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Time is not on your side.
From the creator of Digital Messiah comes ShadowWraith one of the best top-down arcade games ever developed for the Macintosh. It rocks with over twenty photo-realistic levels. It rolls with a full stereo soundtrack of progressive music. Your cyber-fighter has blistering speed and maneuverability, plus an intense complement of over a dozen different offensive and defensive weapon systems.
Each level is infested with cyber-assassins armed to the teeth. They have but a single goal; to eliminate what's left of your neural patterns.
Your mission
to fight your way through the electronic grids picking up gatekeys, special weapons and power. Alone in a vast strange world, you battle for your very existence.
- Smooth 60 frames per second animation
- Up to four channels of stereo panning sound
- 90 minutes of original progressive music
- Over 20 increasingly difficult levels of play
- Beautiful 256 color hi-res graphics
- Upgradable to network version
- Worldwide high score contest

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