• Steam Achievements - Collector's Edition

    This title has a total of 22 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Champion SprinterFind 5 objects in 5 seconds.
    Clever InvestigatorFinish 5 hidden-object puzzles without any hints.
    CollectorFind 100 objects.
    Eagle EyeFinish 3 hidden-object puzzles without any hints.
    ExpertSolve a mini-game without skipping.
    Flash FreezeSolve a mini-game in a minute.
    Friend of the ForestUse the power of the animal spirits.
    Good SamaritanTake time to help someone in need.
    IntellectualSolve 5 mini-games without skipping.
    Keen ObserverFinish a hidden-object puzzle without any hints.
    Over Troubled WaterCross the river.
    PerfectionFind every object with no wrong selections.
    ProfessorFinish 5 hidden-object puzzles in a row in 1 minute each.
    Quick FeetFind 3 objects in 3 seconds.
    ScholarFinish 3 hidden-object puzzles in a row in 1 minute each.
    StudentFinish a hidden-object puzzle in a minute.
    The Path Less TraveledFinish any hidden-object puzzle using only the alternate puzzle.
    Tour GuideFind every single collectible in the game.
    Tourist TrapperFind every collectible figurine.
    Wildlife PhotographerPhotograph every collectible animal.
    Wise OneSolve 10 mini-games without skipping.
    World's FastestFind 10 objects in 10 seconds.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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