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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kenshi

Version: 1.81 | Updated: 03/03/03


                           Warcraft 3 Reigns of Chaos 
                                F.A.Q & Walkthrough
                                For Warcraft 3 on PC
                          Written by Kenny "Kenshi" Tam

                      Contact: kennytam@foxhound.zzn.com

Current Version :

Version 1.81
Added new contributions
New sites.

[The Newest Version of this file will always be found at 
Http://www.Gamefaqs.com.  Please update the file often if you are allowed 
to post it on your own site]

Table of Contents:

I.   Introduction
II. Basics
III. Races
IV. Unit Overview
V.   Buildings
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Addendum
VIII. Notes and Credits
IX. Legal Information

I. Introduction

The much awaited Warcraft 3 is finally out, and for many, the wait was well 
worth it.  Boasting totally rendered 3d graphics, new game system, as well 
as having a 4 playable races makes this game a huge leap in terms of RTS 
games are concerned.

One unique feature is that the game feels similar to an RPG, with many aspects 
of Diablo 2 mixed in.  Campaign mode is closest to an RPG in itself, where 
you control a hero in their quests.  Taking the control of each race in order 
of story, the player gets to experience how to play as all four races as 
well as learn the full story of Warcraft 3

Of course the most famous and most played part will be the multiplayer function.  
Players can connect online to Battle.net and play other players from across 
the globe, or just play friends online.  

II. Basics:

This section will cover the general and basic fundamentals of the game.  Most 
of it will be transliterated from the manual, although there will be some 
additional information added as well.

I. Starting Off:

Upon loading up Warcraft 3, you will be greeted by the main menu: there you 
can select Six of the following options:

Single Player Game: in this mode you play the campaign mode.  Here, you start 
off with the Orc prologue and the Human campaigns.  Finishing them will grant 
access to the next campaigns, eventually leading to the conclusion to the 
Warcraft 3 storyline.

Battle.net: Selecting this feature will allow you to connect to the Blizzard 
Battle.net service, a massive and free online gaming service that allows 
you to chat with other players as well as create and join multiplayer games.  
You will need to create and account as well as have a valid CD key to use 
this service.  Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the button will allow 
you to select which gateway you want to join; choose the one closest to you 
for the best performance.  However, you can only see and interact with players 
on that server.

Local Area Network (LAN) Game: Using this feature will allow you to connect 
with local computers via a LAN network.  To use this, the computers must be 
physically connected with the appropriate cables.  

Options Menu: This allows you to configure the video, sound and general game 
settings for Warcraft 3.

Credits: Click on this to see a list of credits on the people who have worked 
on this game.

Quit: This will allow you to exit Warcraft 3 and return to your operating 

Single Player Mode:

This section will cover the basic features and menu selections of single 
player mode.  A full walkthrough is included later on in this guide. 

The first time you start off, you will be asked to enter a name for your 
profile.  This similar feature was also in Starcraft.  Simply type in a name 
then click on "OK."  To change this, click on the magnifying glass next to 
your name to change or create a new profile.  Each profile will be used to 
recall your progress in Campaign mode as well as storing replays under that 

Starting a Campaign:

Selecting this option will allow you to play the single player campaigns.  
You start off with the Orc Prologue and Human tutorial.  Completing each one 
will grant access to the next one; thus, you must play the campaigns in order.

Orc Prologue (tutorial; optional) 
Human Campaigns
Undead Campaigns
Orc Horde Campaigns
Night Elf Sentinel Campaigns

You can however replay previous quests that you have completed.  Unlike the 
previous game, the mission briefing screen is now gone.  Instead, each mission 
flows to another with a cut scene revealing part of the story and the objectives 
of that scenario.  Therefore, each scenario will have a series of Objectives 
to complete; if you fail to complete them, the mission will end in defeat.

There are also optional quests that can be initiated during the scenario.  
As the name suggests, they are purely optional and have little bearing on 
the game itself.  However, they often give rewards that could make the game 
easier and your heroes more powerful.  The optional quests can usually be 
found by approaching a villager with an Exclamation mark above their head 
with your hero.  At other times, they will be revealed with the story.  Either 
way they are listed in this guide.  If I missed out on any however, feel free 
to email me about it and I will happily and gratefully credit you with it 
in full.  

Loading a Saved Game:

This function will allow you to load up saved games during your campaigns.  
As such, you can continue your quests later on, or allowing you to replay 
a mission without having to start from the beginning.  

Viewing a Replay:

This allows you to view your completed missions.  Similar to Starcraft 
(patched versions) you can see the progress of the game as well as that of 
the opponent.  This is a great feature for reviewing your strategy as well 
as future planning.

When viewing the Replays, you have four options available; Pause, Play, Fast 
Forward, and Rewind.  Furthermore you can also select the speed of your replay, 
so you can skip to a certain section of the game without having to wait the 
full time for it.  

You can transfer your replay files, so you can trade them with other players.  
This can also be useful in distributing champion or particularly skilled 
player's games, or to catch cheaters as well.

Playing a Custom Game:

Selecting this feature will allow you to play singe player game on a custom 
map of your choice.  

Selecting a map: 
To select a map to play on, navigate the main window.  Maps will be assorted 
into different folders.

Choosing team Configurations: This will allow you to choose what race, team 
color and which allies the player has at the start.  

After you have selected what race your want to play as, you can select how 
many computer opponents (as the map allows) and what race they are.  Further 
more, you can select which team they are on.

Advanced Options: This option enables you to set the advanced parameters 
of the game, such as random players, map visibility and so forth.  


Battle.net is probably one of the more famous online a game service there 
is.  Spanning and serving virtually every Blizzard game out, it is also an 
excellent method to ensure people support the real software as opposed to 

Battle.net is an online server of sorts.  People can connect to a chat server 
and create as well as join games.  People using other games can chat with 
other Blizzard game players, as well as have their own chat channel.  Ladder 
tournaments as well as player rankings are also available.  Needless to say, 
Multiplayer gaming is a major part of Warcraft 3.

New to Warcraft 3 is anonymous matchmaking, in which you get paired up to 
a random game that suits your playing record.  Another service is a friends 
list, so you can keep track of other online friends or enemies that are on 

Gateway Selection:

Found in every Blizzard Battle.net game, you can choose which gateway to 
enter.  Click on the magnifying glass next to the "Battle.net" button in the 
main menu. Whilst it is recommended that you select a server closest to your 
geographical area for the fastest connection as well as cultural preferences 
(such as language) there are also downsides.

There are Four main Battle.net servers:

U.S West (Lordaeron)
U.S East (Azeroth)
Asia (Kalimdor)
Europe (Northrend)

Certain servers will have preferences and trends for certain types of maps 
and playing style. If you prefer custom maps for example, and the server 
you are playing on has none, try connecting to another.  

Waiting Room:

Upon connecting and logging into Battle.net you will be automatically 
transported to this screen.

There are six options to choose from:  

Play game: This is the most basic mode, where you go off and face off against 
other people.  Simply select which game interests you and join it.  This mode 
is officially recognized by Blizzard, and thus, involve official maps.  

Team game: You can several other players form a team against another team 
on a map.  Simple enough.

Custom Game: Select this option to create a game.  You can select which map 
to play, and how many players can join, as well as if there are any computer 
opponents.  As such other players can join your custom game unless you 
password lock it.  This mode is probably the more played, as it encompasses 
all other maps, such as custom maps.  A list of games will be available to 
choose from and join.

Friends list: This feature will allow you to add certain players to your 
"buddy list."  This will allow you to see which games players added to your 
list are as well as which game.  When the join a game, a popup will notify 
you of which game they join.  You can check if they have also added you to 
their list by holding the cursor over their name.

Local Area Network Game: 

This utilizes a LAN connection.  To use this, the computers must have a TCP/IP 
compatible network.  Similar to Battle.net, you can create or join games using 
"Custom game."

This is utilized most often in LAN cafes, where the computers are physically 
next to each other and thus able to use this function.

Options Menu:

This section is used to customized and configure Warcraft 3.  You can also 
access this mid-game with the F-10 button.  There are three options to choose 

Gameplay Options:

This will configure how the game plays as well as interfacial aspects.

Game Speed: this controls how fast the game runs.  This includes building 
and research times, as well as how fast units move and animate.  However, 
this is only configurable in single player mode.  In multiplayer games the 
speed is set when configuring the game.

Mouse Scroll: this controls how fast the mouse will scroll the game when 
near the edge of the screen.

Disable Mouse Scroll: this will disable your mouse scrolling.  Instead, only 
the keyboard arrow keys can scroll.

Enhanced Tooltips: This will allow a box to pop up providing additional 
information when you hold the mouse cursor over an icon or unit.

Video Options:

Gamma: This sets the gamma settings.  The further to the right, the higher 
the gamma and brighter the screen becomes.

Resolution: this will change the resolution and color depth of the game.  
The higher the resolution, the clearer and sharper the graphics become, at 
the expense of rendering power.  As such this will slow down the game.  To 
increase game speed, try changing to a lower resolution.  This can only be 
changed from the main menu, and cannot be accessed in the middle of a game.

Model Detail: This changes the number of polygons used per unit, making it 
look smoother.  The higher the detail, the more rendering resources it uses 
and slower the game becomes.  This can only be accessed from the Main menu.

Animation Quality: this dictates how smooth the animation will be in game.  
As with the other graphic functions, the higher the quality, the more slower 
the game may become.  This can only be accessed from the main menu.  Systems 
with 128.0 MB of RAM are recommended to use the 'Low' setting.

Texture Quality: this changes the quality of textures in game.  As such the 
lower the quality, the less detail it has.  This can only be accessible via 
the main menu.

Particles: this function modifies the "extra" graphics, such as spells, 
footprints, etc.  Technically, it adjusts the particles drawn per emitter.   
The 'LOW' setting will display approximately 1/3 of all particles, where 
as 'High' will display all particles.   Try changing this setting if you 
experience slowdown when there are a lot of units or during a large battle.

Lights: This controls the number of rendered Lights per object: Low uses 
One light, Medium uses four, high uses eight.  Essentially, if you have an 
older graphics card, change to 'Low' setting.

Sound Options:

Sound Effects Volume: this changes the volume of sound effects in game.  The 
sound effects can be turned off completely by toggling the box next to the 
scroll bar or pressing Ctrl+S.  Sound effects to add some slowdown, but it 
is minimal.  

Music Volume: This controls the volume of music in game, run off the CD.  
You can turn this off by either by using the menu or pressing Ctrl+M.

Ambient Sounds: This enables ambient sound for the game.  This has a small 
bearing in game performance.

Movement Sounds: this option will enable or disable sounds that units make 
from moving. Generally footsteps and so forth.  

Subtitles: This will enable or disable subtitles during dialogue or Full 
motion videos.

Unit Sounds: This will enable or disable the sounds that units make when 
they are selected.

Sound Provider: this will allow you to select which sound system to use from 
your system.  

Environmental Effects: This will enable or disable the effects such as 
reverberation or echoes.  As such it can have a bearing on game performance.  

Positional Audio: this will enable the usage of 3D sounds.  This will have 
an effect on game performance.

II. In Game Interface

This section will cover the logistics of game control as well as navigating 
the game itself.  Most of the game will be controlled via the mouse, but 
advanced players will also learn to use the keyboard for maximum efficiency.

Using the Mouse:

The mouse is probably the main tool used in the game.  It is impossible to 
play the game without a mouse, obviously.  

Left Click: The left click is mainly used for selecting objects.  Units, 
buildings, spells and so forth will be selected by left click.  You can also 
select multiple units by dragging the mouse and forming the rectangle over 
the desired units.  Shift+left click will allow you to add units into the 

Right click: this is the jack-of-all-trades command.  Warcraft and Starcraft 
players should know how this works off by heart.  The right click is basically 
an "Auto-command" of sorts, where it will follow the most relevant command.  
For example, right clicking on an enemy will cause the unit to attack the 
enemy.  Right clicking on a damaged building will cause the unit (if possible) 
to repair the building.  Right clicking on resources will cause the relevant 
units to start gathering materials.  Units will also load transports by right 
clicking the transport when you have the units you want selected.  Note that 
they transport will move on right click, but not unload.  Highlighting a 
building and right clicking also works.  Buildings that produce units will 
send all newly created unit to the new right clicked 'rally' point.  

Shift+Right click also works, where if you hold down shift and right click 
on different targets, the unit will follow them in order.   

Selecting Multiple Units: Hold down the left mouse button and drag the 
rectangle around the units you wish to select.  You can add units by holding 
the Control or Shift button and clicking on units you want.  Double clicking 
on a particular unit will select all units of the same type on screen, similar 
to Red Alert 2.  To remove a unit from the group, repeat the process again.

Group Units: Control+ 0-9.  When you have a group selected, you can assign 
them a number.  When you select that number again the group will be re-selected.  
Pressing the number again will center camera on the group of units.

When you group units together, each unit type will be grouped together.  
Pressing TAB will cycle thought the different sub-types of units.  Shift+tab 
will select the previous group.  As such, you can group some magic casters 
with melee units and select them without having to change the units group.  
Furthermore, if you have more than one spellcaster, only one will cast the 
spell;l thus, if you wish, each one will take turns casting the spell by 
targeting multiple times.
Holding down control will only cause the selected sub-group to attack.

Formations: Groups of unit will move in a formation, where the faster units 
will slow down to compensate for the slower units.  However, you can by pass 
this by holding ALT and clicking on the desired destination.  

Camera Control: You can zoom in and out by pressing the Page up an Page down 
keys.  The Mouse wheel also does this too.  Instead of actually zooming, the 
camera shifts up and down from a bird's eye view to a ground level view.

Camera Rotation: Use the Insert and Delete keys to rotate the camera around.

Using the Keyboard:

The keyboard can also be used, where they are used as a shortcut function.  
A lot of time can be saved by using a combination of the keyboard and mouse.  
This technique is the basis for advanced players and strategy.  Without 
mastery of using both as a combination, it is hard to become proficient at 
this game.

Each building and unit has a keyboard command, which will be listed in this 
guide.  However, there are also more general commands that relate to the game 

Menu Commands:

F1-F3: cycles though Heroes available.
F8: Cycles through idle workers.
F10: Shows Game Menu.
Alt - O: Activate the Options menu.
Alt - S: Activates Save Menu.
Alt - L: Activates the Load Menu.
Alt - H: Shows the Help menu.
Alt - M: Toggles music on/off.
Alt- S: Toggles Sound effects on/off.
Escape: Returns to previous game menu.

Game commands:

Alt + Command: bypasses formation.
Ctrl + Command: Sends command to selected subgroup only.
Enter: Opens Message prompt.  
Shift + Enter: Sends message to all player.
Ctrl + Enter: Sends message to only Allies.
Backspace: Cycles though town centers
Spacebar: focus on last game notification
Ctrl +C or Alt+ C: Centers screen on unit with active portrait.

III. Game Concepts:


Like all RTS Games, Warcraft 3 needs the collection of resources to build 
units as well as fuel the game economy.  Unlike the previous incarnations, 
there are only two collectible resources and one buildable.

- - - -

Gold is the primary resource that you will be fighting for.  Gold is found 
mainly in the form of a mine, in which different races have different methods 
of extraction.  Each mine has a different amount of gold in them, which can 
be determined by clicking on them.  Mines are invulnerable and cannot be 
destroyed, although improvements built on them can, such as the Haunted 
Goldmine.  I had something to type but I forgot what it was, so I'll add it 
when I remember.  I think it was that gold is the primary resource, in which 
virtually all units, buildings, spells etc. will require gold.  As such, 
without it, the enemy is virtually stuck.  When a goldmine is depleted, it 
will collapse, similar to the previous Warcrafts.  As such, you are forced 
to find a new source.

The Haunted Goldmine will also create blight.  Thanks to Mr. Christopher Kwan 
for this information.

Note that you can also gain some gold by killing creeps, which also gives 
EXP for your heroes.  Thanks for Mr. Colin Whitlatch for correcting this.

Thanks to Akeel Kasam for his info on the collapsing goldmines.

- - - - - -

Lumber is the secondary resource.  Unlike gold, it physically perishes and 
can be destroyed.  What this means is that they exist as an object in game, 
as a terrain.  When they are chopped down or attacked, the tree will be gone.  
Therefore, if you use up lumber, it means that the forest itself has gone.  
There is an exception to this rule for the Night elves, but they too can 
make tree perish by eating them or destroying them with the siege weapons.  
This resource is not used as often, but it is used in mechanical and most 
elven units.

- - - -

The other basic, essential resource.  This is just as important as gold, since 
you need food to support your army.  Without it, all the gold is useful for 
are buildings and upgrading stuff.  Food is built in different forms for all 
races, but the basic concept is that you will need to build a structure that 
will provide support for your army.  The food cap is 90, and some units may 
take up more than 1 food unit.  Usually, they are the stronger units, so you 
limit your army accordingly.  More on this later.


Warcraft III boasts a selection of up to four races; from the original Humans 
and Orcs, to the new Night Elf Sentinels and Undead Scourge.  Each race plays 
differently than each other, adopting a different military doctrine that 
best suits their design.  

Originally, there were going to be many more races included in the game, 
such as the demon race (which later became the Burning Legion.)   The main 
reason the numbers were reduced was due to balancing issues, designing each 
race so that they are unique enough to warrant a new race whilst making sure 
they are neither too powerful nor too weak; but somewhere in the range of 
"equal."  Of course, it is clear from every game out that true balance is 
impossible, which explains gameplay changes that are put in with game patches.  

With four races, Blizzard had to manage a four way juggling act.  Starcraft, 
which had three races, had and required many, many patches and fixes for 
the three factions.  Add an extra one, and it is exponentially more difficult 
due to all the different permutations and combinations of matches and races 
that can occur.  Nonetheless, in the release version, the game is still pretty 
balanced, although some gaps and exploits are already being exposed.

The Races:

As mentioned, there are four different races that the player can use.  They 

The Human Alliance
The Orcish Horde
The Undead Scourge
The Night Elf Sentinels

All four races have different units and building, as well as general playing 
style.  However, the common characteristic about units is that they all have:

- Air unit
- Siege Weapon
- Two Magic Spell casters; offensive and defensive; either is paired with 
support magic
- Three heroes.

Each unit will follow the same format:

Name: Explanation of the unit here.

Cost: How much the unit costs to train or build, in terms of (F)ood, (G)old, 

Build Time: How long the unit takes to be trained or built.  This is measured 
in game seconds, in which changing the game speed will alter the duration 
of a game second.  Note that a game second at normal speed (according to game 
settings) should equal to 9,192,631,770 oscillations of the Cesium 133 atom 
(id est, One second on a clock, more or less) and will be scaled according 
to game speed.

Requires: What structure is prerequisite to build the unit.

Trained At: Which structure the unit is trained at.

Hit Points/Mana: How many hit points the unit has as well as mana, if 

Damage: The amount of damage the unit deals.  This varies on the type of attack 
it has as well as the typo of armor on the target.

Attack type: Attacks in Warcraft 3 are divided into four different categories.  
    Normal: 150% Damage against Light armor. 50% against Fortified Armor.
    Piercing: 150% Damage against Heavy Armor, 75% against Light Armor, 35% 
against Fortified Armor.
    Siege: 150% Damage against Fortified Armor, 50% Damage against Light 
    Chaos: Does Damage to Divine Beings.

Typically, Siege weapons such as the Steam tank and the catapult do siege 
damage.  Chaos weapons usually come with heroes and during campaign 
storylines.  Piercing damage is more typical for ranged units, where as melee 
units do Normal damage.

Weapon Type: This denotes how the unit attacks.

     Melee: The unit uses melee combat.  Unit therefore must physically go 
forth and attack the target to deal damage.  Thus, they cannot hit air or 
units behind a barrier.
     Instant: The unit uses a ranged attack, but it hits the target instantly.  
This type of attack can hit air units.    
     Missile: The unit uses a ranged attack, but the projectile must travel 
to the target.  It will not miss, but depending on the range, the rate of 
damage done maybe lower if further away.  This type of attack can hit air 
     Artillery: The unit uses a bombard attack, where it lobs a projectile 
towards the target.  It can travel over barriers but not hit air units.  It 
usually does splash damage as well as knock down trees and some barriers.
     Splash: Attacks of this type do splash damage, in which units around 
the area around the vicinity of the attack hits will also take damage.  Note 
that it also does damage to friendly troops and buildings nearby.

Note that ranged attacks have a certain range limitation.

Armor Type: Similar to Attack types, there are different classes of armor.

        Light: 150% damage from Normal Attacks, 75% from piercing attacks, 
50% from siege attacks.
        Medium: 100% damage from All Attacks.
        Heavy: 150% damage from Piercing Attacks.
        Fortified: 150% damage from Siege Attacks, 50% from Melee Attacks, 
35% from Piercing Attacks.
        Hero: 75% Damage from Spells, 50% from Piercing Attacks, 50% from Siege 

Typically fortified armor applies to structures only.  Hero, as the name 
suggests, applies to Hero units.  Heavy armor tends to apply to stronger air 
units, where as medium armor applies to most ground units.  Light armor tends 
to apply to basic resource units.

Damage: This lists how much damage the unit will do.  If it has more than 
one method of attack, both will be listed.  Note that the actual damage will 
vary, thus, a range will be given.

Armor: The number of armor points a unit has.  This is used to reduce the 
damage received directly: note that it varies according to the type of armor 
and the type of attack being received.

Speed: How fast the unit moves.  Some units can receive upgrades that increase 
how fast they can move.

Special Abilities: Virtually all unit have some sort of unique ability to 
their race or unit itself.  Generally the more useful, basic ability will 
be on Autocast, in which the unit will use it in the appropriate situation.  
You can turn this off by right clicking on the spell.  Magic spells and unique 
unit abilities will be listed here.

Upgrades: This denotes what upgrades the unit can take.   Usually they include 
weapon and armor upgrades, as well as spells or unit abilities.

Strategies: This will include general information on how to use the unit 
as well as strategies.

Note: All Statistical data, such as Weapon and attack information were 
referenced from http://www.battle.net/war3/.  Please refer to the Notes and 
credits section for more information.

Building wise they are all fundamentally similar, in which they all have 
a "town hall" sort of structure, a Defensive tower fortification and so forth.  

Even though they all have similar classed units, their abilities and 
statistics can be very different, dictating the entire strategic doctrine 
for that race.  It is obvious that a player should observe and analyze their 
playing style to see which race fits them best, or how they can change it 
to suit which ever faction they enjoy playing as.

Race Overview:

The Human Alliance:

"The Human Alliance is a conglomeration of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. They 
are the most versatile army in Warcraft III, with good ground and air troops, 
excellent siege capability, and powerful spellcasters." 
Unlike the previous Warcraft, the Human Alliance no longer have the elven 
archers from Quel'thalas.  In fact, the only elven unit the Human Alliance 
have are the Priest and Sorceress.  All Elven aspects, including the archer 
and ballista were given to the Night Elves.
The Humans are pretty much the simplest Race in terms of general gameplay.  
Their closest gameplay 'relative' are the Orcs, who share similar game 
logistics.   The closest Starcraft equivalent would be the Terrans, who are 
pretty basic when it comes to building and training.  The other races often 
have a catch or twist in their system.
As mentioned by the manual, the humans are a pretty balanced race, just as 
what you would expect from any Beginner or Starting race.  Think of them as 
the "Ryu" or "Ken" of Warcraft; they are easy to use and learn, but they 
are also powerful when learnt.

The Orcish Horde:

"The Horde possesses the game's most powerful ground units, including the 
savage Grunt and gargantuan Tauren. The Orcish Horde has modest air and ranged 
capabilities, but their true strength lies in their brute strength and raw 
melee power. Even the magic of their spellcasters is designed to enhance 
their frontline troops."

As with the humans, the Orcs also lose the Ogres, of which they were the 
equivalent of the human Knight.  The Orcs do have the Headhunter, which 
possesses a ranged attack.  Instead, they gain the more expensive but also 
more powerful Taurens (in relation to Knights of WC3 and Ogres of WC2.)

Similar to the humans, the Orcs are also pretty simple to play as.  They aren't 
as well balanced, putting an emphasis on heavy ground power.  The Orcs are 
a somewhat offensive minded race, and as the official sources say, lack a 
good ranged attack as well as air unit.  Not that it ever stopped mass Wyverns 
from ruling multiplayer, but that is a different story.

Think of the Orcs as "Guile" or "Chunli."  They are powerful at offense, but 
require more skill and strategy to use than that of the humans.  They often 
have a shortcoming, such as with defense, forcing them to live up to the 
"best defense is good offense" saying.
The Undead Scourge:

"The Undead Scourge is a well-balanced faction that can field enduring ground 
forces and powerful air units. Their spellcasters possess a variety of 
powerful magics, including the dreaded ability to raise fallen allies and 
foes alike into an army of walking dead. In this way, the Undead can field 
armies more numerous than any other race in Warcraft III."

Remember that secret Mission in Brood war, where Zeratul discovers the Zerg - 
Protoss Hybrid? Well, you kind of get to play as them here...

Anyone who has played Starcraft, or any Starcraft junkies should feel right 
at home with the Undead Scourge.  Quite literally, they play like Starcraft 
combined into one race, with other Warcraft Logistics given a Starcraft Twist.

The Undead is probably the fastest race you can rush with, since the "Peasants" 
are actually the "Footman" or "Grunt" class units.  The Undead can only build 
buildings over "blight," which is the equivlanet of the Zerg Creep; a slowly 
encroaching carpet or ruined soil in which the Undead camp is built on.  As 
with the Zergs, the Necropolis can be built on non-blighted areas, and will 
create blight of its own and spread when finished (the goldmine will too, 
but that is a special case.)  Furthermore, the Acolytes actually "summon" 
buildings instead of constructing them; similar to Starcraft's Protoss where 
they pull entire buildings through warp gates.  As such, similar to the 
Protoss probe, an Acolyte can summon a building, then leave to summon more 
buildings or leave to another task.  Another unique ability is that their 
"Support" structure, the Spirit Towers, can be upgraded to a defensive 
structure.  Think of it as a mix between a photon cannon, an overlord, and 
a pylon.  However, they do not need to build a Necropolis near a goldmine; 
only a haunted goldmine is needed.

The Undead are pretty dominant in the air, with three air units.  Their ground 
units are also pretty strong and plentiful, since the Ghouls collect lumber.  
Not to mention the fact that the Necromancer can summon units to match an 
air raid or superior ground numbers.  In terms of magic, they have some pretty 
powerful status as well as support magic.  The only real weakness is that 
the Undead have a very weak ground ranged unit.  Nonetheless, the Undead are 
a powerful expansionist force.  On paper, it looks near invincible, but the 
sheer pace and level of micromanagement makes this race hard to master.

The Night Elf Sentinels:

"The Night Elves of Kalimdor are a mighty race that emphasizes mobility, 
ranged firepower, and spellcraft. They do not have the brute strength of 
other races, but their skills with bow and magic more than compensate for 
this deficiency."

The next new race to Warcraft 3, the Night Elf Sentinels are unique in their 
approach.  As suggested by the manual description, the Nightelves lack a cheap, 
powerful ground unit.  A majority of their units are in fact ranged attackers, 
as well as being very magic-based.  Virtually all their units will have a 
spell available, including their melee Druid units.  

The Nightelves are pretty difficult in comparison to the Humans or Orcs due 
to their complexity.  The Wisps do not need to travel back and forth like 
the peasant/peon.  Furthermore, they do not physically destroy lumber, 
giving them an infinite source (unless someone chops the trees down.)  The 
downside is that they need a Tree of life for every  Goldmine they wish to 
use.  Another odd feature is that they can move their buildings, like the 
Terrans from Starcraft, and also attack with them.  

The Nightelves require the highest level of Micromanagement, in which the 
player needs to pay attention and control every little detail to succeed.  
As the name suggests, the Nightelves are a night-based race.  Their Hide 
ability during night can be extremely useful in setting up ambushes, sneaking 
into bases, or hiding from the enemy.  The "Support" Building, the Moon wells, 
can instantly heal any unit as well.  Think of them as the "Protoss" of 
Warcraft: fun and popular, but pretty hard to master and play as.

Human Units:

The humans have a well balanced force.  They are great for beginners since 
they are pretty intuitive as well as basic in their approach to the game 
logistics.  The units are pretty easy to understand as well as use.

Ground Units:
- - - - - - -

The Human Ground unit is very well rounded.  They have a fast, offensive melee 
and ranged attacker, as well a good basic unit.  Magic wise the sorceress 
can whip out some great spells, whilst the Priest heals.  

The Peasant is the basic resource gathering unit for the Human alliance.  
They can be used to gather both gold and lumber, as well as build and repair 
structures.  They are the most basic type of worker unit, similar to the Orcish 

Cost: 90 Gold, 1 Food
Build Time: 15
Requires: Town Hall, Keep, or Castle.
Trained at: Town Hall, Keep, or Castle.
Hit Points/Mana: 220 HP, nil Mana 
Damage: 12-14, 12.5 Average
Attack type: Normal           
Weapon Type: Melee
Armor Type: Medium
Armor: 0
Speed: Slow
Special Abilities: 

-Repair (Autocast): Like previous games as well as other RTS games, the 
peasant can repair structures and mechanical units.  This can be done by 
simply right clicking on the damaged structure or unit.  Note that this 
requires gold and lumber to perform, where for each second the peasant is 
repairing, it will expend a few resource units.  Thus, the longer it takes 
to repair something, the more it will cost in the end.

-Gather: The main ability of the peasant, buy choosing this  command then 
clicking on a gold mine or tree, the peasant will go forth and gather the 
respective resource.  This can also be done by right clicking on the 
appropriate resource you wish to gather.  Once they have gathered the resource, 
they will return to the nearest town hall (or upgraded incarnation) for lumber 
and gold, or a lumber mill for lumber.

-Return Resource: In the event that you pull a peasant away to perform another 
task when he is returning to the town hall or lumber mill, you can use this 
command to instruct him to return what he has gathered and go back to gathering 
resources.  This is particularly useful if you needed to pull some peasant 
off the gold mine to repair towers and such.

Build Structure: Probably the most important command for the peasant, and 
the basis of the game, this will instruct the peasant to construct a unit.  
Note that certain advanced structures require other buildings to be erected 
before it is available.  By holding the cursor over the structure icon, it 
will list the amount of resources needed to build it.  Once you have selected 
a building, a transparent image of the structure will appear, where you can 
place it for the peasant to build.  Note that if there are other units or 
barriers in the way, the peasant will not build it at all.  Furthermore, the 
peasant will not be available until the building is finished or is canceled.  
Note that a peasant can still be killed when they are constructing a building, 
as they move around the perimeter of the structure whilst they are building.  
You can increase the speed of construction by using more peasants to help 
by using the 'Repair' command. 

Call to Arms: Using this ability will recall all peasants to the nearest 
town hall, where it will arm itself to be temporarily be a Militiaman.  You 
can cancel this order by selecting the town hall and choosing the 'Back to 
Work' button.

Upgrades: the peasant cannot be upgraded, but the militia unit receives the 
upgrade bonuses.


The Peasant is probably the lifeline of your base.  Your townhall and peasant 
will almost always be the target of all assaults (unless the assault had 
a different purpose.) Expect to have about 10 to 30 peasants working about, 
depending on your strategy.  Try to have an attack unit guard the peasants, 
as they are pretty easy to kill.  The militia ability is useful, but odds 
are, most of them will be killed en route to the town hall, if it is still 
standing anyways.  Nonetheless, it is pretty impossible to play a normal game 
without using peasants.  For some reason I get an unusual satisfaction from 
killing them.  


The militia is a very useful unit.  It allows the peasant to defend themselves 
when under early attack, forcing rushers to think twice.  

Cost: 1 Food
Build Time: N/A- Lasts for 45 game seconds.
Requires: Town Hall, Keep, or Castle.
Trained at: Town Hall, Keep, or Castle.
Hit Points/Mana: 220 HP, nil Mana 
Damage: 12-14, 12.5 Average: 17 when upgraded.
Attack type: Normal           
Weapon Type: Melee
Armor Type: Medium
Armor: 4
Speed: Medium
Special Abilities:

Back to Work: this order will change the Militiamen back to the peasant.  

     Attack: Iron Forged Swords -> Steel Forged Swords -> Mithril Forged Swords
     Armor: Iron Plating -> Steel Plating -> Mithril Plating


This is actually a useful ability for the peasants, assuming you get to pull 
it off.  The attack damage for these guys are actually good, same as the 
footman.  They do get an armor and speed bonus from the peasant which can 
be useful.  Think of them as temporary attackers.  They are relatively good 
at defending against early rushes, as well as tagging along with heroes to 
clear out creeps in future expansions.  Since you will need to build a lot 
of peasants anyways, for the truly daring, you could actually rush with the 
militiamen.  Kind of like the SCV rush, but as with that, if your militia 
die, its game over in a matter of time.


Footmen are the bread and butter unit of the human alliance.  Footmen are 
pretty weak when it comes to combating the other basic units, such a the 
Grunt even with the ghoul, but they truly excel at combating archers and 
other pierce damage units.  The Defend ability is essential for surviving 
the game.  Although average at best, they can be pretty useful.

Cost: 160 Gold, 2 Food
Build Time: 20
Requires: Barracks
Trained at: Barracks
Hit Points/Mana: 420 HP, nil Mana 
Damage: 12-13, 12.5 Average: 17 when upgraded.
Attack type: Normal           
Weapon Type: Melee
Armor Type: Medium
Armor: 2 (8 when fully upgraded)
Speed: Medium
Special Abilities:

Defend: This will make the footman take a defensive position with his shield.  
Although his speed will be cut by 30%, they also will take only 30% damage 
from all Piercing attacks, including the archer and the rifleman.  This can 
be canceled at anytime, but it is recommended when the footman is idle or 
holding  a position.  

     Attack: Iron Forged Swords -> Steel Forged Swords -> Mithril Forged Swords
     Armor: Iron Plating -> Steel Plating -> Mithril Plating


The footman, as mentioned, is the basic attack unit for the human alliance.  
Although they are average at most performance and statistics wise, they are 
still a useful unit nonetheless.  They make good complimentary troops to your 
knights and riflemen, forming a defend shield to draw fire whilst the knights 
and riflemen dispatch the attackers.  They are good for emergency support, 
as they can be trained pretty quickly.  


Riflemen are the replacement for archers in Warcraft 3.  They are essential 
for the humans, as they are the only basic ground unit that can hit air without 
the use of spells.  

Cost: 240 Gold, 30 Lumber, 3 Food
Build Time: 26
Requires: Blacksmith
Trained at: Barracks
Hit Points/Mana: 520 HP, nil Mana 
Damage: 18-24, 21.5 Average: 28.5 when upgraded.
   Versus air: 18-24, 21.5 Average: 28.5 when upgraded.
Attack type: Piercing           
Weapon Type: Instant- 40 (60 after upgrade)
Armor Type: Medium
Armor: 0: upgrades to 6
Speed: Light.
Special Abilities:


     Attack: Black Powder -> Refined Gunpowder -> Imbued Gunpowder
     Armor: Studded Leather Armor -> Reinforced Leather Armor -> Dragonhide 
     Range: Long Rifle


The rifleman is a pretty essential unit for the humans.  They aren't adept 
at taking care of melee attackers due to their armor, but instead, are good 
at fighting at a distance against heavy armor units as well as air units.  
Think of them as the replacement for archers from Warcraft 2.  Try to have 
an escort with them; most people pair them with a knights and the hero.  Try 
to research the Long Rifle soon, as it increases their range by 50%, putting 
them at a safer distance.


The knight is a powerful unit for the human alliance.  Fast, powerful, and 
versatile, it will become the main staple of the human army as the game advances 
on.  These units are deadly and feared for a good reason.

Cost: 290 Gold, 60 Lumber, 4 Food
Build Time: 45
Requires: Castle
Trained at: Barracks
Hit Points/Mana: 800 (950 with Animal War Training,) nil Mana 
Damage: 21-29, 25 Average: 34 when upgraded.
Attack type: Normal           
Weapon Type: Melee
Armor Type: Heavy
Armor: 6 (12 when fully upgraded)
Speed: Fast
Special Abilities:


     Attack: Iron Forged Swords -> Steel Forged Swords -> Mithril Forged Swords
     Armor: Iron Plating -> Steel Plating -> Mithril Plating
     HP: Animal War Training.


The statistics for this unit say it all.  This is a very powerful unit, fast, 
strong, durable, and versatile.  Most players then to replace the footman 
with knights, which is good if you are against Orcs.  Keep an eye out for 
units such as the archer and rifleman though, since their piercing damage 
does 150% against heavy armor.  Try to have some back up in the form of riflemen 
and footmen.  They are also good for escorting heroes around, as well as 
scouting.  Try to use them for hit and run attacks.



Water Elemental:

Mortar Team:

Steam Tank:

Air Units:
- - - - - -

The Human air force remains the same since Warcraft II.  The gyrocopter has 
the ability to attack ground units and scout, where as the Gryphon Rider 
is the answer to the Wyvern and Hippogryph.

Gryphon Rider:

Orc Units:

The direct counterpart to the Humans, the Orcs are more brutish and powerful 
than the Humans.  Although they lack the wide variety of units that the Humans 
have, their melee units are second to none.  

Ground Units:
- - - - - - -

Boasting the most powerful melee units, what the Orcs lack in technology 
and sophistication they make up in pure power and destruction.  Although they 
are weak with ranged attacks.



Troll Headhunter:




Troll Witch Doctor:


Kodo Beast:

Spirit Wolf:

Air Units:
- - - - - -
Another apparent short coming of the Orcs is their lack of variety in Air 
units.  However, the Wyvern still dominates as one of the most popular units 
on Battle.net.


Undead Units:

The Undead are a unique race in the aspect that the do not have a general 
trend with their units.  The most important part of playing as the undead 
is micromanagement, using the essential spells and support magic correctly 
to gain the upper hand.

Ground Units:
- - - - - - -

The undead have pretty average ground units.  The problem is keeping them 
alive, since there is little choice to choose from; instead the units are 
varied across a broad range.




Crypt Fiend:


Meat Wagon:

Mr. Frans van den Oever gives this tip about meat wagons.

I just had one minor addition to it. You can fix your meat wagons and other  
non-regenerating units with acolytes and such, but it would be cheaper to  
place them next to a death-knight with unholy aura. This way your units will  
be restored without having to pay for it.



Skeleton Warrior


Air Units:
- - - - - -

Boasting a powerful air force, the Undead air units can overwhelm the enemy 
to ensure air superiority as well as air support with their extremely 
versatile air units.


Frost Wyrm:

Nightelf Units:

Taking the Elven units, the Elves put an emphasis on ranged combat as well 
as focusing on the forces of nature.  They are a more interesting race, since 
they make good use of the Day/Night cycle.  

Ground Units:
- - - - - - -

The ground Nightelf units put an emphasis on ranged combat instead of brute 
power.  They have some very good support magic on their side as well, being 
able to heal easily and hide anywhere at night.






Druid of the Claw:

Druid of the Talon:


Air Units:
- - - - - -

The Elven air units are very versatile, with the ability to include ground 
units in their design.




The following offers general tips and hints on campaign mode.  It follows 
the flow that the game uses.  As one can predict, it will contain major 
spoilers as it details the game's flow and plot lines.  The walkthrough is 
based on Normal level difficulty.

Prologue: Exodus of the Horde

Chapter 1: Chasing Visions

"Somewhere in the Arathi highlands, Thrall, young war Chief of the Orc hordes 
wakes from his terrible dream..."

The mission is a tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game.  Follow the 
lit up beacons and eventually you will come across several grunt.  Select 
them and follow the path.
You soon come across a lone gnoll.  Send all your units in and destroy it.  
There is a Gnoll camp further south along the path, so destroy it too.

It soon becomes night time, with Thrall levelling up as the day's reward.  
The only thing left to do is follow the beacons and eventually reaching a 
particular beacon with a raven looming....

<Mission Accomplished>
The prophet tells Thrall to sail west to Kalimdor, where he and his horde 
are the only hope against the Demons that once again have returned.

Chapter 2: Departures:

"3 Days later, near the Lordaeron Coast..."

Mission Objectives:

Mission 1:

1- Build a burrow
2- Build a war mill
3- Build barracks
4- Train 5 grunts

Mission 2:

1-Find Grom

It has been three days, and Thrall becomes impatient.  A grunt reports that 
Grom and his horde is soon arriving, thus, Thrall must prepare for the arrival 
of his older brother.  Train some peons and start building.  When you finish 
the burrow, you should get 3 extra, free peons. 

A cut scene will follow, with human alliance forces at a nearby bridge, 
demanding their surrender.  Thrall is flabbergasted, for the humans reveal 
that they also have a war chief; none other than Grom Hellscream in their 

Send your forces south to meet the human forces.  They should be easy with 
the towers nearby helping.  Train additional grunts and send your units along 
the path.  Along the way you will meet a shaman, as well as a tutorial about 
sub grouping.

You will then come across a gate, in which it needs to be destroyed.  Take 
out the near by towers first though, then barge in.  Head south and free some 
other units.  You will have to start paying upkeep for the extra units, so 
head north and you will find Grom.  Bust in the camp, raze the buildings and 
finish the mission.

<Mission Accomplished>  
The rest of the horde arrives, and Grom suggests "borrowing" nearby boats...

[End of Prologue]

Human Campaigns:
The Scourge of Lordaeron:

Chapter 1: The Defence of Strahnbrad:

"Recent Orc uprisings in south Lordaeron has forced the Alliance to take 
decisive measure to contain the Orcish threat.  King Terenas has sent two 
of the realm's greatest Paladins - his son, Prince Arthas, and the legendary 
Uther the Lightbringer to deal with the Orcs once and for all.

Mission Objectives:

Defend Strahnbrad
 - Travel to Strahnbrad
 - Arthas must survive

Kill Slavemaster
 - Kill Slavemaster

Optional Quests:

Bandit Lord: 
 - Slay Menad the Bandit Lord
 - Return ledger to Gerard

Save Timmy
 - Slay the Gnolls who have kidnapped Timmy

Follow the path to the highlighted area to the northeast.  You will encounter 
some bandits attacking some villagers.  Gerard will tell you about his 
situation.  To help him, travel near the south east edge of the map and slay 
the bandit there.  In return he will give you a Tome of Strength.

To the direct south of the map, (middle of bottom) you will find a woman 
whose son has been kidnapped.  Head to the clearing in the forest to the west 
and slay the Gnolls to rescue Timmy.  She will offer you a ring of Protection 
as a reward.

At the direct west of the map, there are two villagers that will take up 
arms to help you as footmen.  When done, return to the gates of Strahnbrad 
and enter.

The town is under attack from Slavemaster.  He will be too fast to follow, 
so you will have to search for him.  Head up to the northwest corner of the 
map and slay him.  The rest of the villagers will plead to Arthas to save 
the rest, in which he vows to do so.

With that, a knight from Uther's battalion summons Arthas to Uther's camp.

Chapter 2: Blackrock n Roll:

"Twenty Minutes later, at Uther's Encampment near the Blackrock clan 

Mission Objectives:

Establish a Base:
 - Construct a Barracks
 - Construct 2 Farms
 - Train 6 footmen

 - Defeat Blademaster
Optional Quests:

Dragon Hunters:
 - Slay Searinox, the Black Dragon.
 - Bring Heart of Searinox to Feanor Steeltoe

To start off, Uther will be partolling around.  Gather more resources and 
upgrade the scout towers to guard towers.  Send Arthas to the northeast 
entrance, as the Orcs will attack there first.  The next attack will come 
from the right.

Construct what is needed and Blademaster will confront Uther.  Uther will 
try to attack it but it is revealed to be a mirror image.  Send the units 
you have north and you will encounter some Dwarves.

Feanor Steeltoe will mention Searinox, the black Dragon.  Kill Searinox and 
return to him for the optional reward.  You will also have some Dwarven 
riflemen available.  

To the North west, pond there is a group of Murlocks, with a level 2 hero.  
To find Searinx, head to the south east and follow the paths, using the riflemen 
to kill the Dragon whelps.  Searinox will be at Level 8 and is pretty powerful, 
so watch out.  When you kill him bring his heart back to Steeltoe and imbue 
Arthas's weapon with fire damage (does splash damage too.)

Sid Oak sent in a tip for that area.  Refer to the addendum.

Head north when you are done.  To the left, there is an encampment.  I 
destroyed it first, so I suppose you would have to sooner or later, but it 
could be optional.  To the right, in a small path, is Blademaster, slaying 
the captured townsfolk.  He is at level 2, but he shouldn't be too much 

<Mission Accomplished>
Uther and Arthas discuss what Blademaster was up to.  The arcane structure 
and artefacts lead them to believe that the Orcs were trying to summon Demons 
with their sacrifices, but Uther disregards them as anachronistic nonsense.

Intermission: Jaina's Meeting:

"Two weeks later, in the violet gardens of Dalaran."

The Prophet is seen pleading to Antonidas, lord of Dalaran.  Like all others, 
he rejects the prophet and sends him off.

Jaina and Antonidas discuss the plague wreaking havoc in the northlands.  
Antonidas mentions that a special envoy will be awaiting Jaina, of whom is 
sent to investigate...

Chapter 3: Ravages of the Plague:

"Three days later in Alterac, Artha and his men wait near a crossroad along 
Kings road"

Mission Objectives:

Investigate Villages:
 - Explore the Countryside.
 - Arthas must survive
 - Jaina must survive

Grain Warehouse:
 - Destroy Grain warehouse.

Arthias and his men are waiting for Jaina, in which Arthas reminds his men 
of Jaina's tardiness.  Jaina arrives but is followed by Two ogres.  Yet, with 
a summoned Water Elemental, she defeats them with ease.

Follow the path around until you reach a village close by.  You will eventually 
reach the site of a bridge, which as been broken from the other side.  The 
villagers mention another path, but it is dangerous now.

Follow the minimap ping, and slay the bandits harassing the villagers.  They 
mention a Fountain of life, which is located in the north west.  The only 
purpose though is to heal faster, so only head there if you need it.  

Along the river crossing, you will run across some Murlocks, but they should 
pose no problem at all.  You will enter a village and spot some footmen 
defending against a barrage of arrows.  Send in your units to help them.

It appears that the undead have been terrorizing the village.  The ground 
itself appears rotten.  Follow the path and slay the undead warriors that 
you come across.  You will see a granary that appears to be infected.  Jaina 
concludes from the crates that the grain is being used as the vector for 
the plague. 

Continue along the path south.  You will run across a priest, who talks about 
a grain warehouse nearby.  As such they must destroy the grain warehouse 
nearby.  Follow the path and slay the undead.  Arthas's Holy Light against 
them for an easy fight.

The heros then spot a robed figure, Kel'Thuzad, who talks about "a plan."  
He hastily leave, but send an abdomination as well as undead warriors at 
you.  Slay them and the warehouse to finish the Mission.

<Mission Accomplished>
Arthas and Jaina discuss the undead presence.  They feel that there is more 
to this that it seems...

Chapter 4: Cult of the Damned:

"The next day, on the outskirts of Andorhal."

Mission Objectives:

Investigate Andorhal
 - Explore Andorhal

Confront Kel'Thuzad
 - Find Kel'Thuzad

Arthas and Jaina spot some Acolytes near a mine.  Soon after the mine becomes 
warped the heros chase after the Acolytes, of whom they get away.

There is a Goblin merchant at the middle of the map, but Murlocks are guarding 
the way.  There is another one at the top left corner of the map.

Head northwest along the path.  You will come across an Undead town.  There 
is a necromancer as well as some ghouls, but nothing you cannot handle.  Raze 
the town and follow the path into another partially ruined human town.

You will run into Kel'Thuzd again, who leaves once again, leaving some ghouls 
for you to fight.  Fight your way out and knock down the cage.  Timmy will 
come out, but not do anything.  When finished, head north and follow the path 
into another clearing.

There are four or five Abominations guarding the entrance.  Slay them and 
confront Kel'thuzad.  Cast holy light and summon the Water Elemental for the 
best results.  Kill him to finish the Mission.

Note: Timmy can be killed for a reward.  Thanks to "Chrisdude" for this tip.  
Refer to Addendum .

<Mission Accomplished>

Chapter 5: March of the Scourge

"Early the next morning, Arthas and Jaina approached the village of 

Mission Objectives:

Defend Hearthglen
 - Survive for thirty minutes.
Optional Quests:

The Grain Caravan
 - Destroy the Grain Caravan before it gets to the last village

At the start of the mission, Arthas and Jaina find some troops training at 
the village.  Upon inquiring, the townsfolk reveal that they were under attack 
the previous night, and are now preparing for an incoming onslaught.  Arthas 
asks about the grain, but it is too late... the townsfolk have already eaten...

Help out the villagers immediately.  You can build sorceresses now, but before 
you do, put down some farms and churn out riflemen and footmen.  When your 
economy is stable enough, build an Arcane Sanctum and build a few sorceresses.  

There is little reason to leave the village.  There is an optional quest at 
about 20 minutes left, but there is little point.  

To the bottom left, is the teal undead encampment.  The other undead base 
is at the direct center.  Venimiceblade (level 6 Lich) is at the center of 
the map and Calis Wraithson (what kinda name is that? Level 10 Lich) is at 
the other encampment.  

The general concept is to let the towers distract the enemy, then rush in 
fast and kill the attackers.  Watch out for the Meat wagons though, since 
your towers cannot reach the.  

Basically, this is a map based on patience.  Towards the end, the enemies 
will swarm in, although you do not need to fully defend against it.  
Nonetheless, it still means you should prevent them from doing too much 

The mission finishes when the time ends.  

<Mission Accomplished> 
The villagers are overwhelmed but Uther comes just in time to save them.  
Arthas' pride seems to be bruised at this encounter, and resolves to go after 
Mal'Ganis on his own, much to the chagrin of the others.

Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet.

"Later that Afternoon, on the road to Stratholme..."

Arthas meets the Prophet, and like all other humans, shuns and ignores the 
prophecy.  He insists that he will never leave his homeland.

Chapter 6: The Culling

"Early in the Morning, on the outskirts of Stratholme..."

Mission Objectives:

The Culling:
 - Destroy Plagued Villager houses
 - Kill 100 Zombies
 - Stop Mal'ganis from claiming 100 zombies.

Upon arriving, the heroes realize that the town has already been infected, 
thus, they must be purged...

However, Uther and Jaina are flabbergasted at the mere thought of this idea.  
Yet Arthas stands adamant behind his resolve.  Uther refuses once more and 
is released from his duties, returning to Lordaeron to report to King Terenas 
about Arthas' insanity.

With Arthas, you start at the top right corner of the map.  Your aim is to 
head to the south west, razing any house you come across and slaying all 
the inhabitants. Although this may sound like a simple take Mal'Ganis is 
near the south west area of the map, also doing the same task.  

Take your peons and immediately start training footmen or riflemen.  Take 
the two knights and have them follow Arthas in his task.  Have the remaining 
footmen search and destroy the other houses.

Mal'Ganis has his own escort of units, but he can be killed (level 7 Dreadlord.)  
Every time you kill him there will be a counter displaying how long until 
he is revived.  Usually this is around two and a half minutes.  

You could try to destroy the undead base, but that is a waste of time.  The 
altar is darkness is invulnerable, so you cannot prevent Mal'Ganis from 

The map is pretty straight forward and simple.  The only difficulty is 
focusing at the task at hand.

When you have slain 100 of the villagers, the mission is complete.

<Mission Accomplished>
Uther and Jaina return, shocked at the massacre at has taken place.  To them, 
Arthas is no longer sane...

Interlude: Divergent Courses: 

"Three days later, amongst the ruins of Stratholme..."

Jaina is approached by the Prophet.  She too does not listen to the prophet.

Chapter 7: The Shores of Northrend

"One month later, along the icy coast of Daggercap Bay."

Mission Objectives:

Establish Base Camp:
 - Find a Gold mine
 - Arthas must survive

 - Destroy Mal'Ganis'Base.

Optional Quest

Rescue Muradin's Base
 - Rescue Dwarves Base
Arthas has finally arrived at Northrend, and is setting up camp.  He searches 
for a gold mine.

Head to the East, following the path.  Along the way you will meet frost wolves.  
Towards the middle there will be a Dire Frost wolf (level 7) and Giant Frost 
Wolf (level 4.)  Killing them yields the 'Scroll of the Beast.'  There are 
also Ice trolls lurking around.

Following the path east and north will lead to a gold mine.  Upon further 
inspection though, it seems that the village is under attack by the undead.  
There is Muradin Bronzebeard, old friend of Arthas.

Muradin speaks of his comrades trapped, directly to the north.  The Undead 
encampment is mostly guarded by Crypt fiends and Abominations, with the 
occasional Gargoyle.  Rescuing the Dwarves will give you some riflemen, steam 
tank, and two gyrocopters.  Train some more riflemen and gyrocopters (with 
gyrobomb) and the occasional steam tanks and head to the west when you are 
ready.  Calis Wraithson (level 6) will be there.  After the base is razed, 
the mission is finished.  
<Mission Accomplished>
Much to Arthas' chagrin, Mal'Ganis is nowhere to be found.  Arthas orders 
a encampment to be built over the old undead base.

Chapter 8: Dissension:

"Early the next morning at Artha' new base camp..."

Mission Objectives: 

Burn the Boats
 - Destroy the 5 Ships before time runs out.
 - Arthas must survive.
 - Muradin must survive.

A Goblin Zepplin flies past the base and unloads an envoy from Lordareon.  
The Envoy tells the captain that King Terenas has ordered Arthas and his 
men back, for their mission is now finished.

The Captain informs Arthas of this, enraging Arthas.  As such, he plans to 
burn the boats down so stop his men from leaving...

At the start you have little units.  Fortunately, there are several mercenary 
camps around.  One of them is directly to your left, so hire a few trolls.  
You will need a ranged attacker to bring down the boats.  Head south and 
destroy the boat you reach.  To the east, there is a Goblin Laboratory and 
mercenary camp.  Take what you need, then destroy the trees blocking the boat 
with either a goblin sapper from the camp or bombard with the Dwarf cannon.  

To the south there is an undead encampment, mostly made of Spirit towers 
guarded by Crypt Fiends.  Use the Mortars to blast the towers, then take care 
of the boats.  To reach the last boat on the eastern side you have to take 
a detour around the southern tip of the base.  

There is adequate time, so try not to rush or make any hasty mistakes.  Some 
units have a tendency to get stuck, so watch for that.  

After all 5 boats are destroyed, the stage is over.

<Mission Accomplished>
Arthas' men arrive, shocked to see their boats destroyed.  Arthas turns the 
blame onto the hired mercenaries and slays them...

Chapter 9: Frostmourne

"The Next day, at Arthas' base camp."

Mission Objectives:

 - Locate Frostmourne
 - Arthas must survive
 - Muradin must survive

 - Destroy Mal'Ganis's base.

Arthas' base is under severe enemy attack.  Arthas has no choice other than 
to retrieve Frostmourne and unleash its power.

The path is actually linear, so you cannot get lost.  Along the way, you will 
encounter Frost wolves.  There is a mana fountain but I ignored it.  
Eventually you will reach the blade, but it is guarded by The Guardian (level 
10.)  Use Muradin to nail him from afar, whilst Arthas distracts him.  When 
you win, he warns Arthas of the blade.

Arthas goes and claims the blade, but Muradin discovers that it is indeed 
cursed.  Yet, Arthas ignores his warning and takes hold of the blade; the 
resultant blast in energy kills Muradin, but Arthas hardly seems remorseful.

Arthas then seeks Mal'Ganis.  Head to the east and raze the base.  It shouldn't 
be too much trouble with the Frostmourne.  Most of the forces within area 
are abominations and the occasional Crypt feinds.  You can kill Mal'Ganis 
in the process, but the mission won't end until the base is totally razed.  
Once that happens, you win.

<Mission Accomplished>
Arthas faces off against Mal'Ganis.  Mal'Ganis reveals that the Dark lord 
speaks to Arthas through the blade, slowly consuming his sanity.  Yet, as 
Arthas move to kill Mal'Ganis, he realizes the true intentions of the Dark 
Lord, moments before his soul is claimed by the Frostmourne.


"After taking his venegence upon Mal'Ganis, Prince Artas wandered off into 
the frozen wastelands of Northrend.  

Tormented by Frostmorne's maddening voice, Arthas has lost the last vestiges 
of his sanity.

Now, driven by the sword's dark will, Arthas plans to return home to Lordaeron 
and claim his just reward"

Arthas enters the royal throne room. He then lunges towards the king and 
stabs him with the Frostmorne.  Lordaeron has fallen.

[End of Human Campaigns]

Undead Campaigns:
Path of the Damned

Chapter 1: Trudging through the Ashes

"The Lich King's plague of undeath has spread through the capital city and 
into the outskirts of Lordaeron City.  Shocked and disheartened by the loss 
of their beloved king, the forces of Lordaeron were scattered by the ravenous 
undead warriors.  Now, Lordaeron is but a shadow of its former glory - and 
Prince Arthas has yet to be seen..."

Mission Objectives:

Rescue Acolytes
 - Rescue 20 Acolytes
 - Arthas must survive.

Optional Quests:

Find the Graveyard:
 - Bring Arthas to the graveyard. 
 - Arthas must survive.

The scene starts with a pale looking warrior entering the screen, greeted 
by a Dreadlord.  Upon closer inspection, the new Death Knight is none other 
than Prince Arthas, now part of the Undead scourge.  Thinking that it is 
Mal'Ganis,, the Dreadlord Tichardrius informs Arthas of his new quest.

You start of near the south east of the map.  The mission itself is pretty 
simple, you just need to look closely at the hidden spots.

Head south, following the path and enter the town that is close by. The Acolytes 
are pretty easy to spot, since they are in red.  The most important thing 
is to use Arthas to approach the Acolytes or else they won't count.  
Furthermore if the normal villagers (in blue) spot you they will run off, 
calling forth Horsemen and knights.  Oddly enough your units won't kill the 
running villager.  Go Figure.  

Right in the middle of the path is an Acolyte (1), with an exclamation mark 
about its head.  The next one is in the middle of town, next to the guy chopping 
word (2) so use a death coil on him from afar.  Follow the path west and south 
through the town.  There will be another Acolyte (3) near the houses with 
an exclamation mark above its head telling you of the graveyard.

Follow south across the river.  When you reach a crossroads, head up into 
a clearing by the forest.  There will be an Acolyte near the shore fishing 
(4.)  Head back south into a house in the middle of the woods, with some 
villagers chopping trees.  There will be another Acolyte (5) there.  Watch 
out for the guard post there in the middle.  Head up over the fenced Keep 
then travel back down to the bottom left hand corner of the small outpost.  
There will be two villagers there, so death coil both and find the last Acolyte 
(6) there.  When you are done head north through the gates.  Be warned that 
there are four guards there, so use the Dead coil, as usual.

Head into town.  To your left, there is an Acolyte (7.)  You can just walk 
up to him since you can probably kill the villager near him before he gets 
away.  Head up and look to your left in the group of houses, where there is 
a lone Acolyte (8.)  Head over to the right, over the bar and fighting 
villagers.  There will be another Acolyte (9) hiding between the houses and 
trees.  Directly above you is the Grave yard, where you can get some extra 

Head up and you will spot a gate; don't enter it yet.  Head to the path on 
the left, following the fenced area.  There will be another keep there.  Some 
bandits will enter, so wait till they are done before mopping up the rest.  
There is an Acolyte (10) in the bottom left corner.  Return to the center 
and head left.  You will come across two paths; the bottom one has another 
Acolyte (11) and the top one leads to another Acolyte (12) bur be warned; 
an Assassin will ambush you when you rescue it.  Head back to the center of 
Town and up into the fields.  There is another Acolyte (13) near the houses.

Barge through the gate.  Immediately under the gate near the bottom houses 
is an Acolyte (14.)  Kill the two villagers, since the Acolyte is somewhat 
hidden.  Head up to the top of the town, where there is a small fenced area 
with some sheep.  No, I don't know what the hell he is doing with those sheep 
wither, but walk near him (15.) 

To the far right near some houses is another Acolyte (16) but the town is 
heavily guarded.  Go back down to the bottom of the town, where there is 
another Acolyte (17.)  There will be some Acolytes at the far right of the 
town, but they are being guarded by a Captain and several footmen, with some 
knights in the area.  Under it is another small clearing with a hidden Acolytes 
(18.)  You will have to storm the heavily guarded area, so try to make it 
fast.  Use Death coil whilst the Ghouls distract them.  There will be 4 
Acolytes to save.

Once you have saved 20 Acolytes the Mission will finish.

<Mission Accomplished>
Tichondrius appears and notes that there are now enough Cultists.  Kel'Thuzar 
is all that is needed, and they need to travel to Andorhal to gather his 

Chapter 2: Digging up the Dead

"the next morning, on the outskirts of Andorhal."

Mission Objectives:

Recover Remains:
 - Kill the Paladins guarding the graveyard.
 - Bring Arthas to Kel'thuzad's tomb
 - Arthas must survive

Claim the Urn:
 - Kill the Paladins
 - Recover the Urn

Establish a Base:
 - Summon a Haunted goldmine
 - Build a Necropolis
 - Build a crypt
 - Build a graveyard
 - Build 3 Ziggurats

Arthas enters Andorhal and inquire about the Meat Wagons.  You must first 
defeat a Paladin guarding a graveyard.

The first task is simple enough.  Head directly East with your meat wagons.  
Use them to take out the Guard towers, then send in Arthas to take care of 
the rest.  The grave is guarded by Gavinrad the Dire, level 2.  Nothing a 
death coil won't take care of.

When you are done, Tichondrius informs you that Kel'Thuzad's corpse is too 
decomposed to 'survive' the trip to Quel'thalas.  As such they will need a 
particular urn, guarded by more Paladins. Your next mission will be to 
establish a base.  Head south, where you will meet an encampment.  Once again, 
take out the towers with the meat wagons, and send in the troops to take 
care of the rest.  When it is clear, establish your base and muster up some 
more units.

Head to the north west, where you will encounter Ballor Bright, Paladin level 
4.  He has an encampment, but nothing serious.

To the south there are two Paladin camps.  The southwestern one has the Urn 
you need, but he is at level 10.  Paladin Sage Truthbearer is to the direct 

Head to the south-west area of the map with as many units as you can muster.  
Uther the Lightbearer will be waiting for you, but he is no cakewalk.  Chances 
are Level 2 or 3 Arthas will need all the help he can get against Uther.  

Tip from Sacco: In the chapter 2 of Undead, below where Uther is, there are 
4 sheeps. Kill them all will leave an item : Goblin Night Scope.

Uther will reveal that the urn holds King Terenas' ashes.  Arthas care not 
and takes it to transport Kel'thuzar.

Once With that cutscene over, the mission is completed.

Special note: there is a secret area in this game.  Refer to Addendum 2 for 
more info.  Thanks to Aaron Hainley for this tip.

<Mission Accomplished>
Kel'thuzar's specter appears and warns Arthas to be wary of the Dreadlords.  
They have more in mind than Arthas thinks.

Interlude: the Dreadlords Convene:

"Meanwhile, at the Dreadlord's citadel, somewhere in the twisting nether.

The Dreadlord triumvirate gather and discuss their progress.  They mention 
Achimonde and his plan; and worry about potential failure.  They discuss 
Arthas' performance.  

Chapter 3: Into Realm Eternal

"Six days later, near the forested Netherlands of Quel'thalas"

Mission Objectives:

The Elf Gate: 
 - Destroy the High Elf base (blue) guarding the Elf gate.

Arthas overlooks Quel'thalas, reminiscing back to his youth when he first 
and last came.  They burst through the gates with their meat wagons and raze 
the nearby outpost, setting up base.

This is a relatively straightforward map.  There isn't much variation in which 
path to take, but there is quite a lot of opposition.  You will also need 
to use the meat wagons often to clear the trees in you way.

You start at the Northwestern corner of the map, so your general direction 
will be southeasterly.  There is an elf base directly to the east of you (North 
East corner) but they are non-related to the flow of the mission.  There is 
another one at 3 o'clock position.  There is a fountain in the middle of the 
map, guarded by several Elven archers.  The other two outposts to the east 
have nothing in particular worth destroying.  Sylvanas Windrunner (level 4) 
will attack your base constantly, so watch out for her.  At the start of the 
mission she will attack in a minute or so, so watch for her.

Head south and you will see a tip about clearing trees.  Use the Meat wagon 
and tell it to 'Attack ground' at the trees.  Be sure to clear a path wide 
enough and to stop attacking when you move your units through.  Continue down 
southwards until you see an encampment near the bottom right of the map (teal.)  
Send in your reinforcements and raze the base.  The only trouble should be 
from the high elves and their guard towers.  Guard your Meat Wagons though, 
since they have ballistae.  Flank those and let the melee units take care 
of them.  

There is a goblin merchant directly to the north east of the bottom left 
base, and a fountain of mana to the bottom.  They are both guarded by Gnolls 

Head to the east when you are done razing the base to reach the mission 
objectives.  There a lot of towers around, so send for some new Meat wagons 
as well as the new Necromancers to back Arthas up.  Keep your units in 
formation and protect the meat wagons.   Blue should fall soon and lead you 
to the inner sanctum of Quel'thalas.

<Mission Accomplished>
Arthas gives chases to Sylvanas.  They exchange fighting words, and Sylvanas 
teleports away to Silvermoon.

Chapter 4: Key of the Three Moons:

"Moments later, just beyond the shattered Elf gate..."

Mission Objectives:
Three Moons:
 - Destroy the three high elf altars
 - Collect all 3 Mooncrystals

Arthas and his troops burst through the gate and slay the defenders behind.  
Svlvanas gives the order to fall back, and destroys the bridge crossing the 
river.  She mentions a 'special key'...

As you have noticed, you will need to find a way across the river.  Take your 
crypt fiends and head to the right.  Take care of the two dragon hawks lurking 
about and raze the buildings.  Note that now you can build crypt fiends, but 
you will also be under attack from the flying Dragon Hawks.  Establish a base 
and train some crypt fiends (important) and whatever units you feel 
comfortable with using.  Word of warning though, Sylvanas Windrunner (level 
5) will be hanging around so keep your guard up.

To the top right corner of the map, you will see a Goblin Laboratory.  Bring 
Arthas to it and take the Goblin Zeppelins.  Each Zeppelin can carry eight 
units, so ferry units if you need to.

The first zeppelin load should have a mixture of crypt fiends, Meat wagons, 
and melee attackers.  Land your forces to clear the area then send in the 
remainder of your attack force.  Your first destination will be immediately 
to the East.  Land and wipe out the units there.  The forces there mainly 
consist of Dragon Hawks, Fury towers priests and assorted archers.  The target 
altar is immediately to the right of your landing zone, so just zoom in there 
can destroy it.

Next, head up and clear the base.  Notice the teleportation gate.  Send your 
units into it.  You will now be at the middle island of the map.  There are 
Three teleporters here; from Right to left, Light blue, Red, and blue at 
the far left.  The area will be guarded by Dragon Hawks and numerous towers.  
The target teleporter is the blue one at the far left.  Go through it.

You will now appear at the far left island.  The bulk of the forces here are 
archers, with the occasional footman, and a couple of Dragon Hawks.  The altar 
is right next to the teleporter to the left, so if you are daring, you could 
make a rush for it as opposed to trying to raze the island base.

Back in the middle island, head through the middle red teleporter.  You will 
now appear at the northern most island.  You will be immediately greeted by 
several Dragon hawks as well as high elven units, so go prepared.  The Altar 
you are looking for is right next to the trees near the teleportation gate.  
Raze it and return to the light blue gate.

You will start back at the Eastern most island.  Send a few meat wagons to 
the northern most tip of the island and blast the Fury tower there.  Send 
in the landing force and clear the Dragon Hawks that lurk there.  Send Arthas 
to the circle of power to finish the mission.

<Mission Accomplished>

Chapter 5: The Fall of Silvermoon:

"Moments later, on the outskirts of the elves capital of Silvermoon..."

Mission Objectives:

The Sunwell:
 - Defeat Sunwell's Guardians

Optional Quests:

Sylvanas Windrunner:
 - Destroy Sylvanas base

Silvermoon Runners
 - Destroy every runner she sends
 - Do not alert Silvermoon to your presence

Arthas has established an encampment near the outskirts of Silvermoon.  
Tichondrius appears to congratulate Arthas on his progress, but is still 
cautious of him.  Kel'Thuzar appears and says the Dreadlords do suspect 

Immediately at the start of your mission, Sylvanas Windrunner (level 7) will 
attack your base.  This will trigger the two optional quests, which maybe 
difficult but recommended.  The runners are dressed in yellow and appear when 
ever the timer says.  They disappear when Sylvanas' base is razed.  Do not 
attack Silvermoon (teal) until Sylvanas' base (blue) is destroyed.  

Build up your defenses and level up to a crypt.  The gargoyles are good for 
completing the final objective.  Send a few meat wagons and an army to the 
west.  Guard the bridge and have the meat wagons destroy the nearby towers.  
By now Sylvanas will be running at you, pretty miffed.  Death coil her when 
your melee units are keeping her busy.

Syvlanas will officially be "defeated" when her base is razed.  A cut scene 
will takeover.  Arthas somehow hits her with his horse and she gets 
'defeated.'  Arthas then turns her into a banshee, damned to serve the Scourge 

The only thing left to do is take out the Sunwell guardians.  The city itself 
is too big to destroy, so you will need to cut a path in and take them out 
in a quick but hard strike.

The best way to do this would be to hit them from afar with hard-hitting 
units whilst occupying them up close.  First, have four to six meat wagons.  
Cover them with gargoyles and Crypt fiends.  Build as many Abominations and 
Ghouls as you can.  Necromancers should be there to raise the corpses of the 

Head west and follow the path south.  Use the wagons to take out the nearby 
towers from the bridge.  Use the other attack units to hit the archers.  Be 
warned that they can net your Gargoyles and the Golems (level 9) that you 
need to kill can hit air.  Slowly make your way to the center.  When you near 
the center, have the wagons first aim at the towers.  Use your melee units 
to nail the golems, with Arthas helping.  The trick is to lure them to you, 
since there are three other towers in the area.  By the time the towers are 
destroyed, The ghouls and abominations will be slaughtered by the dozens, 
so use your necromancers to raise them as fodder.  Aim your wagons at the 
Golems. Have a constant flow of reinforcements ready.

When the four granite golems fall, the mission ends.

<Mission Accomplished>
Arthas walks up to the Sunwell and resurrects Kel"Thuzad.  Arthas has kept 
his end of the dea.  Now it is Kel'Thuzad's turn...

Interlude: The Revelation:

"Three Days later, somewhere in the wintry peaks of the Alterac Mountains..."

Kel'Thuzad and Arthas walk up a slope, with hordes of undead assembling around 
the encampment.  Kel'Thuzad speaks of the Legion under the Dark Lords control, 
and how Arthas as a bigger role than anyone thinks, all courtesy of the Lich 
King.  The Dreadlords in control of Lich King are only there to ensure the 
plan to summon the demonic lord Archimode goes as planned.  The scourge was 
engineered to wipe out any resistance to the Legions...

Chapter 6: Blackrock & Roll, Too!:

"The next morning, on the outskirts of the Blackrock clan village."

Mission Objectives:

Demonic Gate:
- Destroy the Orc base protecting the Demon Gate

Optional Quests:

Kill Orc Heroes:
 - Throk'Feroth
 - Mazrigos
 - Khanzo
 - Genjuros
 - Jubei'thos
(all named after Samurais, probably from Samurai Spirits)

Kel'Thuzad tells Arthas that it is time for the second phase of the plan; 
to communicate with the Demon lord for instructions.  There is a Demonic Gate 
nearby, but there is also an encampment of Orcs...

You start right at the center of the map.  There are encampments all around 
you, but the one you need to complete the mission is on the top right corner.  
You have access to Frost Wyrms though.  Directly above you, following the 
two paths, will lead you to two Level 10 Red Dragons (!) To the top left 
conrer is a Goblin Merchant, but it is guarded by several ice trolls (level 
5, 2 level 3's, 2 level 2's)

Right when you start, there will be an attack force aimed right at you.  There 
will be an Orc blademaster named Haohmarush (let's not be obvious here...) 
at level 5.  Send in all you got, which isn't a lot to spare.  After the 
blademaster dies, he will drop a Manual of Health as well as trigger the 
optional sidequest.  Each of the target are in their own encampment;

Throk'Feroth- Level 6 Far Seer at 12'o clock position
Mazrigos- Level 6 Far Seer at 3'o clock position
Khanzo- Level 4 Blademaster at 7'o clock position
Genjuros- Level 4 Blademaster at 5'o clock position
Jubei'thos- Level 8 Blademaster at 1'o clock position (Red base.)	

They each drop some pretty nifty stuff though, so it is up to you.  I will 
cover the optional quests, but if you wish to skip these, jump right to the 
last bit.

Firstly you will need a combination of Crypt fiends, Meat wagons, Abominations 
and Frost Wyrms.  Follow the path north and you will run into the roost of 
Red Dragons.  Tangle them down to earth and give it all you got.  Head to 
the right and repeat.  Head back to base and regroup your forces.  When you 
are done, Head north into Orange's encampment.  The best way to enter is from 
the bottom left.  Take out the watchtower, but they have a catapult to so 
head from the air; they can take down your air units, so you need to lure 
the catapult away from the Raiders.  The base isn't really well defenders, 
so brute force is the way to go here.  Throk'Feroth is pretty strong, so mix 
up your Frost Wyrms with your Meat Wagons and Abominations.  Head back to 
base and regroup when he is dead.

Your next target will be blue, at the bottom right corner.  Head down can 
wait at the bridge.  There is a single watchtower, so that is easy to take 
care of.  Two grunts are nearby, with a catapult as well.  Chances are by 
now Khanzo will be rushing forth, so you could try an air attack on him.  
His base does not need to be destroyed, but feel free to destroy it for 
experience.  There are one or two guard towers inside, but nothing serious.  

If you follow the river down south, there will be an Ice Troll warlord (level 
6.)  Killing him will yield the Sobi Mask, which increase Mana regeneration 
rate.  It is particularly useful for Kek'thuzad.

The next target is brown, at 5'o clock position.  The entrance is virtually 
unguarded, so head in with a meat wagon and bring down the tower.  The main 
threat is from the five or so Ogre-Magi (level 5) and the catapult.  Aside 
from that, there is nothing of note aside from Genjuros himself.  He drops 
a tome of strength, which is useful.  Another strategy is to approach from 
the bottom of the map and just fly in to kill him. The downside is that you 
will miss the reward, which is particularly valuable.

The next target will be light blue, at 3'o clock.  There are two guard towers 
at both entrances, as well as quite a large army of Grunts and Trolls.  There 
is an Ogre-magi or two as well.  The easiest but more complicated method would 
be to split your forces in two; one at the top entrance that will distract 
the defenders. And the other at the bottom, which will run in and take out 
You will need to have meat wagons for both teams.  For the top team, bring 
in several Meat wagons, Frost Wyrms and lots of Ghouls.  Their job will be 
to take care of virtually every unit in the base that will rush at them.  
The other team will have meat wagons to take out the towers, weaken Mazrigos 
and potential defenders.  Meanwhile, Gargoyles and Arthas will attack 
Mazrigos as well.  He drops the tome of intelligence.  Take note of the path 
at the top that leads to red's base.

Red's main base is pretty well fortified.  There are three (or more) Level 
10 red dragons that are a pain in the ass to take out, as well as numerous 
defenders and catapults.  Your best bet would be to use the Meat wagons to 
take out the towers, then enter from both sides with everything you got.  
Jubei'thos himself is no cake walk, so be forewarned.   He has the ability 
to mirror himself and confuse your units.  The Orc warlocks will also cast 
slow on your units.

Killing Juebi'thos will grant you the Tome of Knowledge, which raises your 
Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.  Raze the Base to finish the scenario.

<Mission Accomplished>
Kel'Thuzad summons forth Archimonde, who orders the retrieval of the last 
book of Medivh, only tome powerful enough to bring him into this world...

Chapter 7: The Siege of Dalaran.

"The next morning, at the gates of Dalaran..."

Arthas and his minions have reached the gates of Dalaran city.  Antonidas 
greets Arthas and warns that their "erected auras" will destroy all undead 
that pass through.  Kel'thuad notes that by destroying the three magi, they 
can stop the barrier.

Mission Objectives:

Three Archmagi:
 - Slay First Magi
 - Slay Second Magi
 - Slay Antonidas

This level is probably the hardest yet.  You have to rush in through the 
barrier, which saps health from your units rather quickly.  As the tip said, 
you will have to rush in to slay them, and the distance is rather far.  There 
is a Goblin Merchant to your right, so buy some town portal scrolls. To the 
left there is a lone level 6 Archmage, Dalar Dawnweaver.  Killing him will 
yield a Health stone.  

The magi are position in a triangle.  Midway through the map is a moat; 
slightly to the north there are two magi on both sides.  Peril spellbinder 
(archmage level 7) is on the right, where as Shal lightbringer (archmage 
level 3) is on the left.  Antonidas is the top of the triangle.  

The easiest way (but also the costliest) would be to go all air.  Mass up 
on Frost wyrms and gargoyles.  Head left until you see a burning town hall; 
that will be your first alignment point.  From there, travel directly north 
(in a straight line.)  3/5ths of the way up you should see a crystal and an 
archmage.  That is the first one.  With his death, the aura falls.  Return 
back to base to regroup.  

The next landmark is the goblin merchant.  Directly to the north will be the 
second arch mage you need to kill, at roughly the same distance.  Be warned 
that he has a base with towers, two sorceresses, and two knights.  Pair that 
with the aura and the level 5 archmage and you get difficulty.  

The last target will be Antonidas.  He is directly to the north of the entrance, 
in a straight line.  Travel to the cleared areas then try to align it so you 
reach to him.  He is near the very top, and has several towers, sorceresses, 
priests, and gyrocopters protecting him.  Send in a mass swarm, and eventually 
you should win.  Send in Arthas to claim the book of Medivh (watch out for 
the defenders though) and the mission is over.

Addendum: after asking for tips and strategies for this map, many people 
gave some very, very good strategies to beat this map.  Refer to addendum 
3 for a full list of user submitted tips.

<Mission Accomplished>
With a single strike, Antonidas is dead.  With the book of Medivh in their 
possession, the only thing left is to summon Archimonde forward...

Chapter 8: Under the Burning Sky:

"An hour later, a hill overlooking Dalaran..."

Mission Objectives:

- Kel'Thuzad must survive for 30 minutes.

Optional Quests:
 - Recover Goblin land mines.

Basically this is a defense map type scenario.  Firstly develop the already 
existing areas with more Spirit towers as well as units.  Aside from that 
there is little you can do.  About five or six minutes in game, you will be 
given 3 felhounds.  Every interval you will be given more Burning Legion units.  
The last ones will be Infernals

There are some mines, so break the crates to get a hold of them.  Save them 
for the final rush though.  Try to focus on defense, upgrading your units 
as far as possible.  Upgrading the Ziggurat towers is important.  Meat Wagons 
around them are a must though to counter the siege weapons.  Aside from that, 
upgrade the shields AND attack, as well as any other abilities that might 
be useful.  Have Acolytes repair the towers often as well.  

There are three enemies on this map, each with their own hero.  Shal 
Lightbringer (level 3) is in top left, Dalar Dawnweaver is at 3'o clock, 
Fondred Alan is at top right corner.

There is an optional fight with Manath Magesrge, level 8 at the middle top 
of the map, but that is hardly worth the trouble.  There is a magical vault 
at the top right corner of the map, which yields a Medallion of Intelligence.  
Chances are though, if you managed to get that item, you might as well raze 
the other bases.  The map can also be completed by razing all opposing bases. 

Note that near the end, there will be a massive rush.  Have all your Legion 
units around Kel'thuzad and the rest supporting the towers.  The Death coil 
will heal Kel'thuzad, so it is a good way to heal him.  

<Mission Accomplished>

Archimonde is summoned into the world.  As a gesture of his power, he razes 
Dalaran into the ground with ease.  What will become of Arthas?

[End of Undead Campaigns]

Orc Campaigns:
The Invasion of Kalimdor:

Chapter 1: Landfall:

"Following the mysterious prophet's instructions, Thrall led the Horde across 
the Great Sea.  Now, after weeks of traversing the raging seas, the Orcish 
Horde has landed upon the savage shores of Kalimdor.  With their stolen ships 
broken and drowned, the Orcs cautiously venture inland, wary of the unseen 
dangers lurking within the crags of the desolate land."

Mission Objectives:

Rally the Horde:
- Discover where the other ships landed.
- Thrall must survive.

Protect Cairne 
 - Follow Cairne to the Tauren village
 - Protect Cairne from his enemies
 - Cairne Bloodhoof must survive
 - Thrall must survive.

After landing on the new land, broken and tired, Grom and the others are 
missing. Thrall therefore must search for his brother and the rest of the 

After two full campaigns with that Moron Arthas, it is refreshing to have 
a change in character.  Immediately to the left of where you start, there 
is a Mana Potion hidden in the crates after you attack it.  Head north 
following the path.  There will be some Murlocs; two level 1 tiderunners and 
1 level 3 flesheaster.  Zap them with a chain lighning and continue until 
you see a cutscene about the boats.  To the left, there is another trio of 
Murlocs that will drop a Healing ward.  Continue right until you see a raided 

Head up then turn left; you will see a tauren getting killed; return back 
to the village and go south east.  You will see a campfire with three 
quillboars and a qullboar hero.  Kill them to get a healing ward.  Check out 
the shipwreck on the shores directly south.  Head south-east and kill the 
other Quillboards.  Rescue the two stranded orcs.  Voila, two new trolls to 
your party.

Go back to the main path and turn right at the only turn.  You will see some 
centaurs killing more Taurens.  Continue east to find more stranded orcs.  
To the south-east near the shore, You will come across a burning ship wreck 
as well as 4 Murlocs (2X level 1, 2X level 2.)

Head north.  The right path leads to Harpy Scout (level 1 X2) and Harpy 
Windblower (level 3) that drops Scroll of the beast. The left path splits; 
far left path gives another Tauren dying.  There are Quillboar (level 1 X2) 
and Razormane Medicine man (level 5, Quillboar) Middle left path gives 
Thunderlizard (level 6 X2) that gives potion of mana.

Continue on the path.  You will spot an army of Centaurs running off to war.  
Follow the path.  There is a Fountain of Health just past the curve guarded 
by Quillboar (level 1 X2,) Razormane Scout (level 2) and Razormane Medicine 
Man (level 5.).

There will be an intersection; heading up will bring Harpy (level 1) which 
is out of melee range with no reward.  Head south to continue, until you reach 
the shore.  To the left, there is a small hidden path leading to a small hill 
with Quillboar (level 1) and Razorman Brute (level 3;) note that they cannot 
see you going up the hill.

Head a few steps to the right: there will be a three way intersection; the 
up path leads to Murloc tiderunner (level 1 X 3) and Murloc flesheater (level 
3) that drops a manual of health, so it is recommended.  The other two lead 
to the south to meet up with three more orcs.

Immediately three Centaurs charge at you; kill them and the cutscene will 
take over.  Carine Bloodhoof will enter, speaking of an Oracle to the north.  
Thrall mentions the horsemen are also heading north, where Cairne realizes 
his village is in danger.  Thus you must escort and follow him.  But don't 
worry too much (but still a bit) since Cairne is a strong guy with 
<invulnerable> armour..

If you continue south from there and turn right, you will run across a MASSIVE 
Murloc encampment: Murlock Tiderunner (Level 1 X 20,) Murloc Huntsman (level 
2 X 8) and Murloc Nightcrawler (level 3 X 2.) Killing them will yield a Periapt 
of Vitality and Mana Potion.  To be frank I had to send everyone I had to 
accomplish this one.  

Follow the path to their village; floods of Centaurs will rush in.  Protect 
Cairne at all costs; the waves will end with the death of the Centaur champion.  
With this, the mission ends.

<Mission Accomplished>
Cairne talks of the Tauren Migration to Mulgore to the north.  They fear that 
they will be attacked by the Centaurs though.  Thrall volunteers to escort 
them in exchange for bringing them to the Oracle.

Chapter 2: The Long March:

"Two days later, upon the desolate plains of the Barrens."

Mission Objectives:

Three Oases:
 - Lead the Caravan to the first Oasis.
- Lead the Caravan to the second Oasis.
- Lead the Caravan to the third Oasis.
 - Thrall, Cairne, and the caravan must survive.

The Caravan:
 - Protect the Caravans
 - At least two Kodo beasts must survive.
 - Cairne must survive.

To start off with, you must protect Cairne and the units following him; note 
that you cannot control Cairne.  He will just follow your lead.  To start 
off with, three Centaurs will rush at you.  Follow the path.  At the T 
intersection, the path left leads to several Centaurs with the reward of 
the scroll of healing.  Continue along the path, killing any marauders.  Word 
of warning though; some maruders will pop out from nowhere, so send only 
one unit to scout ahead.  A good tactic to use would be to have Thrall take 
the lead, and right click the Taurens with the other units; that way they 
will escort them step by step.  

One problem though is that you must help the majority of your units ahead, 
or else the caravan will sit there like idiots.  What I did was stick three 
or four grunts with Thrall ahead, and the rest escorting the caravan.  I had 
another one or two escorting the Taurens themselves, since they would head 
off and fight on their own, stopping the whole caravan.  Another note is that 
the caravan will only move if the Kodos are in single file.  Sometimes I 

There will be a fountain of healing, which is the first checkpoint and 
objective. When you reach it, you will meet up with three more Grunts.  Use 
them to escort the very last unit of the caravan.  Right when you leave, some 
marauders will come from behind.  Continue along the path, taking care of 
the marauders that come your way.  

When you reach the arches, head to the right.  There will be a Goblin merchant 
as well as three Orc Raiders to support you.  The area past the arches leads 
to a group of centaurs.  Continue on the path.  And you will reach the second 
oasis.  Some catapults will join you, so stick them near the middle of the 
caravan.  But for now, bring them ahead; there are several watch towers ahead.

Up ahead, there will be a path to the right that leads to a small Centaur 
Camp.  There are Centaur Archer (Level 2,) Centaur Impaler (level 4,) Centaur 
Sorceror (level 5) and Centaur Khan (level 8.)  Centaur Khan will revive 
though, so watch out.  He drops the pendant of energy.  The best strategy 
would be to hit him with ranged attacks.

Head back to the left to the final oasis when you are done there.  With that 
the mission is Finished.

<Mission Accomplished>

Interlude: The Wreckage of Lordaeron:

"Meanwhile, back in Lordaeron, the Burning Legion commences its invasion..."

Tichondrius appears to oversee the attack on Lordaeron.  A giant..thing 
(Mannoroth) is wreaking havoc. Tichondrius comments that the Scourge has 
done well in removing any resistance, unlike the Orcs.  Mannoroth vows he 
will punish the Orcs.

Chapter 3: Cry of the Warsong:

"Five Days later, near the foothills of the Stonetalon Mountains..."

Mission Objectives:

Establish Base:
 - Build a Great Hall.
 - Thrall must survive.

Secure Zepplins
 - Destroy all hostile units at Lab.
 - Return two Goblin Zepplins to your Base.

Optional Quest:

Pacify Humans
 - Destroy the human bases (ed. some pacifism!)

The Orcs have been wandering for a long time.  A scout reports that the Warsong 
clan is battling the humans.  Grom is indeed there, and he mentions a woman 
by the name of "Proudmoore..."

To start off you have to build a base.  Grom and his forces are right next 
to yours, so they will defend you for the time being.  There are four human 
bases; White at 3 o' clock, Light Blue at 8, Blue at 10, and Green at 12.  
The Zepplin is blocked by Blue, meaning you will have to raze the base.  
Furthermore, there is a large group of Harpies guarding the Lab: Harpy Scout 
(level 1 X2,) Harpy Windwitch (level 3,) Harpy Rogue (level 3 X2,) Harpy 
Storm-Hag (level 5) and Harpy Queen (level 6.)  Not an easy force to deal 

It is best to go for the main objective, but the bases aren't that well defended 
so it is your choice.  At the start, Purple will decide to attack; ignore 
them for now.

Go for white first, at 3 'o clock position.  There are Lighting lizards (level 
2 x 2) near the entrance, and a cannon tower in the middle of the base with 
two guard towers at the entrance.  The main force in the base are the riflemen, 
and a hero (Aggronnar the Mighty, Level 4 Mountain King.)  Just send in a 
catapult or two, some grunts and raiders and it should be easy.  Having the 
Kodo around also helps, but it is optional.  The most important part is to 
coincide your attack with Purples, since they will attack white for their 
second raid.  Try to destroy the base in that go.

The next target will be light blue.  They are virtually undefended, aside 
from Buzan the Fearless (level 3 Paladin.)  Once again, stick with purple.  
There were less than 5 units defending when I attacked.

Blue is the next target.  Since it is the main objective, it is better defended.  
Try entering through the arches in the south of the base.  There are four 
towers to watch for, as well as riflemen and sorceresses.  Kelen the Seeker, 
Level 2 archmage, is also there, but chance are he is probably dead from 
his latest attack on your base.  

Green will be the last target.  There is only one entrance, guarded by two 
towers.  By now taking care of towers should be second nature to you.  There 
is one more in the middle of the base.  Aside from that, expect a couple of 
footmen, priests and sorceress (I saw a pair of each.)  Nothing major here.  
The last base will be destroyed, but I didn't seem to get a reward.  
Nonetheless, return to base and gather up some troll headhunters as well 
as raider.  It is Harpy time. (not herpes.)

Note that you will have to pass through a lot of centaurs including the level 
8 resurrecting Centaur Khan (drops Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.)  Aside from 
that, the Raiders should net the harpies to the ground for your troops to 
slaughter.  Be warned that they have some pretty nasty spells, including a 
sleep spell and a tornado spell that occupies your units for a while, out 
of your control.  Killing the harpies will give you the circlet of nobility, 
as well as mission objective.  Hire two Zeppelins (costs 280 gold, 60 lumber) 
and send them back to base for the victory.  

<Mission Accomplished>
Thrall rails Grom for his actions.  Is it just me or do they sound way too 
sophisticated and intelligent?  Grom will construct a base up north whilst 
Thrall goes to Stonetalon with his new zeppelins.

Chapter 4: The Spirits of Ashenvale:

"Two days later, along the borderlands of Ashenvale forest."

Mission Objectives:

Slash and Burn:
 - Amass 15,000 Lumber

Optional Quests:
Furbolg chieftain
 - Slay the Furbolg Cheiftain.

To start off, Grom is already build a base.  You will need to gather 15,000 
lumber.  However, they notice that the forest is a bit strange.  A group of 
Nightelves with attack, but they are easy to defeat.  

Start chopping right away; but a word of warning.  The Peons cutting lumber 
at the bottom left will eventually clear a path to a Nightelf base, so move 
them away if you wish to avoid confrontation.  Note that there are wisps lying 
about everywhere, including your base, so kill those if you can.

Basically there are three bases: blue at the bottom right, teal at top left, 
and light blue at top right.  Blue has a small outpost right next to your 
bases as well as units scattered along the map.  Right above your base there 
is a Goblin Laboratory; send Grom in and it will trigger the optional quest.  
It is up to you though, since the target is at the 9 o' clock position, right 
across the map.  There are Furblog (level 4 X4,) Furbolg Elder Shaman (level 
7) and the Furbolg Chieftain (level 8.)  However, if you do decide to go, 
it is a pretty clear cut path.  Mid way, there is an indentation to the top 
where you can pick up a tome of agility.  Killing him will yield a lot of 
experience as well as a Health stone.  Return to Necloc for your reward, the 
Shredders, which literally tear trees down in secnds.  You can also hire two 
more from the lab for 450 gold, 100 lumber and 4 food.  The downside is that 
they use a lot of food, so it is up to you.

It may seem like an easy objective, but 15,000 lumber is a lot.  Your base 
will provide less and 5000 lumber, so you will need to eventually cover the 
map and take over bases to do so.

The best first target would be blue, since they are the closest.  The outpost 
is relatively weak, with a few archers and a ballista.  Knocking down the 
Tree of life will give you 3000 lumber as well as an optional quest.  To the 
left, there is a troll encampment, with Dark Troll (level 2 x2,) Dark Troll 
Shadow Priest (level 2 X2) and a Dark Troll warlord (level 6.)  Killing them 
will bring a Greater Healing potion as well as a gold mine with 40,000 Gold.  
Note that at nighttime, the Nightelves will start attacking with Hippogryphs 
as well as Shadowmeld, so keep an eye out.

You should be close to the target with the area you cleared just now, but 
if you wish to complete the optional quests, read on.  Otherwise, skip the 
next sections.  One difficulty with this quest is that since it gives you 
3000 each you would have hit the quota (usually) before you finish the mission.  
If you want, try spending your lumber.

The bases are actually pretty well defended with units.  The Ancient of 
Protector serves as guard towers, so you know how to deal with those.  There 
are about 5 or 6 of Archers, Huntresses and Dryads.  Watch out for the 
Ballistae too.  The best way to deal with the bases is to have mostly Grunts 
and Raiders, with a couple of catapults and Kodos.  If you are fast enough 
with the keys and mouse, use the Shamans as in battle support for good support.

Teal at the north-west has Hippogryphs in the mix.  Since you will have raiders 
anyways, it hardly makes a difference.  There are less huntresses, but more 
dryads and archers in proportion.  Basically, with raiders knocking the air 
units down, it is much easier.  

Light Blue has several ballistae, but without the air units.  It also has 
little static defense, so the main threat is from the Shadowmelded units 
hiding around.

When you have gathered 15,000 lumber, the Mission is accomplished.

<Mission Accomplished>

Interlude: The blood of Mannoroth:

"Later that Evening, near the Moonglades of Cenarius."

A group of big ugly things gather around a Fountain of Health.  Tichondrius 
appears with Mannoroth and slay them off.  They discuss Cenarius, and how 
he must be killed before Archimonde can start his invasion of Kalimdor.  

Tichondrius suggests that they use the Orcs.  Since Mannoroth had a blood 
pact with the orcs, all he needs to do is spill some blood to recharge the 
Orcish bloodlust....

Chapter 5: The Hunter of Shadows:

:"The next morning, in the shadowed woods of Ashendale..."

Mission Objectives:

The Chaos Well:
- Discover the Source of Power

 - Slay Cenarius

To start of with, you have a pretty big base but it is divided by a river.  
Cenarius appears and turns trees against the orcs.  Right at the start you 
have to defend against a massive onslaught.  The base across the river being 
attacked from the start cannot be saved; instead focus on building up your 
defenses as fast as possible.  This means researching ensnare and other 
abilities including Beserker, since they have both Hippogryphs as well as 
Chimeras in the mix.  Since you start with the previous lumber (at 15,000) 
you will only need gold for now.  Stick Catapults around your base and near 
your watch towers, and have raiders and Grunts defending.  Research the war 
drums as quickly as possible and have a Kodo or two at each entrance, beating 
the drums.  Grom may die, but since you have an Altar, it should be okay.  

A troll witch doctor will detect a source of power; thus, you must find it.  
There is only one path north, so head north with Grom; send in a catapult 
or two as well as some strong units, since there are some very strong creep 
ahead.  Notice the cave; some Wolves will come out and attack, Timber wolf 
(level 2 x 2,) Giant Wolf (level 4 x 2) and Dire Frost Wolf (level 6.)

When you reach some glowing orbs in a cross formation, mow the trees down 
with your catapult.  Head up, where there will be a Merchant; but there are 
also Furbolg (level 4 X4,) Furbolg Shaman (level 4 X 2,) Furbolg Tracker 
(level 6 x2,) Furbolg Elder Shaman (level 7) and Furbolg Ursa (level 8.)  
Note that you can kill three of them with the catapult before you knock down 
the trees.  Use a witch doctor to scout head of the trees, when move the 
catapult next to the rocks.  Kill the first one then knock down the middle 
section of the trees.  When done, there should be a gap where you knocked 
down the trees.  Move in the catapult and kill the other two.  Continue north 
and kill them all.  It will drop the Claws of Attack, which adds +9 to attack.  
Before you progress, remember to stock up on healing and defensive items

Continue to the left and you will see some Satyrs (level 1 X2,) Satyr 
Shadowdancer (level 3 X2) and Satyr Soulstealer (level 5 X2.) Be warned that 
they can cast 'Curse' on you, so watch your units and dispel if necessary.  
Head through the way gate.  

You are now slightly to the south of the way gate.  There are two Satyr 
tricksters (level 1 X 2) and two Shadow dancers hidden.  They drop a potion 
of Greater healing.  Head north across the river and through the arches.  The 
next fight is pretty difficult, so I suggest you heal up and get more potions 
and healing items if necessary.

There will be a Satyr Pyromancer (level 9) with invulnerable amour at 1200 
Hp.  Supporting him are Fire Archers (Level 3 X 4.)  Killing them will yield 
an Orb of fire.  

Continue up north and there should be a few skeleton warriors and archers, 
but they are nothing compared to what you just fought.  Head to the right 
for a much needed fountain of health.  The end of the path leads to your 
objective, but it is guarded by Satyr Tricksters (level 1 X2,) Satyr 
Shadowdancer (level 3 X2) Satyr Soulstealer (level 5 X 2,) and Satyr 
Hellcaller (level 8.)  Thus, bring as much there as you can.  When you reach 
it, Grom will drink it and turn into Christmas Grom.  Actually he turns bright 
red.  You will now build Chaos units, so stock up on those.  Don't forget 
the warlocs.  There is a ring to pick up too.

Now, you have to slay Cenarius.  Yipee.

There are three encampments: Light blue at the bottom, with mostly huntresses 
and ballistae, Blue at top with mostly Dyrads and huntresses, and Green in 
the middle with the air units.  When you destroy a base, Cenarius will come 
down and attack you.  Blue is the easiest target, in my opinion.

Cenarius, as you can see, is hard.  Use your Warlock and Kodo drums to even 
it up a bit, and rush in with as many units as you can.  You deal full damage 
against his armor, but he still has an ass-load of HP and does lots of damage.

When he dies, the mission is over.

<Mission Accomplished>
Grom sees Mannoroth, who comments on their now renewed Orcish bloodlust.  
Grom is angry at the demonic influence, saying that he will pave his own 

Chapter 6: Where Wyverns Dare:

"At that same moment, near the base of Stonetalon peak..."

Mission Objectives:

Stone Talon Peak:
 - Destroy the Human base that guards the peak.

Optional Quests

- Find the Wyverns

Defiled Fountain:
 - Kill Centaur Khan
 - Return the Glyph of Purification to restore the Fountain.

To start, a Zeppelin flies around and is attacked by Griffins.  Luckily, it 
crash lands at Thralls encampment.  It brings news of Humans guarding the 
mountain all the way to the summit.  Some Cairne and some Taurens then appear, 
ready to help.

To start off, train some Raiders as well as what other units you are comfortable 
with, mainly grunts.  Leave some units behind that can attack air and ground, 
since blue will attack with Zeppelins carrying troops or with Griffins.  Head 
to the left, where you will find the first Optional quest.  There are Lightning 
Lizard (Level 2 X 3) and Thunder Lizards (Level 6 X 2.)  Find the defiled 

Head back to base.  You should see a path leading up that splits into two.  
The left path leads to the Wyverns, where as the right hand path leads to 
Centaur Khan.  I suggest that you go for Khan first, since it is easier.  
However, the Wyverns can make Khan killing easier, but you won't have the 
fountain to heal with.  

Head up and you will find that the Harpies have captured the Wyverns.  Four 
Harpies (Level 2 X2, Level 4x2) will attack you, but with your raiders and 
two heroes, they are nothing.  Continue upwards until you come across a dozen 
or so level 4 Centaurs.  Kill them and visit the Laboratory.  If you are daring 
you could use the zeppelins to fly directly to the wyverns, but there are 
a lot of harpies around there so I wouldn't recommend it.  Continue and head 
right, following the path until you reach a small area with Khan and some 
centaurs (level 4 X4, level 5 X2.)  Khan is still at level 8, but still has 
his resurrecting ability.  Just smack him as hard as you can, and claim the 
glyph.  Remember this intersection when you return back to the fountain.

This time, head to the left when you reach the first intersection.  There 
are a lot of Harpies in this area, so bring raiders and ranged attackers.  

Right along the path, you will spot some Quillboar hunters (level 3 X5)
	near a Goblin merchant.  Buy some healing items if you feel you need it.  
To the left, you will see some Razormane brutes (level 3 x 3) and a Razormane 
Medicine Man (level 5) for a health stone.  Slay them too.  A few steps upwards 
you will spot even more (I didn't count) and a chieftain (level 7.)  Killing 
them gives you a periapt of Vitality.

Now it is Harpy time.  The next group are Harpy Rogue (level 3 X 4) with a 
Harpy Stormhag (level 5.)  Just ensnare them and tear them apart and pick 
up the scroll of protection.  The spell she uses won't do much against large 
numbers.  Continue left for Harpy windwitch (level 3 X 3) and Harpy Rogue 
(level 3.) Right up ahead are the wyverns.

There are Harpy Scout (level 1 X 2,) Harpy Windwitch (level 3 x 2,) Harpy 
Storm Hag (level 5 X 2) and Harpy queen (level 6.)  This is quite difficult, 
since they have a wide range of spells.  Try to dispel or use the protection 
scrolls, since they use a lot of magic attacks.  When they are dead, you can 
now build wyverns.

It is now time to raze the Human bases.  Return back to where Centaur Khan 
was; the intersection I mentioned.  The left path leads to Light blue's Base., 
your first target.  Meanwhile, train up some wyverns and anti air units.

Light blue's base consists of mainly riflemen, with a priest and sorceress.  
There is also a Hero Arhcmae, Nilas Arcanister (level 6 Archmage.) and two 
more guard towers inside the base.  To start off there are two guard towers 
with two footmen.  A catapult should take care of them.  When the defenders 
start rushing towards you, spread out, since they will try to cast Blizzard 
on you.  Nilas will also be rushing, so the main battle really starts early.  
He should be easy though, with two heroes on your side.  Try to save the wyverns 
since the Riflemen are plentiful.

The rest of the base should fall easily.  Return to the Goblin Laboratory. 
You will notice that you cannot find blue's base, or at least find a path 
to it.  You must land there with zeppelins.  The only problem is that there 
are about 9 to 10 Griffins patrolling the perimeters.  

This is where your wyverns come in.  Their job is to fight the Griffins and 
clear a zone for your Zeppelins to land at the south end of the base.  They 
won't attack you when you land, unless you venture too far inwards.  Their 
base is mainly guarded by Griffins and riflemen, with an occasional knight 
and gyrocopter.  The hero here is Bandis Forgefire, level 7 mountain king.  
There are some guard towers scattered around the base but you should try 
to use only one catapult or rushing them with your ground troops.  

The attack should be in the direction of a combined arms attack.  Use your 
wyverns to get the ground units, and the ground units to get the air units.  
Note that any Griffins patrolling the perimeters that you didn't kill will 
now come and defend the base.  The towers are congregated in the northern 
part of the base, where as most of the threat is near the south-middle.  Try 
to send a kodo if possible for their wardrums.  The Pulverize ability really 
isn't used here unless aiming at a grouped target.  

When the base is razed, the mission is finally over.

<Mission Accomplished>
Thrall spots a human woman entering the caves.  It turns out to be Jaina 
Produmoore, also seeking the oracle? Could it be a trap? Thrall's experience 
with humans says so, so they proceed...

Chapter 7: The Oracle:

"Twenty Minutes later, inside the caverns of Stonetalon Peak..."

Mission Objectives:

The Oracle:
 - Seek out the Oracle
 - Thrall must survive.

The Heart of Aszune:
 - Find the Heart of Aszune
 - Return the Heart to Aszune.

Enchanted Gemstone:
 - Find the Enchanted Gemstone
 - Bring the Enchanted Gemstone to the Spectral bridge.
 - Cairne Bloodhoof must survive.

Thrall and Cairne wander the caverns, reaching a fork in the road.  They decide 
to spilt up.

You start off in a caged area.  There is a box just below you which has a 
potion when you attack it.  There is a gate to your left that you have to 
attack.  Outside are a few skeletons and ancient undead units.  This map 
resembles a Diablo 2 level, so I won't go and label every creep you will 
encounter, although I will list the major and higher level ones.

Follow the path until you come at a T section.  To the top there is an attackable 
gate with a Mantle of Intelligence inside.  Head downwards to continue.  
There will be a small gate at the next room at the bottom.  It leads to a 
Sludge Monstrosity (level 5) and two sludge monsters that drop a Ring of 
Regeneration.  Head to the right when you are done here.

There are crates along this diagonal path that drop items, but the second 
one you come across will unleash a wraith.  There is another gate in the next 
room that leads to a Fire Revenant and a scroll of Animate dead and Tome 
of Agility.  Head up when you are done.

There will be a small intersection up next.  The left path leads to a tome 
of intelligence and two fallen Priests (acolytes, level 1.)  The Right path 
leads to a Level 9 Death Revenant and some minions that drop an orb of fire.  
Break the crates and take the potions.  Head right over the bridge for another 
Death Revenant.  Heal up and get prepared for another tough boss fight.

The Skeleton King (hmmm) has about 1000 HP and does a good deal of damage 
(100) so fight wisely.  The minions are easy to take care of.  Notice there 
is a gate to the left of his throne.  To enter it, head to the bottom of the 
throne room and bust the gate open.  There is a Level 7 Salamander Vizer that 
guards the Blood key.  Note that it is asleep and blocked by another gate, 
so nail it with ranged attacks.  Head back up and smash the other crates to 
get the Crown of Kings.

Head out of the throne room and into the Way Gate.  Head to the right and 
bust through the gate.  The peasants will arm themselves when they reach the 
wall, so kill them quickly.  Continue right and a Kobold Taskmaster will burst 
out and attack you... and die.  The next cell has 3 Troll head hunters so free 
them and they will join you.  The next room has a fire Salamander that drops 
the Sobi Mask.  Continue the path until you see some sheep scrolling about...

And now you see why.  Kill the sorceresses first before dealing with the 
footmen that come from the back.  In the next room, break the gate on the 
left and follow it to two more Troll head hunters that will join you.  There 
is a much needed Scroll of Resurrection.  Return to the main room and heal 
up, as well as cast any status improving magic that you have.

Up ahead you see a Level 10 Red Dragon fighting 2 Harpy Queens and 2 Harpy 
Rogues.  Run away and let them fight each other of.  Return to kill them all 
and pick up the Heart of Aszune.  Head up through the Way Gate.

You now start back at the second way gate.  Bust through the bottom door and 
head near the statue.  Now head to the right.  Control will now shift to Cairne, 
who must find the gemstone.

To the north there is a stone token that can be reached by attacking the 
rocks around it.  There are two paths to the south.  The one on the left leads 
to a few Kolbolds and Potions, which are recommended.  The right path leads 
to three humans that get gored by the traps.  Continue on that path the 
rifleman was on, downwards.  

There will be some humans and crates at the bottom of the path.  Some Kobolds 
will burst through the rocks and drop a Tailisman.  Continue and go down the 
path.  You will see a "Hungry Hungry Lizard" in the corner, but...

Don't attack it.  It will clear a path for you by knocking/eating those giant 
mushrooms.  It can take a while, but you will be the Lions horn of Protection, 
which gives the Hero a protective aura.  Continue to the right; there will 
be a three way split.  Cairne notices that the Boars are protecting a gemstone. 

The gate appears to be invulnerable, so you will need to find another way.  
First head straight forward into the middle path.  There will be a circle 
of power.  Stepping on it will trigger the trap that kills all the boars down 
there.  Head back and take the upwards path.  Step on that circle and the 
Gate will open.  Collect the Gemstone.  There are some kobold on the bottom 
right path there, that drop Claws of attack.  There is also a Salamander Lord 
walking around on the lava.  Kill it and head back to the fountain to heal.  
When you are done, head right by walking across the lava.

When you reach the other side, the Two war Golems (level 6) will attack you.  
Head to the right and the Siege golem (level 9) will attack.  Kill it to get 
the Ghost key and open the door to Thrall. Move Cairne to the statue and 
the Bridge will appear, ending the Scenario.

<Mission Accomplished>
Thrall enters to see Jaina there.  They prepare for battle but the Prophet 
angrily tells them to stop. He reveals to Thrall that Lordaeron has fallen 
to the Legion, and so has Grom.  As such Thrall must join forces with the 
humans to save the Orcs and everything else from the Burning Legion...

Chapter 8: By Demons be Driven:

"Three days later, near the edge of the Barrens..."

Mission Objectives:

 - Capture Grom in the Soul Gem
 - Bring Grom to Jaina's Ritual Circle

There is an uneasy feeling as the humans team up with the Orcs.  Yet, with 
so much at stake, they rely on each other.  

From the start, build up your defenses, since you will be under attack from 
the Infernals.  My Recommendation is to keep exploration to a minimum, since 
it is mostly creeps in the middle section of the map.

The Ritual Circle is to the left of your base.  Pretty easy to find.  To your 
right there is a Goblin lab, but it is guarded.  The Shredders are extremely 
useful though, since you will need a lot of resources.

To the north, there is a Fountain of health guarded by Centaur Khan and other 
Centaurs.  Further north, there are some Orcs being held prisoner.  

The top left corner has an Orc Base, whereas the top left has another base 
as well as Grom.  But unlike the other maps, he is sitting on a throne literally 
at the corner of the map.  He has about 6 or 8 Doomguards as well as half 
a dozen Felhounds around him.  There are also a few Chaos Orcs near by.

This map is pretty damn hard.  The Chaos Orcs boast about a 10+ damage bonus 
as well as more HP.  Furthermore, at random intervals, a pair of Infernals 
will land anywhere on the map and rush towards you.  At times, if you are 
unlucky enough, they may even land directly in your base...

The top left base can be ignored, since have nothing other than trouble.  
Be warned that the buildings look pointier than usual; they have the spike 
barricades, so you will have to attack buildings with ranged attackers.

The top right base is slightly easier, although longer.  Firstly, defend your 
base so that it can defend against Infernals without too much damage.  Next, 
build up a large force of Catapults,  Taurens,  and Raiders.  Support units 
should be Shamans or Kodos, with the occasional witch doctor for healing.  
Wyverns will help later on, but only a few.  You really have to max upon units 
first.  When fill up the queue.  This is more of a battle of attrition.

When you are ready, head to the right and follow the path upwards.  Keep an 
eye on your units, since there are enemy encampments along the way.  
Eventually you will reach the outskirts of the base.  The general concept 
is to attack the buildings and towers with your catapults, escorting them 
with the Taurens.  The Raiders and the heros should be attacking stray units.  
Be patient as well; don't rush forward.  Try to lure them into your already 
in position catapults.

When you reach a flaming crater, you will know that you are at the entrance 
of the base.  Prepare your Catapults in formation and lure the enemies to 
you.  Micromanagement is important here.  It is best if you save the spells 
up, since you will need them later on.

The humans will attack from time to time, but it is utterly pathetic and 
futile.  However, you can use it to your advantage by attacking as the same 
time they do, so they enemy will be distracted as well as you having a helping 

Note that just below the main base, there is a smaller outpost.  You can rescue 
some Orc units there if you wish.  Also not that the Creeps here drop some 
pretty good items, but they are hard to beat.  The Storm Wyrm at the top of 
the map for example, drops a Medallion of Courage,

When the base is destroyed, heal up.  This is a good time to send in those 
wyverns.  The units up next are the Burning Legions with a few Chaos Ors:


4 Felhounds,
2 Doom guards


2 Doomguards
2 Chaos Warlocs
2 Chaos Grunts
2 Chaos Raiders.

And Finally

2 Doomguards
Grom Hellscream, Level 10 Blademaster.

Try to take the fight away from the other sections.  A good place is to stay 
in the area between the craters and the pillars with glyphs on top.  They 
will rush at you to get slaughtered.  Next, move your Catapults etc between 
the pillars and the main arch.  You can hit the Doomguards, but for some reason 
the Chaos Orcs won't come forward.  Lure them with a spear from the troll.  

Eventually there will be only the Two Doomguards and Grom.  You must not kill 
Grom though, but instead, use the Soul gem on him.  When you approach, a 
cutscene plays, revealing that the Orcs willingly took on the Demonic 

Note that there is a more direct alternative.  Thanks to Mr. Kincaid Kids 
for this tip.  Find it in the Addendum.

Oddly enough, after the cutscene, nobody attacks.  Use the Gem as fast as 
you can, then get the hell out of there.  Send in the rest of your units to 
cover Thrall's escape.  Head back to the ritual circle with a few escorts 
just in case.

When you reach the circle, the scenario ends.

<Mission Accomplished>

Grom is filled with energy in the circle, returning to his normal self.  He 
apologizes for his mistake, and mentions that Mannoroth is waiting for them, 
at the Canyon.

Thrall and Grom walk, looking for the beast.  From behind, Mannoroth gives 
a roar and taunts the Orcs.  Thrall launches his Doomhammer at Mannoroth, 
but he blocks it easily.  In a single move, Mannoroth charges and blasts Thrall 

Mannoroth speaks of the bloodpact to Grom, and how he will never escape.  
Filled with rage, Grom rushes forward with a mighty roar and cleaves 
Mannoroth's blade in half, burying his battle axe deep on the chest of the 
hulking beast.  With a roar, Mannoroth explodes in a tempest of infernal 

Thrall recovers and finds Grom.  Thrall thanks his old friend for saving the 
orc race, and Grom dies.  

[End of Orc Campaigns]

Nightelf Sentinel Campaigns:
Eternity's End

Chapter 1: Enemies at the Gate

"With the heroic sacrifice of Grom Hellscream, the pit lord Mannoroth was 
slain and the Demon curse that had plagued the Orcs was put to an end.  However, 
the combined Human and Orc forces have moved deeper into Ashenvale forest 
to ascertain whether a demonic threat still lingers in the land.

Tyrande Whisperwind, the leader of the Night Elf Sentinels, believes that 
the oulanders will bring only doom to the enchanted homeland."

Mission Objectives:

Night elf base:
 - Entangle a gold mine
 - Construct a moon well
 - Construct an Ancient of War
 - Train 5 Archers

- Slay the Paladin.

Optional Quests:

Furbolg Village:
 - Locate 10 missing Furbolg.

Tyrande Whisperwind stares off in the distance.  Shandris Feathermoon finds 
the leader of the elves and inquires what she is doing.  The Orc and Human 
base is worrying her, and she decides to teach them a lesson.

Firstly, select the Tree of life and select "Entangle goldmine."  Select a 
wisp and build a moon well and Ancient of war.

Take Tyrande and head south, to a nearby Furbolg village.  The chieftain says 
that they need to find the 10 missing villagers before they can head off 
to another land.

From the Elven base, take the path north-west.  There will be two Furbolgs 
(2.) Go east, so you are north of your base.  You can find 3 more archers 
there.  Head back down to the Furbolg village, and go around it to the south.  
Cross the river to find 2 more.  You can head to the west from there to find 
a small human camp.  Note that if you attack at night, 2 more will come out 
from the tents.  Raze the encampment to receive a potion and scroll of healing.

Return to base.  When your base has finished building, it is time to kill 
the paladin.  The main base is at the south west corner.  There are two 
encampments at the center of the map and at the far left, but they are small.  
Duke Lionheart (paladin level 6) is at the main camp.

Head to the west following the only path.  Heal at the fountain if you need 
to, then head up to destroy the orc outpost.  Continue west wards; there is 
another encampment if you head up when you first enter the river.  This time 
they have griffins, although since your attacks are ranged, it makes little 
difference.  From there, head north and take care of the three raiders that 
appear on your right.   Rescue the three Furbolgs and cross the river directly 
to the west.  There will be another set of Furbolgs there.  However, there 
are also enemy wyverns, although you could time it so you can sneak past 
them.  There is little point though, since there is another outpost directly 
south of you.  From there. Cross the river to the south to find the final 
Furbolg.  Return to the shaman for your reward, three Furbolg champions..

Note that you can travel freely on the rivers.  The only thing left to do 
now is to destroy the paladin.  Wait until it is night though.  Rush in and 
nail the Paladin with all you got.  Use the Furbolgs to distract him.  There 
are two other Furbolgs in the south-east of the base that also count towards 
the optional quest.

When the paladin dies, the Mission is accomplished. 

< Mission Accomplished>

The Undead legions are now attacking the settlement.  The vast numbers 
overwhelm the base.  

Chapter 2: Daughters of the Moon:

"Three hours later, somewhere in the foothills of Mount Hyjal..."

Mission Objectives:

Escape into shadow:
 - Bring Tyrande to the Night Elf Town.
 - Hide from the Patrolling Doomguard
 - Tyrande must survive.

To start off, you have to reach the town at the south east of the map.  This 
is a semi-fun mission.  The most important thing to remember is that "i" will 
cause Tyrande to hide.  Enemies pursuing her will magically forget about her.  
You can also kill the Doomguards.

To start off, head to the north west.  There will be a DG (Doomguard) 
patrolling back and forth, so time it so you can run past.  Kill the DG standing 
near the Slippers of Agility and head south on the river.  Head down until 
you see a cage.  Free the Furbolg and follow it.  It will engage the DG, so 
you can hit them from afar.  After the curve, hug the right tree wall and 
you will find some crates that contain a druid pouch.  At this point the 
furbolg will walk off, so you can ignore it.

Continue south, across the bridge.  There will be a single footman setting 
camp.  Kill him and five more archers will join you.  Cross the river; the 
fix footmen will fight some ghouls.  Either way you will have to kill both, 
so let them take each other down first.

Head upwards to the Goblin Merchant.  Stock up on what you need.  At the same 
time, some undead are attacking the orc encampment.  They are actually pretty 
even handed, so let them duke it out and take out the survivors.  Pick up 
the mantle of intelligence too.  Head through the way gate.

Heal at the fountain.  Suddenly a shade will get killed by some huntresses 
(three of them.)  Break down the gate and kill the shade and DG.  Three stone 
gargoyles guard a gloves of haste, so smash them down.  Right about now another 
DG will arrive from the left, so hide for now then take him out.

Head to the left.  There is a spike trap with a ring of protection in the 
middle.  Attack the trap to shrink it, then take the ring.  Head north.  Kill 
the shade on the left and the humans will head north to fight a DG.  Let them 
duke it out and head north through the gate.  The DG drops a tome of strength 
though, so it is up to you.  When you reach the fountain on the other side, 
4 huntresses and 2 archers will join to reinforce you.  Right ahead is a major 
undead base, so you will need them.  Continue right when you are ready.

The first turn has a Mana stone and manual of health, but it is guarded by 
2 DGs and a Spirit tower.   The next turn leads to your target objective, 
but there is an Undead encampment there.  When you reach that area, you will 
gain some ballistae as well as more huntresses.  At the same time, dawn is 
starting to break, so you will have to hurry.  

Note that there is an Easter egg; Right where you get the Ballistae, aim 
north and bring your hero north.  Thanks to Ryan Palarca, 

Use the ballistae to target the numerous Spirit towers.  Have the other units 
cover the ballistae.  The rest is pretty simple.  Head south through the gate 
to finish the mission.

<Mission Accomplished>
Shandris reveals that they have been attacked by the undead.  As such, Tyrande 
feels the only option left is to summon the Druids...

Chapter 3: The Awakening of Stormrage:

"The next day, near the outskirts of the sacred Moonglades..."

Mission Objectives:

Furion Stormrage:
 - Reach Moonglade isle behind he Orc base.
 - Slay the Primal Guardians.
 - Bring Tyrande to the Horn of Cenarius
 - Slumbering Furion Stormrage must survive

The Undead are infringing upon the land, and to deal with them, they must 
be stopped before they reach the Sleeping Druid.  There is nothing much you 
can do against them, nor should you.  They are to the left of the map, as 
indicated by the minimap.  Tichondrius (Level 10) is there, with lots of 
towers, and a few abominations and crypt fiends.  Their Ghouls are constantly 
harvesting lumber that will lower the tree count, but you cannot reach them 
(corrected: see credits.)

The main Orc base is to the right, and it is actually pretty poorly defended, 
at the start anyways.  They have about 3 towers spread out, a few raiders 
in an outpost outside the base, and some witchdoctors and shamans.  There 
is a level 5 blademaster, Kigami.  Behind the base, the path leads to an isle 
where your objectives lie.

Firstly, you have 100 trees; about 20 to 30 minutes to wrap things up.  All 
you need are a few ballistae, some huntreses and archers, and maybe a Dryad 
for support.  Wait until dark to attack.  Note that they will periodically 
send some units at you, but nothing major.

The longer you wait, the more units the orcs will have.  When I launched my 
actual attack they had a few more grunts as well as wyverns.  So prepare for 
a larger force.  You will need it.  Try to have Tyrande learn trueshot aura 

When you are done with the Orc base, you now must face the Guardians.  The 
first one you will see will be the fire guardian.  The dryads are extremely 
useful here, so take advantage of their spells.  Some level 4 Owlbears will 
rush out from the cave.   Follow the path and heal at the fountain.  

The next target is the Ice guardian.  It will case curse and slow, so use 
the Dryards well.  Owlbears will rush out once again.  The next target is 
the Lightning Guardian, which can cast slow.  Same tactic applies here.

Send Tyrande to the Clarion.  

<Mission Accomplished>
Furion awakens and summons Treants to decimate the undead.

Chapter 4: The Druids Arise:

"Two days later, deep in the winter spring valley..."

Mission Objectives:

Awaken Druids:
 - Reach the Barrow Dens.
 - Destroy the Corrupted Night Elf base.
 - Bring Furion to Barrow Dens.

Optional Quests

Crazed Furbolgs:
 - Kill the Furbolg Warlord.

Cursed Glade: 
 - Kill the Death Revenant to restore the forest.

You start of at the bottom right corner, with a small base.  Your target is 
near the top right corner.  There are five bases in your way.  

This is a very air orientated map.  To the north lies the Orcs, of which you 
cannot reach by land.  Their main force consists of Wyverns, which they will 
attack your base with.  Purple is directly to the east, also inaccessible.  
They have a huge fleet of Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles, a base I think the Elves 
cannot raze at this point.  Be warned that they will attack you as well, so 
have extreme anti-air defenses around.

To the north there is a fountain of health, guarded by three Trolls.  To the 
left there are a few Furbolgs; they are the same ones from Ashenvale, but 
they have become corrupted.  Thus, you must head out and destroy the  Furbolg 

Head north and follow the path; it will be a large Furbolg encampment.  The 
first area has Furbolg (level 4 X 5,) Furbolg tracker (level 6) and Furbolg 
Elder Shaman (level 7.)  Head up and you will face Furbolg (level 4 X 2,) 
Furbolg Tracker (level 6,) Furbolg elder Shaman (level 7 X 3) and the Warlord 
(level 9.)   Kill him to get Claws of Power.

Head back down to the south, then east.  Two huntresses will appear to warn 
of danger.  You must now destroy a human base (light blue) to the southeast.

There is a paladin, Aurrius the Pure (level 4) there, as well as a few footmen, 
and the odd sorceress, priest and rifleman lying around.  There are two towers, 
but they are at the exit of the base near the gate.  To the north there is 
another light blue base, but it is all Griffins and Gyrocopter based.

The base is pretty easy to raze, and you should be used to it by now.  Head 
through the south gate when you are done, and you will be greeted by some 
more reinforcements.  Head south and take care of the ambush.  To the bottom 
left corner there is a Level 10 Storm Wyrm behind some trees.  Use Furion 
to summon Treants from the trees blocking your way to help out.  The Storm 
Wyrm drops a Sobi mask.  Follow the path to the right.

If you continue to the right to the bottm right corner of the screen, the 
Death Revenant will be there (level 8) with an assortment of Wraiths and 
Ghosts.  The Death Revenant has the Vampric aura, which allows units around 
it to leech life (thanks to Adam Hewitt for clarifying this.)  Kill him to 
restore the forest and complete the optional quest.

Head to the north when you are done.  You will run into a corrupted Night 
Elf base.  A new objective will be given, and Ballistae are the way to go.  
There are plenty of static defenders, as well as Satyr and Corrupted Treants.  
The Dryads and Huntresses should take good care of them.  Use archers if you 
need to.  There is a Satyr hero (Satyr Hellcaller, level 8.)

With that done, head up.  

<Mission Accomplished>
Furion will summon forth the Druids of the Talon.  All three of them.  Yipee.  
Now for the Druids of the Claw.  Maybe there will be more than two this time.

Chapter 5: Brothers in Blood:

"The next morning, within the subterranean Barrow Deeps of Mount Hyjal..."

Mission Objectives:

Awaken Druids:
 - Discover the location of the Barrow Deeps
 - Tyrande Whisperwind must survive.
 - Furion Stormrage must survive.

Free Illidan
 - Locate Illidan's Prison.
 - Defeat the Watchers.
 - Tyrande Whisperwind must survive.

Optional Quests:

Bear Necessities:
 - Get water from the Fountain of life.
 - Return the filled vial to the Furbolgs.

Another maze map, so I will list only boss or strong enemies.  Head south.  
There will be an upper route to the top left; take it and kill the kobolds.  
There is another one on the right, but with wendigoes.  

Head south and kill the Giant spiders (Blood Mother, level 8.)  There is 
actually little, if any variation in the path you can take.  Head south and 
you will see a defiled fountain.  Giant spiders will be popping out everywhere, 
and Tyrande will comment on Demons bile causing this.

Continue the path to find some Furbolgs and the optional quest.  Continue 
the path.  The first path upwards leads to some wraiths and archers.  The 
next niche leads to Lightning Lizard (level 2 x 3) and Thunder Lizard (level 
6) as well as the fountain you need.  Bring the vial holder near it and return 
to the Furbolgs.  You will get the Talisman of the wild as a reward.

Head back to the path and continue.  After a cut scene, Tyrande will run off.  
Follow the path until you reach the circle of power.  At the top of that bit 
though, you will find some giant mushrooms. 

Mr. Scott Benoit has a tip for this section:

"About half way down between the start and the defiled fountain of life, 
on the right side of the map is a rather large patch of mushrooms.  A couple 
casting's worth of treants later reveals a path strewn with bones and a short 
cutscene, leading to the World's Biggest Panda (Level 10 of course).  Kill 
it to get a Necklace of Spell Immunity."

Summon some treants from the far top bit to use the Treants to kill the Sludge 
monster.  It will drop a wand of negation.  To the bottom, there are more 
mushrooms.  The left turn leads to lots of skeletons.  The bottom mushroom 
leads to a small, hidden circle of power.  Head through it and you will be 
warped to a small area.  Ahead is a level 8 Ice Revenant and 4 Level 3 Skeleton 
archers that will drop the Robe of Magic.  Head through the gateway to return 
and head to the circle when you are done.

Continue right along the bridge and kill the Watchers.  They will drop a claw 
of attack.  The south path leads to a fountain of mana.  Head north to proceed.  
Notice that there are Black dragon whelps (level 3.)

A cut scene will play, where the Druids of the Claw have lost to the feral 
side.  They will attack you, but at any time if you kill any, the mission 
will end.  Use cyclone or entangle like the game suggests.  Run like hell 
through the maze.  It is a single path way, but there are gates in the way.  
Just run to the end and enter the circle.  Control will shift to Tyrande.

Right off the bat, the Watchers will rush you.  The south path leads to a 
few gates, and a Tome of knowledge.  Find the end of this route and attack 
the pedestal to get the item.  Head back out when you are done (back to bottom 
path.).  Head to the left; the bottom cage has three huntresses, and a circle 
of power is to the north; activate it and return to where you started.

The Top path is next, and it is quite simple.  When you activate the second 
circle of power, return to where you started and go through the newly opened 

The path is pretty simple here too.  Turn downwards when you reach the bottom, 
where there are some asleep watchers.  Break open the gate to get new weapons, 
boosting your stats considerably.  Return to the main corridor and follow 
it to the end.  There are a few prisoners to save here.  The first one on 
the left, you need to destroy the green egg pods; each one destroyed will 
release one prisoner.  Thanks to Victoria Vanderson for this tip.

Head north through the way gate.

Follow the path downwards.  Continue down at the T intersection.  Inside you 
will get some useful land mines.  Head back out and follow the path.

You will notice that the Enemies here are traveling in a circle.  This is 
where the mines come in.  Quickly place a mine when there aren't enemies around 
to damage them.  When they are used up, slay them.

Head up.  There are more units, with Califax (keeper of the grove level 3) 
guarding the prison cell, along with two watchers.  This is a good time to 
use Tyrande's new Starfall spell...

Defeat them and the scenario ends.

<Mission Accomplished>
Furion is angry that Illian is free.  Tyrande pleads for them to put aside 
their sibling rivalry for now to deal with the burning legions.

Chapter 6: A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow

"The following evening, deep in the corrupted forest of Felwood."

Mission Objectives:
The Skull of Gul'Dan 
 - Destroy the Demon Gate guarding the Skull
 - Bring Illidan to the Skull
Destroy Tichondrius
 - Destroy Tichondrius with your newfound powers.

This map doesn't have that much opposition.  Instead, it is in the form of 
Burning Legion units.  To the northeast of your base lies a Corrupted Ancient 
(orange) base.  They aren't actually that well defended, and the encampment 
is pretty small.  There is a Skeleton king Hero (level 9) and a few undead.  
To the northwest lies Green, another Corrupted Ancient base.  They are much 
better defended, with lots of Corrupted Ancient of Protections lying about.  
Most of the forces there are Stayrs.  Directly west lies a Goblin Merchant, 
guarded by spiders.

Build up your defenses quickly, sine Green will attack right off the bat.  
Build up a sizeable force and raze orange (for the experience.)  You could 
do the same to Green too, but bring some Ballistae and Dryads along for the 
Satyrs and Protectors.

Your first target is to the North West.  There are six Doomguards, three 
Felhounds, and two Infernals guarding the base.  Bring what you think will 
be the most useful.

When you are ready head there.  To the northeast corner lies Tichondrius, 
but he is too strong (level 10) for the time being.  

Take care of the burning legions and destroy the gate.  Illidan will claim 
the skull for his own, transforming into a Demonic being.  Only Illidan can 
damage Tichondrius, so be sure not to waste your units.  You could probably 
win by just sending him and a few Druids.  With his death the mission ends.

<Mission Accomplished>
Tyrande and Furion find Illidan, shocked at what he has become.  Furion 
banishes his brother from the forests forever.

Interlude: The Last Guardian:

"Two days later, in a tranquil glade of Mount Hyjal..."

Furion and Tyrande are waiting in a glade, discussing the dream that summoned 
Furion there.   Furion speaks of a mystical raven that came to his dream.

Thrall and Jaina appear, also summoned by the mysterious Raven.  Tyrande is 
obviously unhappy with the intruders, and the Prophet shows up just in time.

He tells of the purpose for the Legion; the prophet himself.  Many years ago 
the wizard Medivh open the gate that allowed the Orcs into this world, the 
same pathway that allowed Demons to cross.  

Now it is time for Medivh, the prophet, to unite the forces to defeat that 
which threatens all life itself...

Chapter 7: Twilight of the Gods

"The next morning, near Hyjal Sumit.  
The NightElven, Orcs, and Humans gather to plan their defense of the 

Mission Objectives:

Delay Archimonde:
 - Delay Archimonde for 45 minutes.
 - Archimonde must not reach the mountain summit.

Archimonde is after the Life Tree, the source of the Elven's immortality.  
The combined forces plan their defense of the mountain to slow down Archimonde 
so Furion's plan will work.

The summit is the Circle of power to the top right of your base, near the 
gates.  The undead base is at the bottom left corner, and their path will 
first reach the human settlement (Light blue) then the Orcs (red) then finally 
the Elven base (white.)  

This is a purely defense map.  It is near impossible to destroy the Undead 
base, as it can spawn infinite Burning Legion units (almost actually.)  Not 
to mention that Archimonde is posing near the entrance, it is pretty difficult 
to gain entry.

Your first immediate task is to have a defense ready.  Plug Ancient of 
Protector around strategic locations of the map, mainly the entrance of the 
bases.  Next, mass up a large army, preferably balanced since the undead will 
mix up their units, hurling about mixed groups of 20 or so units.  

The first task will be to hold the human settlement for as long as possible.  
The human base has a certain indentation that you could use as a funnel to 
flank the enemies, but be sure to have wisps on hand to repair the Ancients.  
Note that Shandria and Tyrande are there, so it helps a lot too.

Note that your heroes can die, since you can resurrect them at the altar 
(costly though.)  Your general plan should be to have Furion join the other 
heroes.  The Dryards make good support units, but keep your main focus on 
defense.  Ballistae with the impalement upgrade are great, as well as mounted 
Hippogryphs.  The gold mine will run out, but there is another one to the 
west.  Don't forget you have two other allies to distract the undead.  If 
you want, you could use some Hippogryphs to battle against the Frost Wyrms 
that they send.  Usually they won't send more than 4 or 5.  Gargoyles on the 
other hand number about 8-10 per attack.

There are several mercenary camps around your base.  There are two just south, 
and another one to the north.  You can hire some Furbolgs and Trolls if you 
wish, but they still take up resources.

The first half of the map isn't really that difficult.  Mostly a mix of normal 
units.  Try to make good use of your spells.  Tranquility is a good spell 
to use, as well as the Druid's Roar.  

However, near the 20 minute mark, Undead heroes will start appearing.  There 
are three heroes that they use; Anktheron (level 10 Dreadlord,) Azgala (level 
10 Pit Lord) and Rage Winterchill (level 10 Lich.)  Also notice that wisps 
will start gathering at the Life Tree.  

Towards the 10 minute mark, multiple undead heroes will start attacking you.  
The Druid of the Talon's Cyclone ability is useful here, allowing you to 
focus on the fodder before concentrating on the Hero.  By now the human 
settlement should be razed, or at least badly damaged.  Move to the orc base 
if you need to, since you pretty much will need to.

Towards the last few minutes, the pace will pick up so there will be a wave 
every 30 seconds or less.  In the final Minute, Archimonde himself will start 
the ascent to the summit.  This is more of a stalling game.  Just flood the 
hell out of him, slamming every spell and attack you have on him.  You should 
be able to wait out the full last minute here.  Once you do, you have finished 
the Scenario, as well as the Nightelf Sentinel campaign and Warcraft 3.  

<Mission Accomplished>

Furion's plan has worked.  Playing on Archimonde's overconfidence, he is 
lured to the Tree of Life, where the Ancestral Spirits from all over the 
forest gather to the call of the Clarion.  They disintegrate Archimonde, and 
in a massive blast, the conflagration razes the Tree of Life and miles of 
forest around the tree of life.  Yet, almost immediately, the roots of the 
Tree start growing back.  

Now that the Elvenkind have lost their immortality, how will they live their 

[End of Nightelf Sentinel Campaigns]

                      { End of Warcraft 3  Campaigns }

VII. Addendum

->Mr.Briareos Kerensky offers a massively useful insight on changes in 
difficulty levels.

"I was reading your FAQ after I finished the game one time and restarted 
it in hard mode. It is pretty accurate, but in hard mode some mission must 
be played in a different way...for example, mission 8 in the Human campaign, 
Dissenssion: you have only 15 minutes to destroy the five boats, and most 
you'll have to rush in most occasions to do it in time: first the canyon 
with those Spirit Towers...you'll have to run, ignoring their fire, just 
like the final Undead enchampment, your heroes should run toward the boat 
and destroy it while the mercenaries take care of the Undeads. 
In The Culling (Human, mission 6), Mal'Ganis will revive well before 2.5  
minutes, IIRC 1.5-2 minutes...the first time you encouter him it's easy,  
but after that he'll bring lots of units (the second time I've found 3  
Necromancers with an undefined numbers of Ghouls and 4/5 
Abominations)...better to ignore Mal'Ganis and his party. Also, your base  
will be under attack of large amounts of Undead units, after the fourth  
wave, it is pretty impossible to defend it and increase the numbers of men 
in the city...In fact, when my body count was more or less 70, I ignored  
the base, stayed away from Mal'Ganis and ended the mission. 
In the first mission of the Undead campaign (Trudging through the Ashes)  
you'll have to rescue all Acolytes on the map (24), and there will be more  
patrols in all cities. 
In the last mission (Under the Burning Sky) I've found that fixed defenses  
are useful especially to defend the base at Kel'Thuzad's left, and  
mass-producing Frost Wyrms and Crypt Spiders (hope the names are correct, 
I play with a translated version) is the best way to defend the rite, as 
you can concentrate on upgrading only one kind of attack/defense, with some 
Spirit Towers around Kel'Thuzad, but not too much. 
Also, in the prologue, if you have Thrall and other units scout both maps,  
you'll find creeps (useful to level up) and other objects, like an  
Intelligence book, a Protection ring and a Mana Scroll. 
So far those are the only missions I ended in hard mode, if you found those  
infos useful, I will send others later."

->Mr.Frans vanden Oever strikes again with his incredible knowledge:

I have another little addition to my tip. With unholy aura you can let Undead  
regenerate while they aren't on blight. You see, Undead regenerate only when  
they are on blight with 2 hp per second. By the way, Humans and Orcs  
regenerate always at a rate of 0.25 hp per second and Night Elves at a rate  
of 0.5 hp per second, but only during the night.

-> Mr. Sid Oak sent in this tip:

"Hi, this e-mail is about your WArcraft 3 strategy guide. I don't know if 
you already know this, but in the second human mission if you cut down the 
trees right above the murloc pond you can reach a bunch of 
ogres, which would probably be worth the experience and treasure at that 
level. Also, in the Undead campaign when you are invading the elves, you 
can build a banshee and posess one of the elven peasants. 
The elves can build some human structures and elven barracks and guard towers. 
The barracks can build ballistae, elven swordsmen, elven archers, and 
dragonhawks, which only take up TWO food, which rocks. Whats interesting 
is that it seems that you can build an unlimited number of heroes from the 
altar of kings you can build. I built 2 archmagi and a mountain king before 
I ran out of food. I tried this in the Sunwell mission but I think it should 
work in the others."

->Mr. Moises Miguel Zee pointed out something I missed.

"You missed an optional quest in human campaign mission 2 I also missed that 
once coz the guy was talking about the healing fountain it's easy to complete 
just go on the upper left part above the grainery and shoot that's where 
it is. It does nothing but it's worth a shot."

->"Fyrewind" notices a very obscure Easter Egg.  Kudos for his extreme 

Hi there, I was reading your guide on gamefaqs. Here's 2 secrets (easter  
eggs) I discovered in Warcraft 3. One of the human campaign misions, in the 
town  (I think it's the second mission where the orcs are attacking a village) 
there's a building with the sign "Bob's Guns" this refers to the Bob's Guns 
from Starcraft on asphalt structure in wasteland tileset (see campaign editor) 
This second discovery..second mission of the night elves. Summon an owl with 
Tyrande Whisperwind and seqarch around the TOP RIGHT area of the map, near 
a fountain of health. Hidden behind some trees is a Hydralisk from Starcraft. 
I'm not joking here. When you bring your units there, there should be some 
ballistae around, use them to mow down the trees and bring Tyrande to it 
and the Hydralisk is under your control (rescuable), it does about around 
to 84-120 damage and it even has the Hydralisk sound effects. (does not have 
any spells or special abilities) 
I have also heard of a rumor concerning marines when finishing the game on 
hard. But I'm not sure on that yet.

->"Chrisdude" sent in this tip.

"I just thought you should know that in Chapter 3 of the human campaign (Ravages 
of the Plague), you can kill Timmy with Arthas' "Holy Light" (or something 
like that) spell and he'll drop a treasure."

-> Mr Edward Fu noticed this:

In the third human mission, Ravages of the Plague, remember how Jaina was 
attacked by those ogres in the beginning?  If you go east from the starting 
position, you can find two more ogres to kill for exp.  Even better, there's 
a sheep there that will drop Bracers of Agility (+1 to Agility when carried) 
when you kill it.

-> Mr. Wai Y. Chung offers his help:

"Something you guys missed that would be a great help in Mission 8 of 
Humans.  When you get to the Goblin Merchant at the top of the run down the 
path with Spirit towers on either side, there's a great item you can buy 
there called the amulet of recall (or something similar) and it lets you 
teleport a group of up to 12 units to the location of the hero.   
there are 2 of those available for purchase at the merchant. So get Arthas, 
buy one and get Muradin to buy one.  Then group 12 units (not including Arthas), 
at the top of the run.  turn on Divine Shield and charge down the run, if 
you have it at level 3, the invulnerability should be on still when you get 
to the bottom of the run.  Then use the recall amulet to bring the troops 
down to destroy ship number 4.  
Ship number 5 is a bit trickier coz the defense is tougher and you should 
be a little pressed for time.  But you should be alright to wait for the divine 
shield to charge up again and repeat the trick.  Just carry a few healing 
potions if you're worried.  And whatever you do, don't stop for anything.  All 
you need to do is destroy the ship."  

->Mr. Dustin Woods offers an alternate idea:

">Chapter 8: Dissension: 
>At the start you have little units.  Fortunately, there are several 
mercenary>camps around.  One of them is directly to your left, so hire a few 
trolls.>You will need a ranged attacker to bring down the boats.

Actually, this is not true.  The dwarf's first spell will sink a boat in a 
single casting.  You can run past many of the enemies or just kill them 
with Arthas and the dwarf.  The only mercenaries I 'had' to buy were the 
Sappers.  I needed them to knock down the trees blocking access one of the 
boats.  Other than that, Arthas and the dwarf should be sufficient."

->"Skydreemr" offers a tip for the first Undead Mission.

"In the undead mission number 1, you intrct the reader to go through the 
gate-however, one can also use his/her units to cut down the trees in thel 
ittle gathering of houses to the bottom left of the gate, and the left of 
thw gaurd outpost.  You find a small path leading directly into the town with 
no gaurd confrontation"

-> Mr. Aaron Hainley sent in this tip for Undead Mission 2.

"I can't see anyone else who has found the area called 'Pandaren Relaxation 
Area' in Warcraft III. I found this area after I destroyed every single tree 
on a level looking for new items and as no one else has it listed and your 
FAQ is the best out right now I thought I might as well pass it on. The mission 
this is on is the second for the Undead and you need the meat wagons to get 
there (kill the trees) or if you have a LOT of time cut them all down but 
I would really recommend the meat wagons. The area is in the middle against 
the left hand side of the map and you need to knock down all the trees to 
get there. Once you move there it will say:

Pandaren Relaxation Area

And flash up a picture of a panda. This is however all it does that I
have noticed.

Also of interest is an area on the cliff just above here where you get a 
wierd little animation with some big foot's."

->Mr Adrian Easton / Mr. shinsensei adds more to that tip.

"just found a secret area in warcraft 3 in the 2nd mission of the undead 
campaign. At the centre of the map next to a forest there are two poles at 
the top of which are found some skulls, if you use your meat wagon and bring 
down some trees to make a passage u'll get through to a clearing at the end 
of which you'll get a small cinematics involving 2 big apes 
called swasgashe-something and they''l attack u.
After you beat them u'll find a waterfall next to their camp but it is at 
a lower level. So just bring down your meat wagon and make another passage 
through the forest next to the village and voila..... Ypu'll be able to get 
to the waterfall and a blured picture of a panda will appear for 1 or 2 sec 
and on-screen you'll be able to read Pandora sceret found [i am not sure 
that's the exact words though]
and that's all nothing more
Did you know abt this secret? am I the first one to discover 
well hope it help for ur faq"

->Sacco for this little known tip:

"In the chapter 2 of Undead, below where Uther is, there are 4 sheeps. Kill 
them all will leave an item : Goblin Night Scope."

->Mr Guido Lujiten adds to this.

"Great work on your FAQ about Warcraft 3, I began reading the first parts 
when I finished the second campaign, just to know if I had'nt missed out 
something. I would just like to point out something : on the second  
mission of the Undead campaign, after you kill Uther, there still is something 
interesting to collect. If you go a little southeast from where Uther was 
standing, you will eventually come up on a little farm with two windmills. 
Near this farm is a little enclosed area with a few sheep in it. Since I 
find it quite funny to kill these with a few 'clicks' I killed them all, 
and one of them left a treasure behind. I don't know if this treasure is 
always the same, but I got the 'Goblin Night Scope' for Arthas, quite an 
useful item! 
I think it is worth giving it a try, and also to look elsewhere for these 
little gifts !"

-">Pando666" gives his directions for Undead Campaign level 4.

"I did the 4th Undead level in a really easy way.  It uses the zeppelins.  All 
you do is get 2 zeppelins, load Arthas and some goblin sappers (mercenary) 
in one, and fly them both to an altar.  The sappers can destroy it, Arthas 
can grab the key part, and then run home.  If he doesn't make it, just revive 
him.  Repeat for the other 2 parts.  Then, just use a zeppelin to transport 
Arthas to the circle.  There's really no need to destroy the elven bases."

->Mr. Roger Rouault sent in this strategy; 

"For Chapter 7: The Siege of Dalaran the easiest way (I found) was to send 
just Arthas through the "aura" after having Kel'thuad cast his protective 
barier spell (don't think that's what the spell is called just can't remember 
the right name) on him. Fight until Arthas is down to about 400 HP and send 
him back out (or even to a fountain of health, it will bring his health back 
very slowly in the aura), or lure your oponents out with him to the rest 
of your army. It takes a while (about a hour) but is prity easy and 
micromanaging one character isn't all that stressful. If Athras isn't at 
a high level it might not work all too well but it worked for me."

->Mr. Wong Si Yuan detailed a massive, yet precise and through strategy as 

"Phase #1: Before taking on the first Archmage, build 4 meatwagons and have 
them guard the bridge to Dalaran. Accumulate and upgrade all your weapons, 
armours and abilities/spells before going in. 
I used 5 groups here: 
Group 1 - Arthas, 4 abominations, 3-4 ghouls >Main Assault (Note: I lost 
ghouls taking the first base and replaced them with a 5th abomination) 
Group 2 - 4 Meatwagons >Anti-buildings 
Group 3 - 2 Frost Wyrms, 1 Garygoyle (3 Frost wyrms if possible) >Building  
suppression, Anti Air 
Group 4 - Kel'Thuzad, 2 Crypt Fiends, 1 Banshee, 2 Necromancers >Support  
spellcasting group 
Group 5 - 3 Acolytes >Repair Meatwagons 
I then had Arthas lead the charge in to distract the archmage's bodyguards 
while my air units and meatwagons did the actual killing. Kel'Thuzad's group 
provided the usual Frost Armour/Antimagic Shell/Raise Skeleton support. 
Phase #2: With the first part of the field gone (referred to as First Tier 
for now), I let my units heal and then proceeded to raze the town on the 
left of the archmage. Use the meatwagons to attack the towers, with one frost 
wyrm freezing each tower. If you have the third wyrm, use it to freeze the 
barracks. Then the usual Arthas-led charge into the base. Arthas himself 
will, however, do the healing rather than the killing. (Death Coil all the 
way) Also, if you can spare the mana, have Arthas Animate Dead and use the 
enemies' units against them. 
After the towers are down, focus on the barracks, the town hall, then whatever 
else is left. As usual, have the frost wyrms freeze the unit-producing 
buildings as well as the defensive structures. You will occasionally be 
attacked from above, so concentrate your defenses there for the moment. Use 
the Meatwagons to attack the two defensive towers there and have them fall 
back when the enemy counterattacks. The next wizard is just above your base. 
Once the base is secured, build a Necropolis, Haunted Gold Mine, and MANY 
Spirit Towers around this base. Build whatever unit producing buildings you 
want, but I didn't intend to lose my units anyhow. 
Now Sacrifice a Shade and use it to scout out the right side of the area.  
You will find a Blacksmith and a Workshop guarded by several Riflemen, 2-3 
sorceresses, 2 priests and several mortar teams. Run them over. Animate them 
and have them (led by the Shade) kill the Rifleman and Priest at the upper 
part of the 'first tier'. (it's shaped like a rectangle) Keep going left 
towards your base and eventually you'll find a pair of cages. There are several 
of these throughout the map. These two contain level 6 Rock Golems. Very 
sweet. Attack and destroy the cages to let them out. They now work for you 
(10 food each though. Be warned!). Have them return to the area where you 
took out the two towers. 
Phase #3: The next 'Tier' of the map is fairly easy. The wizard has a moat 
protecting him, and is not easy prey to frost wyrms. Have the two golems 
simply explore the area. There will be a fountain of health guarded by three 
water elemetals. One at a time, have the golems kill them (keep using Boulder 
Hurl) and heal. Head north from the fountain up the path and follow it around. 
A few more enemies, a cage with an ogre magi (up to you, but by this time 
you should already have around 96/90 Food Usage, so what the hell.) and the 
mage at the end. As usual, have the golems and Ogre Magi beat on him while 
tossing boulders his way. Second Tier cleared. Move your forces towards the 
fountain. An enemy base is to the right of the fountain. Destroy them like 
the first and take over their base. Now comes the tricky part. 
Phase #4: Third Tier. Send whatever Animated Dead you have north together 
with your Golems. There are two sorceresses and two priests with a few other 
units, and two cages. Kill them (not too difficult if you animated a mortar 
team), then have them beat on the cages. One contains about 6 level 1 giant 
spiders (useless), and the other contains 2 flying sheep. They turn into 
Blue Drakes after a while (thankfully). Now group them into your Frost Wyrm 
group. To the left of the cages is a large team of Riflemen and spellcasters. 
Have your necromancers summon as many skeletons as you can, then send them 
in. Support the skeletons with your spiders. While the enemy is tied up, 
have the golems and drakes/wyrms attack the spellcasters, then the riflemen, 
then the mortar teams. Another Fountain of Health awaits. 
Retreat your forces and have your units guard the pass. Now bring Arthas, 
Kel'Thuzad, the meatwagons and your drakes over to the first fountain. Far 
north of the fountain is another moat (the golems passed by here to kill 
the archmage, remember?), protecting the last enemy base. The meatwagons 
can reach the workshop, the arcane sanctuary and three farms from here. Have 
them do so and cover them from the air against the gryphons. Once that's 
done, the longest part of the map starts. 
Phase #5 - Move the meatwagons back to your base. You should have 2 Blue 
Drakes, 3 Frost Wyrms, Arthas (lvl 3 Unholy Aura, lvl 3 Death Coil) and 
Kel'Thuzad (Lvl 3 Frost Armour, lvl 2 Frost Nova), and the two Golems.
The enemy has THREE Gryphon aviaries, two barracks, 1 blacksmith and a 
boatload of Gyrocopters and gryphons. You want to start killing the blacksmith 
first. Move your units in, kill the gryphons, return to heal (fountain if 
all are damaged, Arthas if only the Wyrms), attack smith. Note that when 
you start attacking gryphons, the gyrocopters will move in. KILL the 
gyrocopters whenever possible. With the Workshop down, they cannot build 
more. Also, destroying the blacksmith prevents riflemen and mortar teams 
from being built. 
I don't have to tell you to use Frost Armour whenever possible, and Frost 
Nova whenever the enemies follow you back. Whenever ONE unit in your flight 
group reaches half health, retreat, heal, and repeat. If it is a blue drake 
and it is badly damaged, send him to the fountain while the remaining flyers 
continue the attack. 
Now just repeat the hit and run tactic against the Farms until you start 
seeing Guard Towers. Hit the towers first, then the farms. Eventually, the 
enemy will be left with only the castle, 2 barracks, 3 aviaries and a few 
farms. They can't build more gryphons because they're crippled by the food 
shortage, so finish off ALL remaining air units. 
Have your golems stand by at the second fountain (3rd tier), and have your 
frost wyrms fully healed. Now have one wyrm attack each aviary to prevent 
production while your Blue Drakes focus on one aviary. Move the Golems in 
to destroy the aviary ASAP. Retreat them when 1 is destroyed. The enemy WILL 
counterattack with Knights. (as they will throughout this phase) 
Now, cycle your wyrms as you destroy the other two aviaries. Have 1 wyrm 
sitting next to Arthas while the other two work on the aviaries. When one 
wyrm reaches 550 health, replace it with the healthy wyrm. Heal damaged wyrm 
with death coil, wash, rinse, repeat. Eventually only the castle and barracks 
stand. Destroy the barracks, then the castle. 

The reason for destroying the base first is because the third Archmage is 
protected by 4 towers, 4 gyrocopters, 2 sorceresses, 2 priests, and the 
boatload of the units from that base you just destroyed. (since you destroyed 
it, no more units!) 
Phase #6 - Move your Blue Drakes and Golems to the 3rd tier fountain. Directly 
above is the mage, 2 towers and 2 gyros. Lure the gyros out one by one SLOWLY 
(attack ONLY the gyro and RUN AWAY the moment he responds) to the fountain. 
When the two are down, prepare for the final assault. Have the meat wagons 
go first, then Arthas, then Kel'Thuzad. The moment Arthas reaches the mage, 
your Wyrms/Drake/Golems should focus on him and him alone. Arthas should 
also cast Death Coil on him. And again, keep bouldering the mage with the 
Golems. Eventually he goes down and the mission ends. 
Mission Time: Approx 4 hours. 
Units lost: 4 ghouls, plus whatever went down during the final rush."

->Mr. Craig Fleming has an alternate idea:

"Hey there, 
Found a cool way to easily do the second mage in this level. Attack open 
the first set of cages to get a pair of rock golems. They aren't dead, so 
aren't affected by the aura. Once you're barely into the second aura area, 
go the the left. There is small area here that leads no where. The rock  
golems can Hurl Boulders at the mage. After every rock he'll run a short 
distance, and then come back to his altar. I didn't count the number of rocks 
that it took, but you don't lose anything doing it."

->Mr. Jay Winton has the same idea.

"Hey, for the undead mission where you have to kill the 3 archmages, you 
know those cages with the creeps in them? If you bust out the creeps its 
possible to kill all the archmages without really using any of your undead 
units at all, barring the first archmage who is really quite easy if you 
just catapult him or some such quickly. thought I'd tell ya."
->Mr. Dan Jacobsen also had the same idea, but more detailed:

"I noticed that there IS an easier way to kill the Second and Third Arch 
Somewhere in the middle of the city is a pair of cages. They are lightly 
gaurded and if you crack them open you are rewarded with Stone Golems. The 
Golems not being undead are unaffected by the Aura.  
If you notice the Arch Mage is placed in a position where there is a ledge 
to his left. You can perch the golems here and repeatedly cast Storm Bolt 
at the Mage 'til he's dead. You are then free to raze the two towns without 
the Aura to protect them. 
After taking the second town apart there are two more cages somewhere north 
of this portion of the map. Breaking them open will land you 2 level 6 dragons 
and a bunch of Spiders. Wait for an opportune time (perferebly right after 
an attack from the last remaining base) and use your golems plus new creatures 
and 2 Heroes to smite Antonidas. Make sure you direct all fire on him since 
he's the objective of the raid and once he's dead you immediately win if 
Arthas is there. I sent a raiding party before doing this to kill the small 
band of units that block the way to Antonidas to make it even easier. The 
key to this raid is timing."

->Mr. Evgeny Ternovsky also had a similar idea.

"After defeating the base to the left, send kel'thezard directly upwards. 
(by now he should be able to cast death and decay). there should be two elvish 
towers and some elves and other uints there. attack them, then run away into 
your base area. theyll follow you to your base, where youll finish them. 
As for the towers there are two ways, the patient and the "other" way. If 
you want to be patient, use death and decay on both towers. If you dont, 
just send some units out and destroy them. Now, if you go further up, a terrain 
similar to this will appear:
|      |         |                 |
|      |         |     \      /    |
|      |         |       \/\/      |
|    1 |         |                 |
|      |         |_________________|
|      |
|      |______________________________
The W here represents where the wizzard is.
If you get Kel'thezard to position "1" and use death and decay on the wizzard, 
he will run away and come back. After Kel'thezard has finished casting, go 
back, heal from the aura, and wait for death and decay to be ready. Then 
repeat 1-2 more times. Second wizzard should be dead. As for Wizzard 3, I 
just used a fiend/abomination mix (of cause using all the critters from the 

->Mr. Andrew TWeir felt inspired by Mr. Wong Si Yuan and added his tip.

"I was just reading your warcraft 3 walkthru and having seen a 4 hour 
solution to the siege of dalaran, I felt compelled to add my two cents. 
The first two mages were not particularly difficult and so I do not 
remember exactly what I did for them.  I believe I sent Arthas and Kel 
Thuzad in to do their quick spells, and finished them with high hitpoint 
creatures like frost dragons and gargoyles.  These also have the benefit 
of not being slowed by congestion on the ground. 
Anyway, for the third mage I spent most of my money on powered up 
banshees, and sent them through the barrier one at a time to possess the 
humans' warriors.  There is a garrison standing in front of the fountain 
of health that I completely stole.  It takes a little speed to get the 
banshee in, possess, and get your new human to escape, but I didn't have 
any casualties.  Then you have a small army of humans, all of whom are 
impervious to the anti-undead barrier.  The stolen mortar team made quick 
work of the towers in front of the third mage, and then the riflemen can 
take care of the priests while Arthas and Kel Thuzad use their magic on 
the mage."

->"Kosikutioner" also has another tip.

"I'm not sure if you said this later on in the faq but on mission 7 dalaran  
of the undead at the start to the left you mention there is an archmage who 
drops a treasure. If you destroy the tent beside him you get a anti magic 
potion that blocks magic for 90 secs. on your hero.  This is good for fighting 
the archmagi."

->Mr.Damon Hochnadel has an alternate, more unique plan;

"In mission 7 for the Undead, The Siege of Dalaran, there is a much easier 
strategy to defeating the archmages that worked very well for me.  Once the 
mission starts, make a temple of the damned, unless you start with one. Start 
researching the banshee trainings until you finish the master 
training.  Use a few undead units out front for defense while doing this. 
Then start making lots of banshees and use them to possess some of your 
opponent's troops.  This puts their units under your control and even though 
they are your units they're still considered non-undead units to the barrier, 
meaning they can go into the barrier and kill the archmages without recieving 
damage from the barrier.  Try to possess about one full team's worth of 
attacking units (12, although this can include the creeps from inside the 
crates since they're not undead either) and about two priests for 
healing.    The first units you want to capture are the first archmage's 
bodyguards.  There are two ways to get them, either tell each of your banshees 
to possess one and they'll run in and capture them or lure them out with 
a ghoul.  I prefer having them run in and capture them, if you use a ghoul 
you have a chance of having some of the units to be taken dying.  If you do 
run your banshees in, they should be fine since their health doesn't matter 
for possession, but once you possess a unit you should run it back out to 
your base so it won't die.  Once you kill one of the archmages, bring in another 
team with some undead units with a few meat wagons to take care of bases 
while on the way to the next barrier so you can save your living group's 
strength for while inside the barrier.  Basically, use the undead for 
fighting outside the barrier and possess any units to refill your living 
unit group and use the living group for inside the barrier fighting.  Using 
this strategy made this level a breeze for me."

->Mr. Gaffarena Marcos has a Frost Wyrm approach:

"I was reading your strategies regarding the undead campaign in warcraft 
3 about the mission where you need to kill the 3 archmages that have lifted 
the barrier. All I did was to send frost wyrms after them as they can fly 
so they can reach them quickly. I used 4 frost wyrms for the first one, about 
7 for the second and barely killed the third one with a full 12 frost wyrms. 
You will need a bit of patience in order to build them all and probably you 
will not have any other war units apart from them but surely I find this 
method much better from the other strategies which all almost have a 4 hour 
tag time on them. Hope I was of some help."

->Mr. Duncan Wilson has an "abominable" tip.

"After reading a couple of 4 hour tactics to complete this mission, I decided 
to send in my own tactics here.
First off, upgraded abominations are unreal. 1100 hitpoints, a heck of a 
lot of upgraded damage.... they rock. So, for the first mage, I basically 
sent in Arthus, backed up by 4 Abominations, and coiled the mage 2 times. 
He was dead. I then ran out again. After building up 12 Abominations, I just 
walked in and destroyed the base, and built my own gold collection station 
there. Moving on to the second, basically the same tactic. Sent in the 12 
abominations, and rushed the mage, with arthus coiling from behind, and 
healing the boms too. 
The final mage was a little tricky, so I killed of the abominations, because 
they were getting in the way (after taking out the next base ofcourse). In 
then moved both my characters in to the roadblock thing, and had Kal'Thuzar 
cast death and decay, which decimated it, while Arthus healed from further 
back. While this is happening, I was building an army of 7 Cold Wyrms, which 
ended up being backed up by the 2 cold drakes in their cages. Now i tell 
you, these by themselves were dissapointing, but after a reload, I used them 
as bait. First sent in the wyrms, which lasted long enough for for Arthus 
to get off 4 coils on the mage, thereby ending the mission. He hadnt taken 
a wound in that last fight, because the wyrms have 1500 each.
The mission came in a little under an hour."

->Mr. Darren Perrett has a more direct approach.

"In the mission with the 3 Aura's (undead campaign).
I JUST used Arthas.  Using 2 lots of Death Coil and finish them off with 
Frostmourne (i think its 1 slash!).  That's all I did, and basically recharged 
my health by waiting for it to restore, and there may be a fountain 
somewhere.  Believe it or not this mission only takes 15 Minutes using Arthas 
and DEATH COIL.  Actually it would only take a few minutes if you could restore 
health quicker(and mana too...).
Despite what is mentioned in the guide I found this mission easy when using 
Arthas Death Coil spells and I have no idea why someone in the Addendum reckons 
it took him an hour, its 15 minutes.  In fact I think that someone should 
see what is the quickest it can be done in."

->Mr. Willie Du offers his advice for this popular mission.

this is to address the massive amounts of strategies for that one level with  
the 3 archemages that you have to kill.  I found that the strategies stated  
on the Addendum section were quite complicated to execute.  heres waht I  
3 groups: 
1-Arthas, that mage guy, 4 frost wyrms, and 4 gargoyles. 
2-4 meat wagons 
3-necromancers and ghouls 
basically only the first group is necesary to take out the mages themselves.  
 The other groups are there to support the assault of the towns. 
I dunno if you mentioned it in your FAQ/guide/walkthrough, but it is a good  
combination to attack with necromancers and meat wagons.  Before you attack  
you should set the meat wagons' body collection to autocast so they collect  
any bodies they see.  (it is good to leave them around the graveyard, since  
the grave yard generates corpses)  Then, when you attack, just set the  
necromancer's raise corpse to autocast and have your meat wagons unload  
corpses.  4 meat wagons with 8 corpses each will have 32 corpses.  Each time  
a necromancer casts raise corpse 2 skeleton warriors come up.  A fully  
loaded necromancer can cast raise corpse about 5-6 times without recharging.  
32x2=64 skeleton warriors... 
You'll have a massive army in no time.

->Mr. Lu Tsze offers his help.

"On the undead mission where you have to go through the aura and kills the  
mages, I found the following really helped me, Once you have taken the first  
base and have killed the second mage a good way to take the second base is  
to wheel a meat wagon to the very north point of where there was a little  
workshop east of where you get the Golems. 
 |    _______    | 
__|   |       |   | 
__    |_______|   | 
 |               | 
 |_______     ___| 
         |   | 
Looks something like that, put a meat wagon on the X and it will annihilate  
a large part of the second base, including 6 houses, meaning that the  
maximum amount of units it can ever have is now about 2. 
Be careful though cos they may send aerial units to wipe him out, it didn't  
happen to me but I had some Frost Wyrms on standby... 
This makes it ludicrously easy to to take over. 
Arthas's Death Spirit level 3 only takes about 4 or 5 hits to finish off  
every Mage as well, so he is perfect for attacking the second one using the  
ranges attack technique, and even the last guy (wait by the health pool then  
just go for it, you should JUST manage to kill him before you die... if not  
use some aerial units to do added damage to him and he should snuff it)."
->Mr. Mark Carnall offers his version of the Cannon push for Orc Campaign 
Level 7:

"On Orc level 7..To make it easier to win this mission..I had a blimp go 
up to the ridge where the blue Human base is in front of the Oracle...to 
the south-east the least protected part,and dropped two Peons and had them 
start building towers...About 6 towers finished off most of the Human forces 
and I just mopped up with my main force..."

->Mr. Beng Hai offers a quick but useful tip:

"Don't use the trigger to kill the boars in the spike pit guarding the Gemstone.
Instead, fight and kill them in combat. You will get a Necklace of Spell 
Immunity for the effort".

->Mr. Ali Tayyab offers his help for Orcs Mission 8:

"Here's a tip for the orc mission 8: 
send a couple of peons in to the human territory and make a few orcish hordes. 
this is to ensure that u have some buildings that wont be destroyed. construct 
them deep into the human camp, so that they are safe. now spend all the 
resources making witch doctors, and upgrading till then can cast healing 
shards. once all this is done, take both the heros and all ur witch doctors, 
to the first healing pool, which is directly north  of the orc's camp. use 
this as a staging base to attack the orc's bases, or carve a path through 
to grom hellscream i find it easier if i clear the orc base near, grom.  i 
just lost one witch doctor, out of the 12 i was able to make. you dont have 
to worry about ur base being destroyed, as u will always have some buildings 
in the human territory safe! i was able to complete this level four times, 
with fail using this strategy."

->Mr. Kincaid Kids sent in this daring AND Bold (take that Doritos..guy) 

"I have a tip for chapter 8 in the orc campaign.  The fastest way to capture 
Grom that I found is to sneak Thrall and Cairne through the base leading 
to Grom(level 10 recommeneded for both heroes).  Soon, the units chasing you 
will stop.  Now, use a combinations of chain lightning, spirit wolves, and 
other spells to fight through the creeps.  When Thrall's hp is low, hide in 
an area to let it regenerate.  When reaching the final area to Grom, ignore 
the 2 doomguards and quickly capture Grom and outrun the doomguards.  Now, 
simply run past bases to the Ritual Circle.  If you feel Grom won't make it 
through, let his hp regenerate to full. 
p.s.  Make sure you save frequently throught this and watch out possible 
infernals falling near you."

->Mr. Jason Palarca found a familiar friend in the Second Nightelf mission:

"i just found a cool easter egg in this fabulous game of Warcraft III... 
in chapter II of the night elves just north to the base that your hero must 
reach, there lies a very familiar unit lurking in the woods... it's 
starcraft's hydralisk! it's a level 7 creep, which can deal 84-120 damage! 
well, that of it being a creep is more of a guess, as it didn't do anything, 
even if i got near it (i thought that it would join my forces, but it didn't. 
that'd be cool!). anyway, i think it's a great  thing just by checking it 
out... and thanks for making this wonderful FAQ in gamefaqs... this one surely 
helped me!"

->Mr. Al Sim also found it too,

"On the Night Elf campaign, mission 2 (Daughters Of The Moon), at the far 
north of the map, about 2/3 to the right (ie. in the area you are in just 
before you assault the main undead base), there is a Zerg hydralisk from 
Starcraft hidden behind some trees! Use Tyrande's owl to scout this area, 
destroy the trees with your ballistas and send Tyrande in to rescue the 
hydralisk. It has a lot of hit points and has a devastating attack (84-120 
points of damage per hit) and certainly helps in the final assault. I 
managed to keep mine alive after completing the mission and saw it in the 
background when the cutscene was being played!"

->Mr. Woohyung Lee also discovered this.

"hey, i was reading through your faq wondering if i missed anything after 
finishing... i noticed you didnt have mention of the hydralisk in mission 
2 of the elf campaign!  hes hiding in the woods in the upper right of the 
map, you have to use the ballistae you pick up to get to him, and you can 
control it!  ive included a couple screenshots on my yahoo briefcase, feel 
free to use them if you like, but dont link to my briefcase please."

"Jamie w" found this humorous clip:

"In chapeter 2 of the Undead campaign's, there is another secret besides 
the sasquatch, nightscope, and pandaren. If you go below your base, to the 
area where the golems are, then take a left until you find the woodcutter, 
then keep going left to the land befre the river. You will find Tichondrius 
about to feast on sleeping peasants. It's an very funny semi-cinematic, and 
the peasants leave fire after they die. Hope this helps the faq:-)."

->Mr. Dylan Kipp thinks laterally and lives to fight another day with this 
ultra clever tactic:

"In this mission where you must take Tyrande back to the Elven encampment, 
you can skip destroying the major undead encampment by using your ballistas 
to demolish the trees directly south of the health fountain to the northeast 
of the undead encampment.  Destroying the trees will open up a trail to the 
elven base free of undead resistance!"

->Mr. Chris Ragland also thought of the same thing.

"I was reading your FAQ for Warcraft 3 when i got to the mission that i had 
just finished, the second Night Elf mission. You suggest using the bastilla 
to attack the base, but i discovered a easier way. By the fountain in the 
upper right corner of the map is a small forest. Use the bastilla to destroy 
the trees, then bypass the entire undead camp and waltz right into your base. 
I hope this will help people who don't have many units to fight with. Thanks."

->Mr. Finlay McWalter gives another tip for this mission.

"Hi,  I've enjoyed reading your Warcraft III walkthrough, but I noticed 
a small part that you could choose to add to your section for the 
second Night Elf mission ("daughters of the moon"). 
Just north of the main undead base there's a health fountain.  Take a 
single ballista to this fountain, and attack the trees to the SE. 
After you've destroyed only a few trees, you open access to a path 
that heads south, down the eastern side of the undead base, directly 
to the nightelf base. 
You can now send Tyrande straight down this, and end the level without 
having to destroy the undead base. 
Alternatively, if you're feeling vindictive, you can move that 
ballista down the path, and from there it can attack a number of 
the undead buildings, including some of the spirit towers, with 
complete impugnity, thus greatly simplifying your subsequent 
frontal attack on the undead base."

->Mr. Adam Hewitt clarified up the Vampiric Aura information.

"Hey there.  I read in your FAQ, in reference Chapter 4 of the Night Elves 
mission, that the Death Revenant plaguing the forest has the Vampiric Aura, 
and you stated that you didn't know what it did.  Well, what it does is it 
gives the user of the aura, and it's surrounding troops the ability to leech 
life.  Each hit stills 15% of the damage dealt from the target unit.  Didn't 
know if you'f want to include it in your FAQ, but just thought I'd let you 

->Mr. Jason Cook offers a tip on the fifth elf mission:

"don't know if anyone mentioned this to you or not, but there is another 
secret area in Night Elves chapter 5.  It can be found just before you use 
the land mines.  In the area below where the enemies are doing laps there 
is an area to the left, you go above the trees and below a fence, it leads 
you to a circle of power which warps you the bottom right corner, I forget 
the name of the secret area, but it's there."

->"BlademasterNeo" helps Mr.Cook identify the secret Area."

"Hello! I was reading your great FAQ on Warcraft III and I noticed something. 
In your addendum section, Jason Cook sent in a tip for the fifth Night Elf 
Mission. He mentioned a secret area but didn't know what it was called. The 
next person sent in what they thought he meant, but she was wrong. I found 
the same secret area. It is called the Realm of the Uberfish (or something 
similar... I know it is something of the Uberfish anyway). It's basically 
just a treasure chest containing a (very useful) Mantle of Intelligence +3 
for Tyrande.
To get there, go through the mission until you get control of Tyrande and 
her Archers and Huntresses, who are looking for Illidan Stormrage. Work your 
way through the maze until you get to a large square room with a statue in 
the middle and trees lining the walls. A bunch of Watchers attack you. When 
you're done with the fight, search the bottom left corner of the square room. 
On the minimap, you can barely see the top of a yellow dot indicating a building. 
I told Tyrande to attack-move to it and she found the path herself. In the 
room previous to the big square one, there is what appears to be a wall of 
trees on the left side. There is actually a hole to go through. Tyrande went 
through the trees, up between an iron fence and a wall and into a room with 
a small circle of power and a large circle of power. Step on the big circle 
and you will teleport to the secret room and the treasure chest. To exit 
the secret room, step on either of the small circles of power on either side 
of the chest. Tyrande will teleport back to the small circle of power in 
the first hidden room. I hope this clears everything up for you!"

->Mrs. Victoria Vanderson offers her help on a puzzling aspect of the same 
Elf mission:

"I think you are speaking of the Web prisoners... In this room there are 
some captives each held in separate webs. The trick here is to kill the egg(?) 
pods, the greenish yellow looking blobs, I think as I recall there are three 
of them, one for each captive, each pod you destroy releases a captive, and 
you gain them, I'm not certain if they are archers or huntresses or a 
combination of both,  but never-the-less they are a welcome addition by 

->Mr Scott Sandlin offers his help on the Necklace of Immunity:

"Found a "Neclace of Spell Immunity" on this mission.  You have to kill "The 
Largest Panda Ever" in a small secret area to get it. 
From just north of the defiled fountain, there is a passage that goes to 
the east.  (This really isn't that far from the beginning, it's even before 
you talk to the Furbolgs.)  The passage curves northward and runs straight 
till it ends in a few creeps.  Just after where it curves northward is a stretch 
of mushrooms on the right.  It takes two "Force of Nature" spells to cut 
through them, but having the Trents out fronto take hits from The Largest 
Panda Ever is well worth it.  He's worth a good chunck of experience and a 
neclace of spell immunity."

->Mr. Jason Merlo offers a new secret area.

"I found a secret item in the Night Elf campaign, chapter five, the one where 
you free Illidan.  I found this after Tyrande has split off from Furion. This 
is the second part, where you control Tyrande on the left side of the map. 
After entering the first waygate, you come to an area with lots of trees 
and a statue.  This is just a bit before you need to use the land mines, 
Ibelieve, and before you get to the 'Shrine of the Uberfish' secret circle 
of power to the extreme left of the map.  In the lower-right (southeast) corner 
of this area, hidden in the trees, is a Gauntlets of Ogre strength 
+3.  It'sjust sitting there for the taking!"

->Mr. Anthony Assuncao offers his insight on "Uberfish."

"I wrote this E-mail to inform you of "The Shrine of Uberfish" in  
Warcraft III. In the Night Elf campaign, in Chapter 5, "Brothers in Blood",  
when you take control of Tyranade Whisperwind, when she is looking to free  
Illidan, there is a shrine called "The Shrine of Uberfish" that holds a  
Mantle of Intelligence +3. When you get to the section where there are  
trees, and the watchers are walking around in circles (where you are  
supposed to use the goblin mines) in that room that is shaped like a square,  
there is a L-shaped intersection that has trees on the outer edges of the  
"L". On the top-left side of the "L", there is an opening in the trees, that 
you can walk into with one unit. There appears to be a wall blocking your 
path, but if you follow the wall south, there is another opening, then there 
appears to be another wall in your way, but if you follow that wall north, 
there is another opening that leads to two circles of power. The big one 
leads to a place that has a treasure. (the Mantle of Intelligence +3) You 
will know when you are here because it will say "Secret Found - The Shrine 
of Uberfish". To get back, there are two smaller circles of power. (They 
both take you to the same place.) There are no enemies in the Shrine of 

->Martin "The Eyeball Kid" finds a new secret for this mission:

"I found yet another secret on the fifth Night Elf mission, "Brothers in 
Blood," thanks to the description of the other secrets listed in your faq.  
Just south of the circle of power Furion uses to activate the bridge is another 
batch of mushroom "trees" that can be cleared with Force of Nature.  
After three castings, you can break through to a room full of undead 
archers.  THEN you must cast force of nature again on a narrow band of 
mushrooms in the easternmost part of the room.  This will reveal a circle 
of power which teleports you to a small room with a narrow hall connecting 
to another small room.  In the second room is a waygate guarded by a level 
ten wraith and some skeletons.  The Wraith is carrying The Robe of the Magi 
(intelligence +6!) and the waygate leads back to the bridge.  Pretty nifty!"

->Carl offers his help on the fifth mission.

"once tyrande has left your party, and you've fought the sludge monster, 
continue uprooting trees around the sludge monster's area (using furion's 
force of nature). eventually, you should reach the underground river, where 
you could see a bunch of mushrooms on the other side of the river. cast force 
of nature on them to transform them into treants. take control of those treants 
and make them go up the path. they should run into a furbolg chieftain and 
2 furbolg shamans. you should then gain control of them. run the furbolgs 
into the way gate and you now have two very beefy tanks to use for melee 
purposes, rendering force of nature useless for the rest of the mission. 
the chieftain has command aura, which increases the damage of your units, 
while the shaman can cast rejuvenation."

->Mr. Blake Garvey offers his help on the final elf Mission.

"Hey there, just finished the game today and after playing around with a 
theory for a couple of hours, figured out a way to finish the last mission  
either as a last resort or whatever.. 
Happened like this, first game my town was overrun pretty fast, but one of 
my trees of life at the 2nd gold mine to the west of the map survived - was 
attacked by some crypt fiends but took care of itself and then was left alone.. 
so next thing I know time was ticking down from 12 mins to the last few and 
I was ok. Ate some trees to the left for health/tried to hide myself more 
and thought I was going to make it, until at the least 30 seconds (insert 
demons name here) comes out and just walked right up to the circle. 
How to counter this? Thing is no one was in my base.. and I had tested this 
10 times to get it right and no one was even in my base after they'd taken 
it out, they'd just patrol around or group up now and then. 
What did I do? Had 3 hippographs fly to the back corner of the map near the 
tree of life, and in the last thirty seconds I moved them to the circle of 
power and as soon as I saw the demon I flew them at him and attempted to 
lure him away - it works! first couple of times I tried to lure him too far 
and he just turns back around, but once I let him hit me a few times and 
kept him a little distracted, ended up winning with him 2 inches away from 
the circle (only had 3 hippo's, cmon...) 

Keep a backup army of 6 hippographs at the top of the map, upgrade if  
possible. They only take up 2 resources each so it won't be such a drain. 
Have 1 Building surviving _somewhere_. This is the hardest part - the  
hippo's are fine as the frost wyverns don't seem to go up very far, but if 
they find your building the mission is over. I countered this by having 3 
seperate mini bases near the goblin merchant/mercenary camps/mines with some 
defence.. as long as you can hold out for a while (or if your extremely  
lucky, can just be ignored for the whole time) you don't have any probs. 
Seems a bit of a sneaky way, and I think with some more base defence I could 
of held em longer, but in the end you get rushed like crazy.. and the cinematic 
is of the demon making it to the gate, which means you're not meant to stop 
him, just delay - and that's what I achieved. 
Hope this helps ;) I know some gamers won't be able to even finish it due 
to the difficulty so this can definately give them an edge, and for the others 
its just another cunning strategy.. the idea of the last line of defence 
of hippographs coming out from near the tree isn't that foriegn - pretty 
heroic actually :)"

->Mr. Fred Pritchards also had a strategy using elements of Mr.Garvey's tip.

"Ok I have this tip when playing the last level of the campaign. Have 1 team 
of 4 archers and two huntress at a allied base and 2 teams in between your 
base and the human and orc base. 
When the Undead are ready to hand to hand combat to you, retreat to 
another group of Elves and 1. Stay with the new group of elves, fight and 
repeat process or 2, Retreat to the elf group BUT stop when you see them 
in sight, hide and when the undead pass by you, both teams ambush the undead 
when they are in between the two elf groups. Another strategy: Don't try 
to save the human base, they are doomed, instead build towers on each side 
of the path to the tree of life and orc base .
Put a row of swordsmen ( I meant swordswomen!) in front of rows and rows 
of archers. Make 6 teams of these formations. Make 6-8 Hippogypths as final 
defense and as back up. After you make the units and towers, wall of the 
units with walls of towers blocking exit or entrance to the tree of life. 
(They make handy shields and use hippos to attack because they are the only 
handy weapon that can fly . Make sure wisps are nearby to repair the towers.)
 Try to make 3-8 walls for good defense. The towers can take a beating from 
undead but they will fall at the wraith of Mal'Ganis. Use the lure hint ( SEE 
in the tip from Blake Garvey) and Make sure you make enough men and hippo to 
hold and lure him off at the end."

->Mr. Roger Rounault had another tip for the last elf level.

"Hey I was so happy I was put in your walktrough I thought I'd send something  
in again. 

This is the method I used for the last Night Elves mission, I also suggest  
playing through once even if you get annihilated just to know where the key 
points on the map, where the attacks comes from and the intensity/size of 
the attacking waves. 
Once the mission starts imeadiately send all the troops in your base,  
including heroes, to the human base to support it's defence. Then create 
two whisps and send them to create Trees of Life by the two gold mines on 
each side your base and start collecting the gold from all three of your 
mines as fast as you can. From there simply make sure you're constantly 
building units in every building you have that can, whenever a new unit comes 
out send them to the frontlines. If you hit the limit start making Ancient 
Protecters as close as posible to your front line of defence and once they're 
done move them forward to help. 
To manage your forces during this mission basicly just forget about them  
(often times you do more damage than good), use the mini-map to tell how  
well they're doing and click on the hero images in the top left of your  
screen to use their special abilities, mainly Tranquility (whitch helps  
alot, especially when one of your heroes is dieing) and Starfall, when you 
see a oncoming wave of enemies. Just keep your screen on your base for the 
most part, building and sending units all the time using the mini-map. 
When it gets to the point where the human bases main defences are gone start 
grouping at the Orc base, even if there's still a few units left. Do the 
same thing for the Orc bases defence. After you loose the Orc base buncker 
down and stop the Burning Leageon no matter what. And make sure you have 
both your heroes alive above all other units at all times."

->"Kelgar43" also uses Hippogryphs::

"Hi, I just read through some of your faq, and I have an alternate(and I  
think easier :p) way to win the last night elf mission.  Basically, I forget  
about the humans. The only help I sent them was my 2 heroes.  I, of course,  
got the 2 extra gold mines and sent in the rest of my units to attack.  Yes,  
as stupid as that sounds.  I find that archers are too weak to defend for  
long so I killed them all off. Then, I moved my Ancients of War, Lore, and 
Wind to the orc's base along with 5 wisps.  At this time, the humans were 
about to lose their towers outside their town.  Anyway, back at the orc base, 
I made moon wells inside the town and set them all to auto heal, while making 
ancient protectors with wisps from my main tree of ages.  After that, the 
humans didn't last long, but that's not important. :p The orc's base is easier 
to defend for one simple reason: treants. I make mass armies of treants and 
use them to distract the enemies while the orcs and my protectors waste them 
from afar ^_^ After the human town fell, I started massing archers and 
hippogryphs.  I slowly worked up to 12 of them, and kept that number 
up.  Starfall and Tranquility, along with 12 hippogryph riders, 10-15 ancient 
protectors, moon wells, treants (not to mention the orc's forces ^_^) is 
more than enough to stop anything that attacks. I was worred about Archimonde 
at the end, but he did less damage than all his forces O_o.  
Oh, the one thing to watch out for is meat wagons.  If using hippogryphs,  
sometimes its best to fly in and ignore everything else, kill meat wagons,  
and retreat.  If left alone, the orc town would die too fast. Well... that's  
about all.. sorry if this is a bit long ^_^ Try it out and see if it works  
(remember hippogryphs are the key to winning). And keep working on your faq- 
somebody has to write a good one, right? :p"

->Mr. Peset and Peter Tan prove that Hippogryphs are the way to victory on 
this map.

"What I Did" (There was no chance they could get near The Circle of Power.)
-When the mission first starts, send all your starting units to the human 
base to stall The Legion. 
-Then root your Ancient Defenders next to the Orc watch towers. This is where 
you will "draw your line in the sand." 
-Build Tree of Life's at each of the two gold mines. Entangle the mines once 
they're completed and cue a few wisps to mine. This will give you an adequate 
gold supply for your forces.
-Build MORE Ancient Defenders to defend the Orc base. NOTE: The Legion attacks 
the Orc base from two sides.
-Build Moon Wells in front of the Ancient Defenders and set them to auto-cast. 
This will give The Legion a target other than your Defenders and help stabilize 
the health and mana of your troops. They will also help keep the enemy out 
of the Ancient Defenders' minimum range. NOTE: Leave room between your 
buildings so your ground units can move freely. NOTE: Moon Wells only 
regenerate there mana and health reserves at night. 
-During all this, you should be building as many hyppogryph riders as possible 
and sending them to the Orc encampment to help defend the base.
-Don't forget to bring back your heros and keep them at the front lines so 
they can gain levels. An important part is to manage each hero's level 6 
(Ultimate) spells. Use the Priestess's Starfall when the Legion attacks with 
their heros or when you're getting overwhelmed, and use Furion's Tranquility 
during battle to heal on-mass. NOTE: Make sure to keep the hero's from being 
moved or attacked when they cast there Ultimate spells so as to prolong there 
-When you have a few food points left, spend them on a few wisps to repair 
your buildings. NOTE: You can also repair and heal your allied Orc buildings 
and units, respectively. 
"Why the 'Riders Work"
First off, you can use more Hyppogryph Riders "on mass," while melee units 
are limited to the space only around the opposing character. Secondly, The 
Legion doesn't use many units that would give them air dominance. Most of 
there heros, like Orc heros, are limited to melee attacks. Moreover, your 
air defense is superior, and can pick them off EASY."

->Mr. Skye Knighton has a sneakier tactic:

"If you want to beat the last level REALLY easily, just hide an Ancient  
in the trees at the sides of the map.  They will never find you, and you  
can just leave the computer while the timer ticks down.  Cheesy, I know.  
I found this out playing it on Hard, and had 30 seconds left when my  
defenses collapsed...  So I hid a tree of life, and it worked! 
 I experimented with it, and found out that they'll NEVER find the  
Ancient, unless units are hiding with it.  The computer will always home  
in on units, but not on buildings."

->Mr. Wade Aidan has a different attack doctrine, sticking to ground forces 
for the Final Nightelf Mission:

"Just finished the game, and having read all the hypogryph strategies, I'd 
like to suggest an alternative, ground hugging method, If you're interested. 
I ignored archers and huntresses early on, they don't have enough hitpoints 
to last, especially when the Demon's start using that firestorm spell, my 
only contibution to the human base were my heroes and a few protectors with 
some wisps to aid the repair jobs (of their towers as well). I used star 
shower and tranquilty as they became avaliable, star shower worked great 
against large groups of weak but deadly units like the Necromancer horde 
they send. I also used entangling roots to good effect, trapping their big 
melee units. By the time the pit lord showed up, all the human towers were 
gone and most of their troops, and I was overwhelmed. 
Meanwhile, I entangled the 2 other gold mines and kept them fully stocked 
with wisps, so the gold was pouring faster than I could spend it. Early on, 
I concentrated on research, even building another workshop to speed the 
process, I 1st researched all Druid of the Claw upgrades. I built an extra 
Ancient of War and Ancient of Lore. I built 5 Ballistae with impaling bolts 
and I sent them to the Orc town, behind the towers. I then maxed out my food 
on Druids of The Claw, and turned all but 1 into bear form and sent these 
(~9) to just in front on the Orc towers. The one in elf form, I made stand 
ground and roar as the undead advanced. I left my Ancients of Lore with a 
full queue of Druids with the rally set just North of the Orc base 

Due to my slipshod defence of the Human town, the Orc base came under fire 
with about 28 minutes left. When I revived my heroes, I began an ambitious 
mining program, I constantly bought and planted mines as long as my troops 
weren't actually engaging the enemy. This wiped out the 1st few waves of 
ghoul trash they send as well as a good few abominations. They even took 
out the dread lord hero, and brutally mauled the Pit Lord. The combination 
of my heroes and Thrall, their taurens and grunts and my bears (charged with 
roar, and healed after each engagement, with constant reinforcements from 
my base arriving automaticlly thanks to rally point) held the Undead at bay 
until just 8 minutes to go, when my druids and heroes eventually fell to 
the ressurected Pit Lord. By the time they built their new base and began 
their assault, there was just 5 mins on the clock, I had built ~7 protectors 
in a big group just north of the old Orc base, I rebuilt as much of my bear 
army as possible but then switched to the faster produced fodder of archers, 
they were still attacking my protectors when the whistle blew. I had trouble 
with air units due to my callous lack of archers but I compensated with Star 
Shower and fire arrows 
Not one Hypogrph was harmed in the production of this level."

->Mr. Bugz Podder has a counter-point however.

"I'd like to comment that sometimes even when you are playing at "Normal" 
difficulty (before you start) and you lost, you'll see "Reduce Difficulty" 
in the menu.  That is because Warcraft III has at least 3 difficulty 
levels.  You'll get this level when you are on "Normal" and won a few chapters, 
the computer automatically increases the difficulty level but it is still 
a notch lower than "Hard".  I am not sure if the same thing happens when you 
play in hard.  The fastest way to reduce to the lowest difficulty is to use 
the instant loss cheat and click on "Reduce Difficulty".   
I want to make another point that some players have claimed that they have 
successfully held the Scourge back at the Orc base or attempting to play 
"hide them farm" on the last chapter (chapter 7) of the Night Elves.  While 
this is possible at lower difficulty levels, it is virtually impossible at 
"Hard".   By the way, at harder levels, the undead Scourage will send 
waves after waves of monsters *everywhere*.  Defeating one of two waves will 
just mean that more is coming.  I had 3 meat wagons and like 10 banishees 
when i tried to establish mini-bases.  so it won't work.  I am just saying 
that at higher difficulty levels, don't expect to hold Archimonde back but 
instead focus on the defense in your own base to last last minute. Don't 
get me wrong here, Hippy Riders are very good defense against the 
scourage.  Use your hero's ultimate spells, and make use of the Druids' spells 
along with the Ancient Protectors and you should be able to hold the Scourge 
back to the last minute."

->Mr. Mike "Ocularis" offers a semi-neutral view for the Final Nightelf 

"just some things i didnt see in your faq.  in the night elf quest when you 
are treading in the barrow looking for the demon hunter guy, you can use 
the treants spawn thingy on the big shrooms laying around.
also i have a strategy for the last night elf level.  there is no need to 
get hippo riders.  making 2 different units and trying to make them all 
interact can be time consuming and draw your attention from the front line 
where you should be setting up defense and getting ready for the next attack 
with every spare second you have.  anyway when it starts i send all my units 
go to the human camp then immediately take 2 wisps from getting lumber andhave 
them set up at the gold mines...... but im sure you already have that figured 
out.  next i build 2 or 3 more ancients of war right by where the first one 
is.  now uproot your protectors and put them in the front of the orc base,  its 
not smart to sacrifice something that expensive early in the game by sending 
it to the human camp.  i want to take a quick time out to note a few 
things.  1.)   the archer is i think the cheapest basic attack unit in the 
game.  2.)  it has 2 upgrades aside from the 3 attack and  3 armor giving 
it 8 upgrades wich makes it a very serious threat the whole game. 3.)  they 
are made quickly by the ancients of war.   ok now back to the strategy.  guess 
what your main unit is? ARCHERS!   if you build 3 ancients you are fine if 
you built more you may be in need of resources early but by the time the 
human base is overran you will have more minerals then you know what to do 
with. now you need to keep pumping archers out of your ancients while getting 
every possible upgrade they have save the hippo mounting because you wont 
be mounting hippos.  i usually get the marksmenship first then the range, 
all the while upgrading attack and armor.  you should be able to make about 
6 or so archers before the first attack. have them rally in the humans town 
so you dont have to do all the clicking.  i have one time been able to keep 
them outside of the human walls for the entire game but it was very difficult 
and we were about to die before the time ran out, so i will assume you dont 
care about the human base and dont care if it is smashed up.  you can hold 
the human base until there is around 25 minutes left, and then the assault's 
get pretty heavy.  when you feel you are losing the battle dont fight your 
heros to the death.  pull them up to the orc base and have your archers rally 
there. you should just accumulate forces while the humans are dieing and 
have over 25 archers plus your 2 heros waitingin the front of the orc camp. 
dryads dont help much because they will run out of mana healing all your 
units.  that is the main strategy. put some protectors and in the front of 
the orc base when you get a chance. only use the tranquility directly AFTER 
an attack so you wont be getting hit while trying to heal and use it often 
as you can because archers arent hp monsters.  only other thing is the pit 
lord, his shockwave can lay waste to about 20 archers if i hits it twice.  so 
if he does that, you should still be able to finish him off, but when your 
done run to the mercenary camp and grab up all the mercs you can. now run 
back and get ready for the next attack.  i still had my stone of furbolgs 
so that sorta helped, also treants help and any other summon units.  a good 
strategy for the pit lord or any boss is to entangle and then watch 36 archers 
bombard him from afar while he is sitting there with his melee weapon looking 
like an ass. the key is to keep your upkeep high and your food limit maxed 
so you are outnumbering them greatly, and the orcs only add to your 
numbers.  well i hope that helps"

->Mr. Martin Williams offers his help on the final mission:

"Last level v tough for me. 
Tried druids of the claw in bear form, fully upgraded; some success  
till around last 5 mins, then overwhelmed. 
Tried the archers' strategy I saw suggested on your page; maybe as I  
sent mine to orc base (not a great defence of humans; mostly using the  
heroes), didn't work for me; even when - once orcs gone -  trying  
grouping them around the health well (which seems a reasonably  
defensive position - surround with protectors, and you're on hillock so  
can fire at forces below). Finished with about 10 infernals plus heroes  
etc smashing base up. 
Hippo riders worked better; but still wound up with bases smashed - tho  
seems that attacks towards end are mostly of forces that are useless  
against air units, so a whole load of hippo riders might stave off  
attacks (clustered my remaining ones just below the circle of power;  
had a couple of protectors between this and the gate - held off forces  
for a while).   (I've made masses of protectors around main base,  
especially - keeping forces on low upkeep early on, and using pretty  
much all the gold possible for protectors; yet the infernals, meat  
wagons etc just demolish them without effort in last few mins.) 
But what did work, on hard, was moving trees of life towards end  
(rather as a guy suggested, tho think he built one in "secret" place).  
Once, when mass attack taking out my main base, took the northern one  
off to the [fulborg] camp in north - five mins or so to go, the enemy  
forces had wrecked everything else, after which they just stood around. 
Second time, had hippo riders near circle till v late, when some frost  
wyrms killed em off; moved southern tree of life to southern fulborg  
camp - enemy found it with under a minute to go, the fulborgs helped  
fight back. 
Not v satisfactory, but best I've managed! 
(Wonder if it's worthwhile getting the friendly fulborgs and orcs early  
on - don't cost gold, can use while bolstering attacks/defences of  
archers etc; problem is that need to have hero wandering around to  
collect them, instead of defending humans.)"

-> "Caj" pitches in for the effort as well.

"I have looked through all of the strategies for beating the last Night Elf 
mission, and I'm quite impressed with all of them. I won the third time I 
played that mission. The thought of using the other two gold mines never 
crossed my mind, so I was workingwith one mine. First, I started to upgrade 
the moon armor as fast as possible. In the mean time I was training a lot 
of archers and wisps and sent them to the human base. With the wisps I built 
two Ancient Protectors. While that was going on, I had Furion run to the 
Goblin Merchant and buy Goblin Land Mines. These I set up on both entrances 
to my base. I gathered the Furbolgs and Forest Trolls and had them defend 
the Orc base. After the human base was taken over by Archimonde, I rallied 
all of my troops to the Orcs. I had the Tree of Life produce as many wisps 
as possible. These wisps were used to make more Ancient Protectors around 
my base. I was careful enough to leave room inbetween each one. This way, 
the Protectors could attack melee fighters up close. After the Undead finally 
took over the Orc base, I drew back into my own base. I had to revive Tyrande 
once after she died. Then the toughest part came. The Undead were attacking 
on both sides, with lots of Ghouls and Abominations. These aren't actually 
a big deal because the goblin mines killed most of them. I did, however, 
have trouble with the Crypt Fiends, Necromancers, Meat Wagons, and Frost 
Wyrms. The last of my units died with thirteen seconds left on the clock, 
so I knew I won since it would take the enemy a while to destroy all of my 
buildings. I strongly suggest building a Tree of Life at each gold 
mine and multiple Ancients of War. The Goblin Land Mines really work, so 
go ahead and use them. Some of the other strategies are a bit better. I'm 
just telling you how I did it."

->Mr. Leonid Vydro offers his tactics.

"I have a few comments on how to do the last mission of the night of  
campeign. now there are lots of different strategies that ive seen that talk  
about making hippo riders or massing archers or hiding trees of life. I  
personally did neither... first thing i did was i entangled both of the gold  
mines and filled em to the brim with wisps (of course). Then I sent all the  
forces with Furion to the human encampment right between the towers. I sent  
Furion himself to the dark troll mercenary camp (the furblarg would work  
too, but i personally liked the trolls since they are ranged units and can  
hit frost wyrms). I researched bear spell upgrades and queued up 4 or 5  
bears(the majority of which never left beatr form, 1 of them i used to roar  
my troops once in a while). Then I started buying all the trolls i could 
get the most poerfull first (the ones on the right and on the bottom were 
the most poerfull ones, especially the warlords). From then on all i did 
was buy trolls, stopping only to launch a starfall once in a while and training 
some more bears. When low on gold i controlled the troops  and used focus 
fire,but that didnt happen often. Using this strategy you can keep the human 
base for 20+ minutes and the orc base until you have 5 minitues or less left,  
because this ensures a steady flow of trolls into the battle, past the  25  
minute mark i spent a lot of my time with my food capped or nearly capped.  
When i ended the game archimond was still at the very entrance of my camp.  
The only problem i had with this was whenthe orc base was razed and it  
became risky to transfer the trolls from the camp to my own base, but i  
managed to do it anyway. 
note: move the trolls as soon as they pop up becausde if you dont, the  
trolls start popping up on the other sides of the camp which is not a  
problem, but behind the camp its blocked off with stone pillars and such...  
and the trolls are stuck there taking up food and unable to move, when this  
happened i had to use the rest of my forces to kill them."

->Franciscus offers his guidance on the final mission.

"Just trying to contribute here: I notice that no walkthrough on the last 
level was using the most useful buildings in the map: Mercenary Camps and 
Goblin Merchants (well, people keep saying buy the land mines etc, and it 
did really help, but not to decisively win the battle, not enough mines to 
hold the undead).
The problem with this campaign is the unlimited steady stream of undead. 
Repeat, the Undead, not Archimonde's lieutenants or even Archimonde. So, 
if we look carefully, everytime after a base is razed, the Undead always 
rebuilt their base from scratch, and their previous marauding units vanished.
To finish this level, I was able to hold the Undead from orc base until 6 
minutes left on the clock. Finally after they got through, Tyrande was gone, 
but Furion still alive. So I retreated all the remaining troops (only 1 gryphon 
rider left) and resurrect Tyrande. I got boatload of $$$ and lumber since 
I got all 3 gold mines mined. In the meantime, Tyrande was revived just after 
the Undead started building base, so I sent Furion shopping for troops (from 
Furbolg merc camp), and sent Tyrande buying some good potion: invulnerability. 
I have the original base churning out Druid of the claw, gryphons and archers, 
but at the end I got only additional 3 units.
After I got a few dudes (3 free Furbolg units and 1 Heavy Troll), I sent 
Furion to the orc base and try to distract Archimonde, and sneak in Tyrande 
at the same time. Remember, this can only happen when undead still has minimal 
base. Timing is everything. I dont know if it will work when Undead already 
churn out units. Tyrande drank the potion *gulp*, and did the Falling Star, 
killing every Acolytes in the base, with their base half done. Let Furion 
die distracting, I revived him later still on time to distract Archimonde 
later on. But keep Tyrande alive, heck, buy another potion from the merchant 
near the orc base and do the falling star again when cooldown is done like 
before =). It's fun. Keep building archers so they can be cannon fodder when 
archimonde got into the base.
That's it, the Undead base gone, no attacks at all before Archimonde started 
to go into my base, and I only had to fight Archimonde, which is really easy 
if you have your remaining wisp building protectors. Even when Undead 
had couple of production buildings done, they couldn't seem to produce 
anymore units."

->"O m a t i c" gives his help.

"First I sent all my avaliable units down to the human base. Then sent a 
couple of wisps to make a tree of ages on the other two gold mines, and started 
mining. After this I created a couple more wisps and made two more ancients 
of war. I then started upgrading the armor and weopons that concern  
archers in the hunters hall. I used one of my ancients of war for upgrading.  
While the other two for making archers. You should have a ton of gold  
pouring in, so there shouldnt be gold problems. As soon as an archer is  
created send it to the human base, and whenever there is an attack on the  
human base focus attention towards the battle. Micromanagement can easily  
save many of your units, and you need to do this because archers dont have 
a lot of hitpoints. By now your archers should be pretty much upgraded, and  
you should be maxed out on your food, just keep a bunch of archers queued 
up so if one dies another will immeditely start being made. While all this 
is happening create a bunch of wisps and make ancients of war at the orc 
base, as well as a couple of moon wells, which are set on auto heal. After 
the human base falls send all your units to the orc base, try to get your 
heroes out before they die. Now repeat the process with the orc base, send 
tons of archers their. And remember, when the orc base is attacked, focus 
on the battle. Have some wisps repairing the ancient of wars at the orc base. 
You should have tons of gold, so create ancients of war at your own base 
at the entrances, but continue sending mass amount of archers to the orc 
base. Use the various spells your heros have, especially starfall and 
tranqility. Using this method I managed to still have the orc base at the 
end, with a ton of archers in it, and my heroes hadnt died once. Archimonde 
couldnt even get close to the world tree :D"

->"Xidus" offers a potpourri of great tips:

"I notice your faq is missing some hidden goodies in the single player  
missions. Human mission8, sink the ships, has a few hidden creeps that  
give nice mana boosting items. Top left corner is easy to miss, some  
trolls that give the goblin night scope. At the bottom left of the path  
leading to the goblin shop selling sappers are a line of trees. Beyond  
those trees is an undead creep that gives up a sobi mask. Just to the  
right of the drake creeps is another line of trees hiding a panda creep  
that drops a pendant of mana. 
Undead mission 1 has a hidden ring of protection +2. It's behind the  
barracks, one of the horses has it. Don't worry, one of the patrolling  
guards gives up a potion of greater healing that should help things out.

in undead mission 2, the one with the panda relaxation secret area,  
there are a few more goodies. There is a level 9 golem behind trees at  
the lower right hand side of the map, just to the right of where the  
other golems are. He drops a pendant of energy. If you explore you can  
find Tichonrius (invulnerable) to the west of the golems south of your  
base. What's interesting is that there is an unusual hidden sheep by the  
same name hidden behind some trees, south of the golems (up the ramp and  
west). This isn't a normal sheep. It won't die from clicking, nor make  
sheep sounds. If you get near it, it is affected by your heroes aura.  
You can kill it by attacking, but I can't find any use for it other than  
just being unusual."

->"Xidus" again:

Here's more items that are easy to miss and/or very useful at that point 
in the game. 
undead mission 3, when you first encounter the elves. In the middle of the  
map, to the right of a goblin shop behind some trees you will have to knock  
down, are some creeps. They drop a health stone and in one of the buildings  
is a book of the dead. 

undead mission 6, fighting the orcs, there is a hidden creep along the  
middle of the left side of the map. He is along the river, behind trees,  
and cannot be seen unless you rotate the camera. He drops a mana stone. 
orc mission 2, escorting the caravan, there is a Claws of Attack +3 dropped  
by a thunder lizard on the left side of the map, after the first oasis. A 
Mantle of Intelligence +3 is in a building at the first harpy encounter  
around the middle of the map, before the 2nd oasis.

->"crash@omni.lt" offers a myriad of help"

"1) Orc Campaign (Chapter "The Oracle"): find the Bloody Key with Thrall 
-it's to the south-west from where you fought the Skeleton Lord. One naughty 
lizard is guarding that key. Kill the lizard and take the key. Look for a 
throne of Skeleton Lord. To the north-west of it is an unbreakable door. 
Use the Bloody Key to open it and go east - you'll find a treasure (The Crown 
of Kings). Don't forget to check out the boxes there - they contain some 
usefull items.
2) NightElf Campaign (Chapter "Brothers in Blood" - where you seek to 
awaken the sleeping Druids of the Claw): at the end of this level when you 
play with Priestess, find the place where some Watchers are going round and 
round (a perfect place for Goblin Landmines). To the west is a column of 
trees and a narrow passage to Circle of Power. Step on it and here it is 
- a secret room with Robe of Magi (or smth) in the middle of it. 
That's it. Hope they'll start making "Starcraft 2" :)"

Massive thanks to these great folks.

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-M.H because narcissism is your trademark trait.

-V.L for Time Crisis II moments.

-Beer for making my Contributor replies more interesting.  And delaying 
updates for a week.

-Mr. Dylan Holmes for stating that the sorceress is also an elf.

-Mr. Colin Whitlatch for his correction in Creep and gold.

-Mr. Akeel Kasam for his information on the goldmines.

-Mr. Christopher Kwan for his information on Haunted Goldmines,

-Mr. Trevor Haas for pointing out that Mal'Ganis is a Dreadlord, not a lich.

-"Pecker" for pointing out that Mal'Ganis is a Dreadlord, not a lich, and 
Raiders are Far Seers.

-Mr. Adi Houdiono for pointing out that Mal'Ganis is a Dreadlord, not a lich.

-"Fyrewind" for his two Easter Egg tips.

-"Xidus" for his contributions.

-Mr.Briareos Kerensky for his information regarding difficulty levels.

-Mr. Frans van den Oever gives this tip about meat wagons and information 
about regeneration rates.

-crash@omni.lt for his contributions.

-Mr. Sid Oak for his tip for Human Campaign Level 2: Blackrock n Roll.

-Mr. Moises Miguel Zee for his tip for Human Campaign Level 2: Blackrock 
n Roll.

-"Chrisdude" for his tip on Timmy for Human Campaign Level 3: Ravages of 
the Plague

- Mr Edward Fu for his contribution for Human Campaign Level 3: Ravages of 
the Plague

-Mr. Wai Y. Chung for his Contribution on Human Campaign Level 8: Dissension.

-Mr. Dustin Woods for his tip on Human Campaign Level 8: Dissension.

-"Skydreemr" for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 1:Trudging 
through the Ashes.

-Mr. Aaron Hainley for his tip on Timmy for Undead Campaign Level 2: Digging 
up the Dead.

- Mr Adrian Easton / Mr. shinsensei for his tip for Undead Campaign Level 2: 
Digging up the Dead.

-"Sacco" for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 2: Digging up the 

- Mr Guido Lujiten for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 2: Digging 
up the Dead.

-"Pando666" for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 4: Key of the 
Three Moons.

-Mr. Roger Rouault for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-Mr. Wong Si Yuan for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-Mr. Craig Fleming for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-Mr. Jay Winton for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege of 

-Mr. Dan Jacobsen for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-Mr. Evgeny Ternovsky for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-Mr. Andrew TWeir for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-"Kosikutioner" for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege of 

-Mr. Damon Hochnadel for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

- Mr. Gaffarena Marcos for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: 
Siege of Dalaran.

-Mr. Darren Perrett for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege 
of Dalaran.

-Mr. Willie Du for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege of 

-Mr. Lu Tsze for his contribution for Undead Campaign Level 7: Siege of 

-Mr. Mark Carnall for his contribution for Orc Campaign Level 7: The Oracle

-Mr. Beng Hai for his contribution for Orc Campaign Level 7: The Oracle

-Mr. John "Ive Been Banned" Kincaid for his contribution for Orc Campaign 
Level 8: By Demons be Driven.

-Mr. Ali Tayyab or his contribution for Orc Campaign Level 8: By Demons be 

-Mr Ryan Palarca for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
2: Daughters of the Moon.

- Mr. Al Sim for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 2: 
Daughters of the Moon.

-Mr. Woohyung Lee for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
2: Daughters of the Moon.

-Mr. Dylan Kipp for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
2: Daughters of the Moon.

-"Jamie W" for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 2: 
Daughters of the Moon.

-Mr. Finlay McWalter for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 2: Daughters of the Moon.

-"Obbity" for his correction for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 3: The 
Awakening of Stormrage.

-Mr. Adam Hewitt for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
4: The Druids Arise.

-Mr. Jason Cook for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
5: Brothers in Blood.

-"BlademasterNeo" for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
5: Brothers in Blood.

-Ms. Victoria Vanderson for her contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 5: Brothers in Blood.

-Mr. Scott Benoit for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
5: Brothers in Blood.

-Mr. Scott Sandlin for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
5: Brothers in Blood.

- Mr. Jason Merlo for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
5: Brothers in Blood.

-Mr. Anthony Assuncao for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 5: Brothers in Blood.

-Martin "The Eyeball Kid" for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 5: Brothers in Blood.

-Carl for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 5: Brothers 
in Blood.

-Mr. Blake Garvey for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Fred Pritchards for his contribution for Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Roger Rounault for another contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel 
Campaign Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Adi Houdiono for pointing out that there aren't any Chimeras on the 
Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-"Kelgar43" for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Peset and Peter Tan for their contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel 
Campaign Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Skye Knighton for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Wade Aidan for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Duncan Wilson for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Bugz Podder for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Mike "Ocularis" for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Martin Williams for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-"Caj" for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 7: 
Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Leoin Vydro for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign 
Level 7: Twilight of the Gods.

-"Franciscus" for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
7: Twilight of the Gods.

-"O m a t i c" for his contribution for the Nightelf Sentinel Campaign Level 
7: Twilight of the Gods.

-Mr. Jake for pointing out my error in the number of Undead Units.  

For any tips, contributions, comments, suggestions, advice, insults, or 
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