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Orc Campaign Walkthrough by humaetorcH

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/04/02

 Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
 Orc campaign FAQ and Startegy Guide
 Version 1.0

 By humeatorcH
 July 4th 2002

 Warcraft 3 is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.This FAQ is not by any way associated or endorsed
 by Blizzard.It is written solely by my own playing experiences therefore some facts might not be 100%
 accurate.This FAQ might contain some spoilers although i have tried to minimize it.

 Table of Contents
 *Chapter 1 - Landfall
 *Chapter 2 - The Long March
 *Chapter 3 - The Fall of Lordearon
 *Chapter 3 - Cry of the Warsong
 *Chapter 4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale
 *Chapter 5 - The Blood of Mannoroth
 *Chapter 6 - Where Wyverns Dare
 *Chapter 7 - The Oracle
 *Chapter 8 - By Demons Be Driven

 The Orcish Horde
 *Units Breakdown


 Chapter 1 - Landfall
 Main quest - Rally the horde
             *Discover where the other ships have landed
             *Thrall must survive

 You start the game at the beachside.Head slightly north and you will encounter a level 3 creature
 named Murloc Flesheater.Kill it.Continue north and you will come to a camp where a group of
 centaurs will assault you.Killing them would produce a level 2 Thrall.If you were to travel slightly
 west of the centaur camp, you should come across another level 3 Murloc Flesheater and a couple of his
 minions.Killing them would obtain you a chest containing some healing ward.From here, travel east and
 you will soon come across a level 3 quillboar hunter.More healing wards will be dropped.Walk south and
 you will find a Level 3 Razorman Brute guarding 2 troll headhunters.Slay them to free the 2 orc
 reinforcements and obtain a potion of mana.

 From your current location now,guide your army east.You will encounter another 3 orc units.From here,
 move up north.You will have to fight your way through a Level 3 Harpy Windwitch and some birdlike
 creatures.Your reward would be a scroll of the best.Keep moving slightly northwest and you will soon
 face a level 6 Thunderlizard.Not that difficult to kill despite its level.Pick up the potion of mana
 that it drops.Keep on following the path and you will soon see a fountain of health.Get your troops
 near it to be healed.Before you do that though,you will have to kill the beasts guarding it.Continue
 to run along the seashore and meet up with 3 more orc brethren.Slay the horsemen you see and you will
 be handed a new quest.

 Main quest - Protect Cairne
             *Follow Cairne to the Tauren village
             *Protect Cairne from his enemies
             *Cairn Bloodhoof must survive

 Meet Cairne Bloodhoof - one of the best heroes in the game.His abilities are amazing and is a way better
 unit compared to Thrall.Anyways, follow Cairne and his tauren friends to his village.Once you arrive,its
 your job to help him defend his base.Kill whatever centaurs that attacks and defend your position.After
 about 3 waves of attacks from them,you should win this mission.


 Chapter 2 - The Long March
 Main Quest - Three Oases                                      Main Quest - The Caravan
             *Lead Caravan to the first oasis                              *Protect the caravan
             *Lead caravan to the second oasis                             *At least 2 kodo beasts must
             *Lead caravan to the third oasis                               survive
             *Thrall,Cairne and the caravan must survive                   *Cairne must survive

 From your starting location, move west and then head northeast till you reach a fountain of health
 which is the first oasis.Kill any centaur marauders that gets in your way there.In the first oasis,
 you will meet up with 3 orcish allies.Add them to your party.Now,continue up moving northwest. Towards
 the middle of the map you will find a goblin merchant where you can purchase some healing items etc.
 and rendezvous with 3 orc raiders. When you're done, travel north.Your target is now the 2nd oasis
 located on the northeast of the map. By the way, raiders have the ensnare ability which can bring any
 flying units to the ground enabling your melee units to combat it.Pretty useful ability.

 Slightly below the 2nd oasis is a level 6 Harpy Queen. Slaying it would give you a totem of might which
 adds an extra point to your strength attribute.Your raiders come in handy here as they can help bring
 the harpies crashing to the ground for your units to combat it.In the 2nd oasis, 3 orc catapults will
 join you.The 3rd oasis is at the far west.Your mission is to get there now.Travel up north and you will
 come across 6 guard towers.This is where the catapult plays its part.Use the catapults to tear down the
 tower as its firing range is further than the towers.Just remember to protect them from enemy
 melee units as they are pretty slow and vulnerable.On the right side lies 2 boss centaur marauders.Thrall's
 chain lightning spell works really well on them.You will have to slay the marauder twice before it
 truly stays dead.Your reward would be a pendant of energy.Now,head west and you will encounter a line
 of centaurs running.Continue moving west destroying any watchtowers that gets in your way.You'll eventually
 reach the final oasis.


 Chapter 3 - The Wreckage of Lordearon

 A cutscene occurs.


 Chapter 3 - Cry of the Warsong
 Main Quest - Establish a Base                                    Optional Quest - Pacify the Humans
             *Build a Great Hall                                                  *Destroy the human's base
             *Thrall must survive

            - Secure Zeppelins
             *Destroy any hostile units at the laboratory
             *Return two goblin zeppelins to your base

 It's now finally time actually establish a base. Quite the moment you've been waiting for eh? :) Anyways,
 the threat in this chapter comes from the FOUR human encampments. One is in the center of the map, slightly
 below the goblin laboratory.The second is in the east of the map above the Warsong Clan's base.The third
 human base is on the west side of the map and the final human camp is located on the northeast of the map.

 The best and easiest way to destroy the human camps is to play it smart.Build up your troops and the
 the neccesarry defence.Then wait.Timing is an essential factor here.Watch the Warsong camp and once they
 move out to attack a human base, follow them from behind.Use them as a shield protecting your own units.
 Your own units would last much longer and a more effective massacre would commence on the enemy human.
 Grunts are the ideal unit here as they are cheap and strong.Your enemies do not rely on aerial units in
 this level so you do not have to worry about being defensive in the air.Mixing grunts with some Kodo Beast
 would add a lot more bite to your offence.

 Once you're done pacifying the human camps, its time to recover the Goblin Laboratory.Protecting it is
 a level 8 Centaur Khan.You would have to slay him twice for him to be truly dead.A sucessful kill would
 gain you an excellent item - the gauntlets of ogre strength+3.There will be a level 6 Harpy Queen next
 with a couple of her flying minions.Slay her and the circlet of nobility is yours.The Goblin Lab is now
 free for your taking.


 Chapter 4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale
 Main Quest - Slash and Burn                                      Optional Quest - Furbolg Chieftain
             *Amass 15,000 lumber                                                 *Slay the Furbolg Chieftain

                                                                                 - Destroy Trees of Life
                                                                                  *Destroy the trees of life

 This is not an easy mission especially if you were to play in on the hard difficulty.The main problem with
 this stage is the lack of gold.North of your current base is a gold mine but with only 9000 gold left.It
 might not be much but you do need to expand there.On the east of the gold mine is Neeloc Greedyfingers
 who will give you the optional quest to slay Furbolg Chieftain. South of the map, just on the left side of
 your default base is a Nightelf's camp.Invading their base and then destroying their tree of life would
 gain you 3000 lumber and open up the 2nd optional quest.The base is not well defended so you will not
 face much problems penetrating it.However,be very careful with your money.Ensure that you have enough
 anti air units such as the Troll Headhunter as the enemy sends attacks from the air and from land.

 On the left side of Nightelf base you just destroyed lies a gold mine with 40k gold.Finally you have got
 a decent source of resources.It is protected by some Darkwarlords so slay them and you will gain a potion
 of greater healing.Expand your base here.In the bottom center of the map,there are a few undead tree spirits.
 To be more exact,they are located slightly on the right side of the 40k gold mine.Kill them to uncover the
 boots of speed.

 You have 2 options here.Either you mine 15k of lumber or you could just invade the NightElf bases and destroy
 their tree of life to instantly gain that amount.If you were to do it the slow way,i would suggest that
 you slay Furbolg Chieftain first and then purchase the Goblin Shredder from Neeloc Greedyfingers.They cut down
 trees at such an insanely speed.The other way - the faster way is to just destroy the trees of life.They are all
 located in the other 3 nightelf base.One is on the far left and the other on the top left.The final Nightelf
 camp is on the top right of the map.Be wary though as their bases are quite well defended especially in hard
 mode.Once you've finally ammassed 15 k lumber,the mission ends in your favour.


 Chapter 5 - The Blood of Mannoroth

 Cutscene occurs


 Chapter 5 - The Hunter of Shadows
 Main Quest - The Chaos Well                                      - Cenarius
             *Discover the source of power                         *Slay Cenarius

 The NightElves will commence an attack as soon as the level starts.The objective here is to defend their
 first wave of attack.Once you're in control, immediately pump as many Troll Headhunters as you can.Build
 it non stop till the invasion hits your main base.Ignore building any melee units for the moment as their
 attack would be aerial based.It's a good idea to construct a couple of watchtowers in a concentrared area
 to back your Headhunters up a bit.

 Once you've defended that attack wave,you will recieve your mission objectives.Start constructing your base.
 Erect your defences and pump up your troops.Now,from your base,move directly up north clearing a path
 blocked by trees and you will soon find a goblin merchant.Head further north and you will encounter a few
 powerful neutral units.Kill them to recieve the claws of attack+3.As soon as you reach the end of the path,
 turn left and travel all the way till you reach a waygate protected by some Shadowdancer Demons.Slay them
 to recieve the periapt of health and activate the waygate.Enter the waygate and continue along the path.
 Destroy and Satyr Demons that gets in your way and you will eventually gain the orb of fire.Follow on the
 path and you will soon find yourself face to face with the Chaos Well.Slay the Satyr Guardians protecting it
 and you will receive a ring of protection +3.A cutscene ensues and you will gain your 2nd main quest.

 Cenarius is tough.He has a HP count of roughly 4000 and an attack of 1000 average per hit.Once you have
 ammassed enough forces and is confident of launching a succesfull attack,invade the blue NightElf base
 in the center of the map.Once it is destroyed,Cenarius will appear.Throw everything you have at him and
 once he's dead,you've won the mission.


 Chapter 6 - Where Wyverns Dare
 Main Quest - Stonetalon Peal                               Optional Quest - Wyverns
             *Destroy the human base guarding the peak                      *Find the Wyverns

                                                                           - Defiled Fountain
                                                                            *Kill the Centaur Khan
                                                                            *Return the Glyph of
                                                                             Purification to restore
                                                                             the fountain

 This mission is difficult.Bear that in mind first especially if you're attempting it in the hard more.
 I'm not sure about normal difficulty but it is a very challenging mission if it is in hard.
 Anyways,to obtain the second optional quest,move left from your base till you see a pack of lightning
 lizards.Kill them and you will gain access to a green looking defiled fountain.Approach it with Thrall
 and you will gain your second optional quest.Let's complete the Wyverns quest first however.

 The Harpies have captured the Wyvers and have held them captive on the middle north section of the
 map.To free them,you have to bring a party of anti air units.Headhunters lead by Thrall should do the
 trick.Once you've freed them,you have to option to construct Wyverns.To finish off the 2nd optional
 quest,head to the east of the Goblin Laboratory.That's where Centaur Khan is stationed.Slay him
 and bring back the Glyph to the fountain and you're done.

 Now let's accomplish the main quest.The humans have 2 bases in this map.One if to the northeast and the
 other is to the northwest.You have to take out the Northeast base first.Grunts,Kodo Beasts and Catapults
 are a good combo to invade that base.It is pretty well defended but if you play your cards right and
 plot your strategy well,tearing it apart should not be such a problem.The second base is a bit tricky.
 You do not have road access to the second base which means you have to go by air.First off,go to the
 Goblin Lab and hire some Zeppelins.You need it to transport your troops into the base.Transporting them
 would be another problem.The base is well defended in air by guardtowers and a load full of gryphon riders.
 Coupled with a large group of Rifleman,it is quite difficult to land your troops in.This is where your
 Wyverns come in handy.Construct a few of them and use them as decoy.Fly your Wyverns into the south part
 of the base and let their Rifleman and Gryphons engage them into battle.While they're busy attacking,
 quickly fly your zeppelins over and drop off your main troops.It is essential to drop them at the south
 part of the base as there is plenty of land there and the Guardtowers range will not cover that area.Use
 your Headhunters to bring down the Gryphons and Grunts to remove the Rifleman threat.Then move in your
 catapult to mow down the Guardtowers around.It is quite handy to have a witchdoctor around to heal your
 troops too.If you time it right,you should be able to burn down the last human base.It's difficult but
 not impossible.


 Chapter 7 - The Oracle
 Main Quest - The Oracle                    - Heart of Aszune                  - Enchanted Gemstone
             *Seek out the oracle            *Find the heart of Aszune          *Find the Enchanted Gemstone
             *Thrall must survive            *Return the heart of Aszune        *Bring the Enchanted Stone to
                                                                                 the spectral bridge
                                                                                *Cairne must survive

 At the start,break down the door on your left.Kill the Ancient Dead and proceed south following the
 corridor.Keep on following the corridor slaying any vile creatures you encounter.When you come to a
 north and south fork,destroy the north door and enter it.Kill the pack of Undead here and pick up the
 mantle of intelligence +3.Proceed South.Continue following the path,bringing down a door on the way.Slay
 the beast and pick up a ring of regeneration.Now,go back to the corridor with the burning fountain and
 head east.

 There will be a door here but dont bother breaking it down as there's nothing to pick up unless you want
 to slay beasts for experience points.Instead,head north.Killing the Level 9 Undead Revenant here would
 give you an orb of fire.If you take the slightly left path,you will find a tome of intelligence.Proceed
 following the path where you got the orb of fire.Cross the bridge.You'll now face a Level 9 Death
 Revenant once again.Continue east and you'll come to a room with 3 forks.The north door is locked so
 go south first.Killing the Salamanders would give you a blood key to open the locked door in the north.
 You will recieve a Crown of the Kings + 5 there.Destroying the boxes around the chest will also
 give you some useful scrolls.

 Now back to the fork and head east.Slay whatever creatures that dare engage you in combat and proceed all
 the way to the waygate.Enter it.Now,go in the north door.You'll face some Human Militias next.Make easy
 meat of them and continue east.Destroy the door that you will soon see and head north.There will be a
 grave here.Nothing to do here so move along and continue east.Destroy the next door for 3 HeadHunters to
 join you.The next door holds a hulking beast that drops you a Subi Mask when slayed.Continue east.

 You'll encounter some Polymorphed sheeps.This can only mean one thing.Humans.Kill them all.Take the north
 gate and you'll see some harpies battling a Level 10 Red Dragon.Let the damage be done first then
 move in for the kill.The heart of Aszune is now yours.Go in the west gate to pick up two more Headhunters.
 Now go back to the waygate you came out from and head south to give the Heart of Aszune to the statue
 to complete the 2nd Main Quest.

 The scene now shifts to Cairne Bloodhoof.From the starting point,head east.You will spot a stone token on
 the ground.Pick it up but that would bring a stone golem to life.Prepare to fight it.Continue east and
 you'll encounter some humans.Kill them and head south.Kill the humans you see and you will recieve a
 tome of strength.Continue moving.The rocks on the east you see will be destroyed by undeads and make
 a path from them to you.Slay them and recieve a talisman of evasion.Head south and you'll spot a hungry
 hungry lizard eating mushrooms.Wait for it to finish.Once it does,it will create a path that leads to
 a chest containing the lion horn of stormwind.Grab it.Head back east and you will see a group of Quillboars
 guarding the Enchanted Gemstone.Activate the spikes on the northeast passage and watch them die instantly.
 Open the door with the switch on the northwest and claim the gem.Head south,kill the creatures and claim
 the Claw of Attack+2.Now just follow the path,killing any undead statues that gets in your way and make
 your way back to the bridge section.Cross the spectral bridge to end this level.


 Chapter 8 - By Demons Be Driven
 Main quest - Hellscream
             *Capture Grom Hellscream in the soul gem
             *Bring Grom back to Jaina's ritual circle

 Ah...the allian of Humans and Orcs.Something you would never have though would actually happen in
 Warcraft 2 eh? :) This is the final mission for the Orc campaign so do not expect it to be easy.
 In the hard difficulty, it's almost impossible to actually win this mission.Impossible but winnable if
 you play your cards right.Once you start the mission,be ready to build up your troops ASAP for burning
 legions units will randomly appear and assault your base.It's quite difficult because the Burning Legions
 attack very very often though randomly.There is no way to stop their assaults and this is especially
 terrifying because the Burning Legion units are quite powerful.Do not even bother trying to rely on
 your human allies as they are not even capable of defending themselves let alone launching an attack
 against the Chaos Orcs.ANyways, there are 2 huge Orc establishments.One on the northeast and the other
 on the northwest.The only way i could win this on hard mode was to launch every unit i have on just
 on of their bases.I chose the northeast base as it was closest to my own base.Attempting to completly
 obliterate both the orc bases would be foolish in hard mode as their defences are terribly strong.
 But it can be done if you play your strategies right.ANyways,after tearing down 1 of the orc base,
 instantly move your troops towards Grom Hellscream.He is situated in the middle north.Beware though
 as he is well guarded by Doomguards and Fellhounds.Once you approach Grom,use the Soul Gem on him to
 capture his soul and immediately bring him back to Jaina's circle to win the final stage.Once you're done,
 pat yourself on the back for accomplishing something which is not easy and brace yourself for the best
 movie in the game so far.(in my opinion at least)


 The Orcish Horde
 Units Breakdown

 The Orc worker unit.Mines Gold and Lumber and has the ability to construct and repair structures.
 Unlike the human worker,Peons do not have the ability to transform into militias.They are also
 unable to have more than 1 peon constructing a single unit at the same time.However,they can
 enter the Orc Burrow to defend bases during an attack.When in a burrow,Peons are capable of attacking
 air and land units.

 The strongest basic melee unit in the game.Fully upgraded and with the berzerker research,they are
 basically unstoppable especially in numbers.Although a bit costly and takes up 3 food supply,they
 are without a doubt essential in any victories because of their small size which enables them to
 effectively gang up against a single strong target.

 Troll Headhunters
 Putting them head to head agains the Human Rifleman would be foolish as they are quite weak.But still
 an essential unit because they provide the basic aerial defences with cheap costs.Useful against
 Wyverns,Gargoyles and Gryphons.To effectively use them,you should always cover them with Grunts putting
 them behind the enemy fire.With their low HP count,it is foolish to let them engage the enemy without
 any melee backup.

 The Orc anti building unit.Very effective against structures especially defensive structures.The range
 of the catapult exceeds the range of any other races defensive structures therefore enabling them to
 damage the defensive structures without taking hits from them.It is however essential to protect them
 with melee units because they are quite weak and vulnerable in armor and have a minimum range of fire.
 This means they cant fire on enemies who closes in on them.

 The thing that makes this unit special is their ensnare ability.This ability enables them to spring
 nets on any aerial units bringing them to the ground enabling your ground attacking units to pounce on
 them.Although fast,they are quite weak and have low HP count.Using grunts would be a better alternative
 as Raiders do not have the ability to attack air units.Good for scouting though.

 Kodo Beast
 Kodo Beasts are strong but costly and the damage they do do not tally with the price you pay for them.
 However building 1 of 2 of them is important as they have the drum aura which when fully researched
 adds 2 damage to and of your units close to them.Able to attack air and ground.

 Kinda reminds me the Zerg Ultralisk.Powerful and lumbering,highly armored and have a strong attacking
 rate.Although they are powerful,they are quite useless in numbers as you cannot possibly attack
 with them in large groups effectively.Because of their size,if you command them to attack a single
 target,perhaps only 3 or 4 would be able to surround the unit to hit them while the other would just
 run around in circles trying to find an opening to hit them rendering them useless and suspect to
 attacks from ranged units.Mixing them with grunts however would provide your melee attacks with enough
 firepower to bring down almost any enemy defences.

 The Orc aerial unit.Very fast and agile but quite weak on the combat part.Although not that costly,
 to send them out on their own without ground support would be suicide.Good for hit and run tactics.

 The Orc primary spellcaster.Have the ability to cast Purge,Lightning Shield and Bloodlust
 This spell slows a single unit by a factor of 5 and remove any positive buffs from them.Effective
 against strong single enemy units such as the Frost Wyrm or an enemy Tauren.
 *Lightning Shield*
 When cast on an enemy unit,a lightning shield will surround the unit causing 20 damage per second
 and the spell lasts for 20 seconds.
 Increases the attack rate of a friendly unit by 50% and movement by 25%.This spell lasts for 1 whole
 minute.Very effective on heroes and Taurens.

 The witchdoctor is an excellent unit used to assist your attacking party.They do not cost much to build
 and a single witchdoctor can extend the longevity of your units when in combat.
 *Sentry Ward*
 Casts a ward that stays on an area for 60 seconds.While the sentry ward is in place,you can view that
 particular area of the map watching any hostile activites going on.It also acts as a detector detecting
 cloaked units.
 *Stasis Trap*
 Those familiar with the Protoss Arbitar's Stasis Field ability would understand what this spell does.
 When casts on the ground,it stays on the ground for 150 seconds and if any enemy units were to pass on
 that area,they will be instantly trapped in stasis mode for 12 seconds.When in stasis mode,the units
 cannot attack or be attacked.This spell works in a group radius which makes it excellent when being
 attacked in a large wave.
 *Healing Ward*
 The most useful spell from the witchdoctor.When cast,it heals 2% of your units HP for 30 seconds.This
 is very useful when defending or launching an attack as it increases the longevity of your units.
 This spell works in an area radius thus when cast it heals a large group of your units.It is good
 to bring 2 or 3 witchdoctors with your attacking units and let them stand behind the enemy line of fire
 casting the Healing Ward spell on your units who are engaging the enemy.


 Feel free to e-mail me correcting any errors that you have come across throughout this FAQ.Im planning to
 add a strategy section to this so to any of you guys out there who have an excellent strategy please do
 e-mail me.Full credits will be given for all contributions.

 This FAQ is only available through www.gamefaqs.com at this moment.However if you would like to add this
 to your own website,feel free to do so just as long as you notify me before hand and none of the contents
 is altered.Happy warring guys :)

 July 4th 2002

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