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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

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    Max Payne
    Table of Contents
    I - Introduction
    Legal Info
    Version History
    II - Weapons and Items 
    001.0 - Melee Weapons
    002.0 - Handguns 
    003.0 - Shotguns 
    004.0 - Rifles and Automatics
    005.0 - Explosives 
    006.0 - Items 
    III - General Strategies 
    IV - Walkthrough 
    001.0 - Part 1: The American Dream  
    002.0 - Part 2: A Cold Day In Hell 
    003.0 - Part 3: A Bit Closer To Heaven 
    Welcome to my Max Payne FAQ. 
    Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
    is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
    Max Payne in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what game you're 
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    guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything sent to me that 
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    Legal information:
    This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2006.
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    Version History: 
    First Submission: Version 1.0 
    II - Weapons and Items 
    001.0 - Melee Weapons 
    - Baseball Bat - An ordinary baseball bat that you can use to beat up 
    enemies. However, this isn't a very smart thing to do since you have to get 
    pretty close to hit them. I wouldn't suggest ever using it in combat. 
    Instead, use it to break locks on doors or crates and boxes with ammunition. 
    - Lead Pipe - Basically the same as the baseball bat. And like the bat, don't 
    use it to attack armed enemies unless you feel like replaying the level.  
    002.0 - Handguns 
    - Beretta - The Beretta is the first weapon you'll use in the game, since Max 
    carries it around with him from the beginning. At least early on in the game, 
    it's above average accuracy and quick rate of fire makes it a good choice of 
    weapon during the Roscoe Street Station chapters. Without its brother, 
    though, avoid performing a shoot-dodge. The Beretta is actually more useful 
    than it's dual counterpart later on in the game, though, since it can be used 
    for more precision shots when you don't want to waste sniper rifle 
    ammunition. However, only use the Beretta for something like this when you 
    have plenty of time to aim and something to hide behind.
    - Dual Berettas - Of course, two is always better than one. Double the rate 
    of fire, double the size of the clip, and double the stopping power, a pair 
    of Berettas is a good weapon to fall back on when you're running low on ammo 
    with your other weapons. Because of the faster rate of fire, dual Berettas 
    are great for shoot-dodging, since you can just unload as many rounds as 
    possible without really having to aim. Later in the game, though, the dual 
    Berettas become obsolete, particularly when you have other weapons like the 
    Colt Commando, Ingram, and Jackhammer. 
    - Desert Eagle - The Desert Eagle is much more powerful than the Beretta, but 
    unfortunately it's also much slower to reload and fire. If you seriously want 
    to use it after Part 1, you should only be attacking enemies that are close 
    by and in bullet time.
    003.0 - Shotguns 
    - Pump-Action Shotgun - In Parts 1 and 2 of Max Payne, the pump-action 
    shotgun is going to be your best friend. As you'd expect, it's extremely 
    powerful at close range, so you usually only need one shell to kill someone. 
    However, it also has an unbelievably low rate of fire (so no shoot-dodging 
    with the shotgun), and it has little effect at long ranges. And because bad 
    things always come in groups of three, it takes forever to reload since each 
    shell has to be loaded individually. 
    In general, the best time to use the shotgun is when you're in small rooms 
    with tightly packed groups of enemies. If you can find something to hide 
    behind, quickly strafing into view, taking a shot, and ducking back behind 
    your cover is a great strategy to use with the shotgun. However, like the 
    Beretta, more powerful weapons in the latter part of Part 2 and beyond make 
    the Shotgun undesirable later on. 
    - Sawed-Off Shotgun - Considering that they're both crude shotguns, the 
    sawed-off shotgun and pump-action shotgun have very few differences, with one 
    exception: rate of fire. Instead of firing seven shots at a slow rate, the 
    sawed-off shotgun can quickly fire two shells before reloading. 
    There's nothing really wrong with it, but I always preferred having the extra 
    five shells before having to reload. The faster rate of fire means that you 
    can use it for a shoot-dodge, but between the dual Berettas and the pump-
    action shotgun, there's always a better weapon to use. 
    - Jackhammer - Take the best qualities of the other two shotguns and mix them 
    together, and the end result is the Jackhammer. It's extremely powerful at 
    close range, a relatively fast rate of fire (for a shotgun - about five shots 
    per shoot-dodge), and a twelve-shell clip. Unfortunately, there's always a 
    downside. In this case, the Jackhammer utilizes it's own specific ammunition, 
    which is hard to come by. Not that it really matters, since you only first 
    acquire the Jackhammer five chapters before the end of the game.
    004.0 - Rifles and Automatics 
    - Ingram - The Ingram Mac 10 is basically an enhanced version of the Beretta. 
    Each round is fairly weak by itself, but with an unbelievably high rate of 
    fire and fifty rounds to a clip, the Ingram is fun to use to wipe out your 
    enemies. It's also great to use with a shoot-dodge, but it doesn't compare to 
    its upgraded counterpart. 
    - Dual Ingrams - Again, double the firepower means double the fun. With a 
    full one hundred rounds per clip, dual Ingrams are a force to be reckoned 
    with. Before you obtain the Colt Commando, a dual Ingrams are the weapons you 
    turn to when you're outgunned and outnumbered. Because of the sheer number of 
    bullets fired, the Ingrams are great for both regular gameplay and bullet 
    time and shoot-dodges. The only downside is that if you use the Ingrams for 
    more than one or two gunfights at a time, you're bound to run out of 
    ammunition fairly quickly. 
    - Colt Commando - What dual Berettas and the pump-action shotgun are to the 
    first few chapters in Part 1, the Colt Commando is to Parts 2 and 3. A 
    powerful assault rifle with a thirty round clip, an above average rate of 
    fire, and a respectable amount of stopping power, it's a well-rounded killing 
    machine. It's great for any situation that may arise, including shoot-dodges 
    and long distance gunfights. In fact, the only time you shouldn't be using 
    the Colt Commando is when you need to collect more ammunition for it.  
    - Sniper Rifle - The ultimate long-range weapon, hands down, the Sniper Rifle 
    packs enough of a punch to kill an enemy in a single shot. It has a low rate 
    of fire and is pretty much useless without using the scope, so only use it 
    when you can keep Max at a distance from his target. When you fire off a 
    round that's going to make contact, a short cinematic follows the bullet into 
    its target, which is, needless to say, pretty cool. For best results, crouch 
    and use bullet time to aim and shoot.  
    005.0 - Explosives 
    - Grenades - Your standard hand grenade, you have about two or three seconds 
    before they explode after throwing it. And when they do, make sure you're far 
    enough away from it. Grenades are difficult to use effectively in Max Payne 
    due to the fact that your enemies rarely stay in one place for very long and 
    the grenades themselves can be difficult to aim. Add to that the fact that it 
    takes Max a second to actually throw it, leaving him vulnerable to anyone who 
    wants to retaliate, and you can begin to see why grenades aren't a weapon 
    you'll be using too often. However, there are a few places where a well-
    placed grenade can wreck havoc on a group of enemies barricaded behind 
    something or on a balcony above you.  
    - Molotov Cocktails - Molotov Cocktails are basically the fire-version of 
    Grenades, except they're a bit easier to use. For one, they aren't timed, 
    which means you don't have to worry about planning where an enemy's going to 
    be a few seconds into the future. That, and where they land is where they 
    explode, so aiming them is also much easier. Even still, I don't find myself 
    using them very often.
    - M79 - For all intended purposes, it's a grenade launcher. The M79 is much 
    more practical to use during actual combat, mainly because the grenades 
    explode upon impact. Still, you'll only want to use it against a large group 
    of enemies (wasting a grenade on a single guy isn't overkill, really!) who 
    are far enough away or you'll get caught in the blast as well. And I'm sure 
    it goes without saying, but the M79 isn't meant for regular gunfights, and it 
    takes forever to reload. 
    006.0 - Items 
    - Painkillers - The health items of Max Payne, painkillers replenish about a 
    fifth of Max's life. However, it takes a few seconds before the pills take 
    effect, since the damage on Max's health meter slowly drains away. You can 
    carry up to eight at a time, and they're found in just about every place you 
    can imagine, specifically crates or medicine cabinets.
    III - General Strategies
    - Peek around corners before entering an area - 
    Unlike most other actions where the protagonist has much more life than the 
    common enemy, Max Payne is about as weak as every other thug you'll 
    encounter. Because of this, if you blindly run into every area, guns blazing, 
    don't expect to get far. Max Payne uses a third person camera view that you 
    can swing around in any direction, so use it. If you have an idea of what's 
    waiting for you, it becomes easier to plan how to go about killing them. 
    - Use bullet time and shoot-dodges when you're outnumbered - 
    The positive to bullet time and shoot-dodges are that while everything in the 
    game slows down, the controls don't. This means that you have more time to 
    aim your crosshairs and fire. Shoot-dodges in particular are great for 
    killing multiple enemies at once, since you're also moving, making it more 
    difficult for someone to hit you. 
    - Strafe, crouch, and use cover in gunfights - 
    The idea behind strafing is that if you're moving, it's more difficult for 
    someone to hit you. Likewise, if you're crouching behind a car or something, 
    there's less of Max visible to shoot at. 
    - Use the right weapon for the right situation - 
    This one is basically common sense, but it's worth saying. For example, the 
    pump-action shotgun is a powerful weapon, but it's useless against multiple 
    enemies because of the slow rate of fire. So if you find yourself constantly 
    being attacked in groups, switch to a weapon like the Ingram or dual Berettas 
    that can handle as many enemies as the game throws at you. 
    - Use the weapons that the enemy is using - 
    This is mainly something to keep in mind later on in the game, since in the 
    beginning all of the enemies will be carrying Berettas, Desert Eagles, or one 
    of the shotguns. But if you're using the Colt Commando and all of the enemies 
    have Ingrams, you'll find yourself low on Colt ammo pretty quickly. Instead, 
    if you use your Ingrams you'll be able to conserve the ammo of your other 
    weapons while still getting some of the ammo you're using up back. 
    - Try to save extra painkillers until after gunfights - 
    If you enter an area and find a couple of painkillers, but you already have 
    eight on you, continue through the level for a while and see if you come up 
    against any resistance. That way, if you're injured you can backtrack to your 
    extra stash of painkillers. 
    - Shoot-dodge when you have to make a long jump -  
    Besides the advantages to shoot-dodging mentioned above, you also get a bit 
    more distance than if you jump normally. So if you need to make a long jump, 
    shoot-dodge instead. Just make sure to start it a few feet in front of the 
    gap, because Max takes an extra step forward before actually diving. 
    - Avoid explosives like the plague - 
    Probably the most frustrating moment in Max Payne is when someone throws a 
    grenade at you, because to avoid being killed you have to quickly stop what 
    you're doing and find something to hide behind. If you can't move fast 
    enough, shoot-dodge. Another great thing about shoot-dodging is that you 
    can't be killed while performing one, so even you're right next to it you'll 
    survive. You're health meter will be completely red, but you won't be dead. 
    - When the alert icon appears, find what the game wants you to see -  
    The alert icon is that little gray exclamation point that appears over Max's 
    head when there's something important for you to see or interact with, 
    whether it's a telephone, button, letter, or whatever. Also, if you're near 
    the object that can be interacted with, Max's head will turn slightly to look 
    at it. Sometimes they don't have any point, but there are other times when 
    you can't proceed with the game otherwise. 
    - Explore areas thoroughly and collect any items you find - 
    With the exception of when you're playing on the New York Minute difficulty, 
    there aren't too many times when you have a time limit. So after the gunfire 
    dies down and everything's quiet, feel free to search through an area for any 
    spare weapons or painkillers. And of course, pick up the weapons dropped by 
    fallen enemies. 
    IV - Walkthrough 
    "They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything 
    that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger, and then 
    it was over. 
    To make any kind of sense of it, I'd need to go back three years. Back to the 
    night the pain started..."
    001.0 - Part 1: The American Dream  
    "The sun setting on a sweet summer's day, the smell of freshly mowed lawns, 
    the sounds of children playing. A house across the river on the Jersey side, 
    a beautiful wife and a baby girl; the American dream come true.
    But dreams have a nasty habit of going bad when you're not looking..."
    001.0 - Prologue 
    Objective: Find Michelle Payne
    After the opening cinematic and a few graphic novel frames, the game 
    officially begins in Max's home. In a not-so-subtle attempt at foreshadowing, 
    Max says, "I didn't like the way the show started." 
    Anyway, this is more or less an extension of the training session, so take 
    the time to get comfortable with the controls. If you run forward, you'll see 
    some Valkyr graffiti on the wall on your left, which leads to a quick graphic 
    novel cinematic. Continue into the next room and pick up the phone on the 
    table for an eerie conversation and keep going into the Payne den. 
    Run up the stairs, and you'll hear Michelle screaming from the other room. If 
    you try to get to her through the bathroom, you'll find that it's stuck. A 
    few gunshots will be fired and the screaming will stop. The only unlocked 
    door on this floor is the one against the wall on the other side of the room, 
    so run over to it. A junkie in a green jumpsuit will appear, pointing a gun 
    at you. Max shouts at him to drop his weapon, but don't bet on it happening. 
    As soon as you regain control, unload a few rounds into his torso. 
    A second junkie will come through the other door in the room, but you have 
    more than enough time to aim and shoot. Run down and kill him; you find a 
    gruesome scene in the baby's room, and there's another short cinematic of 
    Max's reaction. 
    Continue through the door that the one junkie came from and pick up the 
    baseball bat in the far right corner. The only other door leads to the 
    bedroom and there's a third and final junkie waiting for you, so enter the 
    room shooting. Afterwards, another cinematic plays that leads up to the main 
    001.11 - Chapter 1: Roscoe Street Station 
    Objective: Meet up with Alex
    With Michelle and his baby daughter dead, Max joins Alex in the DEA to find 
    the source of Valkyr. For the first time since going undercover, Alex asks to 
    meet Max at the Roscoe Street Station. 
    After getting off of the train, run over to the door on the left. There's a 
    blood trail that leads into the next room, which contains the corpse of one 
    of a transit cop. Check out the green cabinets and lockers in the room for 
    some Beretta ammo and a painkiller before heading back to the tracks. The 
    gate on the other side of the area has been opened and two guys walk over to 
    the edge of the platform. If you listen to their conversation, you find out 
    that they're waiting for the train to arrive so they can kill anyone who gets 
    off. Strafe into the doorway and fire off a few shots, and then retreat back 
    into the safety of the hallway. Use the camera to look out onto the platform 
    and watch as the two thugs run over to attack you. When they get close 
    enough, strafe back out and take them out (perform a shoot dodge if you 
    aren't comfortable enough to aim yet). 
    Collect their Desert Eagles and head up the stairs at the other end of the 
    platform. Stop just before reaching the top and spin the camera around - 
    another pair of goons are torturing another transit cop. Facing them, take a 
    few steps to the left and gun down the one guy on the left. When he dies, his 
    partner hides behind a garbage can and waits for you to come out. Don't, if 
    you stay where you are for a few seconds, he ventures out from behind his 
    cover. Strafe out and kill him, and continue down the corridor. 
    At the end, there's a set of stairs on the right and a third thug behind a 
    locked gate on the left. Kill him and check to see if you can pick up his 
    weapon (occasionally if falls close enough to the gate that you can) before 
    heading downstairs. Run down the platform until you reach a small inlet on 
    the left. There's a guy with a pump-action shotgun standing in front of a 
    gate, so kill him and pass through. 
    001.12 - Chapter 1: So Much For Being Subtle 
    Check out the door at the top of the stairs in front of you; it's the 
    entrance to the Subway Control Room, and it's locked. You'll need to find the 
    code somehow, so start to head down the stairs, but stop when the platform 
    comes into view. There are three guys at the bottom waiting around, even 
    though you can only see the one. Equip your dual Berettas and strafe out just 
    far enough to kill the one you can see, and then hide back up the stairs. 
    When the second enemy runs up the stairs, shoot-dodge out and unload a few 
    roads into him. Switch back to your shotgun if you want, and strafe down to 
    the platform facing right. Kill the third and final guy in the area, and then 
    head over to the subway car. 
    If you try to open the train door, Max tells you that you'd need to get the 
    power back on before you can open the door. Presumably, we can do that in the 
    Subway Control Room. 
    Turn around and find the only door on this platform in between the train and 
    the stairway. Open it, and you'll see a thug holding a transit cop hostage. 
    Kill the hostage taker immediately: if the transit cop dies, it's game over. 
    With the transit cop safe, check out the lockers and cabinets for Desert 
    Eagle and shotgun ammunition, as well as a pair of painkillers. The cop knows 
    the code to the Control Room, so make your way back and let the cop open the 
    door for you. As he goes to walk inside, a thug opens inside kills him. But 
    the important thing is that the door's unlocked for you. 
    The room beyond the door doesn't serve much of a purpose beyond connecting it 
    to the main control room, so head through the automatic door in the far left 
    corner and stand in the doorway. Crouch down and be prepared for an enemy to 
    appear, because one will within a few seconds. After killing him, shoot-dodge 
    behind the long control panel and pop an enemy or two if you can. Once behind 
    the control panel, crouch down and equip your shotgun. Every few seconds, 
    stand up (either manually or by running forward, since the panel will keep 
    you from going anyway) and take shots at each of the remaining three enemies 
    in the room. When the last one dies a slow-motion death, pick up their 
    weapons and enter the small control room on the right. A mounted cabinet on 
    the wall contains four painkillers, and there's a big yellow button on the 
    control panel in front of the door. Push it, and check out the security 
    camera by the cabinet of painkillers that shows the train. With the power 
    back on, it lights up "like a Christmas tree" as Max puts it. 
    There's no one left in this area, so leave the Control Room and head back to 
    the train at the platform. Open the car door and take control of the wheel; 
    Max sends the train crashing through the barricade on the other side of the 
    room, allowing you to continue. 
    Open the door in front and jump over what's left of the barricade. There are 
    three thugs waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, so stay back as they 
    come to attack you for as long as you can. When they come close enough that 
    the tunnel's curve won't protect you, shoot-dodge into view and take them 
    out. If one of the three remains at the end, strafe back in forth in a zigzag 
    pattern until you're close enough to shoot. At the end, run up the stairs on 
    the left and finish the first chapter. 
    001.21 - Chapter 2: One Way Or The Other 
    Follow the station hallway around until you appear at an open area. Two thugs 
    are walking towards you, but if you stop before actually entering the area, 
    they won't see you. Strafe out and kill the two of them, if you're lucky the 
    one in back will kill his partner in front of him. On your right is a door 
    that leads to a set of stairs. Open it, but don't go inside. When the guy 
    walking up gets close enough, roll out and pump a shotgun shell into him. Run 
    down the first set of stairs and strafe out in front of the second. Quickly 
    kill the guy at the bottom, if you aren't fast enough, he runs away and hides 
    behind the door at the end of the corridor. 
    When he's dead, drop down into the sewer water and trudge through the tunnel. 
    Eventually, you'll come to another platform with a group of enemies hanging 
    around. Listen to their conversation about some guy who "decided to play hero 
    upstairs" if you want to, and then run out and kill the nearest enemy. The 
    other two retreat to the back of the platform, so jump out of the water and 
    use the crates and boxes for cover. As the remaining two thugs run around the 
    back of the platform, peek out from behind the crates and take shots at them. 
    With the platform clear, break the small boxes with your lead pipe for 
    various ammo and head upstairs. There's an explosion somewhere off in the 
    distance when you reach the first room, and as you continue up the next 
    flight the level ends. 
    001.22 - Chapter 2: Live From The Crime Scene 
    Head up the stairs until you can eavesdrop on the two thugs in the next room 
    talking about who was supposed to bring the detonators. One of them gets 
    frustrated enough to kill the other, and then begins walking towards the 
    stairs you're on. Run the rest of the way up and hide behind the crates and 
    boxes before diving out and killing him. If you're too slow, he retreat down 
    the stairs on the other side of the room and alerts his partners in the next 
    area. Otherwise, you can safely go down yourself and take them by surprise. 
    Move to the left side of the stairwell and kill the one guy you can see, and 
    wait there for his partner to come after you. Or you can equip your Berettas 
    and shoot-dodge into the room; either way works fine. 
    Continue through the station until you pass through a destroy section in the 
    wall, which leads to a vault. Down the corridor is the main room in the 
    vault, with four enemies inside. Peek out from inside the vault and take a 
    few shots at the thug standing in the doorway with your Berettas, and then 
    run to the far left corner where the door to the vault is. There are two guys 
    on the right side of the room that you can kill from this spot, so strafe out 
    and take pot shots at them. Just be wary of anyone who tries to enter the 
    corridor and attack you (it's usually the one guy who was standing in the 
    vault doorway, if you didn't kill him). 
    With three of the four thugs dead, shoot-dodge into the room facing the left 
    side and kill the final enemy in the room. Pick up all of the weapons and use 
    the keypad to open the door, there's an enemy standing in the doorway with 
    his back to you that's just begging to be killed. Do so, but be prepared for 
    the rest of the guys in the room - a total of three - to come after you. Just 
    hang back in the room you're in for each of them to appear at the doorway and 
    introduce them to your pump-action shotgun one at a time. 
    When the vault is clear, explore the main area - specifically the control 
    panel. Answer the phone on the table for a short graphic novel cinematic 
    between Max and deputy chief Jim Bravura. There are also three painkillers on 
    the table across from the telephone, and you can shoot out the siren on the 
    ceiling to stop that annoying whine (even Max thanks you). 
    More importantly, though, there are a set of controls on the control panel 
    that operate the individual vault doors. Vault C contains what the bank 
    robbers were after: Aesir Corp bonds, and the detonators that the two guys in 
    the beginning of the level were arguing about are on the table in Vault A. 
    Pick them up and head back through Vault B to the old Roscoe Street Station. 
    When you reach the bottom of the stairs that lead to the beginning of the 
    level, three guys appear at the top and open fire at you. Peek out from 
    behind the wall and shoot back at them, but listen carefully for the metallic 
    clank of a grenade hitting one of the walls. When you do, immediately retreat 
    back into the room and wait for it to explode. 
    Killing these three guys can be a challenge, since they have the advantage of 
    higher ground on top of using a bench for cover. Just be patient, and use 
    bullet time to tip the scales back in your favor. 
    When they're dead, run up and pick up their weapons (including a grenade) and 
    check out the door across from you. Set the detonators (press the Action 
    Button while you're standing in front of the door) to destroy it and complete 
    the level. 
    001.23 - Chapter 2: Stepping On Toes 
    The level begins with Max meeting Alex, but the relief is short lived. 
    There's a locked gate between the two, and while trying to figure out an 
    escape route one of the bank robbers sneaks up behind Alex and murders him. 
    Assuming you're facing the gate and Alex, there are three thugs waiting for 
    you at the top of the stairs on the right. However, they won't actually 
    attack you until you move away from the gate, so make sure to equip your 
    Berettas before you do. Strafe out and kill the only visible guy at hide in 
    one of the corners at the bottom of the stairs. When the remaining two 
    appear, shoot-dodge out and kill them. 
    Across from the stairway is a ticket booth with four painkillers in a 
    cabinet. Pick them up and head up the stairs; follow the hall until you reach 
    the corner. Strafe out and take a few shots to coax the four guys in the next 
    room to come after you. Hang back about fifteen feet and kill each of them as 
    they appear at the bottom of the stairs. One of them might throw a grenade, 
    but it'll land in the stairwell and shouldn't be too much of a threat. 
    With the four guys in the area dead, head up the stairs and check out the 
    ticket booth in the center of the room. There's another cabinet with four 
    painkillers in it, as well as a lever labeled "Exit Gate Control". Switch it 
    to open the gate, and follow the corridor down until you reach the street. 
    001.31 - Chapter 3: Playing It Bogart 
    Objective: Escape from the hotel
    When you return to Lupino's hotel to look for the mob boss, you find out that 
    you're cover's been blown. And needless to say, no one in the building is 
    very happy about a cop hanging around. 
    After the game auto-saves, you find yourself backed into a corner with very 
    little protection from the two mobsters. One of the Finitos will run across 
    the room to attack you, so be ready with whatever weapon you're holding at 
    the moment. When he's dead, strafe out from behind the wall with your 
    Berettas. The other Finito Brother is holed up behind an overturned desk, so 
    make sure to aim high and fire away. 
    With both of the Finito Brothers dead, open the safe against the wall and 
    pick up the painkiller. There's also a letter on the desk from Vinnie 
    Gognitti, Lupino's right-hand man, which says that a Valkyr deal is going 
    down. For Max, this means that the hotel's going have a lot of extra 
    security, including Rico Muerte - professional muscle - being in the hotel 
    (specifically, Room 313). 
    When the graphic novel cinematic ends, a couple of thugs from the hallway 
    begin calling into the room, wondering what's going on. Since the door's 
    locked at the moment, crouch down and keep your crosshairs focused on the 
    door. When they come inside, unload a shotgun shell into the three of them. 
    Head down the stairs and listen to the radio report on the counter; all of 
    the doors here are locked, so the only way to continue is to break through 
    the window. Once you're on the balcony, follow it to the left until you reach 
    a door. There are three of Lupino's thugs standing around in the hallway, and 
    begin firing at you as soon as you're spotted. The door will keep you 
    protected as long as it remains closed, so equip one of your Berettas and 
    shoot the red pipe on the right side of the hall. The explosion will kill all 
    three of them, so afterwards head inside enter the last door on the right. 
    001.32 - Chapter 3: Without Warning 
    Run down the stairs and enter apartment 301. There's someone in the room, and 
    he gets up to get a shotgun from the closet when he sees you. Take him out 
    before he gets the chance, but don't forget to pick up the shotgun in the 
    closet. Continue down the hallway until you come across a guy watching TV. He 
    won't see you unless you get too close, so kill him while he still doesn't 
    know you're there. 
    Soon after, the door at the end of the hall bursts open and two mob thugs 
    appear. Duck into the inlet where the television is and wait for them there 
    before rolling at and taking them both out. Head through the door they came 
    from, another pair of mobster thugs are waiting for you on your left, so kill 
    them and continue down the hall. The door at the end with the Exit sign over 
    it has a padlock on it, so use your lead pipe to break it and head inside. 
    The room itself is empty, but the hall it leads to contains two mobsters 
    complaining about the vending machine. Shoot them while they're preoccupied, 
    and retreat back into the room and wait for the rest of the thugs in the area 
    to arrive. Besides the two at the soda machine, there are another two, but 
    they all arrive at the doorway one at a time, making them extremely easy 
    There's a room in this hallway that's unlocked, and it contains a few items 
    and a graphic novel cinematic in the form of a news report on the TV. Watch 
    it, and collect the Beretta ammo and painkiller in the cabinets in the room 
    with the bed in it. Afterwards, leave and continue down the hall. Take a 
    right and head through the last door on your left. 
    001.33 - Chapter 3: A Few Hundred Bullets Back
    There's quite a bit of Beretta ammunition on the shelf to your left as well 
    as a junkie muttering to himself in the corner, but he won't bother you if 
    you don't do anything to instigate him (read: shoot him). The door on the 
    right leads out into the hallway, but don't go all of the way out. Peek out 
    and look to the right, a mobster down the hall will spot you and call for 
    backup. Retreat back into the room and wait for the entire group - a total of 
    four - to appear at the doorway. Taking them out should be about as easy as 
    all of the others have been, but watch out for the last guy; he has a pump-
    action shotgun and always manages to get a shot off before dying. 
    When they're dead, leave and take a right into the circular area where the 
    first mobster saw you. The only area here you can explore is the hallway on 
    the left, and Room 313 - Rico Muerte's room if you remember the letter in the 
    Finito's room - happens to be down that hallway on the right. Even if you 
    miss it, Max says, "I had found Muerte's room". 
    Open the door, but immediately move out of the way. Rico seems to be a little 
    paranoid about people trying to break into his room (although I guess it 
    isn't paranoia if it's true, since that's what you're doing) and set up a 
    trap. It's the classic trap where a string tied to the door is also attached 
    to the trigger of a mounted gun, so pulling on the door also fires the gun. 
    Anyway, avoid the trap and check out Rico's room. Besides plenty of ammo 
    lying around, there's a painkiller on the floor near the couch and a letter 
    on the desk from Angelo Punchinello, the Don. 
    Leave Rico Muerte's room and return to the circle, the previously locked door 
    on your left is now open, thanks to the two mobsters walking through the 
    doorway at the same moment that you leave Rico's room. Kill them and go down 
    the hall they came from. A very old boiler is running in the back room; shoot 
    it, and it'll explode and fall through the floor. Drop down, facing away from 
    the wall, and immediately begin shooting at the three enemies down the hall. 
    All three of them make their way to the dead-end hallway on the left, so if 
    kill any of the remaining mobsters there. 
    If you continue down the hall, though, you'll come across Room 216, which is 
    unlocked. Inside you'll find the diary of a prostitute named Candy Dawn, who 
    secretly videotapes her clients and sells them for extra cash. Besides that 
    wonderful bit of information, her closet near the door is fake - it leads to 
    a hidden room with some Beretta and shotgun ammo. There's also a door that 
    leads back into the hotel's hallway, so head back out and take a left. Three 
    mob thugs retreat to the elevator and begin bickering over who should go out 
    and fight you. Help them decide by strafing out and killing them one by one. 
    The elevator they were guarding is operating, so take it down to finish the 
    001.41 - Chapter 4: Caught In The Crossfire 
    When the elevator stops, walk out and look to your left. Three mobsters are 
    sitting at a table talking, and luckily they don't see you. Equip your 
    Berettas and let them know you're there, hopefully killing one of them in the 
    process, before taking cover in the elevator. When the remaining two get 
    close enough, perform a shoot-dodge out into the open and kill them. 
    The area they were sitting at has a few items on the shelves, including 
    Beretta ammo, shotgun ammo, and a painkiller. After watching the news report 
    on the television, open the door across from the table, but retreat back into 
    the previous room. Two thugs appear from the door on the other side of the 
    room and spread out. You'll notice that there's a flammable red gas pipe near 
    the door in the far left corner, so stand on the right side of the doorway 
    and shoot at it. Not only will the initial explosion kill the first thug, but 
    the pipe will fly across the room and kill the other as well. Now wasn't that 
    The door the two thugs came from is locked, but there's another one on the 
    right blocked by some boxes. Destroy them with your lead pipe and roll into 
    the hallway facing left, because there's a thug with a pump-action shotgun 
    waiting for you. Continue down the hall and pass through the boiler room, 
    although there's a Captain Baseball Bat comic next to a beaten corpse, a 
    baseball bat, and some shotgun shells in the room if you're interested. 
    Run up the metal staircase and through the door, which leads into the 
    kitchen. There are three thugs in the room, and they all spread out as soon 
    as you enter. Kill the two that you can see from the doorway first, and then 
    strafe inside facing the right and kill the last one. Behind him is a cabinet 
    with a couple of painkillers in it, but there's nothing else of value in this 
    room. There's a set of stairs in the far left corner, which leads to a door 
    that ends the level.
    001.42 - Chapter 4: Rico Muerte Big Time Hustler 
    The room you begin in is deserted, but the other rooms - specifically the bar 
    and the lounge - have enough enemies in them to make up for it. There are 
    four thugs in the lounge taking part in a drug deal, so open the double doors 
    and fire off a few rounds from your Berettas, you should have enough time to 
    kill at least one of them before retreating. The other three will come out 
    and attack you, but a few well-time shoot-dodges will work wonders. One of 
    the drug dealers may stay in the lounge, but that's nothing another shoot-
    dodge can't handle. 
    In the lounge, there's a small table on the right with a large, silver key 
    sitting on it. Pick it up, and you'll find out that it's a key to the bar. 
    There's also a Molotov Cocktail in the cabinet against the wall. Leave the 
    lounge and head down to the end of the hallway; before taking a right and 
    entering the bar, check out the bathroom and take the four painkillers in the 
    left corner in the mounted cabinet. 
    Now enter the bar. Rico Muerte and the prostitute Candy Dawn are inside. 
    After the graphic novel cinematic, another three mob thugs are added to the 
    mix. Quickly move out of the doorway and stay in the left corner with your 
    shotgun fixed on the small portion of the bar that's still visible through 
    the doorway. Two of the three mob thugs will appear at the door, so kill 
    them. Now move to the right and pick off the third thug standing by the 
    The only enemy remaining in the bar (Rico retreats to the back room) is the 
    hooker Candy Dawn. She's behind the bar by the taps, which makes shooting her 
    from the doorway extremely difficult. However, she's wielding a Desert Eagle, 
    which as you probably know has a low rate of fire. This means that you can 
    strafe out to the side of the bar and unload a bullet or six into her without 
    having to worry about a lot of return fire. 
    When she's dead, head over the back left corner and stand in front of the 
    door. With your pump-action shotgun equipped, open the door and quickly fire 
    a round at Rico before moving out of the doorway. Rico's Ingram is pretty 
    powerful, but you have more than enough time to fire and hide. Five shells is 
    all Rico can withstand before dying, but don't go in and pick up his weapon 
    just yet. Go back into the bar and collect all of the weapons lying around, 
    as well as the painkillers behind the bar and the ones in the bathroom that 
    you may not have used. Once you've done that, enter the back room and pick up 
    the Ingram, and then leave through the door on the right. 
    001.43 - Chapter 4: The Blood Veins Of New York
    Run towards the receptionist's desk, but be prepared to dodge a few bullets. 
    A thug appears from the room on the left, and another from the right. Shoot-
    dodge forward and kill them both, and explore the room behind the 
    receptionist's desk. Not only is there a switchboard that leads into a 
    cinematic, but also some Beretta ammo and a pair of painkillers in the 
    cabinets on either side of the small room. 
    Afterwards, head up the stairs and follow the hallway until you come across a 
    mob thug playing slots. He doesn't see you, so kill him and run over to where 
    his body is; there's another thug on the right, so wait for him to come into 
    view and take him out as well. 
    The door in this room leads to the roof, which has a skylight on it. Shoot 
    out one of the sections and drop down onto the crates and boxes, but make 
    sure your Berettas are equipped. Two thugs appear from the exit in front of 
    you, and another from the area with the receptionist's desk. Shoot-dodge off 
    of the crates and kill the two by the exit, and then use the crates for cover 
    and kill the others. 
    When the four of them are dead, the only thing left to do is leave, but 
    you'll quickly find out that the exit is locked. Return to the receptionist's 
    desk and push the button labeled "Exit". The doors will open and you'll hear 
    a loud buzzing noise. Head back to the exit and leave the hotel. 
    001.51 - Chapter 5: The Man Riding Shotgun 
    Objective: Find and eliminate Jack Lupino in his apartment 
    Vladimir's car sideswipes a tractor-trailer, which neatly blocks off your 
    access to the rest of New York City. Instead, head down the block and around 
    the corner, there's a newspaper stand that leads to a cinematic and a van 
    with shotgun ammunition in the back. Beyond that is a set of stairs that 
    leads down to the basement of an apartment building, with three thugs sitting 
    around a table inside. 
    Open the door and shoot one of them with your shotgun, and then let the door 
    close as the remaining two scatter to either side of the room. From the right 
    side of the door, open it and kill the thug closest to the table on the left. 
    Repeat for the third guy and head inside. Continue down the hallway and 
    finish this part of the chapter. 
    001.52 - Chapter 5: Something More Sinister 
    A fire breaks out behind you and the door around the corner at the end of the 
    hall is locked. Standing where you begin the level, shoot the small white gas 
    pipe on the shelf. After it smashes into the door and destroys it, a thug 
    behind in the next room appears at the door and comes down the hall. Roll out 
    into view and fire a shotgun round into him, and follow the hallway into the 
    room. Part of the wall has collapsed, and there's a thug walking towards you 
    from the connecting room. Hide behind the part of the wall that's still 
    standing before strafing out and killing him, but return behind the wall and 
    wait for a second mob thug to come after you. 
    Head through the room and up the stairs; there's a thug with an Ingram at the 
    top, so make sure to avoid the gunfire and be ready to kill him when he runs 
    down the stairs to meet you. There's Desert Eagle ammo next to the lockers in 
    the next area, and a pay phone in the hallway begins ringing when you're 
    within a few feet of it. The caller is a man named Alfred Woden, who tells 
    you that the police are on their way to arrest you. 
    Continue following the hallway until you reach a large room with multiple 
    levels. Two thugs are walking towards the doorway you're standing in, so 
    catch them by surprise and enter the room shooting. If either of the two 
    survives, they hide in a small room in the right corner. Beyond that is 
    another room with the Staircase Key on the back shelf and a letter on the 
    counter regarding the Russian mob boss, Vladimir. 
    Leave the room and find the set of double doors on the other side of the 
    room. Use the Staircase Key to open it and end the level. 
    001.53 - Chapter 5: Let The Gun Do The Talking 
    Run up to the top of the first set of stairs, and swing the camera around so 
    that you can see the top of the second set. There's a thug standing at the 
    top who runs away as soon as he spots you. You should still try to kill him, 
    though, but don't chase after him - a second guy who's out of view will throw 
    a grenade in your direction. 
    After it explodes, head up and kill either of the two thugs remaining, as 
    well as a third standing at the top of the next set of stairs. Before 
    continuing, though, check the woman's bathroom for three painkillers in a 
    cabinet near the sinks.  
    Head upstairs and enter the area on the right (an explosion causes the 
    ceiling to cave in a block the next stairwell). The left side of the balcony 
    is relatively unharmed, with only a small gap around the corner. Shoot-dodge 
    over to the other side and enter the corridor; the floor behind you will 
    collapse, so there's no going back. The apartment at the end of the hall is 
    unlocked, but four mob thugs are inside. Open the door and fire away with 
    your Berettas, but make sure to keep an eye on the thugs in the corners. When 
    at least two of them are dead, shoot-dodge inside and kill the ones 
    remaining. The cabinet in the bedroom has a painkiller in it, but besides 
    that there's nothing much else in the apartment. Climb through the window in 
    the kitchen and onto the fire escape to complete the chapter.
    001.61 - Chapter 6: The Alternate Route 
    Walk down the fire escape and drop down onto the dumpster, there are a couple 
    of junkies standing by a barrel fire, but not much else. Head through the 
    door by the fence and pass by the door with the Luigi's Laundry sign over it. 
    Max tells you, "To get to the roof, I'd need to get to the elevator through 
    the locked door up ahead." Unfortunately, when you knock on the door and try 
    to trick the goons inside to let you in, they tell you to beat it. 
    Instead, leave the Laundry through the other door and enter the old apartment 
    building on the left. There are quite a few junkies sitting in front of the 
    stairways on each level, and you'll want to avoid shooting them if you can. 
    Even though they're only packing a Beretta, the last thing you need is 
    another front to fight on. The first stairway only has a single thug walking 
    down it, but another two come down after you kill him. Continue up the next 
    set of stairs and kill the two thugs coming down. At the top of the third 
    floor is a small room with an unarmed thug in it, who agrees to get you in 
    the Laundry if you spare his life. Before leaving the apartment building, 
    check the room adjacent from the one you're in for some painkillers in the 
    green cabinet. 
    When both you and your hostage are at the Laundry's door, the level ends.
    001.62 - Chapter 6: A One Man War
    After giving the Laundry guys the password, your hostage runs into the room 
    and alerts them of your trick. As soon as the door opens, stand in the 
    doorway and unload as many rounds as you can from your Berettas. You'll 
    easily kill the thug who opens the door and your ex-hostage, and the third 
    guy in the room conveniently runs right into the line of fire. Enter the 
    Laundry and pick up the shotgun and Beretta ammo on the table and floor. The 
    room on your left has a bunch of washing machines in it, and as soon as you 
    enter it a fourth goon dives out from the next room. Be ready for it, and 
    take him out. 
    Enter the room the final thug came from and check behind the desk for 
    painkillers and shotgun ammo. Enter the elevator and head up to the top of 
    the building, if you shoot the speaker playing music you'll receive thanks 
    from Max. 
    When the elevator stops, run down the hallway and enter the room at the end. 
    There's a guy in the bathroom, and if you try to catch him by surprise you'll 
    find the door locked, although he yells out that he'll be out in a minute. 
    Wait for him to finish, and when the door opens, blast him. Watch the TV 
    report and pick up the Ingram and Beretta ammo, and then jump through the 
    window. Use the pipes to reach the adjoining apartment, there's a guy in the 
    room watching an extremely strange show called "Address Unknown". Jump 
    through the window and kill him, but be ready for the other two who appear 
    afterwards. Normally, it'd be a better idea to shoot from outside of the 
    window, but one step in the wrong direction will send you plummeting to your 
    Enter the kitchen and pick up the Ingram ammo in the cabinet, and then climb 
    through the window and onto the roof. Use the pipes again to get to the next 
    apartment building; the apartment on the next floor to your left is Lupino's. 
    Run over to the door leading into the building to complete this part of the 
    001.63 - Chapter 6: A Citywide APB 
    Walk onto the balcony in the multi-level room and look across the room one 
    floor up. There are two thugs on the level above you (that are visible from 
    this angle, anyway), so equip your Berettas and kill them. Head into the hall 
    on your right and listen to the two thugs try to disarm the bomb on the wall. 
    When it explodes, run over to the door. It's locked, but trying to open the 
    door triggers the damaged wall to collapse. 
    At the end of the hallway is a dead-end, but the collapsed floor on the next 
    level up allows you to continue up. There are, or were, depending on whether 
    or not you killed any of the thugs from the balcony at the beginning of the 
    level, four guys on the floor above you, and any survives come down to meet 
    you. A shoot-dodge backwards from the collapsed floor is not only practical, 
    but looks extremely cool at the same time. 
    Enter the balcony on the next floor, but watch out for the thug in the 
    doorway across the room with a pump-action shotgun. Use the pillars in each 
    corner for cover and kill him, he has surprisingly good aim with a shotgun. 
    The door on the right is the only one you can pass through, which is good 
    because it leads to Lupino's apartment. When you enter the small room 
    outside, you'll hear Vinnie Gognitti screaming inside. Before entering the 
    room, pick up the painkillers on the table and the Ingram in the cabinet, and 
    make sure to equip your Ingrams.
    001.64 - Chapter 6: Fear That Gives Men Wings 
    Objective: Kill Vinnie Gognitti  
    Even after lodging a bullet in his stomach, Gognitti manages to escape, 
    leaving you with the three goons still in the room. The problem here is that 
    you have to attack them immediately after the level begins, so if you don't 
    have the right weapon (dual Berettas or dual Ingrams) equipped you don't have 
    the time to switch. And if that weren't enough, the auto-save feature kicks 
    in, and even losing the two or three steps is enough to lose a large portion 
    of your life. To come out of this one in one piece, shoot-dodge out from 
    behind the shingle and unload as many rounds as you can. The auto-save will 
    slow the game down for about a second, but as long as you continue shooting 
    you're fine. 
    Read the letter on from Gognitti to Angelo Punchinello concerning Jack 
    Lupino, and continue into the next room and out of the window. This should 
    look familiar, considering you were just here about five minutes. Use the 
    pipes to pass over the street and climb through the window that Gognitti ran 
    into. Head through the door on the right, up the stairs, and through the door 
    at the top that leads back outside. You appear just in time to see Gognitti 
    dive off of the roof and land on a passing train (not bad for someone who was 
    just shot). 
    Follow Gognitti's example, another train will be coming in a few seconds. 
    Stand on the platform and wait for it to come into view, and perform a shoot-
    dodge off of the roof. You may actually overshoot the train, but you'll still 
    complete the level regardless. 
    001.71 - Chapter 7: Better Than The Last One 
    This is definitely a level you don't want to repeat, since you'll have to 
    watch the train cinematic over again if you do. 
    Jump down onto the pipes that run along the wall of the building you're on 
    and follow it to the next rooftop. With about twenty feet between you and the 
    building, two thugs appear from behind the door on the next roof. Continue 
    running forward and shoot-dodge onto the roof and kill them. Afterwards, head 
    to the right across another two rooftops, both of which are directly 
    connected and don't involve jumping. The third, however, does; and even 
    though it's a relatively short jump, shoot-dodge across the gap anyway. 
    Once you're on the other side, two thugs climb onto the billboard across the 
    street and begin shooting at you. Their accuracy isn't very high at this 
    distance, so crouch behind your own billboard and take them out with your 
    Beretta. Follow the rooftop around and run down the metal staircase; an NYPD 
    helicopter appears, but it doesn't actually interact with you in any way. 
    When you enter the apartment at the end, you'll see Gognitti at the bottom 
    yelling at the goons there to kill you. 
    Stand at the top of the stairway with your pump-action shotgun equipped and 
    wait for one of them to appear. When he does, blast him and head down to the 
    next floor, but not before picking up the Beretta ammo in the box by the 
    stairs. Peek around the corner and kill them from the stairs one at a time, 
    working from right to left. When they're dead, pick up the painkillers in the 
    cabinet against the wall and follow the hallway down to the end.
    001.72 - Chapter 7: Ice Hard And Slick 
    Look around the corner, but quickly move back behind the wall. A thug with an 
    Ingram on the other side of the courtyard will shoot at you before running 
    across the area. When he reaches the chain-link fence, strafe out and shoot 
    him, but watch for the second thug in the same area that the other one was to 
    run out. Instead, though, he hugs the far wall and eventually crouches down 
    in the left corner. Peek out and take a few shots at him with your Berettas 
    and he'll go down as well. 
    Stay along the left wall and follow it along to the entrance to the alley. 
    Kill the thug waiting there (with dual Ingrams) and continue down the alley. 
    At the base of a set of stairs, you'll see Gognitti take a lift up to the top 
    of a construction site before running off. Run up the stairs, a thug appears 
    from behind the container and van on the left. Gun him down and drop down 
    below the lift, there's a Beretta in the coffin with the dead cop and a 
    painkiller in the one in front of it. Use the crates on the left to climb 
    out, and then check the container for shotgun ammo. Afterwards, bring the 
    lift down with the button on the pillar and take it up to the roof, but make 
    sure to kill the thug hanging out on the second level; if you don't he'll 
    follow you up and attempt to catch you off guard. There's also another thug 
    on the billboard across the street, so take him out before continuing.  
    Cross the wooden plank connecting the construction site to the next building, 
    but don't enter the main area. Swing the camera around to face the streets, 
    and you'll see a thug waiting just around the corner with a pump-action 
    shotgun aimed directly where you head would be. Strafe out and kill him, but 
    quickly retreat back. Another thug throws a pair of grenades in your 
    direction, but as long as you stay out of the way he'll probably end up 
    killing himself in the blast, as well as a second thug with a sawed-off 
    shotgun who jumps down from the adjacent building. When the grenades finish 
    going off, return to the main area on the roof and use the billboard as cover 
    from the thug with an Ingram at the top of the metal catwalk. Kill him if you 
    can, otherwise wait for him to come down and find you. 
    Jump onto the catwalk and strafe onto the next roof, facing away from the 
    street. An Ingram-packing thug is crouched in the corner, so kill him and 
    pick up the painkillers on the ledge. Follow the catwalks along the rooftops 
    until you come across a skylight, where you can see a couple of dealers 
    talking to each other. Shoot out the glass and kill the two thugs from your 
    vantage point, and then jump down onto the boxes. Check the crates and boxes 
    for Ingram and Beretta ammo, as well as a painkiller. After clean the room 
    out, head through the door on the right to finish the level.
    001.73 - Chapter 7: All A Blur 
    Run up the stairs and enter the door on the left, which leads outside. 
    There's a fire escape to your left, so jump (no need to shoot-dodge, it's 
    only about two feet away) onto it and run down a few levels until you reach a 
    partially open door. Enter the apartment and watch the news report on the TV, 
    and pick up the three painkillers in the cabinet in the bathroom. When you go 
    to leave, you'll hear a couple of guys on the other side of the door waiting 
    for you. Open the door and immediately shoot the thug standing in the doorway 
    while the others run around the corner. Follow after them, but someone throws 
    a grenade when you're about halfway down the hall around the corner. Hide 
    behind the wall and wait for it to explode, and then continue. Equip both of 
    your Ingrams and shoot-dodge around the corner, there are a total of four 
    enemies down the hall, and they're all packed together, which means the 
    Ingrams will mow them down without having to worry about trivial skills like 
    "aiming". If anyone does survive, they continue to fall back, so chase after 
    them. Run down the hallway and use the rooftop to reach the next building. 
    Anyone who survived from the last building plus an extra thug will be huddled 
    around the corner against the far door. Peek around the corner and lure them 
    down, but watch out for the one thug with grenades. If he's still alive, 
    he'll throw another grenade down the hall. 
    When the entire group is dead, head through the door at the end of the hall 
    that leads to an open lot. Gognitti is at the far end, kicking a locked door 
    and pleading for it to be opened. 
    Look over the ledge and you'll see a couple of thugs running around. One of 
    them will be coming up the stairs to attack you, so wait for him to appear 
    and take him out. Afterwards, equip your Beretta and look out over the ledge; 
    there's a thug behind a dumpster in the right corner, but he's so close to it 
    that any shots he take end up hitting the back of the dumpster. So take the 
    aim to aim before unloading a few rounds into his skull. A third thug is 
    almost directly underneath you, which would normally mean that he's out of 
    sight. But as he runs around in a circle, you'll have a small window of 
    opportunity where he comes into view, so line up your crosshairs where he 
    appears and shoot him when he reaches that point. 
    With the first three thugs dead, move back towards the door and look to the 
    far end of the lot. Four more thugs appear and spread out across the back 
    lot, including one who comes up the staircase. Be ready for him, and gun him 
    down before he knows what hit him. 
    Finally, head down the stairs and shoot-dodge from the bottom to the dumpster 
    where the one thug used to be, killing a thug standing at the base of the 
    staircase in the process. Using the wall that separates the two sides of the 
    lot for cover, step out and kill the thug in the alley directly across from 
    you. Strafe out even more and shoot at the last of Vinnie's goons in the 
    With no one left to protect him, Vinnie appears from behind the dumpster in 
    the corner and begins shooting at you with a Beretta. He may not be much of a 
    threat offensively, but he has plenty of hit points to make up for it. It may 
    sound like overkill, but equip your Ingrams and unload round after round in 
    Gognitti. Perform a couple of shoot-dodges if you want to avoid being shot; 
    when Vinnie goes down, the level ends.
    001.81 - Chapter 8: A Den Of Drugs 
    Objective: Find and kill Jack Lupino 
    Thanks to your excellent interrogation skills, Gognitti reveals that Lupino's 
    at his nightclub, Ragna Rock. You'll have to get through the mob boss's army 
    of drugged up psychos to get to him, though. 
    Before you do anything, check the security booth on your left for shotgun 
    ammo in the cabinet. The front doors are locked, so you'll have to find 
    another way in. The other security booth contains a small lever under the 
    window that opens a secret panel behind you. Enter the room, but immediately 
    shoot-dodge out from behind the bookshelf. Besides the one thug on the other 
    side, there's also a thug by the table at the far end of the room. Gun them 
    both down with your Berettas and collect all of the ammo and painkillers on 
    the shelves. The book on the table, The Age of Murder and Storm, leads to a 
    short graphic novel cinematic, which ends with Max saying, "I was also 
    beginning to see what the nightclub and it's owner were all about." 
    Head through the door, which leads to the back of bar next to a dance floor, 
    and kill the one thug behind the bar. At the same time, retreat back into the 
    room you just came from, because one of the other guys in the room throws a 
    grenade in your direction. After it goes off, dive behind the bar and crouch 
    down to avoid being shot, there's a thug on the dance floor and another on 
    the balcony across the room. When the guy on your level is dead, leave the 
    bar and use one of the pillars in front of it for cover while you aim at the 
    thug on the balcony. It looks like the area's clear, but there's actually 
    another thug on the balcony directly above you, and he has Molotov Cocktails. 
    Look straight up and walk backwards onto the dance floor until either you see 
    him or he throws a cocktail. In the case of the former, quickly shoot him 
    before he decides to attack; if it's the latter, duck back under the balcony 
    and wait for the fire to burn out. 
    With the four thugs in the room out of action, head through the double doors 
    on the right side of the room and strafe out into the hall facing right. 
    There are two thugs by the bar (one in front, one behind), but you'll 
    probably only be able to kill one of them. The survivor will eventually make 
    his way to the bar on the other side of the room, but worry about that later. 
    Peek out around the wall and you'll see a thug from the far left corner of 
    the room run out and head in your direction. Wait for him from behind the 
    wall, and kill him when he reaches the bar. If one of the two guys from the 
    bar survived, strafe out onto the dance floor and kill him behind the bar on 
    the left side of the area.  
    Next to the other bar is a door with a "Bar" sign over it. Enter the main 
    barroom and kill the thug behind the bar on the right. Shoot-dodge out facing 
    your left and gun down the remaining two thugs in the room. If any or all of 
    them survive, use the pillars and tables for cover. Afterwards, pick up the 
    shotgun ammo and painkiller behind the bar and check out the occult books on 
    the table on the opposite side of the room. Leave the barroom via the door to 
    the left of the table to finish the level.
    001.82 - Chapter 8: Ragna Rock
    Run up the stairs and stand by the open door on your left, which leads to a 
    wine room. Three thugs are inside talking about their boss, so let them see 
    you and stay back in the hallway and wait for one of the three to appear at 
    the doorway. Kill him, and then run into the room and hide behind the pillar 
    in front of the door. Peek out and take turns exchanging fire with the two 
    remaining thugs. After the slow-motion death sequence, head over to the large 
    table they were standing around as another three guys enter the room on the 
    other side of the barrels. Use the pillar near the path between shelves for 
    cover and pick them off as they appear one at a time. 
    Head down the row of shelves and around the outer edge to reach the doorway 
    they came from (there's also quite a bit of shotgun ammo against the wall), 
    which leads to another hallway. A thug appears in the room at the end, so gun 
    him down and watch as he falls into the trap door behind him. Kill the thug 
    on the stairs, and then enter the room. Run up to where his corpse is and 
    look straight up; you'll see a thug two levels up with an Ingram. Pick him 
    off from here and continue up. On the same floor is a third guy waiting for 
    you to come up the stairs, so run up the last set backwards and gun him down 
    with your Berettas (his own gunfire won't be aimed high enough to hit you). 
    Enter the door on the left, which leads outside. There's a small slit in the 
    wall across from you that takes you back into the wine room, except this time 
    you have to walk along the beams on the ceiling. Before venturing out, 
    though, kill the thug below you by the table. Afterwards, carefully walk out 
    to the center where the two main beams intersect, and then head left to the 
    other slit in the wall. 
    Once you're safely back outside, jump onto one of the raised parts of the 
    roof that juts out from the rest of the building. Walk across to the beam, 
    and use the next one over to make it back to the roof. Run to the far end and 
    enter the door to finish the level. 
    001.83 - Chapter 8: An Empire Of Evil 
    Run down the first set of stairs and wait for two thugs to come up and meet 
    you halfway. Kill them and continue down; there's another thug at the bottom 
    in front of the door, so shoot-dodge out and kill him. Open the door, but 
    move away from the doorway and wait for the thug at the end of the catwalk to 
    come to you. When he opens the door, blast him with a shotgun shell at point 
    blank range. 
    There's a cabinet at the end of the catwalk with four painkillers in it, but 
    don't get them just yet. Instead, run down the first few steps on the stairs 
    to your left and kill the thug at the bottom of the first set. Another three 
    thugs run up to attack you, so kill them as they appear from around the 
    Continue down the rest of the way and you'll end up in front of a stage. Head 
    over to the control panel on the other side of the stage and switch the lever 
    labeled "Stage Control". The back of the stage opens, and two thugs appear. 
    Quickly flip the other switch labeled "Pyro Control" and watch as the flames 
    behind the stage fire off, hopefully killing the two thugs in the process. If 
    either of them survives, they run up to the control panel to attack you, so 
    crouch down with your shotgun and wait for them. 
    Afterwards, collect the painkiller on the control panel and run up one of the 
    inclines on either side of the stage and enter the back rooms. Take the 
    stairs on the right up to the panel labeled "Backdrop Controls". Make sure 
    all of them are pushed up (in other words, switch levers 2 and 4), and then 
    run down to the lower level. Make your way in between the backdrops, and 
    strafe out facing left (away from the Backdrop Control panel). There's a thug 
    at the top of the stairs with a grenade, and you'll want to kill him 
    immediately. If he survives, not only does he throw a grenade at you but he 
    runs up to the catwalk overlooking the backstage area. Why is this a problem, 
    you ask? Well, there are some wooden planks connecting the catwalk to the 
    door that leads to Lupino's inner sanctum, and one of them is fairly 
    unstable. A few seconds after you or anyone else touches it, it collapses, 
    making it much more difficult to cross the rest of the way. 
    With that last thug dead, return to the stage and collect any painkillers 
    left in the cabinet or stage control panel before heading up the stairs to 
    the catwalk. The one section with a single wooden plank is the one that 
    collapses, so don't spend more than a second or two on it. Enter the door to 
    complete the chapter.
    001.91 - Chapter 9: Straight From A Bad Dream
    In this first room, there are some letters, notes, and a book scattered 
    around the area that lead to some interesting graphic novel cinematics, all 
    of which repeat the main theme of the Ragna Rock levels: "Jack Lupino was 
    crazy all right." 
    Take the stairs up and follow the corridor down as Lupino begins ranting 
    about the "flesh of fallen angels". At the end, pass through the gate, which 
    locks behind you, and enter the main room: a very large, multi-level area 
    that looks something like this: 
                          |     | | ______ | |     |      
                          | B   | | ______ | | C   |      
                          |     | | ______ | |     |      
                          |     | |________| |     |      
                          |     |            |     |      
                          |     |     __     |     |      
                          |     |    /  \    |     |      
                          | E   |    \__/    |     |      
                          |     |            |     |      
                          |     |            |     |      
                          |     |            |     | | |  
                          |     |            |     | | |  
                          | A   |            |D    |_| |  
                          |_____|____________|_____|_ _|  
    Before fighting Lupino, you'll have to wipe out his personal goon squad 
    first. They appear at Points A and B, dropping down from the level above to 
    the main level. There are also a couple of guys at Point C who use their 
    vantage point to throw Molotov Cocktails and shoot at you. 
    When you first enter the area, pick up the ammunition and painkillers on the 
    tables on the right, and then run over to Point E. A goon from both Points A 
    and B will drop down and attack you, so kill them both but stay in this 
    general area. Now focus your attention on the step by Point A; every few 
    seconds one of Lupino's goons will drop down in the exact same spot, so keep 
    your crosshairs on that point and kill the four of them as they appear. 
    Afterwards, run to Point D and use the pillar for cover from enemies at Point 
    B. A total of six will drop down the second level and onto the stairs. Every 
    time one does, step away from the pillar and unload a few rounds from your 
    Berettas or shotgun. 
    When the goons stop coming, run back to Point A and look around the curtain 
    towards Point C. There's a slight chance that a stray Molotov flame will hit 
    you, but you'll just have to risk it. Kill the three goons there, but watch 
    for another guy drop down behind you. When the area's clear, quickly switch 
    to your dual Ingrams and begin collecting as much ammo from the tables as you 
    After a few moments, the curtain by the stairs opens and a cinematic plays. 
    Jack Lupino is drugged out of his mind with Valkyr, and he has two bodyguards 
    with him. The three of them run out into the main area and begin attacking 
    you; the two goons have Ingrams and Lupino has a sawed-off shotgun and 
    Molotov Cocktails. Hide behind one of the pillars until they're relatively 
    close by, and then shoot-dodge back and forth, shooting as many rounds as you 
    can. Lupino has quite a bit of life, but he's about as tough as Gognitti was. 
    When Lupino dies, the level fades out and Part 1 ends. 
    002.0 - Part 2: A Cold Day In Hell 
    "Everyone makes mistakes. Mine hadn't been to crack jokes about the goon with 
    the bat; he'd have cracked my skull regardless. It hadn't even been to trust 
    a girl with a gun. I had blindly gone after the first bad guy on my hit list 
    when I should have been aiming further up the ladder, at the head of the 
    Punchinello family."
    002.01 - Prologue: Nightmare 
    Max's nightmare, as you'd expect, begins at the front door of his New Jersey 
    home. Run forward, and the hallway stretches out and becomes a long maze. The 
    key here is to take every available left, a total of three. Keep in mind that 
    if the path branches off only to the right, continue going straight. 
    When you reach the end of the maze, you'll be in Max's den. There are 
    pictures on either side of the stairway (one of Michelle and the other of 
    Alex), which lead to graphic novel cinematics, but not much else. Continue up 
    to the second floor and enter the baby's room; before the get there, though, 
    the hallway again stretches out. This one ends shortly, however, and 
    afterwards you have a single trail of blood leading out into an otherwise 
    black abyss. 
    To make navigating the maze a little easier, I'm including a crude ASCII map 
    of the maze, which is probably only to scale part of the time.
                            Start                   End                  
                         ____| |____________________| |______            
                              |                      |                   
         ___________          |                      |                   
              |               |                      |                   
               \       _______|                      |______________     
                \_____/                                             \    
                          |                                         |    
                   |      |                                         |    
                   |      |                                         |    
                 __|      |                                         |    
                /         |                                         |    
                |                                                   |    
                |                                                   |    
                |__                                                 |    
                   \                                    |           |    
                   |                                    |           |    
                   |___                                 |           |    
                       \                                |___________|    
                       |                                    |            
                       |                     _______________|            
                        \_                  |      |                     
                          |                 |      |                     
                          |                 |      |                     
                          |_______   _______|      |                     
                                  |                |                     
    Just as a side note, the trails that end are only meant to be landmarks and 
    may actually go farther. You only have to make two jumps, and both of them 
    are fairly easy to complete, which is a positive. Other than that, though, 
    there isn't much that I can say that isn't illustrated better in the above 
    diagram. Just keep in mind that you're trying to go in a semi-circle; in 
    fact, you can even see your starting point from the end. 
    When you reach the end, run down the hallway until you reach the baby's room. 
    There's an interesting (and slightly creepy) occurrence here, where the 
    blocks levitate and set down to spell the word "DEAD". After watching it, 
    leave the room and head towards Michelle and Max's bedroom - there's another 
    stretched out hallway, but thankfully no mazes. Read Michelle's diary on the 
    table outside of the bedroom, and then head inside to finish the level. 
    002.11 - Chapter 1: The Baseball Bat 
    Objective: Escape from the hotel
    You wake up in the basement of Lupino's hotel, tied to a chair with one of 
    the ex-mob boss' goons, Frankie "the bat" Niagara, standing over you. After 
    taking batting practice on your skull for a while, Frankie goes up to the bar 
    for a drink. When he leaves, Max manages to escape from his bindings. But 
    you're still beaten, bruised, and for all intended purposes unarmed, unless 
    you count Frankie's baseball bat. 
    Max tells you right away how to play through this level: 
    "Without a gun, I'd be no match for Frankie's men. I'd have to play hide and 
    seek with them."
    Run to the other side of the room and break the lock off of the green cabinet 
    to pick up a couple of painkillers. Now turn around and head over to the door 
    across from the cabinet. Open it, but don't leave the boiler room just yet. 
    Face the camera roughly at a forty-five degree angle so that you can see into 
    the hall. After a few moments, a thug will walk by, with a group of two right 
    behind him. Wait for all three of them to pass by, and then follow after 
    them. The AI is by no means intelligent, but even still you'll want to keep 
    your distance to avoid being seen when they're rounding the corner. 
    About halfway down the hall after rounding the corner, you'll come to two 
    doorways on either side of you. The area on the left has a group of thugs 
    inside, but the room on the right is empty. Look into the room on the left to 
    make sure no one's going to see you and head inside the other room; you'll 
    find it filled with plenty of weapons for the time being, including dual 
    Berettas, a Desert Eagle, a pump-action shotgun, a pair of grenades, and 
    another painkiller. 
    From here, you have two options. You can either finish the level and leave 
    the rest of the level unexplored or collect the other items scattered around 
    the other areas. To be honest, it really doesn't matter, since you'd only be 
    gaining four more painkillers, an Ingram, some Beretta ammo, and anything 
    else you pick up from the thugs you kill - all of which you'd end up with 
    eventually anyway. 
    If you just want to leave, wait for a fourth thug to walk past the armory 
    you're in and then follow after him. There's an elevator around the corner. 
    Enter it and go up. 
    Otherwise, you're done playing hide and seek. Stand in the doorway and fire 
    off a round at the first thing that moves and then hole up in the room. All 
    of the thugs in the area line up at the doorway, so blast them with your 
    shotgun one at a time. If you want to add some flair to the gunfight, shoot 
    the red, flammable gas pipe at the other end of the room and take cover. 
    Anyway, there are a total of seven thugs that will come and attack you (three 
    in the area in the middle and four walking around the perimeter), so if your 
    kill-count hits that magic number you can safely leave. If you didn't keep 
    count or don't think you cleared the area, equip your Berettas and cautiously 
    venture out. If you don't see anyone, do a quick check by running around the 
    perimeter to make sure. With the seven of them dead, the only remaining 
    enemies are a pair of thugs in the room on the opposite side of the area. 
    Kill them, and begin exploring. 
    The warehouse on the left with the two thugs has some Berettas ammo in the 
    crates against the wall, but not much else. The main room in the middle, on 
    the other hand, is filled with plenty of goodies to justify the otherwise 
    unnecessary fighting. The three shelves that aren't against the wall have a 
    grand total of four painkillers on them, and there are Beretta rounds and an 
    Ingram on the crates in the two far corners. 
    Afterwards, head over to the elevator and take it up. 
    002.12 - Chapter 1: From Bad To Worse 
    The elevator door opens right as a thug is walking by, so run out and shoot 
    him before he runs away. There's another guy in the same room, but a shoot-
    dodge will give you enough time to find and kill him. Head through the garage 
    door and peek into the warehouse on the right; a grenade is thrown out at 
    your feet, so quickly back away and avoid the explosion. Afterwards, step out 
    and kill the two thugs crouching behind the boxes on the right one at a time. 
    When the two of them are dead, another two appear from the doorway on the 
    right to replace their fallen buddies. Use the same method as before to take 
    them out, and head through the doorway they came from. 
    There's only one thug in the next room - a meat warehouse - and he's all of 
    the way on the other side in the corner. Use the hanging slabs of beef and 
    crates in the center for cover from the thug's Ingram. When he's dead, leave 
    the warehouse and into the alley leading to the street. Enter Lupino's hotel 
    down the block to complete the level.
    002.13 - Chapter 1: Mobster Muscle 
    The door on your left leads to a lounge. As soon as you open it, a cinematic 
    will begin and you'll hear a thug talking on the phone. When he hangs up, he 
    walks up the stairs into the main lobby where you are. Kill him from the 
    lobby and wait for the other two guys in the lounge to appear at the doorway. 
    After killing the three thugs, enter the lounge and head over to the small 
    table in the corner. Pick up the painkillers and listen to the radio report 
    about the events at Ragna Rock. Head down the hall and enter the bathroom; 
    there's a thug in the last stall who's initially unarmed until he sees you. 
    The painkillers from the cabinet have been cleaned out, so there's nothing 
    left to do but enter the barroom. Frankie's in there having a drink, and when 
    he spots you another three thugs enter the room on the other side. 
    When you regain control, stand out in the hall in the left corner and wait 
    for one of the thugs to appear at the doorway. Kill him, and move to the 
    other side of the door until another thug by the booths comes into view. When 
    he's dead, dive into the room and pump Frankie with as much lead as you can 
    as quickly as you can. That just leaves the third and final thug behind the 
    bar. Try to collect as many of the weapons lying around before killing him, 
    since the level ends a few seconds after the last enemy in the room dies. 
    002.21 - Chapter 2: An Offer You Can't Refuse 
    Objective: Kill Boris Dime and recover the weapons from his ship, the Charon 
    The saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", and that seems to be 
    the case here. After leaving Lupino's hotel, you're approached by the leader 
    of the Russian mafia, Vladimir Lem. He tells you about how the captain of one 
    of his ships, Boris Dime, has betrayed him and now works for Angelo 
    Punchinello. The loss of the ship's cargo, dozens of high tech weapons, will 
    not only hurt Vladimir in his war against Punchinello's mob, but would also 
    make Max's own rampage increasingly difficult to accomplish. So in exchange 
    for assassinating Boris Dime and recovering his weapons, Max will be able to 
    load up with as much firepower as he can carry before taking on Punchinello. 
    Open the guard booth and kill the thug inside. Besides some shotgun ammo, 
    there's a lever under the glass that opens the gate. Head through and hide 
    behind the large container as a couple of thugs walk towards you from the 
    warehouse. Since there's one on the ground and one on the platform, dive out 
    from around the container and shoot the one thug on ground level. When he 
    dies, spin around and kill the second thug before he jumps down. 
    When the two thugs are dead, jump up onto the platform and open the warehouse 
    door in the far left corner, just make sure to hide off in the corner out of 
    sight. The three thugs - two on the lower level and one on the catwalk above 
    you - will immediately open fire, so wait for the initial burst of gunfire to 
    die down before strafing out and taking out the two on your level. The 
    warehouse door will probably be automatically closing right about now, so 
    reopen in and dive inside near the stacks of crates in the center of the 
    room, ideally putting them in between you and the thug on the catwalk. 
    Position yourself so that the pillar is blocking your view of the remaining 
    thug, and then jump up onto the crates to get a bit closer before taking your 
    Since you're already on the crates, use the height to jump onto the semi-
    destroyed set of stairs in the far left corner. Besides the spare ammo 
    dropped by the now-dead thug, there's a small cache of Ingram ammunition and 
    a painkiller at the opposite end of the catwalk. 
    Collect the ammo and painkiller and drop back down to the lower level again. 
    There's a door on the other side of the room that leads deeper into the maze 
    of warehouses, in this case a small open area outside with a truck parked in 
    it. You should spot the thug on the right walking up the stairs, but what you 
    don't see is his partner in the back of the truck, who won't actually appear 
    until you cause enough trouble to gain his attention. In this case, shoot the 
    red barrel to the left of the stairs that the one thug is walking up for and 
    exciting, incendiary death. But quickly point your crosshairs at the back of 
    the truck, because the other thug will barge out, guns blazing, at any 
    moment. When he's dead, check out the truck for some shotgun ammunition. 
    Afterwards, head over to the warehouse on the left, which is fairly similar 
    to the one you were just in structurally, with the exception that the crates 
    are gone and there's a lift in the corner instead of stairs. There's only one 
    thug in this room, and he's on the catwalk with a grenade, which is the most 
    important thing to keep in mind here. After opening the warehouse door, stay 
    clear of the entrance until the grenade is thrown and explodes. Without the 
    threat of any explosives going off, there isn't much else to worry about. Use 
    the pillar in the middle of the room for cover and pop a couple of rounds 
    into him. 
    Take the lift up and check out the far end of the catwalk, you'll find a 
    cabinet full of painkillers and a control panel. Avoid using the painkillers 
    for the moment if you can, and switch on the crane using the lever on the 
    panel. The crane picks up a bunch of crates blocking the door for you, 
    allowing you to continue on. But as you go back to the lift, a pair of thugs 
    appear from outside and begin shooting at you. Crouch down and use the high 
    ground to your advantage, so take your time and aim instead of wildly 
    strafing back and forth shooting. When they're dead, use the painkillers if 
    you didn't already and then head back down to the ground floor. Pass through 
    the door that was previously blocked by crates to complete the level.
    002.22 - Chapter 2: Cold And To The Point 
    Immediately when the level begins you'll see a thug walking away from you 
    just to the right, an opportunity that is hard to pass up. Jump down to the 
    ground and sneak up behind him before unloading a shotgun shell into his 
    back. You'll see a couple of large storage containers against the walls; wait 
    behind them and swing the camera around until you can see down the path. When 
    a thug appears from somewhere on the right and walks past you, strafe out and 
    kill him, making you two-for-two when it comes to killing enemies without 
    having to dodge bullets. That record will end shortly, however, because if 
    you follow the path created by the warehouses and containers you'll come to a 
    wide, open area with a very large crane and three thugs in it. Two of them 
    will appear from behind the crane, and the other from the left by the 
    warehouses. As soon as your presence becomes known, retreat back behind one 
    of the containers and wait for them to follow after you. When they reach the 
    opposite side of the container, strafe out and introduce them to your pump-
    action shotgun. 
    With the area clear, run past the crane and over to the far right corner for 
    a table with some ammunition - Beretta and Ingram to be specific - and a 
    painkiller on it. There doesn't seem to be anything else of interest in the 
    area, but there also doesn't seem to be any way out either. However, if you 
    climb up the crane and play with the lever, it picks up a container between a 
    warehouse and the wall, creating a path for you. 
    It may be tempting to sit around at the top of the crane and enjoy the view, 
    but resist the urge. As soon as you activate it, jump down and point your 
    Berettas or Ingrams at the balcony on the other side of the area. A thug will 
    appear and begin shooting at you from there, as well as another two coming 
    from the exit you just created, so there isn't a whole lot of time you have 
    to waste. Use a shoot-dodge to kill the thug on the balcony if you have to, 
    and then quickly spin around to avoid being shot in the back. 
    Run under the container being suspended in the air by the crane and follow 
    the path in between rows of containers until you reach a straight, slightly 
    wider row with another crane in it. Head down the row, under the crane, and 
    duck into the small room on the left made from the open container with Desert 
    Eagle and shotgun ammo in it. You might be tempted to peek out and see what's 
    going on, but don't. After passing over you, the crane picks up a container 
    and backs up, slamming it against the wall and killing the operator (and Max, 
    if he had been in the way) in the process. 
    So it's safe now, right? Nope, think again, because a couple of thugs appear 
    from where the crane picked up the container and are currently running all 
    the way down to where you're hiding. Check to see how close they are every 
    once in a while, but don't actually confront them until they're within 
    shooting range. The thug in front drops a painkiller, so pick it up and run 
    down to the other side, the level will end when you reach the end.
    002.23 - Chapter 2: Family Troubles 
    Head out into the row of containers, but crouch down behind one of the crates 
    on either side and watch the crane crawl up to you. There's a thug at the top 
    shooting at you, so back away from the crate and take him out with your 
    Beretta. When he dies, the container blocking the path under the crane is 
    conveniently raised up, although a pair of thugs come at you from under the 
    crane almost immediately after it is. Switch to a weapon that packs more of a 
    punch and strafe or shoot-dodge out to meet them after they've passed under 
    the crane. 
    Continue down the row and take a left, you'll find a group of three thugs 
    waiting for you. It's easy for them to catch you by surprise, and the end 
    result for doing so is pain, so make sure you're ready for them to jump out. 
    Since they attack one at a time, though, they don't have much else going for 
    them without the element of surprise. Gun them all down and head over to the 
    next row. 
    You'll hear someone yell out, "Raise the bridge!" and see a thug run off to 
    the right, but another thug is running down the left wall towards you. Kill 
    him and move to the other side of the row, you'll see the thug waiting by the 
    now-raised bridge. Strafe out and unload a few rounds into him before he has 
    the chance to react, because he happens to be carrying around a grenade. 
    With the bridge raised, you'll either have to find another path that leads 
    across or a way to lower the bridge. Either way, you'll have to go down the 
    row to find it. When you reach the first blue/green container on your left, 
    though, you'll hear a thug talking from inside one of the containers. The 
    door is locked, but eventually the thug opens it, so be prepared to kill him 
    before he knows what hit him. Explore the small room, which contains a few 
    interesting items, including a briefcase full of money, a piece of paper with 
    the word "Mayor" written on it, and a new weapon - the sniper rifle. There's 
    also a painkiller sitting on the table, so don't forget to pick it up as 
    Follow the row to the end and take a right, there's a small barge that you 
    can use to cross to the other side of the area. You'll see a thug walking 
    away from you, but he won't spot you. Either sneak up behind him and take him 
    out or use the sniper rifle if you really want to (remember that you have to 
    hold X to zoom in on the scope). Regardless of how you kill him, his death 
    will alert another thug of your presence, so be ready to repeat whatever 
    strategy you chose. 
    Once on the other side, you'll find that the area where the bridge is has 
    been blocked off from where you are by a chain link fence, and none of the 
    doors on your side are open. However, if you look at the warehouse walls, 
    you'll see a few signs that read, "Caution! Use wheel blocks when parked in 
    this area." And coincidentally, there happens to be a truck-trailer parked 
    right in front of you with a wooden wheel block. Shoot the wheel block with 
    you Beretta, and the trailer will roll back and smash into the bridge, 
    effectively lowering it. 
    Return to the barge and cross back to the other side, but use the walls for 
    cover when a thug rolls out and begins shooting at you. Step out and return 
    the favor, and then look down the row. A thug with an Ingram all the way at 
    the other end of the row will shoot at you, so wait around the corner until 
    he gets close enough to shoot at. When he's dead, another two thugs - with 
    shotguns this time - appear and also come down to fight you. As boring as it 
    is, wait there until they too are close enough to kill. 
    Afterwards, run down the row and cross what's left of the bridge. A thug from 
    an office on your right will come out and shoot at you, so be ready for it 
    and shoot back. A second thug is waiting in the warehouse down at the end, 
    but you can kill him from where you are. Enter the office where the first 
    thug came from and pick up all of the weapons and painkillers inside. The 
    first room contains a cabinet full of painkillers a pair of grenades, and the 
    one behind it has Desert Eagle, sniper rifle, and shotgun ammo, as well as 
    another painkiller. When you go to leave, however, a thug will run in, 
    although he mainly ends up attacking the desk that's between the two of you. 
    Leave the office and run down to the end of the area. Enter the warehouse 
    where the one thug came from to complete the chapter. 
    002.31 - Chapter 3: With Rats And Oily Water 
    You begin the chapter in another warehouse with a thug standing on top of a 
    container farther back. Without even taking a step, take him down, but 
    immediately afterwards look back down near the vertical metal girder next to 
    the crates. Although it doesn't look like there's any space to fit through, 
    there happens to be one wide enough for someone to fit through right behind 
    that girder. And as you'd expect, someone will be, very shortly after killing 
    the one thug. Occasionally he'll run around the entire row of boxes, but more 
    often than not he doesn't. Kill him, and follow the perimeter around to the 
    right, where you'll find a shelf with Desert Eagle, Ingram, and shotgun ammo. 
    After collecting all of the weapons mentioned above, head down the row where 
    the one thug came from, but crouch behind the small stack of boxes on your 
    left. A couple of thugs will appear on the other side of the shelf blocking 
    your path, one of which is on a catwalk above you who throws a grenade. The 
    boxes should protect you, although there's still a chance of being injured 
    anyway. But considering that the only other option is to try and run back 
    around, it's safer to take the chance behind the boxes instead of being 
    caught in the blast and shot in the back at the same time. After the grenade 
    explodes, strafe out and kill the one thug right behind the shelf, followed 
    by the one on the catwalk. 
    Take a right between the two stacks of boxes, but be ready to retreat. Just 
    after you turn the corner, someone out of your field of vision throws a 
    grenade in your direction, forcing you to dive backwards behind the nearest 
    box. After it goes off, presumably the thug who threw it appears from around 
    the corner trying to catch you by surprise. Kill him and pick up where you 
    left off before the grenade was thrown. Around the next corner on the left is 
    a thug, as well as a guy on the catwalk directly above you. Focus on the 
    latter first, since you're an easy target almost anywhere on the lower level 
    and you can simply shoot throw the bottom of the catwalk. Once he's dead, 
    turn the corner a take out the other thug. Afterwards, run up the ramp that 
    leads to the catwalk; there's a container blocking the direct route to the 
    door, so go around counterclockwise but watch out for the thug who enters 
    from the door on the other side and goes to meet you. When he's dead, check 
    out the container in the far right corner that's open. Use the smaller crates 
    and boxes to get inside and collect the shotgun ammo and painkiller. 
    Open the door at the end, but immediately duck back inside. A crane will 
    slowly creep over to the edge of the platform in front of the doorway, and 
    there's a thug standing on it. When it stops moving, strafe into the doorway 
    again and take him out. This area is a maze of containers, and you need to 
    maneuver the crane along the track to get from one end to the other. However, 
    there are quite a few enemies hanging around, as well as plenty of items. The 
    area itself, though, looks something like this: 
                                                    |      End     |        
                                       __________   |______________|        
                                      |          |          __    _______   
                                      |          |         |  |  |       |  
          ____________________________|          |         |  |  |   1   |  
                          __          |          |         |  |  |_______|  
                _______  |  |         |          |         |  |             
               |       | |  |         |          |         |  |             
               |   4   | |  |         |          |         |  |             
               |_______| |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
           ________      |  |         |          |         |  |             
          |        |     |  |         |          |         |  |             
          |        |     |  |         |__________|         |  |             
          |        |     |  | C                          D |  |             
          |        |     |  |______________________________|  |             
          |        |     |  |______________________________|  |             
          |        |     |  |                              |  |             
          |        |     |  |          ___________         |  |             
          |________|     |  |         |           |        |  |             
                         |  |         |           |        |  |             
           _______       |  |         |           |   _____|__|_____        
          |       |      |  |         |           |  |              |       
          |   2   |      |  |         |           |  |______________|       
          |_______|      |  |         |           |        |  |             
                         |  |         |___________|        |  |             
                         |  |                            B |  |             
                         |  |______________________________|  |             
                         |  |______________________________|  |             
                         |  |                            A |  |             
                         |  |          __________          |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                         |  |         |          |         |  |             
                _______  |  |         |          |         |  |             
               |       | |  |         |          |         |  |             
               |   3   | |__|         |          |         |__|             
               |_______|              |          |    ______________        
          ____________________________|          |   |    Start     |       
                                      |__________|   |______________|       
    Before even moving, equip your sniper rifle and kill the thug in the guard 
    tower in the far right corner (Tower 1 on the diagram). Afterwards, push the 
    button in front to make the crane move forward, and point your rifle's scope 
    to the left, directly over the spare sniper ammo. There's a thug in the guard 
    tower marked Tower 2, but you have to kill him before the crane stops since 
    the stack of containers will block your view otherwise. With that thug out of 
    the picture, move the crane left and wait around until it stops. Look back 
    towards Tower 3 and snipe the thug inside. Move down and jump into the tower, 
    you'll find sniper rifle ammo and a painkiller. At the same time, three thugs 
    appear from Point C on the ground and begin shooting at you with Berettas. 
    Return fire, but tip the scales in your favor by using the rifle instead and 
    bullet time. If possible, try not to pick up the ammo in the tower until 
    after you kill them, for obvious reasons. 
    When the group is dead, jump back into the crane and move forward towards 
    Tower 4. You won't see the thug in the tower until you pass the large stack 
    of containers, so you can kill him with a closer-range weapon like the dual 
    Berettas or even your shotgun. You'll find the same items from Tower 3 - 
    sniper rifle ammunition and a painkiller - inside, and just like before a 
    couple of thugs (only two this time) appear on the ground. When they're dead, 
    return to the crane and take it from Point C to Point D. 
    Explore Tower 1 and pick up the Desert Eagle and sniper rifle ammo, as well 
    as yet another painkiller. Two guys appear at Point D, so go through the 
    routine one more time and kill them. Jump back into the crane, and from the 
    crane you can jump to the platform. Enter the door to complete the level.
    002.32 - Chapter 3: Pissing Punchinello Off 
    Although it usually isn't a smart move to intentionally jump off a platform 
    of any kind, make an exception in this case. Drop down onto the red container 
    in front of you, and then step backwards and jump down to the ground level. A 
    thug is on the other side of the container, and he'll run around to the other 
    side. Kill him, and then position yourself so that you're still behind the 
    container but can see the catwalk across from you on the other side of the 
    warehouse. Two guys will appear from a door from the left and run down to the 
    catwalk, either jumping down halfway or coming down the ramp at the end. 
    Either way, keep an eye on where they are and gun them down from behind the 
    container - just be sure that you aren't ganged up on if each one appears 
    from a different side. 
    Run past the ramp that leads up to the catwalk and look to your right; you'll 
    see a small area enclosed in a fence with a metal gate keeping you out and a 
    thug standing around inside. Strafe out and kill him, and then run up the 
    ramp. Head over to the small room at the end and look out the window. Max 
    will let you know that the ship outside is Boris', and you can even spot a 
    thug standing on the deck. Shoot him from the room, and then push the button 
    by the door to unlock the gate at the other end of the warehouse. A couple of 
    guys will run out and come find you in the room. Equip your shotgun and sit 
    in front of the door; when they appear at the doorway, pump a round into each 
    of them and then head over to the fenced-in area. There's another open red 
    container to your right from the catwalk with shotguns, Desert Eagles, and a 
    painkiller in it. In the enclosed area itself, there's some Beretta, Desert 
    Eagle, Ingram, and shotgun ammo on the shelves and tables, as well as a 
    painkiller. Leave the warehouse through the door to complete the level. 
    002.33 - Chapter 3: A Dangerous Game 
    There are two crates on the dock where Boris Dime's ship is, and each one has 
    a thug hiding behind it. However, the one farther down on the left is visible 
    from where you begin the level, so quickly take a shot at him and run down 
    the steps. His buddy will come out from his hiding spot afterwards, so shoot-
    dodge forward and kill him. 
    Afterwards, use the ramp leaning against the ship to board it. Someone at the 
    stern on the other side of the large container to your left will spot you, 
    and they'll run around it to find you. Wait by the crates until they appear, 
    and then kill them. Look around the container so that you can see the other 
    side, you'll see a thug standing at the top of the stairs in front of you. 
    Kill him, but before running over to his body head back to the front of the 
    ship and break the small box for an extra painkiller. Now run up the stairs 
    and enter the ship from the left side; a thug will probably see you, so be 
    prepared to shoot as soon as the door opens. 
    Inside you'll find a ringing telephone with Angelo Punchinello on the other 
    side, and to say that he's mildly upset with your meddling would be an 
    understatement. There's also a cabinet with four painkillers in it, but don't 
    use any of them if you can. 
    Open the door behind you, but watch out for the thug at the bottom of the 
    first set of stairs with a grenade. Obviously, you'll want to stay out of the 
    doorway to avoid the explosion, but afterwards, run down the stairs and kill 
    the three thugs scattered around the stairway. At the bottom are two final 
    thugs, so step out for a moment and fire off a few rounds to kill them. 
    Enter the boiler room to the right of the stairs to meet Boris Dime. He's 
    standing in the back of the room with another three goons in between. 
    Luckily, there are plenty of machinery and crates that can be used for cover; 
    however, you can sit in the stairway and lure the three of them into the 
    corridor. That just leaves Dime. 
    Dive between the crates and machine parts until you reach a couple of crates 
    stacked on top of one another near Boris, who's strafing back and forth, 
    ready to shoot or throw a Molotov Cocktail as soon as he sees you. Like 
    before with Jack Lupino, the main problem here is dealing with Boris Dime's 
    health points, so when you attack, use a weapon that will pack one hell of a 
    punch - dual Ingrams will do the trick. However, you might want to consider 
    lobbing a grenade over the crates instead, since the blast will also ignite 
    the flammable pipes behind him. The combined power of the explosion is more 
    than enough to kill Boris.  
    When Dime dies, you'll see a door at the end of the room that leads to where 
    the weapons are stored. But before heading inside, go back to the top of the 
    ship and use any of the painkillers that are left in the cabinet. There's 
    also shotgun ammo, Ingram ammo, and a painkiller in the corner of the boiler 
    room on your immediate right, and another painkiller on the crate near the 
    After collecting all of that, enter the hull where the weapons are stored. 
    Vladimir will congratulate you over the loudspeaker and tell you to load up 
    with as much as you can carry. Take his advice - you should finish this level 
    with all of your weapons full of ammunition. You'll also find a new weapon, 
    the Colt Commando, which from here on will be the best weapon in the game in 
    just about any situation you find yourself in. 
    When you're good and ready, leave the boiler room and head up the stairs for 
    the chapter to end. 
    002.41 - Chapter 4: No Payne No Gain 
    Objective: Escape from the restaurant 
    Rather than risk an all-out assault on Punchinello's manor, Max calls up the 
    Don and asks to cut a deal with him. Punchinello agrees to meet at his 
    restaurant, Casa Di Angelo, but this sounds way too good to be true. And 
    knowing Max's luck, things aren't going to work out as well as he's hoping 
    they will.  
    When the level begins, everything seems quiet enough. But as soon as you take 
    a step forward, a bomb will go off and the restaurant will go up in flames. 
    From then on it's a race to escape through the back before the exits are 
    engulfed in fire. 
    First of all, jump over the railing on the right and climb over the booths. 
    Run to the back and go straight through the double-doors that lead to the 
    back rooms. There are a half-dozen shelves to your right that are concealing 
    a door, so quickly duck between the second and third shelves and head through 
    before the one collapses and knocks the others over like Dominos. If this 
    happens, you'll be cut off from the door and unable to continue. 
    Make your way down the hallway, avoiding contact with the walls, until you 
    reach a lounge area. The exit is on the left side of the room, and there is 
    only a small path in the middle between the other walls of fire. Simply run 
    forward until you see a break in the flames, and then take a left. The 
    hallway leads to another lounge, which is almost entirely consumed in the 
                      |~~~~~|         ~~~~~ - Fire                        
                      | ___ |                                             
                      | ___ |________________________                     
                      | ___ |. . |. . | . .| . .|. . |                    
                      |     |____|____|____|____|____|                    
                      |   . .                      . |                    
                      |  .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   . |                    
                      |  .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   . |                    
                      |  .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   . |                    
                      |  .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   . |                    
                      |  .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   . |_________           
                      |  .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   . . . . . Max Payne    
                      |  .  ___________________________________           
                      |  . |                                              
                      |  . |                                              
    Follow the right wall over until you reach a couple of tables under an 
    overhang; you have to climb over them and take a left at the end. You'll see 
    a set of stairs on your right that looks promising, but they too are up in 
    flames about halfway up. Instead, there's a hallway on the left that leads to 
    a different set of stairs. Follow the hall down and enter the last door on 
    the left to complete the level. 
    002.42 - Chapter 4: Put Out My Flames With Gasoline 
    Like before in the restaurant, the office you begin in isn't ablaze at the 
    moment, but take a step in any direction and everything immediately goes up 
    in flames. Take a right and open the door next to the cubicle, but don't go 
    into the hallway. There's a small flame running along the floor that's about 
    to hit an explosive, and if you attempt to make it past instead of waiting it 
    out, you'll be caught in the blast. 
    After it explodes, head down the hallway, jumping over the cabinets and 
    shelves strewn across the floor, and turn the corner. The floor here is on 
    fire, except for a small path that's just wide enough for Max to pass 
    through. The hallway leads into a kitchen, and unbeknownst to you, a gas pipe 
    is about to explode and land right where you're standing. So obviously, the 
    smart thing to do would be to step back as soon as you hear (and see, since 
    the explosion will cause the screen to rumble) it and let it slam into the 
    Now enter the kitchen and run over to where the gas pipe was. The walkway is 
    engulfed in flames and most of the shelves are too, with the exception of the 
    very end. You can climb onto it and drop down on the other side; afterwards, 
    head through the double-doors on the left to finally escape from the inferno. 
    But you still aren't quite done yet. You might not have to worry about 
    avoiding fire, but now some of Punchinello's thugs are back here waiting for 
    you. As you enter the second kitchen, shoot-dodge forward and kill the thug 
    standing on the other side of the room. There are some painkillers in the 
    left corner if you need them, and the stairs in the back lead downstairs to 
    the exit. However, there are a couple of thugs waiting for you, but you can 
    have some fun and kill them at the same time. In the far right corner is a 
    dumbwaiter, which leads right to where Punchinello's goons are. Throw a 
    grenade down, and within a few seconds it'll explode and take them out - 
    there's even a spare grenade on the table near the dumbwaiter to replace the 
    one you used. 
    Head downstairs and explore the back of the room; as Max puts it, "The 
    mobsters had been guarding a real treasure, the way out of this disco 
    inferno." Equip your Ingrams and drop down into the sewer, immediately shoot-
    dodging forward down the stairs and taking out the three thugs who appear 
    from the left in the process. Behind them, there are another two thugs at the 
    end, so chase after them before they get too far away. Follow the walkway 
    around to the right, killing another thug around the next corner under the 
    walkway, and then take a left. Two more thugs are standing at the base of a 
    metal staircase that leads back outside, so kill them and head up to complete 
    the level.
    002.51 - Chapter 5: Murderous Hearts 
    Objective: Kill Angelo Punchinello and the Trio 
    Since Punchinello doesn't seem interested in meeting with you face-to-face, 
    it looks like you'll have to find him yourself in his mansion. But before you 
    can take out your revenge on the Don, you'll have to get past the Trio first: 
    Vince Mugnaio, Pilate Providence AKA "Big Brother", and Joe "Deadpan" Salem.
    It's probably tempting to use the Colt Commando, and for good reason, 
    considering what a great weapon it is. But none of the goons in Punchinello's 
    manor carry Colt Commando ammo, so if you waste it now you won't have it for 
    later when you need the extra firepower. At least in the first one or two 
    levels in the chapter, stick to your Ingrams and shotgun.
    You begin in Punchinello's wine cellar, and the goons guarding it have been 
    killed already. Run down the stairs and enter the door on your left; there's 
    a corpse on the table with a message pinned on him, leading Max to believe 
    that Mona had somehow managed to escape from the manor. Leave the room and 
    continue farther into the cellar, but keep your crosshairs focused on the 
    doorway on the other side. Around the time you pass the first shelf, one of 
    the Don's goons appears and takes a shot at you. Kill him before he can get 
    away, and then go after the other two guys at the end of the corridor. 
    Luckily, they stay where they are and don't have grenades to throw, so this 
    shouldn't be a problem. 
    There are a couple of painkillers and some Beretta on the shelves in the one 
    room, but avoid taking them if you can right now. At the end of the corridor 
    where the two thugs were is a door on your left that's fairly easy to miss 
    containing another painkiller. Just be careful when you go inside, because 
    there's a thug standing in the corner by the door waiting for you. 
    Afterwards, continue deeper into the cellar; you'll see a thug run into the 
    next room, but he isn't alone. Stand in the doorway and kill one of the three 
    when he comes into view to attack. Kill him, and then shoot-dodge into the 
    room with your Ingrams equipped; the remaining two thugs are on your left, 
    and they spread out to different ends of the room if you don't gun them down 
    quick enough. 
    Go back and collect any of the painkillers still in the cellar, as well as 
    the ammo on the shelves scattered around the wine cellar. Head up the stairs 
    in the last room, which leads into the main floor of the manor, specifically 
    the kitchen. The door on you left is locked, and one of the members in the 
    Trio - Pilate Providence - is in the room directly in front of you along with 
    another two thugs. Open the door and throw a grenade inside, but make sure to 
    aim high enough to clear the overturned table. The resulting blast will kill 
    the two goons and take out a good portion of Pilate's health. Afterwards, run 
    into the room and shoot-dodge around the table, firing at Pilate with your 
    Ingrams. Combined with the damage from the grenade, you should be able to 
    kill him before the shoot-dodge finishes. 
    Return to the kitchen, but be prepared for the two thugs who appear from the 
    previously locked door on the other side of the room. The Tarot cards on the 
    counter lead to a short cinematic, and there are three painkillers in the 
    corner under the cabinets, but not much else in the kitchen. Head through the 
    other door, which leads to a two-level room, and kill the thug on your floor. 
    Afterwards, face the door you came from and look straight up onto the balcony 
    above you to spot the other goon. Unload a few Beretta rounds into him, and 
    then head through the door at the other end of the room.
    002.52 - Chapter 5: Angel Of Death
    This room seems safe at first glance, but there's one particularly sneaky 
    thug hiding behind the plant on the left side of the room. Strafe out of the 
    doorway and kill him; afterwards, you can screw around with the piano to play 
    the Max Payne theme song. Enter the door on the right, but back away as the 
    two thugs by the bar shoot at you. Wait in front of the door for them to come 
    after you, killing them as they do. Check behind the bar for three 
    painkillers, Ingram, and Desert Eagle ammo. 
    The door opposite of the bar is the main staircase, which only has a pair of 
    thugs guarding it. As you enter, the one on your level will run up to the top 
    by his partner; you'll want to try and stop him, but it isn't the end of the 
    world if you can't. Stay close to the stairs to avoid the gunfire, and then 
    step back and shoot back when they pause to reload. Run up the stairs and 
    take a right (since the door on the right is locked) and open the door on 
    that floor. Joe Salem, another member of the Trio, is waiting inside with a 
    couple of thugs inside. You can throw a grenade in if you want, but you have 
    a little more room to play with if you want to hold onto your grenades and 
    shoot-dodge instead. Just keep in mind that one of Salem's goons is in the 
    far right corner and there's a chance you won't see him at first glance. 
    When you've killed another third of the Trio, head over to the other door in 
    the main staircase that was locked. You'll see a thug standing in the doorway 
    when you leave the room with Salem who runs back inside and locks the door 
    behind him. Stand by the door and you'll hear them inside talking about Max, 
    ending with, "This will stop anything. Take cover." That's your queue to get 
    as far away from the door as possible, preferably in front of the room on the 
    other balcony. The thug you overheard will fire an M79 round at the door, 
    destroying it, and will continue firing rounds after that. However, they only 
    reach what used to be the door, so you don't have to worry about being hit. 
    Standing on the other balcony, equip your sniper rifle and take him out. 
    Enter the room and swing the camera around so that you can see around the 
    corner to the right. Shoot-dodge over and kill the two thugs standing by the 
    bed, and then head through the door on the right.
    002.53 - Chapter 5: Trouble On Dagger Heels 
    There are three painkillers in the cabinet mounted against the wall, so pick 
    them up and leave the bathroom. Kill the thug in the bedroom, and then check 
    out the bed where the corpse of Lisa Punchinello is for a short cinematic. 
    Continue into the next room and pick up the ringing telephone. The mysterious 
    caller who's dropped you a line a few times before introduces himself as 
    Alfred Woden, and tells you that an armed helicopter has landed on the manor 
    grounds. There isn't anything you can do about that now, so enter the next 
    area - the balcony from the previous level - where the third and final member 
    of the Trio, Vince Mugnaio, is waiting. With either your Colt Commando or 
    dual Ingrams equipped, run to the other side of the balcony and shoot-dodge 
    at the very end; Vince Mugnaio will run out from the corner, so hit him with 
    everything you have. Like the others, Mugnaio's a pushover, and killing him 
    isn't very difficult. 
    With the Trio out of the way, the only thing standing in the way of you and 
    the Don is the two goons in the next room. It's easy to miss one of them, 
    since he's standing right by the door, but without that element of surprise 
    they're no match for you. 
    Before entering Punchinello's room, make sure to equip your Colt Commando. A 
    cinematic will play where the Don begs for his life and swears that he was 
    only following orders from someone even higher up the chain of command. And 
    it turns out that he's telling the truth, because a group of "Killer Suits" 
    as Max calls them burst into the room and assassinate Punchinello. Kill them 
    and attempt to leave; although when you enter the area with the balcony 
    you'll find yourself completely surrounded and hopelessly outgunned (well, 
    more than usual anyway). 
    Like before, poor Max can't catch a break. Part 2 ends with the mystery woman 
    in charge injecting you with an overdose of Valkyr, and everything goes 
    003.0 - Part 3: A Bit Closer To Heaven
    "Just when you though you had reached the deepest depths of horror, it 
    suddenly got worse. How to turn off that small voice inside your head that 
    started to whisper that you should be glad that now, if not before, your 
    revenge was justifiable on any conceivable moral scale. 
    That small voice proved, beyond any doubt, that I was damned."
    003.01 - Prologue: A Vortex Of Green Blood 
    The second nightmare sequence is broken up into three parts, but it's still 
    about as long as the one before it. Like before, you're permanently in bullet 
    time and involves running around in circles for a while. 
    Nothing fancy here, just follow the level along the set course. You begin in 
    an office with a single door in the far corner. Leave the room and run down 
    the hallway, and you'll hear Michelle talking. After you reach the den in the 
    Payne residence, go upstairs and enter the baby's room. Continue into the 
    bedroom to complete this part of the level.
    003.02 - Prologue: Funny As Hell 
    Yeah, you're back in the office again, except this time the walls are on 
    fire. There's a letter on the desk, which reveals to Max, "You are in a 
    graphic novel." Afterwards, pick up the ringing phone on the other side, 
    although you only hear random babbling. Leave the office through the same 
    door as before, only to be sent back to the office again. Check out the 
    letter again, which changes to "You are in a computer game, Max." The 
    telephone call is also different, and in this case is a bit more 
    comprehensible. The caller tells Max, "...Don't lose it! It's Valkyr, the 
    drug! Snap out of it! Try to remember..." 
    Leave the office one more time and you'll end up at Max's front door. Enter 
    the den, which is now covered in the wallpaper from the baby's room, and go 
    upstairs. There's a new room that mainly empty, with a doorway in the far 
    corner surrounded by candles. Head through the door and run down the hall.
    003.03 - Prologue: The Killer Was Smiling 
    Run down the hall, and you'll eventually be standing in front of another 
    blood trail jumping puzzle. 
                                            ________| |________     
                         First Level                 |              
                                            |           O           
                                            |           |           
                                     O______|    O______|           
       |   ____   |                                                 
       |  |____|  | End                                             
            |______O    O_______            Second Level            
                  O            |                                    
                  |            |                                    
                  |            O                                    
                               |_______O X O_____                   
    It's basically the same type of puzzle as before, with a few exceptions. The 
    most obvious one is that you have to work on multiple levels this time. When 
    you get to the end of the first blood trail, you'll have to jump down to the 
    next level over to the right. This isn't a big deal since you can see where 
    you have to jump, so it isn't a leap of faith. 
    After that, the only other time you have to change levels is when you reach 
    Point X labeled on the diagram. The two levels overlap each other, and the X 
    acts as the guide to where they line up. In case that doesn't make sense, 
    from the corner on the first level labeled Point X, jump off the edge and 
    land on the blood trail directly below you (also labeled Point X on the 
    second level). 
    There are also a few clues to point you in the right direction if you get 
    lost. If you reach a dead-end that isn't where you're supposed to be, Max's 
    baby will let out an extremely painful scream. If that happens, turn around 
    and try another route. 
    Also, you'll want to be going in the back right corner, starting from about 
    nine-o-clock and ending up at about three after going in a clockwise circle. 
    As you get closer to the end, you'll begin seeing flickers of a candle in the 
    distance. Try to take whatever path leads to the candles. 
    The end of the maze is a small "island" with the baby's overturned crib on it 
    surrounded by candles. Jump from the end of the last blood trail and onto the 
    island; the game will fade out, and you'll end up in Max's bedroom. In the 
    room with you is the suit-version of Max that you played as in the very first 
    level. The other Max will scream out, "Murderer! You killed her!" and opens 
    fire at you with a Beretta. As bizarre as this is, don't forget to defend 
    yourself - if you die, you have to start over from the beginning of the 
    level. Kill the other Max with your dual Berettas; when he dies, the prologue 
    finally ends. 
    003.11 - Chapter 1: Take Me To Cold Steel 
    Objective: Investigate the Cold Steel Foundry 
    Before everything went black, the mysterious woman had said, "Take me to Cold 
    Steel." With Punchinello dead, it's your only lead, so you'll have to 
    infiltrate the foundry and search for clues.
    Lucky for you, Max sneaks past the guards outside and climbs onto the roof 
    during the introduction cinematic, so you don't have to worry about doing it 
    yourself. Run over to the skylight and shoot out one of the sides with your 
    Beretta. Drop down onto the crates and look into the next room; you'll see a 
    red laser tripwire being emitted from a gray sensor. Shoot the sensor to 
    destroy it; you'll be safe from the resulting explosion if you're back 
    against the wall. 
    Head through the door on the right, which leads to an office overlooking a 
    warehouse, and listen to the radio report. Afterwards, collect the grenade, 
    sniper rifle, Colt Commando ammo (sorry, no gun), and painkiller on the 
    shelves and in the cabinets. Leave the office and run down the catwalk; there 
    are two mercenaries on either side of the area walking away from you, so 
    sneak up behind the one on the left and take him out. Pick up his Colt 
    Commando and use it to kill the other mercenary, who will be coming to find 
    you as soon as you open fire on his comrade. 
    It seems like the warehouse is empty, but there's one particularly clever 
    mercenary hiding in one of the first container (with "Cold Steel" printed on 
    it in red letters). He'll eventually come out and attack you if left alone, 
    but it's a much better idea to engage him yourself. Just be careful about 
    opening the container, because the mercenary inside has a pump-action 
    shotgun. Opposite of the container is another small office with more ammo and 
    painkillers in it, but as soon as you enter it another guard will appear from 
    an adjacent warehouse and attack you through the glass. Run out and kill him, 
    and then collect the Desert Eagle and Colt ammo, as well as the three 
    painkillers in the cabinet on the wall. 
    Leave the office and open the warehouse door in the left corner. There are 
    three mercenaries inside, so step out from behind the wall and shoot at them 
    with either your Colt Commando or shotgun. Head inside and over to the door 
    on the right to complete the level.
    003.12 - Chapter 1: Operation Dead Eyes 
    There are a couple of sensors in place in this room, and destroying them at 
    this distance would be suicide. Back up into the previous room and shoot it 
    out, and then reenter the room. Someone will throw a grenade through the 
    space in the door where the glass should be, so retreat to the previous room 
    one more time and let it explode. Crouch in front of the door and point your 
    crosshairs right in the center; within a few seconds the mercenary who threw 
    the grenade will come in to finish the job, only to walk right into your line 
    of fire. 
    After you kill him, head through the room and enter the warehouse where the 
    mercenary came from. Press the button on the left to open the large warehouse 
    garage door, but immediately back away. There are two mercenaries on the 
    other side - one with a grenade - who will attack you as soon as the door 
    opens. You can either stand your ground and kill the mercenary with the 
    grenade before he throws it, or dive behind a crate to avoid being caught in 
    the blast. Both are a bit risky, but it's probably a better idea to try and 
    avoid the grenade. The garage door will probably close by the time it 
    explodes, so open it again and kill the two mercenaries standing on the 
    platform. There's another mercenary on the second level, so run up the ramp 
    on your left and kill him as he runs across to meet you. Pick up the three 
    painkillers in the cabinet on the back wall, and then run back down and cross 
    the platform, picking up the Colt Commando ammo stacked on the crates as you 
    Enter the warehouse directly across from the platform and you'll be in a room 
    with molten steel covering the entire left side. 
                            |   |     |         |                       
                            |   |     |         |                       
                            |___|  ___|   B     |                       
                            |     | 2 |         |                       
                            |     |___|_________|                       
                            |         |         |                       
                            |___      |_________|                       
                            | 1 |     |         |                       
                            |___|     |   A     |                       
                            |         |         |                       
                            |___      |         |                       
                            |   |     |  Max    |                       
    On the other side of the crates (Side B) is some ammo and a painkiller, but 
    it can be tricky to get there. Jump onto the safety railing and shoot-dodge 
    onto the solid rock labeled Rock 1. Make sure to dive straight forward so 
    that Max hits against the wall instead of sliding right off the rock into the 
    molten steel. From Rock 1, jump to Rock 2, and then climb over the railing 
    and onto the other side. Collect the Ingram, Desert Eagle, and Colt Commando 
    ammo and painkiller on the shelf, and then jump onto the crates to climb over 
    to the other side. The garage door will open and a mercenary will shoot at 
    you, but the crates make great protection and give you a good vantage point 
    to kill him. 
    Leave the room and take a right to the other side of the main area. Run 
    across the other platform and pick up the sniper rifle, Beretta, and Desert 
    Eagle ammunition, and then head through the green door on the opposite side 
    of the platform. There's a laser tripwire set up with a mercenary behind it, 
    and the sensor itself is blocked from view by a small box. Quickly shoot the 
    box and destroy the sensor, killing the mercenary in the process, and shoot-
    dodge around the corner. Kill the second mercenary waiting for you, and then 
    turn around and pick up the shotgun ammo in the area enclosed by a chain link 
    Head through the door around the corner, and you'll end up in a large, open 
    area with a river of molten steel running through the middle and a small 
    catwalk against the left wall that leads across. 
                         |                              |               
                         |                          |___|               
                         |                          |___|               
                         |                          |___|               
                         |                              |               
                         |__|                     x_____|               
                         |__|                     |     |               
                         | ||                           |               
                         | ||                           |               
                         | ||                           |               
                         |x||                           |               
                         |__|                           |               
                         |__|                __         |               
                         |                  |  |        |               
                         |__________________|__|__ MP __|               
                                                  |  |                  
    Enter the area and take a few shots at the mercenary on the catwalk. If you 
    don't kill him within a few seconds, though, run back into the previous room 
    to avoid the grenade the mercenary will throw at you. After it explodes, 
    reenter the area and try and kill him again from the door, using the crates 
    and metal girder for cover. When he dies, another guy on the other side will 
    appear and shoot at you from behind a large metal container. Hide behind the 
    metal girder and exchange fire with either your Colt Commando or sniper 
    With the area clear, run up the stairs to the catwalk where the first 
    mercenary was. There's a gap in the middle of the catwalk, so press the 
    button against the railing to extend it out. As you do, another mercenary 
    will appear from the room you came from and shoot at you, so take him out 
    before you cross. At the other end, wait on the catwalk for a guy on the 
    floor above you to appear and run down the metal staircase. When he does, run 
    over and gun him down. If you attempt to run up to the second floor before 
    killing him, he shoots through the floor with a Desert Eagle, making it 
    difficult to get up without taking some damage. 
    With the area clear, though, run up the staircase and enter the corridor 
    through the door in the far corner. Run down the hall but keep your guard up, 
    since a mercenary will strafe out from around the corner when you're about 
    fifteen feet away. The same thing will happen another two times, and the 
    second mercenary will drop a painkiller. 
    At the end of the hall, head through the door and enter a long room with a 
    bunch of crates inside. Two mercenaries appear from the door at the other end 
    and hide behind the crates. If you wait for a few moments, however, they'll 
    eventually leave the safety of the crates and come after you. Kill them and 
    enter the hall through the door at the end. There's an office on the left 
    with a couple of mercenaries in it talking about naming their weapons, but 
    don't listen to the entire conversation. Strafe into view and shoot them 
    through the glass, and then head inside. There's some Colt Commando and 
    shotgun ammo on the shelves, as well as a walkie-talkie that leads to a 
    cinematic. It seems that your presence has become known, and the guys running 
    the show have decided to "destroy the evidence and vanish into the night" as 
    Max puts it rather than risk the intruder finding out the secrets of Cold 
    When the cinematic ends, leave the office and run down the end of the hall.
    003.21 - Chapter 2: Hidden Truths 
    Run forward and shoot-dodge through the door directly in front of you, 
    shooting at the mercenary inside as you do. As you begin to come out of 
    bullet time, swing the camera around so that you're facing the window and 
    immediately begin firing through it at the second mercenary who appears from 
    the other door. When they're both dead, check out the folder on the table for 
    a cinematic, the Molotov Cocktails in the green cabinet, and the three 
    painkillers in the cabinet on the wall. Also, don't forget about the Ingram, 
    Colt Commando, and grenades on the shelf out in the previous room. 
    With all of that taken care of, leave the office and head through the door 
    where the one mercenary came from; there's a third mercenary hiding behind a 
    door that's leaning against the wall. Kill him and take his place, you'll see 
    a couple of laser tripwires with the gray sensor on the right wall. If you're 
    standing in the very corner and shoot it out, the explosion will miss you. 
    And of course, if all else fails you can stand back and toss a grenade in the 
    The explosion from the sensor will cause a gas pipe to explode, and flammable 
    gas will block your path. Use the wheel on your side to turn it off, and then 
    head through the door and onto the catwalk. 
    As you step onto the catwalk, two mercenaries will appear - one on each 
    level. The one on the lower level will stand on a platform between the two 
    catwalks, and the other will be on the opposite catwalk in the far corner. 
    Back into the previous room and stand in the corner so you can only see the 
    very last section of the other catwalk. Kill the mercenary standing there, 
    and then walk out and pinpoint his partner, using bullet time if you have to. 
    Afterwards, run across and open the door at the end. The room is full of 
    laser tripwires - far too many to try and jump over - and the crates by the 
    door prevent you from shooting any of them. Instead, open the door and throw 
    a grenade inside; don't bother aiming, since destroying one will cause a 
    chain reaction that will take the others out as well. Now, enter the room and 
    pick up the grenade on the ground by the green door to your left. 
    Leave the room through the other door, but watch out for a mercenary who 
    appears from the room with the gas pipes. Duck back into the room and 
    exchange fire with him, and then run down the catwalk to the next door. 
    Again, the area's is completely covered in laser tripwires, so you'll need 
    another grenade. Afterwards, head inside, but don't blindly run down the 
    hall. Every few seconds, one of the two pipes in the area will emit flammable 
    gas, so you'll have to wait for it to stop before passing by it. Repeat with 
    the second pipe, and shoot-dodge around the corner. Kill the mercenary 
    standing by the door and pick up the Ingram ammo on the red crates to your 
    left. The door being blocked by the flammable gas is the one you have to pass 
    through to continue, and the wheel that will turn it off is behind the locked 
    gate. Look through the window and shoot the sparking control panel to open 
    the gate, and jump over the railing to enter. Turn off the gas and head 
    through the door. 
    As soon as it opens, a bunch of explosions go off and destroy most of 
    platform in front of you. Shoot-dodge across the gap and walk along the wall 
    counterclockwise until you reach a crate in the far left corner. Jump on top 
    of it and drop down onto the platform below you. Press the button on the 
    railing to extend the bridge, and then head across. As you run down to the 
    main floor a mercenary will appear from the container on the left. Kill him 
    and explore the container, where you'll find the M79 - a grenade launcher. 
    The door in the corner that's blocked by a forklift is the one you need to 
    pass through, so shoot the barrel on it with your Beretta to move it. Enter 
    the door to complete the level.
    003.22 - Chapter 2: A Tight Operation 
    The room you're in contains a laser tripwire about waist-high, and a door on 
    the other side to your right. Before dealing with the tripwire, point your 
    crosshairs at the door and wait for a mercenary to appear, and kill him when 
    he does. Now, either jump over the tripwire or back up and shoot the sensor 
    from the corner. Pick up the shotgun, Desert Eagle, and Beretta ammo on the 
    crate near the door, and collect the painkillers in the cabinet on the left. 
    Enter the next area, which is two levels, and look to your right. There's a 
    door on the second level where a couple of mercenaries come from. One runs 
    around the catwalk to get a better vantage point, and the other drops down to 
    come after you. Step back into the other room and wait for him to appear, 
    killing him as he bursts through the door. Now, look up about forty-five 
    degrees and head through the door; you'll see the second mercenary standing 
    on the catwalk above you ready to throw a grenade, so kill him before he gets 
    the chance or hide in the other room and wait for it to explode. 
    The bottom half of the metal staircase leading up to the second floor has 
    been destroyed, so use the crates behind it to climb onto the grate above the 
    conveyor belt. Jump down to the platform on the right and pick up the Molotov 
    in the green cabinet, and return to the conveyor belt. Dive onto what's left 
    of the staircase and head up, but watch out for the mercenary who bursts 
    through the door as you reach the top. Before continuing, though, run over to 
    where the one mercenary with the grenade was and jump over the railing to the 
    girders. Follow them into the far corner, where you'll find a painkiller, 
    Colt Commando ammo, and Ingram rounds. As you begin to head back to the other 
    side, a mercenary will appear from the door on the lower level, so kill him 
    before he can knock you over the side. When he's dead, you can shoot-dodge 
    from where the two girders intersect and land on the metal staircase instead 
    of following the girder back to the catwalk. 
    Head through the door on this level and look left. There are two mercenaries 
    standing behind a locked gate, so kill them and enter the room on the right, 
    which also contains a mercenary. Inside, collect all of the ammunition on the 
    shelves (including ammo for your Colt Commando, Desert Eagle, shotgun, M79, 
    and a grenade) and the two painkillers in the cabinet by the door. Now check 
    out the control panel, specifically the screen displaying elevator D-6. As 
    the cinematic plays out, you'll see another mercenary coming through the 
    locked gate. When it ends, quickly spin around and kill him as he comes 
    through the door. 
    Now that the gate's unlocked, pass through and enter the next area, which is 
    a large, two-level warehouse. If you look down you'll spot a pair of 
    mercenaries walking around on the ground level. Use the high ground to your 
    advantage and gun them down from where you're standing before heading down 
    via the ramp in the corner. On the lower level, run over to the platform on 
    the right and pick up the M79 and Colt ammo. Besides that, there's a lever 
    that controls the crane in front of the panel along with a sign against the 
    wall that reads, "Do not operate crane when doors are closed." Ignore the 
    sign and switch the lever on; the crane will lift up a stack of metal sheets 
    and slam it into the warehouse door, cracking it. 
    From the platform, equip either your M79 or Colt Commando and begin shooting 
    the black sections to create a space that you can pass through. There are two 
    mercenaries on the other side who will open fire when they see you (which is 
    why you're doing this from the platform at an angle), so either shoot-dodge 
    inside or throw a grenade in first. When they're dead, leave the warehouse 
    through the door on the left and kill the mercenary on the other side of the 
    laser tripwires to your left. Destroy the sensor and collect the Colt ammo 
    and painkiller on the crate, and then head through the door at the other end 
    of the hall.
    003.23 - Chapter 2: The Next Doorway 
    In order to cross the area and avoid being burned up, you'll have to jump 
    into the mine cart and wheel yourself across. But before you do, shoot the 
    laser sensor to your right. Now hop in the cart (not when the furnace hatch 
    on the right is open, of course) and push the button in front to begin 
    rolling forward. Keep your crosshairs focused on the left wall, though, as 
    there's one more sensor that needs to be destroyed. Afterwards, equip your 
    Colt Commando and wait for the warehouse door at the other end to open. When 
    it does, kill the two mercenaries inside and jump out of the cart - just be 
    sure to jump off to the right to avoid being run over by the cart. 
    As the cart continues rolling along the track, the warehouse door on the left 
    will open and another cart - this one with burning metal in it - will crash 
    into it, killing anything and anyone near it. After the door closes again, 
    run over and open it again. As soon as you can make it under, dive into the 
    room and kill the two mercenaries inside. Pick up the Colt Commando ammo, 
    shotgun shells, and grenade on the shelf, as well as the two painkillers in 
    the cabinet, and then switch the lever labeled "Emergency Shut Off Valve". 
    When you do, all of the furnace hatches with flames spitting out of them in 
    the previous room will close. 
    Return to the area with the carts and head through the door on the left. Kill 
    the mercenary hiding behind the tipped shelf and dive around the corner to 
    take out the second mercenary waiting for you. Collect the Colt Commando ammo 
    on the shelf against the wall (there's quite a bit of it) and leave the 
    corridor through the door at the end. If you remember back to "Hidden 
    Truths", this is the area with the two catwalks that led to rooms with dozens 
    of laser tripwires. Now you're on the lower level, and there are two 
    mercenaries ready to take you down - one on the catwalk on the left, and the 
    other on the platform connecting the two sides of the area. Use the vertical 
    girder for cover and take them out one at a time. 
    Afterwards, jump onto the furnace on your right and use it to cross over to 
    the other side. Open the warehouse door and kill the mercenary inside before 
    he can throw a grenade at you, and then call the elevator up. Equip a 
    powerful weapon (either the M79 or the Colt) and stand in front of the doors, 
    obviously farther back if you're using the M79. When the doors open, fire 
    inside and kill the group of mercenaries coming to attack you before they can 
    even leave the elevator. This is a bit easier to do with the M79, naturally, 
    since you don't have to worry about aiming. 
    Enter the elevator and push the button to head down.
    003.31 - Chapter 3: Final Revelation 
    When the elevator reaches the end, you'll see a pair of Killer Suits arguing 
    with a mercenary in the next room. Eventually the Suits kill him and set the 
    self-destruct system to go off. When all of that's been done, they'll spot 
    you standing in front of the elevator, so duck behind the crates and wait for 
    them to appear in front of the glass door. The glass isn't bulletproof, so 
    just strafe out and shoot through it. 
    Enter the main room and head over to the door on the right labeled 
    "Processing". As you turn the corner, you'll come face-to-face with three 
    mercenaries. Kill them and pick up the painkiller that two of the three drop, 
    and then continue through the door marked "Test Facilities". Enter the door 
    on the right with the same name to finish the level. 
    003.32 - Chapter 3: The Deep Six 
    Follow the corridor to the right and pass through the already-open door 
    marked "Test Subject Cells". The computer on the right with "Cell Access" on 
    it will open the door for you, but you need the code first. 
    Retrace your steps back to the beginning, but instead continue to the left 
    through the door labeled "Laboratories". In an adjacent room you'll find a 
    dead chemist who had been working on his computer at the time of his death. 
    The screen presents you with the number 665, which conveniently happens to be 
    the code for the cellblock. Run back and input the code to open the door. 
    Find the door marked "Block B" and take the elevator down. 
    Block-B is on your right after leaving the elevator, and you'll find a 
    chemist in cell B-7 - the same chemist mentioned in a letter back in Hidden 
    Truths who was caught stealing merchandise. Max convinces him to help him get 
    through the decontamination chamber, so follow after him as he takes the 
    elevator up to Block-A. As you leave Block-A, a couple of mercenaries will 
    appear and open fire at you, so perform a shoot-dodge and kill them. 
    Eventually you'll be back in the room with the dead chemist where you got the 
    code 665. Enter the decontamination chamber on the left and the scientist 
    will punch you through. When the process ends, so does the level.
    003.33 - Chapter 3: Project Valhalla 
    Run down the corridor and watch as the mercenaries gun down the scientist on 
    the other side of the bulletproof glass. Head through the door and jump over 
    the counter in the far corner (similar to the puzzle in Punchinello's 
    restaurant) and enter the room labeled "Laboratories 2". Take the elevator 
    down, and you'll stop at a room full of laser tripwires. Even if they'll all 
    just a few inches off the ground, it's close to impossible to jump over them 
    without making a mistake. Instead, throw a grenade inside to knock out the 
    bulk of them. Afterwards, it's a bit easier to jump over the one or two that 
    still remain. You'll want to make your way over to the right corner with a 
    computer displaying a yellow logo. 
    The following cinematic will tie most of the plot together, so be sure to pay 
    attention to what's going on. It seems that Project Valhalla was designed to 
    create a drug to increase the performance of soldiers, but it was cancelled 
    due to unsatisfactory results. However, someone had been continuing to 
    experiment with the drug unauthorized. So when some of the project data was 
    leaked, everyone involved needed to be eliminated. The unlucky person who 
    stumbled upon the data? A young woman named Michelle Payne. 
    When the cinematic ends, make your way over to the far right corner and take 
    the elevator labeled "Storage" up. At the next level, head through the door 
    with the blue monitor next to it and enter the decontamination chamber. 
    However, an explosion damages the computer involved in the decontaminating 
    process, and the door won't open unless it finishes. And as all of this 
    happens, the self-destruct timer begins counting down from thirty. Yikes! 
    Look through the glass on your left and shoot the sensor against the wall. 
    The resulting explosion will blast the door off, allowing you to escape. Now 
    it's a race through the laboratories to reach the exit. Leave the room and 
    enter the elevator marked "Surface Storage". As long as you're in this 
    elevator going up to the surface before the timer reaches zero, the level 
    will successfully end. However, the grate in the center of the elevator will 
    collapse, and you'll fall through to your untimely death if you happen to be 
    standing on it at the time. Obviously, the easiest way to avoid dying this 
    way is by not standing on the grate as the elevator goes up to the surface. 
    The chapter ends with Max running across the foundry yard as the building 
    explodes around him.  
    003.41 - Chapter 4: Backstabbing Bastard 
    Objective: Kill B.B. and escape from the Choir Communications garage 
    With Cold Steel destroyed, Max is left without any new leads. But while 
    taking a break in a diner he receives a phone call from B.B., the guy who was 
    working with Alex while Max was undercover. He also set up the meeting 
    between Max and Alex at the Roscoe Street station earlier; and as Max thinks 
    about it more, he realizes that B.B betrayed sold him out. 
    At the Choir Communications garage, Max reveals B.B. for what he is. The 
    corrupt cop then escapes in a car and leaves his goons to finish Max off. 
    The highest level of the parking garage looks like this: 
                        |                       x x    |               
                        |                         x x  |               
      Level 6           |           ______       |     |               
                        |   x x    |      |      | Lvl |               
                        |          |      |      |  5  |               
                        |          |      |      |_____|               
                        |          |      |            |               
                        |          |______|            |               
                        |                              |               
                        |        Max                   |               
    The first thing to do is find some cover, because a couple of B.B.'s thugs 
    are coming to kill you from the other end of the garage. Run over to the wall 
    directly in front of you and wait for them to appear from around the corner; 
    they arrive a few seconds apart, which is plenty of time to gun one down and 
    prepare for the other. 
    Afterwards, head around the left side of the garage and look around the 
    corner. You'll see two more thugs standing by the ramp leading down to the 
    next level at the far end, so step out to lure them over. When they're both 
    dead, run over to the ramp and repeat the same strategy. Four more thugs will 
    be standing at the bottom of the ramp, but when they spot you they'll run up 
    to find you. But luckily, they all line up and appear one at a time, so 
    gunning them all down is almost too easy. 
    Run down to level five and dive forward the rest of the way; a couple of 
    thugs are standing at the bottom, so you'll want the extra few seconds to aim 
    and kill them. 
                                              |        |               
                         _____________________|      PK|               
                        |                              |               
      Level 5           |                              |               
                        |                              |               
                        |                              |               
                        |           ________           |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |________|          |               
                        |                              |               
                        |                 x            |               
                        |                 x            |               
                        |                              |               
                        | x  x  ______________         |               
                  ______|      |___        ___|        |               
                 |                 |      |            |               
                 |              <- |      |  <-        |               
                 |_________________|      |____________|               
    Once you're at the bottom, run over to the far corner to avoid the gunfire 
    from the other thugs around the corner. And besides, there's quite a bit of 
    Colt Commando ammo lying around - something you'll definitely want to pick 
    As for the two goons around the corner, since they're on either side of the 
    area and you have that annoying railing in your way, you'll have to take them 
    out more carefully. First, back up until you can see the goon on the right. 
    Kill him with your Colt, and then dive around the corner and kill his partner 
    on the left. 
    Collect any of the Colt ammo still lying around and enter the main area of 
    the level five garage. About the time you reach the two corpses, the black 
    van that shot at you before will appear and unload a few more rounds at you. 
    Hide behind one of the pillars until the gunfire stops, and then wait there 
    for the two thugs that appear from behind the van to reach you. Kill them, 
    and then check out the far right corner for some painkillers in a cabinet. 
    Afterwards, head down to level four via the garage door on the right and the 
    level will end.
    003.42 - Chapter 4: Alive And At Large 
    There's a goon on your left around the corner who's about to step out and 
    shoot at you, as well as a second thug coming up the ramp on the right. Pick 
    one and kill him before the other decides to attack you. When they're both 
    dead, step out onto the ramp and let the van shoot at you before speeding 
    away. A passing car will explode and crash into the wall, and a pair of goons 
    will jump out from the van. Only one will actually come up to meet you, so 
    after you kill him you'll have to lure the other up with a gunshot or two. 
    Now run down to level four and look around the corner. The area is set up 
    similar to the previous one:
                                              |        |               
                         _____________________|        |               
                        |                 |   |        |               
      Level 4           |                 |   |        |               
                        |                 |___|        |               
                        |                          x   |               
                        |           ________           |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |________|  x       |               
                        |                              |               
                        |                              |               
                        |                              |               
                        |                              |               
                        | x  x  ______________         |               
                        |      |__         ___|        |               
                        |         |       |            |               
                        |      <- |       |  <-        |               
                        |_________|       |____________|               
    There are two thugs right around the corner, but a shoot-dodge with your duel 
    Ingrams equipped will get the job done without too much trouble. The other 
    two thugs on this level are spread out on the right side of the area. When 
    you walk out into the main area, the black van will pass by and head down to 
    level three; around this time, the thug closest to you behind the room in the 
    center will run over to where you are. Kill him, and then go around and find 
    the other one.
    With the area clear, head over to the ramp heading towards level three; in 
    the left corner is a van with some Colt ammo and painkillers. As you pass 
    under the garage door, dive forward. Two thugs are standing just around the 
    corner, so you have to act quickly or there's a good chance they'll catch you 
    with your guard down. 
    Now run down to level three.
                        |  |         |  |              |               
                        |  |         |__| x            |               
                        |  |                           |               
      Level 3           |  |         x                 |               
                        |  |        ________           |               
                        |  |       |        |  x x x   |               
                        |  |       |   _____|          |               
                        |  |       |  |     |          |               
                        |  |       |  | x x |  x       |               
                        |  |       |__|_   _|          |               
                        |  |       |                   |               
                        |  |       |                   |               
                        |  |       |                   |               
                        |  |       |                   |               
                        |  | x  ___|__________         |               
                        |__|___|____          |        |               
                        |           |         |________|               
                        |      <-   |                                  
    The entrance to the main area is blocked by a locked gate, and a thug is 
    standing on the other side waiting for you. Strafe out from behind the wall 
    and gun him down, and then destroy the lock with your baseball bat or pipe. 
    A metal fence is preventing you from going to the right, but if you look 
    through you'll see B.B. drive past in the black car. Since there's nowhere 
    else to go, follow the fenced-in area around the far side until you reach the 
    end. There are two thugs around the corner, and as soon as they die another 
    three on the other side of the area will come after you. Stay back and let 
    them come to you; not only do you have plenty of things to use for cover, but 
    a goon with a grenade is standing behind the three thugs who attack you. 
    When the five thugs are dead, peek around the corner and let the thug use up 
    his grenade. Afterwards, he's just a regular thug like the ones that are 
    already lying on the pavement. 
    Follow the area around to the other side of the fence. Two more thugs are 
    hiding in the small room in the middle, but they run out to attack you as you 
    run over. In the room itself, you'll find plenty of Colt Commando ammo and 
    M79 rounds, as well as a radio that leads to a short cinematic. Afterwards, 
    head through the garage door that leads to level two to complete the level. 
    003.43 - Chapter 4: The Name Of Your Enemy
    At the top of the ramp is a thug who's standing just around the corner. Kill 
    him and peek around to the bottom of the ramp; you'll see another thug 
    standing at the end, so head down and kill him. 
                        |                              |               
                        | ________                     |               
                        ||________| ________           |               
      Level 2           |   x      |        | x        |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |        |          |               
                        |          |________|          |               
                        |                              |               
                        |  x   x        __             |               
                        |              |  |            |               
                        |              |  | x          |               
                        |       _______|__|___         |               
                        |      |__         ___| x      |               
                        |         |       |            |               
                        |      <- |       |  <-        |               
                        |_________|       |____________|               
    There are two goons standing on either side of the area, but as the black van 
    passes by them with its wheels on fire they go up in flames and die. The van 
    will crash in the far corner, and a thug will climb out and run down to where 
    you are. Besides him, there are two more thugs on the floor - two behind a 
    parked car around the corner and another on the far right side. As you head 
    over to the right side of the parking garage, two of them (one from each 
    side) will come out and attack you. 
    Take cover behind the pillars and peek out occasionally to take your shots; 
    if they get too close, shoot-dodge out and take care of them. Just be careful 
    to avoid going past the parked car, since the second thug waiting there will 
    have an easy shot at you. Instead, go around the burning van and peek around 
    the corner until he comes out from behind the car. When he's dead, head down 
    to level one. 
                                                |      |               
                         _______________________|     C|               
                        |        |  ||  |              |               
                        |   B.B. |__||__|        x   x |               
      Level 1           |        _____________ x   ____|               
                        |=======|             |   |____|               
                        |   A   |             |__      |               
                        |       |_____________|  |     |               
                        |                  D  |__|     |               
                        |                      B       |               
                        |                              |               
                        |         __                   |               
                        |        |  |                  |               
                        |        |  |      x  x        |               
                        |        |  |                  |               
                        |        |  |                  |               
                        | x  x  _|__|_________         |               
                        |      |__            |        |               
                        |         |           |    ____|               
                        |      <- |           |___|____|               
                        |_________|           |________|               
    The final level of the Choir Communications garage is set up a little 
    different than the others are. There aren't any of B.B.'s minions hanging 
    around the ramp, but there are two standing around the corner - nothing a 
    shoot-dodge can't take care of. Afterwards, run over to the metal fence at 
    the end (Point A); you'll see B.B.'s car crash as he attempts to leave. He 
    still manages to escape from the wreck, though, and runs around to the other 
    side of the area. 
    A pair of B.B.'s goons will attack from the tollbooth in the corner, so hug 
    the wall to avoid being caught in the gunfire. Not only does one of the guns 
    have a grenade with him, but the other's also carrying a Jackhammer. It's 
    tempting to use it right away, but you'll easily run through the ammo within 
    one or two gunfights. 
    Run over to Point B and swing the camera so that you can see around the 
    parked car. You'll see three thugs coming around trying to catch you by 
    surprise, so quickly shoot-dodge out with your Colt or Ingrams equipped. 
    With the final three of B.B.'s personal goon squad dead, run over to the 
    tollbooth and pick up the Ingram ammo inside. Now look down to the end of the 
    parking garage where B.B. is. Step out and take a few shots at him, and 
    eventually he runs over to where the metal fence is and stays out of sight. 
    However, if you go over to sneak up on him, you'll find that he used the 
    boxes on his side to hop over the fence. You can do the same and follow after 
    him, but it's actually easier to stand where you are and wait for B.B. to run 
    around and meet you. When he does, shoot-dodge out with your Jackhammer or 
    Colt Commando and unload as many rounds as you can, as quickly as you can. 
    B.B. is carrying grenades with him, which can cause you some trouble if 
    you're dealing in close-quarters combat. 
    When B.B. goes down, pick up the Colt Commando ammo by the parked cars and 
    the four painkillers at Point C. Besides that, however, there's nothing else 
    to do here, but if you try to leave past the tollbooth you'll find that 
    there's no way around it. If you've been playing the game without the sound 
    on, it might take you a while to figure out what you're supposed to do. Head 
    over to Point D, where you'll find a ringing phone with your mysterious 
    benefactor on the other line. He promises to give you "the name of your 
    enemy" if you meet him and his associates at the Asgard Building. When the 
    cinematic ends, so does the chapter.
    003.51 - Chapter 5: In The Land Of The Blind 
    Objective: Escape from the Asgard Building
    When Max arrives at the Asgard Building, Alfred Woden introduces you to a 
    group known as the Inner Circle, a sort of Illuminati that secretly pulls the 
    strings in political matters. 
    As promised, Woden gives you the name of person at the top of the ladder: 
    Nicole Horne, the president of the Aesir Corporation. In a case of "the enemy 
    of my enemy is my friend", Woden recruits Max to kill Horne for them. In 
    exchange for his services, the Inner Circle will use their influence to have 
    the criminal charges against Max, which have probably piled up quite a bit by 
    now, dropped. 
    However, as soon as Woden finishes his speech, Horne's army of Killer Suits 
    burst into the room and murders the entire Inner Circle. Max manages to 
    escape from the room and run into the cellar, but now he'll have to fight his 
    way back out.
    When you begin the level, run down the corridor and look around the corner. 
    From where you're standing, shoot the sensor and wait for a mercenary to 
    appear behind what used to be the sensor. Kill him, and then run to the 
    opposite end of the corridor to pick up a painkiller. Afterwards, head 
    through the doorway where the mercenary came from; the adjacent room is 
    filled with pillars and shelves, which provides plenty of cover against the 
    two mercenaries at the other end by the stairs. Peek out from behind a pillar 
    and take them both out with your Colt, and then loot the room for spare Colt 
    ammo and a grenade lying on a crate. 
    Head upstairs and enter the hallway on the main floor. There's a sensor 
    attached to the right wall that's moving around, so hug the wall until you're 
    standing directly under the balcony. A mercenary is above you shooting 
    straight down, but you're safe. Equip your grenades and toss one over the 
    balcony to take out the sensor and the mercenary, and then continue down the 
    corridor. Enter the door on the right and collect all of the shotgun ammo and 
    painkillers; there's a security camera that shows the room where the corpses 
    of the Inner Circle members are. Somehow, Woden survived the massacre, which 
    is good news for Max as long as he keeps up his end of the bargain. 
    After a few seconds of being in the room, you'll hear a couple of mercenaries 
    outside talking. Eventually, one of them will say, "Cover me, I'm going in" 
    before unlocking the door and attacking you. Keep in mind that this happens 
    regardless of when or if you watch the cinematic, so don't stand around and 
    get caught by surprise. When they're dead, run out into the hallway and kill 
    the mercenary at the end of the hall; about halfway down on your left is the 
    only unlocked door, so step into view and quickly kill the mercenary on the 
    other side of the room. He's carrying Molotov cocktails, so you definitely 
    don't want him alive any longer than he has to be. 
    Pick up the spare Molotov cocktails and turn around; the elevator across from 
    you will open and a second mercenary will run out. Gun him down as well, and 
    then strafe over to the bottom of the stairway. About the same time you do, 
    another mercenary will come down the stairs. Kill him and head up, but keep 
    your guard up; there's another guy standing on the next set of stairs. 
    As you reach the top of the stairs, the elevator door across from you will 
    open, although there's no one actually in it. However, just stay where you 
    are, because after a few seconds a mercenary hiding on top of the lift will 
    drop a grenade down before jumping down himself. Kill him and pick up the 
    painkiller he drops. Continue up the stairs to your right, but be ready to 
    back up, because another mercenary at the top of the stairs will throw a 
    grenade down. Take him out as well, and head through the door on your left at 
    the top of the stairs to complete the level.
    003.52 - Chapter 5: Providing A Service 
    First, look to your right and collect the painkillers in the cabinet. Now 
    head to the left side of the office; there's a laser tripwire about a foot 
    off of the ground, with the sensor out of sight against the cubicle. You can 
    either play it safe by throwing a grenade to destroy the sensor, or simply 
    jump over the laser itself. Regardless of how you do it, after you cross the 
    sensor the cubicle wall at the end of the row will tip over and a mercenary 
    will shoot at you. Kill him, and then continue down the row of cubicles. A 
    second mercenary will jump out from the last cubicle, and there's a radio 
    with a news report on top of the filing cabinet. 
    If you turn around and face away from the radio, you'll see another sensor 
    just around the corner on your left. Shoot it out and explore the area; 
    you'll find M79 rounds in the last cubicle. Backtrack to where the rows 
    intersect and continue down and around the corner, jumping over the final 
    sensor or destroying it with a grenade like before. 
    Head through the door on the left and enter the hallway. Two mercenaries are 
    waiting around at the end, and eventually they'll venture forward about 
    halfway. If you want, toss a Molotov Cocktail down the hall and watch them go 
    up in flames; or, if you want to stick to the basics, a shoot-dodge will work 
    just as well. When they're dead, go down the hall and enter the last room on 
    the left. You'll find just what Nicole Horne had been using to blackmail the 
    Inner Circle into silence with, Candy Dawn's sex tapes starring our friend 
    Alfred Woden, as well as the blueprints for the Aesir Corporation's 
    headquarters. As Max puts it, "The high-rise was sealed as tight as a sci-fi 
    Follow Woden's office to the end and head through the door in the next room 
    to complete the level.
    003.53 - Chapter 5: A Sci-Fi Fortress 
    You begin the level on a balcony, with a mercenary on the opposite side. A 
    few seconds after you take control, he runs out and heads around to meet you. 
    Strafe left and shoot-dodge around the corner, unloading a few rounds into 
    him in the process, and continue through the door on your left. Run down the 
    stairs and kill the mercenary at the bottom of the first set; there are some 
    laser tripwires at the end of the next set, so destroy the sensor and follow 
    the stairs the rest of the way down. 
    At the bottom of the stairs, you're presented with an option: to your right 
    is an unlocked door, and to your left is another set of stairs. The stairs 
    will take you deeper into the level, but head through the door first. There's 
    a mercenary directly in front of the doorway and a second mercenary on the 
    level below you with an M79. Kill the guy on your level, but then crouch down 
    in the corner and let the mercenary on the lower level shoot at you. He only 
    has a couple of M79 rounds, and after he wastes them shooting at the ceiling 
    he switches to a Colt Commando. If he didn't kill himself from one of the 
    blasts, equip your Colt and exchange fire with him before leaving the room 
    and heading down the stairs. As a side-note, there's some spare shotgun ammo 
    on this level in the far corner. 
    At the end of this stairway are two doors. The one on the right takes you to 
    the area with the dead mercenary with the M79. Pick up the ammo he dropped, 
    and then continue through the other door and down the first few steps of the 
    stairway. You'll overhear a couple of mercenaries discussing the best movie 
    endings ever, and while it's tempting to listen to the entire conversation, 
    you're better off catching them by surprise. Strafe out and gun them all down 
    with your Colt, and then jump over the laser tripwire. Any of the surviving 
    mercenaries will be at the bottom of the stairs waiting for you to come down, 
    so be sure to be facing the correct direction and have your Colt or Ingrams 
    Pick up the grenade on the crates in the corner and head through the door. A 
    Killer Suit is hiding behind some crates, but he jumps out as soon as you 
    pass through the doorway. Kill him and jump over the laser tripwire (or you 
    can shoot it through the gap between the crate and the wall); there's another 
    set of lasers just around the corner, so throw a grenade around and take 
    cover. When it explodes, follow the corridor to the end and enter the door on 
    the left.
    003.61 - Chapter 6: Byzantine Power Game 
    You begin the chapter in an archives room, with a sensor against the one on 
    your left. Shoot it, and all of the filing cabinets will topple over in a 
    Domino effect. However, this also causes the two guys standing next to the 
    cabinets to attack, so quickly strafe to the left and shoot-dodge out into 
    the opening. Go over and collect their shotguns, as you do, another mercenary 
    will run across the front where you started, so be ready to gun him down. A 
    pair of mercenaries will appear on the balcony opposite you, but as long as 
    you stay close to the row of cabinets they won't be able to hit you. Using 
    them for cover, slowly back away and over to where you can attack them and 
    take them out. Now head back to the front and jump on the first cabinet. Run 
    along the tipped row and jump over the railing at the end.  
    Follow the balcony around until you're on the side where the two dead 
    mercenaries are. A third one will appear at the doorway at the end, but other 
    than that you won't be attacked, and the first dead mercenary dropped a 
    The doorway at the end leads to a set of stairs with a single mercenary at 
    the top with a grenade. Strafe out and kill him, or take cover and avoid the 
    grenade if you aren't quick enough. Continue up the stairs and follow the 
    hall past the stairs to find a cabinet filled with painkillers. Now head up 
    the second set of stairs and enter the library on the right. There are three 
    or four mercenaries in the area, but what you really have to worry about are 
    the laser tripwires everywhere. Kill the mercenaries without setting any of 
    the sensors off - the small shelves scattered around the room make for great 
    cover - and then go around destroying the sensors. One tripwire is blocking 
    the stairs leading up, and if you destroy it you'll also blow apart the lower 
    half of the stairs. 
    However, another one of the laser tripwires will also destroy a large pillar, 
    tipping it over and sending it crashing into the opposite wall. Climb up and 
    jump from the end of the pillar and onto the balcony on the other side. Enter 
    the door at the end to finish the level.
    003.62 - Chapter 6: Nothing To Lose 
    Start to run down the hall towards the door at the end, but stop and shoot-
    dodge forward when the two mercenaries appear from the door on the left. One 
    of them drops a painkiller, and if you follow the corridor they came from 
    down you'll find a second one behind the last planter on the left. 
    Return to the main hallway and continue through the only other door, which 
    leads to an empty conference room. Head through the door on your right, and 
    then an immediate left through the other door. Kill the two mercenaries 
    standing right in front of you with a shoot-dodge, and then run around to the 
    other side of the area and gun down the third mercenary, who's packing a 
    sniper rifle. After his slow-motion death, a Killer Suit appears from the 
    door behind you, so kill him and continue through that door. 
    Run down the stairs, but watch out for the two mercenaries who break through 
    the glass ceiling and rappel down in front of you. They do take shots at you 
    before they reach the ground, so make sure to take them out before they get 
    the chance. 
    At the bottom of the stairs, you'll see the next stairway down to your left, 
    except there's a metal gate blocking it. Instead, enter the corridor in front 
    of you and cross the balcony overlooking the main entrance. Kill the 
    mercenary on the balcony across from you, and then follow the path around 
    until you end up in the circular area where the now-deceased mercenary is. 
    Pick up the painkiller he dropped, and then continue through the door and 
    down the stairs. 
    003.63 - Chapter 6: Clean Up Duty 
    Enter the door on the right and kill the two Killer Suits standing around 
    talking to each other. Dive into the room and take them out; there's a door 
    in the far left corner that leads to the main lobby. As you pass through the 
    door, a cinematic will play, showing a group of Killer Suits entering. 
    There are five enemies that attack you here, but only three arrive in the 
    first wave. And luckily, there's mainly on the right side of the room, as 
    opposed to being spread out. Use the pillars around the outer ring for cover 
    and make your way to the far left side so you can see around the fallen 
    pillar in the center. A Killer Suit with a Jackhammer will come running at 
    you, so swing the camera around and wait for him. Take him out, and then peek 
    out from around the pillar and kill one of the mercenaries on the other side 
    of the area. When he's dead, his partner will appear from behind the fallen 
    pillar and coming running towards you. He has a pump-action shotgun, but by 
    now he shouldn't be a problem. 
    When he's dead, two more mercenaries enter the lobby from the main entrance. 
    As long as you aren't taken by surprise, they're easy enough to take down. 
    Afterwards, collect all of the weapons scattered around and leave through the 
    main doors. 
    003.71 - Chapter 7: An Eye For An Eye
    Objective: Find and eliminate Nicole Horne 
    This is it, there's nothing stopping you now. Nicole Horne is the woman 
    responsible for murdering Max's wife and child, and now she's going to pay 
    for it. Standing in your way is Horne's personal army, equipped with enough 
    firepower to start a war, and a highly advanced security system - both of 
    which need to be taken care of before being able to confront Horne. The 
    former is simple enough, but you'll also have to find the security mainframe 
    room and override the security locks, allowing you to take the elevators up 
    to Horne's office on the top floor. 
    The building that these final chapters take place in, Aesir Plaza, should 
    look familiar to you - it's the same one from the opening cinematic. When you 
    finally take control, run through the metal detectors, which sets off the 
    alarms, and head straight until you reach the end where it turns to the left. 
    Right around the time you're reaching that spot, three of Horne's guards will 
    appear from around the corner and begin shooting at you with Ingrams. Shoot-
    dodge with your Colt Commando equipped and take them out.  
    Now comes the frustrating part. If you spin the camera around and look down 
    the corridor, you'll see a couple of guards on balconies at the end. Not only 
    are they out of range for any weapon besides your sniper rifle, but they all 
    have M79s. This means that you have to kill them extremely quickly, because 
    one hit will kill you and they don't have to worry about aiming their shots. 
    This puts you at a severe disadvantage, and no matter how good you are 
    there's still a chance of being killed. The best way I've found to kill them 
    and remain in one piece is to equip your sniper rifle and zoom in with your 
    scope before strafing into the corridor. With that done, activate bullet time 
    and step out into the corridor, looking up so you won't have to search for 
    where they are. With bullet time, you'll have a few extra seconds to aim, but 
    you want to do this as quickly as possibly. And besides, the sniper rifle is 
    a one-shot-one-kill weapon regardless of where you make contact, so just 
    worry about hitting them. You can probably kill two of them, but trying for 
    all three is pushing it; a much better idea would be to dive back out of 
    sight after taking two of them out. Afterwards, killing the third and final 
    guard is pretty easy, with or without any bullet time left. 
    With the three guards dead, run down the corridor. At the end, a pair of 
    Killer Suits will walk in from the right. If you don't have any bullet time 
    left (or just want to replenish it), hide behind the pillar and let them come 
    to you. Pick up the painkiller that one of them drops, and then head through 
    the door where they came from. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and look up; 
    there's a laser tripwire about halfway up. Destroy it, and then continue up. 
    Another set of sensors are planted against the wall between the two 
    staircases, so you'll have to throw a grenade up to get rid of them. 
    Now run up to the top of the first set of stairs and hide behind the pillar 
    where the sensors were. There are two guards at the top of the second 
    stairway - one actually in front of the stairs and another at the balcony 
    overlooking the first set of stairs on the right. Take turns stepping out in 
    one direction, shooting at one of the two, and then destroy the third laser 
    tripwire halfway up the second set of stairs. Head up to the top and run 
    forward, shoot-dodging to kill the two guards on either side of the area; 
    just keep in mind that the one on the right has a grenade. When they're dead, 
    explore the far right area where the one guard was standing and find the 
    cabinet of painkillers at the end of the balcony. 
    After that much-needed break from being shot at, return to the main area and 
    kill the guard on the catwalk overlooking the stairs. Run over to where his 
    body is and continue through the door. This area is where two of the three 
    M79-equipped guards in the beginning were, with another guard carrying a 
    grenade on the left. Pick up the M79 ammo, and then return to the stairways. 
    Head up, destroying the sensor as you go, and take out the Killer Suit who 
    runs out from the room on the right. The third M79 left over from the 
    beginning is in that room, and the level will end by passing through the 
    doorway on the left.
    003.72 - Chapter 7: Stone-Cold Dead 
    The corridor in front of you is filled with moving laser tripwires, which 
    can't be destroyed. Instead, you have jump over or run under them. It looks 
    complicated, particularly when there are two lasers moving in different 
    patterns, but as long as you take your time it's actually pretty simple. 
    First Set: The first set is straightforward; when the laser is near the 
    ground, jump over it. 
    Second Set: Now there are two lasers, and you'll have to wait a moment until 
    you can pass them. Eventually, one laser will hang at the top for an extra 
    second, allowing the other to catch up to it. Now that they're synchronized, 
    jump over them when they're at the bottom. 
    Third Set: This is the easier of the sets - just wait for it to move up to 
    the ceiling and then run under it. However, when you do, make sure your Colt 
    Commando is equipped, and immediately begin firing down towards the end of 
    the corridor. When you're in between the third and fourth set of lasers, a 
    guard will appear at the end and begin shooting at you. There isn't much room 
    to move, and one wrong step will set off an explosion. But if you begin 
    shooting before he comes into view, he'll walk directly into your line of 
    fire and won't have time to get off a shot. 
    Fourth Set: Same as the second set. 
    Fifth Set: Same as the third set, minus the guard. 
    Sixth Set: Same as the first set. 
    At the end, look around the corner; you'll see a guard standing around, 
    waiting for you to step out into the open. Dive out and kill him, but be 
    ready for his partner to come out from behind the wall. When they're both 
    dead, run over to the far right corner and find the cabinet full of 
    painkillers at the end of the balcony. If you can, don't use them just yet. 
    Return to the main area, but hide behind the right corner and lure the two 
    new guards over to you; a shoot-dodge with your Ingrams or Colt will take 
    them out without too much of a problem. Afterwards, walk over to the 
    elevators and open the only available one (it's the only one with the green 
    Mona happens to be in the elevator, and in the cinematic that follows you 
    learn that she's been working for Horne, killing her enemies and cutting her 
    ties to the mafia. But when Horne chimes in over the loudspeaker and orders 
    Mona to kill Max, she betrays her boss and refuses. 
    While the cinematic is taking place, though, a group of Killer Suits appears 
    behind you and open fire. Mona pushes Max out of the way, and she ends up 
    being shot instead. 
    When you retake control, the three Killer Suits are standing behind the wall 
    where the laser tripwires were. Quickly run around to meet them, and take 
    them all out with a shoot-dodge. Now head back to the painkillers and heal 
    yourself, because you refrained from using them before, you can go into the 
    next part of the level with full health. 
    Head back to the elevators and reopen the one Mona was in. Oddly enough, her 
    body isn't there, less than subtly hinting that she probably isn't dead. 
    The cinematic will pan out, showing the laser tripwires above you in the 
    elevator shaft. You can either take the elevator up and shoot them as they 
    come, or equip your sniper rifle and destroy from the bottom. Obviously, the 
    latter is much safer; just remember to break the glass before shooting. There 
    are five sensors in all, and you can probably take out four of them without a 
    problem. The fifth might be too far away to hit, even with bullet time, so 
    you may have to take your chances and try the first strategy mentioned. By 
    all means, try to destroy it from the bottom, but make sure you have at least 
    two sniper rifle rounds left in the end. 
    When the elevator stops at the top, the doors will open and you'll see a pair 
    of Killer Suits walking away from you. Dive out and kill them, and aim the 
    shoot-dodge so that you wind up under the balcony when it finishes. There's 
    another Killer Suit above you, so toss a grenade up to him and take him out. 
    The elevators under the balcony are all locked, but there's an open door on 
    the other side of the area that leads to the Control Room. Take out the 
    Killer Suit inside, and then pick up the painkillers in the cabinet against 
    the wall. Check out the control panel on the right labeled "Elevator Access" 
    and press the action button twice (once to open the case, and then again to 
    actually push the button). The blinds will open, revealing a new group of 
    enemies in the main room (two Killer Suits and a mercenary). Dive out from 
    the room and kill them, and then head over to the elevators under the 
    balcony. One of them has been unlocked, so enter it to complete the level.
    003.73 - Chapter 7: Take Your Pick 
    As the elevator takes you down, Horne's private attack helicopter will appear 
    and proceed to unload round after round at you. Hide in the left corner and 
    wait for the elevator to stop; when it does, you'll find that the doors 
    remain closed. Luckily, the chopper will destroy one of the glass walls (the 
    left side), allowing you to the escape from the elevator to the adjacent 
    elevator's roof. Quickly shoot the glass out and drop down to safety. Now 
    take this elevator down to the mainframe room. 
    When the elevator doors open, you'll hear a pair of Killer Suits talking 
    about bullet time. Strafe out and kill them both, and then duck back into the 
    elevator. A mercenary will come out from the right, so wait for him to appear 
    in front of the elevator and kill him as well. 
    Leave the elevator and look around the wall; there are two mercenaries on the 
    catwalk and staircase in the back, and a Killer Suit behind a control panel 
    just in front of them. Use the mainframes in the middle of the room (they're 
    the four tall objects set up in a circle) for cover, and peek out to kill the 
    two mercenaries on the catwalk. When they're dead, dive out and kill the 
    Killer Suit. 
    Now go back and check out the mainframes. To disable the security, you have 
    to shoot the glass parts in the middle of each one. After two of them have 
    been destroyed, a couple of guards will run out from the right, so kill them 
    before finishing with the mainframes. When all four have been destroyed, Max 
    will say, "All of Horne's locks were now off-line. All bets were off. The 
    elevator would take me all the way up." 
    The elevator at the end (where the first two Killer Suits were standing) is 
    now open, but there's a guard inside. Kill him and pick up the painkiller he 
    drops before taking the elevator up. It's a fairly long ride to the top, so 
    take the time to admire the view of the city. Don't worry, there aren't any 
    helicopters to ruin the moment this time. 
    At the top, you'll be in a room divided in half by those metal blinds. As you 
    pass through to the other side, two guards and a Killer Suit will run down 
    the stairs to meet you. Wait for them to come down, and then take them out. 
    Head up the stairs and stand on the right side; there are three guards on the 
    other side, but they split up and attack you from both ends. The first two 
    will come at you from the right, which is why you're standing on that side, 
    so unload a few dozen rounds at them as they come through the doorway. Now 
    wait for the third guard to run around from the other side, and then kill him 
    as well. 
    Pass through to the other side, which is Horne's office. Check out her 
    personal computer, which Max destroys in a cinematic, and then enter the now-
    unlocked door on the left.
    003.81 - Chapter 8: A Warrior's Heaven 
    You finally come face-to-face with Horne, but she's standing on the opposite 
    side of bulletproof glass with four Killer Suits protecting her. She escapes 
    to another room, ordering them to take you down as she leaves. 
    A Killer Suit opens half of the glass door and almost immediately two of them 
    run over to your side. Kill them, but always stay behind the other half of 
    bulletproof glass. When they're dead, the other two come after you one at a 
    time, so kill them as well. 
    Afterwards, the metal blinds open to reveal the attack helicopter. Horne will 
    mock you over the loudspeaker as the chopper prepares to open fire. Before it 
    does, run behind the sculpture to your right and crouch down behind it. The 
    helicopter will fire hundreds of rounds in every corner of the room, but 
    you're safe behind the sculpture. When it finally finishes and flies away, 
    Horne will come back on over the loudspeaker to taunt you some more. Around 
    the time she says, "accept your fate", the door she ran through will open and 
    a pair of Killer Suits will attack you. Kill them and pick up the painkiller 
    one of them drops before continuing into Horne's private study. 
    The door in this room is locked, naturally, so the only path you can take is 
    outside onto the balcony. Jump onto the railing and drop down onto the narrow 
    scaffold on the other side. Run to the other side, but be careful not to fall 
    off - it's a long way down. To make matters worse, the chopper reappears and 
    begins shooting again; all you can do is ignore it and continue to the end. 
    Jump back over the railing and into the corner room. Enter the door to 
    complete the level. 
    003.82 - Chapter 8: A One-Way Demon Ride 
    Stand at the bottom of the stairs and keep your crosshairs pointed up. A few 
    seconds after the level begins, a Killer Suit will run down and attack. Kill 
    him and head up to the top, where a couple of Killer Suits have set up a 
    barricade to hide behind. Use the wall on the right for cover against gunfire 
    and the grenade they throw, and step out to return fire when they stop to 
    When they're both dead, enter the main area. Two more Killer Suits will come 
    out from the elevator, so shoot-dodge forward and take them out. Pick up the 
    painkiller that one of them drops and quickly turn around, because a third 
    Suit will open the door on the left and attack. Afterwards, look into the 
    room he came from; you'll see three more Killer Suits at the other end. When 
    they spot you, they'll all run out from their hiding places to attack. You 
    can either back away and gun them down as they appear in the doorway or fire 
    an M79 round at the back before they even move. 
    Enter the room and head over to the door on the left. There are two Killer 
    Suits crouching in the left corner, so strafe into the room and take them 
    out. Head through the door in this room, which leads to another lounge 
    similar to the one in the beginning. Two Killer Suits appear one after the 
    other, one from the door on the right and the other from behind the elevator 
    on the other side. Kill them and run up the stairs to Horne's presidential 
                                   |     ___     |                      
                                   |    |___|    |                      
                                   |  _       _  |                      
                                   |x| |     | | |                      
                                   |x|_|     |_| |                      
                                   |  _       _ x|                      
                                   | | |     | | |                      
                                   | |_|     |_| |                      
                                   |  _       _  |                      
                                   | | |     | | |                      
                ___________________| |_|     |_| |                      
                       Max                       |                      
                ________          A|x            |                      
    As you run up the stairs, take out the Killer Suit hiding behind the wall 
    that juts out at Point A. Pick up the painkiller he drops and hide there, 
    looking into the room diagonally. You'll see the two Suits in the far left 
    corner running down along the wall to attack you, so unload a few rounds from 
    your Colt and let them walk into the stream of bullets. 
    That just leaves the last Killer Suit on the right. With his comrades dead, 
    he'll appear from behind one of the pillars and come to attack you. Move out 
    a little into the room and hide behind one yourself, diving out and killing 
    him when he's standing in the open. 
    Go down to the end of the area and check out the desk. There's a small button 
    in the left corner that opens a secret panel against the left wall, which 
    leads up to the roof. Head inside to complete the level.
    003.83 - Chapter 8: Pain And Suffering 
    You'll see Nicole Horne at the top of the stairs in front of you, so run up 
    after her. She'll throw a grenade down and begin shooting at you with a 
    pistol, but as long as you keep moving they'll all miss. Horne's also 
    invulnerable, so don't bother shooting back. 
    At the top, a short cinematic will play that shows Horne escaping to the 
    other side of the roof where the helipad is, locking the gate behind her. She 
    stands by the helipad as the attack helicopter attempts to land, but it's 
    delayed because of the strong winds. 
    There's also one very important thing happening during this cinematic. You'll 
    see the two support cables for the weather mast on the other side of the roof 
    snap off. After a bit of exploring, you'll find that there's no way to get 
    across to the other side. Instead, you have to shoot the two cables on your 
    side and knock the mast onto the helicopter. 
                            /\                           /\C            
                            \ \                         / /             
                             \ \_______________________/ /              
                              |                         |               
                              |                         |               
                              |                         |               
                    __________|        |  __     |    |                 
                   |   ___    |        | |  |    | D  |                 
                   |  /   \   |        | |__|    |    |                 
                   |  \___/   |        |         |    |                 
                   |__________|        |_________|    |                 
                              |        |       | |    |                 
                              |        |      A|_|    |                 
                              | _______|_____________ |                 
                             / /                     \ \                
                            / /                       \ \B              
                            \/                         \/               
    If you have ammo for your sniper rifle left, stand by the stairs at Point A 
    with your rifle equipped and shoot the cable directly in front of you at 
    Point B. Afterwards, the helicopter will land and Horne will get in. But 
    again the weather tips the scales in your favor: the helicopter can't take 
    off until the winds die down. This gives you about a minute to destroy the 
    other cable and topple the mast. 
    However, four Killer Suits come up to the roof at Point D and run around to 
    attack you. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but one of them is carrying 
    an M79. Crouch down by the stairs with your Colt Commando equipped and wait 
    for them to appear, shooting them as they do. After the first Suit appears, 
    just keep firing - you don't want the guy with the M79 to have the time to 
    get a shot off. 
    If you don't have any sniper rifle ammo on you, jump onto the platform at 
    Point B where the cable is and shoot it at point blank range. But afterwards, 
    you'll have to immediately switch to your M79 and launch a grenade at Point D 
    where the four Killer Suits are coming from. If you're too slow, the one Suit 
    will fire his own grenade and kill you. Afterwards, go over and collect their 
    ammo; you'll find that one of them was carrying a sniper rifle, giving you 
    five rounds to take out the last cable. 
    Either way, now you have sniper rifle ammo and one more cable to take of. 
    Jump onto the platform where the first cable was and look towards Point C, 
    you'll just be able to see the very end of the platform with the fourth 
    cable. Equip your sniper rifle, zoom in directly on the platform, and shoot 
    it (remember to crouch and use bullet time if you have to). 
    When all four cables are gone, equip your Colt Commando or Ingrams and unload 
    them at the mast. The added force of the bullets will cause it to break at 
    the base and tip over - directly on top of Horne's helicopter as it takes 
    Now sit back and enjoy the ending cinematic. You certainly earned it. 
    003.84 - Chapter 8: The Last Challenge
    Objective: Eliminate all of the Killer Suits 
    If you're playing on the Dead on Arrival difficulty, you'll be able to play 
    this bonus level after the final credits finish. The Last Challenge places 
    you in a relatively small room with twenty Killer Suits, all equipped with 
    Jackhammers. And just to make it interesting, the entire level takes place in 
    bullet time. 
    Before going into an actual walkthrough for this level, I think a better idea 
    would be to outline some of the main strategies that you'll have to use to 
    stay alive. 
    - Avoid switching weapons or reloading as much as you can. Obviously, you're 
    going to either run out of ammo for a weapon or have to reload eventually, 
    but when that happens you want to be somewhere where you won't be shot at. 
    Even the three seconds in real-time that it takes to reload is enough time 
    for a swarm of Killer Suits to gang up on you. 
    - Similarly, try to reload your weapons so that you don't have an extra one 
    or two rounds stored up after your current clip runs out. It takes too much 
    time to manually switch weapons, so the idea is that when you run out of ammo 
    for one, you can just drop it and automatically switch to another. 
    - No shoot-dodging. At all. This is important, and if you try it you'll 
    quickly find out why. With the Killer Suits being divided into two groups and 
    the fact that there's so many of them, it's impossible to kill enough of them 
    during a shoot-dodge. What ends up happening is that you'll kill a few, and 
    then the rest gun you down as you're trying to get up. 
    - Find something to hide behind and stay behind it. Not only is this common 
    sense, but it's a strategy you've probably used throughout the game, but it's 
    worth repeating. 
    - Watch your back. I can't imagine how many times I was holed up somewhere, 
    only to have a group of Suits run around to the other side and catch me by 
    surprise. If you can spot them early on, you'll have enough time to react and 
    adjust to avoid being surrounded, so every once in a while when there's a 
    break in the action, take the time to check behind and around you.
    - Don't try to conserve your painkillers. If you get shot, immediately use 
    three or four of them to heal yourself. And this is coming from someone who 
    almost never uses painkillers unless there are spare ones to replace them.
    - The Colt Commando is your ace-in-the-hole. By far, it's the best weapon you 
    have, but unfortunately you only have one clip of it. Use your Jackhammer 
    first and save the Colt for a time when you really need it. 
    - In my opinion, the key to completing the Last Challenge is effectively 
    using the M79. Get it early on, and make sure you take out a very large 
    portion of the Killer Suits when you use it. 
    With that in mind, here's how to go about the level: 
    The first thing to do is collect all of the ammo and painkillers in the small 
    inlet where you begin. You'll have seven painkillers, a Colt Commando with 
    one clip, a Jackhammer with about two clips, an Ingram with about one clip, a 
    pump-action shotgun with about a dozen shells, and two Molotov Cocktails. 
    Now run out into the main area, and everything will automatically slow down 
    into bullet time. Run out into the middle of the room and enter the area 
    encased in glass, where you'll find the M79. Pick it up, but switch back to 
    your Jackhammer. Leave the glass area through the doorway on the left 
    (assuming you're facing away from where you began) and backpedal to the 
    mainframes, shooting at any Killer Suits that come out from behind the wall 
    on that side. 
    Once you're safely behind the mainframes, stand by the one on the far left 
    and peek out to see what's going on. The group of Killer Suits on the left 
    will be running straight down towards you, while the second group will split 
    up - half going down along the opposite side, the other half passing through 
    the glass area and joining the first group. When you see a particularly large 
    group of Killer Suits on the left side, equip the M79 and use it. If 
    everything goes well, you should take out a very large group of the Killer 
    Suits, which makes things much easier from here on. 
    Switch back to the Jackhammer and hide behind the mainframes again. Step out 
    every few seconds to shoot at some of the remaining Killer Suits on the left 
    side, but keep an eye on what's happening on the right. When you run out of 
    ammo for the Jackhammer (or if you see the group of enemies on the right 
    closing in on you), switch to the Colt Commando and run out to the left, 
    killing as many Suits as you can and picking up extra Jackhammer ammo. 
    When the Colt runs dry, switch back to the Jackhammer and make your way back 
    to the mainframes. All of the Killer Suits on the left should be dead, so use 
    the mainframes to play hide-and-seek with the remaining ones coming from the 
    other side. 
    With all of the Killer Suits dead, the game will return to normal time and 
    the message will appear, congratulating you. Behind the wall where the Killer 
    Suits came from is a room that was previously closed off, which contains 
    photos of the developers and various locations from the game. 
    With patience, practice, and just a little bit of luck, you'll be able to 
    complete the Last Challenge and truly conquer Max Payne. 

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