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Protoss Building List by RCarlos

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/10/1999

Protoss Building Listing - Version 1.1
By Roland Carlos

Taken from:
Commander RC's SC Page - http://commander.geminisector.com (I own the site)

Version Updates
1.1 January 10, 1999 - Updated with 1.04 info
1.0 December 17, 1998 - First online text release of listing

Little Intro
Protoss Buildings uses shields just like the Protoss units. However, Protoss
Buildings require a pylon's energy. A building cannot be built where there is
no Pylon energy field, and if a pylon energy field is lost, all buildings 
that no longer gain energy are disabled. Disabled buildings still regain
shields, but cannot do anything at all. Buildings are also warped in, not
built. Because of this, a single probe can warp in many buildings at once.

Cost: How much the building costs to build.
HP: How much damage the building can take.
Shields: How much shields the building has.
Requirements: Any requirements needed to build the building (if any).
Options: Lists anything the building can do (and any requirements).

Cost: 400 Minerals
HP: 750
Shields: 750
Requirements: None

Build Probe

The Nexus provides 9 supply units.

Probably the worst HQ of all the species, the Nexus has really no special 
abilites. You cannot upgrade to higher HP totals, nor can it fly like the 
Terran Command Center. It is also expensive at 400 Minerals. You'll only 
want to build more of these to make probes at new expansions.

Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 300
Shields: 300
Requirements: None

The Pylon provides 8 supply units as well as creating a power zone needed to 
power Protoss buildings.

The most important building in maintaining a Protoss building, the Pylon 
created a power shield which allows any buildings in the are to become 
powered. When used to power important buildings or defensive zones, you'll 
want to have more than one Pylon in the area so in case one Pylon dies, 
you'll still have enough power. It is also needed to create Supply Units.

Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 450
Shields: 450
Requirements: None

Probe+Assilmilator=8 Gas

Cost: 150 Minerals
HP: 500
Shields: 500
Requirements: Nexus

Build Zealot
Build Dragoon, Requires Cybernetics Core
Build High Templar, Requires Templar Archives

This is where you make most of the ground units of the Protoss. You'll always
want to make more than one of these since the building of these units is not 
as fast as the other species.

Cost: 150 Minerals
HP: 550
Shields: 550
Requirements: None

Upgrade Ground Attacks
Upgrade Ground Armor
Upgrade All Building and Unit Shields

You'll want to build this after you get a Assimilator since all the upgrades 
require gas. The Forge is the requirement for making the Photon Cannons. For 
the order of upgrades, it is up to you. Always research the shield upgrades. 
When you have a powerful shield, you can take more damage.

Cybernectics Core:
Cost: 200 Minerals
HP: 500
Shields: 500
Requirements: Gateway

Dragoon Range Upgrade
Upgrade Air Attacks
Upgrade Air Armor

This is the most important early/mid-game structure. The Cybernetics Core is 
the requirement for the first level of all the Advanced Structures. You can 
also upgrade your air units here and be able to build Dragoons at the 

Photon Cannon:
Cost: 150 Minerals
HP: 100
Shields: 100
Requirements: Forge
Ground Attack: 20
Air Attack: 20
Attack Range: 7

The Photon Cannon fires slowly and has a low tolerance for damage. It can 
detect, but in an all out rush, Photon Cannons fire easily and quickly. When 
powering them, always have 2 on 3 Pylons powering them just in case. In 1.04,
the build time has been decreased.

Shield Battery:
Cost: 100 Minerals
HP: 200
Shields: 200
Requirements: Gateway

Recharge Shields

Useful in having a "healing zone" for your units. The damaged shield repair 
much quicker. However, you'll need more than one since the battery can drain 
of energy quickly.

Robotics Facility:
Cost: 200 Minerals, 200 Gas
HP: 450
Shields: 450
Requirements: Cybernetics Core

Build Shuttle
Build Reaver, Requires Robotics Support Bay
Build Observer, Requires Observatory

Here you can create the special units of the Protoss force. The Shuttle can 
be upgraded to much faster. You'll usually be the first to get transports if 
your build order is good. The Reaver and Observer are built after their 
requirements are fullfilled. In 1.04, the build time has been increased.

Cost: 50 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 250
Shields: 250
Requirements: Robotics Facility

Observer Sight Upgrade
Observer Speed Upgrade

You can get useful upgrades for the Observer at the Observatory as well as 
the ability to build them at all.

Robotics Support Bay:
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 450
Shields: 450
Requirements: Robotics Facility

Shuttle Speed Upgrade
Scarab Damage Upgrade
Larger Scarab Hangar

You can gain an important Shuttle speed upgrade as well as desirable Reaver 
upgrades to damage and capacity.

Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 600
Shields: 600
Requirements: Cybernetics Core

Build Scout
Build Arbiter, Requires Arbiter Tribunal
Build Carrier, Requires Fleet Beacon

You can create the powerful air units of the Protoss here. Always build more 
than one Stargate since the build of the air units is very slow compared to 
the other species. In 1.04, the build time has been decreased.

Arbiter Tribunal:
Cost: 300 Minerals, 300 Gas
HP: 450
Shields: 450
Requirements: Stargate, Templar Archives

Arbiter Spell Recall
Arbiter Spell Stasis
+50 MP Arbiter Upgrade

Here you can learn the useful Arbiter spells as well earn the ability to 
create Arbiters. You'll need both the Stargate and Templar Archives to create
this structure so don't skimp on the other buildings.

Fleet Beacon:
Cost: 300 Minerals, 200 Gas
HP: 500
Shields: 500
Requirements: Stargate

Larger Carrier Hangar
Scout Speed Upgrade
Scout Sight Upgrade

With the Fleet Beacon you gain the ability to create Carriers as well as 
Scout upgrades for speed and sight. Don't lose this building as Carriers are 
the backbone of many Protoss air raids. Always research the Capacity upgrade 
if you plan on using Carriers.

Citadel of Adun:
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
HP: 450
Shields: 450
Requirements: Cybernetics Core

Zealot Speed Upgrade

Learn the Zealot speed upgrade as soon as possible. Once you do, ranged 
attacks on the Zealots will become less of an issue as you can chase the 
attackers down quicker.

Templar Archives:
Cost: 150 Minerals, 200 Gas
HP: 500
Shields: 500
Requirements: Citadel of Adun

Learn High Templar Spell Psionic Storm
Learn High Templar Spell Hallucination
+50 MP High Templar Upgrade

Even if you don't like Templars, you'll want to make this building so you 
can create Arbiters. If you want to use Templars, learn all the spells as 
well as the MP upgrade. That way you can use the Templars to their full 


This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Starcraft and that is its 
only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any commerically such as, but not 
limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without first contacting the author for
his consent. Credit must given if you take information from this guide.

Starcraft is a trademark of Blizzard Inc., copyright 1998.  
All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.

Copyright Roland Carlos 1998

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