Dragon of Embraces
Defeated Fafnir.
Defeated Vritra.
Shouldered World
Defeated Kujata.
Insane Sun
Defeated Aten-Ra.
Twined Malice
Defeated Jormungand.
Sky People
Defeated Anu.
Flaming Fist
Defeated Surtr.
Reproduction of Power
Defeated Echidna.
Last Guardian
Defeated Hel.
9th Child
Defeated the 9th Child.
Memories of Ruins
Obtained the Holy Grail.
Grab a Wall
Obtained the Grapple Claw.
Seek a Higher Place
Obtained the Feather.
Stop Time
Obtained the Lamp of Time.
Knowledge is Power
Obtained the Ruins Encyclopedia app.
Take a Walk on the Dark Side
Obtained the Future Development Company app.
Running Like The Wind
Obtained the Gale Fibula.
Ancient Alien Hypothesis
Obtained the Clay Doll Outfit.
Treasure Hunter
Filled every item slot.
Master Key
Unlocked all fairy locks.
Serial Application
Obtained all applications.
Encyclopedia Completionist
Unlocked every enclyclopedia entry.
Watch Where You're Whipping
Received retribution.
Once You Read It, You Can Never Go Back
I warned you.
Dear Foolish Adventurer
Started HARD MODE.
She's Back
Met Mulbruk.
Lights of the Fairies
Got the cooperation of a fairy.
Brahma's Trial
Unsealed the Ruins Project Map
The End
Saw Eg-Lana through to the End.
How About a Makeover?
Found a Garb Chest that needs a special key to open.
Long Live the Queen
The Queen was saved from the ruins.
The Dark Lord's Nest
Were Led to Nibiru.
The Philosopher's Departure
Alsedana's funeral ended.
Like Father, Like Daughter
Don't let that stop you from saving that pain-in-the-neck.
Visiting the Underworld
Visit someone who knows of the Underworld.
The World Beyond Death
Finally reached the Underworld.
Corridor of Blood
Entered the Corridor of Blood.
Moment of Release
Cleared the game.
By Sheer Grit
Cleared Hard Mode.
All I Need is One Arm
Obliterated all Guardians without using secondary weapons.
All I Need is One Finger!
Obliterated all Guardians without using secondary weapons in HARD MODE.
Pro Regular
Visited Nebur's store 20 times.
Everyone Has Their Reasons
Visited Nebur's store 40 times.
Pepper is for food, not people.
What's the Wig Idea?
Helped the Elder overcome his weakness.
Say Cheese!
Looking foward to the holiday snaps.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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