom.
Diablo Defeat: Eternal suffering would be too great for you, Diablo.

Act V:

Bloody Foothills Entry: The time has come to cleanse my homeland.
Shenk Defeat: The siege is broken.(F)
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak Temple: Ugh, a coward's hiding place.
Nihlathak Defeat: A fitting death for a traitor.
Arreat Summit: The guardians of Mount Arreat await.
Worldstone Keep Entry: The halls of the Ancients. Magnificent!
Baal Defeat: The primevils are no more.


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: So it begins.
Den of Evil Entry: So, this is what the moor hides.
Den of Evil Completion: Heh, is that all of them?
Burial Grounds Entry: Planting the dead.  How odd.
Blood Raven Defeat: Your time has passed, Blood Raven.
Cairn Stone Touch: Hmm, such stones are common back home.
Tree of Inifuss Touch: This dead tree teems with energy.
Tristram Entry: Ahh yes, ruins, the fate of all cities.
Free Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain, leave this place!
Forgotten Tower Entry:  Mmm, I can smell why this tower is abandoned.
Countess Defeat: This tower has its charms.
Monastery Entry: Hmm, evil flows from here.
Malus Pick Up: Hmm.  Charsi will be thankful to get this malus.
Jail 1 Entry: No way.  Bars can't hold the force of nature.
Catacombs 1 Entry: The scent of the supernatural is strong here.
Andariel Defeat: Andariel, your reign is over.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: Face the light or lurk in darkness.(F)
Radament Defeat: Radament, turn to dust.
Tainted Sun (when darkness hits): Strange, an unexpected eclipse.(F)
Claw Viper Temple Entry: Oh no, snakes.  I hate snakes.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: Ahh yes.  The sun warms the world once more.
Arcane Entry: This was not designed by the architect of nature.
Near Summoner: Well, this place would drive anyone mad.
Summoner Defeat: Finally.  Now I can leave this twisted nightmare.
False Tomb Entry: These Horadric markings are mysterious.
True Tomb Entry: Ah ha! So Tal Rasha, this is your resting place.
After Talking to Tyrael after Duriel Defeat: Diablo, I will find you yet.

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: Looks like jade.  Perhaps it's worth something.
Gidbinn Pick Up: Oh, Ormus may know something about this unusual blade.
Lam Esen Tome (after giving to Alkor): Ormus, study the book well.(F)
Sewer Entry: Ugh, this smells worse than the sewers of Lut Golein.(F)
Sewer Lever Touch: Ahh, finally the drain lever.(F)
Sewer Complete: Trash to treasure.(F)
Near Blackened Temple: This temple is a nest of evil.(F)
Council Defeat: At last there is hope once again.(F)
Durance Entry: What is that?  Hatred stirs within me.(F)
Mephisto Defeat: Mephisto's hatred was a poisonous void.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat: I have no grief for him.  Oblivion is his reward.
Diablo Defeat: This ends the plague of Terror.

Act 5:

Bloody Foothills Entry: Baal, nothing will stand in my way.
Shenk Defeat: The catapults have been silenced.
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak Temple: You can run, but you can't hide.
Nihlathak Defeat: Betrayer, you've reaped your reward.
Arreat Summit Entry: At last, the summit of Mount Arreat.
Worldstone Chamber Entry: Ahh, the legendary worldstone.
Baal Defeat: Baal, join your brothers in oblivion.


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: All who oppose me, beware.
Den of Evil Entry: I sense death within this place.
Den of Evil Completion: Is that enough to earn the rogues' trust?
Burial Grounds Entry: Too many empty graves.
Blood Raven Defeat: Blood Raven, rest well.
Cairn Stone Touch: I sense many spirits about these stones.
Tree of Inifuss Touch: This tree shines with inner spirit.
Tristram Entry: All that's left of proud Tristram are ghosts and ashes.
Free Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain, if you value your life leave here 
Forgotten Tower Entry: This place reeks of death.
Countess Defeat: Treasure hunting, heh.  Treasure finding, yes!
Monastery Entry: This place has the stench of demons about it.
Horadric Malus Pick Up: All this for a hammer?
Jail Level 1 Entry: Ahh, the slow torture of caged starvation.
Catacombs Level 1 Entry: I sense a demonic presence here.
Andariel Defeat: Back to the hell that spawned you, Andariel.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: I sense a powerful undead being within this place.(F)
Radament Defeat: What a waste of undead flesh.
Tainted Sun (when darkness hits): Only the darkest magicks can turn the sun
Maggot Lair Find: I sense strange energies emanating from this mound.(F)
Maggot Lair Complete: Nothing but treasure.  Well, it'll do.(F)
Claw Viper Temple Entry: This place is as dark as a tomb.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: What a pity, I was beginning to enjoy the darkness.
Arcane Sanctuary Entry: This is fantastic! I wish I had time to study this
bizarre dimension.
Near Summoner: This bumbling fool cannot be the mighty Horazon!
Summoner Defeat: He was not Horazon, he was a diluted fool who got too close
to true power.
False Tomb Entry: This could be Tal Rasha's tomb.  However, I'm sensing very
strange energies here.(F)
True Tomb Entry: I sense and incredible aura about this tomb.  The Horadrim
hid something powerful inside.(F)
After Talking to Tyrael After Duriel Defeat: I came too late.  Now destruction
is let loose upon the world once more.

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: A worthless statue.  Perhaps I can trade this for
something better.
Golden Bird Trade: Kul'eh's immortal ashes.  I wonder if they'd miss any.(F)
Gidbinn Pick Up: This is a powerful weapon.  Perhaps Ormus can tell me more
about it.
Pick-Up Lam Esen's Tome: This ancient book radiates arcane power.(F)
Lam Esen's Tome: Once the book has served its purpose, I shall delve into
its secrets.
Sewer Entry: It's been years since I waded through sewers for fun.(F)
Sewer Lever Touch: This looks like what I've been searching for.(F)
Sewer Complete: Great, more junk.  Just what I'd expect to find in a sewer.(F)
Near Blackened Temple: This temple exudes darkness.(F)
Council Defeat: The temple's dark power is broken.
Durance Entry: The tower that holds Mephisto!(F)
Mephisto Defeat: Good journey, Mephisto.  Give my regards to the abyss.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat: Izual was weak.  He squandered his infernal power.
Diablo Defeat: Lord Diablo, I have bested you.

Act V:

Bloody Foothills Entry: It takes more than a siege to stop me.
Shenk Defeat: My my, what messy little demon.
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak Temple Entry: Ah, the familiar scent of death.
Nihlathak Defeat: You were a sad little man, Nihlathak.
Arreat Summit Entry: The resting place of the Ancients.
Worldstone Chamber Entry: So this is what the Ancients guard.
Baal Defeat: Baal, never doubt my skills.


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: I will cleanse this wilderness.
Den of Evil Entry: Evil dwells within this cave.
Den of Evil Completion: My duty here is done.
Burial Grounds Entry: This holy place has been desecrated.
Blood Raven Defeat: Sisters, there was no other way.
Cairn Stone Touch: Maybe Akara could dispel the mystery of these stones.
Tree of Inifuss Touch: This tree bristles with magic.
Tristram Entry: What a tragic end to Tristram.
Free Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain, leave quickly!
Forgotten Tower Entry: This tower shall be cleansed of evil.
Countess Defeat: I've earned the right to this abandoned trove.
Monastery Entry: Even the Light cannot pierce this gloom.
Horadric Malus Pick Up: This will help the sisters turn the tide against evil.
Jail Level 1 Entry: This is no place for a warrior to die.
Catacombs Level 1 Entry: There is great evil here.
Andariel Defeat: My work here is finished.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: The foul stench of evil assails me.(F)
Radament Defeat: I pray that Atma will rest easy now.
Maggot Lair Find: Hmm, just a large mound.  There is nothing to fear here.(F)
Maggot Lair Complete: Light willing, this treasure will help put an end to
this stifling evil.(F)
Tainted Sun (when darkness hits): What evil taints the light of the sun?(F)
Claw Viper Temple Entry: Light guide my way in this accursed place.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: The Light can never be extinguished by evil.
Arcane Sanctuary Entry: This surely is the product of a twisted mind.
Near Summoner: Surely the evil here has driven you mad.
Summoner Defeat: Rest in peace tortured soul.
False Temple Entry: Is this the tomb I seek?
True Tomb Entry: Here at last is a fitting testament in stone to Tal Rasha's
After Talking to Tyrael After Duriel Defeat: I shall honor Tal Rasha's 
sacrifice by destroying ALL the primevils.

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: Perhaps I could trade this for something more valuable.
Golden Bird Trade: Immortal, huh? If this Ku'leh was so powerful, then why is
he interred within this receptacle?(F)
Gidbinn Pick Up: This blade shall pierce the heart of evil.
Pick-Up Lam Esen's Tome: The black book.  It's heresy to the Zakarum High
Lam Esen's Tome: May the black book deliver us from evil.
Sewer Entry: The smell of death, or worse, surrounds me.(F)
Sewer Lever Touch: This appears to control the ancient valves.(F)
Sewer Complete: This trove will help lift the curse from Kurast.(F)
Near Blackened Temple: This corrupted temple was once the shining heart of my
Council Defeat: The temple shall shine anew with the Light.
Durance Entry: This must be where the Horadrim imprisoned Mephisto.(F)
Mephisto Defeat: The Lord of Hatred shall darken the world no longer.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat: How can one who was once so holy fall so far from righteousness.
Diablo Defeat: Let Diablo's death end the reign of the Three.

Act V:

Bloody Foothills Entry: Baal, I'm coming for you.
Shenk Defeat: Harrogath is free from your kind, demon.
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak Temple Entry: By Light, what is this place?
Nihlathak Defeat: Nihlathak, what led you to this end?
Arreat Summit Entry: The summit, the barbarian holy ground.
Worldstone Chamber Entry: The worldstone!  Praise the Light.
Baal Defeat: Baal, you shall no longer taint this mortal realm.


Act I:

Blood Moor Entry: Evil beware!
Den of Evil Entry: This place is trouble.
Den of Evil Completion: This cave has been purged of evil.
Burial Grounds Entry: There is dark magick at work here.
Blood Raven Defeat: Rest now, Blood Raven.
Cairn Stone Touch: These stones radiate powerful magick.
Tree of Inifuss Touch: The ancient tree has an aura of magick about it.
Tristram Entry: Tristram was no match for Diablo's fury.
Free Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain, get to the rogue camp!
Forgotten Tower Entry: This place holds many secrets.
Countess Defeat: I hope to find other such treasures.
Monastery Entry: Ahh, the Monastery. Andariel's stronghold.
Horadric Malus Pick Up: I hope the Sister's appreciate this thing.
Jail Level 1 Entry: If there was magick here it's long gone now.
Catacombs Level 1 Entry: This place chills me to the bone.
Andariel Defeat: The evil queen has fallen.

Act II:

Radament's Lair Entry: I sense strange magick here.(F)
Radament Defeat: What a misguided monster.
Maggot Lair Find: What a strange outcropping.
Maggot Lair Complete: I'm glad to win something from my troubles.(F)
Claw Viper Temple Entry: I sense strong magick within this place.
Viper Amulet Altar Break: Who would have thought that such primitive beings
could cause so much trouble.
Arcane Sanctuary Entry: This plane actually distorts reality!
Near Summoner: Is this truly Horazon?(F)
Summoner Defeat: That couldn't have been Horazon.  Poor wretch.
False Tomb Entry: This tomb has Horadric markings.  I wonder if this is Tal
Rasha's tomb.(F)
True Tomb Entry: This must be the true tomb of Tal Rasha.(F)
After Talking to Tyrael After Duriel Defeat: Diablo and Baal have escaped me.
Next time, vengeance.

Act III:

Jade Figurine Pick Up: I don't sense any magick about his item, very strange.
Golden Bird Trade: Ahh, the receptacle of Ku'leh's ashes.(F)
Gidbinn Pick Up: I must take this to Ormus.
Pick-Up Lam Esen's Tome: This tome has the weight of knowledge about it.(F)
Lam Esen's Tome: May the black book bring a black day to Hell.
Sewers Entry: Ugh, it smells worse than rotting reagents down here.(F)
Sewer Lever Touch: This looks promising.(F)
Sewer Complete: I hope these items can aid me against the demons.(F)
Near Blackened Temple: I sense tremendous evil within this place.(F)
Council Defeat: The temple's power is annulled. (link_knight)
Durance Entry: Ahh, Mephisto's prison.(F)
Mephisto Defeat: Mephisto shall no longer darken our souls with hatred.

Act IV:

Izual Defeat: He was corrupted to the core.  I pity him.
Diablo Defeat: Terror stalks Hell no more.

Act V:

Bloody Foothills Entry: My magick will break this siege.
Shenk Defeat: Harrogath can rest easy now.
After Freeing All Soldiers (Frigid Highlands): Follow me.
Nihlathak Temple Entry: Could this be a trap?
Nihlathak Defeat: Your power was no match for me.
Arreat Summit Entry: The Ancients must be close.
Worldstone Chamber Entry: The power of the Worldstone washes over me.
Baal Defeat: The last of the Three has fallen.

4. Credits

+ First and foremost I would like to thank Blizzard for making such a fantastic
game that has kept me interested for quite a long time.  I without a doubt have
spent more time on this game than any other in my life.  (Which wasn't always a
good thing ;) )

+ I would like to thank Archon_Aus for the excellent mod for Diablo 2: LoD.
Works great for single player games and even compatible with version 1.10.  As
with any mod, if you choose to try this one out make sure you back up your
original .mpq file before installing.  I had no problems with game or character
corruption but that doesn't mean you won't.  Here is the mod info as listed on
the readme file that accompanies the mod:

Mod Name: Archon's Horadric Mod
Version: 1.10
Date: 7/11/03
Author: Archon_Aus
Email: archon_aus@hotmail.com

+ Extra special thanks to RuneVarneev on GameFAQs.com for getting me moving on
completing this FAQ and the assistance with extracting the .wav files from the
Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Expansion .mpq files.  Without RuneVarneev's suggestions
this guide may have never been "finished".

+ A huge thank you to Phrozen Heart on Phrozenkeep.com for the mpq extractor
and mpq data file, which details the locations of all files within each .mpq
file.  A huge help!  These files can be found at:


Release Info for .mpq extractor:

MPQ Editor version 1.3 beta 1
Release date: 08/21/2000

List of files:

file_id.diz - this file
MpqEdit.exe - executable module
mpql.txt    - file list for Diablo II

+ Thanks to my family for tolerating my non-stop usage of the computer while
gathering data for this FAQ.

+ Thanks to CJayC for creating the lovely site of GameFAQs.com and taking it
easy on us when the locals get restless on my home board.  KEEP GAMING FOR

+ Thanks to God for, well... everything.

5. Legal

This document is intended for private use only.  It is not to be reproduced or
distributed without the author's informed consent.

If you wish to post this guide on your site, please contact the author and
obtain proper permission before doing so.

Sites that have permission to post this guide
+ www.GameFAQs.com

Copyright 2004 (TRAIN on gamefaqs.com)

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