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Attention, everyone! We're looking for a van with money! And in that van, you. And you are at full speed on the road, consisting of some steep turns and trying to survive this deadly race. Intriguing, isn't it? And if there's a bunch of cash on the road that's going to be nice to put in your trunk?

Control in a game very simple-your van is on a road that contains many twists and sharp stones on its sides. One wrong move and the car is going to become a pile of metal junk, and all your collected money crumble on the way. Try to prevent this by turning at a strictly defined point. Your success will be calculated from how much money you can collect. You'll be able to compete easily with your friends in someone who picks up more points and lasts longer in this crazy race. You can buy yourself a cool van and get more! It's a very exciting process, and it overwhelms you a lot of fun and joy.

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