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Salty Ears
Sink down 50 ships
Sea Wolf
Sink down 100 ships
Scourge of the Seas
Sink down 200 ships
Rear Admiral
Sink down 2 ships in a row
Fleet Admiral
Sink down 3 ships in a row
Skilled Tactician
Save 50% of your fleet
Strategic Genius
Save 70% of your fleet
Sink down a four-decker without a single miss
Lone Survivor
Win a battle with a single ship remaining
Sharp Eye
Successfully strike a target 3 times in a row
Successfully strike a target 4 times in a row
Firmly Locked Target
Successfully strike a target 5 times in a row
Favour of Calypso
Hit a target with the first shoot of the round
Participate in 10 battles
Captain Sharky
Participate in 20 battles
Admiral Nelson
Participate in 30 battles
Lucky Cadet
Achieve 3 victories in a row
Achieve 5 victories in a row
Poseidon’s Incarnation
Achieve 7 victories in a row
Sea Bound
Visit the game 3 days in a row
Life at the Sea
Visit the game 5 days in a row
Never Leave My Flagship
Visit the game 10 days in a row

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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