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There's a bug in the soup
Finish chapter 1.
Roshambo Addict
Become the world's worst
Get past the computer security and gain the incredible power... to tell time.
Have you no shame?
Find the naughty pictures.
Private Detective
Go through the trash.
Conspiracy theorist
Read all the messages that reveal the real truth!
A soundly led quest
Finish chapter 2.
This is not a Beat'em up
Beat up an innocent bystander.
Harass Sherlock Holmes over the Telettrophone.
Wrong Dimension
Call "you know who" on the Telettrophone.
Blue moon
Get a blue moon... or almost.
Princess saver
Finish chapter 3.
Life sentence
Volontarily drown the Hero.
Honey, I blew up the Hero
In the house, turn the Hero into a giant without using the monocle.
Raiders of the lost game
"Snakes...Why did it have to be snakes?"
Random luck!
In the dimensional temple, find the combination without reading the runes.
The end of the ordeal
Finish chapter 4.
Serial Clicker
Click, click, click. More clicks. Even more clicks!
Follow the guide!
Find the squirrel hiding in the Verdant Landscape.
To infinity and beyond!
Make some 600 lb armor fly.
One Punch Man
Get rid of a super bad guy with a single hit.
It's not over yet
Finish chapter 5.
A friend of the animals... or not.
Demonstrate your love for animals using a bucket and some water.
Serge Karamasov
Jump over a chair.
Carmack junior
Enter GiGi's code without making a single mistake.
Smash a skull in this happy, family-friendly game.
Home at last
Finish chapter 6.
Who you gonna call?
Use a cell phone to call someone with magical powers.
Better than Mr. Radar
You've got to be a Spaceballs fan to find the solution.
Skeet shoot
Destroy all the validation signs.
Outside the box
Find the key to the underwater door.
I want to PLAY!!
Make the wrong decision and risk the complete annihilation of the intergalactic universe.
Future of the planet, and all that...
Make the right decision and go back to bed.
It's a trap!
Blindly follow the arrows.

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