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An Honest Soul
Win a round of poker without cheating.
Cheaters Always Prosper
Use an ability in each round of a match.
New York Minute
Win more than $5000 in a single bet.
Start Spreading the News
Win a match with one character.
I'm Gonna Be A Part Of It
Win a match with two characters.
If I Can Make It There
Win 5 matches in a row.
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Make every other player fold in a round.
Can't Read My Poker Face
Make it through a hand without being targetted.
Give That Man His Money
Win $1,000,000 across all rounds.
Robber Baron
Win $1,000,000,000 across all rounds.
You're So Mean
As Mitzy, switch a player's cards when all five cards are down.
Made over $200 from another player's call.
As Veronica, make a maximum bet after revealing a bluff.
Lucky Strike
As Lucky, gain a flush with Lucky Card.

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