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Win After Raising The Stakes three times.
Victory+++ (medium)
Get Victory+++ without spending more than 1000 points on upgrades.
Castle Hearts
Discovered Castle Hearts.
Castle Clubs
Discovered Castle Clubs.
The Great Pyramid
Discovered The Great Pyramid.
Castle Spades
Discovered Castle Spades.
Castle Diamonds
Discovered Castle Diamonds.
The Halls of Probability
Discovered The Halls of Probability.
The Fungal Swamps
Discovered The Fungal Swamps.
The Barren Desert
Discovered The Barren Desert.
The Frigid Peaks
Discovered The Frigid Peaks.
The Deep Blue Sea
Discovered The Deep Blue Sea.
The Astral Rift
Discovered The Astral Rift.
5 Heroes
Get Victory+++ with 5 different heroes.
10 Heroes
Get Victory+++ with 10 different heroes.
Tricky Warlock
Get Victory+++ in the Burnination Challenge with Warlock.
Blind Vampire
Get Victory+++ in the Nearsighted Challenge with Vampire.
Harmonious Bard
Get Victory+++ in the Unprepared+ Challenge with Bard.
Get Victory+++ without using your energy ability.
Get Victory+++ with every combat ending in a Perfect Kill (unless enemies flee)
Death's Door
Reach exactly 1 life.
Kill a monster by dealing 1 damage.
Have at least 200 chips.
Get Victory+++, while having eaten at least 125 food. (The food you eat automatically counts)
Victory 1000
Get a score of over 1000.
Victory 2000
Get a score of over 2000.
Victory 5000
Get a score of over 5000.
Victory 10000
Get a score of over 10000.
Get Victory+++ without purchasing anything from Shops (or traveling merchants). Blacksmiths and Enchantresses are okay.
Hop 20 times in one run.
Die in one hit when you are at your maximum life.
Have over 10 consumables in your inventory.
Straight Flush
Use a 5-card Straight Flush in an item during combat.
Twisted Motives
Get 500 Perfect Kills.
A Perfect Death
Die by reaching exactly 0 life.
Deal 10000 damage in a single hit.
Die to over 10000 in a single hit.
Daily Win+++
Get Victory+++ in the Daily Run.
Daily Streak 2
Get Victory+++ in 2 Daily Runs in a row.
Daily Streak 3
Get Victory+++ in 3 Daily Runs in a row.
Classic Win+++
Get Victory+++ in Classic Mode.
Classic Streak 2
Get Victory+++ in 2 Classic Runs in a row.
Classic Streak 5
Get Victory+++ in 5 Classic Runs in a row.
Challenge Win+++
Get Victory+++ in a Challenge Run.
30 Challenges
Get Victory+++ in 30 Challenge Runs.
Get Victory+++ in the Unprepared+ Challenge with 12 different heroes
Win after Raising The Stakes.
Win After Raising The Stakes twice.

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