• Steam Achievements

    Acceptable LossesLost 10 Green Shirts in ground combat.
    All Hail Your Reptilian OverlordMade an ally of the Yabblings.
    All in a Day's WorkRescue 15 colonies from a Chruul fleet.
    And Caesar WeptBuilt 20 Base Rooms.
    Bandit HunterDestroyed 10 pirate ships.
    Beam Us Up, EnsignHad an officer reach Level 2.
    Blanket Fort BaronBuilt a base room.
    Boldly WentSuccessfully beat the game on Lieutenant difficulty.
    Cascade FailureMade an enemy of the Collective.
    Champion of New TerraSuccessfully beat the game on Admiral difficulty.
    Chruul and UnusualDestroyed 100 Chruul ships.
    Chruul to be KindDestroyed 10 Chruul ships.
    Chruuling the Herd(Secret)
    City PlannerBuilt 3 Base Rooms.
    Collateral DamageLost 25 Green Shirts in ground combat.
    Crocodile HunterMade an enemy of the Yabblings.
    Damnit, Jim. I'm a Doctor, Not An Undertaker!Lost 100 Green Shirts in ground combat.
    Debt Inheritance(Secret)
    Delivering the Crushing Blow(Secret)
    DissenterMade an enemy of the Korzan.
    Embrace the SuckMade an ally of the Voraash.
    EruditeResearched 10 techs.
    Four Star ShipHave a ship reach rank four or higher.
    Frog John Silver(Secret)
    Galaxy GuardianSuccessfully beat the game on Captain difficulty.
    Go To Warp, LieutenantHad an officer reach Level 5.
    Goodbye, Chruul WorldDestroyed 25 Chruul ships.
    Growth IndustryRecruit 10 officers.
    Help! Help! We're Being Repressed!Rescue 5 colonies from a Chruul fleet.
    Hero of the StarsSuccessfully beat the game on Grand Admiral difficulty.
    HR NightmareLost 10 officers in the line of duty.
    I'll Be Back(Secret)
    King of the CastleBuilt 10 Base Rooms.
    Knowledge is PowerFinished the tutorial.
    Knows Where Their Towel IsSuccessfully beat the game on Commander difficulty.
    Last of the Xlar Lords(Secret)
    Laying Waste(Secret)
    Ma-Ma-Ma-Monster Kill!(Secret)
    Make It So, Number OneHad an officer reach Level 10.
    My Other Ship is a Pegasus(Secret)
    Naturally SelectedMade an ally of the Xlar-Yanthu.
    No Place Like Home(Secret)
    O'Briens Conservation Society(Secret)
    One Star ShipHave a ship reach rank one.
    Savior of the StarsRescue 30 colonies from a Chruul fleet.
    SavvyResearched 5 techs.
    Sentinel of the SectorSuccessfully beat the game on Vice Admiral difficulty.
    Spare the Rod and Spoil the Chruul(Secret)
    Survival of the FittestMade an enemy of the Xlar-Yanthu.
    Taking Back The SkiesDestroyed 25 pirate ships.
    Tech SupportMade an ally of the Collective.
    Technological GiantResearched 20 techs.
    Terminal Killocity(Secret)
    The Belly of the Beast(Secret)
    The Flying DutchmanDestroyed 100 pirate ships.
    The Importance of Being WormestMade an enemy of the Voraash.
    The Sacrificial LambLose your first Green Shirt in ground combat.
    There Is No SpoonMade an ally of the Korzan.
    There Will Be No Peace(Secret)
    Three Star ShipHave a ship reach rank three.
    Tier 1 ShipBuilt a tier one ship.
    Tier 2 ShipBuilt a tier two ship.
    Tier 3 ShipBuilt a tier three ship.
    Tier 4 ShipBuilt a tier four ship.
    Tier 5 ShipBuilt a tier five ship.
    Two Star ShipHave a ship reach rank two.
    Valar MorghulisLost 50 Green Shirts in ground combat.
    You Had One Job(Secret)

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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