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Lights blur. The crowd whizzes past. Your helmet rattles against the roll bar and the competition switches into overdrive. Tears stream from your face as the race moves into extreme speed. Tears of sweat. The same stuff that's seeping out of your palms and onto the steering wheel. Get a grip. You're sliding into a turn at 200 miles per hour and centrifugal force will only carry you so far.

This is velocity-driven, pedal-to-the-metal arcade auto racing. It ain't no simulation. Find out how your PC really handles 'cause you've never been allowed to go this fast before. Maneuver through a twisted landscape, along six snakin' tracks with other racers breathing down your neck, and post a time that's warped. Strapped into a personally chosen, made-for-the-autobahn racing machine, you'll scream to redefine fast in this winding 3-D ride of pure rocketing fun.

*Exhilirating gameplay featuring sonic speed arcade racing action
*6 punishing tracks and 12 precision automobiles (6 automatic & 6 manual)
*Zooming graphics tearing through a real-time 3-D texture-mapped environment
*Switchable points-of-view including behind the wheel and chase mode
*Multi-player options challenge up to 7 players via network play
*Jam to the action with heart-pumping thrash metal and realistic sound effects
*Supports major peripherals (Thrustmaster T1, T2, Virtual Pilot, any digital or analog joysticks)

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