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Always Our Goal
Complete a non-tutorial mission without casualties.
Fast Learner
Unlock the Difficulty modifier.
Teacher's Pet
Unlock the Ammunition Bag.
Applied Learning
Unlock the SPAS-12.
Wall Burrow
Unlock the TRR8.
Just In Case
Unlock the Medium Armor.
Unlock the Night Vision Goggles.
Knock Knock
Unlock the Door Ram.
Detective Vendrell
Unlock the Grenade.
No Pressure
Unlock the Thermal Vision Goggles.
Just Encase
Unlock the Heavy Armor.
Security Flaw
Unlock the Lure.
Little Ditty
Unlock the Music modifier.
Unlock the Gas Mask.
Unlock the Smoke Grenade.
Mr. Anderson
Unlock the Ballistic Shield.
Less Lethal OP-Ball
Unlock the Less Lethal OC-Ball.
Going Dark
Cut the power.
Bring Order to Chaos
Complete all missions.
Game Night
Recover all collectibles.
Full Arsenal
Unlock all equipment.
To Your Taste
Unlock all modifiers.
Challenges Accepted
Complete all challenges.
Tunnel Vision
Complete an Arcade mission with the Cone FOV.
Gold Standard
Complete all missions without casualties.

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