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Terran Strategy Guide by Lord Zero

Updated: 04/15/2005

                      Terrans Strategy Guide
                          By Lord Zero
				   Version 2.3



1.- File History.
2.- Intro.
3.- Basic info.
4.- Infantry.
5.- Vehicles.
6.- The Air Units.
7.- Tactics against The Zerg.
8.- Tactics against the Protoss.
9.- Tactics against The Terrans(Good luck,honey!)
10.- Basic early-medium-late game for the Terrans.
<AKA Being an Terran Player>
11.- Different Combos ideas.
12.- Different ways to stop Combos and specific Units.
13.- To upgrade or not to upgrade, that's the question.
14.- Me as a Terran Player.
15.- Walktrough
16.- Credits
17.- Legal Stuff.

1.-File History:

-0.1 start of the file,probably will never see the light.

-1.0 starting file.

-1.1 Added a new section and started the Walktrough. Added some strategy.

-1.4 A huge update(almost 50 KBs!)with a new section. Ended the Walkthrough

-1.5 A very small update(-_-)added a new credits and a new website. Changed
some small things.

-1.6 added the sections 11 and 12. My fingers still hurt from writing the
section 10. Corrected "something"

-1.7 Added a new section.

-1.8 I've received a couple emails from a guy trying to prove that he was
smarter than me. Read it in the Science Vessel section, and please, if
you're trying to correct something, first, make sure it's something that
needs to be corrected,and second,don't try to make fun of me. Seriously,
I'll feel like to kick your @$$ and put it here to make fun of you.

-1.9 Decided to write again since I've reading such a lot of bull**** on
the net lately about this game. And I'm on vacation. Mostly,new aditions
to strategy and such.

-2.0 Very small revision, mainly grammar and spelling and spacing. You
won't probably notice about them... ahem. This update is mainly done
because I've decided to update my old starcraft guide... soooo...

-2.1 A little note sent by mecahawk64@Aol.com. Thanks!. Added on the
terran walktrough

-2.2 Copyright Changed.(08/24/2001, 21:08)

-2.3 Changed my email (10/29/2002)



Well, Here is it, my guide for the terrans. This is my favorite race, I
really don't care if the Protoss have Psionic Storm and the Zerg can
build a base as fast as I can eat three sandwichs, the Terrans are the

I guess you have an idea of how to play the game. I'll get straight to the
point, and this guide covers how to use the Terrans against other players,
based on my experience and countless hours wiping the floor with the
Computer players. Right? Ready? Let's go.

3.-Basic Info:

The terrans:
High Points:Marines, Battlecruisers, Whraits, Siege
tanks, Bunker, and a very good overall force. Relative good cost, can build
a really good army with little needs. Almost all units have ranged attacks.

Low Points: Needs a hell of space, lots of money, and heaps of supplies.
Units are relatively weak, Dark Swarm crushes their chances.

To the matters of facts, the Terrans are your everyday race. Humans and
robots now work hand to hand, and the mankind has reached the stars. The
Terrans have a twisted storyline: Since the Confederation has wiped all
oposition in earth and any human colonies, they have established a repressive
control over all civilation(Or whatever it's now)under the premise of a
better tomorrow.

Your work starts by defending several colonies from unknow attacks(But we
all now they are the freakish zergs)and ends up allying with outlaws,
defending the enemy, infiltrating bases and beating up whatever you can to
escape... I'm not going to wind up all the story for you.

The Terrans are powerful on what they have been made for: expanding. Just
as we all now, our hunger for new lands is amazing, and the Terrans can
do it pretty well. Most of the Terrans buildings can fly, making these
movements easy, and providing for interesting strategies.

The Terrans units are divided in three groups: Infantry, Vehicles and Airships.

The terrans are also very good at defending, but as we all are supposed to
know, just like in Warcraft II, defending=die. And their soundtrack
Rocks ^_^.


-Infantry: Whatever comes from the Barracks is clasified as Infantry. These
groups the SCVs, Firebats, the Marines and the Ghosts. All the infantry is
clasified as small units, meaning they take full damage from Normal and
Concussives attacks (Like the Zealots Psionics blades-normal attack-and
the Photon Cannon Discharge-concussive attack) and 50% damage from
Explosive attacks-The Siege Tanks Arclite cannon -. All of them only
take one slot in the Dropships. They can also enter on Bunkers, which
allows them to fire from inside to outside, but they don't take damage, the
Bunker does. Also, the Bunker gives them an slighty bigger range.

1)SCVs: These are the working force of the Terrans. 60 HPs, 5 base damage
(Cannot be upgraded), 0 Base Armor(Can be upgraded). They are sort of fast,
their construction rutine makes the unable to do anything else until they
finish the building, but can halt the operation to finish it later.They
are also  able to repair buildings and vehicles, and that's an amazing

-Strategy and notes: The SCV are the most resistant workers of the whole game.
They can take 60 HPs of damage, and since they are small, they can take half
damage from some of the most powerful attacks in the game.
This means they can also go on and wipe out some units in self defense. This
is NOT very recommended(The attack so freaking slowly), but it's a last
resort if you don't have any choices.
They are also Melee units, so be careful.

The SCVs are very useful in the long game, as a repair crew for your Vehicles
and Airships. This ability makes your units last longer, and helps on your
Siege attacks, which is the main ability of the Terrans.

But Of course, their main use is to get money. While they should have quick
acces to any Mineral Field, the Vespene Gas mine should be a bit far. The
reason is because no two of them can enter the same Mine, and if your
put it a bit far, you can put like 6 SCVs and they will gather with ease,
without bothering each other. For the Mineral, you can never have enough
SCVs. Have as many as you can. For any map, my ussual suply is at least 20
of them getting Mineral, and some of them are always constructing, so when
they are free, more mineral.

If your Main Mineral Reserve is under 2000, you should start looking
for another reserve. If it's under 1500, you should be moving to get
more gathering zone. If it's under 1000, then you should already have
another outpost. That's the idea.

Try using a Dropship to get a SCV and a few Marines near the enemy Base.
Build a ncie barracks and start rushing them to death. "How do you do to
get so fast to my base?"LOL!

2)The Marines: Your first unit, and basically the backbone of your army.
The Marines have 40 HPs, with 6 Base damage(Can be upgraded to the grand
total of..uh...er...9)and no base Armor(Can be upgraded). They also can
get two extra upgrades, U388 Bullets, which adds more range, and the
Stimpack, an ability which costs 10 HPs to the user, and adds extra fast
firing rate and movement speed for some seconds. They can attack both Air
and ground, and can be a very powerful force if used right.

-Strategy and Notes:The Marines are a very versatile unit. They are cheap,
only 50 minerals per unit, and since they don't need anything but the
Barracks to be trained. They can be called out in times of necesity with
fast and not expensive needs. Even then, they can be highly upgradeable,
with their two upgrades they get even better.

The marines are a very effective unit. When in groups they are a powerful
stand alone force, as they can attack both air and ground. When Paired
with Siege Tanks or Firebats, they are a very good support unit.
Ussually, a single 12 Marines groups can last for ages when guarding a
normal spot(It will never be deleted from my mind a game when I sent a
groups to scout a Mineral Spot and they got attacked and they never got
killed-amazing,if you let me say it), and more of them can easily
wipe out more expensive enemies.

The best of these units are the fact that they can attack both air and
ground, with long range, with the same damage, and with their stimpacks on.
The Stimpacks can cost you the loss of 10 HPs, right but they don't use
to live that long anyway like to miss them.

However, they are not very good to rush. They are better at defense. Their
attack is still weak even fully upgraded, 9 base damage won't get you too
far when facing Zealots. When you get them to Bunkers they get actually
amazing they can act as a very good defense, specially with those extra
350 HPs. BUT, if you get them in Bunkers, they could get killed by Guardians,
Reavers, or Siege Tanks. It's your choice-but the best is to guard heavily
harmed units in Bunkers.

If you have the time and money, you can even try the bunker right on the
enemies Base. When you get near enough like to keep sieging the enemy's
place, build a Bunker and get your Marines there. They will act exactly
the same, except with as longer and sweeter life...

At the end of the game, however, use them with discretion. Specially against
big daddies units-read Battlecruisers and Carriers-watch their stats, the
Carriers have 4-yes,4-base armor. That is 7 highest armor, and and fully
upgraded Marine will do a lousy 2 damage per shot, dang, that's pathetic...
Still, keep them with you all game, they will help you. They work as a good
escort for more vulnerable units.

My highest kill rating with a Non-bunkered Marine it's 23. Whoa!. So bad he
didn't survived the end of the game...With a Bunkered Marine I sure get a lot
more, but I ussually don't check.

3)Firebats: A good attack unit, they have 50 HPs, come with a base damage of
16(can be upgraded, 2 per upgrade, they can do 22 of damage when fully
upgraded), with a base armor of 1(can be upgraded,and 4 is a very good armor).
They can get also the StimPack ability as well. They cannot attack air target,
and have a range of 1, meaning they are almost a melee unit. They have a
unique attack rutine, they use an spray attack, which will not only damage
the unit they are attacking, but the ones behind it as well. Hmmmm...

Firebat=========>F ZZZZ===>Zerglings(1)

All the units that get caught within the graphic range of the fire in
the Zerglings (1) line will be damaged. Got it? Easy!This attack is

-Strategy and Notes:
NOTE: Ok,sorry...in early versions of the faq I put that the firebats were
a good support unit-don't even believe that, it's pretty stupid. As a general
Rule, no melee unit can be ever a support unit.

I don't find the Firebats to be as good as the marines,
specially in the long run. Their attack is Concussive, this means they do
50% to large units(Ultralisks,Dragoons)75% to medium ones(High Templars).
This makes them totally useless on the end game, when fully upgraded they
will inflict the grand total of 9 damage against an Ultralisk. And they
have to get in their ugly bad ass face to damage them. And they have a long
way to go,baby, 400 HPs!400/9 they have to get roughly 45 strikes to kill
them...but, they won't survive the second or third hit from the Ultralisks.

They are not a total weaklings, however. They are specialized Zealots killers
in the early game. Since the Zealots are small units, they will get all the
damned 22 damage from the Firebat. They also work awesome to kill workers,
use a Science Vessel to use defense Matrix on a Dropship, and drop 8
Firebats in their worker line. Just like you might think, you bring hell
to the owner. And in the most literal way of the word.
But they will get outdated fast against the Protoss, since they have no air
attack(Meaning they will just be on some Scout's kill count sooner or later),
and are slow attacking. The Zealots sure are a lot more expensives but more
resistant. Against the protoss, be sure to keep them with you, but don't
rely on them to fend off until the end of the game.

Against the Zerg they are more useful, with the sole exception of the
as the Zerg uses Zerglings, lot of 'em, and since the Zergligs are small,
you can easily kill 3 or 4 of them with two flame blasts. Ussually, 12 Firebats
can wipe out 36 Zerglings with ease, even more if using an Stimpack. When Paired
with Siege Tanks and Marines they become a formidable force.

As for the Stimpacks, they work very well with these too. Using Stipacks
gives you an edge of the sword against the Zealots, sending 2, somethings
3 attacks as the Zealot sends his first attack. This very important to
remember,since this and the Bunkers are about the only advantages you have
against the ground Protoss forces.However, and fortunately, you will only face
the protoss once with the Terrans, so that's good.

My highest kill count with a single Firebat is...uhh...10. I guess they are
not as useful as the Marines.

4)Ghosts: Another good support units. They have 45 HPs, comes with no Base
Armor(Can be upgraded), start with 10 basic concussive damage(can be upgraded
with 13 as maximum)and have a very long range, but a very slow fire rate.

They get a lot of upgrades: Ocular Implants, which gives them more sight,
Moebius reactor, which adds 50 mucho needed max energy, Personal Cloaking,
making them the only ground units that can cloak, and Lockdown, an special
ability used to stop mechanical units for a short period of time.
They are also the only units capable to direct the Nuclear Strike.

-Strategies and Notes: The ghost are a very useful unit. You'll have to spend
a lot of money on these guys, but when they get everything they need they can
be turned into a potent little key unit against the Protoss and the Terrans.

Besides the fact they can cloak-which is really amazing-they can do a lot
of damage against...small units. Their canister cannon is a concusive weapon,
and it's just useful to defend themselves when moving by themselves. It's
weak against most units the ghost is useful for(Siege Tanks,reavers,Carriers),
even when fully upgraded.

However, their cloaking field makes them the perfect assassins. Along with the
Lockdown ability, which will stop any mechanical unit-that means"almost all
of the Protoss units"-, makes this unit a very handy unit when attacking or
defending. Lockdown actually "locks down" the machinery, meaning the Carrier
will recall it's Interceptors, the Arbiter will stop cloaking friendly units,
the Science Vessel will stop detecting... Get it?The Lockdown ability can be
used for 100 energy, and the affected unit can be damaged while being locked
down. This is particulary useful when facing Carriers Vs Battlecruisers,or
being sieged by cloaked units below an Arbiter. If you didn't got it by now,
the Lockdown just ROCKS against the Protoss.

They can also direct the Nuclear Strike. This is actually amazing since this
Little Missile will cause 500 HPs down to any unit which is reached by it's
damage field. That mean ANY unit in the game will be instantly destroyed, with
the sole exception of a fully Upgraded Battlecruiser. Any big thing falling
over your head hurts, and more if it's full of hydrogen.

Well,however, even if it's cloaked, players with a brain will be alert if
the words "Nuclear Launch Detected" apear in their screens, which will happen
to all players in the game. The computer does not seem to care about it,
Any player will attempt a quick recon over their bases to make sure they are
safe, or if they need another dead ghost in the battlefield.
If the ghost dies before the red dot is gone, you will lost both the ghost
and the Nuclear head.
So this lead us with the question: "How can I Nuke safely?"

Uhhh...I really don't know. Nuking safely is almost impossible.

*The reader*: what an ***hole... How 'bout "How can I nuke with the lesser
risk to my cheap but nice and cool ghost?"

Ohhh,that's easier. (*the reader*: Shut up!). First of all:

-Never try to defend your base with Nukes. (Well,that one was stupid)

I've only seen this work once(But after the base was destroyed and I left
all my marines standing there watching the landslide)and any smart guy would
guess that a nuke falling from the sky directly to your base will most likely
cause damage to your own land, besides the enemy's casualty. Believe me, it's
not a good idea.

-Always try to cloak before you attempt a nuclear strike.(hmm..another stupid
one-but it's very often forgotten by newbies)

Ghosts have only 45 HPs. That mean one reaver's Scarab will kill him, two
blast from a Siege Tank,or two Ultralisks Kaiser attacks. The Ghosts come
very late in the game, which is not good since as I said before, their attack
is Concussive. With 3 max armor are more resistant, but still so freaking
fragile. Hmmm,but if they can't see you,they can attack you. The ghost has to
be there 10 seconds or so to direct the Missile, and if the ghosts falls
you've lost 225 Minerals and 275 gas, and a valuable unit. A Cloaked Ghost has
more chances to stand alive.

-Always attempt the nuclear Strike from weird locations.(*The reader*:sorry?)

Many players forget that nice feature named "terrain cover".

"Any unit behind a tree will only have 30 % chance to be hitted by enemy fire".

If the enemy base has near trees,try nuking from them. It not only provides
you cover, but makes them hellish hard to see, therefore to find and order
units to attack him. Standing units will still see it if it's detected and
attack it, but not if the ghost's far from their sight.

It's also good to nuke from higher ground-this allows the ghost to be
protected by four crucial elements:

- The higher ground makes him harder to hit.
- Melee units will have to find a ramp to reach him.
- ground units will not see him.
- It's supposed to cloaked,baby ^_^.

(Did you cloaked him, right?)

-And finally,use to your advantage the fact that Ghost can be "eternally" made.
(*the reader*:What the hell are you talking about?)

You don't need to use a single ghost for ALL the game. You can use more than
one of them, which is not a bad idea, you know.There are many ways to use this
to help the tortuous duty of sending a nuclear attack:

-Use the non-nuking ghosts to protect the main one. Though it's hard,the
fact they are all supposed to be cloaked and Lockdown can work good against
the Protoss. However this is not encouraged against smart opponents, Siege
Tanks do exist, they are not a myth, and they can use their attacks to beat
the brains out of the poor ghosts with it's Splash attack.

-Just put you ghost standing there to distract the enemy. In my humble oppinion,
that's too expensive.

-the best use is to use multiple Nukes, and try to send them as fast as
you can. This can be used by hotkey-ing them and send the nuclear strike
from many places and to as many places as you can. If you're fast enough,
the  opponent will only recive one warning-he will think he only has to
kill one Ghost. Besides,500 damage is a lot against unit, but not so much
against normal buildings.

They are good for a supporting unit, but never leave them as your main unit.

My highest kill ranking with a ghost is 21. A lone ghost behind 3 bunkers
full of Marines and Firebats right in front of a Protoss base ^_^ against
the computer.


5.-Vehicles: Anything coming out from the factory is clasified as Vehicles.
The Terran vehicles group the Vultures, the Siege Tanks and the Goliaths.
The Terran Vehicles vary in size and how many slots they take into a Dropship,
but are ussually Medium and take two spaces. The sole exceptions are the
Siege Tanks, which are large and take four space into the Dropship. Their
weapons and armor can be upgraded at the Armory.

1)Vultures:The basic vehicle. The Vultures have 80 HPs,with 20 base
Concussive damage(can be upgraded) and 1 base armor(canbe upgraded too).
They can use two other aditional upgrades, the Ion Thusters,which adds
some aditional speed to their already awesome speed, and the Spider mines,
which provides every Vulture with three spiders Mines to lay at will.

-Strategy and Notes: I don't like the vultures too much. The Vultures are
weak, both in attack and defense and that's not my style.

The Vultures can be useful if used right: They are the fastest unit in the
whole game, that means they are a very good recon unit. Send them as fast as
you can right to the enemies base, gather some inteligence, then you've got
two choices, get the hell outta there, or wipe out a couple of workers. Either
choice it's going to hurt the enemy more than you.

They can be used to get past defenses without too much damage. They can fly
pass Sunken Colonies and Photon cannon without receiving more than a couple
shots if commanded correctly.

Their real usefulness comes only when the Spider Mines are researched. These
little mines will be layed by the Vultures, and left there until an enemy
comes within range, causing 125 damage. If you can get them into natural
choke points, such as bridges, then the enemy will be caught unprepared,
receiving lots of damage.

Use the Mines as inteligence spots as well. Put one of them into expansion
spots to detect if the enemy tries to expand. Also they cannot build or
land where the mine is, so you'll get extra time while he kills the mine:)

I don't have a good kills rating with these guys, I  don't use them.

2)Siege Tanks: Probably the best unit from among the ranks of the humans.
The Siege Tanks have 150 HPs,start with 1 base Armor(Can be upgraded), 30
base normal damage(can be upgraded,I think 3 per level)while in tank mode,
and 70 base explosive damage(can be upgraded,goes 5 up per level) and
splash damage while in Siege Mode.Their only upgrade is their Siege Mode,
which allows them(Here goes a very scientific deduction) to go into
Siege mode!.

-Strategy and Notes: The Siege tanks are, without a doubt, the best
Terran unit. Not very expensive and allow for a hellish lot of

While in Tank mode, the Siege Tank is no tvery powerful,and has a good
range,but while in Siege mode, they will do a lotta more damage and have
an amazing range. While in siege Mode, they can't move, but they don't need to.
Their only weak point is the fact that they can't attack air, which is a shame,
but hey, Blizzard has a balance to maintain.

The Siege tanks are amazingly powerful. If you can get 8 Siege Tanks and 8
Goliaths, you can move with safe. Of course, if you get into a massive
Carrier/Battelecruiser gunfire, you're basically screwed, but I guess no one
will only bring 8 tanks and 8 Goliaths if you know the enemy has
Battlecruisers or Carriers,I mean...

Another big weakness is that they have a minimum range, and that's why the
Zerglings are perfect against Tanks. A single Zergling can kill a tank,but
that is if it can get to the tank, which is why you should have Goliaths or

Their powerful and greatly ranged attack makes them really great in base
strikes. The best way is to go and put some Siege Tanks with Goliaths in a
risk near the enemy base. Keep pounding them. They will eventually kill you
but you probably caused a lot of more damage than what you can lost.
You can even maximize this technique using SCVs with your tanks. Keep repairing
them(At least 6 of them is good) and even better, make a couple of Bunkers,
make a barrack and use your dropship to start raiding it's base.
If you keep this way, you can keep crippling his production and bring more
reinfrocements from your main base. This is probably one of the more effective
strategies involving the Terrans, and using it will teach you why the
Siege Tanks and the Marines are so Valuable.

Pairing Siege Tanks with Wraiths make for a powerful strike force. The Cloaked
Wraiths are mean and the Siege Tanks can provide the main destruction.

BUT, Siege Tanks are not very good if joined with Battlecruisers. Too slow
for both of them and will take lots of time for them and you will need
a lot of luck to survive this kind of groups.

My Highest kill's rating is 127(!). That's not a surprise,I even killed
the enemy's larvae... Hehe.

3)Goliaths:A good Support unit, they have 125 HPs, start with 1 base Armor(can
be upgraded) and 12 ground damage(can be upgraded) and 20 air Damage(can
be upgrade,damage goes up by 4!). No Upgrades.

-Strategies and Notes: The Goliaths are sort of a neglected unit. They are
not very resistant, and only have a base attack of 12(the Tank has 70!)but
are useful to backup an Siege attack. The Goliaths have higher full air
attack than the Wraith(W=26,G=32), and almost as much as the Battlecruiser(B=34
G=32) so they are a very good anti-air weapon. They are particulary good to
kill Scourges when they get... hmmm.. up too close and personal to be

Their main use is to protect Siege Tanks from Zerglings and Guardians. They
do more damage than the Marines at Ground level and more than the Wraiths
at air level, which is very good. By themselves they are not very useful,but
still a good unit.

Highest kill rating?17, I think. But that was from 24 Goliaths group...


6.-Airships: Everything coming out of the Airport is classified as an Airship.
This groups the dropship, Wraiths, Battlecruisers and the Science Vessel.
All of them are large units,meaning they take half damage from Concusive
All of them can be upgraded in the armory, and they obviously cannot get into
a Dropship.

1)The Wraiths: This is a very good unit. It's the only air unit that can
be built without the Control Tower. They come with 120 HPs, 8 base ground
damage(can be upgraded), 20 Base air damage(Upgraded too), and 1 base Armor
(can be upgraded). Other upgrades are the Cloaking field, which allows them
to cloak, and the Apollo Reactormwhich gives them 50 more max energy.

-Strategy and notes:The Apollo reactor isn't always needed. Unless you are
really heading into long and deceptive battles, the Wraith is not going to need
to be cloaked such a long time. It's your choice, though, it's a good idea if
you know you are going to be against lots of carriers, but if you need the
money somewhere else, this upgrade can wait.

The Wraiths are excelent units. Are relatively cheap(Compare it's cost with
an scout-the Wraith needs 2 supplies,150 mineral and 100 gas, the scout needs
3 supplies, 300 minerals and 150 gas-that's a big save of money)(Geez, add
100 minerals and 150 gas and you can get a Battlecruiser!)(and who do you
think would win in a head-to-head battle?)are really fast(They are as fast
as the upgraded scouts-that means even more money)and have very decent
air damage, but their ground attack is extremely weak(HAH,so is the scout's
ground attack!), and have low hp(uhhh...scouts have 250 total HP...)but are
still an excelent air unit.

I think I overused the "scout Vs wraith" theme. More of it in the Vs Protoss
section. (Plus the big battle!the Battlecruisers Vs the Carriers!).

Ok, the fact is that the Wraith has many uses. They can act as an excelent
escort unit, due to their good air attack, and their high speed. They can act
as an excelent strike unit along with the Tanks and Marines-ground against
ground and air against air. A force of 24 Wraiths is to be feared, and we
have not even touched the fact that they can cloak at will!

That means they are very good against carriers or Battlecruiser, of course,
there's always another change around, that's cloak detection, but there
are many ways to counter this.

-Get Ghosts!

Lockdown those science vessels!Lockdown those observers!Lock down everything!

-Kill the detector first!

Right, get onto the detector first and the enemy will be helpless until
reinfrocements arrive. This can be hard, since if you're going against a
protoss fleet, they can get observers.This is where you comsat acts greatly.
Observers have extremely low hp, and ussually wraiths can wipe them out in
5 shots-since you can have a 4 wraiths for the same money the enemy gets
2 scouts and an observer, you can always have the number advantage.

-There are always battlecruisers to distract the enemy.

That's pretty self explanatory.

The Scouts can beat the wraiths in a one-on-one battle, but if they get into
this kind of battle, that means they have no cloak detection. Bang!An scout
running away followed by you missiles!No units is meant to be used alone,
and the wraith is not an exception. There are lots of factors which can
change the outcome of a battle, but ussually, the Wraiths have a better
cost-usefulness relation.

The Wraiths make for great chases: In example, if the Zerg attacks you, it
will most likely bring an Overlord. With your Wraiths, the overlord is good
as dead. It's ussually a good way to overcome the Zerg by chasing down all
of it's Overlords, since they will lost:

- Cloak detection.
- Control units.
- Transport.
- Scouts.

Plus the fact that they have to build new ones. The Zerg is supposed to be
the race which needs the less supplies(or control,whatever), but if you
are going to send down 48 hydralisks, you have to use 48 control units!That
means...hmmm...6 Overlords!Of course, they can build them in a snap, but
that's 600 Minerals without counting the Hydralisks cost, and to make it
clear, the Hydralisks are probably the best units amog the ranks of the Zerg,
still a group of 48 Stimpacked Marines with their range upgrade can beat
a group of 48 Hydralisks with their speed and range upgraded. The Marines
are cheaper and need less supplies. The fact is that the Overlords, being an
easy target for your wraiths, are the weak spot of the swarm, and that's
an important use for the Wraiths.

If you didn't understood,go for those Overlords!

The Wraiths also are a very good escort, but since they are so fast,you
have to be monitoring them to make sure they are on their right way. The Wraiths
tend to be very aggressive and ussually will follow whatever they think can
be a danger, so if you need them to protect something, make sure they ARE
protecting it. The Stand Ground command is good for keeping your wraiths
out of trouble.

The Wraiths are, however, weak into massive air attacks against the Mutalisks.
The Mutalisks are small units, so they receive half damage from the wraiths
missiles, also they deal damage to three units at time, and into massive
gunfire this adds extra power. However, along with your all good science
vessels and your battlecruisers the Zerg air force is not longer a threat,
unless a queen is near and decides to use ensarne in your air force...
If that happens, call help!

My highest kill count has been 32...this was from the last stage(Eye of the
Storm)when I decided to kill all it's overlords.

2)Dropships: This is your basic transport. Has 200 HPs, starts with 1 base armor
(Upgrade it ASAP,it's too slow), and doesn't have any weapons. This transport
is quite slow.

-Notes and Strategies: The Dropships is a pretty slow unit. However is a very
important part of your army, since with this you can transport units with ease
to the battleground.

Dropship work better when paired with Wraiths. The Wraiths can hold off the
threat long enough for the Dropship to throw off their cargo, and the
wraiths high speed can make it out in a second. The Dropship is the hardest
transport in the game, but it's so freaking slow.

The best use is to use a science vessel to use defensive Matrix on it. Also
is a good idea to use these in the early game to deposit workers near
the enemy base.

My higest kill count is... errr... dang it!

3)Science vessel:The only terran unit that can detect. It has 200 HPs, but
it seems to be destroyed really easy on open ground. Starts with 1 base
armor(Can be upgraded) and is unarmed. The Upgrades include the EMP Shockwave
(EMP stands for Electro Magenetic Pulse)which will drain any energy or
shields from the affected unit and the Irradiate, which will damage any
biological units which touches the affected unit. (Including the affected unit).
Also there is the Titan reactor with gives them 50 + max energy.

-Notes and Strategies: The Science vessels are a very vulnerable unit, but it's
also a very important unit. It not only can act as a detector(Which if you
did noticed, plays an important part against Protoss, Zerg and Terran Players,
all of them equally)but it has ablities that can work for every other race,
so we can say this is an all round unit.

The first ability, the Defensive Matrix, can work for you, the terran.The
Matrix reduces all damage taken by the affected unit to 1. It last for awhile,
I'm not sure if it's damage or time, but it does last long enough for you
to make good use of it.

This ability plays an important part on the Terran strategy .Using it in a
dropship allows it to overcome it's slow speed and let their cargo go safely.
This ability cost only 100 energy, so a group of Science vessels can really
let go one hell of an army. Also, it can be used to protect valuable units in
the middle of the battleground, such as battlecruisers ,since they cannot
retreat quickly. Also can be used as a cover for your important units, I
once had to use it on my last SCV to save my ass from a very heated battle.

The EMP Shockwave works for any race, but it's specially useful against the
Protoss. What it does is to drain all energy from the affected unit caught
in an small radious(Plus it looks damn cool). This brings hell if the enemy
don't notices it, against Zerg for it's f*ckin Defilers,against the Terrans
to reveal Ghosts and Wraiths(Though it may be wiser just to detect them and
save energy, but for the ghosts it also stop them from using Lockdown),and
against the Protoss for those cheap-ass High Templars(Psionic storm only
costs 75 energy)and Arbiters(Hah!now you can't recall anything!).

(I forgot the Queens...but the queens ussually use up all their energy,so
it's almost no use)

that can be recharged ,dang it! Some guy,named ArTiCuNo101 tried to give
me a kick in the ass trying to tell me the EMP shockwave didn't affected
Defilers...I replied to him saying that it works on any race, but he kept on
saying the same stupid thing. His second Email was like this:

"Dear Lord Zero,...


"I don't quite know how the spawn broodling affects seige tanks and
goliaths, ..."

This is because I asked him why EMP didn't had to work on the zerg if the
Spawn broodlings works in the mechanical units.

"(which means the only terran ground unit immune to it is the Vulture) but
I am 99.99% sure it doesn't affect defialer's energy, for two resons, and they

And this is how he tries to scare me :)If you think I talk too much, you
haven't heard this guy....

"1. It stands for ELECTRO (nothing with Zerg has the slightest to do with
electronics except Kerrigan or Duran) MAGNETIC (nothing with Zerg has to do
with magnetics...unless you count Kerrigan or Duran) pulse (O.K, fine so
everything with Zerg has to do with pulses)..."

"uhhhh...sorry?" Actually, even when it's hard to believe, this is a GAME.
C'mon, Tanks could run over Hydralisks, Marines could use their grenades in
the game, and touching an Archon should REALLY hurt you. This does not explain
anything-as I told him, why should  a Tank explode when the guy inside dies
because of the Spawn Broodlings spell?

"2. Does Lockdown affect any Zerg unit (I think not!)?..."

Nope. But what's the point?

"Because you asked, although you may have been being sarcastic, I do
know it affects High Templars, because my friend needed backup for his
carrier fleet being hit by Psi Storms so I sent in a Science Vessel and
EMPed the base..."

I was NOT being sarcastic. The High templar is supposed to be a non-mechanical
being,and being teh target of a EMP Shockwave would drain it's energy
anyway ,plus it's shields. Works here too,my friend.

"From the soon well-to-be-known StarCraft corrector,

This guy really has his head on the clouds. I sent him an small SCM map with
three Science Vessels and a couple defilers. It worked, but he didn't replied
me back,so I decided to put this here. Happy,Arty?Or do you need to feed your
overgrown ego with more "smart" corrections?Gezzz... This does feeds my ego,
at least, because I actually know that I know about terrans more than
someone else. Not that I am the god of the Terrans, but I'm very wise on this
matters. Don't try to mess with me this way, people, it really feels bad when
someone tries to make fun of you.

But the real fact is that it will also destroy the Protoss Shields, making them
a lot weaker. The Carrier will be left with only 300 HPs(150 shields GONE!
HAHAHAHAHA!), Archons with only 10 HPs(A Marine can wipe it out)(Heck,even
an SCV!), Zealots with 80 HPs,all of them at the same time. Since it affects
an area, let's say 12 Zealots, 6 Archons or 4 carriers can easily loss all
their shields with ease. This really makes a difference when battling
Battlecruisers against Carriers, and it's amazing when you can pull it
off just before a nuclear strikes blows up.(HA!I'll be seeing you in hell,
Fleet beacons and High Templars archives!^_^)Countless strategies can be
used with it, you can even try using it in a Comsat Station(Though I think
that if you can get there, why don't blow it up anyway).

As for Irradiate, that is one hell of a great attack. It targets one unit,
and makes it iradiate green radioactive gas, damaging whatever it reachs
proving it is biological(non-mechanical,it's almost useless against the
This works wonders agains the Zerg, since Hydralisks, Overlords and Drones
will count as heavy casualties against this ability.

It also helps a lot when countering masses of Mutaliks or Guardians.Players
and computer tends to cluster them, and Irradiate will kill them within Seconds.

Other uses include using it in your Siege Tanks when being attacked by
Zerglings. Since the Siege Tank is considered to be a Mechanical unit,
it will receive no damage from the attack, but it will carry the radioactive
gas while it's driving over the landslide, wiping out zerglings. It can fall
dead, but it will have to kill some enemies too.

My highest kill rating is 32. Lot's of zerglings trying to kill my tanks.

4)THE Battlecruisers:The Battlecruisers are the toughest unit in the whole
game(500 HPs!), and the second most shielded unit(3 starting armor,the Carrier
starts with 4 base armor), and the highest Air to ground attack(25 starting).
Both their weapons and Shields can be upgraded(6 max armor-!-and 34 max
air and ground attack-!!-)Overall are also the most expensive;_; but
still a very good unit. Upgrades are the Yamato Cannon, which will do 260
damage at a very long range, and the Collosus reactor which upgrades their
max energy for 50.

-Notes and Strategies:the big daddies of Starcraft ^_^ . This units are
awesome! But it's extremely expensive- 400 Minerals and 300 gas,plus 8(Yikes!)
supplies!(A single supply depot for each of them)but the payback is great
if you know how to use them right.

First of all, always research Collosus reactor when you get the Phsysics
lab. The Yamato Cannon needs 150 energy to be used, and that 50 extra energy
is a big help.

The Battlecruisers are pretty slow, but are one of the most powerful units in
the game. They make for great units, but while they are so prohibilitely(sp?)
expensives, they have to be on groups. You don't need 12 Battlecruiser(But it's
not a bad idea)but at least 6 or 7 is good. They cannot act alone, too, they
are easy kills for masses of Scourges, but the enemy will always waste a hell
of money trying to stop these guys. The Battlecruisers have the same ability
the Ultralisk have, they attract ALL attention. With a poweful basic attack,
and an infernal resistance, they are always the first target of the leftover

The Yamato Cannon is a fearful weapon, and it's meant to be used with wisdom.
It needs 150 energy to be shot, and with a max energy of 250, you don't need
to use it in a single dragoon. Think about it, it can do 260 damage,and can
take you of trouble if used right. It has a very long range, so it's very good
when used against Missile Turrets, Photon Cannon, but they don't work that
good against Spore Colonies, since they have 400 HPs,so you're better going
on and blast them with your lasers.

The Battlecruisers are surely amazing, but like the Siege Tanks, or the Wraiths,
they are not meant to be used alone. A group of 10 Wraiths along with 2
Battlecruiser always make for a good hotkeyed fleet. They work very good
against Carriers when paired with Sciece Vessels.

There are some reasons... The Science vessel can use EMP on the Carriers, and
the Yamato Cannon will weaken them like to kill them with one or two shots.
a fleet of full charged and upgraded Battlecruisers will most likely win
against a fleet of full charged Carriers.

The Battlecruisers also make for great backup forces. A group of Battlecruisers
Protecting tanks will wreak havoc against the enemy, not matter which race
it is. A group of Battlecruisers backing up a Massive marine attack is also
a good idea.

The Yamato cannon is a very good back up weapon to take you out of problems.
If a group of Reavers are attacking you and you don't have the time to
bring your tanks near, just use the Yamato cannon. One of them at time.

Also, as a quick note, the battle cruisers are the only unit in the whole
game  capable of survive a nuclear strike, that is, if it's not upgraded,
with 3 HPs left...Argh.Another Marine can kill it.

The Dragoons are very dangerous against the battlecruisers, so be sure to
bring units capable of dealing with the offenders.

My highest kill rating with a Battlecruiser is 79. Good count,uh?


7.-Tactics against the Zerg.

If for some reason I don't like playing as the Zerg is that they have three
big weakness:

Reason nº1:Inexistent defense.

Right a Sunken Colony make 40 damage and has 400 HPs. Then why I can kill
a colony using a groups of stupid Marines?
	-I am using marines that have at least 1 armor upgrade.
	-I am using Stimpacked Marines.
	-The Sunken Colony is slow as hell to attack.
	-My oponent is an idiot to let me in without any other units around.

Very small details blast the Zerg ground defense. Of course, there are
but they are supposed to be out there attacking.

The Spore colonies do 15 damage. That's pitiful. How can you expect to defend
against battlecruisers with 15 damage?A fully upgraded battlecruiser only
receives 9 damage, and you have to do 500 damage. Hmmm... you need like 55
hits to bring it down.

Reason nº2:Inexistent in the late game.

Nah,this one's easy: If you have Battlecruisers the Zerg is Screwed.

Reason nº3:Inexistent resistance.

Try playing a 8 players FFA battle against the Computer. Put 3 Zergs,2 Terrans
and 2 Protoss. You play as the Protoss or the Terrans. Bang. you hear Zerg
cries, and suddenly "x player is eliminated". The zerg little defense is
and you must be always attacking in order to survive, or spend lots of money
defending, which is never a good idea.

The Zerg have an incredible hard time defending themselves from 2 or 3 attacks
in a row.

Those reasons are important enough for you to exploit them and get the upper
hand in a game.

But if you let me say it,their soundtrack is amazing ^_^.

So, what matters over here, is that you must study these three weakness and
get it over your head to win against the Zerg.

Ussually, a Zerg Player is fast, and aggressive, and will start sending you
6 or more zerglings. If you don't wanna fall into these kinds of plays,avoid
playing on small maps. If you play on them, you will fall to countless waves
of rushes and most likely you'll lost. The Terrans are Terrible to rush. So
your best bet is to get better units, and half over the Tech Tree the Terrans
have a bloody edge against the Zerg.

To defend effectively against a Zerg rush, the Bunkers are the key. You should
start making 5 or 6 SCVs, making this last one build a supply depot, then
2 more SCVs and then a Barracks, then start pumping out marines. Then 2 more
SCVs,and as soon as you can another barracks, then your first Bunker. Players
with experience start by building their Barracks before the depot, but
since there are newbies reading this(no offense, everyone was a newbie)
I would recomend you to start with the depot first, since while it is
less effective, it allows you to save some money and gives you a brief
break with your supplies.

In small Maps, however,this is very hard to get. There you have to make the
barracks before the supply depot, which makes you have a hard time. Make the
Barracks as soon as resources allow, they can get to you before you get
2 or 3 marines.

If anything else fails, you can always send your SCVs to kill them.

If you can survive long enough like to get Firebats(Sometimes this is
EXTREMELY hard to do)then you will have a sweeter path for victory. While
the Zerg player may continue rushing you, with Firebats the Zerglings are
not longer a threat. Hydralisks, by this time, are powerful units, but
still are no problem for you defenses. This will allows you to concentrate your
resources in more important matters, and start building your offensive.

No longer after this, they will get those annoying Mutalisks. The Mutalisks
are hard to eliminate for one reason-they get them so freaking fast that you
WON'T get your wraiths by that time. There are some effective ways to beat them,
and this time allows much more open space.

First,you can always build lots of Missile Turrets, but that's not always
a good idea. Later in the game Guardians will come out and while they are
not a dangerous since you get your beloved wraiths, they are still powerful.

Second,build more marines. This is actually better, since you can always hide
your damaged Marines in Bunkers to give them a longer life.

Third,attack and kill them before they get Mutalisks. This is, IMHO, almost

The main point is that you have to hold off until you get Goliaths or Wraiths.
Wraiths will come out fast, but Goliaths are not so fast to get if you're
following an attack-minded building patern.

After the Mutas, their only potential treat are the Defilers and the Queens.
The Queens are not so dangerous, since they can screw up you units,but only
can kill them using Spawn Broodlings, and that use 150 energy,that means
they won't be using lots of them, at least not that much.

As for the Defilers, well... They are anoying. Very annoying. How to counter
Hmmm...It's hard. First of all you will need Science vessels or maintain a
constant Recon rutine with you Comsat, to detect them burrowing underground.
Zerg players really like to attack and hide their defilers undergound.

Basically, you best Defiler Hunter are the Stimpacked Marines, or a group
of 10 Vultures. They are fast enough like to reach them. Wraiths don't
work that good since they stop for almost a second to aim them and shoot them,
and they can get to their base that way.

Also, if the enemy is using lots of defilers, then KNOW that they ARE going to
use the dreaded Zerglings/Dark swarm Combo,so get Firebats.

As for Guardians, scourges and Ultralisks, I leave them in your hands, they
are really easy to kill if you have read all this guide.

Well, now that we know how to defend ourselves, then how to attack them.The
Zerg's low defense makes them an easy target for massives Marines/Firebats
attacks, and their high dependance to overlords makes them easy to screw.

In preparation for your attacks, keep your Wraiths and Science vessels on the
move hunting Overlords. The enemy will have to keep building them and
wasting lots of money. At the very end, Nukes and Siege Tanks can spread
doom all over the swarm.

Try locating a cluster of units burrowing their base, then move some Ghost to
direct Nuclear warheads to blast them off. Siege Tanks with Wraiths and
Marines/Goliaths are nearly unstopable. Ultralisk can cause a bit of problem
when atacking, but if you bring at least 12 siege Tanks per group you should
have no problem stoping them.

Finally, Battlecruisers are not as useful here. The Zerg players rely a lot
with Scourges,and a massive scourge attack means you've lost a lot of
money and time...time. That's the key. If you can hold them off, they you've
basically won.

Da CodeMan, a really nice guy, sent me a mail with some interesting
problems for me to solve(Sort of)-seems this guy would be a real problem
when facing his zerg forces, that is if he can pull off these kinds of
strikes(and I'm almost sure he can, he just would never tell me this kind
of things if he didn't knew what is he talking about)

"hey um im here to submit new points to your faq(which in my opinion
was a pretty decent one, but I feel u underestimated the zerg)..."

Well...I don't understimate it, I just think it's either too cheap, or simply
weak. That race in the hands of a competent and FAST guy can easily
take my ego back home ,but that makes them pretty much like a rusher
race, and I would never forget that annoying tank rush from Red Alert.
And Finally, I just like them to fight against(Fun enough to do), but their
strategic capabilities(at least in my opinion)are very limited. Thanks
"first off, battlecrusers can be brought down by delfier. plauge and
dark swarm makes battlecrusers big expensive targets. First the zerg
player plauges the battlecrusers then casts darkswarm over his
hydras.(shure u could irratiate the hydra under the cloud, but the
damage to your battlecrusers is done.)..."

Good strategy to think about it in the open ground, but IMHO, if someone
sends their Battlecruisers(Very "Big Expensive targets")just in the heat of
the battle, they're pretty stupid. It has happened to me many times, but I
have almost always the luck of having a couple o'SCVs to save them.

About dark swarm, you told me it only protects ground units(Most likely),but
I have never been attacked this way. i'm not going to invent something
I have never experience, so this is a new point. I don't really know how
could I react to this kind of attacks(That is, supposing I don't have
any other units around, I would just chase down the defilers and the
Hydras with Tanks and maybe firebats, that would be what any commander, at least
a above average one, should do).

"And broodling costs 150  energy..."

ooops...I made a mistake...Silly me. Sorry everyone...^_^

"and good zerg players will make upwards of 12 queens and if u give them one
inch they will take the map. The zerg will expand the  earliest of all races
because of the hydralisk..."

If for some any silly reason I could play the zerg would be the Hydralisks.
They are awesome units. First off, the Queens. You said it "good players".
Any people who can actually pull of any kind of strategy with the Zerg,is
a very good player. But BattleNet 300-2-123 ranking players who use the
zerg are just losers who go around playing the computer, and joking around
saying they rock. I have personally tried them(I don't remember exactly,
but probably more than half of my won games are against these kinds of
guys)and it's pretty rare to see many queens around. If I find them, many times
I just try to kill them, since if they keep concentrated with queens, sometimes
I can get them on their defense. If I lost, well, I lost,but ussually,there's
a good way to keep the zerg distracted when they use ability based units.

"Zerg will quite often "power" and make 5+ expansions in the early game and
if u dont stop that then and there, wave after wave of fully upgraded hydras
will knock on your door, you could have a 5 to 1 kill ratio, but the point
is, if 100+ hydras hit your doorstep every 3 minutes(im exagerrating
but u get the point) your not concentrating on attacking..."

I have found that is simply better to make expansions at that time, than
trying to waste units in senseless attack. The Zerg have the easiest time
to get lots of money ,but if you can get them too, then you can get your
own good units, and keep a good fight.

No race can be bettter than any other one. The Zerg have their strenght.
The Terran too. If you can handle them, then you're good. If not, then you
go and read this guide ;)just joking. I don't win every game, and I have
lost to the swarm. You have proven your point...

"Back to battlecrusers, did u ever get a parisite on one?"

wow...lots of times...freaking parasites.

"I enjoy watching players try to figure out what to do with a parisited
battlecruser. It often achieves the means of broodling, he sends the
battlecruser to your base to cause minimal damage and die."

I enjot watching players try to figure out what to do with a couple of
irradiated zerglings. Is not that drastic, but it's almost the same fun.
Like I told him, I ussualy send them to their base, and cause some damage
'fore it's destroyed. It's lost, what can I do?
I have been thinking, and another trick could be using them to distract
the enemy! Take the parasited cruiser, and a handful of units, and start
with them. When the enemies try to kill it,go with you rmain force for the
back entrance. Pretty cool ,and It seems to be a good strat, I have to try it,

"Thats all and nice faq by the way, it wasnt mistaken in efforts like other
ones. one said nukes did 350 damnage or something or they said that guardians
could attack air(HAHAHA I'd like to get the free win off them sometime).
Well anyway later."

Thanks a lot, you're cool too,blah,blah,blah. Those are the ones who have a
300 winning games .I'm not completely sure, but I think i readed somewhere that
nukes did 350 damage sometime in the early releases, but don't mind me...
About guardians, well, that was downright stupid. I would like to know who
was that being...later too.


8.-Tactics against The Protoss.

The Protoss are a very powerful both in offense and defense .Why I don't
play them?

-Reason Nº1: I like the goddamned Terran soundtrack.

That's not a real reason, but oh well.

-Real Reason Nº1: High Templars Vs Ghosts.

First reason, is that I have an strict mind when playing any game.This time,
is that I don't f***ing like extremely vulnerable units! I hate it when
I try to retreat my high templars and they take all their time to move, ARGH!

The High Templars have useful abilities, but none of them compares to the
Ghost's Lockdown and Cloak ability. The Ghost are faster, have a weapon,and
are less expensive, and IMHO they are more useful.

-Real reson Nº2: Scouts Vs Wraiths.

Scouts are way more expensive, are slower and don't have cloaking. Sure they
are more resistant and more destructive, but have the same ground attack.
And the Wraiths are a better team unit.

-Real Reason Nº3: Battlecruisers Vs Carriers.

Carriers are more expensive in the long run.Period.

The Carried may have the upper hand in a one on one fight, but...

After all,if commanded right, I've no a single problem to stop a fleet of
12 Carriers with my fleet of 12 Battlecruisers. Proving they are all upgraded,
look this example.

                  (A)--->BB          CC<---(A)
                    (B)->BBBB      CCCC<--(B)
Battelcruisers ----(C)-->BBBB      CCCC<------(C)--Carriers
                    (D)->BB          CC<----(D)
(How ugly,right?)

Battlecruiser in A line shot their Yamato Cannon against a single Carrier
in Carrier A line. That's 520 damage, the Carrier is gone. Now both of
them can attack the left Carrier in the Line, while their energy is charging
up, ready for another Yamato shot in a short period of time. They will
kill it with their laser shots, receiving no more than 150 damage to only
one of them. That means the first Carrier line dies without any casualty
and little damage for the first Battlecruiser line.
Also, note that their shields and their Plasma shields may be upgraded,but
they are NOT going to stop the 70 extra damage, since the Carriers have
a grand total of 450 HPs.
That leaves a two units advantages against the other carriers. These carriers
are also availabe to help out the Battlecruisers line B, not only
with their laser shots, but by that time they can also use the Yamato cannon
again, or maybe need a little more time.

Meanwhile, the battlecruisers line B has already done with their respective
moves-this also proves that while is bigger the number of involved
Battlecruisers-Carriers in battle,the advantage of the Battlecruisers get bigger
and Bigger.The first two (or whichever Battlecruisers I choose to battle
at that exact time)use their Yamato Cannon against their first target, to
wipe it out. the other two do the same against the other one. Joining their
fire power against a single target, they will totally overpowering one of the
two left Carriers of the line. Also, note that the Battlecruiser in the LINE
A are now done, and can now help their partners.

The two left lines do the same, but now onto a big and open battle, you also
note that the Carriers can direct their fire to a single target, which is
more smart than divide all your 12 Carriers-or battlecruisers-into 4
groups and fight that way.(be smart, that is to show smaller numbers)But
the Battlecruisers can still use the same strategy and use 2 Battlecruisers
to wipe out a single Carriers .The result will be amazing, 6 of the Carriers
being destroyed as soon as the battle starts-and this is without taking
note of the range of the Yamato Cannon-and now you can concentrate your
power against one of them while your energy charges up and you can use
your Yamato Cannon once again.

The Battlecruisers will, at most, lost 3 Battlecruisers.T he Enemy fleet,
is gone.

But there are countless variants into a 12-12 battle between Carriers and
Battlecruisers. If played right, either players may win or lost,but now we
are focusing on the Terrans. The most obvious will be Scouts and Wraiths.

                  (A)--->BB          CC<---(A)
    Wraiths--------(A)-->WWW        SSS<--(A)--------Scouts
                    (B)->BBBB      CCCC<--(B)
Battelcruisers ----(C)-->BBBB      CCCC<------(C)--Carriers
                   (B)-->WWW        SSS<--(B)
                    (D)->BB          CC<----(D)

This one's easy-The Wraiths can Cloak, and since we are supposing the only
new units in our ecuation are the Wraiths and the Scouts, there are no
Observers around. The Battlecruisers casualties may go up, but the Wraiths
will cause devastation-and we can always think the enemy may Retreat.

(Jesus Christ, this thing's getting too long. But it's cool.)

Now, since we have cloaking units, we need to bring over new units. Since
we need cloak detection, the only mobile Protoss detector are the Observers.
And to keep our balance, the new unit for the Terrans will be the Science
vessel, because they are our only Terran Mobile Detector.

                  (A)--->BB          CC<---(A)
    Wraiths--------(A)-->WWW        SSS<--(A)--------Scouts
    Science vessel-(A)-->Sc           O<------(A)
                    (B)->BBBB      CCCC<--(B)
Battelcruisers ----(C)-->BBBB      CCCC<------(C)--Carriers
                   (B)-->Sc           O<----(B)
                   (B)-->WWW        SSS<--(B)
                    (D)->BB          CC<----(D)

This makes the difference even bigger. While the Observers gives out
the Wraiths locations, they still cause damage, and the Science vessel has
a couple of moves: Using EMP Shockwave to help out the damage,or using
Defensive Matrix to protect carriers. This one may cause problems, but if
you follow the same strategy, you will reduce your casualties, since you are
not going to need to use all of your battlecruisers energy into beating the
Carriers, since they are going to be gone quicker and you will get to use
the Yamato Cannon into the Scouts, wiping one of them at time.

We haven't talked about wiping out the Observers, easy task for the
Battlecruisers that have already fired thir first Yamato Cannon.

But now we have a new element, abilty-based units. We'll have to get more
units into the battle, and since we haven't touched ground units ,we'll start
bringing in a couple of Ghosts and High Templars.

                  (A)--->BB          CC<---(A)
    Wraiths--------(A)-->WWW        SSS<--(A)--------Scouts
    Science vessel-(A)-->Sc           O<------(A)
        Ghost-(A)>G (B)->BBBB      CCCC<--(B) T<-(A)---High Templar
Battelcruisers ----(C)-->BBBB      CCCC<------(C)--Carriers
           (B)-->G (B)-->Sc           O<----(B) T<-(B)
                   (B)-->WWW        SSS<--(B)
                    (D)->BB          CC<----(D)

This will open new options. Still, if the Science vessel used the EMP Shockwave,
the High Templar's Energy will be gone, giving you a good chance. If not,
then the High Templar can use Psionic Storm, probably killing your Wraiths,
and damaging your Batlecruisers. Also, they can use the halucination, but the
EMP Shock wave will counter that.

As for the Ghost, their Cloaking ability will be obsolete, since we have
Observers on the game. Their best choice is to use the Lockdown to stop
four carriers, and keep shooting enemies. Still, you can also lockdown the
Observers, keeping your Wraiths cloaked, and giving you still two more
Lockdowns to use.

This also can be varied by the presence of an Arbiter, but since we need
something to keep things balanced, we'll give the Terrans another Ghost.

                  (A)--->BB          CC<---(A)
    Wraiths--------(A)-->WWW        SSS<--(A)--------Scouts
    Science vessel-(A)-->Sc           O<------(A)
        Ghost-(A)>G (B)->BBBB      CCCC<--(B) T<-(A)---High Templar
Battelcruisers ----(C)-->BBBB      CCCC<------(C)--Carriers
           (B)-->G (B)-->Sc           O<----(B) T<-(B)
          (C)-->G  (B)-->WWW        SSS<--(B) A<---(A)-Arbiter.
                    (D)->BB          CC<----(D)

As for now, the Arbiter's cloaking field is irrevelant since we have
detectors in the battlegorund-So their abilities are the important part.
They can use Stasis Field or Recall,both giving the Protoss the big part.
Still, our Science Vessel or the Ghost, which now have another one, then the
chance to use a couple of more times Lockdown, can leave the Arbiter
useless. Giving the Terrans another ghost makes them way more powerful.

There another units to see. Since we have ground units, Dragoons and Goliaths
can enter the game.

                  (A)--->BB          CC<---(A)
    Wraiths--------(A)-->WWW        SSS<--(A)--------Scouts    Science vessel-
                   (A)-->Sc           O<------(A)
Goliaths------(A)------->GGGG      DDDD<---(A)--------Dragoons
        Ghost-(A)>G (B)->BBBB      CCCC<--(B) T<-(A)---High Templar
Battelcruisers ----(C)-->BBBB      CCCC<------(C)--Carriers
          (B)----------->GGGG      DDDD<------(B)
           (B)-->G (B)-->Sc           O<----(B) T<-(B)
          (C)-->G  (B)-->WWW        SSS<--(B) A<---(A)-Arbiter.
                    (D)->BB          CC<----(D)

                  (Now that's a very huge force!)

This makes this battle stupid since the Goliaths cause 32 total damage, and
will wipe out Scouts with no problem, clearing our biggest treat. Though
they maybe lots of variants, including Marines(Which will make very little
difference, remember we are playing with heavily armored units), Archons(Which,
if that freaking EMP Shockwave comes in would be totally wasted), or changing
numbers, though changing the numbers of the Battlecruiser and Carriers will
make almost no difference, except making the Battlecruisers more devastating.
Carriers end up being a bit more costly, since you need to build Interceptors,
and as you see, this battle would be won if played the way I tell.

*The Reader*: You play too much with the chances.

Well, Chances are that the Protoss player uses Recall to send their Carriers
home, saving me lots of words and diagrams. But since we are SUPPOSING that
we are going into an victory or death battle, this is one of the many outcomes
playing in this situation. We did not saw that the battlecruiser is not fully
upgraded, that they have come from a battle and have not enough energy to
use the yamato Cannon, or if the Carriers lack interceptors. Starcraft can
into seconds, and everything can change the result of a battle of such

Much of the victory in Starcraft comes into guessing these moves: Chess is
the first strategy game of the world, and it teaches players one important
thing-"Think as your oponent, but not his move, but what's he's thinking
about YOUR move". The fact that you're sending down Battlecruisers means you
think that you're not going to face a fleet only made with Scouts, and if
your enemy sends Reavers he doesn't expect to meet Wraiths.

Against protoss, this plays an important part.

But, however, are more matters, and I forgot and important reason of why I don't
play the Protoss...

-Dumb Reason Nº1: I just hate their freaking guts.

But I like their way of talking. EN TARO ADUN!

Let's continue. Many Terran Players-and most players-are afraid of the dreaded
four-Zealots-Rush. They have the reasons, the Zealot is a powerful unit which
has no match at the start of the game. The play pattern is pretty much like
playing against a zerg oponent.

BUT, you gotta stop that rush with everything you've got. I ussually have my
first Bunker ready, full of marines, and a couple more outside waiting more
Members. This is ussually enough-but still they can attack you again, with more
Psi-power. Try to get Firebats as fast a you can, Marines are killed like
flies against Zealots. Get your firebats in the Bunkers. If you can stop
their first two attacks, you will have enough time to start building your
offensive, since by that time you're supposed to have Siege Tanks.

Ghosts play an important role against the Protoss. Lockdown stops almost
any unit in the protoss army. That gives you a very high advantage. Siege Tanks
also are very important.

As to stop Scouts, counter with Goliaths. Since they can't cloak, they are
basically dead meat if they are found against them. Marines also can work
wonders in Base defenses.

Dragoons are also a big problem. Massive Dragoons rushes are seen later
in the game, and they do huge damage(20 base damage), and are quite resistant,
and finally, they are large, meaning our firebats are unuseful here. Siege Tanks
are more powerful there, since Dragoons can fall to their shots with relative

The Nuclear strike is what can really crush the Protoss. Using an EMP Shock
wave can destroy the Protoss shield and the Nuke will most likely destroy
the Building-Killing off Probes with Firebat-Dropship is a good idea, don't
care about enemies, just target the workers.

Their Pylons are also an advantage. If you think you can't get past those
Photon Cannons, aim for their Pylons. Nukes work really well with this.

Finally ,the key against Protoss is superior power. Don't attack if you're
outpowered. Keep them for their weak spots, and kill them.


9.-Tactics against the Terrans.

Hmmmmm... read this guide througly. Now just learn to counter each of these

I can't really help you against the Terrans. Basically, what you need is to
have constant Cloak detection, keep them turtling around, and nuking them
to death.

Terrans Vs Terrans is a very hard battle. Nor you, or the enemy will have any
advatages against each other, and while these battles can be really intense,
ussually end up being really boring. Anything I said against Carriers works
against Battlecruisers.

Don't attack Wraiths with Wraiths, that's a waste of resources. Better counter
with Goliaths. Be careful about their Siege Tanks, and use Lockdown against

Your best bet is to have constant EMP use and abuse, this can give you a good
advantage-keep those Battlecruisers and Wraiths drained, and they won't be
a problem. Lock down work s very well here too, but since there are Firebats,
Ghosts become more useless.

Other good spots are massive Vultures Rushes in the start of the game. Since
the Vultures do concussive damage, they can really kick Marines asses. Keep
on attacking and you should be fine.


10.-Basic early-medium-late game for the Terrans.
<AKA Being an Terran Player>

(NOTE:This is mostly against Computers players, but it servers just as well
against an Human oponent, but since I'm writing this from my "memory-guide"
I'm not going to connect and play a freaking game for this...)
This is just a demo of how to solve different threats, how to enter different
kinds of  defenses, and mostly a guide. Don't think everything will happen
just as I say it, k?

Starting a Game against 8 Computers players(That's fun!At least for the first
30 minutes...).You'll start with 4 SCVs, your command Center, and 50 Minerals.
Let's suppose we are in an inland map, such as the Hunters.

Start building another SCVs, more SCVs until you have 7 full working and
build a Supply Depot. Continue building SCVs and when the SCV is finishing
working on the Supply depot get him to build a Barracks.

----------DANG IT! It's your choice. You can build a Supply Depot AFTER you
build your Barracks. This start is VERY defensive just for computer oponents,
which will attack you always before you are ready to attack. This little
building's switch can mean your mind, defensive or offensive-

As soon as you have you damned barracks start making marines. Get a Marine to
scout your inmediate sorroundings ,and keep a sharp eye to find your
choke points and spots where the enemy can be. Be sure to keep 100 minerals
to build a Bunker near your Mineral Field, so early Zerg or Protoss Rushes
can't rip your workers apart so easily.

Make another Supply Depot, and keep training Marines and SCVs. As soon as you
have at least 10 Marines(not counting the ones in your Bunker)and at
least 12 SCVs Mining,make a Academy. This will allow you to train mucho
useful Firebats which will help you defend and attack early. Build an
Refinery as you build your Academy, and keep making Supply depots as your
supply is only 3 units above your currents units.

The Computer(or player) probably have been attacking you already-but those
were probably very easy to repel rushes. Protoss early Rushes will come
out by the time you have enough Marines to counter them, even when they
can break some Marines, you'll easily won if you put that Bunker in an
inteligent position. This leads us to the first rule that a Terran Player
must know.

RULE Nº 1:Without Marines,you are screwed.

And this leads us to another Rule, more to a defensive matter.

RULE Nº 2:Without Bunkers, you are screwed.
(at least for the whole start of the game, until Guardians, Carriers and
Battlecruisers come knocking your door.)

When you get Firebats, you'll probably have a mid-steadly supply of cash.
By then, and while you keep making units-Marines, preferred, since they will
last for longer in the game-you can start building a Factory and it's
add-on, the Machine Shop. You can consider building an Engineer bay, it's
a good idea against pesky early Observers, since they can ruin up your
entire game if you don't move fast. Building a Factory is ussually followed
by two choices: Research Siege Mode for your Siege Tanks, or the Ion Thursthers
for your Vultures.
Either choice is good, the Vultures can be used as a massive rush specially
against the Zerg, since the Protoss Zealots will easily mop the floor with your
Vultures, but the Siege mode has to be researched not matter what the f**k
are you pretending to do, since as rule number 3 shows us:

RULE Nº 3:Without Siege Tanks, you are screwed.
(That's pretty much popular idea, and it's true)

And that Leads us to another Rule ,but this time going to new players looking
to become Siege Tanks Masters:

RULE Nº 4:Without Siege Mode, the Siege Tanks are screwed.


RULE Nº 5:Without Siege Tanks with Siege Mode, you are screwed.

So research that Siege Mode early, and you will have a good edge of the
Terran Sword to your advantage. Siege Tanks work Wonders behind Bunkers
in the start of the game, but as you have Siege Tanks, or even before, you
should be looking for new money patches to get more money. As a general rule
for anything in this game:


That's easier said than done(Specialy against me)but money is the core of this
game-without money...uh wait:

RULE Nº 6:Without money, you are screwed.

That's better ;) and since Starcraft, as Warcraft II was, is first and foremost
a game of production), the best way to beat an oponent, going
beyond the "Obliterate his Base until there aren't even ashes" is outproducing
him, keeping him away from his money. Without Money,you have no units,and
units... wait.

SECOND GOLDEN RULE:Without units,you are screwed.

That's a very basic concept, but a rule nonetheless. (I like it!). Production
is a very wide concept, since we are following three different resources:
Mineral, Vespene Gas, and SUPPLIES,CONTROL or PSI, Or whatever you may call it.
Many people forget that's a resource. That's why I recomend(and like)so much
chasing down the enemy's Overlords with Wraiths, we are keeping him away from
making more units(Haha!No more freaking Hydralisks!)and at the same time we
are making him spend more Minerals to get Overlords, instead of having the
freedom to spend it into more combat units,as those Hydralisks.

But let's continue our battle. We were talking about Hydralisks. Honestly,I
think The Hydralisks are the second to best unit in the whole game(First
the Siege Tanks, The Hydralisks and later the Archons)and the best Zerg unit.
They are also the only reason I like playing the Zerg once in a while. The
Hydralisks are a powerful unit,cheap and fast. While they can't stand a chance
against several Battlecruisers or massives Marines attacks... Wait.

RULE Nº7: Two marines will always beat one Hydralisk.

They are still a dangerous threat to your safety. Marines work way better
than Firebats, since they can group easily and wipe out Hydralisks by sheer
number advantage. Also,  Stimpacks give your marines a huge advantage. The range
upgrade is important against the zerg and Protoss, but specially against the
Zerg, since Hydralisks are very tough attackers, and since they can be made so
fast, they can overwhelm you with ease. Hydralisks, however,get really forgotten
by many Zerg Players-Even when they are very powerful and useful-cept to
defend themselves. Hydralisks should be attacking you by this moment. Siege
will not kill them with just one shot, so Marines are required to finish them
off. Mutalisks may attack you right now, but let's wait.

As for protoss, Zealots will still be attacking you by this point, but since you
have Firebats, you can fend off their attacks with some ease. Not guaranteed,
but still is a safety Belt. Siege Tanks will help by this time, lucky you.

Going to the offensive department, Against the zerg you may win right now
with some ease. A big Tank Push is what you need now,and now that you have
Tanks,you can use the TANK push. (I guess you don't need a rule to know
that a Tank Push is screwed without Tanks to Push around) A Tank Push consist
of a easy to remember layout, and it's Tanks, Marines in front ,and you may
add Firebats for your convenience, though in my oppinion that's just a waste
of money, More Marines last longer and are more useful. Goliaths are another
choice, but since we are not supposed to build an armory this far into the
game(at least me-I neglect this building Until I feel I can use some upgrades)
so we will take Marines until then. The layout is supposed to go like this:
(Did you noticed I really like making Diagrams ^_^ ?)

Marines---->MM           XXXXXXXXXXX--->Whatever
          TTMM           XXXXXXXXXXX--->It's
STank---->TTMM           XXXXXXXXXXX--->Your
          TTMM           XXXXXXXXXXX--->Target
            MM           XXXXXXXXXXX--->of Choice.

Using a Comsat abilities ,you scout the wished part of the scene, mainly the
area you want to attack. Areas with:

1) Siege Tanks(In more numbers,of course).
2) Wraiths(If they are already cloaking, which is very likely)
3) Reavers(They have shorter range, but they can reach our Marines, unless
you put them between the tanks, which is not recomended since they can still
reach you since the have 180 total HP and can beat the hell outta anything
they find).
4) Battlecruisers,Guardians or Carriers(Well,duh!)

Are not very recomended to be attacked this way. Better hold off until you
get Battlecruisers and attack.(Well, actually, proving there are Battlecruisers,
is a fact that you are going very far in the game). In the Tank Push, the
Firebats/Goliaths or whatever you sent with your tanks(Way better if all
of them)not only serve as a protection aganst units, but as a shield too.Marines
are cheap and easy to get, but if they get in the way, they can get the Siege
tanks free shots, specialy against the Reavers.

Going Farther in the game gives you access to my favorite unit, the Wraiths.
Hmmm... been awhile since I gave you a rule...

RULE Nº8:A Wraith without Cloaking is screwed.
RULE Nº9:Without Wraiths,you are screwed.

The Wraiths are amazing, and now you can add them to your Tank Push, which is
always a good idea, specialy to counter Scouts. Hmmm, Scouts. Enemy Air Units
are entering now our ecuation.

Scouts are powerful, and Mutalisks are just plain annoying. By this time,
Turrets are the key-so build lots of them, and in every spot you can.
However, Turrets are not invincible, so keep making Bunkers ,full of Marines,
that would be useful. This time is time of attacking, too, so don't keep holding
off against them.

We also have those annoying Dragoons. Dragoons do huge damage,and are fast.
Protoss players have a nice habit to make huge numbers of dragoons to wipe
the hell outta your armies. Is easier just to make a Tank Push against
them than waiting for them. Spider Mines are a good weapon here ,and Tanks too.
It's easier said than done, but it's all I can offer.

Also, though less likely than Dragoons or Scouts, a protoss player may be
tempted to send you a whole army of Zealots. Firebats! Firebats all the way!
Also, take the "human stupidity" to your advantage. If he doesn't Cares about
his Zealots, and he leaves them all by themselves, attack them with Wraiths.
You will see the Zealots running away from your wraiths!Hahaha!

Zerg players, during Mid-Late game(Not Mid,Not Late,just Mid-late :)are
specially ||WEAK|| when we talk about fighters. They will only get two important
units: Queens, as a first target for our research, are really annoying, but also
easily killed(well,not "that" easily ,but just easy).As another rule:


Well, that's an easy to remember rule, and also a basic thought, not as much as
a rule. The Queens are meant to be countered by just killing them away,not
protecting yourself against them. Having your Wraiths ready is Important.
The Spawn Broodlings-as that freaking "Polymorph" spell from the Mages in
Warcraft II-ability never reveals the location of the Queen, and the unit
does ||not|| have the time to yell anything, so you won't notice when it's
working, or when it is not working. You'll only realize that when the Broodlings

That's unfair, right, but since it takes 150 energy to use, Wraiths can chase
the Queen down without any problems. Tight Security along all your outposts
is needed if you spot the enemy is planning to use Queens.
(thanks to Da Codeman for telling me about the energy mistake)

Scourges are the other potential enemies by this time,but oh well...

RULE Nº11:just protect the dammed Battlecruisers and Science vessel.

Finally, at this point, you will have a good and steady supply of money. As for
now,ghosts and Nukes enter your scene. You don't need to have more than 2
ComSat stations working, so all of your Command centers, by now and later should
be occupied by Nuclear Silos. You need to have 4 Nuclear Sile armed when you
attempt to use them(to the very least). While I told you how to nuke
"With the lesser danger to you whatever ghost"with a variety of ways, there's
one way that is important for you to learn, since is the most recommended, and
that is to use multiple Nukes at a time.

First off, Hotkey all of your ghosts(let's suppose you have 4 Ghosts and 4
and position them at inteligent position. Don't try to cluster them, it's better
to just spread them out.
Let's figure that this is an enemy base's area.

           |                |_
           |             X  __ ------>Entrance to the base.
          G|  X             |
           |     X     X    |G
                 X=Nuclear target.

(that one looks nice!)
Use the keys you use to hotkey your ghosts ,and as fast as you can,send
the nuclear strikes. Our enemy will only see and hear:
                       "Nuclear Launch Detected"
Once. Yes, once. He will seek out his base and probably kill one ghost.

           |                |_
           |  XXXXXXX  XXXX __ ------>Entrance to the base.
          G|  XXXXXXX  XXXX |
           |  XXXXXXX  XXXX |G
                 X=Area of effect.

If you see, if one ghost gets killed, he will feel safe, but when the other
strikes fall down, he will be wasted .You've won a battle :), but not the war.
Still it's neat.

Batlecruisers and Science Vessels also come on in right now-This gives us
the summit of our strategy. The Tank Push, right now, with the inclusion of
Battlecruisers and Science vessels is almost Unstopable.

But The enemies also get to the most advanced units(well, in the case of the
Zerg, that's questionable, but it's still an important part)and they can, and
||will|| attack you, so we need to learn how to defend effectively against these

First off-Keep making Tanks, Marines and Wraiths. Uhh...

RULE Nº12:"Keep making Tanks, Marines and Wraiths."

They will prove to be invaluable still to this moment, and that's very
important. Tanks, Marines and Wraiths are an excelent Combo/team/whatever by
themselves, and if Battlecruisers come to provide their heavy plates and
the Science Vessels provide their cloak detection and useful Abilities, this
makes for an advanced and fearsome force. Battlecruisers teamed with
Defensive matrix, Marines blasting off enemies of the Tanks,and Wraiths
protecting from treats from above, people, this is VERY effective.

The Protoss get very deadly by this time. Carriers(Though my exhaustive
research has proven that YOU CAN counter them)and more specifically Arbiters
are a nigthmare by this point. Keeping the Protoss out of their Minerals by
this point is a very recomended but it's again easier said than done.

("thou shalt always attack thy workers"LOL!)(The "THY" was a typo, OK?)

Dropshiping Firebats seems to be the easier and cheapest way. You can always
dropship Tanks and Goliaths on a ledge, but that's particulary hard since the
Carriers can send their Interceptors from a very long range, and your Goliaths
will simply go mad shooting whatever they see. Marines are not as useful because
of their under-powered weapons. It's important to follow a priority when both
attacking and defending when it comes to buildings.

A) Workers
B) Gas Facilities
C) Barracks,or Gateways
D) Nexus,Command Centers and Hatcheries.

Then it's your choice. I ussually go for Spires, Templar Archives and Factories.
In this case, Arbiters Tribunals and fleet beacons are important Targets.
Carriers and Arbiters WILL get very annoying, but if you keep the Tank Push
you can easily rip apart their defenses. (I will always tell it, Photon Cannon
SUCKS!)and Marines and Goliaths can keep Zealots away. Science Vessels will
just eliminate the cloaking field. The arbiter may attempt to use Stasis
Field in your units, so keep making more Wraiths and Marines to hold off
until your main units can come back to the battle.

As for the Zerg, Guardians will come knocking your door as I said before,
slighty before the Protoss can become such a problem. Any Smart Zerg player
(and they are VERY smart) will bring over LOTS and LOTS of Mutalisks... This
can be countered by Sending Wraiths but not to attack the Mutas, but directly
to those hidden Overlords. Once they have no cloak Detection, they are sitting
Ducks. Massive Marine assaults also work Wonders due to their expendability,
but technically...

RULE Nº13: The Zerg Can't survive when you get Battlecruiser.




Ultralisks are not a real problem. Of course, 12 ultralisks are a very hard
to stop force,but not as much as 12 Reavers, or 24 Zealots. Ultras are slow
as hell, and don't be fooled, if there are Mutalisks or Hydralisks aroud, they
are more dangerous-Being the Battlecruisers of the land(without the Yamato
Cannon)they are used with one and only one objective: Attract enemy Fire. They
have 400 HPs... that's a lot.

Defilers are a very problematic threat. As with the Queens, keep thight
security around your Outposts .A favorite strategy is to keep groups of
Defilers just at the edge of your base, burrowed. With the adequate regular
scouting, they can be found in time, remember Terran buildings just blow in fire
if the have less than 1/3 of life remaining, and plage does just that!You can't
let them get there.

The best Defiler's hunters are the StimPacked Marine. Chase 'em down, they are
so freaking cheap, they don't deserve to live.

Also, they can Complement the zergling rush by using Dark Swarm. Dark Swarm
basically Screws up(Aren't you already sick of that word?)the terrans,
because unless you have Firebats(very unlikely this far into the game)or
have massive Siege Tanks(very likely this far into the game) you are good
as dead. Get it, one Wraith can kill a whole swarm of Zerglings, since they
can't attack it(Jump!Jump higher you bastard little freak!)but if "the"
Wraith can't see it, it can't shoot them. Bingo. The fact is that you need
to have constant recon around your base to evade this kind of  attacks.

(Geezzz... I have like 3 hours writing this thing!)

How to survive to this moment is relatively easy by this time-You have all
the nescesary tools to do it, you only need to ||Know|| how to use them.
Continue sendin attacks to wipe the enemy's workers. Specially against the

Siege Tanks can turn a Zerg Base to waste by this time if backed up by a
considerable group of Wraiths. If they didn't cared about Zerlings by this time
probably Ultralisks will come to respond to your threat .There are three ways
to counter this:

1) Get those freaking Marines to kill them.
2) Use a Science Vessel,to use Defensive matrix in the Tanks.
3) See this diagram

Ultras->UUU  UUU


That way you are very vulnerable since when the Ultras reach your position
you'll be killed with ease.

Ultras->UUU  UUU
STanks-->TT  TT      UTTU TT -------Both these groups can attack the
           TT           TT----------offending Ultralisks.

(I won't Put the Marines since they are supposed to be too many like to be
put there just like that)The point is that if the Tanks are spreaded, the Ultras
will reach only only or two Tanks, and the rest f the tanks can still attack
them.The Wraiths can attack the Ultralisks too. And the Marines that are
to be there too.

Inteligent position of your groups is an important part, so follow these rules:

- Infatry always will go up to the front.
- Vehicles should always act as an artillery.
- Never leave you ghosts in the very front unless there are no enemies around.
- Science Vessels should always go to the very Back.

Remember the fact that your SCVs can repair damaged vehicles and Ships.


As a summary(And since I really liked my rules)these are the rules any
Terran Player should know by heart:(repeat after me ^_^)

RULE Nº 1: Without Marines, you are screwed.
RULE Nº 2: Without Bunkers, you are screwed.
RULE Nº 3: Without Siege Tanks, you are screwed.
RULE Nº 4: Without Siege Mode, the Siege Tanks are screwed.
RULE Nº 5: Without Siege Tanks with Siege Mode, you are screwed.
RULE Nº 6: Without money, you are screwed.
RULE Nº 7: Two marines will always beat one Hydralisk.
RULE Nº 8: A Wraith without Cloaking is screwed.
RULE Nº 9: Without Wraiths, you are screwed.
RULE Nº11: just protect the damned Battlecruisers and Science vessel.
RULE Nº12: Keep making Tanks, Marines and Wraiths.
RULE Nº13: The Zerg Can't survive when you get Battlecruisers.

And as for our three golden rules:



11.-Different Combos Ideas:

As I have been saying all the freaking guide, no unit is meant to be used
alone. Here are some of the "combos" that I find useful.

-Marines/Firebats : Pretty much self explanatory. Pretty Basic Combo, but
it works extremely good in the early game, and makes for an excelent Base
defense. Firebats go in front, when fully upgraded they have 4 armor, excelent
armor for their low HPs, and makes up for an excelent shield for the Marine's

-Marines/Siege Tanks : The Grandpa of all Combos ^_^.Extremely useful, easy
to manage, effective and nice to look at. Marines in front, Siege Tanks shooting
everything down. One line of defense down, move your tanks near and continue
shooting. Players tend to say this one is too hard to manage in the late game,
sorry but that's stupid. If you maintain a ratio of 4 Marines per Siege Tank,
ths is going to last a hellish time.
(add SCVs and you've got one killer army)

-Battlecruisers/Wraiths : In My opinion, this one can easily overcome the
Carrier Rush, or stop a similar size of a Carrier/Scout Combo-though that's
pretty rare-.Battlecruisers are there just to backup, however, sending them
to the middle of the battlefield is stupid.

-Wraiths/Marines: I'm not going to explain this one. Ok, I'm going to explain
it :)...Marines in the ground, Wraiths in the Air.

-SCVs/Battlecruisers: I'm not going to type what I said when someone was
attacking an small friendly outpost with a single Battlecruiser and the more
people I sent to defend, the less HPs he lost!(It was something like Son of
a something, and mother something). 6 SCVs when below the Battlecruiser, totally
hiding from my sight. I ended the battle with a Nuke, but that's not the case.
Take that as an Example.


12.-Different ways of stoping Combos and...hmmm...I forgot what comes next.

The fact is, while you are thinking of attacking, the enemy too. The best way
of stoping an attack is, well...Kill the enemy units.


(Don't hit me). But there are some more subtle ways of attacking, and there are
more subtle ways of defending. Some of the most used Combos and Some of the
effective ways of defending are listed here:

The Zerg:

-Hydralisks/Guardians: Well, one well placed Nuke would be nice :) but it's
not as easy as it sounds. This one is hard to stop with the Terrans(F*ckin
Protoss have the Psionic storm, and that makes short work of the clusters),
because Siege Tanks(Your main defensive units)are crippled with the Guardian's
acid. Bunkers don't work on this one. Don't waste your freaking time(I know,
I know I know I heard it before...Orgy!), and quickly send Wraiths in. Carefully
monitoring them,look for the Overlords first,the wipe the Guardians. Without
Guardians, the Hydralisks should be a lot easier to take down.

-Ultralisks/Defilers: You gotta hate this one. Dark Swarm all over your main
defensive line,then Ultralisks in. The solution: Keep Siege Tanks in the center
of your base. Sure, this makes no use if your base is not under this kind of
attack, but it's always a good idea to keep an small defensive line near
your Main Command Center. This way, you can always have a last resort defense
to fall back, and in this case, it works wonders since the Siege Tanks are
not affected by the Dark Swarm. Meanwhile, pump out FireBats until the threat
is cleared.

The Protoss:

-Zealots/Scouts: In my honest opinion ,this is one stupid combo, but it's
still used by some rushing players. If you think you can take care of
all of your Marines' and Firebat's Targets, that should be enough to keep
this one away. Wraiths can always help, but in my opinion, it's not needed.

-Archons: MANY, but MANY people complain about them. USE EMP SHOCKWAVE AND

-Carriers/Arbiters: Actually, Battlecruisers are what you need. Wraiths can
take down the Arbiter ,but if you followed an Smart patern when building your
base, then you should have enough Cloak Detection to just forget about their
Cloak field.

The Terrans:

-Marines/Firebats : Against any other Race this Combo is good, but Siege
Tanks make very short work with them. Besides, you always have your good ol'
Bunkers and that helps you a lot against them, since none of them have such
a long range.

-Siege Tanks/Marines : The really effective way to stop this one when playing
Terrans is to use Battlecruisers, or Firebats. Both of them have the advantage
against both of the offending units and none of them can be instantly
damaged like to die too fast.(Remember,Firebats are small,and the Arctile
cannon does half damage to them)

-Battlecruisers/Wraiths : Three units:

- Science Vessels.
- Ghosts.
- Goliaths.

If you actually cared about them then they should be extremely easy to stop.
Lockdown the most dangerous threats(read Battlecruisers), the goliaths shall
kill the Wraiths, then go for the Battlecruisers. Easy.


13.-To Upgrade or not to upgrade,that's the question.

Sure, it's always a good idea to research everything you can, but in times of
problems,and when every unit counts, and when every penny is needed, there's
always something that can wait.

Academy: Available upgrades: U-338 shells(longer range for the Marines)and
Stimpack(ability for the Marines and Firebats).
-U-338 Shells: in my opinion, specially when you have monetary problems, this
one pays back twice what you should expect. The longer range gives the Marines
time for one or two more shots against melee units before they can reach them.
Always the first upgrade to look for.R anking:A
-Stimpack: This is a good ability when you can waste your units, but if you have
trouble,the money can be spend somewhere else. It's good if you're facing many
Zealots,however, but I recomend you to be careful with this one.Ranking:B+

Engineer Bay: available Upgrades: Weapons and Armor upgrades.
-Both of them are always good, But I recommend to upgrade armor first. Why?
because that way your marines can actually stand one more shot from anything
in the game, cept Battlecruisers and Reavers. Same goes to the Firebats.
However, if you plan to keep infantry always in bunkers and they won't be a
important force in the battlefield, Weapons should come first.

Machine Shop: Available upgrades: Ion Thrusters(Faster Vulture speed)(¡!),
Spider Mines(Ability for the vultures)and Siege Mode(For Siege Tanks).
-Ion Thrusters: If you want to joke around screaming out that you have the
fastest units in the game, it's good.Actually, the only advantage into building
this is to get to enemy workers on the fly and wipe them out in the early game,
but if you didn't researched it in the start don't bother with it. Ranking:C
-Spider Mines: This is pretty useful in the early game. Plant around lots of
mines in bridges and see the fireworks!Again, if you didn't researched it
in th early game it's no use later since Carriers, Guardians and those
annoying Battlcruisers are not affected. Ranking:B
-Siege Mode: Remember Rule number 4?"A siege tank without siege mode is
Ever wondered why they are called siege tanks and not tanks? This is probably
the most important upgrade for the terrans, and at 150 Minerals and Gas is
a bargain, and should be researched early. Ranking:A+

Control Tower: Available upgrades: Cloaking Field(Self explanatory), and
appolo reactor(Gives your wraiths 50+ max energy)-This is the place for my
favorite units!
Cloaking Field: Rule number 8: "a wraith without cloaking is screwed". Wraiths
are nothing but a weak ship without their cloaking ability, so always research
this one. Ranking:A+
Apollo Reactor: This isn't always needed, unless you know you're going for
extremely long battles, it's just easier to keep your wraiths uncloaked and
cloak when enemy approachs. It's always an useful asset, But I prefer building
a couple extra wraiths before clicking on this one. Ranking:B+

Armory: Available upgrades: Weapons and armor for Vehicles and airships.
-Vehicles Armor and Weapons: This time, better you go upgrading weapons for
two important reasons. Siege Tanks do 85 damage when fully upgraded, that is
2 shots against a Missile Turret and let it burn down!Also, Goliaths do
32 air damage when fully upgraded, so that is 4 shots to kill a Wraith!. It's
always better that way.
-Ship Armors and Weapons: This time is completely your choice. I Always research
armor first since Wraiths have extremely low HPs(120 HPs,that's maybe 4 shots
from Scouts,5 with upgrades)so they can stand a better chance if you don't find
enemy detectors at time.

Science Facility: Available upgrades: Irradiate(Ability for the Science Vessel)
EMP Shock Wave(Ability for the Science Vessel) and Titan Reactor(50+max energy
for the science Vessel)
-Irradiate: Very useful against the Zerg,completely useless against the Protoss.
Still, Irradiate doesn't exactly do any good when defending your base, so
anyway, think about it when you are about to spend your money. Ranking(against
the Zerg):A. Against the Terrans: B. Against the Protoss:F+.
-EMP Shockwave:Against the Protoss,it's a vital weapon. Against the Zerg,
it's useless. Against Terrans, it's another good point. Always try to keep
this one with you: Ranking:Against Zerg:E. Against the Terrans: C.Against
Titan Reactor: it's useful, but I bet you will never be using the Science
vessel's energy in such an active way like to really need this one. Ranking:

Covert Operations:Available Upgrades: Ocular Implants(longer sight for the
Ghost)Lockdown(Ability for the Ghost), Personel Cloaking(ability for the
Ghost), Moebius reactor(50+max energy for the Ghost).
-Personnel Cloaking: you know, I've just remember when I didn't had the game,
and I readed my friends typing "and take that cloaked ghost with sight
upgrae and lockdown the battlecruisers". A ghost?, well...I came right from
Warcraft II... The Cloaking it's the main weapon for the Ghost ,so you
better go and take this one fast. Ranking:A+.
-Lockdown: Against the Zerg is totally useless, it doesn't works with ANY
Zerg unit!. Against the Protoss and the Terrans, it's excelent.Ranking:A
Against the Zerg: F-
-Ocular Implants: Easily the most useful of the upgrades. With this, you can
from a larger range to save your ghost from getting caught into the Nuclear
blast. Also makes them very useful scouts:B+
-Moebius Reactors: This actually is very needed. The most important use is that
it allows the Ghost to use two lockdowns while cloaked. Again, very useful
Terrans and Protoss, but forget about it against the Zerg. Ranking:A-

Physics Lab: Available Upgrades: Yamato Cannon(battlecruiser's ability) and
the Collosus Reactor(50+ Max energy for the Battlecruisers).
Yamato Cannon: This is the main asset for the Battlecruisers. Useful against
everything. Ranking:A++
Collosus Reactor: Again, it's as useful as the Yamato Cannon itself. Ranking:A.


15.- Me as a Terran Player.

Well... I'm not a very ussual Battle.net player, since I find really weak
resistance between the players I find(Since I'm a spanish speaker, I ussually
hang out there), and while I can give a good fight against experts, I don't
mind if I lose.

I find the terrans as my predilect race since the start, when I first got
the game. Later I tried with the Protoss, which are my second favorite race,
and with the Zerg, which in my oppinion, are weak. So I came back as a Terran.

"If there's a will, there's a way"

(Jchristopher says I'm a above-average player,cause of my motto)

I like the Terrans because of their strategies. They are very versatile. My
strategies mostly involves heavy defense and siege strikes. Wraiths, Marines
and Siege Tanks are my most ussual elements, but if the game lasts long
enough, rest assured my fleet of Battlecruisers will finish you. If a game
gets to this point, I'm in total control. Against rushes, well I can defend
very well...maybe too well. I am very defensive-minded(that's why of my
siege attacks) and these can easily trigger my instincts and make one of those
defenses of the Century which are VERY hard to enter... but never imposible.
The fact is that I can really wipe people this way while they spend an
unbeliable ammout of money in attacking... and get concentrated into their
attack, while I get my Nukes ready to clear your base up from my stealths
bases. It's not a good idea, but when I have the chance ,I do it. It's fun.

Being a Terran Player, veteran from the old Warcraft II days, I find myself
expanding and putting things everywhere. As far I can "handle" all 7 opponents.
That means I can defend, and take out 4 or 5, but it's a madness at the end of
game. 6 Carriers, 4 Battlecruisers, 24 Scourges coming from everywhere IS
very hard, but still is good for practicing.

I If have learned anything from my battles is to never stop. Always do
Build defenses, units, attack, never stop. That's one of my strategies...
I have some memorable moments for this thought. Once I actually built a Bunker
in the middle of a Zerg Base(What a madness!). The guy left the game after
awhile since his main base had 4 marines shooting down his buildings. Don't
ask me how I did it, and How I made it last, but it was a lotta fun.
Also I won a game with a single Ghost. Killed 3 zealots and a gateway with
it. Extremely hard, but it can be done.

As some unuseful info, My favorite units are the Wraiths, and my favorite quote
is from the Ghosts. "Never know what hit them..."



You start out as a Magistrate. You enter when the Protoss fleet unleash a
massive bombardement in the Terran colony of Chau Sara. Your work is to prevent
any further problems while you organize the evacuation of Mar Sara, since the
Protoss are aiming to destroy this colony as well.

Mission Zero: Boot Camp. Objetives: Build 3 Supply Depots, a Refinery,and
gather 100 Gas.

Strategies: Well, this is a simple and easy tutorial. The Advisor will help
you trough this mission, so follow her(It's?)instructions to finish this

Mission 1: Wastelands. Objectives. Build 10 Marines. Extra objective: Raynor

Background: As I told you, the Protoss are moving here. The Confederacy has
decided to lockdown this colony, so your work is to move your colony to
the Mar Sara's Wasteland, And you're in to meet James Rayner, the local
marshall, and he will help you.

Strategies: Another easy Mission.Take what starting units you have and move
south until you find Raynor. He will greet you, and keep moving south killing
whatever Zerg units you find, and finally build a Barracks with your SCVs.
If you have all your starting units, build another Supply depot and then
train the 5 needed marines to end this mission.

Mission 2: Backwater Station. Objectives: Erradicate the alien invasion. Raynor
Must Survive.

Background: After you move your troops, the Advisor will tell you a Distress
Beacon has been activated at the old Backwater station. General Edmund Duke,
who has already meet you last mission, will tell you to stay and that he
will take care of the situation. However, Raynor, in a good "hero in the
Shinning armor attitude"(Quoted from LT.Kerrigan...You will meet her
later)and to shaken up the history, will convince you to move in and help

Strategies: This is not very hard. I ussually finish this one with my Starting
Units. Just head north with at least 11 Marines and Raynor, killing everything,
go up the plateau and destroy the Creep Colony. You will find some Terran
Units, and some Reiforcements-your brand new Firebats. With them, continue east
beating the Zerg and you will see an Infested Comand Center. Blow it up to
finish the Mission-with a good rant from Duke. You will also see a movie,
with a Patroling boggie getting killed by some Zerglings and Hydralisks.

Mission 3: Desperate alliance. Objectives: Survive for 30 Minutes

Background:Since you destroyed a "vital confederancy structure", Duke is not
happy with you, and the Confederancy is continuing avoiding the Zerg matters.
Your only hope is to ally with the Sons of Korhal, leaded by Acturus Mengks,
a renegade militar faction. He offers you to send you a numbers of transports
in 30 minutes. Now it's up to you to be alive by the time the transports

Strategies: Now this is a harder mission. Your main idea is to guard yourself.
Start by repairing your Bunker and filling them up with Marines. Build extra
Bunkers. Now pump out as many Marines as you can, and place them in the high
ground, and at least 6 Firebats per side to fend off Zerglings. Vultures are
also useful, but not required.
You can also attack the Zerg colonies, but are sort of hard, and does not good
to finish the mission. You still have to wait 30 minutes. Is easy to
defend against most attacks, but at the last one, the zerg will send ALL of it's
units,and that's no good. But if you are worried about making Marines,
this will be no problem.

Mission four: The Jacobs Instalation. Objectives: Steal the Confederancy data

Background: Now that you have allied with the Sons of Korhal, you're not
longer a Magistrate, well,that's not a big change. The Protoss are standing over
to make their move, so we need to get the hell out of here. But, Mengks wants
you to get a data disk from one of the Confederancy Labs, which may contain
interesting weapons design, and it's supposed to be lighly guarded.

Strategies: You start with Raynor as an AMAZING marine.(200 HPs!).
Basically, just go north, killing whatever you find, then go to the right, and
later enter the beacon. Your units will be transported right to the right
of the main lab. Go in there, killing whatever you may find, and get into the
beacon: There you will download the Data, and finish the Mission.

Mission five: Revolution. Objectives: Help the Antigans, destroy the
troops and Raynor and Kerrigan must survive.

Background: You will be introduced to Kerrigan, she's the second in command
to Acturus. She will explain that the Antigan troops want to attack the
Confederancy, so we are here to help them out.

Strategies: Get Raynor south until you find Kerrigan, and then send Raynor right
to the Antigan Base,to the northeast. Touch the Command Center to own all
the Buildings and the Antigans will take out the Confederancy Bunkers.
Now you can bring Kerrigan safely. You also notice that now you have one of
the best units in the games, the Wraiths. Build at least 12 Wraiths, and
their Cloaking ability. You're now off to attack the Gas outpost to the
which is lightly defended.
Now carry at least 16 marines and unload them in the main island. Also get
4 SCVs to build a Barracks there. Start pumping out Marines and wipe out
the rest of the base. With the help from you Wraiths, you should have no

Mision six :Norad II. Objectives: Protect the Norad II, bring Raynor and two
dropships to the Norad II. Obviously, Raynor must survive.

Background:A fter helping the Antigan rebels, the Norad II, Duke's flagship
has been attacked by the Zerg and finally has crashed into the Zerg's territory.
Mengks sends you to help him, hoping that Duke will join him. Raynor and
are not happy about it, but oh well.

Strategies: This is a kinda difficult mission, since you need to protect the
Norad II. An easy way is to destroy the right bunker, and you will be able
to build a Barracks. Now keep making Marines, and you will have a sweet time
defending the ship. As for your main Base, it will be tirelessly attacked by
Hydralisks and Zerglings-Mutalisks will mostly attack the Norad II. A few
well placed bunkers will made it for you.
Your offensive, even when it's stupid, should count with Massive Marines and
Goliaths, since there are huge numbers of spore colonies, and your Wraiths
will be dead meat if you're not careful. Start by sieging the base from the
plateau,and with the Barracks you built within the Norad II, start making
massive marines, at least 12, and attack carefully the nearest Colonies.
Keep on stacking Marines, and soon you will kill all the Spore colonies
around the Norad II, so get your Dropships with raynor there to end the mission.

Mission seven: The Trump Card. Objectives: bring the Psi emitter to the enemy
base. (there's a beacon so you know where you have to put it)

Background:T he Confederancy has discovered your position, so it's up to us to
defend ourselves. However, Acturus and Kerrigan have an interesting discovery
that has to do with the disk that Raynor and you found.
The data disks had desings of the Psi emitter. Surprinignly enough, the Zerg
is attracted by the psionic emanations of the ghosts(-wait a minute,Kerrigan
is a freaking ghost!),and this thing has just that, but very amplified. Mengks
wants you and Kerrigan to put one of these things in the very heart of the
confederancy base... after all,it's only self-defense :)

Strategies: This is a very difficult mission. The enemy's base is huge, but
fortunately is that we don't have to blow it up... entirely.
Kerrigan and Mensgk will start having a very weird chat, but the enemies will
be attacking you already. Get your units out of the two smaller expansions
to evade unescesary casualties(though Kerrigan may wipe out nearby Tanks and
Marines). You don't start in a advantage position, so be careful. Start by
building up Marines and Firebats-stand by for Goliaths and Wraiths-since
we need a quick defensive force to stand up in Bunkers. The SCV which has the
Psi Emiter cannot mine anything, but it can build things.
Using your Marines and Firebats, start wiping the nearby resistance, and
start building Goliaths. The south entrance is slighty easier to enter, so
send Firebats and Marines, backed up with Goliaths, carefully watching for
troop positions.
Go slowly, but surely, sending reinforcements, and a couple science Vessels
may be useful against Wraiths. There's a very annoying Battlecruiser over
there, so be really careful. Sending a bunch of Goliaths will do well.
When you get to the beacon, send your SCV with the Psi emiter, and continue
fighting the enemies, because some missed shots from a Siege Tank may kill
your SCV. That will finish the mission.

Mission eight: The Big Push. Objectives: Kill 'em all! Duke must Survive.

Background: The Zerg overruned the whole enemy Base. Acturus si now looking
to wipe the whole confederancy, and Duke's with him(freaking brat), and he
advices to attack the main Space Plataform. That's about it.

Strategies: This is not a very hard mission, specially cause
you have that powerhouse that is the Norad II. At the start, send your buildings
and units north to find some leftover Add-on, which you can captured placing
your buildings there. Right,you have to nuclear stations,but is better to
take one, and build a ComSat Station, for now. Later you can build a Command
Center there.
Basically, what you have to do, is to make a big frontal assault with Tanks
and Marines,plus some Goliaths.The Norad II will provide aditional firepower
(And that's a lot of firepower!)plus you can always use your nice yamato
Cannon just in case things get tricky.
The Brown Base is very easy to destroy. Keep pushing them, and using the
Norad II, and eventually it will be gone. Nukes are very useful here,so don't
hesistate on using them.
The Orange base is incredible easy target for the Norad II, and a helluva
lot of Wraiths.

Mission Nine: New Gettysburg. Objetives: Kerrigan Must Survive, all Zerg
must survive(?), destroy the Protoss forces.

Background: Raynor doesn't liked the fact that Duke planted MORE psi emiters
in the confederancy base. However, the Protoss are here again, most likely to
blow up everything in the face of the planet again. Mesngk think that the
protoss may allow the confederates to escape(??)so he's sending down Kerrigan
to protect the Zerg(???) and to destroy the Protoss. Raynor doesn't likes this
fact, so he will actually hate Mensgk( I dont'trust him either.Defend
the Zerg? **** you!).

Strategies: This is a weird mission. The Zerg may attack you, but you cannot
attack them. How unfair. Well, the fact is that we need to defend against
both the Zerg and the Protoss, plus defend the Zerg against the Protoss, and
finally wipe the floor with the Protoss. Build Bunker, and lots of 'em,to
protect yourself from the Zerg.
The Zerg will atack you With pretty much anything in their arsenal, so be
extremely careful. The Protoss, in the other hand,will seldom attack you,
so you gotta go and build a good Strike force. Lots of Tanks, Goliaths and
Marines, plus some Wraiths and Battlecruiser(Pretty much anything in YOUR
arsenal)will be needed here. It's not very hard .Just keep sieging your oponents
with the Tanks, and move carefully. After awhile, you will win, and a huge Zerg
force will destroy your base-you have nothing to do... Kerrigan will ask
what's going on, and finally, the mission will end.

Mecahawk64@aol.com sent me this little note that explain the massive rush:

"If you beat new gettysburg on the terran campaign you wil get rushed with
a bunch of zerg.If you put the power overwhelming and staying alive on and
deseige your tanks send some bcs to kill all zerg buidings and units you wil
notice that 5 zerglings are created every half second."this can add up to
alot of kills."

If you want to show your friends a 1000 + Killing spree, this is the
trick. Thanks a lot!

Mission ten: The Hammer falls .Objectives: Raynor must survive, destroy the
Ion Cannon.

Background: Kerrigan will be counted as dead for us, and Raynor is definitely
NOT happy about it. He decides to get off from this place, and since you
are non-existant, you will go with him. Acturus will start making a silly
speech, and will argument with Raynor. Your advisor will inform you that Duke
has succesfuly turned on the Ion Cannon, which is a powerful defensive structure
for tarsonis, and obviously, you cannot escape with that thing online.

Strategy: Welcome to what could be the second to hardest mission in the whole
game. This is a very, very, and I mean VERY hard mission.
You start with very few trops, be sure to build Bunkers to defend yourself.
Plus, move fast to get Siege Tanks, or you will be dead. Jim is almost useless
by now, so leave him in the base. Both enemies will start attacking you very
with Tanks and Goliaths, and will nuke you to high hell if you're not fast.
The Ion Cannon is to the north-north-east of your base. Actually, that's your
main objective, but you can always go on and attack whatever you find in your
path if it's your wish.
That's not a bad idea, but it's truly masochist. It's better to just pull of
at least 6 battlecruisers, 12 Wraiths, and 5 Dropships with an adequate
cargo of Tanks and Goliaths(plus some SCVs)and go through a very small gap
that it's located to the north east of your base(It may be wise to bring
Raynor too, since your base may get attacked while you're busy over here,and
he may die)and start attacking over there. As soon as you find an adequate
slot, unload Tanks, Goliaths and Scvs, and build a Barracks. Use your
to level down the air defenses, and send your transports full of Marines.
You don't need to wipe it out, just at least leave it with less than 1/3 energy.
It will blow on it's own, and you will have finished the Mission.


-Well, thanks a lot to Blizzard,for this game, which is really amazing.
-To all the people writing faqs for this game for inspiration.
-To Jchristopher, for writing a very good faq, if a bit late, but who cares,
even when he seems to be a huge Protoss fan, and for acknowledging that the
Battlecruiser is the dominant ship in the game.(HaH!)
-Myself, I forgot my own being before...shess...
-The guy who wrote the Wacraft II guide for the W!Zone II from Widzards
Works for saying "Wacraft II is first, and foremost, a game of production".
-CjayC, for obvious reasons. He runs the best video games site in the web.
-Da Code Man for giving me a new thing to think about.
-Mecahawk for his note on New Gettysburg stage.
-ArTiCuNo101(Whatever was his number)for being such a dumbass and letting
me insult him.
-And you, for reading this.


16.-Legal Stuff:

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the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT
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                        ______   ______    ||||
                       <_____ \ <_____ \   ||||        ____
   __________________________\ \______\ \__||||______ / \  \
  /   Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)      / |||| / / /|   \ /\
 <      --------------------------------<  ||||/ / / |    < @
  \__________________________   ______   \_||||_/_/__|   / \/
                        _____/ / _____/ /  ||||       \_/__/
                       <______/ <______/   ||||

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