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Magic Find FAQ by Caliastro

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/23/02

~Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Magic Find Guide~

Table of Contents:

1)FaQ Information
    -Legal Information
       -Update Info
2) Magic Find Basics
       -Advanced tips
3) Magic Find Equipment
    -*Suggested Equipment
4) Setting up a Magic Find Character
    -Merc Equipment
6)Hints and Secrets
    -Cow Level
       -Horadric Cube
7)C & C. Contact and Credits
    -Terms and Lingo Used
       -Contact Info
FAQ Information~
This Faq Was written on Notepad on July 23, 2002.
This is my first FAQ, although ive used Gamefaqs.com
for years, so bear with me please.

Legal Crap:
This Faq is resricted to GameFaqs.com only, and may
not be used for promotional purposes, advertisement,
copied onto any disk or altered in ANY way. It may not
be incorporated into any guide EVEN for private use.
Not to be inserted in magazines, put onto a private or
secured website where membership or a fee is required.
All profesional Rights belong to me, and me alone, the
author Caliastro.

Diablo, Diablo2, and Diablo2:LoD are copyrighted to
Blizzard entertainment.

Any future updated will be given to www.GameFaqs.com
because CJayC is the man.

Update: 7/27//02 V1.1

Added more to hirelings section. Corrected some typos.
Added New Section: Hints and Secrets

Magic Find Basics                                     |

Magic Find is an idea created by some anonymous
Diablo Guru and has been circulated through chat
rooms and what not. Anywhoo, i thought it a good
idea to make a Magic Find FAQ. I myself have mastered
Magic Find as you will soon be able to.

Magic Find is a "mod" found on many magic, set, rare,
unique, and even crafted items. It increases the chance
you have of getting good stuff to trade for even better
stuff and become an AWESOME Diablo player! It works on
many things including the following: treasure chests,
barrels, bosses, and even regular bad guys like skele-
tons. Magic Find includes: Magic items(violet,blue),
Set Items(snot green), rare items(bright yellow),
and unique items(gold). It doesn't mean you are going
to get more runes, sad but true.

Contrary to what you may have been told on battle.net,
there is no max MF you can have. But the benefits
arent as good once you get a really, high number. But
it's still better to have more than to have none.

---Advanced Tips for Advanced Players:
Here is the really beautiful part, Magic find from your
hireling, merc, whatever you want to call him, comb-
-ine with his !IF! he makes the final blow on the
monsters or bosses. But only if you shred the bosses
life and let him get the FINAL blow. This is really
important i emphasize this so i dont get email saying
how wrong i am. Barbarians have more natural MF so
it is better to use them, not to mention their good
skill called 'Find Item' which MF DOES count towards.
Bosses give better drops, as compared to monsters.
It may Take many, many MF runs to get good stuff, but
its worth it. Even more frusterating than not having
good stuff for your chars on Diablo is not being able
to find good stuff, so on to our next section:

Magic Find Equipment                                  |

Listen up ladies and gents, because this is a very
important part of Magic Find, your equipment! You can
use any equipment really, as long as it has a good
number of Magic Find on it. Now I'll break it on down
for you so you can abosorb all this into your head!
Now ill list them by item type and from best to
well, not the worst, but not the best! You dont have
to use what i list, you can use Magic items that give
+ to MF also...*Equipemnt Listed in Highest MF% to


  Griswold's Valor: This is a set item, its very
rare and hard to find. I havent even found one!
It's got 2 open sockets, insert Perfect Topazes or
2 Ist runes into it, plus the original 30% and you
got 78%-80%  (depending on which you insert.)
  Harlqurens Crest: Unqiue Shako. A bit expensive but
in the long haul worth it. It reduces Dmg by 10% and
has +1 to all skills. Socket a Perfect Topaz or IST
rune for up to 74%-75%.
  *Tarnhelm: Unique Skull Cap. Using the Socket quest
from Larzuk in Act 5, you can insert a Perfect topaz
or an IST rune. Up to 75% MF. Crap Def, but +1 to all
  *StealSkull: Unique Casque. Pretty much same as
Tarnhelm but has Dual Leech. Again Perfect Topaz
or IST rune. Up to 75% MF


Skulder's Ire: Unique Russet Armor. This is a prime
choice for MF armor. It does +MF depending on the
charector level. Socket this with a IST or Perfect
Topaz and you got up to 148% on this baby!
TalRasha's Guardianship: Set Item;Laquered Plate
I belive. Initial 88%, but with a IST or Perfect
Topaz its either 112% or 113%
*WEALTH: RuneWord. Lem,Ko,Tir runes in a 3 socketed
armor for this one. For more info on RuneWords go
to someone else's FAQ, i think WingChild is the
author of the RuneWord FAQ on GameFaqs. (i have no
time to write them all down in this FAQ.) It Gives
100% to MF instantly with 300% Extra gold from mon-
-sters. Nice.

   Weapons: (using barbarians, you can have two.)
IstIstIstIstIstIst: a 6 socketed weapon w/6 IST
runes in it. VERY VERY hard to do, Ist runes are
very rare, and very valuable.

*Ali Baba's Blade: Unique Tulwar. Not very valuable,
easy to get. MF based on Character Lvl AND two sock-
-eted! But DO NOT stick two Perfect Topazes in, it
will not do MF, but it will do Lit. Damage. Very
bad. Use two IST runes if available. NOTE: Two of
these on a Barbarian is very good. Total: 159% max.

*Gull Dagger: Unique Dagger. Again, cheap and use-
-ful. Not advised for Barbarians, good for Sorc MF
chars. Does 100% to MF, but with an IST rune, 130%.

Occulus: Unqiue Swirling Crystal: Rather expensive.
Its a Sorceress Class Specific weapon with initial
50% MF, with an IST rune, thats 80% and a really
really good sorc weapon, its the best one to be pre-

   Shields: (optional for Babarian)
IstIstIstIst: 4 socketed shield w/IST's. Hard to
make, as Ist's are valuable as they are rare.

Milabrega's Orb: Set item. Initial 25% MF, plus
a Ist rune and thats 45% total.

*Rhyme: Runeword. Again, im not going to list all
the runewords in this FAQ. This is the most comm-
-on MF shield out there. 25% to MF.


*ChanceGuards: Unique Chain gloves. Not valuable,
easy to come by. 20%-40% (it varies)

Magic Gloves: EXTREMELY easy to come by. Just go to
a Hell game and search all the item peddlers in all
the acts until you find a pair. Up to 35% i Believe.
Better just go with the chance guards.

   Belts: (kinda like gloves, theres only one good one)

*GoldWrap: Unqiue Heavy Belt. Cheap, easy, common.
30% to MF. And sadly, it only has 12 potions.

Magic Belt: Again, you can buy some in hell. im not
sure how much it goes up to.


Wartravelers: Unique Battleboots. Expensive, pretty
rare. It goes from 30%-50%. A perfect is VERY valuable.

*Magic Boots: Any MF boots, i think it goes up to about


Plague Master: Rare Ring. Well, its a random rare
ring, its very valuable, and you probably wont get one,
i know i didnt. It does Dual Leech and 30% MF.

*NagelRing: Unqiue Ring. Easy to find. Up to 30%

*Magic Ring: Up to 35%. Find a Magic ring? Pick it up.
It could be your next MF ring!

  Magic Ammy: a Double MF prefix and Suffix ammy, very rare.
it does 49% MF. I have never found one myself. =/

*Magic Ammy: a regular ammy of Luck. 35%.

*=Afforable and Good MF equipment, Suggested Use.

I think that covers the equipment you would need to become
a good MF'er. Let's go to our next section Characters!

Setting up a Magic Find Character                     |

Now here is another Major part of MF'ing; the character
The two most successful MF chars are the sorceress, and
the Barbarian. I'll list some pro's and con's about the

Pro's                 | Con's                       |
Can Use two weapons    |Melee Char                   |
Has Higher Natural MF  |Alot slower Mover            |
Have Warcies for Life  |Runs out of mana quickly     |

Pro's                 | Con's                       |
Can Teleport           |Can Kill Bosses From Far away|
Can sacrifice Melee Dmg|Doesnt Have Much life        |

In-Depth; Barbarian:
Barbarian Can use two weapons at once, which makes use
of dual Ali Baba's. He has a higher natural MF(1118%)
compared to the rest(1024%). Whirlwind can steal back
alot of the life and mana used for him, making a use
for StealSkulls Dual Leech. The warcry Battle Orders
increases his Max Life and Mana, so use it, then ste-
-al it all back from a Boss like Mephisto.

Skill and Stat Distribution: Barbarian

Vitality: You'll need tons of this to be able to Tank
massive hits from bosses that do tons of damage, real
fast. at least 200.

Strength: Only enough to use the equipment you choose.
Around like, 100-120 at most. (136 for Lightsabre)

Dexterity: Just enough to use what you want.

Energy: Very Little, Not much is needed. You can always
steal mana back.

Battle Orders: 10-20
(1 to all the pre-req's)

Combat Masteries:
Sword Mastery: Either 12 or 20
Iron Skin: at Least 11
Natural Resist: at least 11

Combat Skills:
Whirlwind: 12-13
Beserk: Max(20)
Find Item: 4 (optional)
Double Swing: *1 (optional)
(1 to all pre-req's)

*So you can make use of two MF weapons.

Get him to AT LEAST lvl 80. More is ALOT better, but if your
lazy and dont want the full effects of magic find to kick in.
Have it your way. :)

Strategy: Mephisto.
Once you hit Durance of Hate3, Run down the middle plat-
-form and Leap Attack to the Base of the Red Portal.
From there, open a Town Portal. Use Battle Orders,
Use a potion, and make mephisto come down to you,
there could be bloodlords to make your life harder.
But not so close he blocks the Town Portal. Wail
hard down on him with your Heavy Damaging Weapon.
(I use Lightsabre and a Gerkes Sanc.) Then when
he has a shred of life, switch to your Double
Ali Baba's Tulwars and either let your merc kill
him to add his MF with yours, or, Finish him your
self if you dont have one. Press ALT with heavy
anticipation and reap your prizes. Like said before,
it may take many runs to get good stuff, but belive me
it is worth it. Mephisto is a good boss to kill because
he is easy and he has little life. By level 80 you should
be doing MF runs in HELL. Yes, it will be tough but
this is How the Big Boys Play on the Big Boy's playground.

In-depth: Sorceress.
Sorceresses have an advantage skill called teleport. It
reduces the time of a MF run dramatically. She can sacrifice
melee damage for better MF, like the Gull Dagger. It can also
use the Occulus. a +3 sorc skill weapon with nice Faster cast
rate and 50% Mf, (80% with IST.) A dramatic downfall of the
sorceressis that she has no warcries to boost her life,
she has realativily low life compared to the barbarian and
must pull circles around Most Bosses to Kill them, it cant
tank hits.Thunderstorm, once cast can Attack Bosses auto-
-maticly if you are within range. And Energy Shield will
withdraw Mana as damage instead of life.

Skill and Stat Distribution: Sorceress

Strength: Not too much, just enough to use your equipment.

Dexterity: Same as Strength.

Vitality: A bunch, at least 150

Energy: Tons, at least 200

There are two kinds of MF sorc. Firewall, or Thunder and Ice.
  Firewall is a safer kind, it is easy to use, but after the
recent patches, it has been dramaticly lowered, still effective
killer. Mostly just used for Killing Mephisto, which is the
easier dropper, boss, and has the best terrain to work with
for a firewall Sorc.
  Now the Thunder and Ice is a much more aggressive, brave
sorc. You will be reduced to running back and forth to kill
mephisto, but this is the overall better, but harder to use
sorc. The easier one would definatly Be the Firewall Sorc.

Skill Distribution for Firewall Sorceress:

Warmth: 2-4 No more, it may be tempting to do more, but dont.
FireMastery: MAX(20)
Firewall: MAX(20)
Hydra: MAX (20)
(1 to all pre-reqs)

Just enough for Teleport and its pre-req's.


For best Results be at least level 89.

Skill Distribution for Thunder|Ice

Warmth: 2-4. Thats it. It may be tempting when your a low lvl.

EnergyShield: At least 10
(1 to all pre-req's)
ThunderStorm: MAX(20)
ThunderMastery 18-20
Teleport: 1. No more, No Le-wait you have to have this skill.

IceOrb: MAX(20)
Ice Mastery MAX(20)

For Best Results, Be at least Level 90.

FireWall Sorc Strategy: Mephisto

From Durance of Hate 2 Waypoint. Teleport around the area until
you get a glimpse of a staircase on the map, then teleport to
that. Or if you have sold your soul to the hacking population
use the map hack and Teleport your way there. I do not advise
the use of any hacks, trainers, or any other bot.
Then from Durance of Hate3, teleport and lure Bremm Sparkfist
and his gang away from you and down into the base of the DoH3.
Then teleport over the wall and up the side. From here Tele-
-port and lure mephisto to the staircase on the side or in
the middle and blast away at him with firewall from the
safest possible distance, use hydra also. Once you hear his
death scream, go and collect the items. =)

Thunder|Ice Strategy: Mephisto

From Durance of Hate 2 Waypoint. Teleport around the area until
you get a glimpse of a staircase on the map, then teleport to
that. Or if you have sold your soul to the hacking population
use the map hack and Teleport your way there. From DoH3, tele-
-port down the middle strip and onto the platform at the base
of the red portal. Cast energy shield and thunderstorm and shiver
armor if you have it. Lure him down and run circles around him
while casting Ice orb. Use Static when you get the chance.
He should die fairly quickly.

Just can't hack it in hell? Try these tips:

Do all the Resitances Quests. The Anya quest where you save her.
Thats +30 to all Resistances total, just what you need.

+60 to Life permenantly; Do the Golden Bird Quest in A3
on all difficulties. Easy to do. Could save your life.

+12 to All Skills; Izzual(A4), Den of Evil(A1) and
Radament(A2) in all difficulties. NOTE: Izzual gives
+2 to all skills.

+15 to Stats; Act3 Tome Quest. It's almost always in
the Ruined Temple in the Kurast Bazaar area. Do it in
all Difficulties.

Hireling/Merc                                         |
Still not getting the Item Compensation you deserve?
Get a High level hireling, slap on some mf stuff, we
are going to Mephisto, in Hell. Muahahahahahahahahaha.

When your Hireling finishes a monster/boss, his MF is
added to your own, and the combined number of MF is
used for the drop. So, shred a bosses life down to bits
then let your merc finish him off, preform the
coup de tat, and the combined number goes in affect.

So if you had, lets say, 800 MF. And your Merc had an
extra 200 MF, if he made the finishing blow on Meph-
-isto the Drop mephisto gives would be based on 100MF.

Thats why Hirelings are an important part of MF'ing.
IMO the best MF Hireling is a Act2 merc, the Arabian.
For a couple reasons, They dont die as quickly as the
barbarian mercs because they don't go charging head
first into a battle they can't win. They Survive easily
is what i mean. Plus the Aura's they provide. Which
kind of Hireling should i get? Combat? Offensive? or
Defensive? Well it all comes down to two things:
What are you comfortable with. And What class are you?
A sorceress isn't going to need the aura Might now is
she? A barbarian would however, he would also need
Thorns because he will be in close combat. For more
information on hirelings and their aura's, go to
BladeY2J's Faq on Hirelings.

MF Equipment for hirelings:
Well first off, you are going to want them to survive,
so dont completely hold out on them. But you also want
them to have MF. Some items to give them would be,
a Harlqueins Crest, because is has a nice MF bonus, and
it has 10% damage reduced, which is exremely good for a
Mercenary/Hireling. Not to mention the Health Bonus on
it. An armor for him would be probably a Nice High
defense 4 Socketed armor with Perfect Topazes all around
or a Nice defense Wealth armor(LemKoTir). NOTE: For Bab-
-arians you might want to give them a Perfect Topaz'ed
Immortal Kings Helmet, it is nice and good for Baba's.

Ah, and for the weapon. It all boils down to which Merc
you picked.
Rogue Merc: Give them a MageWrath or a Cliffkiller
Windforce if you can afford it.(yeah right)
Arabian Merc: Spire of Honor if you can afford it.
Iron Wolf: Give him a nice lightsabre or headstriker.
Barbarian: Give him an HonoR Collussus blade, or
cloudcrack sword. And if you can, a Grandfather.
Although that is an extremely rare and valuable sword.

Leveling your Mercenary/Hireling:
First off, always buy a mercenary from Hell difficulty.
Now when you first get him, you want to fit him/her
with the best equipment you got to spare. Like a shaft-
-stop so he/she wont die constantly, and either a
Harlequin Crest or a VampireGaze for the reduced damage.
Now if you decided to get a Rogue Mercenary, you want
to start her off leveling in either Nightmare Bloody
Foothills,(Bloody Run)or in Nightmare Moo Moo Farm
(Cow level) Because her level will be significantly
lower than the rest of them. If you got the Barbarian
Hireling, (around level76 when you buy him)his level
will be alot higher and he can use better stuff straight
away. NOTE: Barbarians are alot dumber than the rest.EX:
They will always run off into a battle and usually get
surrounded and die. So for barbarians Shaftstop and
Vampiregaze/Harlequin's Crest is very important.
Level Him in Hell Cow Runs, Be careful though.
And as for the Arabian Mercenary/Hireling, He too will
start off in a very low level,(around 58 usually) so
level him in Nightmare Bloody Runs and Nightmare Cow
Runs. And now for the Iron Wolves, Act3 Mercenary,
He will be able to use a sword and a shield, Shaftstop
is good for him to start with, along with a Stormshield
when he can use it. I'm not sure what level he starts out
at.Ice is usually a good pick for an Iron Wolf b/c I
don't think there are any bosses that are Immune to Cold.
I hear the best place to level him is also Nightmare Cows
and Bloody Runs, or Hell Act1 and some of 2.
NOTE: All mercenaries die occasionally, if they die extrem-
-ely frequently, it means you are leveling them at too hard
of a place or their equipment isn't as good as it should be.
Let me add here that as soon as you get your mercenary to
a nice decent level, (at least 82+) You need to switch his
/her equipment to the MF'ing Equipment. Or whenever you
feel like MF'ing. But i do suggest that you don't attempt
to do Magic Find Runs in Hell until you are a mid-eighties
level. The higher the level of you and your mercenary the

For Added Bonuses, Add a Gem/Jewel/Rune to all your
Merc's Equipment, Becareful. They are permenant.

Hints and Secrets                                     |
There are some things not all gamers know about Diablo
2: Lord of Destruction. So i created this section for

  Cow Level:
This is a nice place to find Charms, gems and some
uniques. Even better place if not the best to level!

You make the Cow Level by combining Wirt's Leg and a
Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube and Trans-
Muting them together in Act 1. NOTE: You dont have to
make it by a cow, or it making by a cow doesn't incr-
-ease the amount of cows there are in the level.

The Cow King: (Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?)
The Cow King is one Bad Mother. He is Lightning ench-
-anted and can decimate a weak char very quickly.
He drops good stuff if you have MF, usually.
If you have completed the Cain Quest in whatever
difficulty you are in and you kill the King, you will
not be able to make the "Red Portal" to the MooMoo
Farm again.

Cow LvL Fact:
You must have beaten the difficulty in which you are
trying to make the portal in. So if you want to make
the Cow Level in Hell difficulty, you would have to
have beaten Baal and become a Matriarch/Patriarch.


  Horadric Cube:
It is possible to make many things in the horadric cube.
It is a very useful tool to have, not just for the extra
storage space either.

Crafting: You can Craft items using the horadric cube. I've
done it many times, so dont disagree with me.
WingChild has a FAQ on crafting items on Gamefaqs.com
Go to that FAQ for more information on crafting Items.

Cow Level: Wirt's Leg + Tome of TownPortal, and you'll
get to go to the Moo Moo Farm.

Upgrading Gems and Runes:
If you have 3 of the same Rune, or 3 of the same type
of gem, you may put them into the Horadric Cube and
get one of the higher kind. By this i mean, if you put
in 3 flawless emeralds and transmute it, you will get a
perfect Emerald in return. Nifty!

3 Rings/Ammulets: 3 magic rings (any kind) transmuted
will result in one ammulet with a random prefix and/or
suffix. Same thing applies with Ammulets, 3 ammulets
will get one random Magic ring. NOTE: You cannot get
rare or unique Rings or Ammulets from this.

Magic Swords: This is how you make a Cruel Collussus
Blade or Cruel Collussus Sword. Toss in any magic
Collussus Sword/Blade with 3 chipped gems or skulls
and you will get a random Magic Collussus Blade/Sword.
It can Take many many chipp's to get a CCB/CCS.
The advantage of a CCS over a CCB is it will get more
hits in with Whirlwind because it takes less frames
to do a Whirlwind with, but at the cost of reduced


Credits, Contact, and Thanks                          |


Baba: Barbarian
Char: Character
MF: Magic Find
MF Run: a game made for the purpose of finding magic
items, usually short.
MF'er: Player who Magic Finds constantly
Mod: A statistic on an item
Bloody Run: 8 people game where you kill all the monsters
on the Bloody Foothills in A5 for leveling.(Channel BLoody
on battle.net for more information.)
Cow Run: Where you kill all the Bovine's in the MooMoo
Farm for Experiance, usually with alot of people.
Magic Find Guru: That would be me

-Me, for being able to bask in my own glory for this one
-My brother, and My friends for lending info and stuff.
-Blizzard for making the game.
-CJayC for making this KICKASS website. And yes, it is
KICKASS in all capitals.
-www.battle.net/diablo2ex, for the Magic Find Numbers and
some info on the Set Item Griswolds Valor.

NOTE: Before contacting me, take these into check:

A)I dont like to be corrected with minor spelling errors or
B) Its probably already in the FAQ, press CTRL+F and type it
in what your looking for
C) I dont want to be bothered, jk jk.

Please report plagurism of FAQS. Sighned -Everyone.
However, i do accept praise mail. =)

I can be contacted via Email by:Thunderclease@Hotmail.com

Via Whisper on Battle.net:

This FAQ ©Caliastro 2002-©Mike Halliday

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