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Red Hot
Beat everything in region 0
Citrus Orange
Beat everything in region 1
Mellow Yellow
Beat everything in region 2
Green Like Dolla
Beat everything in region 3
Jazz Blues
Beat everything in region 4
Royal Purple
Beat everything in region 5
White Noise
Beat everything in region 6
Bot Liberator
Unlock the credits
Let it Go
Restart a single level 6 times in one sitting
Nice Try
Bounce two robots off each other
I'm Freeee
Escape one of the game's main puzzles
Trick the Tutorial
Beat 0-9 without using any blocks
Third Wheel
Beat 1-8 with only 2 white bots
Almost Impossible
Beat 1-9 with a leftover block (or 1-5 with no blocks, or 1-6 with a leftover block)
Double Blockage
Beat 2-4 with a leftover block (or 2-3 with 3 leftover blocks)
Extra Resource
Beat 2-5 without using the yellow block
Beat 3-3 without using any blocks
Beat 3-5 with 5 leftover blocks
Santa's Helper
Beat 4-3 without using any blocks
Beat 4-8 with a leftover block
Circular Reasoning
Beat 5-3 without using the orange block
Getting By
Beat 6-8 using only one block
Underground Railroad
Beat 6-9 using only green blocks
Beat 2-2 in under 30 seconds
Special Snowflake
Discover a new bot color
Evil Genius
Use the level editor to save a level with every type of object in it
Midnight Lover
Use the level editor to save a level using only black or rainbow tiles
Sharing is Caring
Publish a level
Community Player
Beat a user created level
The Critic
Rate a user created level

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