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Zerg Building List by RCarlos

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/10/1999

Zerg Building Listing - Version 1.1
By Roland Carlos

Taken from:
Commander RC's SC Page - http://commander.geminisector.com (I own the site)

Version Updates
1.1 January 10, 1999 - Updated with 1.04 info
1.0 December 17, 1998 - First online text release of listing

Little Intro
Zerg Buildings all have an extra cost of one drone. Drones are morphed into 
the primary buildings and you lose the drone if the building is finished. 
This means that every building has +50 minerals added to its primary cost. 
However, Zerg Buildings have the innate ability to heal themselves, albeit
slowly. It takes some time to recover enough HP to make a Zerg Building at 
least hard to destroy if it was attacked enough.

Cost: How much the building costs to build
HP: How much damage the building can take
Unit: What unit the building allows you to make (if any)
Requirements: Any requirements needed to build the building (if any)

Cost: 300 Minerals
HP: 1250
Unit: Overlord, Drone
Requirements: None

Evolve into Lair, Requires Spawning Pool
Learn Burrowing

The Hatchery produces creep and provides 1 supply unit.

The HQ of the Zerg, the Hatchery is by far the cheapest the HQ of all the 
species. It also produces creep, but unlike the other species HQ, you don't 
get a big supply unit increase. You only get 1 supply unit, so don't think 
you can build big units when you make a new hatchery. The hatchery also 
produces larvae. However, the creation of new larvae is not fast should you 
should always build more than 1 Hatchery to make more units. In 1.04, the
creation of new larvae has been decreased. The build time has been increased
in 1.04.

Cost: 150 Minerals
HP: 750
Unit: None
Requirements: None

Wowzers! A gas extractor!

Spawning Pool:
Cost: 150 Minerals
HP: 750
Unit: Zergling
Requirements: Hatchery

Faster Movement Upgrade for Zerglings
Faster Attack Upgrade for Zerglings

The Spawning Pool is only useful in helping to make a Lair and in early game 
attacks. Usually at mid-game, if your still relying on Zerglings, you either 
preparing for a big swarm attack, or your really down in your luck.

Evolution Chamber:
Cost: 75 Minerals
HP: 750
Unit: None
Requirements: None

Melee Attack Upgrade
Missile Attack Upgrade
Ground Armor Upgrade

Only research the Missile Attack and Ground Armor Upgrades. The Melee Attack 
is only useful if plan on using Ultralisks. The Melee Attack will upgrade 
the Zerglings attack, but it's not as powerful or useful.

Creep Colony:
Cost: 75 Minerals
HP: 400
Unit: None
Requirements: None

Evolve into Sunken Colony, Requires Spawning Pool
Evolve into Spore Colony, Requires Evolution Chamber

The Creep Colony produces creep.

Use this to expand your creep without forking over 300 Minerals. The good 
thing is that Creep Colonies can also be turned into defensive structures.

Sunken Colony:
Cost: 50 Minerals, 1 Creep Colony
HP: 400
Unit: None
Requirements: Spawning Pool
Ground Attack: 40
Attack Range: 7

Sunken Colonies are used for ground defense. Always build them in clumps, 
with Spore Colonies nearby to back them up. A lone Sunken Colony can be 
killed easily, but four or five cannot be killed easily without heavy losses 
to the enemy. In 1.04, the build time has been decreased while the attack
recovery rate has also been decreased.

Spore Colony:
Cost: 50 Minerals, 1 Creep Colony
HP: 400
Unit: None
Requirements: Evolution Chamber
Air Attack: 15
Attack Range: 7

Build these around your base like Terran Missile Turrets. Creep supply may 
be limiting so build as far as you can. In 1.04, the build time has been

Hydralisk Den:
Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
HP: 850
Unit: Hydralisk
Requirements: Hatchery, Spawning Pool

Faster Movement for Hydralisks
Faster Attack for Hydralisks

Needed to produce Hydralisks, don't lose this building in early and mid-game.
You'll lose a powerful unit and the resources to make a new one.

Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas, 1 Hatchery
HP: 1800
Unit: Drone, Overlord
Requirements: Hatchery, Spawning Pool

Evolve into Hive
Learn Burrowing
Faster Movement for Overlords
Better Sight Range for Overlords
Transport Ability for Overlords

When you gain a Lair, you'll be rewarded with a higher HP total and the 
upgrades for Overlords. Learn Burrowing if you haven't by now, it will be 
very useful. For Overlords, you should learn Transport, Speed, and Sight in 
that order. If the enemy has air units, than learn Speed, Sight, and 
Transport in that order.

Queen's Nest:
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 850
Unit: Queen
Requirements: Lair

Learn Ensnare Spell for Queen
Learn Spawn Broodling Spell for Queen
+50 MP Upgrade for Queen

Like the Hydralisk Den, you won't want to lose this building in mid-game. The
ability to make Queens as well as the upgrades are very useful. The Queen can
use Spawn Broodling to quickly get rid of Siege Tanks, Ultralisks, and other
bothering units.

Cost: 200 Minerals, 150 Gas
HP: 600
Unit: Mutalisk, Scourge
Requirements: Lair

Evolve into Greater Spire, Requires Hive
Air Attack Upgrade
Air Armor Upgrade

You'll never want to lose this building after you build it. The Spire will 
allow you to make the core of many Zerg armies, the Mutalisks and as well as 
the anti-air units Scourge. You can also upgrade the attacks and armor of the
air units here.

Cost: 200 Minerals, 150 Gas, 1 Lair
HP: 2500
Unit: Overlord, Drone
Requirements: Lair, Queen's Nest

Learn Burrowing
Faster Speed Upgrade for Overlords
Better Sight Upgrade for Overlords
Transport Ability for Overlords

The best in Zerg HQ, you get a HQ with 2500 HP, the hardest to kill of all.

Greater Spire:
Cost: 100 Minerals, 150 Gas, 1 Spire
HP: 1000
Unit: Mutalisk, Scourge, Guardian
Requirements: Hive, Spire

Air Attack Upgrade
Air Armor Upgrade

A Spire with more HP and it also gives all Mutalisks the ability to turn into
Guardians. In 1.04, the build time has been increased.

Ultralisk Cavern:
Cost: 150 Minerals, 200 Gas
HP: 600
Unit: Ultralisk
Requirements: Hive

If you plan on making these scary attackers, don't forget you need this 
building to start with. Otherwise, skip wasting the resources and time.

Defiler Mound:
Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 950
Unit: Defiler
Requirements: Hive

Learn Plague Spell for Defiler
Learn Consume Spell for Defiler
+50 MP Upgrade for Defiler

When you make this building, you'll want to research Plague. It affects all 
units and buildings in the area and causes some serious damage. Depending on 
your style of play, you may or may not want to build this. If you don't build
this, you'll want to go with the Ultralisk cavern.

Nydus Canal:
Cost: 150 Minerals
HP: 250
Unit: None
Requirements: Hive

Make Nydus Canal Exit

Very useful if you have more than one base. This will allow your Overlords to
have a nice rest. It is very much faster than Overlord transporting. You can
even build on enemy Zerg creep.

Infested Command Center:
Cost: Terran Command Center
HP: 1500
Unit: Infested Terran
Requirements: None

Create Infested Terran

Very hard to get, you need to damage a Terran Command Center to 750 HP and 
have a Queen nearby to infest it. Taking over a base is much faster (usually)
and better than destroying it. You can lift-off the Command Center so you 
can move it away.


This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Starcraft and that is its 
only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any commerically such as, but not 
limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without first contacting the author for
his consent. Credit must given if you take information from this guide.

Starcraft is a trademark of Blizzard Inc., copyright 1998.  
All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.

Copyright Roland Carlos 1998

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