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    0451Visit the UNATCO COM VAN at every opportunity.
    A Bomb!Oh my god.
    A Game of DartsFound a hidden cache.
    A Gentleman's AgreementSuccessfully knock out Gunther Hermann.
    A Good DeedHelped an ally.
    A Humble RequestBrought a message from mentor to pupil.
    A New AgeBring the world into the new age violently.
    A Real HardassNeutralized Manderley, despite his best efforts.
    Against ProtocolBought zyme from a drug dealer.
    All Bark, No BiteYou took a fourth option.
    All I Have is a Candy BarFind the hidden candy bar in the training level.
    Always Something NewNow you found the secret code...
    AM I BEING DETAINEDReminded the NSF that UNATCO is a police force.
    Amphibiously Augmented AgentFully upgrade aqualung augmentation.
    AnarchyFight the power.
    Another Kind of QuestionFound yourself at a crossroads.
    ArachnophobiaDestroy 3 giant spiderbots.
    Arbitrary LawsWhat is privacy?
    Arduous TaskComplete all Revision challenges on hard difficulty or above.
    As OrderedYou exercised restraint with Leo Gold.
    BackdoorFind a hidden crawlspace in UNATCO HQ
    Baggy CoatsCompleted the game in Trenchcoat mode.
    Bail Out!Crash a helicopter into an enemy in survival.
    Basic StandardComplete all Revision challenges on medium difficulty or above.
    Best of the BestMastered five skills at once.
    BibliophileRead one chapter from every book.
    Black Hawk DownContinue to be too stubborn to learn and suffer real consequences.
    BoomstickModify a sawed-off shotgun to have 9 shells.
    BreachUpon arriving at the dockyard, sink the ship and leave within 15 (real time) minutes.
    Breaking the RulesHad a meaningful conversation with Juan Lebedev.
    Brothers in ArmsAgainst the odds, things turned out OK.
    Brutal ArgumentTalk an agent to death.
    But Still OverskilledCompleted the game with all skills untrained.
    Call to ArmsAnswered the phone.
    Camp FireNot the most ethical way to cook marshmallows.
    Catch the TrainYou have some interesting priorities, Agent.
    Caught Dead HandedGet noticed by the enemy while carrying a body.
    Change of HeartThis incident will be noted and logged, Agent.
    Civil SoldierTell people to educate themselves.
    Clone WarsKill a copy of yourself.
    Company FirstAssert to Paul that you are not a terrorist.
    Company ManYou did as you were told.
    Complete CollectionCarry a colourful collection of weapon modifications.
    Contamination and MutantsContaminated the Vandenberg tests with one of Page's subjects.
    Copper WiringSubverted your partner's expectations.
    Counter-Sneak-AttackAmbush your own ambush.
    Cover ChargeYou knocked out the door girl...poetically.
    Creature of the SeaFully upgrade the Swimming skill and Aqualung augmentation.
    CriticEat, drink, and smoke one of everything.
    Customized KillFound an interesting piece of equipment.
    Cutting CornersParanoia can be addictive, Agent.
    Dead Within 24 HoursUpon starting the game, beat it within 24 real time hours.
    Death from Above!Crush someone or something to death.
    Decked OutOwn a weapon with a scope, laser, and silencer.
    Delicate TouchKnock out a Man In Black or Woman In Black.
    Denton, J.C. DentonYou have no trouble mixing business with pleasure.
    Desperate But PushingReunite with an old acquaintance.
    Deus ExBecame one with everything.
    Deus Executioner MachinaHave one robot destroy another.
    Deus Express DeliveryOvercome great difficulty to deliver a cold pizza.
    Didn't Blink an EyeYou didn't blink. Neither did she.
    Different IntentionsKill an enemy using a mini-crossbow with a mini-crossbow.
    Digital GhostFully upgrade the radar transparency augmentation
    DisarmedMake an enemy drop their weapons.
    Don't Let It Go To Your HeadFind the secret location in the tutorial.
    Drug of the MindThe boldest measures are the safest.
    Duel of the FatesEn garde!
    Economic EnergyFully upgrade the power re-circulator augmentation
    Electronics TinkererAggressively disable an alarm, camera, or laser system.
    Emergency ExtinguisherFire!
    Emergency ProtectionSurvive an attack due to the ballistic protection augmentation.
    Emergency ShieldsSurvive an attack due to the energy shield augmentation.
    Escort MissionUse your money in unethical ways.
    Everybody Panic!Be free! Live! LIVE!
    Expert UsageDestroy a camera, turret, or alarm panel using a sniper rifle or low tech weapon.
    Exploration DominationOn any difficulty, find all 75 collectables in collectables mode.
    Explosive IntrusionCompleted the game without using any lockpicks
    Eye for an EyeKilled an enemy as they killed you.
    Factory ResetSuccessfully knock out Walton Simons.
    Family FirstMade it abundantly clear to UNATCO where your priorities lie.
    Fire in the HoleCrash, Clang, Boom.
    Forget it, DentonLeave it behind.
    Forward ThinkerPlanned ahead for some unpleasant business.
    FoxholeKill five enemies with a single 20mm HE grenade.
    Fresh StartYou left it all behind.
    Friendly FireMake an enemy kill one of their own.
    Fully LoadedFill every possible augmentation slot.
    Fully PreparedEnter Page's bunker in tip-top shape.
    Genetics WorkHelped a man in a difficult situation.
    Get the Hell Out of Here, DentonDid something you probably weren't supposed to do.
    Getting an UpgradeInstalled an augmentation at the first available opportunity.
    Ghost is the MachineInstall both the Cloak and Radar Transparency augmentations.
    GoUpon arriving at the base, get the schematic from the Ocean Lab UC within 20 (real time) minutes.
    GoliathSuccessfully disable a military bot using a PS20.
    Grand HostHave the perfect body for your host.
    Grave DiggerRefilled the graveyard.
    Guardian AngelKeep Sandra Renton out of danger.
    Hall of MirrorsEvade Walton Simons at every opportunity.
    HarpyNeutralized Agent Hela
    Heavy DutyUse a big weapon on a big organic enemy.
    Heavy Weapons PlatformCarry all of the non-disposable heavy weapons at once.
    Heh HehMade JC laugh.
    Helping HandHelped a fellow prisoner.
    High Tech WarShoot plasma while dodging plasma.
    Home Sweet HomeWent against protocol and armed a civilian.
    Hot DogWhat.
    How Loyal is a Hungry Turret?Who's a good auto-targeting death machine?
    How Unprofessional.You killed Shannon. What did she ever do to you?
    Human RevolutionA great use of precious time.
    I Spill My DrinkSpilled your drink.
    I'm No Coward!I just wanted to see your skill...
    I'm the Captain NowLook at me. LOOK AT ME.
    Impermeable SkinFully upgrade ballistic protection augmentation.
    In and OutYou destroyed the Versalife UC without collateral damage.
    In My SightsFully upgrade the targeting augmentation.
    Indecisive Preparations...
    Indiscriminate SurveillanceThey didn't cover privacy at the academy.
    Infiltration WorkSneak into the PRCS Wall Cloud without killing or knocking out anyone.
    InfiltratorCarry the maximum number of multitools and lockpicks.
    Inventory PrioritiesCarry every type of alcoholic drink at once.
    Invisible WarThe unseen battles are the most important.
    Iron BodyMake the most of a medical bot.
    Jack of All TradesA versatile agent is an unstoppable agent.
    Jesus Christ, DentonDid something you really weren't supposed to do.
    Killing MachineAnna Navarre would be proud.
    Lack of RespectOuch.
    Laid to RestBuried your high-tech brother in an ancient tomb.
    Last Bullet, Last ChanceKill someone using the very last bullet available for your weapon.
    Laughing ContestPlace yourself in the other side of an awkward conversation.
    Leaded KeratinFully upgrade the environmental resistance augmentation.
    Licensed AgentMastered three skills at once.
    LockdownShut down every UC Page controls.
    Loss of TrustConfronted Everett and killed DeBeers.
    Low-Tech AugmentationsUsed every charged pickup at once.
    Mankind DividedSliced and diced.
    Master of DiscretionMastered the Weapons: Pistol skill.
    Matrix ModeFully upgrade aggressive defensive system augmentation.
    Mind-Controlled UCAVFully upgrade the spydrone augmentation.
    Mmm, DeliciousA crisp aftertaste with a hint of oak.
    Mobile TankMastered the Weapons: Heavy skill.
    Mr. Faraday, I Presume?Fully upgrade the EMP shield augmentation.
    Muscle ManFully upgrade the Microfibral Muscle augmentation.
    My Biggest Fan!It might need a spin doctor.
    My Body is AugmentedFully upgrade an augmentation.
    My Own RulesComplete the game using a custom difficulty.
    My Vision Is AugmentedFully upgrade the vision enhancement augmentation.
    My Vision is Too AugmentedGain 10 kills with the AimBot augmentation.
    NinjaFully upgrade the run silent augmentation.
    No ExcusesYou killed Manderley before he could get word in.
    No ProofComplete the game without alerting a security camera.
    No Regard For AuthorityObtain an assault rifle at the earliest possible opportunity.
    No Unnecessary RisksYou courteously spared the NSF.
    NonbelieverYou made your brother genuinely angry.
    Not a ChallengeCompleted the game on Realistic difficulty with reduced inventory.
    Not Quite ConvincedYou went for another option.
    Not So Fast, J.C.Beat Liberty Island without talking to Paul.
    Nothing to See HereIntruded on a police investigation.
    Nothing to Stop MeCompleted the game on Realistic difficulty.
    ObsidianKnock out a Commando.
    Off to a Great StartKill Private Winslow in training.
    One With The ElementsFully upgrade the energy shield augmentation.
    Orbital CannonEliminated an enemy from above. Really far above.
    Out SnipedKill a sniper with your own sniper.
    Over The LineYou exercised your trigger finger with Leo Gold.
    OverconfidentGave Gunther a fight in Battery Park.
    OverwhelmedSurrendered to Gunther in Battery Park.
    PancakedYou killed Louis Pan.
    Petty TheftGrab a free soda or candy bar from a vending machine.
    Pity Upon PityDeal with Adept 34501, but not lethally.
    Places to Go, Things to DoYou gave Manderley a chance to live.
    Plain and SimpleComplete the game without modifying a single weapon.
    Post-Mortem RevengeKill an enemy with your grenade after you've already died.
    Practice Makes PerfectTest your skills on the shooting range each time.
    Pre-Planned EscapeVents can be useful.
    PrecautionGave some advice to an entrepreneur.
    Premature CelebrationKill an enemy with their own rockets/grenades.
    Primary Objective FocusTerrorists on my soil? Give me three minutes.
    Private MemoirsConfront and report a petty mechanic.
    Professional SoldierMastered the Weapons: Rifle skill.
    Purity FirstResisted the cult of the machine through to the bitter end.
    Quid Pro QuoFully upgrade regeneration augmentation.
    Ready for ActionCarry the maximum number of medkits and biocells.
    Recent MemoriesRevisited an old secret.
    Regrettable ActionsYou might want to reconsider some of your life choices.
    ReplacedMade what was probably the ethical choice.
    Reporting for Duty FreeMalory, Manderley, close enough.
    Rules of NatureDestroy a Military Bot using a low tech weapon.
    Rusty Bones in the JunkyardUsed unconventional tactics against an old colleague.
    SaboteurReprogrammed all the bots at the Naval Shipyard.
    Safe HavenYou met up with old allies.
    SafecrackerMastered the Lockpicking skill.
    Scrambled CircuitsUse a scrambler grenade on a bot.
    ScroogeAccumulate 10,000 unspent skill points.
    Self SufficientFinish the game without healing using a medical bot or recharging from a repair bot.
    Show Me The MoneyAccumulate 10,000 credits.
    Sign Him UpShoot some hoops.
    Silence of the LAMsDisarm a LAM...unconventionally.
    Small Explosive, Powerful PunchMastered the Demolitions skill.
    Smash The StateTerrorise the anti-terrorist coalition from within.
    Smooth OperatorSaved a woman's life.
    Sniping's a Good JobDeath to all robots!
    So Let It Be WrittenSo let it be done.
    Soda StealerYou wanted orange.
    Solo MissionSelf-sufficiency is an unwanted virtue.
    Sonic BoomFully upgrade the Speed Enhancement augmentation.
    SpectreKill or knock out an enemy while camouflaged or cloaked.
    Straightfoward RunComplete all Revision challenges on easy difficulty or above.
    Super Computer ManipulatorMastered the Computer skill.
    Supply and DemandBuy drugs, sell drugs.
    Surprising PerformanceKill an enemy while highly drugged.
    Swift as a DolphinMastered the Swimming skill.
    That Familiar TuneDoo-do-do-do-doo.
    That's NewFound a new toy.
    The Anonymous Gangbanger of the 21st CenturyYou must be some kind of standard.
    The FallTest the theory of gravity with a test subject.
    The Gray DeathNot the kind you imagined.
    The Invisible ManFully upgrade cloak augmentation.
    The More Advanced ModelTook another step forward.
    The Most Silent WayUse the GEP gun take-down.
    The One Augmented ManStole the one free crowbar.
    The Unavoidable SacrificeFinish the game with only a single, particular kill on your conscience.
    This Is War!Beat the game without knocking out anyone.
    Tipsy FlyingGive a pilot what he wants.
    Too Close For ComfortKnock out a Gray with a baton.
    Tough LoveLocate the prototype assault heartgun.
    Transcendent GodComplete all Revision challenges on realistic difficulty.
    Truth is Seldom VisibleYou have a suspicious mind, Agent.
    Tunnel VisionNo time to look deep into the conspiracies, just take them at face value!
    UNATCO Order 99009Lose all four limbs and survive.
    Unconventional EuthanasiaKill a beggar.
    Underground SecretsRead the secret to get into a hidden community
    Unearthed HorrorsVentured in the deep unknown.
    Unintended UseThat wasn't meant for that.
    Unleaded DestructionSupport clean energy
    Unlimited KnowledgeCompleted the game without hacking any computers.
    Unsecure DataCompleted the game without using any multitools
    Unsuspected AgentDiscover the Thief at UNATCO.
    Up Close and PersonalMastered the Weapons: Low Tech skill.
    Upgrades, Versions, FunctionalityFully upgrade four augmentations.
    Use Your HeadMastered the Environmental Training skill.
    Violent HabitSmoke to death.
    Vive la FranceD├ętruisez et tuez tout ce que vous voyez, y compris Michel, c'est une obligation.
    VoltaireListen to everything Morpheus has to say.
    War DoctorMastered the Medicine skill.
    Warlock PunchFully upgrade combat strength augmentation.
    Weapons Through the AgesCarry a sword from each era of man.
    Whack-A-MoleWhacked a certain mole.
    What a Rotten Way to DieThat's, uh, great.
    What a Shame.What a Shame.
    Where's Your Tux?Confronted an informant.
    White HatMastered the Electronics skill.
    WiretapperIntrude on a private phone call.
    XenophileComplete the game without killing any Grays, Greasels, or Karkians.
    Year of the VulturePlundered the Canal Road Tunnel for rare treasure.
    You're a Complete JackassKill a certain person by dooming them to their fate, while they watch.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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