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Meet Mario, your history travel guide.
Mario's the most lovable travel guide you'll ever meet. In this colorful learning adventure, he bounces all over the map as he leads you through time to recover stolen historical treasures.
The plot doesn't have holes...it has facts!
Mario's nemesis, Bowser, is out to become the greatest thief in history by stealing precious objects from famous people throughout time. Cleopatra, Thomas Edison, Plato, no famous face is safe from Bowser's thieving Koopas. Thank goodness Mario's been able to build a time machine to help track down the thefts, return the objects to their rightful owners, and preserve great moments in history. You won't believe how many historical facts and real people from the past he meets along the way!
The more you play, the more you learn.
Children pick up the plot fast because they play and learn at the same time, so history is never boring. Everyone in your family can travel through time anytime...without ever leaving your home!
Feature-packed. Fun-filled.
Here are just a few of the many features that make a trip through time with Mario a ride to remember.
- Visit 24 different time periods full of famous people from the past.
- On line dictionary to explain the meaning of many new words.
- Original music in the style of specific historical eras.
- Though you'll need to read to solve this adventure, Mario makes it easy.

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