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FAQ/Walkthrough by imationdaman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/16

The Escapists (PC) Full FAQ/Walkthrough by imationdaman

                         ######## ##     ## ######
                            ##    ##     ## ##       
                            ##    ##     ## ##       
                            ##    ######### ######   
                            ##    ##     ## ##       
                            ##    ##     ## ##       
                            ##    ##     ## #######

 ########  ######   ######     ###    ########  ####  ######  ########  ######  
 ##       ##    ## ##    ##   ## ##   ##     ##  ##  ##    ##    ##    ##    ## 
 ##       ##       ##        ##   ##  ##     ##  ##  ##          ##    ##       
 ######    ######  ##       ##     ## ########   ##   ######     ##     ######  
 ##             ## ##       ######### ##         ##        ##    ##          ## 
 ##       ##    ## ##    ## ##     ## ##         ##  ##    ##    ##    ##    ## 
 ########  ######   ######  ##     ## ##        ####  ######     ##     ###### 

                     Full FAQ/Walkthrough by imationdaman

                          Last Updated: 29/09/15 (v0.7)

Guide Details & Version History

Game: The Escapists
Console: PC
Author: imationdaman
Email: imationfaqs@gmail.com
Date Format: DD/MM/YY
Version: v1.0 (26/05/2016)

Version History:

26/5/15  - V1.0 -  Main walkthrough complete. Some formatting/corrections made.
                   Just the DLC walkthrough to go and this one is all done.

29/09/15 - V0.7 -  So much for a 100% completion by September. Second strategy
                   for JUNGLE COMPOUND up. DLC/Bonus sections have been merged.

01/09/15 - V0.6 -  JUNGLE COMPOUND strategy up. Content added to the Stats
                   section. Big update coming soon guys, I promise. Blame work.

23/08/15 - V0.5 -  It's been a while since updates, but who cares? Strategies
                   for STALAG FLUCHT and SHANKTON STATE PEN up.

10/08/15 - V1.0 -  Guide submitted to GameFAQs for review. Fingers crossed.

09/08/15 - v0.3 -  Fixed up the formatting/navigation codes (FINALLY!). Any
                   non-walkthrough related sections (except for Level Editor)
                   are just about done. Blah blah blah.

03/08/15 - v0.2 -  More content up. Still need to tidy up the formatting a bit.

01/08/15 - v0.1 -  Basic outline/formatting laid out. Added a little content.
                   A strategy for CENTER PERKS is up.


To make sure you get a quick response from me I'd like to establish some rules
concerning any emails directed to me with any queries, comments, critisicm or
anything pertaining to this guide or to 'The Escapists'

1. Title your email accordingly. I'd appreciate people using tags such as

2. You don't need my permission to contribute to this guide. People who send in
   content to this guide will be credited accordingly.

3. The same goes for criticism/corrections.

4. Keep it civil. Do unto others as you would like done to you, etc.

5. Check the FAQ section, I may have already answered your question.

6. Please don't send in cheats. I don't endorse cheating, just play the damn
   game as it is meant to be played.

7. This game includes a World Editor. While I probably won't try and make my
   own level, I'll try to include links to other worlds. Feel free to send in
   your contributions.

8. While I have no objection to you hosting this guide on your own site, please
   contact me first, providing a link to your website. This is so I can get a
   rough idea on where this guide is hosted. Don't be a dick, ask first.

9. On the topic of hosting this guide on your own site: If I grant permission
   for you to host this guide, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure it is up
   to date. You will always find the most up-to-date version on my own site.
   See the next section for a link.

Legal Related

This document and the contents within may be not be reproduced under any 
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The following sites have permission to host this document and its contents:

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     http://www.supercheat.com   (Added 23/08/15)

     And of course, this guide will ALWAYS be hosted FREE right here:


                  ~ N O T E S  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R ~

Well, what a long time it has been since I wrote a walkthrough. It has been a
long time (roughly ten years) since I made any contribution to GameFAQs. In
that time I've started guides for many games and given them up just as quickly
as I've started them. Here's to hoping this one gets completed.

I'm not an unrealistic person. I realize that this guide probably won't be the
uncontested all-knowing source of knowledge regarding The Escapists. While I
will strive my very hardest to include as much content as I can, don't send me
hate mail just because I haven't mentioned something somewhere here. I warmly 
welcome any feedback, criticism, contributions, or anything you think could 
benefit this guide. Please read the legal/email etiquette sections first.

Finally, this guide is dedicated to AggrSk8er and Humanvegetable. These two
individuals and their contributions to GameFAQs are the reason for why this
guide (and all my other dreadful contributions) exist for an audience to read.

I hope you enjoy this guide a fraction as much as you enjoy 'The Escapists'.

                                      - imationdaman

                  ~ T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S ~

For easy navigation:
1. Highlight the code number of the desired section below.
2. Press ctrl + c.
3. Press ctrl + f.
4. Press ctrl + v.
5. Press Enter.

   SECTION                                                          CODE NUMBER
   -------                                                          -----------
1. Introduction..........................................................[INT0]
     a. The Escapists Communities........................................[INT1]
     b. Controls & User Interface........................................[INT2]
     c. Achievements.....................................................[INT3]
2. The Basics............................................................[TBA0]
     a. Stats............................................................[TBA1]
     b. Crafting.........................................................[TBA2]
     c. Guard Heat.......................................................[TBA3]
     d. Fatigue..........................................................[TBA4]
     e. Prison Jobs......................................................[TBA5]
     f. Favors & Trading (Money).........................................[TBA6]
     g. Hints and Tips...................................................[TBA7]
3. The Escapists Walkthrough.............................................[TEW0]
     a. Center Perks.....................................................[TEW1]
     b. Stalag Flucht....................................................[TEW2]
     c. Shankton State Pen...............................................[TEW3]
     d. Jungle Compound..................................................[TEW4]
     e. San Pancho.......................................................[TEW5]
     f. HMP Irongate.....................................................[TEW6]
4. The DLC Walkthrough...................................................[DLC0]
     a. Alcatraz.........................................................[DLC1]
     b. Escape Team......................................................[DLC2]
     c. Camp Epsilon.....................................................[DLC3]
     d. Fort Bamford.....................................................[DLC4]
     e. Fhurst Peak Correctional.........................................[DLC5]
5. Level Editor..........................................................[LVL0]
     a. Tutorials........................................................[LVL1]
     b. Recommended Custom Levels........................................[LVL2]
     c. Reader Submitted Levels..........................................[LVL3]
6. Crafting Recipes......................................................[CRF0]
     a. Tools............................................................[CRF1]
     b. Weapons..........................................................[CRF2]
     c. Outfits..........................................................[CRF3]
     d. Concealment Items................................................[CRF4]
     e. Miscellaneous....................................................[CRF5]
7. Item Database.........................................................[IDB0]
     a. The Escapists Item Database......................................[IDB1]
     b. Contraband Items.................................................[IDB2]
8. FAQ...................................................................[FAQ0]
     a. General..........................................................[FAQ1]
     b. Technical........................................................[FAQ2]
     c. Walkthrough Questions............................................[FAQ3]
     d. Cheats, glitches, bugs...........................................[FAQ4]
9. Conclusion...........................................................[CON0]
     a. Thanks & Recommendations.........................................[CON1]
     b. Final Words......................................................[CON2]

[INT0]                   ~ I N T R O D U C T I O N ~                     [INT0]

You are a prisoner. Why you're a prisoner is not made clear to you. It doesn't
matter anyway. You're not here to stay. It's only a matter of time before you
bust out, or die trying. You must learn the routines, mingle with your fellow 
convicts, learn who holds down which job, and, most importantly, spot the flaws
in security which will help you on your path to freedom.

The game certainly has a lot of appeal to it, most significantly the freedom of
choice you have with each level. Each prison has a number of ways to break out
of them. Not only this, some approaches require a degree of thought and time
spent paying attention to detail and planning a successful escape. The game
encourages you to think outside the box. You'll spend a lot of time in solitary
for all of your failures but, with enough trial and error, you'll be able to
break out of even the hardest prisons. Welcome to the Escapists. 

a. The Escapists Communities                                             [INT1]

The Steam Community Hub is always worth a look. It is a good source for any
information or custom levels:


The Gamepedia Escapists wiki has been an excellent source of information for
me and was very beneficial to this guide:


The official twitter feed:


Of course you can always support GameFAQs by signing up if you're not already a
member and posting on The Escapists Board. Help keep the forums alive.


b. Controls & User Interface                                             [INT2]

The default controls for The Escapists are as follow:

Up: .............W
Action1..........Left Click
Action2..........Right Click
Toggle Combat....Space

Action1 (Left Click) is the primary button for interacting with just about
everything in the game. This is a point and click style game. Expect to do a
lot of it.

The user interface is as simple as it gets. The top left corner shows CASH,
HEALTH, GUARD HEAT, ENERGY in that order. Running down the right hand side of
the screen is your six (6) inventory slots, the "profile" tab (which shows your
stats and your outfit/weapon slots), your journal (which keeps track of any
quests and crafting notes you've collected), the crafting tab, and finally
the Load button in the bottom right corner. Each of these tabs and slots are
automatically assigned as hotkeys on 1-9 for each slot/tab.

The Escapists User Interface. Dreadful ASCII art by me.

| A00                                                                   |     |
| B00                                                                   |  1  |
| C0%                                                                   |_____|
| D0%                                                                   |     |
|                                                                       |  2  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  3  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  4  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  5  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  6  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  7  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  8  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|                                                                       |     |
|                                                                       |  9  |
|                                                                       |_____|
|_______________________________________________________________________|     |
|TIME - SCHEDULE - (DAY X)                                              |  0  |


A: Cash, B: Health, C: Guard Heat, D: Energy
1-6: Inventory Slots, 7: Profile, 8: Journal, 9: Crafting, 0: Load

The user interface is as simple as it gets. The top left corner shows CASH,
HEALTH, GUARD HEAT, ENERGY in that order. Running down the right hand side of
the screen is your six (6) inventory slots, the "profile" tab (which shows your
stats and your outfit/weapon slots), your journal (which keeps track of any
quests and crafting notes you've collected), the crafting tab, and finally
the Load button in the bottom right corner. Each of these tabs and slots are
automatically assigned as hotkeys on 1-9 for each slot/tab.

c. Achievements                                                          [INT3]

Butter Fingers.....................Dropped the soap in the showers
Clean Getaway......................Escape a prison with 0% average heat
Day One............................Escape a prison on the first day
Digging It!........................Cleared a total of 50 tiles
Disrespect My Authority............Knocked out 50 guards
Favour Fave........................Complete 100 favours
Grey Matters.......................Reach 100 intellect
I Present To You.................. Give away 50 items
Jobsworth..........................Complete quota on every job
Let's Get Physical.................Get your Strength and Speed stat to 100
Master Craftsman...................Fill 13+ pages in your crafting journal
Never Be Alone Again...............Attended 50 prison visits
Punch Drunk........................Knocked out 50 inmates
Strip Searched.....................Strip 50 outfits from floored opponents
The Great Escapist!................Successfully escaped from all six prisons
The Monopoly Guy...................Have $1000 or over on hand
The Wet Bandit.....................Flood 30 toilets
Thug Life..........................Recruit 5+ buddies
Way of the Dragon..................Initiate a prison takeover using nunchuks

[TBA0]                   ~ T H E    B A S I C S ~                        [TBA0]

a. Stats                                                                 [TBA1]

The game consists of three main skills which, when levelled up, can be very
advantageous to you.

STRENGTH:  Increases your maximum health as you level it up. Very handy.

           You can increase your strength by using the weights/press-up mats
           in the exercise yards.

SPEED:     Determines how quickly you attack.

           You can increase your speed by using the jogging mats/exercise bikes
           in the exercise yards.

INTELLECT: The most beneficial of the three. In order to craft particular items
           you need a certain intellect level.

           You can increase your intellect by using the books or computers in
           the prison libraries/computer rooms.

OPINION:   Not really a skill. This stat differs from inmate to inmate. Your
           OPINION stat is influenced by your actions. Performing favors and
           giving an inmate items/cash will increase their opinion of you. If
           their OPINION of you is above 80, you can make them follow you by
           pressing Q. They will defend you when you are under attack.
           Your opinion rating can decrease in several ways:

         - Denying a favour.This can be avoided by clicking the "Maybe" button 
           instead of the "No" button. This will save the opinion, and the 
           favour will still be available. 

         - Stealing from that inmate's desk while they're watching. 

         - Fighting with that NPC. 

         - Stealing an item (Timber or Metal) from that job. 

         - Pushing them off of their chair during mealtime or off of their 
           workout machine during workout. 

         UPDATE V0.6: Here's a list of items that increase opinion and how
         much opinion you get for each item:

         +1 Opinion:

         Pack of Mints, Guard Outfit, Lighter, Bottle of Medicine, Timber, 
         Roll of Duct Tape, Bottle of Sleeping Pills, Hoe, Hedge Trimmers, 
         Infirmary Overalls, Length of Rope, Pack of Playing Cards, Book, 
         Tub of Talcum Powder, Candle, Foil, Die, Flimsy Pickaxe, 
         Flimsy Cutters, Bed Dummy, Cushioned Inmate Outfit, Padded Inmate 
         Outfit, Cushioned POW Outfit, Padded POW Outfit, Coconut, Mango, 
         Nails, Stinger Strip  

         +9 Opinion:  
         Cooked Food 

         +10 Opinion:

         Cell Key, Staff Key, Entrance Key, Utility Key, Watch, Magazine, 
         Screwdriver, Baton, Hammer, Trowel, Work Key, Bar of Chocolate, 
         Flashlight, File, Razor Blade, Toothbrush Shiv, Poster, DIY Tattoo Kit,
         Cup of Molten Chocolate, Game Set, Comb Shiv, Lightweight Pickaxe, 
         Lightweight Cutters, Crafting Note, Comb Blade, Plated Inmate Outfit,
         Medikit, Plated POW Outfit, Burrito, Tribal Drum, Wooden Bat, 
         Spiked Bat, Cutting Floss, Powered Screwdriver  

         +15 Opinion:

         Sturdy Shovel, Glass Shank, Crowbar, Sturdy Pickaxe, Sturdy Cutters, 
         Sock Mace, Super Sock Mace, Nunchuks, Whip, Knuckle Duster, 
         Lightweight Shovel, Flimsy Shovel, Contraband Pouch, ID Papers, 
         Multitool, Durable Contraband Pouch, Penarium Barrel  

         List courtesy of: http://theescapists.gamepedia.com/Stats

b. Crafting                                                              [TBA2]

One of the most important aspects to the game. You can access your crafting
page by pressing 9, or clicking the 'Crafting' tab on the interface.

You will notice four item slots. The top three are the 'input' slots. You put
items you wish to use to craft another item in the top, and the item you want
to make will appear in the bottom (in the 'output' slot).

Throughout your time in each prison you will find (or be able to buy) sheets of
paper called 'Crafting Recipes'. Using these will discover a new recipe and
will be logged in your journal so you can refer to it later. However, you can
check out the Crafting Recipes section in this guide for a list of items you
can craft, and the required skills/prerequisites. For quick navigation to this
section, hit Control + F, then type [CFR0], followed by Enter.

c. Guard Heat                                                            [TBA3]

Guard heat is accumulated every time the guards spot you doing something you 
shouldn't be doing: ie not being in the dining room at meal times, standing in 
people's cells or any other restricted area.

The amount of guard heat you accumulate for infractions depends on which level 
you're playing. In the easier levels, you accumulate much less heat.

Guard heat declines slowly over time. Whenever you sleep in your bed at night 
your guard heat will reset to 0.

If your guard heat reaches 89% or more, guards will attack you on sight. If 
you're outside during this time during the day snipers will fire on you, 
dealing 20 damage per shot. Ouch.

When you're being attacked by guards you must run away from them to stop them 
attacking. In order to lose the guards just run around until they disappear 
from your screen. You can immediately go about your business again. If your 
guard heat is 89% or greater you will need to keep avoiding the guards until it 
drops below 89%.

d. Fatigue                                                               [TBA4]

The Fatigue stat represents the player's energy. The Fatigue stat can be 
increased by actions such as exercise or digging, and can be lowered by actions 
such as sitting, laying in bed, showering, eating, or laying on the sun lounge.
You cannot dig, mine, fight, exercise or study while you have 100%+ fatigue.

e. Prison Jobs                                                           [TBA5]

These jobs are different from favors (quests) as these jobs are official prison
industry jobs. You will be paid a wage (which varies from level to level) for
your work, but will be required to meet a certain quota each work call or you
will lose your job.

If you want a particular job, you can check the board and find out if the job 
is taken or not. If it is, you can sabotage the person who currently does it by 
planting contraband in their cells. They will lose the job and you are free to 
apply for it. When applying for a job, keep in mind some have a prerequisite
intellect requirement.

JOB: Laundry

AVAILABLE IN: Center Perks, Jungle Compound
SALARY: $40 (CP), $25 (JC)
PERK: Free GUARD UNIFORMS. Provided you can smuggle it out.

The default job in Center Perks. Complete the job by taking dirty laundry from
the basket, put them through the washing machine, then put the clean laundry
into the clean laundry basket. Wash 10 outfits to fill quota.

JOB: Kitchen

AVAILABLE IN: Center Perks, Shankton State Pen, HMP Irongate
SALARY: $70 (CP), $60 (SSP & HMPI)
PERK: Free Cooked Food. Handy for lowering fatigue by %10 per food consumed.

Take chickens from the freezer, place it in the ovens, then place on a tray.

JOB: Metal Shop

PREREQ: 70 Intellect
AVAILABLE IN: Center Perks, Shankton State Pen, HMP Irongate
SALARY: $70 (CP), $60 (SSP & HMPI)
PERK: The best salary, plus access to unlimited metal. Useful for crafting. 

Take metal from box, use to press license place. Place license plates in box.

JOB: Janitor

PERK: None.

Grab a mop or broom. Use mop or broom on dirt patches (black spots). Snore.

JOB: Mailman

PREREQ: 50 Intellect
AVAILABLE IN: Center Perks, Jungle Compound, HMP Irongate
SALARY: $55 (CP), $45 (HMPI), $40 (JC)
PERK: Allows you to enter people's cells without attracting heat.

Collect mail, deliver direct to inmates or put it in their desks.

JOB: Woodshop

PREREQ: 50 Intellect
PERK: Allows access to Timber, a very handy crafting item.

Take 3 timber, craft into Unvarnished Chair, then place into the container.

JOB: Gardening

AVAILABLE IN: Stalag Flucht
SALARY: $15-30
PERKS: None.

The default job in Stalag Flucht. Grab a hoe, then walk around the grounds,
removing weeds as you find them.

JOB: Tailor

PREREQ: 30 Intellect
AVAILABLE IN: Stalag Flucht

Take fabric, craft into uniforms, place into container.

JOB: Unloading
PREREQ: 60 Intellect
AVAILABLE IN: Stalag Flucht, San Pancho
PERK: Easily the best job. Has a large space for you to store contraband.

Take a package, place in corresponding container. How hard can it be?

JOB: Librarian

PREREQ: 50 Intellect
PERK: Similar to mailman; allows you free access to each cell.

f. Favors & Trading (Money)                                              [TBA6]

Don't worry. Favors aren't what you think they are. You won't have to have
"private" time with anybody. Or shove anything up your bum either. Phew.

With the exception of the prison industry jobs, performing favors is the only
other way to make money in The Escapists. A prisoner who is after a favor
(offering a quest) is marked by a green "!" above their head.

Usually the favors will consist of:

"Retrieve X from prisoner Y's desk"

For this job, all you have to do is go to the prisoner's desk and search it.
The item will automatically be given to the prisoner who gave you the quest.
You DO NOT need a free item slot for these quests.

"Retrieve X from prisoner Y"
"Retrieve X from guard Y"

These two involve physically fighting other inmates/guards to retrieve the item
in question. You will also be required to give the item back to the inmate who
is paying you to retrieve it. To do this, right-click the inmate, then click
the give button. Then drag/drop the item into the gift slot.

"Cause a distraction at X"

My favorite way to grind out money. These quests simply require you to cause
a distraction. To do this, just pick a random guard/inmate, hit them once, and
run like hell. These quests are much easier if you level up your SPEED stat.

NOTE: REXXXX2010 was kind enough to point out that you can attack the person
who gave you the quest and still get the reward. Not bad, huh?

"Find me item X"

These quests can go both ways. Sometimes the item required can be something
really common (Toothbrush or comb) or something that can only be bought from
another inmate. Take a note of pricing, and what your OPINION with trading
inmates is. As already mentioned, your OPINION rating influences the prices of
items. Example:

Prisoner A wants you to get him a Roll of Duct Tape, and is offering you $20
for it. Prisoner B is selling a Roll of Duct Tape for $24. Financially, the
quest isn't worth it. If you really want to build opinion with the inmate
offering you the quest, then you need to weigh up any potential financial loss
against the inmate you're doing the quest for.

"Go beat up X inmate"
"Go beat up x guard"

Requires you to beat the target until they are knocked out. Knocking out guards
is not worth the risk unless you've levelled your strength and are carrying a
decent weapon.

Now that you have an idea on how to make money, now you need to know how you
can spend it. Well, friend, you need to find an inmate who sells items (marked
by, surprise surprise, a money bag above their head). The stuff an inmate has
for sale can change daily, so make sure you check in with them often.

The prices for goods depends on one thing; your OPINION rating with the inmate
in question. You can check your OPINION rating by right clicking the inmate
and checking the stats. OPINION can be increased by completing favors for that
inmate or giving them items/cash. Obviously, the higher the OPINION, the better
the price.

g. Hints and Tips                                                        [TBA7]

Have you been paying attention? I hope so. This piece is a brief summary of
everything I've discussed in this section, and serves to offer a few hints/tips
in day-to-day survival, gathering materials, and (most importantly) escaping!

 - Inmate's desks are a primary source for finding items (the only source if
   you don't have any money). You should check every inmate's desk daily as the
   contents of each desk can differ from day to day. Just be careful searching
   them. If the inmate who's cell you're in catches you, expect a fight. Being
   in other inmate's cells and searching their desks will attract guard heat if
   you're spotted by one of the guards (not if you're the mailman though!).

 - You can build your OPINION rating with any guard/inmate by left clicking the
   target. The guard/inmate will say something and a little thumbs-up icon will
   flash above their head. Doing this will reward you one (1) Opinion point for
   that particular guard or inmate. Any idle time (time not spent using tools)
   should be spent left-clicking inmates wherever you see them.

 - Speaking of OPINION, once it passes 90/100 with an inmate, then that inmate
   can become a follower. Pressing Q will allow the inmate to follow you. Any
   person you attack, your follower will attack, etc. Press Q again to make the
   follower stop following you.

 - Which guard has which key? At the screen where you can rename all the NPCs.
   Take a careful note of the names of the first five guards. These five guards 
   will be the ones with the keys.

   First Guard   :   Cell Key 
   Second Guard  :   Utility Key 
   Third Guard   :   Entrance Key
   Fourth Guard  :   Staff Key 
   Fifth Guard   :   Work Key.

   TonySoldier319 (From the Steam community) makes a good observation:

   "I named my first five cops officer cell, utility, entrance, staff, and work
    to remember (who has which key)."

 - To make keys, you need a wad of putty, molten plastic, and 80+ intellect.
   Knock a guard out, take his key, then VERY QUICKLY craft your own key mold
   using the putty/key. Then place the key back in the guard's inventory. If
   you're still in possession of the key when the guard wakes up, it's off to
   solitary for you! Now use the key mold with the molten plastic.

 -  One more thing about keys. Each prison has a door which can opened with a
    white key. You won't find it on any of the guards though. In order to get
    this key you must successfully take over the prison by staging a riot.

 - How do you stage a riot? Beat up guards and tie them up with rope or tape.
   Once you have beaten and tied up every guard, the Warden will ask you to
   leave before you cause any more damage.

 - Riots are obviously easier with help. Get a few (or all) inmates in your
   favor by boosting Opinion ratings, then use them to help beat up the guards.

 - To get another inmate's job you need to interrupt their work process. Going
   up to the inmate and beating them up just before their work call or planting
   contraband in their cell are good ways to do it. Note that the contraband
   won't be found unless that inmate's name is called for cell searches during
   roll call.

 - In each prison is a pay phone, where for increasing amounts of money a voice
   offers you up to three (3) tips. Considering you're reading a walkthrough,
   this is useless to you. Don't waste your hard earned cash on this crap.

 - If you're cutting/digging/chipping at something and stop before the progress
   bar in the bottom left is full, it will still count as you using that
   particular item and will take damage accordingly. Try to avoid doing this,
   you don't want to wear down that Sturdy tool for nothing!

 - You can cut/dig/chip in the presence of other inmates, the Employment guy,
   and even the WARDEN. Seriously. The Warden will just walk on past as you
   deface his prison in the process of trying to escape it. What a sucker.

 - Try to avoid doing anything that will put you over 89% guard heat close to
   roll calls. Heading to roll-call with 90% heat will cause the three guards
   at roll call to chase you.

 - While we're on the topic of guard heat; Be extra careful when you are out
   in the prison grounds. Tower guards will shoot-on-sight (20 damage per shot)
   if they catch you cutting/digging/chipping. If your heat is above 89%, the
   tower guards will shoot on sight regardless of what you're doing.

 - If you're using a Guard's Uniform, wait until nobody else is around before
   putting it on. If an inmate or guard spots you, your heat level will rise
   in 4% increments very quickly.
 - Try to maximise your stats, particularly strength and intellect, as early on
   in the level as possible. Extra strength means extra health, which will give
   you more of a chance when you're in fights or being shot at.

 - Levelling up your strength won't make you hit any harder with your fists.
   Before you start beating inmates/guards (especially guards) up, get your
   hands on a weapon. I prefer the whip. Nunchucks are awesome too.

 - You can use Toothpaste or Duct Tape to cover up a camera for a limited
   amount of time before a guard comes along and fixes it. Handy if you don't
   want people seeing what you're up to. I don't recommend wasting Duct Tape
   on this.

[TEW0]      ~ T H E    E S C A P I S T S   W A L K T H R O U G H ~       [TEW0]

Here we go. The walkthrough. As I've said before, there are numerous ways you
can break out of each prison. For some I've included more than one way. If you
have a strategy I haven't included, feel free to send it in.

Please note (as obvious as it might be) the estimated time mentioned for each
prison is IN-GAME TIME, not real time.

a. Center Perks                                                          [TEW1]

EST. TIME: 1 Day (if using quick method)

08:00-09:00 - Roll Call
09:00-10:00 - Breakfast
10:00-12:00 - Free Period
12:00-13:00 - Lunch
13:00-16:00 - Work Time
16:00-17:00 - Exercise Period
17:00-18:00 - Shower
18:00-19:00 - Evening Meal
19:00-22:00 - Evening Free Period
22:00-23:00 - Roll Call
23:00-08:00 - Lights Out 

Welcome to your first prison. Security is light. Very light. There's a few
detectors, as well as five roaming guards. Due to an ultra-fast method of
escaping, snipers in towers were added in an update to prevent cutting through

If this is your first time playing (and it probably is), take your time to walk
around the place. Make sure you attend Roll Call at 0800. At each roll call the
guards will announce which cells are to be checked for contraband. If you have
any contraband in your cell (which you won't at this point) it will be found
and you will be sent to solitary for a few days.

From there, you are pretty much free to do what you want until your call to
your job at  unless you are not assigned a job. You can check the board. By
default you will start with the LAUNDRY job, a position which gives you access
to a very handy item: the guard's uniform. A detector is placed over the door
to the LAUNDRY in such a way that if you walk through it with a guard's uniform
in your inventory, it will immediately sound an alarm and you will be given
100% heat, meaning guards will attack-on-sight. Luckily, there's a way you can
get through without setting off the alarm. Equip the guard's uniform, then walk
through the detector, then change into your regular uniform immediately. Sweet!

Busting out in less than 24 hours:

This method requires a slight degree of skill and will be a good test of how
quickly you can get through walls without getting caught. It might take you
a couple of attempts if you're not quick enough replacing walls you've 
tunneled through.

1. As soon as it's 0800, head to Roll Call. Stick around long enough to see
   which inmates are to have their cells searched. If you do not attend the
   roll call, the prison will enter lock down, and the guards will attack you
   if they see you.

2. Don't hang around. As soon as you read those names, head through the south
   exit to use the computers in the library. Use it three times to increase
   your INTELLECT.

3. Head down to the shower blocks and stand in there long enough to recharge
   the FATIGUE meter. Now head straight to the dining room (bottom corner of
   the map) and raid the cutlery tray (blue tray) for x 4 FORK.

4. With your forks, head to those doors with the purple locks (as soon as you
   exit the DINING ROOM go DOWN the hall.

5. See the doors? Start digging at the wall on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the doors
   with your forks. You will have to stop at times to avoid being sprung by
   passing guards. Provided you can avoid the guards for long enough, you are
   basically free to tunnel at the wall up until 1200. Get the wall down to 4%
   and then stop. DO NOT BREAK THE WALL DOWN. Not yet.

6. As soon as you have the wall down to 4%, head back into the dining room.
   You will need to raid the cutlery tray again, this time for x4 KNIFE. Take
   these knives through the purple doors (which will have unlocked a while ago)
   and drop all four knives outside the door. Seriously.

7. Now it's lunch time. Head to your cell and take the sheet and pillow from
   your bed. Now do the same to one of the cells around yours. Use x2 pillow
   and x1 sheet to make a bed dummy. Dump the leftover sheet and the dummy in
   your desk.

8. Head to your work call at 1300. Grind out the laundry quota as quick as you
   can. As soon as you reach your quota you are free to leave the laundry.
   Before you leave, pick up a GUARD'S UNIFORM, equip it, walk through the
   detector, then reequip your prisoner's outfit. Head back to your desk and
   place the bed dummy in your inventory.

9. This next step is optional:

   Seek out the inmates who are trading (marked by an icon) and see if any of
   them are selling CHOCOLATE. Search the desks in the other cells, or an
   unconscious inmate if you see one on your travels (very common).

10. Whether or not you did step 9, you're now basically ready to escape. You
    should have your guard's uniform, your fork, and a dummy. Now we wait until
    evening roll call.

11. Like the morning roll call, as soon as you read the names, head straight
    to your cell. Place the dummy in the bed BEFORE LIGHTS OUT.

12. As soon as that dummy is in the bed, get out of your cell and put on your
    guard's uniform. Run down to your wall. Break through it with the fork.

13. Now you're through. Don't waste any time getting through the wall and
    replacing the wall AS SOON AS YOU'RE THROUGH. If the guards see the hole,
    you're busted. Grab your knives, head straight DOWN to the fence, and cut
    through it with your knives.

    At some point while you're cutting the fence you will hit 100% fatigue. If
    you were smart and found some chocolate, eat it to restore a bit of energy
    and continue cutting. If not, you'll just have to (nervously) wait for it
    to decrease by itself.

    And you're free! Your time in Center Perks? Less than a day.

b. Stalag Flucht                                                         [TEW2]

AVAILABLE JOBS: Gardening (default), Tailor, Librarian, Woodshop, Unloading
EST. TIME: 3-5 Days

08:00-09:00 - Roll Call
09:00-10:00 - Breakfast
10:00-13:00 - Free time/Work period
13:00-14:00 - Exercise period
14:00-17:00 - Free period
17:00-18:00 - Evening meal
18:00-21:00 - Leisure/work period
21:00-22:00 - Shower Period
22:00-23:00 - Roll Call
23:00-08:00 - Lights Out 


So you escaped Center Perks, but the long arm of the law has caught up with you
and you're inside another prison! Welcome to Stalag Flucht, a cold frozen hell
that's become your new home. It is a WW2 themed camp, modelled after its real-
life counterpart, Stalag Luft III. There's two sets of fences running around
the facility, the outer one being electrified (oh no!).

In comparison to the other prisons in this  game Stalag Flucht isn't overly 
difficult, but it can be a lot harder to break out of than Center Perks. 
This prison will introduce you to two new concepts (assuming you followed my 
guide for the first prison): Fighting, and crafting keys.

Okay, let's look at how to escape.

Stalag Flucht Escape Plan

OPTIONAL: You can make this escape a lot easier for yourself by doing this. At
          the inmate/guard naming screen, select the fourth guard and rename
          him to something you'll remember. As he holds the red key (staff key)
          I name him (appropriately) Officer Red.

1. Okay, we're in Stalag. Game on. Start by getting BOTH your intellect AND
   strength to at least 80.

2. Craft some Flimsy Cutters. This will require two files and some duct tape.
   You could alternatively grab a whole bunch of plastic knives but this isn't
   recommended because of the amount of time/knives required for this escape.

3. Make a bed dummy up and stash it away in your desk.

4. Now we need to some TALCUM POWDER and some TOOTHPASTE, both easy to find
   materials. Stick them together to make up PUTTY

5. Using a lighter with a COMB/TOOTHBRUSH, craft yourself some molten plastic.

6. Before you go belting up Officer Red for the staff key, gear yourself up
   with a weapon. I recommend nunchucks or the whip as they do the most damage
   but this one is up to you.

7. Armed with your weapon, plastic, and key mould, follow Officer Red. When the
   guard is in between two cells, you will be able to attack him without being
   shot by the tower guards. So go ahead, beat his ass up.

8. Now you have to work quickly. Very quickly. Open his inventory, lift the key
   and use it on the crafting table with your putty.. Now put the key back in 
   the guard's inventory. While you're at it, steal his uniform.

9. Use the key mould with the plastic to craft your plastic STAFF KEY.

OPTIONAL: This concludes the prep work required to break out of Stalag Flucht.
          At this point, you're free to spend until evening roll-call doing
          your own thing. Try and find some food of some sort. You will need it
          later to restore much needed energy to cut your way to freedom.

10. At 21:55, place your bed dummy in your cell and head to roll-call. You
    should have your cutters, guard's uniform and key on you.

11. Stick around long enough to see who's getting their cells searched. Once
    the names have been announced head into your cell to quickly change into
    your guard's uniform.

12. Head south to the locked door just to the south of the gym. Head slightly
    south-west and go into the Generator Room (the room on your left).

13. This next bit is very important: TURN THE GENERATOR OFF. If you fail to
    turn the generator off your escape attempt is going to be short-lived.

14. Head south to the outermost fence. Now start cutting your way to freedom.
    Make sure you keep an eye out for guards on patrol, and to eat food if you
    have some to lower your fatigue level, making for a quicker escape.

    Job done. You're free.

C. Shankton State Pen                                                    [TEW3]

EST. TIME: 5-7 Days

08:00-09:00 - Roll Call
09:00-10:00 - Breakfast
10:00-13:00 - Leisure/Work
13:00-14:00 - Afternoon Rollcall 
14:00-16:00 - Free Period
16:00-17:00 - Evening Meal
17:00-18:00 - Exercise Period
18:00-19:00 - Shower Block
19:00-22:00 - Free time
22:00-23:00 - Evening Rollcall
23:00-08:00 - Light's Out


The long arm of the law has caught up with you yet again. Why can't you just do
your time like a good boy?. Let's show these chumps at Shankton how the pros
break out of prison.

This one reminds me of Alcatraz (before the level editor/Alcatraz DLC came out)
and as such was actually my favourite prison for a long long time. This one can
be tricky mostly because of the inconsistencies with the guards patrolling of
a night time. You will be required to employ similar tactics you used at Stalag
to bust out of Shankton, most notably crafting keys and levelling your stats.

Interestingly this prison has a (mostly) safe area to store contraband: The
unoccupied desks. You can store as much contraband in the unoccupied cells as
you like, however do note that there is a (very small) chance of your items
being taken by another inmate.

Another thing to take note of is the amount of contraband detectors around
Shankton. In order to go just about anywhere meaningful you will need to pass
through a contraband detector. You can get around this by either crafting
contraband pouches or just storing your contraband in your/an unoccupied desk.

Shankton State Pen Escape Plan

OPTIONAL: The escape method I'm using required the UTILITY KEY. You can rename
          THE SECOND GUARD at the naming screen to make it easier.

1. Spend your first few days alternating between levelling strength/intellect.
   You will want to get both of these to at least 85.*

2. Once your strength/intellect is at least 85 you can begin gathering your
   necessary tools and kit for the break out. Start trawling through desks or
   buy up all the SHEET METAL, DUCT TAPE, TIMBER, and FILES you can find.

3. Make up x2 Flimsy Shovels. Upgrade one of them twice so it becomes a STURDY

4. You've got your tools, now you need everything else. Make up some PUTTY and

5. Find the guard holding the UTILITY KEY. Knock him the f*** out, make a mould
   of the key, then take the guard's uniform. Like in Stalag, I recommend using
   either NUNCHUCKS or the WHIP. You've now got yourself a key. Sweet!

   * You can skip levelling your strength up to 85 by crafting a CUP OF MOLTEN
   CHOCOLATE to use instead of a weapon. I don't recommend it, mostly because
   the cup of hot chocolate is for pussies.

6. Ready to escape? Not quite. Now we need some contingency items. Find some
   chocolate, a cookie, or any other form of energy-restoring food.

7. Got some food? Great, now find another roll of duct tape. If you took the
   soft option and took out the guard with the hot chocolate, you'll need to
   craft another one.

8. You're now escape-ready. Wait until roll call, then craft and place down a
   bed dummy.

9. At 23:00 stick around the roll call area, waiting for everyone to leave. Now
   head south and go through the locked door into the corridor behind your cell
   using your UTILITY KEY.

10. Put on your guard's uniform and head up the ladder and into the vents.

11. Up another ladder and now you should be on the roof. Head right to get onto
    the ground. You're now standing by the outermost fence.

12. Now we wait (not for long though!). This is where you can run into trouble.
    Sometimes the guards patroling outside comes up just after 23:30, sometimes
    they don't. This is what the tape is for. Before you start digging, wait
    for the patrolling guard to come up. Knock him out, and tie him up with the
    duct tape. It's important to neutralize this guard because if your hole is
    discovered it's straight off to solitary for you.

13. Taken care of the guard? Great. Now dig down. Then dig across TWICE. Dig up
    and taste freedom.

    NOTE: You WILL need at least TWO shovels for this job. You CANNOT dig your
    way out with just one shovel, even a sturdy one. I learnt this the hard way
    as I'm sure a lot of others have too.


    RG DUBZ sends in this suggestion/contribution:

   "In the "Shankton State Pen Escape Plan" FAQ you forget to mention to bring 
    a rope ("2x Bed Sheets" crafted) to get down off of the roof.

    Also the problem with the guard in step 12 can easily be avoided, simply 
    wait on the roof and watch where the guard comes out at 23:30, use the bed 
    sheet rope to drop to the ground after the guard leaves then just move down
    a bit south of where the guard comes out and you can dig uninterrupted.

    No need to KO the guard or use an inventory slot on the duct tape to keep 
    the unconscious guard captive."

d. Jungle Compound                                                       [TEW4]

EST. TIME: 7-10 Days

08:00-09:00 - Roll Call
09:00-10:00 - Breakfast
10:00-12:00 - Free Period
12:00-13:00 - Lunch
13:00-16:00 - Work Time
16:00-17:00 - Exercise Period
17:00-18:00 - Shower
18:00-19:00 - Evening Meal
19:00-22:00 - Evening Free Period
22:00-23:00 - Roll Call
23:00-08:00 - Lights Out 


Let me start of by saying I'm biased. I hate this f***ing map. Words cannot
describe how much I loathe just about everything about it. This one is a lot
harder than its predecessors and as such has an escape plan which requires more
preperation and good old fashioned hard work. Or you could just start a riot
(like I did the first time I played through it) which isn't as easy as it looks
in this map. 

Basically, there's two ways out of this prison: Rioting or digging. You used to 
be able to dig your way out through the Solitary cell, but because it was too 
easy the developers patched that out. Bastards. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the Jungle Compound is that for the most
part you are outside a lot of the time. Attracting too much heat or walking 
through a contraband detector with the wrong stuff will bring down a shitstorm 
of sniper fire time and time again. Be careful.

The one saving grace about this map is the abundance of places to hide your
precious contraband. The Library is one of the few areas the guards will not
go (for some reason) although you cannot really store much there. I recommend
digging a hole in the Library and digging around underground. You'll have to
dig a tunnel as part of your escape plan, so you may as well expand on it a bit
and give yourself a nice little secret stash spot.

I lie. There's another redeeming feature to this map: the unlimited timber and
metal. Seriously. If you dig through the wall in the library and then through
the wall on the other side you will be able to help yourself to as much timber
and sheets of metal as you can carry. Guards do come into this room from time
to time so make sure you don't leave any contraband laying around or any holes
in the wall. When you break into this room for the first time you may as well
grab the prisoner stash in there.

-Tunnel Escape-

Another prison, another tunnel escape. The main difference between this prison
and the previous ones is you will most likely require a pickaxe as well as
shovels to break through any rocks you encounter underground. There's multiple
places you can start your tunnel. Most YouTube tutorials involve tunnels being
dug from the library. This method requires quite a long tunnel to be dug.
This method involves digging through the wall in the Solitary cell and
establishing your hole here. Let's go.

1. Develop your skills. Minimum of 80 for strength/intellect. Speed isn't
   that important.

2. Make up a poster and grab as many forks as you can carry.

3. Head to the library and break through the first wall towards the Wood/Metal
   store room. You can dig here at any times as guards never come in here.

4. Get a Sheet of Foil and some Duct Tape to make a contraband pouch.

5. Break through the other wall. You will have to collect more forks for this.

6. Once you're in the store room you have to move quickly. Guards DO patrol
   this room. Make sure you don't leave any holes in walls otherwise you're
   busted. Grab as much wood as you can carry and make up some Timber Braces.
   THREE or more will be plenty.

7. Drop the Timber Braces off in your cell.
8. Craft another Poster, and grab yet more forks. Head up to the solitary cell
   and start breaking down the wall in the gap between the wall and the bed.
   Time your chipping so it is not detected by the camera. This part will be
   slow and tedious. Don't get caught by the camera. When the wall is down
   place a Poster over it. Discard of the wall piece by giving it to another
   inmate. If you leave it lying around and a guard finds it you're screwed.

9. Now it's time to start digging. Gather the necessary resources to make up
   at least a Sturdy Shovel, a Lightweight Shovel, and a Lightweight Pickaxe.

10. Take your tools and braces and head towards the solitary cell. Take down
    the poster and start digging down. Once you're underground dig across
    approximately FIVE squares to the RIGHT. Reinforce with bracing as needed.

11. Equip yourself with a good weapon (Whip or Nunchucks) and the reagants to
    acquire and craft a CELL KEY and a STAFF KEY. While you're at it, grab a

12. You're nearly ready. Get your hands on an EXOTIC FEATHER and a JAR OF INK.

13. Craft up a BED DUMMY. Put it in your bed immediately prior to Evening Roll.

14. After Roll Call, head to the Solitary Cell. Your inventory should contain
    a Shovel (for digging UP), a Cell Key, a Staff Key, the Exotic Feather, a
    Jar of Ink, and a Contraband Pouch.

15. Enter your tunnel. While you're here you can ditch the Cell Key and the
    Pouch. Now wait.

16. Wait until you hear the Jeep go past. If it spots you it will one-shot
    you. When it goes past, dig up, and head north to the guard's shack.

17. Take the Unsigned ID Papers off the table and use them with the Feather/Ink
    to create ID Papers.

18. Head south, going down the LEFT HAND SIDE towards the bottom of the map.

19. Hand the ID Papers to the guard and he will open the gate for you. Freedom!

    Congratulations, you're now officially over halfway through the main

-The Riot Escape-

If you got frustrated at the amount of tools and contraband pouches you need
for the regular escape route this is the method for you. It has its own set of
challenges and can be quite tricky to pull off. I recommend saving your game
before attempting it so you can try again if you fail.

1. Start by working your Intellect/Strength/Speed up to AT LEAST 80 each.

2. Gather the necessary items to craft a Whip/Nunchucks and some Plate Armour.
   You should know what items you need for this by now.

3. Find yourself the necessary stuff to craft a Wad of Putty and some Molten
   Plastic. Obtain the STAFF KEY and make a copy of it. While you're at it take
   the Guard's Uniform.

4. Collect a Jar of Ink and an Exotic Feather. The feathers appear to be quite
   common so you shouldn't have much of an issue finding one.

5. Now it's time to work on charming your fellow inmates. This is a tedious
   process. I recommend raiding each inmate's desk every morning and taking
   any combs or toothbrushes and making them into shivs, then gifting them to
   inmates. Pelarium Barrels and Medicine/Sleeping pills make great gifts too.

   NOTE: For a full list of which items raise opinion, check out the STATS
         section of this guide [TBA2].

OPTIONAL: You're practically ready to go now. I recommend grabbing as many
          medkits as you can possibly find. You might need them.

6. Make a Bed Dummy.

7. Wait until Shower period (2100-2200). Place your Bed Dummy in, then head to
   the Shower Block. Act casual.

8. As soon as you're at Evening RollCall (2200-2300) start clicking inmates and
   pressing Q. As the chat dialogue will indicate, they're now following you.
   The purple number in the top left tells you how many inmates are following
   you around. You want to have all nine (9) inmates with you.

9. Once it hits 2300 the tower guards despawn. Now is the time to strike. Set
   your mob of inmates on the three guards at rollcall. When they're down, find
   a fourth guard (who will probably have come in by now anyway) and down him.

   If all went well, the warden will give you a message saying you've made
   your point, the door's unlocked, and to kindly leave his prison. But it's
   not over yet.

10. Head out the NORTH exit to the guard's hut. Change into your Guard Uniform
    and craft some ID papers using your feather, ink, and the Unsigned ID Paper
    inside the guard shack.

11. Before you leave, stick around for a bit. You want your Heat to drop below
    90% and, more importantly, you want to wait for the Jeep to go past. If you
    get spotted by the Jeep you get one-shotted. It takes a while to do a full
    circuit of the prison but you'll hear it rumble past eventually.

12. Head down to the bottom of the map going the OPPOSITE WAY THE JEEP TOOK.
    Show the guard (Checkpoint Charlie) your ID Papers and he'll raise the gate
    for you. Freedom!

    Congratulations, you're now officially over halfway through the main

e. San Pancho                                                            [TEW5]

AVAILABLE JOBS: Gardener (Default), Tailor, Librarian, Kitchen, Unloading

08:00-09:00 - Roll Call
09:00-10:00 - Breakfast
10:00-13:00 - Leisure/Work
13:00-14:00 - Exercise Period
14:00-17:00 - Free period
17:00-18:00 - Evening meal
18:00-21:00 - Leisure/Work
21:00-22:00 - Shower block
22:00-23:00 - Evening roll call
23:00-08:00 - Light's out

This is a prison inspired by the fictional prison "Sona" in Prison Break. 
Good show. Terrible ending. Anyway, I digress. This is a great map although 
it's not without it's challenges. The heat and the conditions mean the guards
only patrol the outer perimeter, with only the same three guards ever entering 
the prison during roll calls, meal times, shower time, and exercise time. 
From time to time a guard *may* enter but it's a rare occurence.

Be warned. This one is a grind. You'll have to make a lot of gear for this
one. Here's a list of what you'll need:

x6 timber brace
x1 sturdy shovel       (as well as lightweight)
x1 lightweight shovel  (later upated to sturdy)
x1 lightweight pickaxe (later upgraded to sturd)
x1 fake key reagents
x1 utility key
x1 lightweight cutters
x3 fake fence
x2 poster
x2 spike strip
x1 guard uniform
x1 bed dummy

option a x1 cell key

You start this level with a relatively low opinion amongst the rest of the boys.
You won't be attacked often, if at all, but you'll really have to work those
favors and gifts to get some friends.

This guide is broken down into three phases. How quickly you get through it
depends on how much you search desks, earn money to buy stuff, and just
how lucky you are in general. I can't hold your hand on acquiring all the
raw materials but I have indicated when you should be focusing on which
particular items.

Let's do it.

   Phase 1: Slow start.

1. As always, get those stats up. 80 intellect, 80 stength. You'll be doing
   lots of favors and beating lots of people up in this level.

2. Craft two Posters and get a stack of plastic forks. You'll need at least

3. Take five forks and a poster and head up to the tailoring room. Chip down
   the wall to the left of the door. You are free to chip at the walls any
   time, as long as the person isn't working in the tailoring room.

   Tip: Just beat up the person with the tailoring job constantly and get the
   damn job yourself.

   Once you have access to this room, put a poster up. This poster will never
   be removed by the guards. Ever.

4. Get your next poster and load of forks and break down the next wall to get
   access to the maintenance tunnel. Grab that stash and cover up your hole.
   Get rid of those wall blocks. Flush them down the toilet for a laugh.

5. Now you have access to what will become a very critical part to your escape
   and your time at San Pancho. You now have a place to start stashing banned
   items and, more importantly, to start digging in peace.

   Phase 2: The tunnel.

6. By now you *should* have enough stuff to start crafting tools. For this
   step you'll need at least a lightweight shovel and 2-3 timber braces. Start
   digging on the tile directly behind your new poster/hole and keep digging
   north until you reach a blue fence. You're not going any further. Yet.

7. Now it gets tricky. You'll want to acquire the UTILITY AND THE CELL KEYS.
   How you do this is up to you.

8. At light's out, set up your BED DUMMY and head to the Cafeteria. You should
   have your keys, a fake fence, and your cutters with you.

9. Head through the door on the southern wall in the cafeteria and go up the
   ladder. Head north to the fence around the generator. Cut through it and
   switch it off. The indicator light will change from green to red.

10. Patch the hole and run to your tunnel. Break down the electric fence as
    soon as possible. Don't mess around. If you take to long the generator
    turns back on.

11. Now the grind really kicks in, especially if you haven't been searching
    enough or have had shit luck finding anything. You will need all of those
    timber braces, both shovels and the LIGHTWEIGHT pickaxe. Dig as far north
    as you can until you hit the REINFORCED WALL. When the lightweight shovel
    is at its lowest health upgrade it to a sturdy. That'll help get you there.

    Note: You *will* need at least four timber braces to get from the electric
          fence to the reinforced outer wall.

12. You reached the outer perimeter. Breathe. You're nearly there.

    Phase 3: Escape.

13. Save. The. Damn. Game.

14. On escape night you'll need a lot of gear. Stash your spikes and your
    tools in the tunnel. You should have been doing this for a while now.

15. Set the dummy up, put on your guard uniform, and head to the tunnel.

16. Set up your inventory in the tunnel. It should look like this:

    x2 Spikes, x1 Sturdy Pickaxe, x1 Shovel (doesn't matter which one now), x1
    food (for fatigue).

17. Wait for the sound of the jeep. Once it goes past dig up. Cover your hole.

18. Tread carefully. You're in a minefield now. Place the first set of spikes
    on the tile directly below where you're standing. Place the next one 4-5
    tiles to the left.

    Tip: When the jeep hits the strips it'll get a puncture and you'll hear
         gun shots. No need to be alarmed.

19. HUG THE WALLS. Head to the south-west corner of the map.

20. Start chipping. If the jeep comes past while you're breaking down the first
    wall just stop working. If it comes past while you're breaking the second
    you'll have to cover the first hole up. This is why you brought the sturdy
    pickaxe (just in case). If they spot the hole you're screwed.

21. You're free. Maybe you'll stay out of prison this time?

f. HMP Irongate                                                          [TEW6]

AVAILABLE JOBS: Janitor (Default)
EST. TIME: 15 Days

09:00-10:00 - Morning Roll Call
10:00-11:00 - Breakfast
11:00-14:00 - Work/Leisure
14:00-15:00 - Afternoon Roll Call
15:00-16:00 - Free Period
16:00-17:00 - Exercise period
17:00-18:00 - Evening Meal
18:00-19:00 - Shower Block
19:00-20:00 - Evening Roll Call
20:00-09:00 - Lights Out

My god. I love this one as much as I hate it. The leap from San Pancho to this
one is like the leap from Jungle Compound to San Pancho. This place is big-time
security. Guards with instant knock out stun rods, cameras everywhere, and the
small fact that this place is on a F**KING ISLAND (SERIOUSLY GUYS).

This is the real deal. Every level before this was a test. It took me a long
time to get out of this one and it was absolutely awful. It made every previous
escape seem relatively insignificant and was a grind and a challenge every step
of the way. Like it should be.

Due to the unique nature of this escape and the difficulty, here's a few quick

- Stockpile toothpaste by taking it out of your desk each night before you save
  the game. You'll get more the next morning and toothpaste is essential for
  covering up cameras. Don't waste duct tape on cameras guys.

- Don't bother looting desks until you have the Mailman job.

Without further adieu, it's time to break out of the can for good. Good luck!

1. You have the janitor role as your starting job. It's low paying work but it
   is a job you can complete quickly. Level skills all the way to 100. You will
   be grinding this out for a long time so by the end of it you should have
   accumulated a bit of cash from work. Good. You'll need it.

2. Use your hard earned cash to buy x2 super glue. Whip up two FAKE VENTS.

3. Take a bunch of plastic knives from the kitchen. Cover up the camera in your
   cell and get on top of your desk. Cut the vent away and cover it up.

4. We need a key now and the uniform. We'll be knocking out the Officer with 
   the STAFF KEY. I recommend carrying the reagants to craft the putty and 
   weapon right before you attack the guard. This way you eliminate the need 
   for a contraband pouch.

5. Hide the uniform and utility key and your fake vent cover in the vents.

6. Now we need the gear for our escape. All things considered you don't need
   much, only you will need to find a *lot* of rope, something you can't craft
   up yourself. Make a Raft, A Grappling Hook (With Rope), a set of Sturdy
   Cutters and a Bed Dummy. Get the mailman job now if you haven't already.
   What you can't find on your own you'll have to buy.

7. Once you've got all that gear, you're ready. After Light's Out, cover up
   your camera with some toothpaste, set up your dummy and head up into the 
   vents (for the last time). Your inventory should look like this: RAFT, 

8. Cut away all the vents to the East. There's only three. No need to cover up
   these ones. Once you reach the ladder wait until midnight.

9. Once it's time, climb onto the roof. You'll see a thin tile to the north.
   It sort of looks like a cable or a line of sorts. Step onto it and drop down
   to the RIGHT.

10. Run south-east, eventually past the back of the delivery station. Follow
    the path around and you'll come to two Red doors. Take the SOUTH door.

11. Head up the ladder and cut through the fence with your cutters.

12. Once you're through, use the grappling hook on the reinforced outer wall.

13. Drop down the wall and head to the south-east corner. This is where the
    dock is. Use your raft on the water when you're on the docks.

Congratulations. You've beaten The Escapists.

[DLC0]               ~ D L C   W A L K T H R O U G H ~                   [DLC0]

As of v0.7 this section has yet to be started. Expect it to be completed in
either v0.8 or v0.9.

[LVL0]                   ~ L E V E L   E D I T O R ~                     [LVL0]

For quite a while now the game has included a Level Editor. This section is for
any tutorials, custom levels I recommend, as well as any levels submitted by
you or anyone else who reads this guide. If you would like me to play through
your level or list it in the guide, send me a copy/link to it.

a. Tutorials                                                             [LVL1]

This section was earmarked for inclusion and inserted into the guide before I
had even tried the Level Editor. After launching the Editor and trying it
for myself I've realized that tutorials shouldn't really be necessary for what
is quite a self-intuitive, very easy to use program. If you encounter any
issues or have any problems please refer to some of the (excellent) video
tutorials I've linked to below.

b. Recommended Custom Levels                                             [LVL2]

Content coming soon!

c. Reader Submitted Levels                                               [LVL3]

No submissions yet! Maybe you could be the first?

[CFR0]               ~ C R A F T I N G   R E C I P E S ~                 [CFR0]

This is a list of the known items you can craft within The Escapists. Please
note that some items can only be crafted in particular levels, though this will
be indicated. If you know of something that isn't listed here, please send it
in and it will be added to the list.

For a more condensed (and much nicer looking) version of this section, check
out the Crafting page on The Escapists wiki. 

You can find that here: http://theescapists.gamepedia.com/Crafting

a. Tools                                                                 [CFR1]

The most common materials needed to make tools are typically DUCT TAPE, TIMBER,
and FILES.

-Tool Handle-

An essential item in crafting a Pickaxe or Shovel.

REQ ITEM: 1x Timber, 1x File

-Flimsy Pickaxe-

For breaking stones and breaking down walls.

REQ ITEM: 1x Tool handle, 1x Crowbar, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Lightweight Pickaxe-

A more durable version of the Flimsy Pickaxe.

REQ ITEM: 1x Flimsy Pickaxe, 1x Timber, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Sturdy Pickaxe-

The most durable of the pickaxes.

REQ ITEM: 1x Lightweight Pickaxe, 1x Timber, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Flimsy Shovel-

For digging holes (duh!).

REQ ITEM: 1X Tool Handle, 1x Sheet of Metal, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Lightweight Shovel-

An upgraded version of the Flimsy Shovel.

REQ ITEM: 1x Flimsy Shovel, 1x Sheet of Metal, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Sturdy Shovel-

The most durable of the shovels.

REQ ITEM: 1X Lightweight Shovel, 1x Sheet of Metal, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Flimsy Cutters-

For cutting through fences. Very handy item to have

REQ ITEM: x2 File, x1 

-Lightweight Cutters-

REQ ITEM: x1 Flimsy Cutters, x1 File, x1 Roll of Duct Tape

-Sturdy Cutters-

REQ ITEM: REQ ITEM: x1 Lightweight Cutters, x1 File, x1 Roll of Duct Tape

-Powered Screwdriver-

Undoes vents much faster.

REQ ITEM: 1x Screwdriver, 1x Wire, 1x Battery


A combination of a shovel and a pickaxe. Handy because it condenses two items
of contraband into one.

REQ ITEM: x1 Sturdy Shovel, x1 Sturdy Pickaxe, x1 Roll of Duct Tape

-Cutting Floss-

Handy for cutting fences, slots, and fences. Not very durable.

REQ ITEM: x3 Dental Floss

b. Weapons                                                               [CFR2]

The section you've been looking for. Weapons are listed in order from least to
most powerful.

-Toothbrush Shiv-

A prison classic. Use a Toothbrush against a wall to craft.

REQ ITEM: x1 Toothbrush

-Comb Shiv-

See Toothbrush Shiv.

REQ ITEM: 1x Comb

-Comb Blade-

Don't waste a razor blade on this. It has the same attack power as the shivs.

REQ ITEM: 1x Comb, 1x Razor Blade

-Sock Mace-

Relatively easy to craft.

REQ ITEM: 1x Sock, 1x Soap

-Super Sock Mace-

Don't let the name fool you. It's not so super.

REQ ITEM: 1x Sock, 1x Battery

-Wooden Bat-

Doesn't require any intellect to craft. Handy for belting people.

REQ ITEM: 1x Timber, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Spiked Bat-

An upgraded bat, only far more intimidating.

REQ ITEM: 1x Timber, 1x Roll of Duct Tape, 1x Nails

One of the most powerful weapons you can craft. The Number 1 choice for ninjas

REQ ITEM: 1x Wire, 2x Timber


My personal favourite. There's something satisfying about beating guards up
with a whip.

REQ ITEM: 1x Timber, 1x Razor Blade, 1x Wire

-Cup of Molten Chocolate-

A single use item. Has the honour of being the most powerful weapon in the game
as using it on an enemy will knock them out in one go.

REQ ITEM: 1x Chocolate, 1x Lighter, 1x Cup
DAMAGE: Instant knock-out effect.

c. Outfits                                                               [CFR3]

-Infirmary Overalls-

Handy for crafting your own Guard Uniforms. Can be made by using some Bleach
with ANY uniform.

REQ ITEM: 1x Guard's Uniform/POW Uniform/Prisoner Uniform

-Guard Outfit-

A very, VERY handy item, provided you don't get busted using it. Allows you the
luxury of being able to sneak around out of your cell at night, amongst other

REQ ITEM: 1x Infirmary Overalls, 1x Jar of Ink

-Cushioned Inmate Outfit-

The lowest of the protective inmate gear.

REQ ITEM: 1x Inmate/POW Outfit, 1x Roll of Duct Tape, 1x Pillow

-Padded Inmate Outfit-

Mid-tier armour.

REQ ITEM: 1x Inmate/POW Outfit, 1x Roll of Duct Tape, 1x Book

-Plated Inmate Outfit-

The best armour available to you. Very handy when used alongside a Whip.

REQ ITEM: 1x Inmate/POW Outfit, 1x Roll of Duct Tape, 1x Sheet of Metal

d. Concealment Devices                                                   [CFR4]

Items essential in hiding contraband or covering up your "renovations" to 
walls and vents.

-Fake Wall Block-

Like the name suggests. Use it to cover up any holes.

REQ ITEM: 2x Paper Mache, 1x Jar of Ink

-Fake Vent Cover-

REQ ITEM: x2 Paper Mache

-Fake Fence-

REQ ITEM: x3 Wire


Place it over holes in walls.

REQ INT: x20
REQ ITEM: 1x Magazine, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Bed Dummy-

Slip it in your bed to fool the guards at night time.

REQ ITEM: x2 Pillow, 1x Bed Sheet

-Contraband Pouch-

Possibly the handiest item in the game. A VERY limited use item which allows
you to walk through Contraband Detectors without setting off the alarm. Sweet!

REQ ITEM: 1x Sheet of Metal, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

d. Miscellaneous Items                                                   [CFR5]

Some of the items here may be level specific.

-ID Papers-

Essential item required to escape the Jungle Compound.

REQ ITEM: 1x Exotic Feather, 1x Jar of Ink, 1x Unsigned ID Papers

-Grapple Head-

Used in conjunction with a ROPE to make a grappling hook.

REQ ITEM: 2x Crowbar, 1x Roll of Duct Tape

-Grappling Hook-


REQ ITEM: 1x Grapple Head, 1x Length of Rope

-Sheet Rope-

Used to descend from rooftops.

REQ ITEM: x2 Bed Sheet


REQ ITEM: 1x Battery, 1x Wire


REQ ITEM: 1x Paper Mache, 1x Jar of Ink

-Paper Mache-

REQ ITEM: 1x Roll of Toilet Paper/Deluxe, 1x Tube Super Glue

-Molten Plastic-

REQ ITEM: 1x Comb OR 1x Toothbrush, 1x Lighter

-Wad of Putty-

Necessary component for crafting your own keys.

REQ ITEM: 1x Tube of Toothpaste, 1x Tub of Talcum Powder

-Key Mold-

Will be automatically crafted after using a key with a wad of putty. In order
to make a mold for the RED KEY for example you will need to get your hands on
a RED KEY to make the mold.

REQ ITEM: 1x Wad of Putty, 1x Key (Any colour)

-Timber Brace-

An essential tool if you plan on digging your way to freedom. Place these in
your tunnel.

REQ ITEM: x2 Timber


For a raft, necessary to escape from HMP Irongate.

REQ ITEM: 1x Timber, 1x Bed Sheet

-Raft Base-

Another necessary part to escape from HMP Irongate.

REQ ITEM: X2 Balsa Wood, x1 Length of Rope

-Makeshift Raft-

A raft capable of crossing water. Essential to break out of HMP Irongate.

REQ ITEM: 1x Raft Base, 1x Sail, 1x Length of Rope

-Stinger Strip-

Used in the JUNGLE COMPOUND and SAN PANCHO prisons to disable the jeep patrols.
Useless in every other prison.

REQ ITEM: X2 Nails, x1 Roll of Duct Tape

[IDB0]     ~ T H E   E S C A P I S T S   I T E M   D A T A B A S E ~     [IDB0]

Where's the complete Item DB, you ask? Good question. Unlike Crafting Recipes,
I don't see much point reproducing a list of items that are (mostly) pretty
self explanatory. I think it would be a cheap tactic (that a lot of people who
write guides employ) to fill up this walkthrough and increase the word-count,
while watering down the actual quality-content here for you to read.

As opposed to providing a full list, I've condensed it into a list of known
Contraband items. The difference between a contraband item and a regular item
is the name of the contraband item will appear in RED instead of GREEN.

You can see a (mostly) complete Item DB at The Escapists wiki page anyway.


a. Contraband Items                                                      [IDB1]

A list of known contraband items. At the time of writing, there are 94 known
contraband items. If I miss any, please send me an email with what I missed.

For the sake of finding items in this list conveniently, I recommend hitting
Control + F, and typing in what you're looking for. If it doesn't appear in
this list, it's safe to take through contraband detectors!

Balsa Wood, Baton, Bed Dummy, Bottle of Sleeping Pills, Cell Key, Charcoal,
Comb Blade, Comb Shiv, Contraband Pouch, Corrugated Iron, Crafting Notes,
Crowbar, Cup of Molten Chocolate, Cushioned Inmate/POW Outfit, Cutting Floss,
Dirt, Durable Contraband Pouch, Entrance Key, Fake Fence, Fake Vent, Fake Wall,
File, Flimsy Cutters, Flimsy Pickaxe, Flimsy Shovel, Foil, Glass Shank, Glass
Shard, Grapple Head, Grappling Hook, Guard Outfit, Hammer, ID Papers,
Infirmary Overals, Key Mold, Knuckle Duster, Length of Rope, License Plate,
Lightweight Cutters, Lightweight Pickaxe, Lightweight Shovel, Makeshift
Explosive Mix, Makeshift Tank Barrel, Makeshift Tank Firing Base, Makeshift
Tank Turret, Metal Tube, Molten Plastic, Multitool, Nunchucks, Padded Inmate/
POW Outfit, Paper Mache, Plastic Cell Key, Plastic Entrance Key, Plastic Key,
Plated inmate/POW Outfit, Potassium, Powered Screwdriver, Raft Base, Duct Tape,
Sail, Sand, Screwdriver, Sheet of Metal, Sheet Rope, Sock Mace, Soldier Outfit,
Spiked Bat, Staff Key, Stepladder, Stinger Strip, Stun Rod, Sturdy Cutters,
Sturdy Pickaxe, Sturdy Shovel, Super Sock Mace, Taper, Timber, Timber Brace,
Tool Handle, Toothbrush Shiv, Trowel, Unsigned ID Papers, Utility Key,
Vent Cover, Wad of Putty, Wall Block, Whip, Wooden Bat, Work Key, Zipline Hook


[FAQ0]                          ~ F A Q ~                                [FAQ0]

What, no *decent* FAQ? Correct formatting/headers/proper FAQ coming soon.

[CON0]                    ~ C O N C L U S I O N ~                        [CON0]

a. Thanks and Recommendations                                            [CON1]

A very big thanks to The Escapists Wiki and to The Escapists Steam Community
for all the insight, hints, tips, and other bits of information that found its
way into this guide. This guide would have been pretty shitty without these two
damn fine sources of information.

BTB: For the Table of Content code-navigation idea. I liked it so much I ripped
it from your guide for use in my old Runescape FAQ in 2004. It has since become
a staple in any walkthrough I've written. Thanks again old chap.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For creating what has become such a truly magnificent
source of information/walkthroughs (GameFAQs!).

SBAllen: For being the Editor Overlord of GameFAQs. Thanks for accepting this
guide and allowing it to have an audience.

network.science.de ASCII Generator: Can't believe it's still going after all
these years. 

Humanvegetable & AggroSk8er: For being initial sources of inspiration for me
to write my very own walkthroughs. Wherever you both are in life, I hope you're
well and in good health.

...and of course, a hearty thanks to the following individuals for their own
contributions to this guide:

TonySoldier319, REXXX2010, RG DUBZ,

b. Final Words                                                           [CON2]

Coming in 1.3.
~                                T H E   E N D                                ~

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