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Huzza, he's back.
Welcome back to Deponia
And again, and again, and...
Did anyone get that?
Burn, Elysium, burn!
Slightly above body temperature
Funtime's over
The perfect place for mayhem
Boat of love, boat of love
He is a true romantic
School's out
What a wild ride it has been...
Portals come in packs
Logic is the last resort of the uninspired.
And everything comes full circle.
I told you: do not tempt endings!
Against better judgement
Please put the torch back where it belongs.
Sole Music
He doesn't deserve any better! Kick the Fewlock as often as you can.
Get distracted by a fewlock while three bars are glowing.
Destroy many, many toilet seats.
Slingshot the elephant before he can say anything.
Shall we play a game?
Don't put the fruit to the middle square.
Weapons 101
Give Tuck all possible gun variants.
Let Rufus eat a lot of icecream.
1001 Jackalopes
Create every jackalope and clone it.
Mix the drink first, then grind down the maggot.
Reach almost 10000 fun points.
Dump a lot of hot coal into your crotch.
Photo Friend
Collect all photo variants before you take the final snapshot.
No man left behind!
Save your party, let nobody die.
Every man for himself!
Your party be damned, let them all die.
Find the dolphin.
Monstrous Harassment
Annoy the sea monster until it snaps.
Scaffolding Expert
Find the scaffolding!
The customer is always right
Order a sausage from the sausage bot many times.
Kuvaq Minigame-Master
Sucessfully complete all minigames in Kuvaq
Never pick up the paintball gun.
Elysian Minigame-Master
Successfully complete all minigames on Elysium
Goat Team
Let the goat hop from flag to flag a lot of times.
Play it again, Ronny
Press the jukebox until you get a song.
Heading the inverter
Head the power inverter during slow-motion.
Wait until the countdown should be finished.
Use the milk on yourself.
Blast from the Past
Go through all portals.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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