• Level Passwords

    At the Password screen, enter the following passwords to warp to the desired level:

    Level 002 - Practice Mode69697968703AD9
    Level 004 - And There it Goes1E1E0E1F054DFE
    Level 005 - Mission: Shoot the Monsters4B4C4A4E4B580B
    Level 020 - Every Second Counts6969616A483AF9
    Level 024 - The Solution is in the Shop2D2C282E9D7ECD
    Level 027 - Tiny But StongD2D2DAD32E8182
    Level 032 - Don't Lose Right Away696979683A3A79
    Level 035 - Bombs... Just to Try2D2D3D2C1F7EGD
    Level 051 - Very Easy3C3C3A0F1C2FCC
    Level 052 - Find the TrickF0F0F7C4D0E3E0
    Level 056 - Find Your Own WayB4B4A4B6BBE634
    Level 058 - Do Your Shopping878783864AD457
    Level 067 - In The JungleF0F6F1F636A140
    Level 075 - What Error This Time787868795A2B68
    Level 081 - Firebounds3C352A3BB46C0D
    Level 087 - The End Will Be Through1E1F1E1C984DCE
    Level 088 - Peace and War or Love and HateFDF2F3F212A3C0
    Level 089 - Masters of Seekers4B4B5B49D9187B
    Level 094 - Don't Leave That Past69686B6BCD3AC9
    Level 095 - Be Careful, Sliding GroundB4B4BCB61CE644
    Level 100 - AttackB4A5B7B1E8E674
    Level 105 - The Fort AttackF0F2F6F4D1A2F0
    Level 115 - Don't Shoot Anywhere5A5B595884097A
    Level 119 - I'm Going to Eat a MonsterC3C3D3C2E890F3
    Level 124 - Heavy Metal HamstersF0F1F5F358A120
    Level 128 - Speed of LightF0F1F5F498A350
    Level 131 - Q.H.S.8786858423S5C7
    Level 134 - Hungarium Waltz69696C68D33A39
    Level 138 - Which One is the Right Shot8787978641D4A7
    Level 141 - Get Out Through the DoorA5A7A0A6F9F695
    Level 149 - Save YourselfA5A4A0A659F775
    Level 156 - NativeD2D3D7D0A48112
    Level 164 - Imca's Trap87858684ACD447
    Level 170 - Panic on Board878680855ED467
    Level 175 - A Warrior Without Weapons4B48434952198B
    Level 200 - Final Countdown2D2D252C207E9D
    Level 202 - ???78787FB2F86A38
    Level 220 - Easiness in Itself0F0E0C0D155C3F
    Level 221 - Patience and Accuracy8784878391D5F7
    Level 239 - The Challenge2D29282F0F7FFD
    Level 246 - Nightmare4B4B5B4A7F188B
    Level 250 - Got a Nervous Breakdown Yet4B4B5B495D18BB

    Contributed By: HyperSilence.

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  • Extra Coins

    Scale over the large body of water in the "Pagalagos Island". Hover over the Skweek and press Option 1 to collect 3000 extra coins.

    Contributed By: Tumor Boy.

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  • Extra Lives

    Scale on the small island directly to the right of the "Welcome Island" in the top right corner of the dark blue spot. Hover over the Skweek next to a palm tree and press Option 1 for two extra lives.

    Contributed By: Tumor Boy.

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  • Forbidden Islands

    Select the normal game option. Move Skweek or Skruch over the "O" in the word "Gargouil Land" at the map screen. Scale the screen until your character can not fly lower. A snorkeling furball will appear. Carefully position your character over the furball and press Option 1. The Forbidden Islands may now be accessed.

    Contributed By: Tumor Boy.

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Secret Items

  • Pink whale

    There is a fourth secret character on the map out in the middle of nowhere. On the map, position yourself at the bottom of the R in "GARGOUIL' LAND" and zoom in all the way. Carefully move three pixels south, using the shoreline of "Vociferia Eatacus" as a landmark. Now go west until you encounter a pink whale. Hover over the whale and press Option 1 or Option 2. You will get the message "BRAVO CHEAT ON." The next time you go to the map screen, either by completing one of the islands or restarting a Normal Game, you will go straight to the ending.

    Pink WhaleWest from the latitude between the top two pixels of the outer shoreline of Vociferia Eatacus

    Contributed By: IntyLab.

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