• Steam Achievements

    Ace AssassinDestroy 10000 pixels
    Advanced AircraftBuild a ship to 30 pixels on Normalest
    All the PixelsCollect 20000 pixels
    An Easier ChallengeDefeat Easier
    Arcade AvengerDefeat the Arcade in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Blade BasherDefeat the Blade in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Blossom ButcherDefeat the Blossom in record time in Colosseum
    Broad BargeBuild a ship to 80 pixels on Easier
    Bzzzzaaaauuuu!Collect a laser
    Can't Touch ThisHave 20 Shield Pixels on your ship
    Cannonball!Collect a large bullet weapon
    Chariot ChampionDefeat the Chariot in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Colossal CraftBuild a ship to 50 pixels on Normaler
    Companion QuadsCollect 2000 pixels
    Coward ContenderDefeat the Coward in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Creation CavalierDefeat the Creation in record time in Colosseum
    Crush the RushComplete Boss Rush
    Deadshot DevilDestroy 50000 pixels
    Defender Of The GalaxyDefeat all bosses
    Destruction DefenderDefeat the Destruction in record time in Colosseum
    Disease DestroyerDefeat the Disease in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Don't Need No FriendsGet to a boss with less than 10 pixels
    Dual BladedCollect a double-sword
    Easier DodgingDefeat Passive Easier
    Easiest DodgingDefeat Passive Easiest
    Easiest Long LastingGet to 1000 secs on Easiest
    Easy DodgingDefeat Passive Easy
    Even More NormalDefeat Normaler
    Everything Is PixelCollect 50000 pixels
    Fast as LightningHave 20 Speed Pixels on your ship
    Feel the RushGet halfway through Boss Rush
    Fifty FiftyStay over 50 pixels large for 50 seconds
    Framework FighterDefeat the Framework in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Friends ForeverCollect 1000 pixels
    From Easier to NormalGet to 400 seconds on Easier
    From Easy to NormalerGet to 400 seconds on Easy
    From Normal to NormalerGet to 200 seconds on Normal
    From Normaler to NormalestGet to 200 seconds on Normaler
    From Normalest to InfinityGet to 200 seconds on Normalest
    From Pixel To GalaxyDefeat the Galaxy on Easiest
    Galaxy GuardianDefeat the Galaxy in record time in Colosseum
    Gimme a Hug!Collect a pincher
    GladiatorDefeat a boss in Colosseum Mode
    GladiatorerDefeat half of the bosses in Colosseum Mode
    GladiatorestDefeat all of the bosses in Colosseum Mode
    Go Team Pixel!Build a ship 111 pixels big
    GunslingerDestroy 500 pixels
    How Did You Survive?Defeat Passive Normalest
    InvincibleHave 10 Shield Pixels on your ship
    It's a Hit!Destroy 100 pixels
    Just a Normal DayDefeat Normal
    Knock Out!Kill a boss in 5 seconds
    Maneuvering MasterRotate 200 Times in a game
    Master MarksmanDestroy 5000 pixels
    Master of the GalaxyCollect all achievements
    Mimic ManiacDefeat the Mimic in record time in Colosseum
    New Low Score!Die within ten seconds
    Normal DodgingDefeat Passive Normal
    Nova KnightDefeat the Nova in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Once More With FeelingRestart 100 Times
    Persistence is PixelRestart 1000 Times
    Pixel ExecutionerDestroy 100000 pixels
    Pixel HoarderCollect 5000 pixels
    Pixel Now and ForeverGet a total score of 3000 seconds
    Pixel OvertimeGet a total score of 1500 seconds
    Pixel PacifistComplete all Passive difficulties
    Pixel PatienceTime out a boss
    Pixel PurgatoryGet a total score of 2500 seconds
    Pixel PusherDefeat the Pixel in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Pixel RecruitComplete Tutorial 1
    Pixel SpecialistComplete Tutorial 2
    Pixel UndertimeGet a total score of 1000 seconds
    Powerful PlaneBuild a ship to 75 pixels on Easy
    Radiant RivalDefeat the Radiance in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Rainbow RaiderDefeat the Rainbow in record time in Colosseum Mode
    RektDie to a Bomb
    Robber BaronDefeat the Baron in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Savy SniperDestroy 2000 pixels
    Savy SpinnerRotate 50 Times in a game
    Serpent SlayerDefeat the Serpent in record time in Colosseum
    SharpshooterDestroy 1000 pixels
    ShipShapeBuild a perfect 3x3 square ship
    ShipShaperBuild a 7x1 ship
    ShipShapestBuild a perfect cross ship
    ShrectDie to a Bullet Barrier
    Sizable ShipBuild a ship to 100 pixels on Easiest
    Skillful DodgingDefeat Passive Normaler
    Sleek and NarrowBuild a ship 10 pixels long
    Slicy SabreCollect a firestick
    So Many PixelsCollect 10000 pixels
    Sonar SoldierDefeat the Sonar in record time in Colosseum Mode
    Spanning the GalaxyBuild a ship 20 pixels long
    Speedy QuickHave 10 Speed Pixels on your ship
    Stop! Pixel TimeGet a total score of 2000 seconds
    Storm ChaserDefeat the Storm in record time in Colosseum
    That Was EasyDefeat Easy
    That's Not Normal!Defeat Normalest
    The ArcadeDefeat The Arcade
    The BaronDefeat The Baron
    The BlackholeDefeat The Blackhole
    The BladeDefeat The Blade
    The BlossomDefeat The Blossom
    The Buddy SystemCollect 500 pixels
    The ChariotDefeat The Chariot
    The CowardDefeat The Coward
    The CreationDefeat The Creation
    The DestructionDefeat The Destruction
    The DiseaseDefeat The Disease
    The Easiest ChallengeDefeat Easiest
    The FrameworkDefeat The Framework
    The GalaxyDefeat The Galaxy
    The MimicDefeat The Mimic
    The NovaDefeat The Nova
    The PixelDefeat The Pixel
    The RadianceDefeat The Radiance
    The RainbowDefeat The Rainbow
    The SerpentDefeat The Serpent
    The SonarDefeat The Sonar
    The StormDefeat The Storm
    TsssssssssssCollect a divider
    Tunnel of LoveCollect a bullet tunnel
    Vast VesselBuild a ship to 60 pixels on Normal
    Void VanquisherDefeat the Blackhole in record time in Colosseum Mode
    We Are the Galaxy!Build a ship 150 pixels big
    WhoopsRestart 10 Times
    You're Supposed to AVOID BulletsDie within five seconds
    You've Got PixelsCollect 100 pixels

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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