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FAQ/Strategy Guide by forcexdistance

Updated: 03/11/11

FAQ and Strategy Guide by Darrin (ForceXDistance)
Copyright 2011

Ninja Gaiden
Atari Lynx


Obligatory standard boiler-plate disclaimer: This walkthrough may not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may 
not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 


Ninja Gaiden is one of the very best games on the Atari Lynx (see my review 
which is also on gamefaqs.com). The formula for success in this game includes 
both skill and also a modicum of luck. Like some of the Mega Man games, items 
are randomized. This means that breakable objects can contain any of the 
following at any time (where the free-life is probably the most beneficial). 
The sword is also very useful.

Red jewel    (points)
Blue box      (one health unit)
Red box        (full health)
Sword          (long-lasting weapon)
Clock           (adds more time to the clock)
Free-life        (adds another life in reserve)



B                   (attack)
A                   (jump)
Option 1         (grab onto rails/lights)
Control pad     (moves character in 8 directions)
A + B             (throw)


Breakable objects:


phone booths






Disgruntled hockey players and/or Quiet Riot fans: 

These guys are common thugsyou will see in the game (who all apparently shop
at the same store fore red t-shirts). They often attack in groups. Don't 
try to hug them, because they are not receptive to the "hug a thug" program. 
Just "Bang their Heads" before they turn your "condition critical." 


These guys come in a variety of different colors. They don't take many hits, 
but their offensive game is nothing to take lightly.  

Big dudes with logs: 

These guys can be dangerous and can knock you off your feet. Try to yell 
"uncle" before they yell "timber." Or maybe just beat them to the punch :)  
It's best to bait them by standing under him, and than stay put until they 
come. Punch before he swings. Don't confront him when he is standing on the 
same horizontal plane.  

Sumo wrestler (boss 1): 

He likes to do a little dance as he comes out the door. He calls for backup 
and will not fight you alone. Show him who is the real "first boss." This is
the only boss who does not make a second appearance on stage 4.

Blade brothers (boss2): 

These guys try to trick you into thinking you are only fighting one super tall 
dude. The sheet comes off and you will see the three dudes come at you. I am
not sure who they think they are fooling, because pound for pound fighting one
super tall dude is the same as fighting three little dudes. At any rate,
these guys are obviously Edward Scissor Hands fans. These gentlemen make 
another appearance on stage 4 and are even tougher. 

Tag-team Wrastlers (boss 3): 

These two guys (level 3 boss) also try to trick you by making you 
think they are just part of the background. They jump out of the poster in the 
background. These guys are obviously "poster boys" for the "keep wrestling 
real" advocacy group. These guys also make another appearance on stage 4.

Swordsman (boss 4): 

Ironically, this iron-clad soldier may actually be the easiest boss to beat. 
He is huge and has swords, and forgot to schedule some henchmen to protect 
him.Before telling him to "pick on someone his own size" show him that you 
mean business. As per usual protocol, bait him by standing under him and 
punch or swing your sword. You can also try standing over him, and just 
time it and punch him as he stands up.  



Below are strategies which can minimize your damage, earn extra guys, or 
increase your offensive game. Since fighting games rely less on platform 
jumping and more  on enemy strategy, I will delineate general strategies 
which can more or less be used on any stage (in more or less general 
terms). These strategies appear below.

Part 1:  The enemy of my enemy is my friend (which in this case brings 
it back to  me)

When fighting most enemies, it helps to post above or below them and start 
punching/kicking until the enemies walk into your barrage of attacks. The 
enemies generally become tougher/smarter in later levels. If a group of 
enemies knock you down, jump and throw while you are still 
blinking/invincible. With practice, you can actually throw multiple enemies 
at the same time by hitting the attack button multiple times!! If you find 
the swords, you can really do some massive damage on enemies, and it appears 
that the  red sword powerups are cumalative and can add to the existing 
sword reserve. 

Part 2: Crashing, smashing, and/or thrashing

Items are very important in this game. Whenever you see a breakable object, 
position yourself in a way where you can attack or throw an enemy into it. 
Sometimes it also works to let them knock you into it (just don't make a 
habit of it!). Free lives are the best prizes, followed by full health and 
swords. Try not to die right before you can touch a red full health powerup! 
That is a nasty feeling. As far as I know the gas cans do not contain 
powerups and do not seem to harm enemies either when they walk into the 
fire. The game is easier if you are able to accumulate lots of extra lives. 
If you touch a breakable object you will do a backflip, which I have not 
found to be too incredibly useful.

Part 3: Run out of options? Try the Lynx's "option 1"!

Using "option 1," you can grab onto the street-lights and certain rails in 
this game. When you grab them, you can do a cool and useful kick attack 
which knocks enemies over in one hit. This does not seem to work all that 
well on the loggers though (or later-stage enemies). You can travel 
hand-over-hand on the rails on stage one after grabbing them (don't fall 
into the hole and remember to hit option 1). Just as with the street lights, 
you can do your kick-attack while traveling hand-over-hand on the rails.

Part 4: Who's The Boss when Tony Danza is nowhere to be found? 

The bosses in this game were briefly discussed. Below is som further info
on beating these big guys.

Stage 1 sumo-wrestler: it is useful to throw this dude into a breakable object 
(when blinking), sword him, or simply punch/kick him as per usual.

Stage 2 blade-brothers: it is useful to throw these guys (especially after you 
get up and are blinking). Punching/kicking them can work, but it takes longer 
because each hit can make them fly around in a dangerous scissor attack. You 
will fight these guys again on stage 4, and DO NOT let them hit you with their 
claws! They do massive damage. They must have traded in their generic claws for 
name-brand ones!  Again, bait them so you can throw them, and especially on 
the second encounter, get them into a clump, and throw them all!

Stage 3 wrestlers: it is useful to stand below/above them and let them walk 
into your punches/kicks as per usual. It might behoove you to throw them into a 
breakable object (particularly while blinking with invincibility). Give them a  
break..............particularily on their bones. Rinse and repeat when you
fight them again on stage 4.

Stage 4 swordsman: it is useful to stand above/below him and let him walk into 
your punches/kicks. This guy fights you alone and shouldn't pose too much 
trouble. Take a break by breaking his face (as a nice ice-breaker to this 
new-found relationship).

Part 5: I've been workin' on the railroad all the live-long day.............

There are lots of enemies on stage three. Later in the stage there is a 
section where you can only walk on a narrow railroad. I have found it helpful 
to keep the screen scrolling by walking right as much as possible. When there 
is safe ground below near the end, I have found it useful to literally throw 
the enemies overboard into the hole on the left. Just be careful you don't go 
over-board yourself. Again, throwing is easiest after you get up and are still 
blinking. Also remember to throw multiple enemies at the same time if possible.


The ending is similar to any of the other end-of-stage victory screens that 
appear after each level completion. The last one shows Ryu sitting at a bar 
gazing at his shiny new gold belt as the words "End of Game" appear on the 
screen to a fun little victory tune. Savor the moment. Unlike some lynx games, 
the ending isn'too bad.  

What a game....................  :)  

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