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Even a Marine would be nervous.

He might by able to handle the pounding pressure of a simultaneous space, surface and subterranean attack. But we doubt it. Even veteran wing commanders will have trouble keeping their suits dry in this rocket-fast adventure.

Get ready for the science-fiction fight of your life. AN alien invasion from the once-dormant core of Europa has instantly transformed your peaceful mining colony into a living hell. To mount a defense, you must quickly convert your mining machinery - hovercraft, maglocks, sky bikes and more - into weapons of war.

ABSOLUTE ZERO features 30 missions, 3 different arenas of combat, and fleets of vehicles on the screen simultaneously - all original designs created with the latest in 3D and Silicon Graphics Technology. The action is so furious, you'll want to make sure you're destroying the invaders and not your own comrades.

Laced with undertones of conspiracy and complicated by internal rebellion, this one space war you won't forget!

Fly and drive 7 different vehicles with 13 different weapon systems.

Over 70 texture-mapped objects on-screen simultaneously

30 missions in a complex, interwoven plot

Full-motion video sequences and Interactive CD soundtrack with complex, layered sounds and professional voice-overs.

Control the actions of 7 different characters.

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