• Console Codes

    Make sure you have activated the cheat mode, as explained down farther on the page:

    10,000 Creditsallcredits
    All Augmentationsallaugs
    All Imagesallimages
    All Skill Pointsallskillpoints
    All Weaponsallweapons
    Disable Flight and Noclipwalk
    Enable EMP fieldiamwarren
    Flight Modefly
    Freeze Enemies and Doorsplayersonly
    Full Ammoallammo
    Full Energyallenergy
    Full Healthallhealth
    Gives you specified Augaugadd [aug-name]
    God Modegod
    Hidden menulegend
    Kill Current Targettantalus
    Level selectopen <level name>
    Masterin All Skillsallskills
    No clip modeghost
    Open targeted dooropensesame
    Set game speedslomo <#>
    Spawn a # of the same itemspawnmass <#> <item name>
    Summon Specified Objectsummon [objectname]
    Toggle 3rd person viewbehindview <1 or 0>

    Contributed By: Amphitrite 1 and Starky27.

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  • Activate Cheat Mode

    Activating Cheat mode:

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file. Use a text editor (such as SimpleText) to edit the ''user.ini'' file in your deus ex folder. Locate a key that is not already bound to a game function, such as ''t''. Add the ''talk'' command to that key, both uppercase and lowercase. For example, ''t=talk'' and ''T=talk''. Repeat this for all entries for that key in the file. Press T during game play, press [Backspace] to remove the word ''Say'' from the talk window, then type set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True. This will then enable the cheat mode.

    Note every time you play deus ex after this you will have to re-enter ''set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True'' to activate the cheats.

    Contributed By: Amphitrite 1.

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