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Zerg Strategy Guide by ChaosDemon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/17/2002


                               Zerg Strategy Guide

                  Written by ChaosDemon(chaosdemon007@yahoo.ca)
                                  Version 1.0
                          Last revised August 17th, 2002
      Latest revisions of this guide may always be located at GameFAQs:


=Legal Disclaimer=
This document was _originally_ typed up in Vancouver B.C., Canada and posted 
by GameFAQs(http://www.gamefaqs.com).   Copyright 2002 Tony J. Tso.  All 
rights reserved.  Nothing that appears in this document may be reproduced in 
whole or in part without the expressed written (or typed up) consent of Tony 
J. Tso, copyright owner.  By even opening this text file, you instantly agree
to obey this disclaimer.  You may not use this document with/on any kind of 
printing device(s).  If you wish to host this document on your website/
magazine/ please drop me a line at: chaosdemon007@yahoo.ca, or AIM me at 
ChaosDemon007, OR MSN me with the address chaosdemon007@yahoo.ca.  This FAQ 
may NOT be sold for profit(s).  However, if you want to sell this guide _for_
me (meaning I get all the profits) that is allowed.  Thanks for reading and 
enjoy the rest of the  guide!

The following sites have permission to post all my FAQs:

- If you find this FAQ any where else, please contact me ASAP.

=Table of Contents=
 II.......Version History
III.......Zerg Buildings
 IV.......Zerg Units
  V.......Basic Strategy(Battlet.net)
 VI.......Advanced Strategy(Battle.net)

                             I. Introduction

      Welcome to my Zerg Strategy guide for Starcraft.  In the following file,
you'll find strategy, a build list, and lots of other stuff, too.  

      I've played with Zerg for a while now, and I'm willing to share some
info. I have on my prefered race.  So, let's get on with the show.

                            II. Version History
* First submission rejected.
* I removed all strategies from the Zerg unit list and added them to the 
  strategy part.

* Added all Strategies that I could
* Going to send into CJayC.  Hopefully, this is the initial release.

* Added all Zerg units' info.
* Finished basic strategy section.  To begin work on Advanced strategy.
* Added How to stop mass Carriers section.  

* Inserted format.  I'm going to begin the work on the stuff.
* Added some info. on the buildings.
* More info. on buildings.
* Completed buildings info..  

                             III. Zerg Buildings

HP: 1250 
Cost: 300 Minerals 
Armor: 1
Time to build: 2 minutes (120 seconds)
Evolution: Lair
Use: Spawn units
Ability: Gives you 1 supply

      All right, use this building to spawn your units.  Seeing that this is
the only building that does that, you'll need serveral of them.  On a good
day, you should have around seven or eight.  Don't go over board, though, or
you'll have some trouble spawning units due to their cost.

Creep Colony
HP: 400
Cost: 75 Minerals
Armor: 0
Time to build: 20 seconds
Evolution: Sunken Colony & Spore Colony
Use: Expands the Creep
Ability: Nothing

      This building is stage one for a Sunken or a Spore, by building this,
though, will expand the Creep by a whole lot.

HP: 750
Cost: 50 Minerals
Armor: 1
Time to build: 40 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Source of Gas (No, it's not what you think)

      The Extractor is where your Drones collect Vesphene Gas.  Find a Vesphene
a Geyser for your Drone to mutate on.  Each Geyser holds 40 000 Gas.

Exolution Chamber
HP: 750
Cost: 75 Minerals
Armor: 1
Time to build: 40 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Upgrade the attack and armor of your units.

      You should build two of these so you can evolve armor and attack at
the same time.  It's important that you upgrade your weapons and defense, 
because with them, you'd be pretty feeble against say, upgraded 'Toss and 

Spawning Pool
HP: 750
Cost: 200 Minerals
Armor: 1
Time to build: 1 minute 20 seconds (80 seconds)
Evolution: None
Use: Upgrade your Zerglings
Ability: Allows you to spawn Zerglings
         Allows you to evolve Creep Colony to Sunken Colony

      By building this, you'll be able to spawn Zerglings and evolve a Sunken
Colony from a Spore Colony.  It's important to build this quickly.  

Sunken Colony
HP: 400 
Cost: 50 Minerals; Evolve from Creep Colony
Armor: 0
Time to build: 20 seconds
Ground Attack: 40
Air Attack: None
Use: Your defense against Ground Units
Ability: Nothing

      You should fill your choke point with these things to protect your base
against the ground strikes from your enemies.  Here's a basic formation:

                                 UUUU          U: Sunken Colony
                               |U    U|
           Choke point--->     |U    U|
                               |U    U|

      Just remember that this is a VERY basic formation, and there are many
better and advanced formations.  If you have some of them, send 'em in.

Spore Colony
HP: 400
Cost: 50 Minerals; Evolve from Creep Colony
Armor: 0
Time to build: 20 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Defense against Air
Ability: Detector
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: 15

      Have the Spore Colony protect the edge of your base to protect you from
the enemy air units, or at least just tell you they're coming.  You can also
use this as a Detector, so don't just fill the edge of your base with them,
put them in random locations within your base for detecting.

               \P    P       P    P/    H: Main Hatchery 
                \P       H       P/     P: Spore Colony
                 \P  P       P  P/

Hyrdalisk Den
HP: 850
Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 40 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Allows you to spawn Hyrdalisks 
Ability: Upgrade Hyrdalisk Speed and Attack Range
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      You should build around one or two of these, however you see fit.  You
can build two to upgrade faster, or you can let the upgrades do one by one,
as the time isn't that long.  

HP: 1800
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 1 minute, 40 seconds (100 seconds)
Evolution: Evolved from Hatchery
Use: Spawn units 
Ability: * Upgrade Overlord Speed, Overlord Carrying Ability, and Overlord 
           Sight Range.
         * Gives access to Spire and Queen's Nest
         * Allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor to level 2
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      You can evolve three Hatcheries to evolve quicker if you wish, but
that seems like a waste of Minerals and Gas.  But, the upgrades take some time,
so maybe it's a consideration.  (I don't upgrade three Hatcheries).  

HP: 600
Cost: 200 Minerals, 150 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 2 minutes (120 seconds)
Evolution: Greater Spire
Use: Allows you to spawn Mutalisks and Scourges
Ability: Upgrade Air unit armor and attack.
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      It's crucial that you build two of these, yes, they're expensive, but
it's worth it in the long run.  You can upgrade twice as fast, so don't 
hesitate, build two.

Queen's Nest
HP: 850
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 1 minute/60 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Allows you to spawn Queen 
Ability: Allows you to upgrade Queen Spawn Broodlings ability
         Allows you to upgrade Queen Parasite Ability
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      I usaully just build one Queen's Nest and that's it.  Why?  Well, when
building several duplicates of one building, you should always think this 
first: "Will I use this often?" and the answer is... "no." 

HP: 2500
Cost: 200 Minerals, 150 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 2 minutes/120 seconds
Evolution: Evolved from Lair
Use: Spawn units 
Ability: Allows you to upgrade Weapons and Armor to Level 3
         Allows you to upgrade your Spire to Greater Spire
         Gives access to the Ultralisk Cavern
         Gives access to Nydus Canal
         Gives access to Defiler Mound
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      The Zerg building with the highest amount of HP.  This is necessary in
all Zerg bases, but all you need is one.  As soon as your Lair is done 
upgrading, you'll get access to many Advanced Structures: Greater Spire,
Ultralisk Cavern, Nydus Canal, and Defiler Mound.  

Greater Spire
HP: 600
Cost: 250 Minerals, 150 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 120 seconds
Evolution: Evolved from Spire
Use: Allows you to evolve your Mutalisk into Guardian and Devourer Aspects. 
Ability: Upgrade your flyer weapons
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      Upgrade ONE Spire when you can to unlock the powerful Guardian and the
almost-powerful Devouerer.  

Ultalisk Cavern
HP: 600
Cost: 150 Minerals, 200 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 1 minute 20 seconds/80 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Allows you to spawn Ultralisks 
Ability: Improve your Ultralisks
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None
      The Ultralisk Cavern allows you to spawn the powerful Ultralisks.  You
don't need more than one of these, they're just too expensive.  I don't 
recommend using Ultralisks, anyway.  More info. on these mammoths later.

Nydus Canal
HP: 250
Cost: 150 Minerals
Armor: 1
Time to build: 40 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Allows you to teleport from one Canal to another.
Ability: None
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      Anyway, for this to function properly, you'll need to build two of these.
When you're playing against fellow Zerg players, you may build on thier Creep,
making the Nydus Canal easier to use.  

      If we were playing Broodwar, I'd like to combine the Canal with Lurkers,
but since we don't have those babies, you'll have to stick with Hyrdalisks or

      One more thing, you should use this on the enemy's Nexus/Hive/Command
Center.  Here's a good way to do use the Nydus Canal:
Defiler Mound
HP: 850
Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas
Armor: 1
Time to build: 1 minute/60 seconds
Evolution: None
Use: Allows you to spawn Defilers 
Ability: Evolve Defiler abilities such as Dark Swarm and Plague.
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None

      Nothing special about this building, it just gives access to the Defiler.

                                   Zerg Units

                                  Ground Units

HP: 40
Cost: 50 Minerals
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1
Ground Attack: 5 (Spines)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: None
Upgrades: Armor (Maximum of 3)
      You can't upgrade a Drone's Attack, but you can its Armor.  You can
upgrade its Carapace at the Evolution Chamber.  Each Armor upgrade will add
1 to the Drone's Armor.

      The Drone is the peon of the Hive, you'll need several of them.  You
use the Drone's to mutate into the buildings you want.  The catch -- you lose
your Drone, as it has to form itself into the, say, Hatchery.

HP: 35
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1/2
Ground Attack: 5 (Claws)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: Spawning Pool
Upgrades: Armor + Attack (Maximum of 3)
          Speed Upgrade
          Attack rate upgrade (roughly twice as fast)

      The Zergling is relatively weak, one Sieged-tank can wipe out a whole 
lot of them with one shot.  The greatest advantage of the Zergling is, they 
consume only 1/2 Food, you can build up to 400 of them. 

      If you see anyone who really enjoys using Dragoons, or other units that
deal Explosive damage, the Zergling with Attack rate upgrade will mope them up
pretty easily.  

      There are such things out there called a Zergling rush, and for this to
suceed, you'll have to hit them hard and fast.  Here's the build order:

HP: 80
Cost: 75 Minerals, 25 Gas
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1
Ground Attack: 10 (Needle Spines)
Air Attack: 10 (Needle Spines)
Building(s) Required: Spawning Pool, Hyrdalisk Den
Upgrades: Speed Upgrade 
          Attack range upgrade
      You can upgrade your Speed and Attack Range at the Hydralisk Den, if
you're going to attack with these fellas, those two upgrades are a must.  
You can also improve their Attack and Armor at the Evolution Chamber, each
level the attack and armor will go up by 1.

--- Basic Info ---

      The Hyrdalisks are probably the most formidable attackers for the Zerg,
they can attack both air and ground, they're cheap and fast to build, and hell,
they kick serious arse!  The Hyrdalisks can stand up to even the powerful
Carrier, which is like W A Y  farther up in the tech tree.

--- Advanced Info ---

      Well, I mentioned before that the Hyrdalisks can stand up to the power 
of a Carrier.  And here's why:  A Hyrdalisk under DARK SWARM (a Defiler ability
)is untouched by ranged-attacks, meaning other Hyrdalisks won't be able to 
touch you, either.  And let's see... what ELSE has a ranged attack?  You 
guessed it, the Carrier.  So, if you encouter anyone who uses mass Carriers,
counter with your very beloved Defilers and Hyrdalisks.  There's more info.
on this Dark Swarm + Hyrdalisks combo later on in the text.

HP: 400
Cost: 200 Minerals, 200 Gas
Armor: 1
Supply Consumed: 4
Ground Attack: 20 (Kaiser Blades)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: Lair, Queen's Nest, Hive, Ultralisk Cavern
Upgrades: Speed Upgrade 

      You can upgrade its speed, and two other things.  You can also upgrade
its attack and armor, both at the Evolution Chamber.  By each upgrade, your
attack and armor goes up by one point.  That gives you a maximum of 4 Armor
(1+3), and 23 Attack (20+3).
      I may be wrong about its vital statistics, please correct me via e-mail.
Well, the Ultralisk is the most expensive unit for the Zerg, and it may or
may not be worth it.  First off, they have the most HP out of all the Zerg
Attackers, so that's a huge bonus to tear down the opponent's defenses like
Photons.  Usaully, I send in the Ultralisk to draw attention away from my
other attackers.  

      These guys are very expensive, and they can not respond to air fire,
and also another downfall: a Stim-Packed Marine can get at least six shots in
before the Ultralisk makes a dispose of it.  And of course, the Marines are
a lot less expensive and faster to build.  

      Suming this up, the Ultralisk is the most thick-skinned unit in the game,
and it can draw fire away from your Hyrdalisks and such attackers.  I rarely
use these guys, and I recommend the same for you.

HP: 80
Cost: 50 Minerals, 150 Gas
Armor: 1
Supply Consumed: 1
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: Lair, Queen's Nest, Hive, Defiler Mound
Upgrades: Dark Swarm
Special Abilities: Dark Swarm, Plague

      The Defiler has no normal attack, but it has two awesome abilities.  
You can upgrade its Carapace at the Evolution Chamber and by each upgrade,
the Armor goes up by one, giving you the maximum Armor of 4 (1+3).

      As mentioned above, the Defiler can not attack anyone, but it has two
special abilities: Dark Swarm and Plague, both evolved at the Defiler Mound.

      The Dark Swarm: You can use this little doozy to protect your units
from ranged attacks for 1 minute, or 60 seconds.  A ranged attack is an attack
where the opposing unit has to fire at you from a distance.  This is a good
idea when going up against Dragoon and the like, as they require shooting.
Use this on your Hyrdalisks to get the most out of them.

      The Plague:  You can ruduce a unit's HP to 1 by Plaguing them.  Each
second will roughly subtract 3 HP from them.  You should use this on an 
opponent's important unit, like an Arbiter or a Carrier.

--- Basic Info ---

      When going to assault a base, it's a good idea to keep your Defiler in
the back lines.   If you see that the battle is not going your way, try to 
Plague a couple of units in the front lines of your opponent's army.  If even
THAT doesn't work, Dark Swarm the whole friggin' base and move your guys into
the cloud.  

--- Advanced Info ---

      Defiler can usaully turn the tide of a battle with one cloud to destroy
your opponent's vision.  Remember, Defilers have special abilities, so, use
them!  They're there for a reason folks, just remember that.

HP: 30
Cost: Use Queen to Spawn an opposing unit
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1
Ground Attack: 5 (Toxic Spores)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: All the Queen's buildings
Upgrades: Attack and Carapace

      The Broodling's starting attack is 5, and the armor 0.  You can upgrade
them both at an Evolution Chamber (Melee and Carapace).  

--- Basic Info ---

      To get the Broodling, you must reserach the Spawn Broodling ability for
your Queen.  Then, you must use your Queen and Spawn an opposing unit.  
Once you've done that, the unit will turn into a Broodling, and it will work
for the Hive.

--- Advanced Info ---

      This will help you out a lot when you're planning to take out your 
opponent for good.  What's better than turning the opponent's defenses against
themselves?  Nothing.  So, when you goto strike the opposing base, use your
Queen to spawn various units that are focused on attacking your other units.
Once you've done that, send the Broodlings after the building.

      It's best to turn ground-to-ground units to Broodlings, as they can't
do anything to stop the Queen.

Infested Terran
HP: 60
Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1
Ground Attack: 500 (Suicide)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: Infested Command Center
Upgrades: None

      To get this fancy face fellow, you must send your Queen to Infest a 
Command Center when it is in its RED stage, or badly burning.  Pulling this
off may be a little difficult, but if you manage to do this it'll give you
a great advantage. 
                                Aerial Units
HP: 120
Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas 
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1
Ground Attack: 9 (Glurve Worm)
Air Attack: 9 (Glurve Worm)
Building(s) Required: Lair, Spire
Upgrades: Attack and Armor

      The Mutalisk is the basic air unit, it is also the baby stage of the
Guardian and Devourer Aspects.  Anyway, its starting Armor is 0, and Attack
6, you can upgrade both of them at the Spire or Greater Spire, making the 
maximum Armor 3 (0+3), and Attack 12 (9+3).

--- Basic Info ---

      The Mutalisk and the Hyrdalisk are the only units for the Zerg that's
been blessed with the ability to attack both air and ground.  The Mutalisk
is the fastest unit fo the Zerg, so take advantage of that.  Use it to scout
for bases, use it for hit-and-run attacks on the slower units like Dragoons,
do a lot of things with them.

--- Advanced Info ---

      I like to use a Mutalisk to look for bases before I attack, because they
are so fast.  
      You should team up the Mutalisk with the Guardian and Devourer aspects,
as chances are the enemy will send some sort of air-assault unit at your
Guaridans and Devourer Aspects.  But, if you manage to Spore that opposing
unit, the Mutalisk can hurt them pretty badly.  

HP: 25
Cost: 25 Minerals, 75 Gas
Armor: 0
Supply Consumed: 1/2
Ground Attack: 125 (Suicide)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: Lair, Spire
Upgrades: Attack and Armor
Special Abilities: None

      You can upgrade the Armor at the Spire, making the maximum Armor 3 (0+3)

--- Basic Info ---

      The Scourge is not built for taking fire from other units, because it 
only has 25 HP, remember this.  Another interesting thing about this is the
supply it consumes, it only takes 1/2 food to make this, meaning you can spawn
six in three eggs, twelve on six eggs, twenty-four on twelve eggs, etc, etc.
To me, that is the greatest advantage of the Scourge, it's cheap, fast to 
build, and you can take out a lot of air units high up in the tech tree such
as Valkyries, Battlecruisers, and Carriers with a couple.

--- Advanced Info ---

      Scourges should never be sent in alone to attack the air units of a base.
Why?  Well, a Spore Colony takes it out with two shots, a Photon with two 
shots, and a Missle Turret also two shots.  You catching on?  Anyway, to use
this little scrapper effectively send in some Zerglings and Hyrdalisks through
the choke point to distract the forces, then send in some Scourges as well.
If you're facing Zerg, go and target the Overlords with these, using two per
Ovie; if Protoss, target an expensive unit like Scouts or Carriers; against
Terran, go after the Battlecruisers or Science Vessels.  Also, try to use your
ground force on the units you're targeting with your Scourges.

HP: 150
Cost: 50 Minerals, 100 Gas; Evolve from Mutalisk
Armor: 2
Supply Consumed: 2
Ground Attack: 20 (Acid Spore)
Air Attack: None
Building(s) Required: Lair, Queen's Nest, Hive, Spire, Greater Spire
Upgrades: Attack and Armor
Special Abilities: None

      The Guardian starts off with 2 Armor, which is a huge bonus for any unit,
and its attack is 20.  You can upgrade both of these at a Spire or Greater
Spire, making the maximum armor 5 (2+3), and attack 23 (20+3).

--- Basic Info ---

      The Guardian has the longest range in the game, weighing in a 12 
matrixes.  However, this guy can't fly very fast; its speed is only greater
than the lowly un-upgraded Overlord.  Use this Guardian to assault just 
about any ground unit in the game, the only ground unit that really stands a
chance against the Guardian is the Terran Goliath.

--- Advanced Info ---

      You can use the Guardian for quite a couple of things: protecting your
base against ground units; attacking ground units, pick off building defenses
or using the little something I call the "Guardian Strike"  And just incase 
any of you are wondering whether this a rip off of the Terran Tank Push or 
not, it is.

HP: 160
Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas; Evolve from Mutalisk
Armor: 2
Supply Consumed: 2
Ground Attack: None
Air Attack: 25 (Acid)
Building(s) Required: Lair, Queen's Nest, Hive, Spire, Greater Spire
Upgrades: Attack and Armor
Special Abilities: None

      You can upgrade its attack and armor at the Spire or Greater Spire.  

--- Basic Info ---

      The basic anti-air unit for the Zerg.  This nice little unit should 
never be left alone in a battle to the death.  If you manage to Spore an 
enemy air unit, and then send in the Mutalisk to take shots at it, you will
bring it down pretty quickly.

--- Advanced Info ---

      Here is another weapon to counter the higher tech units (although the
Devourer is pretty high in its own right), Carriers and Battlecruisers.  
However, Devourers alone probably won't do the job for you, so combine them
with Hyrdalisks and Mutalisks.

      Once you manage to Spore an air unit, you will lower the level of its
armor, making shots hurt more.  So, send in the Mutalisks and Hyrdalisks once
you've spored an opposing unit.

                              Basic Strategy (Battle.net)

The secrets to getting a lot of resources
      Well, have lots of Drones to gather!  That's really all you have to do
in order to get minerals and gas.  Usaully having around twenty or thirty 
workers to gather minerals and gas is good.

      The second secret: Expanding.  In the base you start in, you'll have 
some patches to gather in.  But what happens when it runs out?  You're 
screwed, right?  Well, if all the mineral patches are taken, you'll have to 
fight for them, that's why it's a good idea to expand early.

In my opinion, what the best unit is
      Well, I would have to say the Hyrdalisk, simply because it's cheap, fast
to spawn, and it can attack both air and ground units.  Its attack is pretty
good, too (10).  

      A lot of people would say the best unit for the Zerg is the
Guardian, although it is very powerful, it moves very slowly and it can not
respond to air attacks, making it very vulnerable.

      That's why I say the Hyrdalisk is the best unit for the Zerg, because it
is so cheap, it can respond to both air and ground, and you can create many
of them quickly.  

How to be sucessful (the basic idea)
Here's a list of basic things that should be done when being the Zerg.

How to become sucessful
* Have lots of Drones 
* Expand
* Build several Drones quickly
* Have a lot of Hatcheries
* Get your buildings up quickly
* Attack the enemy first

- These are just the very basic things you should do, later on in this text,
I will give more in-depth info. on how to win.

Quanity of Buildings
NOTE: These are only estimations.  They are meant to give you a BASIC idea
on them.

Hatchery: 8-12

Sunken Colony: 7

Spore Colony: 10+

Evolution Chamber: 2-3

Spawning Pool: 1

Extractor: Depends on number of Vespene Geysers available.

Lair: 1-3

Hyrdalisk Den: 1-2

Spire: 2

Queen's Nest: 1-3

Greater Spire: 1

Ultralisk Cavern: 1-3

Defiler Mound: 1-2

                         Advanced Strategy (Battle.net)

How to stop mass (or many) Carriers
      Many Protoss players on money maps (Hell, a lot of players are doing this
regardless), will choose to do this, because they believe: mass Carriers = 
Instant Win.  Well, you can easily prove them wrong using  the trusty Zerg 

      Firstly, build a team of Hyrdalisks, and I mean build many of them, but
make sure not to fill all your food with them.  While you're spawning these
Hyrdalisks, select around 6-8 larvae and turn them into Defilers.  

      While you're spawning research the Consume ability for the Defiler.  
Also, you might want to build 12-24 Zerglings for Consuming.  Once the Defilers
and your team of Hyrdalisks are hatched, it's best for you to let the Defiler
fully charge its Energy.  But, if you get attacked by Carriers while the 
Defilers are charging, Consume some Zerglings and then use Dark Swarm.  you
might want to Hotkey your Defilers, too.

      All right, you're ready to assault the Carriers.  Make your Zerglings
follow the Defilers while letting the Hyrdalisks lead the way.  As soon as
you engage the Carriers, (if you hotkeyed the Defilers), hit the number of
your first Defiler, and use Dark Swarm on your Hyrdalisks.  It's best to
use it on the group of Hyrdalisks in the front.  

      Continue to use the same Defiler to Dark Swarm your Hyrdalisks, once
you've run of Energy for that Defiler, Consume a nearby Zergling.  Repeat the
process until this Defiler is out of energy and there are no more Zerglings,
once this is the case, swtich to the next Defiler and continue.  Keep doing
this and the Carriers will eventually be taken down.  

      Here's a strategy when you are under attack by Carriers.  Double click
on a larvae to highlight 12 of them, then choose the Scourges.  They'll be
hatched pretty quickly, and once they do send all twenty-four of them after 
the Carriers.

      If you're lucky, they will be all clustered together, letting the 
splash damage of the Scourges destroy all of them.  

How to stop a fleet (or mass) [of] Battlecruisers
      First, read all the info. listed above.  Once you've done that, here's
more strategy.

      From my experience many players will use back-up for their 
Battlecruisers, like maybe sending Valkyries or cloaked Wraiths with them.  
You may use the Dark Swarm strategy if you wish, but for 'Cruisers I like using
the good ol' Scourges.

      So, have some Hyrdalisks with some Devourers to create a diversion
(many players will think your Hyrdalisks + Devourers is the main force, but
in this little strat., the Scourges are).  While they're attacking, create
an army of Scourges and send most (or all) of them at the Battlecruisers
that are squished together.  If you manage to bring down about 1/2 or 3/4 of
them, your Hyrdalisks and Devourers should take care of the rest.

How to stop a mass of Dragoons
      This isn't very common these days, but if you get hit with them 
unexpectedly, it's always good to know how to counter.  

      First of all, it is important to evolve every special and/or unit 
enchancing ability so you'll be ready for all possible threats.  With that 
said, you'll have to learn a bit about the enemy.  

      The Dragoons do Explosive damage, meaning they will only do half damage
on smaller units like, say, Zerglings and Hyrdalisks.  So, if you see a team
of Dragoons coming your way, use the Zerglings' attack rate increase + Faster
Zergling Movement and launch those little kitties at the Goons!  If you went
for a full mass which will only cost you 10,000 minerals (this is considered
less, trust me), you will have 400 Zerglings to work with, which will be more
than enough to disable the enemy 200 Dragoons.  

       The beauty about the Zerglings is they're just so cheap, meaning you
can just rebuild and rebuild while you're fighting, while the opponent can
just watch as their Goons slowly (well, not "slowly", but rather quickly), 
get erased from the map.  

How to stop "THE" Siege Tank + Goliath/Wraith Combo

      This combo is very effective in all means, and very deadly, too.  Why
is that?  Well, while the tanks in Siege Mode tear apart your buildings, the
Goliaths and/or Wraiths will cover the air for it.  Ingenius isn't it?  Quite.
And I've lost numerous times to this, but that all stops here and now, as the
Uncle Chaos will come through for you.

      Normally, the main strategy would be dropping units right infront of the
tanks and tear them apart.  But, that wouldn't work because the Goliaths
and/or Wraiths will take those Ovies before it'd reach its target.  

      Well, it's time to break out the big idea, Zerglings and Ultralisks.
The Wraiths will attack your forces, yes, but they shoot rather slowly, and
they won't do a lot of damage.  

      So, upgrade everything availabe to the Ultralisks and Zerglings, and then
send them in.  Keep the Zerglings in the back of your Ultralisks, use your
Ultralisks to target the Goliaths while the Zerglings disable tanks one by one.
As soon as the tanks are done, the Wraiths will be rather vulnerable to 

**NOTE** Zerglings alone may do the job for you (like full mass of them), but
I've included the Ultralisks because the units, as in the AI, will target the
them right away, giving you time to move right up to the tanks and pick them

-- The summary of the last two strategies is to use the Zerglings against any
unit that does Explosive damage, keep this in mind.    
How should a strong Zerg base look like (IMO)

\PP      MM MM MM MM      PP/     KEY
 \PP                     PP/      ---
  \PP       II          PP/    MM: Mineral Patches
   \PP                 PP/     PP: Spore Colony
    \PP  HH HH HH HH  PP/      HH: Hatchery
     \PP HH HH HH HH PP/       UU: Sunken Colony
      \PPHH HH HH HHPP/        II: Hive
       \    HH     /
        |UU     UU|
        |UU     UU|
        |UU     UU|
        |UU     UU|
        |UU     UU|

    -- Okay, well, I didn't include any other buildings, as those don't 
matter, just remember to place them deep in your base. 

How to stop the Zealot Rush

      A Zealot rush is the strongest the game.  Although they won't come out
as fast as the Zerglings, they are three times as strong.  If you think you're
going to be rushed early, get some Sunken Colonies up as fast as possible.
A good way to place Sunkens is to position them in such a way that two Colonies
can attack one target from two different directions.  Like this:
                               H              KEY
                           U        U         ---
                           U        U        S: Spawning Pool 
                                             H: Hatchery
                                             U: Sunken Colony

      While you're making Sunken Colonies, continue to spawn units as well,
starting with Zerglings and then eventually tech to Mutalisks.  You should
also try to be an Extractor early so you can upgrade the Zergling's Movement,
they will fare more of a chance that way.

How to stop the Marine [+ Medic] Rush

      The Marines with Medics in the early game is very effective.  So, this
is what you do:

      Firstly, build some Sunken Colonies with the above formation, and build
some Zerglings; if you can, try to bring in some Hyrdalisks with Upgraded Speed
and Attack Range.  

      Use your Zerglings and target the Medics, it's important to do this so
the Marines can't heal themselves.  

How to stop the Zergling Rush

      Well, seeing how you're Zerg, all you have to do is have more Zerglings
than the opponent.  This won't be very hard because they'll be attacking, and
you'll be at your base with a Hatchery. :)

=---Some repeated strategies, for those who missed them the first time 

Zergling Rush Build Order
1.  Right from the beginning, instruct your Overlord to scout.  Then make 
    all five Drones gather on the _nearest_ Mineral patches
2.  As soon as you reach 200, instruct one of your Drones to mutate into a
    Spawning Pool.  Don't bother spawning drones yet.  Hotkey your Hatchery
    (click on it and press Ctrl+1).  
3.  Right after you've started building that Spawning Pool, click on ONE larva
    and get a Drone.
4.  Before your Pool is done, the Drone will be hatched (it take 20 seconds for
    Drones to hatch and 80 for the pool), instruct this Drone to Gather.
5.  As soon as your pool is complete hit "1", "s", and "z" to start hatching
6.  Take a stab at where the enemy is and tell your six Zerglings to attack 
    where a base may be.  If you're lucky, your Overlord may have found a 
    base, if so, attack that one.
7.  Right after you've instructed your Zerglings to attack, IMMEDIATLEY repeat
    the Zergling Spawning process.  
8.  If your first team of Zerglings have found a base, send your second batch
    to attack it, too.  If that base was a dud, send your first team after 
    another base and the second one to a different location as well.  
9.  Watch your teams closely, as soon as you lose say, three, do the Zergling
    Spawning process again.  Remember, the key here is to send swarm after 
    swarm of Zerglings after your target, not giving them a chance to rebuild
    and/or retaliate.

      In the Zergling rush, it all depends on how fast you build, since these
fighters are relatively weak, you have to be fast.  

Infesting a Command Center 
1. Build some Guardians, Hyrdalisks, Scourges, Zerglings, and maybe three
   Queens.  Bring two Overlords along in this strike.
2. Target a Terran Command Center, and once the base is in sight, send your
   Guardians with Overlords in through the side, and the Hyrdalisks and 
   Zerglings assault the ground.  Keep the Queens out of sight, or with the
   Hyrdalisks and Zerglings if you spot some tanks.  Heheh, Spawn every last
   one of those seiged attackers.
3. Use your Guardians to look for some Missle Turrets near the Command Center
   you're targeting, and using its range, pick off each of the Turrets one 
   by one.
4. The opponent will probably send some Cloaked-Wraiths after you, that's why
   you have Overlords. :) Send in your Scourges to take out every single
   air defense the opponent throws at you.  If they have Goliaths, use the
   Hyrdalisks and Zerglings you have on the ground to take them.
5. It's time to assault the Command Center.  Here's what you should do:
                         MMM    MMM      M: Mineral Patche
                       MMM   CC    MMM  CC: Command Center
                           Q    Q        H: Hyrdalisk
                         H H H H H H     Q: Queen
                         G  G  G  G      Z: Zergling
        - You should arrange your forces so that NOTHING can come through,
have your Hyrdalisks damage the Command Center with the Guardians while the
Zerglings focus on attacking any units that come, if you you feel that your
Zergling beaten, use your Hyrdalisks and/or Guardians to back them up.

      Of course, this is only FOCUSING on infesting the Command Center,
there should be other attackers attacking other buildings as well to distract
the opposition.

Guardian Strike
1. Spawn some about 12 Mutalisks

2. Turn 7 of them into Gurdians and keep 5 of them as Mutalisks.  Bring some
   Overlords along the way too.
3. Try and Upgrade all your Flyer attack and armor.

4. Go and pick a base for a target, you can use this to destroy poorly defended

5. Try not to attack from the choke, rather stay back and slowly start picking
   of the base's building defenses from the side.  

6. If it's a Terran base, expect some Cloaked Wraiths coming your way, this is
   why you brought those Mutalisks.  Continue assaulting the buildings with
   your Guardians while you use all five of your Mutalisks to fire at the
   Wraiths.  Chances are, they'll be focusing on your Guardians, giving your
   Mutalisks chances to hit.  Make sure you use ALL your Mutalisks to attack
   one target at a time, having five fully upgraded Mutalisks attacking one
   target will do 36 Damage per shot, taking down each unit pretty quickly.

7. If you don't want to lose all your units, run away when you lose 3 or 4 of
your Guardians.

      Additionally, you can use this sort of strike to assault the Nexus, Hive 
or Command Center directly.  It's important that you target the peons, take out
as many as you can before the reinforcements arive.

      You should use this push right before you're ready to assault your enemy,
as it will set them back a bit, enabling you to strike with their defenses

How to Nydus 
1. Give your Overlord the dropping ability, you should also upgrade its speed,
   although it's not required.  Also, build a Nydus Canal in your base.

2. Load two Drones and fly towards your enemy's base.  Also, load about six
   Hyrdalisks (that's three in each Overlord)

3. When flying, fly along the edges so you may not be picked up as fast.

4. Go behind the Command Center/Nexus/Hive (If it's a Hive, you don't need two

5. If you need to, mutate a Hatchery.

6. Unload your Hyrdalisks near the chokepoint (make sure you don't show the
   Overlords), and assault the enemy.  If you have to, play possum for a while,
   remember, your objective here is to bide enough time for your Hatchery to

7. Once the Hatchery is done, build a Nydus Canal.

8. Use your own Canal and send in your forces.  Target the opponent's peons
   to slow their production, potentially giving you the advantage.

**NOTE** The Nydus Canal should really only be used against opposing Zerg
players, as you don't have to build another Hatchery, which will be speed up
the porcess greatly.  

      I don't like e-mails, because I always end up with too many.  Sure, that
doesn't sound like a bad thing, but when you receive dozens and dozens of
e-mails asking things that are already written in the FAQ, you get angry pretty
quickly.  So, when sending an email, please try to follow these guidelines:
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5. If you send a contribution, you probably won't get a reply back
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