Rookie Mechanic
Collect 10 spares
Apprentice Mechanic
Collect 50 spares
Veteran Mechanic
Collect 100 spares
Expert Mechanic
Collect 300 spares
Scrap Mechanic
Collect 500 spares
Here I am!
Eliminate 10 enemies
Eliminate 50 enemies
Who is your daddy?
Eliminate 100 enemies
What is inside?
Break 10 boxes
Break 50 boxes
Break 100 boxes
Start the game
Time for pizza
Find something in the collector
Be carefull
Finish the game without being damaged
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Lok'tar Ogar!
Nice Jump!
Jump into the water
Super Plumber!
Fix the water pipes
I’ll see you when you wake
Finish the game
Break into the computer.
Сoincidence? I think not.
Find the Engineer

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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