• Steam Achievements

    A New BlueCompleted Ending Three (Secret)
    A New Cyberpunk AdventureCompleted the Prologue
    All Good ThingsCompleted Ending One (Secret)
    Always The Best!Try 10 different kinds of Hassy
    AudiophileYou listened to the entire soundtrack!
    Bad AssociationLexi resents you (Secret)
    BlackoutCompleted Chapter 1
    BotanistYou brought Wilty back to outstanding health! (Secret)
    Brick by Useless BrickYou puzzled without throwing garbage at your problems! (Secret)
    Cardinal of CombatYou faced down the ghost in the machine. (Secret)
    Clark KentYou tried to actually do your job (Secret)
    Cloak and DaggerCompleted Flower Arc
    ComplicityCompleted Ending Four (Secret)
    Cool and RefreshingPoor little Alphie (Secret)
    Cool KidThe punks appreciated your patience and agreed to help you in your final quest (Secret)
    CraftyYou've used your items on 50 things!
    Ding Dong DitchYou got lost and annoyed the neighbors (Secret)
    DrinktionaryYou've been on every drunken escapade (Secret)
    EmpatheticJess warmed up to you and agreed to help you in your final quest (Secret)
    Farewell, Old Friend(no official description)
    FlatlineCompleted Ending Five (Secret)
    Good ListenerFind and listen through all of Turing's lectures
    GroceriesThat's one way to stock your fridge (Secret)
    Hack the WorldTOMCAT is your friend (Secret)
    Hands-OnYou've used 100 things!
    Hassy Hot CupsBroke their will and cleared Market Street
    HydrophobicWilty is lucky Turing stepped in (Secret)
    Iron ROMPlayed through the game in a single session. Never used a load, or continue.
    JobberYou've learned a lot of wrestling moves! (Secret)
    Junior DeputyLexi is your friend (Secret)
    LoquaciousYou've talked to 100 things!
    Maneki-NekoYou are very lucky!
    Maybe It Just Needed A Little LoveYou managed to keep the jade plant alive
    NegotiatorPlayed nice and worked things out
    No Heart To BreakAt the end of it all, you were resented by Turing. (Secret)
    No Turning BackCompleted Chapter 5
    No, I Don't Feel YouThat would have made sense, huh? (Secret)
    Not a Cat Person?Jess resented you and refused to help you in your final quest (Secret)
    ObservantYou've looked at 100 things!
    One More Good DayBrought along an unhealthy snack
    PersuasionYou convinced Lexi easily with your speechcraft (Secret)
    PlaybackYou used the headphones to listen to the soundtrack
    Put The Thing in the DoohickeyPuzzled your first puzzle!
    Sewer SharkSuccessfully navigated the drainage tunnels on the first try (Secret)
    Smell You LaterThe punks refused to help you in your final quest (Secret)
    SnitchCalled in for backup
    Son of a GunTOMCAT resents you (Secret)
    Sophisticated TasteYou've drank half of Stardust's menu!
    Stop The ViolenceProvoke a tough guy in the wrong part of town.
    SymmetryYou just can't leave plants well enough alone (Secret)
    Tears in RainCompleted Chapter 2
    TerminatedGot killed by Dekker (Secret)
    The Pale RiderCompleted Media Arc
    The SacrificeCompleted Ending Two (Secret)
    Threat NeutralizedGot past the maintence ROMs without taking a scratch. (Secret)
    Too SophisticatedYou've drank everything on Stardust's menu! Maybe you should take it easy?
    UnsociableStruck out! (Secret)
    WaterloggedGot washed out of the drainage tunnels (Secret)
    We're Alphanumeric!At the end of it all, you became close friends with Turing. (Secret)
    Well-ReadChecked your inbox and the paper before you slept
    Well, That WorkedStart a riot at Market Street
    Worst Cab Ride EverSuccessfully trapped your target
    You're HopelessGoodbye, Wilty
    Yule Be Back!(no official description)

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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