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PvP Necromancer by J.Lau

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/05/02

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

PvP Necromancer Guide

By: Joey Lau (J.Lau)
Email: joeyl128@hotmail.com
For: Computer
Date: May 5, 2002
Latest Version: 1.01
Patch: 1.09

This document is protected by US
Copyright Law. It is for private
and personal use only--it cannot
be reprinted in part or in whole,
or reproduced in any way or in
any form (written or otherwise).
It is a free document that cannot
be used in any sort of transaction.
This FAQ cannot be referenced,
altered, or used by anybody. This
FAQ was created and is owned by me,
Joey Lau. It can be found
All copyrights and trademarks are
acknowledged and respected that is
not specifically mentioned herein.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Stat Distribution
    - Strength
    - Dexterity
    - Vitality
    - Energy
III. Skill Distribution
VI. Equipment
    - Main Weapon
    - Secondary Weapon
    - Armor
    - Helm
    - Gloves
    - Boots
    - Belt
    - Ring1
    - Ring2
    - Ammy
    - Charms
V. What To Do Against...
    - Barbarians
    - Paladins
    - Druids
    - Assassins
    - Sorceress'
    - Amazons
    - Necromancers
VI. My Equipment/Stat Distribution
VII. Thanks To...
VIII. No Thanks To...

I. Introduction

Hi this is AzN GaMeR - My GameFAQs account name (was known as *HolySamurai, 
now is *HostileFire on the USEast Realm). This is a Necro build I’ve built 
twice (And I’ve only ever built two Necromancers o_O) and I’ve played it for 
a few hundred hours (Latest Necro: HostileFire, lvl. 93) in duel games. He 
has won me many duels be it LEGIT DUEL (http://www.myleague.com/useastpvp/ 
for LEGIT DUEL rules) or PUBLIC duel games, which BTW is where most people 
duel. It’s not really a hard build to get into though, though maybe in the 
few hours you start dueling with him it might seem like they are real hard 
to duel as. Keep in mind I don’t plan to help the people that can’t afford 
at least half of the “pricey” stuff unlike Vlad (A.K.A. Togashi Tsuke). 
During the duration of this guide I’ll be giving my advice to be IMO the 
best PvP Necro you can be. I’ll be using some Diablo II terminologies as 
well so if you don’t fully understand what I’m talking about don’t read it, 
go read Sashanan’s Terminology Guide or ask on the boards O_O. And just if 
you’re wondering why I started a FAQ on a PvP Necromancer when Vlad has one 
out it’s because I think I know more about this ^_^ (Yes I am that cocky... 
Shoot me =P).

II. Stat Distribution

Strength: If you can use your equipment without the +stats from your shield 
or weapon you will have a slightly lower risk of corpse popping (or so I am 
told by PhiSig67 ((Wow a dbl. Bracket... I’m pretty sure he said this)) so 
blame him if anything happens o_O). So put just enough STR for you equipment 
without the shield or weapon boosting them.

Dexterity: Put your cursor over the Defense “tab” and it’ll say how much 
block you have in %s. Keep putting in DEX if its not hitting 75% and if it 
stays at 75% don’t put any in it.

Vitality: All the rest of the stat pts. go in here. Duh...

Energy: None. (Again PvP characters usually don’t waste points into NRG)

III. Skill Distribution

I’ll be listing the ones you need to put pts. in so I’m not mentioning the 
prerequisites you might have to go through just know that you only need 1 
pt. in it if it isn’t mentioned.

1  – Golem Mastery (More life for your golem what else?)
1  – Fire Golem (More useful in certain situations)
1  – Bone Prison (Mmmm trapping running characters in front of your screen 
1  – Decrepify (Slows down real fast characters...)
20 – Lower Resist (Huge radius and allows for more BS damage)
20 – Bone Armor (It acts as extra life, works with PDR and totally stops the 
last attack done on it)
20 – Bone Spirit (Main attack...)
20 – Poison Nova (Secondary attack...)

The remaining pts. will be your choice to which you think you need more in 
or spells you want for PvM. I went with pts. into Bone Wall though (you’ll 
find why in the Strategies section) and Decrepify because I found them more 
useful then IM.

VI. Equipment

I’ll be listing what I deem as the best Equipment for the PvP Necro but you 
can choose whatever you want since I can’t force you to do what I want =( 
but you’ll die if you don’t!! ^_^ And I’ll list what you should put in the 
sockets in parenthesis... Again I’ll be listing some other equipment you can 
go but I’d really advise for you hitting 60%+ PDR unless you have that much 
skill to dodge iGAs (invisible Guided Arrows) and every attack imaginable. 
Some statistics before you get choosing... All the #1s I picked are the ones 
I use in FFAs w. no Sorceress' with FO and 1v1s against physical damage 
characters other then the Boots in which I use Waterwalks.

[Casting Frame]
11 FPS – 48% FCR
10 FPS – 75% FCR <--- This should be the minimum you should cast at...
9 FPS – 125% FCR

[Faster Hit Recovery Frame]
7 frames – 0 % FHR <--- If you don’t hit or past this stop playing ^_^
6 frames – 18% FHR
5 frames – 48% FHR <--- Try to hit this if you’re having huge troubles 
getting out of Wake of Fire + Mind Blast lock or can’t get out of a MA 
Assassin’s stun lock

[Faster R/W Frame]
There is a certain amount for this, it does have frames, and it does have 
diminishing returns but no one that I know has found this out yet... 
Needless to say having 200% R/W and 225% R/W won’t make too much of a 
difference or will going up by another 50% R/W...

1) Wizardspike - +mana, +resist, the highest FCR item available, etc... 
Nothing else will do as much this thing (Io rune or +resist jewel)
2) Blackhand Key – You can actually have this to cast Fire Golem and BA if 
you really want it going up a few pts. that badly but don’t switch other 
then in town or your mana will have to regenerate which wastes time in a 
duel (Io rune or +resist jewel)

1) Stormshield – 35% PDR and +resist... Mmmmm~ (-req. jewel w. +15 
prismatic/+life/etc. or Hel rune)
2) Homunculus – Faster mana regenerate, +mana, +resist, +skill, etc. Also it 
doesn’t require as much DEX as Stormshield does for max block (Io rune, Um 
rune, Sur rune, or Jah rune)
3) Lidless Wall – FCR if you plan to hit the 9-frame mark but then you would 
need a few other items to hit 9 frames also... (Io rune | Isn’t worth to put 
a Jah rune in since Homunculus is the better one and if you can’t afford 
that you probably shouldn’t have a Jah rune to waste for it)

1) Shaftstop (Um rune, Perfect Ruby, Cham rune, Sur rune, or Jah rune)
2) Jeweler’s [insert light armor with low STR requirement and the ability to 
have 4 sockets here] of the Whale (4x Perfect Skulls) – Secret... Well not 
anymore... Hmmm if you don’t know what it does too bad =P
3) Guardian Angel (Um rune) – If you don’t know what the second armor is for 
you’ll probably be using this

1) .09 Harlequin’s Crest – The +mana here is 2x more useful then the minor 
+life .08 Harlequin’s Crest will give (Um rune, Perfect Ruby, Cham rune, Sur 
rune or Jah rune)
2) .08 Harlequin’s Crest – If you can get 1,500+ mana then be my guest use 
this instead... (Um rune, Perfect Ruby, Cham rune, Sur rune or Jah rune)

1) Magefists
2) Frostburns
3) Bloodfists (30% FHR... Good for Trap Assassins...)

1) High +STR/+DEX dual stat boots w. 20%+ R/W and +resist
2) Waterwalks - +life, +15 DEX and +5% max to Fire resist O_O

1) Trang Oul’s
2) A belt with a few of these mods... +life, +mana, +stats, resistance, FHR 
and FCR

1) SoJ
2) Raven Frost

1) SoJ
2) Raven Frost

1) FCR Ammy w. +life/+mana/+skill/+stat/+resistance
2) Cat’s Eye – R/W and +DEX allows for more life
3) Mara’s Kaleidoscope – Resist if you need it that badly... Oh yeah and 
+skills ^_^

- R/W SCs
- R/W w. +resistance SCs
- R/W w. +mana SCs
- +Life SCs
- +Life w. + resistance SCs
- +Life w. +mana SCs
- +1 P/B skills with +30~ life GC

V. What To Do Against...

Any other problems you have against any other characters just message me or 
post on the board and I can help you out if I have experience against them. 
Keep in mind I don't over abuse absorb the most I usually use is 1 against 
each element and maybe sometimes Guardian Angel. And I don’t think I should 
even bother mentioning this but anyways always keep BA (Bone Armor) up 
against any physical damage attacker.

[FAQ Writer’s Note: Don’t use Golems against any physical attackers other 
then against Assassins because they can leech greatly off of them – Example: 
My cousin had a PvP Necro awhile back and he used Clay Golem as a tank and 
whenever my Amazon was low on life I would kill the Clay Golem and leech 
back pretty much all my life which made our long duels even longer]

1) Barbarians

A. Whirlwind

They can be one of your biggest problems if they run a lot faster then you. 
Cast Decrepify if you can’t outrun them well or if they seem to cause you a 
lot of desynch. Since I have a lot of R/W though I go for LR instead. Good 
WW Barbs will change charms for more R/W and use Zerk as their main weapon 
though so make sure you keep your Decrepify up since 1 base pt. into 
Decrepify even with a lot of +skills isn’t going to last long. Don’t allow 
them to get to close and stay away from ponds but use houses and walls to 
your advantage (It’s not good when you get desynch and you’re stuck on a 
spot near the ponds).

B. Thrower

I’d really say one of those harder match-ups against a good Necromancer 
(Just because my good old Throw Barb owned Fluzz and other good Necromancers 
^_^). If they can outrun you by a lot then hope that you have enough skill 
to dodge all the Javelins coming at you or at the least most of them. A few 
hits even with a 1,700+ life, max block and max PDR Necromancer it will kill 
you shortly if you don’t block or dodge too many of them. Go for LR here 
because Throwers seem to use a lot more R/W then any other kind of Barb 
(other then Frenzy but that’s not too viable in PvP). If they lock on you, 
you can just run around and around and make them waste their Javelins, which 
means you win the duel if they lose all of their quantity.

C. Hybrid

Most Hybrids I know are of the WW - Thrower variant and are very versatile 
taking the best of both worlds (LOL go buy that CD). Just play them like 
they are either Throwers or the WW Barbs and you should do fine though they 
can take you by surprise when you start running from WW then they change to 
Dbl. Throw’n and you get caught in it. Also take advantage when they WW as a 
Thrower because WW with the Javelins is real weak so you can tank their 
attacks standing and cast BS like crazy then.

2) Paladins

A. Charger

Hit and run is all you can do because Charge stun is annoying to get out of. 
You can use ponds, houses, walls, etc. to stop being constantly charged on 
constantly. Of course this is where you choose to use LR or Decrepify like 
against any physical attacker. You can run around a house or pond and 
constantly spam Poison Nova to kill them. Even though this way usually 
doesn’t work because a low lvl. to even a higher end IM won’t out ride a 
good character with high leech and max PDR but you can trap them with Bone 
Prison when they are near pond(s), against a wall(s) or house and then IM 
them and cast Bone Prison repeatedly but its usually real hard to get a Bone 
Prison on unless they stop to attack or you get lucky and they lag.

B. Smiter

Slower then Chargers but they hurt more. Keep away from them or you’ll get 
stunned by Smite and keep away from ponds, houses, etc. this time since 
you’ll actually get stuck to them against a Smiter. Run from Holy Freeze 
whenever they put it on and when they change to Vigor to catch you start 
spamming BS.

C. FoH'er

Run away and use Bone Walls/Bone Prisons and Fire Golem to take FoH hits and 
lock onto them a lot with BS then when they’re on the run start spamming 
Bone Prisons or spam Bone Prisons when they are about to cast FoH.

[FAQ Writer’s Note: Not many good Paladins are just one variant but a mix 
like FoH/Smite, Charge/Smite, etc. so use the strategies accordingly.]

3) Druids

A. Werewolf

Just like the Zealot but harder >_< Hope you outrun them or strafe a lot so 
they can’t get a Fury hit on you. Again stay away from ponds because desynch 
will get you caught and stuck on a pond sooner or later. Don’t cast Bone 
Walls but use Bone Prisons when you see an opening for getting him trapped 
but never just cast Bone Prison without having BS chasing after him and only 
do it when you know that the amount of BS after him is enough to kill or at 
the least near enough to kill him.

B. Werebear

<Same as above>

4) Assassins

A. Martial Artists

A good Martial Arts Assassin is one of the hardest match-ups for a 
Necromancer. Keep a Clay Golem up (it will sometimes take a Dragon Flight 
hit if it is in between you and the Assassin and might take Shadow Master 
attacks as well) so they can’t charge off them too much, remember to never 
let your golem be too far away from you, and run downwards (don’t do it too 
much it’ll piss off any Assassin that knows about this) to screw around with 
Dragon Flight targeting. Try not to walk into any Traps or the Assassin will 
stun you with Mind Blast then Dragon Flight in and then start attacking you 
with Charge-Ups then a final attack which all usually stuns you enough to 
allow the Cobra Strike to kill you. Don’t bother with Bone Wall or just Bone 
Prison either if you don’t have a real train of Bone Spirits after them 
because a Cobra Strike can easily leech most of their life back. Don’t ever 
go Bone Spirit against their attacks because they got massive stun/block 
lock on their side and then you won’t able to get out but maybe cast 1 or 2 
at the most when they DF in.

B. Trappers

Another hard match-up for a Necromancer for sure if that Trapper knows what 
to go skill, equipment, and stat wise but not many do so you’ll actually 
have a pretty easy time against most of the ones out. Don’t allow them to 
get too close and try to not run in to any Wake of Fire’s because it’ll 
cause a brief stun which will allow a Trapper to take advantage and get you 
in Wake of Fire + Mind Blast lock. This is one of the duels where you’ll 
want to spam Bone Prison as much as you can since they can’t leech of walls 
and they’ll have to Dragon Flight to get out. This is a duel where you can 
switch to Homunculus, Guardian Angel/#2 Armor, and/or Thundergod’s Vigor.

5) Sorceress'

There are two ways to beat a Sorceress... And this is another duel you can 
switch to Homunculus, Guardian Angel, the #2 Armor, Raven Frost(s) and/or 
Thundergod’s Vigor.

A. Cast Bone Walls randomly everywhere and whenever you see the Sorceress 
coming cast Lower Resist a few times, cast Bone Spirits randomly and spam 
Poison Nova and hope the poison, lag and Bone Walls protect you from death 
because a Sorceress can easily dodge all the Bone Spirits unless there’s lag 
to help you out. You have to get real good at dodging Frozen Orb’s and 
Hydra’s here.

B. Get in between two walls (I.E. a corner) and get Bone Walls all around 
you and leave a little open space between the end of the screen and the Bone 
Walls. Spam Lower Resist when the Sorceress gets near and Bone Spirits and 
keep recasting Bone Walls whenever they go down. This might last longer and 
you might hear a lot of complaining but if they can’t get in and out without 
getting hit by hundreds of Bone Spirits then they shouldn’t be dueling 
anyways. I’d really advise for armor #2 here since you’ll need it if you 
don’t have a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of mana. (This strategy is harder to use in 
Norm because the Bone Walls get lower life)

6) Amazons

A. Bowazon

These match-ups can be hard to extremely hard. Don’t ever go Bone Spirit for 
Guided Arrow (ever...) because they’ll get you in to block lock. Shoot Bone 
Spirits from screens away and don’t ever stand still unless there’s a whole 
train of Bone Spirits after them and that’s when you switch to Bone Prison 
and trap them. This is a duel where you only use Lower Resist. It will last 
long if you don’t duel against an Amazon that charges at you thinking 
they’ll win. When they chase after you start casting Bone Spirits so they 
can keep the Amazon on the run and then lock on to them with Bone Spirits 
then switch to Bone Prison and hold on that until you see their name across 
the screen or if they’re still alive after awhile then get ready to do that 
again if they start charging. Remember to kill all your Bone Prisons if they 
leave it anywhere without leeching off them themselves and/or when they die 
trapped inside.

B. Javazon

Real quick and annoying to duel against a Jabazon but against Amazons that 
use just Lightning Fury and Plague Javelin it shouldn’t be too hard. Play 
Javazons like Throwers... Against Jabazons though use Decrepify (remember to 
constantly cast it because it doesn’t last long) and you can either spam 
Poison Nova and/or Bone Spirits. Like every other duel use Bone Prison if 
you think you see a huge enough amount of Bone Spirits on them.

C. Hybridzon

Use Bowazon and Javazon strategy accordingly.

7) Necromancers

There are many types of Necromancers going either no DEX or max block, no 
PDR or max PDR, high +skill or high +life, etc. but in Necromancer vs. 
Necromancer they all duel the same other then some have more life, +skills, 
actual PvP skill, etc. then others. This is a duel where you’ll WANT to 
switch to Homunculus and the #2 Armor. This is a duel where you should never 
stop running because invisible Bone Spirits (iBS) are usually everywhere 
chasing after you. Use houses and walls to absorb the hits every once in a 
while so you can make sure there isn’t any iBS, randomly cast Bone Walls and 
cast Bone Prisons when they get on your screen. Don’t bother with Decrepify 
in this duel because it doesn’t help too much though it might help you get 
them in Bone Prison easier but then you can pretty much walk and still get 
out of Bone Prison cast unless they hit lag.

VI. My Equipment/Stat Distribution

These were the items I use... Too bad I duel in public games though since 
I’d be able to put on much better stuff if I didn’t go in to public games =( 
Also since my account was deleted I’m not sure what were the exact mods of 
my Ammy but it was like the one I listed but a little better.

1) My Equipment

A. Wizardspike (Io rune)

A. Stormshield (-Req. w. +15 prismatic jewel)

A. Shaftstop (Um rune)
B. Jeweler’s Gothic Plate of the Whale (4xPerfect Skulls)
C. Guardian Angel (Um rune)

A. .09 Harlequin’s Crest (Um rune)

A. Magefist

A. Perfect Waterwalks

A. Trang Oul’s
B. Thundergod's Vigor

A. SoJ
B. Raven Frost

A. SoJ
B. Raven Frost

A. +2 B/P skills, +5% FCR, +11% prismatic and +mana

The same I listed above other then most of them have secondary mods...

2) Base Stat Distribution

Strength: 133
Dexterity: 187 (max block)
Vitality: 258 (I had around 1,400 life)
Energy: Base (I had around 1,250 mana)

VII. Thanks To...

(a) CJayC – Well you know...
(b) PKPKPK (GameFAQ name) - Haha my cousin. We practice 1v1 a lot, own 
pubbies and our skill is pretty much equal. He’s going to be angry with me 
making another FAQ for sure O_O Hi~
(c) Fluzz – For showing me how Necro’s own and showing me his secret 4 
socket Perfect Skull Armor which then I advertised his idea here... Whoops? 
Nah... (*jackassery on Battle.net – Message him if you want to be owned... 
You beat him? REPLAY PLEASE!! ^_^)
(d) People from clan wesuck! - Thanks for the duels! Go here if you want to 
abide by legit rules... Most balanced rules possible IMO so stop 
(e) Me – Because I am that shameless O_O

VIII. No Thanks To...

(a) Vlad – For starting a PvP Necro FAQ before me when I’m pretty sure I 
mentioned I was going to do one first =P
(b) Blizzard – For deleting my account? Nah I love Blizzard... >_<
(c) Me – For not being able to make those ASCII art things so it gives me 
more KBs on my Contributor Page (which BTW also makes it look better) and 
using so many faces ^_^

Unpublished FAQ © 2002 Joey Lau

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