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Race Analysis by MHamlin

Updated: 11/04/2002

Starcraft: Race Analysis Guide
               By Mike Hamlin email: cmhamlin@mchsi.com 7/29/02

Table of Contents
1.	Copyright Info
2.	Version History
3.	Intro
4.	Command Building Contrast
5.	A look at the Terrans
a.	Buildings
b.	Units
6.	A look at the Zerg
a.	Buildings
b.	Units
7.	A look at the Protoss
a.	Buildings
b.	Units
8.	Cheats
9.	Outro
10. Credits

1.Copyright Info

This document is protected by copyright 2002 to me, Mike Hamlin. So don't 
even think about ripping off my work or something bad will happen. When I say 
"rip-off" I mean taking this FAQ and putting it on your web site saying you 
wrote it or just plain STEALING my work. If you want to use my FAQ or part of 
my FAQ on your site, you may do so AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT. Also, 
please contact me and tell me if you plan to post the FAQ on your site. As of 
now, this guide should ONLY appear at gameFAQS.com. Plagiarism is a serious 


2.Version History

v.01     7/29/02: Started FAQ. Finished several parts including the Terran 

v.02     8/10/02: Finished Terran section. Beginning Zerg section.

v.03     8/11/02: Finished Zerg section. Beginning Protoss section.

v.04     8/12/02: After a quick revision, the rest of the sections are done. 
YESSSSSS!!!! My first FAQ is finally complete!!!

v.05     8/15/02: Made a few corrections in the information and fixed some 
typos. Looks like I DID have some updating to do after all.

v.06     8/22/02: Added an entry in the credits section, and fixed some 
mistakes and added a section for the Archon.

v.07     10/17/02: Fixed an error about the Dark Swarm as well as a few 
spelling corrections.

v.08     11/4/02: Last update. Everything's in place.



This guide is meant for beginners to get a grasp on the concepts of the 
different races in this wonderful PC game called Starcraft. I know that it 
comes a little late but, not only have I not seen a guide like this one, but 
newbies often ask me which race is the best or which race should they pick, 
etc. And what do I do about it? I write an FAQ. This is NOT a guide filled 
with techniques and tactics, nor does it have any info on mineral/gas cost 
etc. for the unit and building lists. I'll show you the ins and outs, ups and 
downs, advantages and disadvantages of each race starting with the Terrans. 
And by the way, the races in the game are the Terrans, Zerg, and the Protoss. 
Just in case you didn't know.


4.Command Building Contrast

Each race has it's own "command building." This is usually the biggest and 
toughest building for that race and is also where you produce worker units. 
Let's take a look at each one.

Terran Command Center
This building, in my opinion, is the best of the three. It has plenty of hit 
points (1500) and it has the ever-useful lift-off ability. Also, it provides 
10 extra supply units, more so than any of the other buildings. And, of 
course, the Comsat Station and Nuclear Silo add-ons have some nice abilities 
as well. The only downside is that, like all Terran buildings, it will catch 
fire and eventually burn down once its HP goes below 1/3.

Zerg Hatchery
The Zerg Hatchery is also pretty good. It packs 1250 hit points, but once it 
becomes a Lair, it has 1800 and once it becomes Hive, it has a whopping total 
of 2500. Therefore, the Zerg Lair or Hive has more hit points than any other 
building. What I really hate about the Hatchery, though, is that it only 
provides 1 supply unit and that is sometimes a problem. If the Hatchery is 
all you have, then you'll have to build an Overlord right off.

Protoss Nexus
The third building is the Nexus and frankly, I don't like it too much. The 
Nexus has only 750 hit points, but 750 shields back it up. That adds up to 
1500 total, but remember that an EMP Shockwave can remove all of those 
shields and any damage the Nexus sustains, remains (not a great rhyme, is 
it?). The good thing is that it provides 9 supply units. Not as good as the 
Command Center's 10, but certainly a lot better than the measly 1 provided by 
a Hatchery.

So which one is the best? They're all good in some way, but I'll say that the 
Command Center is best. 1500 HP, 10 supply units, useful add-ons, and lift-
off ability. Plain and simple. The Hatchery, when upgraded to a Hive, is nice 
because of all that HP but the real problem is that lack of supplies for 
building one. And the Nexus with its 9 supply units seems good, but 750 HP 
and 750 shields that can be eliminated in the blink of an eye are the real 
problems. Of course, if you had a Nexus but you were not against Terran 
opponents, then it would be a different story.


5.A look at the Terrans

The Terrans are a very good race to start out with. They have no distinct 
advantages or disadvantages and their building and unit creation is easy to 
get used to. They can be particularly sneaky and powerful if a competent 
player takes advantage of the cloaking units. Note that most Terran buildings 
can fly so if you suddenly get attacked, you can float your buildings to a 
safe location without having to build them again. Also note that you can land 
a building next to an unused add-on to take it over. The lift-off ability 
also allows for easy space management in your base. A bad thing about the 
defending your base is that Bunkers, the primary defensive structure, require 
units to be in them, meaning you must devote a chunk of supplies toward 
defense. The Terran's SCV can repair damaged buildings and units, and that's 
a good thing, considering that Terran buildings can catch fire. If a 
building's HP turns red, then it will slowly burn down until it is repaired 
or destroyed.

How the Terrans make buildings- The Terran worker, an SCV, just begins to 
create the building and after a certain amount of time, the building is 
complete. If you cancel construction of a building, the unfinished structures 
will just sit there until an SCV comes back to continue. If you actually 
click an incomplete building and cancel it, it will explode.

The Terrans have no real big advantages, so you could say they are in between 
the Zerg and Protoss.

5a. Buildings

Terran Command Center
The main building for the Terrans where you produce SCVs.

Comsat Station
Add-on for the Command Center. Allows you to reveal parts of the map.

Nuclear Silo
Another Add-on for the Command Center. Build a nuke and have a Ghost 
designate a target.

Terran Supply Depot
Provides 8 supplies.

Terran Refinery
Gas collector building.

Terran Barracks
Produce all your infantry units here.

Terran Engineering Bay
Develop weapon and armor upgrades for infantry units here.

Terran Missile Turret
A defense building that attacks only air targets. Also has detection 
abilities to keep out cloaked units.

Terran Academy
Research infantry upgrades and abilities here.

Terran Bunker
This building will hold up to four infantry units. Once inside, the units 
attack targets but are protected by the Bunker. Even if a Bunker is 
destroyed, the units inside remain unharmed.

Terran Factory
Produce all your vehicle units here.

Machine Shop
Add-on for the Factory. Research vehicle upgrades and abilities here.

Terran Armory
Develop weapon and armor upgrades for vehicles and ships here.

Terran Starport
Produce all your ship units here.

Control Tower
Add-on for Starport. Research abilities and upgrades for ships here.

Science Facility
Research Science Vessel upgrades and abilities here. Makes it possible to 
upgrade weapons and armor to level 2 or above.

Physics Lab
Add-on for Science Facility. Research abilities and upgrades for the Battle 
cruiser here.

Covert Ops
Another add-on for the Science facility. Research abilities and upgrades for 
the Ghost here.

5b. Units

Terran SCV
The Terran worker unit. It can gather resources, construct buildings, and 
repair damaged buildings and vehicle or ship units. You'll find that it has 
60 HP, more so than any of the other workers.
No SCV upgrades

Terran Marine
A good point about Terrans is the fact that even their most basic attack unit 
can hit air units as well. Marines are fairly easy to kill, but formidable if 
in Bunkers or when used in massive (and I mean MASSIVE) numbers. 
Marine upgrades
U238 Shells- Increases attack range.
Stimpacks- Increases movement and attack rate for a short time. Depletes 
unit's HP by 10. You cannot use Stimpacks if the unit's HP is below 10.

Terran Firebat
Firebats cannot attack air targets and their weapon requires them to be 
closer to enemies than is usually comfortable, but what they lack in range, 
they make up for in firepower. Groups of Firebats are great for fighting off 
melee attackers.
Firebat upgrades
Stimpacks- Increases movement and attack rate for a short time. Depletes 
unit's HP by 10. You cannot use Stimpacks if the unit's HP is below 10.

Terran Ghost
The Ghost is probably the sneakiest unit around. It has the ever-useful Cloak 
ability, so if an enemy is lacking in detection units, you can have Ghosts 
wreak havoc, especially by sending nukes down on them. The only problem with 
Ghosts, though, are that they are weaklings and do not cause much damage.
Ghost upgrades
Cloak- Allows Ghosts to Cloak.
Lockdown- The Ghost freezes an enemy unit for a short time. Lockdown renders 
unit useless and open to attack.
Ocular Implants- Increase Ghost sight range. Allows them to designate nukes 
from greater distances.
Moebius Reactor- Increases Ghost maximum energy by 50.

Terran Vulture
The first vehicle unit, the Vulture is good for attacking ground units. It is 
also a fast unit and can set Spider Mines, which makes them useful for 
scouting and defense. Just keep in mind that each Vulture gets 3, and only 3 
Spider mines, so surrounding your base with them requires a whole lot of 
Vulture upgrades
Ion Thrusters- Increases speed.
Spider Mines- Allows Vulture to set Spider Mines. Once set, they burrow under 
ground unseen by enemies. When a foe gets close, they pop out, run over to 
them, and explode.

Terran Siege Tank
This unit is probably what makes the Terrans dangerous. They are quite 
powerful and, once in Siege Mode, they can easily punch trough enemy defenses 
from a safe distance. The big drawback to Siege Tanks, though, is that they 
cannot hit air units.
Siege Tank upgrades
Siege Tech- Allows Siege Tanks to enter Siege Mode. When in this mode, they 
cannot move but their weapon gains incredible range and double the damage. In 
Siege Mode, the tanks cannot hit anything too close to them.

Terran Goliath
This "mech" type unit is pretty versatile. It has excellent weapons for air 
AND ground targets. They can be used for pretty much anything; attacking, 
defending, backing up Siege Tanks, etc. They really have no major down sides.
No Goliath upgrades

Terran Wraith
The basic air unit is actually pretty powerful if used correctly. They have 
powerful air-to-air weaponry, but their air-to-ground attacks are weak, so 
they aren't really suited for attacking buildings. Like Ghosts, they can 
Cloak, so they are great for quick support.
Wraith upgrades
Cloak- Allows Wraiths to cloak.
Apollo Reactor- Increases Wraith maximum energy by 50.

Terran Dropship
This is the Terran transport unit. Moderate speed and plenty of HP to protect 
itself and the units it carries.
No Dropship upgrades

Terran Science Vessel
The Science Vessel is extremely useful. Not only is it a mobile Detection 
unit, but it also has a host of useful abilities. It has no attacking power 
and is best not left alone. Its innate ability is the Defensive Matrix, which 
places a protective barrier on one of your units. This unit will receive 1 
damage form any attack for 30 seconds, or until the units has sustained 250 
damage, whichever comes first.
Science Vessel upgrades
Irradiate- Floods an enemy unit with radiation, causing it to take damage 
slowly and go out of control. Units that come into contact with the affected 
unit take damage also. Only works on "biological" units (Marines, any Zerg 
unit, Zealot, etc.).
EMP Shockwave- Hits an area with an electromagnetic pulse. Units in the 
affected area are completely drained of energy and shield. EMP Shockwave also 
destroys hallucinated units.
Titan Reactor- Increase Science Vessel maximum energy by 50.

Terran Battlecruiser
This bruiser is the mother of all Terran units. Its weaponry is very powerful 
and hits air and ground units. Battlecruisers are slow and can easily be 
overwhelmed, so it's best to have them on the attack with escorts.
Battlecruiser upgrades
Yamato Gun- This powerful weapon fires a single shot that causes 250+ damage 
to the target. It requires a great deal of time to recharge, but you can 
easily take out a Missile Turret or Photon Cannon with it.
Colossus Reactor- Increase Battlecruiser maximum energy by 50.


6.A look at the Zerg

The Zerg are a pretty grotesque race. However, they are the best example of 
"strength in numbers." The Zerg's strength is the ability to reproduce very 
rapidly. The way they build their units and buildings is also unique. All 
Zerg units are spawned from Larva, which is always coming out of a Hatchery. 
Therefore, the Zerg Hatchery is the ONLY Zerg building that creates units. 
All of the other buildings are dedicated to evolving upgrades and special 
abilities for the units. Zerg units generally are not very powerful. Their 
attacks are fairly weak and most of them do not pack many hit points. That's 
exactly why a good Zerg player must learn to create units very quickly, and 
that's just what the Zerg do best. Think about this: Let's say a Terran 
player wanted to create 3 Marines at a time. To do that, he must build 3 
Barracks. For the Zerg, though, all the player has to do is select the three 
larva and they begin hatching at the same time thus, if the other races did 
not build a TON of unit production buildings, then the Zerg can produce 
troops 3 times faster. "Sacrifice" is a good word to describe the Zerg as 
well; think of just considering your troops as "born to die." The Zerg create 
units and essentially, throw them away. Every Zerg unit is "biological" and, 
like other living things, can heal their wounds. All Zerg units AND buildings 
slowly, but constantly, recover HP.

How the Zerg create buildings- One of the most annoying quirks about the Zerg 
is the way they create buildings. They have to use their workers, like the 
other races, but in a different way. The Zerg Drone simply doesn't build a 
structure; it actually BECOMES the structure. So every time you want to make 
a building, you must build a Drone first. Also, Zerg buildings can only be 
constructed on Creep, a purple substance created by Hatcheries (because 
Hatcheries do not have to be on the Creep). The Zerg Creep Colonies can 
EXTEND Creep, but not create it. If you cancel construction of a building, it 
will turn back into a Drone.


Zerg Hatchery
The building where every Zerg unit can be created provided you the 
prerequisite buildings for a particular unit. You can also research the 
Burrow ability here.

Zerg Lair
An upgraded version of the Hatchery. Here, you can research Overlord 
upgrades. Makes it possible to upgrade weapons and armor to level 2.

Zerg Hive
An upgraded version of the Lair. Makes it possible to upgrade weapons and 
armor to level 3.

Zerg Creep Colony
Extends the Creep. Can be mutated into any 1 of the 2 Zerg defensive 

Zerg Sunken Colony
Extends the Creep. Also attacks ground targets.

Zerg Spore Colony
Extends the Creep. Also has detection abilities and attacks air targets.

Zerg Extractor
Gas collector building for the Zerg.

Zerg Spawning Pool
Evolve Zergling abilities here.

Zerg Evolution Chamber
Evolve weapon and armor upgrades for ground units here.

Zerg Hydralisk Den
Evolve Hydralisk abilities here.

Zerg Spire
Evolve weapon and armor upgrades for air units here.

Zerg Greater Spire
Upgraded version of the Spire. Evolve weapon and armor upgrades for air units 
here. Also makes it possible to create Guardians.

Zerg Queen's Nest
Evolve upgrades for Queens here.

Zerg Nydus Canal
Once the other end of the canal is built, will provide safe and quick 
underground transport for ground units.

Zerg Ultralisk Cavern
No abilities can be evolved here, but you must have one to build Ultralisks.

Zerg Defiler Mound
Evolve upgrades for Defilers here.

Infested Terran Command Center
Only possible to create when there is another Terran player, this building 
can be used to make Infested Terrans. It recovers life like any other Zerg 
building and it can lift off.


Zerg Zergling

The Zergling is the prime example of "strength in numbers." Each egg yields 
two Zerglings, so making an army of these critters is fairly easy. The 
problem, though, is that they are weak and die quickly. They're nice for 
quick rushes, but are not wonderful units to have around unless you have a 
lot of them.
Zergling upgrades
Metabolic Boost- Makes Zerglings move faster.
Adrenal Glands- Makes Zerglings attack faster.
Burrow- Allows the unit to burrow underground, unseen by enemies. Burrowed 
units cannot take any action.

Zerg Hydralisk
The Hydralisk is a pretty useful unit. It has good air and ground attack 
abilities which makes it great for attacking. Hydralisks are especially 
dangerous when used in big numbers. Plus, they're relatively cheap to make.
Hydralisk upgrades
Muscular Augments- Makes Hydralisks move faster.
Grooved Spines- Increases Hydralisk attack range.
Burrow- Allows the unit to burrow underground, unseen by enemies. Burrowed 
units cannot take any action.

Zerg Ultralisk
The big bad Ultralisk is a hulking creature just waiting to maul his 
opponents. As you might have guessed, these are the most expensive Zerg units 
and they are very tough and very powerful. They take down any ground unit or 
building with ease, but are easily killed by anything airborne.
No Ultralisk upgrades

Zerg Defiler
This unit has no attacking power, but it has some REALLY useful abilities. 
Its innate ability, Dark Swarm, will cover an area with an orange cloud. Any 
ground units or buildings in the cloud will be immune to attacks originating 
form air units or any other ranged attack.
Defiler upgrades
Plague- Covers an area with a red gooey substance. Units and buildings 
affected will take damage until it wears off. Plague will stop short of 
killing enemies, but it can bring Terran buildings down easily, because they 
will burn. Plague will ignore Protoss shields. Affected Cloaked units will be 
revealed, as well.
Burrow- Allows the unit to burrow underground, unseen by enemies. Burrowed 
units cannot take any action.
Consume- The Defiler eats a friendly unit and gains 50 energy.
Metasynaptic Node- Increases Defiler maximum energy by 50.

Zerg Broodling
These little guys can only be created when a Queen uses the Spawn Broodlings 
ability. They run around hitting enemies with a weak attack until they die. 
Also, once their energy runs, they die so don't expect them to do tremendous 
No Broodling upgrades

Infested Terran
Infested Terrans attack by running into an enemy and exploding, causing 500 
damage!! Problem is, they are easily killed and they only cause damage if 
they attack, not if they are killed.
Burrow- Allows the unit to burrow underground, unseen by enemies. Burrowed 
units cannot take any action.

Zerg Overlord
This unit is necessary for providing control for your forces. Each one will 
add 8 control to your total. They are also mobile detectors and transports, 
but they fly painfully slow and they need to be upgraded first in order to 
transport. Overlords make it difficult for enemies to sneak cloaked units 
into your base.
Overlord upgrades
Ventral Sacs- Grants transporting abilities.
Antennae- Increase Overlord detection range.
Pneumatized Carapace- Makes Overlords move MUCH faster.

Zerg Mutalisk
This is an excellent air unit, combining speed, air attacks, and ground 
attacks. The weapon it uses is unique because when you hit a unit, the attack 
bounces off and hits another unit. Mutalisks cannot stand up to big units, 
but are good escorts for Guardians.
No Mutalisk upgrades

Zerg Guardian
It seems that each race has it's own long-range attacker. For the Zerg, it 
would be the Guardian. These guys are slow, but their weapon is very powerful 
and can hit defensive structures from a safe distance. However, they are 
strictly air-to-ground, so always back them up with air support.
No Guardian upgrades

Zerg Scourge
Scourges are a lot like Infested Terrans; they are kamikaze type fighters who 
ram into their opponents and explode, causing massive damage. Scourge can 
only hit air target, but three or four hits are all it takes to cripple or 
destroy even Battlecruisers. Each egg yields two Scourges because they are 
easy to kill and you need a lot of them to make them effective.
No Scourge upgrades

Zerg Queen
The Queen is an excellent unit for scouting. It's fast and its innate 
Parasite ability will allow you to see anything the affected unit sees. Also, 
it can infest a severly-damaged Terran Command Center, putting it under your 
Queen upgrades
Ensnare- Covers an area with a green gooey substance. Units affected will 
have their movement and attack rates cut in half. Affected Cloaked units will 
be revealed, as well.
Spawn Broodlings- The Queen hits an opponent with an egg, killing it 
instantly. Two Broodlings come out of the dead enemy and will be yours to 
command. Only works on ground, non-mechanical units (but will work on Terran 
vehicles and the Protoss Dragoon).
Gamete Meiosis- Increases Queen maximum energy by 50.


7.A look at the Protoss

The Protoss are almost the opposite of the Zerg. The Zerg have the ability to 
produce units quickly, but you'll find that the Protoss are quite slow in 
that department. However, Protoss units are very powerful and long lasting. 
Take a look at each races basic ground unit: The Terran Marine, Zerg 
Zergling, and Protoss Zealot. The Marine does 6 damage and has 40 HP. The 
Zergling does 5 damage and has 35 HP. But the Zealot does 16 damage and has 
100 HP, plus 60 shields! This obviously makes the Zealot more powerful, 
capable of taking down multiple Marines or Zerglings. However, the Zealot 
costs twice as much in the way of resources and supplies, and it certainly 
takes a lot longer to build it. So, in short, if the Zerg are characterized 
by "quantity over quality," then the Protoss are "quality over quantity." 
Unless you have a TON of unit production buildings, you won't be able to make 
many units, but each one is a LOT more powerful when compared to the other 
two races. Each unit and building has shields that always regenerate, thus 
adding more to the unit's lifespan. Even a Zealot with 1 HP can be formidable 
because it still has 60 shields.
How the Protoss make buildings- The Protoss can make buildings very quickly. 
They warp in buildings using a Probe. But when a Probe starts a warp rift, 
the building will finish on its own, thus allowing the Probe to do something 
else, like make another building. Provided you have the resources, you make a 
bunch of buildings all at once. All Protoss buildings, except for the Nexus 
and Pylon, must be built within an energy field that is produced by a Pylon. 
If a Pylon is destroyed, any buildings that lose the energy field become 
unpowered. Unpowered buildings recover shields, but you cannot do anything 
with them until another Pylon is built.


Protoss Nexus
The main Protoss building. Produce Probes here.

Protoss Pylon
Provides 8 psi and creates an energy field on which other buildings can be 

Protoss Assimilator
Gas collector building for the Protoss.

Protoss Gateway
Produce basic ground units here.

Protoss Forge
Upgrade ground weapons and armor here. Can also upgrades shields.

Photon Cannon
Defensive structure. Has detection abilities and will attack air and ground 

Protoss Cybernetics Core
Research several upgrades as well as air weapon and armor upgrades here. Also 
makes it possible to upgrades shields to level 2 or above.

Protoss Shield Battery
Recharges a unit's shields. Shield Batteries expend energy to charge shields.

Protoss Robotics Facility
Produce robotic units here.

Protoss Stargate
Produce air units here.

Protoss Citadel of Adun
Research a Zealot upgrade here.

Protoss Robotics Support Bay
Research various upgrades for robotic units here.

Protoss Observatory
Research Observer upgrades here.

Protoss Fleet Beacon
Research various upgrades for air units here.

Protoss Templar Archives
Research upgrades for the High Templar here. Also makes it possible to 
upgrade weapons and armor to level 2 or above.

Protoss Arbiter Tribunal
Research upgrades for the Arbiter here.


Protoss Probe
Used for gathering resources and making buildings.
No Probe upgrades

Protoss Zealot
The basic ground unit packs quite a punch when compared to others. Even late 
in a game, they are excellent for razing buildings.
Zealot upgrades
Leg Enhancements- Makes Zealots move faster.

Protoss Dragoon
A great unit for defense, the Dragoon has a powerful weapon for air and 
ground targets. In "hold position," it is a good makeshift Photon Cannon.
Dragoon upgrades
Singularity Charge- Increases Dragoon attack range.

Protoss High Templar
These guys have no attack ability, but three pretty useful "spells" that can 
tip the odds in your favor.
High Templar upgrades
Psionic Storm- Releases a wave of energy that severly damages units within 
the effect area.
Hallucination- Creates two copies of a unit. The copies can attack but do no 
damage. Hallucinated units can be killed but will always die when their 
energy runs out. EMP Shockwave can destroy hallucinations instantly.
Khaydarin Amulet- Increase High Templar maximum energy by 50.

Protoss Archon
These devastators are really powerful. Their weapons pack quite a punch and 
can hit air or ground targets. They are also hard to kill; each one has 350 
shields. The downside? They only have 10 HP. So, yep, an EMP Shockwave will 
reduce an Archon into a wimp that even a Marine could take out. Archons can 
only be created through the merging of 2 High Templar.
No Archon upgrades

Protoss Reaver
This unit resembles a caterpillar and moves just as slow. However, it's 
attack does 100+ damage. This makes it great for taking down buildings 
because it has a very long range as well. Reavers cannot attack until they 
build Scarabs. Reavers can hold up to five Scarabs.
Reaver upgrades
Upgrade Scarab damage- Increase Scarab damage from 100 to 125.
Reaver Capacity- Increase Scarab capacity from 5 to 10.

Protoss Shuttle
The Protoss transport unit.
Shuttle upgrades
Gravatic Drive- Makes Shuttles move faster.

Protoss Observer
The Observer is a cloaked detector, so as its name implies, it is a great 
Observer upgrades
Sensor Array- Increases Observer detection range.
Gravatic Boosters- Makes Observers move faster.

Protoss Scout
The Scout is a formidable air unit. Like Wraiths, it has weak ground attack, 
but its air weapon is very powerful. Fully upgraded Scouts are pretty 
Scout upgrades
Gravatic Thrusters- Makes Scouts move faster.
Apial Sensors- Increases Scout sight range.

Protoss Carrier
This huge ship has incredible power. First, you need to use it to build 
Interceptors. Interceptors are units that fly out of the Carriers and fly in 
erratic loops and circles firing their small guns. Carriers can easily swarm 
and overwhelm opponents. Carriers can hold up to 4 Interceptors.
Carrier upgrades
Carrier Capacity- Increases Carrier's Interceptor capacity form 4 to 8.

Protoss Arbiter
The Arbiter is a great Protoss unit. It has a number of very useful 
abilities, air and ground weapons, and it creates a cloaking field. Any of 
your units close to it will be cloaked.
Arbiter upgrades
Stasis Field- Encases units in a blue crystal. Affected units cannot attack 
or be attacked, but it eliminates the unit temporarily. Stasis field also 
reveals cloaked units and units that have detection abilities will disabled 
while the unit is trapped.
Recall- Brings your units from anywhere on the map directly to your Arbiter.
Khaydarin Core- Increase Arbiter maximum energy by 50.



Just for fun, I've added a section with all the cheat codes used in single 
player mode. To use a cheat, hit enter to type a message. Then type in the 
code and hit enter again. If done correctly, "Cheat Enabled" will appear at 
the bottom of the screen. Enter a cheat again to disable it. Resource cheats 
can be entered multiple times for a cumulative effect.

"power overwhelming"= invincibility
"operation cwal"= fast building and instance upgrades
"medieval man"= instant technology upgrades
"something for nothing"= upgrades all weapons, armor, and shields to the next 
"the gathering"- infinite energy. Also works on the computer
"modify the phase variance"- disable technology tree
"there is no cow level"- skip to the next level
"breathe deep"- gives 500 Vespene Gas
"whats mine is mine"- gives 500 minerals
"show me the money"- gives 10000 minerals and gas
"food for thought"- build past supply limit (cannot go beyond 200)
"game over man"- instantly be defeated
"staying alive"- continue playing even after victory or defeat
"noglues"- disables the Psionic Storm ability
"black sheep wall"- reveals the entire map
"war aint what it used to be"- disables fog of war. Anything you reveal, 
stays revealed
"ophelia"- level warp*
*type in "ophelia", then type the race and level you want to go to. (i.e. 
Terran4, Protoss7, etc.)



So now that you understand each race in a more in-depth kind of way, do you 
feel like a better player? Maybe, maybe not. But whatever the case, I hope 
you enjoyed reading this FAQ and I hope that you have an even better grasp on 
this game.



I would like to thank myself for coming up with this idea, myself for writing 
the FAQ, and gameFAQS.com for being such an awesome site. Also, if anyone e-
mails me about a mistake in the guide or something left out, then I'll be 
sure to include that person's name here as well. Here's the list of people 
who have my thanks and recognition:

Cesar A. Canias- Big thanks for pointing out some mistakes in the guide, 
mostly about the unit capabilities and the Protoss Archon, which I completely 
left out for some reason.

Until we meet again...
Mike Hamlin

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