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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/05/2015
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 ^+#@@@@@$-  $@@=   _#@@&@@@&#@@@@i:O#i`       `_+=+~`    ^-+ii=+;~^~_:::__--~^`
+=@@@@&@@@#; $@@+   ^#@@#@@@@@@&&&=;O&o`       ~o!e*;^`^``-+oi+;;:~^~_:;;;:_-.^`
 &@@%  =#@@% O@@_   .#@@  ~;@@$-.  ;#&o`      `;?!e!o~   ^_o*+-...^`^.~_:;_-.^`
=@@&     @@@ O@@    ^#@@. ^_@@%.`  ;&#=`      .i%*  !;.``^:**+-```     ~:;_.`
e@@!     #@@ O@@=    O@@.  _&&%^`  ;##=`      -e?+  !i:-~`_ieo;-.`     ._;-^
?@@i     O@@ O@@:    #@@.  _@&%``  +#O+`     ^=%!_  !i-`  .:i*o+_~^    ._;-^
%@@+     %@@ O@@i   ^#@@~  ;&#!`   %##=`     ~e$e_  ee;^  `._+ii=:~`   ._;-^
?@@=     O@@ #@@i   ^#@e^  =$#!^   !&#=`    `_?$e  ie!*i:-.^^~_;==_.   ._;-^
o@@%     @@@ %@@=   _&@&-  =@@%.`  +&&i`    ^=%$%!eee*i+.^~--~^-+i;~`  ._;-^
 @#!    !@@# !@@%   o@@O:  _@@%~   ;&&o     ~e$?oi==ioo:^`^.^^^-=o+~`  ._;-^
 !@O&  O@@@= -@@@Oe%&@@Oi. :@@$`   ;&&%oii=`:?%i~...-i*+~^-:;;_:==:.   ._:-^
  %O@@&@@@e. ^e@@@@@@@@#i. _@@%`   ;&&O$%%$.=?!:`   ^;o=-.:ioooi=;~`   ^-_~^
 `^+%&&#?:.; ^^:!O&#?*#!~  ^$Oo    -eeooiii.;=;.    `~::~^~;+==i=~^    `..^`
  `^`^^^^``   -_``~.`.+^.  ```      ```````` ```      `^^`^^..~~--`     ```
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            Platform:   PlayStation 4 / PC / XBox One
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   1/3/2015

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction......................................................[OUT-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[OUT-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[OUT-TIP]


   - Underground Lab........................................[OUT-1]
   - Hospital...............................................[OUT-2]
   - Recreation Area........................................[OUT-3]
   - Prison.................................................[OUT-4]
   - Drying Ground..........................................[OUT-5]
   - Vocational Block.......................................[OUT-6]
   - Exit...................................................[OUT-7]


 - Documents.........................................................[OUT-DOC]
 - Notes.............................................................[OUT-NOT]
 - Trophies..........................................................[OUT-TPH]

 - Version History...................................................[OUT-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[OUT-CRE]
                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a FAQ/Walkthrough on the PS4 Horror game
Outlast. Thanks for joining me again!

For some weird reason, despite now really enjoying most horror movies out
there, I'm a big fan of horror video games. I've played every Silent Hill
game and Resident Evil game (although some may argue that Resident Evil isn't
really Horror anymore). And now we have a new horror game for the PS4!

This guide is made to focus on not just getting you through the horrific
world of Outlast, but to find all the documents and notes along the way,
letting you see and experience everything this game has to offer! Let's
do this!

As always, feel free to join me on Facebook or email me. After all, I
wouldn't do this if it weren't for you, my fellow gamer, supporting me
along the way!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk

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                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

Here are the controls for Outlast.
                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Movement                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Camera                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons:                                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Up/Down: Zoom in and out                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Left: Evidence Menu                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Right: Note Menu                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Action                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle Button: Reload Batteries                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Jump                                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: Crouch                                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Run                                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Lean Left                                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Use Camcorder                                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Lean Right                                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3: Night-Vision (Camcorder)                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | OPTIONS: Pause Menu                                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | SHARE: Record/Share Gameplay                                           |
 |                                                                        |

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O

 o After playing and watching others play this game, it has come to my
   attention that BATTERIES are random. As it, you may not find the same
   batteries I point out. They may just not be there. The game seems to be
   somewhat random in this regard, for the batteries at least...
   That being said, please don't email me about batteries missing from the
   guide. I'm just going to assume you didn't read this heads-up notice if
   you do (email me about other things if you want though, even if just to
   say hi!).
 o Keep your camcorder out as much as you can, especially if you aren't
   planning on following the guide 100%! There are a lot of notes that are
   very easy to miss if you don't...
 o Some sections of the game trap you in an area with a psycho and make you
    explore to escape. Identify a safe hiding spot and then explore from
    there. Also note that you CAN outrun all the enemies in the game, so if
    if doubt at least run for it (but don't try to hide when the enemy is
    watching you).

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                     Chapter 1: Underground Lab                       >==O

 Enjoy the opening scenes. Some disturbing stuff here, but it will link nicely
into the main game after a bit.

 Once you gain control for the first time, head out of the room and you'll get
your first objective:

 o New Objective: Report to the main console at the Morphogenic Engine

 Head through the hallways and enjoy the conversations if you wish. They are
kinda cool. Make your way to the Engine Chamber and near the front is a computer
you can interact with to work on the program code. Do so and watch what happens.
Keep working on the code until you are finished and excused, where you'll get a
new objective.

 o New Objective: Retrieve your laptop from the Server Room.

 Head back to the laptop and enjoy the scenes.
                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                         Chapter 2: Hospital                          >==O

 Back? Good. Watch the scenes as you get a camera and automatically record the
[_IF I DIE_] note. Oh man... soon you'll hear someone talking to you as well
from the other side of the glass. Dangerous as he sounds he actually lets us
out of our room. Once you are free you can access a door nearby (the patient
will go to a nearby room), and from there enter the room on the right to find
a [_BATTERY_] on the table.

 Exit the room and proceed through the hallway. Lots of things to see here.
This place is going to hell! Heh. Continue forward and once you see the man
run into the room watch... the Walrider will show up! Run past him, then go
left through a rip in the plastic by the door. Enter the door ASAP to be safe!

In this room you are invited to join the patients and get your hands red...
yeah. Soon the speaker will let you go through, and the man to his right will
get out of the way. Go past him through the door where you'll be grabbed. After
that, RUN to the door down the hallway on the right. Slam the door behind you
and head into a smaller room nearby. Look around for a vent you can climb into
and you'll be safe.

 Here crawl forward a bit and record (important!) the conversation happening
below you. Murkoff personnel, unknowingly helping us out.

 o New Objective: Use the short-wave radio in the Prison.

 Mid-way through the conversation you'll get the second note in the game,
[_A RADIO IN THE PRISON_]. Continue on once they are done talking to another
room. There's some patients in here. Move the crate out of the way and go
through the door. Exit this larger room to the hallway (to the right is where
you came from). Head left to the blood puddle and left again. This leads to a
room. Start recording the man here and hit the button when you wish. Witnessing
all of this will get you the [_THE DOCTORS ARE SICK_]. There is also a
[_BATTERY_] here on the table.

 Exit this room back to the hallway. Head right and then right again into the
airlock, which is now open. Once the de-con is done, head forward to a path
split. Head right first, the way the man ran, and you'll see the exit doors are
busted up. Lovely. There is a [_BATTERY_] on the left-side of the room (behind
the canisters). The room on the right here has [_THE RESIGNATION OF WAYLON
PARKS_] document in it, on the ground. Sick fucks...

 From where you got the battery turn around and you'll see a pallet leading
upwards. We have to climb up it to the top of this metal hallway structure and
then head right (this gets us past the busted door. Once you drop down, head
forward and enter the room on the left. Follow this path forward to a kitchen
looking area.

 Bodies hanging up.. not good. You can see a man in the distance going to town
on a body, as well. Ugh. Head through the freezer into the seating area. The
noises here are unsettling. Worm your way through the cafeteria area until you
are forced close to the cannibal.  Be sure you video-tape the man here and what
he does for the [_IN THE CANNIBAL'S KITCHEN_] note.

 Head to the left now and make your way to the bathroom area. Not much to see
here. Head to the end and you'll find a wall partition to a new door (and new
hallway). This leads to a body handcuffed to a door where the game will notify
you "Unlock the handcuffs to open the door".

 Well damn. Turn around and crawl through the window above the door. Up ahead
is a roaming patient (the cannibal), past this hallway in the next room. Make
your way there carefully and hide behind the junk on the left. A temporary safe
spot. The cannibal will roam the room to the right and back down the hallway.
There are rooms back there. What we need to do is follow him back there and
hide (you can use the junk in the hallway back there to hide). If worse comes
to worse you can either run back to the starting area or just run to the back
rooms. There's two doors leading to hiding spots (you can hide if you want) and
a storage room in the back. That is the room we want. Near the light you can
jump up and over a hole to be "safe".

 You'll drop down to a small hallway, with a patient to your left. While he
sounds extremely unstable (and he is), you're safe near him. To your right by
the corpse is a [_BATTERY_]. Pick it up and get around the guy (he moves slow)
and continue down the hallway. Right past a door on the left you will find
the [_HANDCUFF KEY_] on a corpse. There's nothing in the bathroom (the door
nearby), so continue on and to the right to find some computers set up.

 Head past the first set of computers and left to some more. Here look between
the computer desks to find the [_GENDER SELECTION IN MOUNT MASSIVE CONTRACTORS_]
document. May explain some stuff you've been wondering. The exit here leads
back to the hallway with the cannibal. Hang a left  and then right, then run
straight ahead, leaping over the desk and door back to the handcuff door.

 Unlock the handcuffs and enter the door. Head down the stairs. The room on
the left has nothing for you, so make your way to the back where you'll see
some furnaces. Try to go through the door here to see a scene. Wow...

 Once you have control, turn around and start to pound at the (thankfully
crumbling) back wall. It will take several tries, but you'll eventually break
through. Oh wow...

 To the left you can find a hallway, but there's nothing for us over there
(beware of the steam if you do go). The door on the left has nothing either.
Head to the back right though, to the chapel area. In the back, behind the
desk is the [_GOD AND FAMILY_] document. Sweet!

 Once you are ready to continue, head to where you broke through and go up
the ladder. Here jump up the the gap above you. There's some steps up here
you can climb up to jump to another ledge. You'll have to shimmy across the
small ledge here, to another platform. There's a hide-away here but we need
to crawl through the nearby vent and down to the boxes below.

 Down here head forward to a path split. You can head right to a dark dead
end for a [_BATTERY_]. Continue on and you'll hear a familiar saw spin. Ugh.
We'll get to an opening on the left with a locked door on the right. Continue
on and some people will run by. To the left is an empty room and to the right
a bunch of bookcases. This is the way we have to go, but the cannibal is
stalking nearby. He MAY see you near the other door in here, so be careful!
Remember the lockers from the way you came if you need them!

 Head left following the cannibal. He'll likely go into a door on the left
Even if he doesn't, run past him and down the hallway. There will be a desk
to jump over and past that a gap that you can slip through to safety!

 Oh man. Once you are past the gap, head left into the room. In the corner here
(past the wheelchair) is a bathroom. Enter (get your camcorder out) and open the
middle stall. Record this for the [_VARRYING EFFECTS_] note. And no, we can't
help the guy (he probably has it coming...).

 Continue on through the other door to the plastic hallway and to the right you
can head to a dead end for a [BATTERY] by the dead security guard. Head to the
left and you'll run into an airlock where a man will talk to you. Not much we
can do for him, but this gives us a new objective:

 o New Objective: Find the main valve and shut off the gas to access the

 Head through the hole nearby and right to an open area. Hop through the window
to the right. Here, head right and in this dark dead-end is a desk with the
hallway now and open up the door. Erg... let the man be and he'll do his, um...
thing. Duck under the counter and note the "237" flashing. Hmm. The counter
here has a [_BATTERY_] on it. Continue through the door and out to a hallway
with numbered rooms.

 At the path split, note that the rooms on the left are empty. Check them out
and find a hiding spot though (closer to the split, the better... you can even
get away with hiding in the corner of the room). As we head right from the
split the cannibal shows up! Go hide and pray he walks past you, then head out
and continue down the hallway he came from. Head into the door on the right
that has the flashing light by it (237) and jump into the vent in here.
Continue on until you fall.

 Go ahead and hide if you want, but he won't break the door. Continue through
the other door to a new hallway. Head left and straight to the lab (the jump
scare got me!).

 Once you get to this lab area, be sure to check out the counters here to find
document. Long name! Further in you'll find someone hiding out (probably a
good idea), and near the monitors on the table is a [_BATTERY_]. Head through
the security door near the guard and continue on to the left. You'll go through
a few rooms and end up in a large room. A large, dangerous room, as the Cannibal
will soon be in here with us and stalking us.

 Let's do this safely, if we can. Head to the right. This hallway has four
doors on the right wall that each have a bed. What I want you to do (and what
I did) was go from room to room, down to the furthest one. This is relatively
safe as he does stalk this hallway, but you can peek and  hide easily. Now,
from the last room you can get a good view of the southern wide area and can
probably see when he heads north near where we entered) when he does, head into
the wide area, and stick to the right. Past the red lights to the de-con door.
Jump up and crawl past it to "safety". This leads to the "Gas Room". Enter in
and turn the valve to shut off the gas, leading to a new objective.

 o New Objective: Use the short-wave radio in the Prison.

 We have to go back to the big room with the psycho now. This will be fun. Let
the de-con room do its work and then you'll be back in with the psycho. Head
back the way you came. The de-con room will save you if you are being chased,
so it doesn't even matter if he sees us.

 Near the corpse you'll find a [_BATTERY_] (if you didn't grab it earlier).
Follow this path down to the de-con room you saw the body in earlier (when we
got the objective to turn the gas off) and it will open up for you now. Head on
through to the new area.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                     Chapter 3: Recreation Area                       >==O

 Head down the stairs now to the yard. Down here head right to the chain link
door and open it. You should hear a sound above you now. Take out your camera
and video-tape the cannibal making threats at you from the window for the
[_SATISFACTION_] note. Feed me! *Shudder

 We came over here just for that note. Turn around and back through the door.
Follow the right fence to another opening and go through. Keep following the
right fence / trees to another opening (you will have an... episode, along the
way) and hang a right. You'll find a place to jump down soon.

 Head onward. You can't follow the right fence closely this time, but stick
to the right regardless and some stairs will show up. Head up them and to the
left. Stick to the building and at the window BE SURE to video the man playing
basketball through the window for the [_THIS IS WHAT THE GAME IS_] note. A very
odd note. And I'm sure you can guess what he is playing basketball with, right?

 Head down the path to find it is a dead-end. Someone trying to break through
the doors. Head back to the stairs now and a man will run off, but he has
broken down the other door. Head through and follow the right fence, then go
through it when you can. This leads to a hole on the right for a cat-walk. Get
on and head left, jumping the gamp you find. Gah!

 Drop down to the bottom sewage area and then climb up the ladder you find.
This area appears closed off but there's a hole in the left fence. Head through
it and left. Some patients nearby will make some comments about you (do their
voices sound familiar?). Enter the door here and the door after that, pressing
forward to a foggy area with some inmates ahead. DO NOT go near them unless you
want to die (I tested it for you!). Take the left door now and follow the path
to a wire door at the end.

 There is a psycho in here, but he moves pretty slow (and apparently doesn't
bother the other prisoners). Head for the far left corner and climb the ladder
you find. This leads up to a guard tower. Jump over the gap and move around to
enter it and find the [_THE WALRIDER DELUSION_] document.

 Continue down the narrow path to the left. You'll meet someone here, but
obviously we're going to keep going (because THAT is smart of us...). Head up
the ladder at the end. You can listen to a man up here for a bit but you'll
have to go through the door up ahead to a very bloody hallway. Head left at
the split and continue (we can't follow the patients here). Head through the
far door and search the corner part of the desk to find the radio. Try to use
it for a scene...

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                          Chapter 4: Prison                           >==O

 Well... go figure, right? Once you gain your freedom again, duck behind the
desks and wait. A hulk of a man will soon come in, looking for us (I'm sure you
guys know who this is!). As he searches around the desks, stealthily slip out
the door. Quiet now!

 In the hallway hang a left and jump the desk. In the next room head to the door
on the left as there's nothing else worthwhile in here. Jump the obstacle and
shimmy through the junk to a new area.

 As you step foot into this hallway, an announcement will go off that gives
us a new objective:

 o New Objective: Exit via the Administrative Block

 Nearby the body is a bathroom, but further on is a chain link door with
someone drawing on the wall. Be sure to record him for the [_DOWN, DOWN, DOWN_]
note. After that, follow the note advice and drop down the hole nearby. Head to
the door nearby and search the desks for the [_MISCARRIED PROFITS_] document.
Poor guys in the cells...

 Head down the hallway (an officer will run away) and round the corner. Near
the office area is a door with a backroom you can search for a [_BATTERY_] in
the back on a desk. Continue on down the hallway and soon the chase music will
start! Walker is coming for us! Run down the linear path, jumping over things
until you see an open window to the right (it takes awhile to get to it). Jump
through it to be safe!

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                       Chapter 5: Drying Ground                       >==O

 We're outside now. Drop down in front of the double doors. They are locked,
of course, but to the left you can find an open window. Hop in and look to the
left for the [_THE GROOM_] document. Disturbing.

 Head back outside and straight. You'll find a chain link door leading to some
steps. Follow them down to a lighted area, then jump up through the hole in
the fence on the right. Follow the water now, ducking under the obstacle until
you come to a wide-open area.

 First things first! Head straight ahead to the building to search for the
[_KILL US_] document. Short and to the point. Now, we need to head right,
through the chain door (away from the electric fence... and yes, you don't
want to touch it!). To the right is a [_BATTERY_] on the ground by a dead
guard, but turn around and head left to find a door, leading to some steps and
a building.

 Head inside and to the left. Note the, uh... guy doing stuff through the
door. So wrong... head forward and hit the breaker to turn power off to the
electric fence outside.

 Head outside now and back the way you came. Be sure to have your camera out
as you pass through the chain-link fence as the power comes back on... This
gives you the [_BURNING LIGHTS_] note.

 We have to go back... and turn off the power AGAIN. Head back and make your
way back to the power lever. You know this is a trap, right? Good. Hit it and
then dodge the nearby psycho. Run back outside, through the gate, and to the
electric fence. Use the door here (slam it!) and make your way left to the
building. Head inside for temporary safety.

 Head down the left path in here (the right path is a dead end) and continue
straight through the door. This path will lead to another door soon, which
leads outside. Out here you may be able to find a [_BATTERY_] to the right
out in the grass if you look hard enough. Once you have it head left to the
water and jump in (good idea, right?). Wade forward and at the end you may
be able to find a [_BATTERY_] by the far wall. Look really quick and then
climb the ladder nearby.

 To the right is a hole in the fence that we must crawl through. As you are
crawling through have your camcorder out and record what happens for the
[_AN EASY WAY OUT_] note. Damn... as a dad I can understand what the note

 Head through the door and up the stairs to the right. You will have to jump
over a gap as you go, but at the top you can find an open window you can get
through. To the right is a... LARGE gap. I really don't think we can make this
guys, but that's what the game wants! Get a good running start and JUMP! Watch
what happens. Ooof!

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                     Chapter 6: Vocational Block                      >==O

 Once you have control again, head through the crack nearby. You'll hear
plenty of dialog in this area. Disturbing. Walk around the wall and over the
bed. Duck under the obstacle as they start talking about goats (what!?). Move
further in and duck under a table to continue. To the left now to an open area.
In the middle is a space they want you to squeeze through, but to the right of
that (by the boards and barrels) you can duck under the boards to (maybe) find
a [_BATTERY_]. Squeeze through the opening now ("Gift for the Groom") and you
can head right to some natural light and a bed.

 After the bed, be sure to have the camera out so you can record the man
hanging in the distance for the [_WISE MEN_] note. Head forward now and slip
between the gap on the left. You'll meet a man here who will warn you about
the people here. Oh man.

 Continue on through the hole on the left and into the walls. The deranged
multiple-personality guy will comment here. Head into a wide room with some
shelving. You may be able to find a [_BATTERY_] on one of the shelves to the
left (behind a box, on the corner). To the left by the light you can see a
cabinet blocking a hole in the wall. From there head LEFT to find the
[_PATIENT DENNIS_] document by a bed. Read it for some insight and then move
the cabinet blocking the wave.

 Head left and onward to an open space. Here jump and climb over the right
shelves, then head left (the door ahead is blocked). There's another door
over there that you can't open, so head left to a door in the wall and follow
it left. You'll have to climb some boxes but then you'll get over the wall.

 Gah, right into an area with the psycho! Here, lead him into chasing you
into the blue area, then double back (fairly easy with the wall partitions
here) and go through the door he came out of. Now, hang a left and move forward
to a hole you can jump through. Head right to some boxes you can climb up. Do
so for safety's sake and then drop down and head down the stairs. It seems we
are delivering ourselves to "Gluskin's Hell". Shit. 

 Head forward to a new room and then left. Past the sheet hanging up you'll
see some sort of fucked-up human taxidermy project. As disgusting as it is, be
sure to film it for the [_WHAT FRESH HELL_] note. Continue on past the gross
abomination through another sewing room and left into a second room. Here go
around the room until you see a door. Try to open it to see Mr. Gluskin...

 He will now walk around and come try to find us. Go hide in the dark, near
the room split, under one of the sewing tables. He will walk right past us.
Head back to the abomination and enter the door Gluskin opened up here. Shut
it. Ahead is a chain link door and another door on the right. Take the chain
door to a hallway. The door on the left would have led here too. Head forward
past the door on right (this is where Gluskin saw us from) and to the next door
on the right.

 Gluskin is coming after us! Move through this room and move the cabinet that
blocks the door. We're in a laundry room now. Continue onward to the left to
another big room full of machines (the door on the left won't open), then into
another room. You'll have to jump over a table here. After that, move the
obstacle blocking the door. Eddie is coming! Slam the door behind you, then
head onward, hang a left, and jump to the ladder in the elevator to see a

 Ha... continue we shall, Eddie. Head forward. We are limping along at this
point of course, but follow the trail of blood and soon we'll come to a dead
end. There is a locker here. Not much choice... enter it and watch the scenes
that occur. Oh man...

 Once you have control and your camera back in hand, be sure to film the
torture table for the [_AN UNWILLING BRIDE_] note. After that, head through
the nearby opening. As you head to the left, Gluskin will show up again! Be
quick and get past the shelves on your left, then hide in the dark corner.
You are extremely safe here, as long as you crouch. This way you can wait for
to head to the right before you sneak off to the left.

 Despite our sneaking, he will follow us, so "run" as best as you can. Head
down the hallway past the exit light on the right and take the right door.
Continue to another door, then another. Be sure to shut them all behind you!
Past the third door you'll hop a table. Continue on to an open window and do
what you have to do...

 Ugh, that was quite a fall! Oh man, not in good shape. Let's focus on
collectables though and head right from our landing spot. Out on the stone
GLUSKIN_], giving us some small insight on him...

 Head forward to the door now and enter. To the right you can find a [_BATTERY_]
on the shelf. To the direct left is the "exit", but the door over there requires
a key. Inspecting it gives us a new objective:

 o New Objective: Find the Key to access the Male Ward

 To the right is a small hallway with a door on the right. This leads to a
small storage room that you can likely find a [_BATTERY_] in. The doors up
ahead and locked, but there's some doors on the left that lead to a kitchen.
You can jump over a counter in here and find a vent in the back. Jump up into
it. Jeez! Poor guy.

 Crawl on through and drop down. Here, use your camera and record what is
hanged up in this room... this gets you the [_BLUE BEARD'S WIVES_] note.
Just... wow. Continue on and soon you'll hear familiar singing...

 To the left you can find a locker room with plenty of lockers. There's a
chance you'll find a [_BATTERY_] in here. There's also a door to the right
with a ton of bookcases that you may find a [_BATERY_] in as well. Up ahead
is a path split. The left path is our "escape route" for a bit later, so there
is nothing down there right now. Yes, we're about to be chased yet again...

 The chain link door here can be opened. This actually leads to... the
"chapel". Oh man... the "bride" up ahead has the [_MALE WARD KEY_]. Grab
it and get ready to move!

 Eddie is right behind us, in the aisle! Quickly head to the bride's left (or
right if you are facing where you came from) and squeeze through. You can move
the cabinet blocking the door here to get through it. We can actually hide in
the dark here, behind the shelves, but it isn't entirely necessary. You can run
back the way you came, straight into the gymnasium, and back to the vent to be

 Head back to the locked door now and watch the scenes that happen. Follow
the on-screen prompts when you have to.

 Once you have control, record what happened (the corpse). Doing this will give
you the [_A WIDOWER_] note. Make your way back to the door you unlocked now and
follow the path. It's all straight to a door. This door is actually a chapter
split, so let's cut it here!

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                           Chapter 7: Exit                            >==O

 Head through the door and then check the nearby window to see a church on
fire. Be sure to record this for the [_A BURNING CHURCH_] note.

 Continue on down the hallway and soon you'll see some cops in a separate
room. Record, record! This will get you the [_SERVE AND PROTECT_] note. Lots
of notes in a small area. Notice who the corpse on the ground is! Heh...

 Head through the nearby doors now. The guards are fighting SOMETHING nearby.
At the path split, head left and then right into the room nearby. Search the
desk to the right here for the [_BEYOND HOPE_] document.

 Head out of the room and right, under the boards. You can see a soldier to
the right here. Head left now to a path split. The left leads to the  elevator
lobby (you can see Trager here), but is a dead end, so head right when you're
ready. Head through the open doors to another hallway (you can see the church
again). Keep going down the hallways until you come to two doors. To the left
is the static TV room (which you've likely seen before). Head in and use the
other door here to get by the obstacle in the hallway

 From there keep going but past the junk in the hall enter the next door on
the right to find a conference room. On the table in here is the [_THREE BLIND
DREAMERS_] document.

(-NOTE-) This should get you the "Archivist" trophy, for collecting all of
         the documents in the game.

 Keep going forward to a path split. The left path here is a dead end, so
head onward. We're in a lobby now. Look familiar? Head down the stairs nearby
to the first-floor lobby and make your way to the door. A familiar face is
here, so be sure to record him for the [_JEREMY BLAIRE_] note.

(-NOTE-) This should get you the "Legacy" trophy, for collecting all of the
         notes in the game.

 Head forward and watch the scenes now. Wow...
 After that, go ahead and head outside. Make your way all the way to the
Jeep from the first game. Once you get inside, be sure to zoom in to see who
protected you. Now drive... drive!

 After that, just follow your gut and the game will be over. Congrats on
getting through Outlast: Whistleblower!

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                              DOCUMENTS                               >==O
 Here I'm going to write down all the documents you can find throughout the
game. Just because I can. These are pretty neat to read after the fact as well.

NOTE: These are ordered in the order you find and record them throughout the
      game. If you are missing any of these and are here trying to find them,
      try doing a CTRL + F for the name of the note so you can find it in the
      guide proper.

From: j.blaire@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: h.grant@murkoffcorp.us.com
Subject: Resignation for Mental Health, CC 8208

Ms. Grant,

You may receive requests for information from a Mrs. Lisa Parks, from
Leadville, CO, in the coming weeks concerning the resignation and
hospitalization of her husband, Waylon. If so, please forward them to my
personal attention.

Waylon Parks (formally consulting contract 8208) resigned due to previously
undiagnosed mental illness. I personally visited Mrs. Lisa Parks and her sons
and broke the news to them with the "silver lining" that Murkoff Psychiatric
would be graciously providing treatment.

Mrs. Parks had some less than charitable things to say about myself and the
Murkoff corporation. I assured her that with her power of attorney she could
try to fight the doctors' diagnoses of her husband's illness.

However, if it were discovered that he resigned under false pretenses, his
insurance would be cancelled and his family would be saddled with not
insignificant healthcare debt.

Hopefully she understood.
But if she insists on making a nuisance of herself, or tries to get around me,
please let me know. This is one I want to take care of personally.

Jeremy Blaine

CASE MM1200715, UPDATE 271
(form note: all material herein to be transcribed according to form 4083, with
 forensic revisions as benefits ongoing lawsuit 1200715).
AUTHOR: Ethan Sriskandaraja
NOTES: This is a request for specific legal consultation in the ongoing lawsuit
by Melissa Cho against Murkoff Charitable Psychiatry Inc. (USA) originally filed
in 2010.

At the time of Ms. Cho's termination, the psychosomatic effects of the
Morhpogenic Engine on female employees and patients had been well established.
(Already more than seven female employees and patients had reached fictitious
half-term pregnancies in a matter of weeks before miscarrying the nonexistant
children, five of them fatally.) Female employees were moved to higher floors
in the facility, then to other buildings, and eventually entirely off of the
Mount Massive facility.

The critical secrecy of PROJECT WALRIDER necessitated secrecy in the motivating
factor for the re-assignments and terminations, resulting in perceived injustice
from several terminated parties. Ms. Cho has succeeded in acquiring a
court-ordered FOIA release of the documents surrounding her termination. Those
documents will need to be generated and post-dated, providing ameliorating
information while skirting the relevant secrecies of the project. Please advise.

Consoltant MM214

(Excerpt from the recordings of Doctor Bruce Newhouse, MD. Employed by Mount
 Massive Hospital 1958-1965)

Father Clarke --

Far be it from me to lie to a man of God, so let me at least say that I will
do my personal best to improve the safety of your working conditions. I and
the rest of the staff truly appreciate everything you do for our patients, and
if you feel threatened by anybody in particular, simply let us know and we can
either increase chemical restraints, or administer a lobotomy or similar
calming procedure.

Don't underestimate the contribution your sermons offer our patients. Especially
considering the depth and necessarily chaotic nature of hypnotherapy, our
patients need the bedrocks of God and family. Not all of our poor unfortunates
have families to call upon, and so the burden, (and calling,) is yours. We are
all of us relying on your faith and hard work.

Dr. Newhouse, MD
May 20, 1961


7. Influencing Human Behavior

e. The potential use of psychochemicals in political action operations is well
recognized, although it has not been explored as thoroughly as might be
expected. Chemical Division includes it as an objective of its program to be
prepared to support or make such operations possible. Non-chemical methods of
accomplishing political action operations are also included in the program.

Note: (J.Lawler/April 15, 1958) present the above MKULTRA excerpt to Technical
Services Division for budgeting and authorization of continued research into
research of Dr. Rudolph Wernicke (asset 14866) and project WALRIDER. Autopsy
of recovered test subjects shows chemical content of bodies (metallic tumors,
evidence of sub-dermal combustion) that indicates heavy psychochemical dosage.
(See note: 92387-HS.BERLIN.6.Sept.1938)

Mount Massive CO
Case Number: 209
Consultation Dated: 2012.08.29
Initial Date of Patient Consult: 2010.11.01
Patient Age: 36
Gender: Male
Observing Physician: Dr. Carl Houston (DBNR)

Minimal Morphogenic Engine activity, and only at extreme (stages 5 and 6)
levels of hormone therapy. Dream states return repeatedly to images of
isolation and betrayal. Zero lucid state.


Heavy bronchial accumulation consistent with patients with histories of
tabacco and marijuana. Exceptionally low REM activity.

At the time of this interview, Frank was down to 155 pounds, (from his admission
weight of 228). He was lethargic and largely non-responsive, exhibiting interest
only in the hypnotherapy script pattern 9 (Wernicke), concerning drinking blood
from the chest of sleeping men. He continues to refuse baths or the attention of
a barber outside of general anesthesia, stating, "if I cannot partake, I cannot

Recommend forced nutrition for Mr. Manera if we cannot find something he likes
to eat.

Mount Massive CO

From: j.billings@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: k.vigalando@murkoffcorp.us.com

Kurt, we've got another one, and I'm not sure you're going to be able to check
it off as "Psychopathic Proximity Disorder."

Security guard all the way up in the Admin block is our latest non-patient
employee to start seeing Wernicke's fairy tales. He was never directly exposed
to the Engine, never even made if below level 1 in the building. It would be an
enormous breach of protocol and security if doctors were speaking of the
Walrider within hearing of a contracted security guard. And seems vanishingly
impossible that he would stumble onto an obscure mythological story on his own.

It's too similar to the Dr. Samul case, or the others before him. It's one
thing for formally sane medical personnel to fall under the delusions of their
patients. It's another thing entirely for those beliefs to be... I don't know.
Airborne. We need to talk in persons.


From: j.blaire@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: r.trager@murkoffcorp.us.com
Subject: false pregnancies / real profits


Fun hitting the greens last week, we should make the drive more often.

Was reviewing some old test records from the early days of Project Walrider and
something sparked my interest. Were you following the project back in 2010?
Apparently we had issues with female employees experiencing psychosomatic
pregnancies, something to do with how the Morphogenic Engine interacts with the
immune system? (All Greek to me. Am I right?) It was more often fatal than not,
and these were employees and not patients, so a little harder to sweep under the
rug. But...

The Morphogenic Engine activity in these ladies' marrow was off the chart. And
these are women who were never even exposed to additional hormone therapy. Now I
don't know PPM from a kick in the teeth, but I can read a spreadsheet, and if
the projected profits from PROJECT WALRIDER are half what they say they are,
I've just got one question: Why aren't we performing experiments on women? God
knows mental illness is an equal opportunity affliction. Seems unethical to pass
up on such a potential windfall.


Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.
Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.
Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.
Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.
Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.
Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.
Above the knees, below the navel,
Sliced and sewn on Gluskin's table.
To make a place to push inside,
The Groom will make himself a bride.

Kill us. Burn the building. Worse than death here. Kill us. Kill us.

From: n. wolfram@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: f.ford@murkoffcorp.us.com
Subject: Dissociative Dennis

Dr. Ford,

I conducted another interview with your patient, Dennis, this afternoon and
have to agree with your suspicions. In the course of a forty minute interview,
I had wide exposure to all four of Dennis' expressed personalities (as near as
I could tell two brothers, their father, and their grandfather.) They seem
primarily concerned with some sort of life-threatening flood, though there was
little consistency between this event having already happened or threatening
imminent arrival.

The clarity of his delusion, and performative nature of the personalities'
expression certainly suggests malingering. I admittedly fall into the
Furstenburg camp of categorical skepticism of Dissociative Personality Disorder.
But Dennis's case seems clearly invented by an attention-seeking patient, more
likely symptoms of gross narcissism and obsessive compulsive disorder. Continue
with shock therapy.

Dr. Wolfram

Case Number: 196
Consultation Dated: 2013.06.09
Initial Date of Patient Consult: 2013.02.14
Patient Age: 46
Gender: Male
Observing Physician: Dr. Garett Snow


Lucid dreaming figures remain as murky as ever; Gluskin claims near constant
control of his dream state, yet correspondence between his narrative and REM
cycles. Highly arhythmic REM/NREM. Morphogenic Engine activity plateaus at 90


Heavy bronchial accumulation. The rashes associated with hormone therapy have
receded and vanished since we stopped using latex tubing.


Gluskin remains a frustrating interview subject; he's still trying to tell us
what he thinks we want to hear, while studiously avoiding certain elements of
the truth. His childhood remains an obvious fiction, he's claiming to have
grown up in "Leave it to Beaver," despite a traumatically violent ongoing sexual
experience that is a matter of public and medical record. When I confronted him
with the photographs his father and uncle took, he responded with a mixture of
laughter and anger, and restraints were issued.

He similarly refuses to discuss his victims, both categorically and
specifically. When I showed him pictures of the women, he would not admit that
they were dead or mutilated.

He is claiming advancement in the Morphogenic Engine program that he has not
yet achieved, said that he could clearly hear the voice of the Walrider just by
closing his eyes. Clearly he's still trying to curry the favor of his doctor's.
I won't speculate at what he expects to gain by it.

From: Helen Granat
To: group8416@murkoffcorp.lu
Subject: Rudolf Wernicke Phase-Out

Dear Sirs,

The ground work has been laid to ensure an uneventful egress for Rudolph
Wernicke from structural and financial systems at Mount Massive. His advanced
age should alleviate any suspicions among contractors and employees (among whom
he has been cheerfully nicknamed "The Crypt Keeper,") and legally speaking he
died years ago.

I understand patients 14306-8, 14279-1, and 14868-1 have already been scheduled
for transit. We're all terribly excited about the obvious profit potential of
the new project. My researchers have combed through Wernicke's files and found
no mention of the three "lucid dreamers." I think we can safely assume Wernicke
was sufficiently distracted by the partial success of patient Billy Hope (along
with his own infirmity), to be ignorant of the real discovery at hand.

Even minimal exploitation of these resources is hard to overestimate. I only
hope the new facility is sufficiently shielded to allow female staff, so I can
see what comes with my own eyes.

Helen Granat
Murkoff Legal Mitigation Dept.


Mount Massive

Zeichner Facility

CAUTION: Level TRIPLE BLACK security protocols, including chemical restraint,
and separate adaptive hyperbaric chambers are to be used at all time in transit.
Chemical stimulation is highly recommended for all personnel within 500 meters
of the patients. Attempts at communications should be assumed to be
hallucinations and disregarded. Facial disfigurement should not be taken as a
sign of lost acuity; they are physically blind but not unseeing.

NOTE: Security clearances  for PROJECT WALRIDER will not apply to information
regarding Patients14306-8, 14279-1, and 14868-1. New security clearances will
be issued and appropriate protocol assigned.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                                NOTES                                 >==O

 Here I'm going to write down all the notes you can find throughout the game.
Just because I can. These are pretty neat to read after the fact as well.

NOTE: These are ordered in the order you find and record them throughout the
      game. If you are missing any of these and are here trying to find them,
      try doing a CTRL + F for the name of the note so you can find it in the
      guide proper.
I fucked up. Oh god. Where am I? Hours could have passed. Or weeks. Brain
filled with static, they made me watch the... the engine. Have to get help.
Have to call for help. Lisa, I'm sorry.

If I die, I know you'll find me.

I know you won't rest until you find my body. I hope you find this camera
with my corpse. I hope the evidence on it does what I couldn't, exposes the

Lisa, baby, I'm so sorry. I fucked up. I thought I was doing the right thing.
But I fucked up bad.

There's a radio. In the prison. Short wave. If it's electronic I can make it
talk, make it work for me. There's hope Lisa. I'm coming home to you. My mistake
was subtlety, like you always said. I thought leaking information to a few
journalists was the safer way. I didn't want the spotlight, the attention.
Murkoff is dangerous, I know that. I thought I had to be subtle for your sake,
Lisa, for the boys.

But I should have exposed what Murkoff was doing to the world, I should have
shouted to anyone and everyone. I can't die. Not before I reach the radio. They
can't cover this up now. It's too broken, too dangerous.

I'd never seen a man die before day. Never seen a dead body outside a coffin.
Dozens today, murdered and worse. I looked into one man's eyes as another tore
him to pieces. Claimed he was a doctor,  then saw the rags they've dressed me
in and changed his story, said he was a patient. Could've been either. They're
all crazy. All sick. No real difference between them now. The therapy is
spreading. And what am I? I watched this man die and thought, "it's not me,
thank god."

I know I'll die someday. I don't want to be murdered.

Don't ask to see my body, Lisa. When I die, when you finish the lawsuits that
let you pry this footage from Murkoff's army of lawyers and corporate hitmen,
don't make them show you my body. Just bury it. Or burn it. Let my sons remember
me whole.

That man is eating human flesh. He looks at me and I see anger. A little desire.
But more than anything, hunger. Please don't make them show you my body.

Lisa, or whoever finds this, know that Murkoff is making monsters. I'd never
seen the patients after they'd gone through that German's so-called therapy.
The Engine. So much worse than I could have imagined. They may still be human,
but something's been ripped out of them. And too many... other things pushed
back in. They were not all murderers. They were sick, but they weren't killers.
Murkoff made them monsters.

Dr. Roset said the engine had "varrying effects," the varrying outcomes too
erratic for any sort of prediction. I took it as idle cafeteria small talk,
Raul's endless chatter. I should have listened.

A scream. Is it him, the cannibal? Could be pleasure or pain, I won't guess.
I'm not sure he'd even know. His voice sounds like... like something I wanted
while watching the Engine. Its only message is hunger, to crush and consume.
I'm going to try to forget it, Lisa. If I get out of here, I'm going to come
back to you.

He's playing alone and losing. That is what the game is.

There is a mathematical proof, if you add 1+2+3+4+5 and so on up to infinity,
you can arrive at an answer. If you stop shy of infinity, you have an
indescribably large number. If you continue all the way to infinity, you arrive
at - 1/12. Negative 0.0833333 repeating. I'm losing my grip on things.

I'm thinking about the drive here, 400 miles in a rented truck. The job that
shows up just in time to cover our bills, our debts, the insurance. The boys
sleeping in the back. Nothing but AM radio. Gospel, Country-Western, late night
paranoiac talk radio. We sand Patsy Klein songs and laughed at conspiracies of
aliens and ghosts. Mile marker numbers passing in headlights. I don't want to
die here.

Somebody who looks as much like a priest as this place looks like an asylum,
writing instructions on the wall. Talking about God. Tells me not to be afraid.

How was I ever a part of this inhuman bullshit greed-driven moral genocide?
The monsters Murkoff ripped from tortured minds, the lengths their jack-booted
business school worms will go to protect it. Their own men slaughtered. I've
never prayed in my life, Lisa, but if some small-minded interventionist god is
listening, kill Jeremy Blaire before I die. Sanity and avarice. There's no pain
he doesn't deserve.

There is no radio. No hope of reaching the outside world. Only escape.

The power is still on. Electricity.

I need to think, Lisa. I thought the power was evidence that some manageable...
some human force still controlled some small part of Mount Massive. But nothing
human or sane can do anything here but survive, and even that not for long. You
were always the reasonable one, Lisa. You would tell me to calm down, to take a
larger view.

Madness and inhumanity rule this place. Whatever is keeping the electricity
flowing is trying to trap me here. I need to shut it down again?

It would be so easy. I don't believe in it anymore. Getting the truth out.
There is no truth, only lies we've accepted for too long to double back on.

It's our children, Lisa. I would take the easy way out if it wasn't for the
boys. Damn this place to hell, I'll suffer anything to get out of it.

Back inside. Like the harder I try to escape the deeper I get. Dead men aren't
a surprise anymore. Suicides seem wise.

A man's body, mutilated and bent to mimic, or... mock the moment of birth.
The kind of thing a man cannot see without changing in some irreparable way.

Lisa, I was with you when both our boys were born. It was, until recently,
the most miraculous thing I had seen. Completely outside of reasonable belief
and yet somehow central to everything I've come to believe since. You always
said I was too literal-minded, tried to turn everything into an if-then

Lately, I've widened my horizons. How can the things I've seen here be? But
I know the answer. Money. Profit. Things we made just because we could.

Still intact. I'm here, Lisa. It's still me. He... He tried to make me his
bride. To cut me.

Maybe I was wrong. Telling the world would only draw it here. Should this place
just die and fester here? I won't tell the world if it means spreading the
infection. Let it die alone, let it rot.

Bodies hanging like wet laundry, like skinned rabbits. Men mutilated, hunted,
and murdered. The shortest distance between any two points separates violence
and ruined lust. Whatever story he's telling himself, he's not making women
to bear his children, he's making women to kill them.

Lisa, I want you to burn this place and any evidence it ever existed to the
ground. Destroy the Murkoff Corporation. Bury it in shame, take away its money,
wipe it from history.

This man thinks he's in love. He thinks the therapy made him better. Everything
reeks of death and fear. Piss and coppery blood, meat decomposing to game.

He's dead. The amateur surgeon, father-to-be, husband. His guts shredded and
pulled from his belly. I'm trying not to laugh. Oh, God. Lisa, I swear to you
I'm trying.

A chapel on fire in the distance. I didn't even know we had a church. Where's
God when you need him?

Corporate cops, mercenaries, private military contractors, whatever they call
them now. They're as helpless as the rest of us. Need to get out. Escape.

Jeremy Blaire. My supervisor's supervisor, a man who'd see me skinned, salted
and raped for a promotion and few martinis. Injured. Dying if he's not already
dead. I'm trying to feel sorry for him. Really, I am.

But there's no way he's stopping me from getting out of this godforsaken place.
I'm coming home, Lisa.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                              Trophies                                >==O

 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. These trophies are
from the PS4 version of the game, and apply to the Xbox version and PC version
of the game as well.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Gas Leaker   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Turn off the gas
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Shocker   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Turn off the electricity
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Whistleblower   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finish the Whistleblower DLC
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .———————————————————.                                        .——————————.
 __|   Bowelwhistler   |________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the DLC in Insane Mode
  How to Obtain | Pretty self-explanatory. Best to go through on normal and
                | collect everything, then do this Insane run next (since
                | you'll know what to do and where to go, with no worries of
                | collecting anything).

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Archivist   |__________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collect all documents
  How to Obtain | Collect all the documents in the game (good thing I note
                | them all in the guide!). They actually split up documents
                | and note trophies in this game. Fun.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Legacy    |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete all recordings
  How to Obtain | The sister-trophy to the "Archivist". This one is for
                | collecting all of notes in the game. Follow the guide and
                | you'll get them all for sure.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 1.00: December 26th 2015 - January 5th 2015

I Started this DLC guide BEFORE sumbitting the guide to the main game, but
again, I'm just guessing a bit on the start date. Bah. Formatting and all
of that, y'know. 

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o My awesome family for all the love and support. Love you Sadie!
 o All my peeps over at the FAQ Contributor board. Bunch of good people there
   who make some of the best guides this site has. You guys and gals know who
   you are!

A CHAPEL ON FIRE IN THE                              Document © Bkstunt_31 2015
DISTANCE. I DIDN'T EVEN               Outlast: Whistleblower © 2013 Red Barrels
KNOW WE HAD A CHURCH...                           E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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