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Maddie's Challenge
Complete Maddie's little game
Sanctuary Grapple Challenge
Complete Sanctuary using less than 23 Grapples
Village Grapple Challenge
Complete Village using less than 20 Grapples
Chasms Grapple Challenge
Complete Chasms using less than 34 Grapples
Star Haven Grapple Challenge
Complete Star Haven using less than 55 Grapples
Ice Cave Grapple Challenge
Complete Ice Cave using less than 115 Grapples
"If he could do it, I could do it too"
The floor is lava.. or well, ice.
"That's gold, Maddie! Gold!"
Earn Gold medals on all Time Trial levels
All Collectibles Found
Find all 25 Collectables in the game
Sanctuary Perfect Run
Complete Sanctuary without failing
Village Perfect Run
Complete Village without failing
Chasms Perfect Run
Complete Chasms without failing
Star Haven Perfect Run
Complete Star Haven without failing
Ice Cave Perfect Run
Complete Ice Cave without failing
Filled with Wanderlust
Interact with all the optional story objects

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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