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Reviewed: 01/17/02 | Updated: 01/17/02

The prime example of Lynx vaporware...

This is one of those ghost games that really doesn’t exist but in myth and legend. Following in the footsteps of the Jaguar release of Aliens vs. Predator, you’ll find that this listed, yet non-existent game is the production of something that honestly could have been big. The history behind the game, and what it was to feature is shrouded in mystery for the most part with only bits and pieces of information being leaked out in various web sites around the world. Fabled to offer you the same game play that the original release was allowed, you’ll find Aliens vs. Predator is something that was of a rather interesting concept, but never saw the light of day!

What the game was supposed to feature, was the ability to play through as one of three different characters, all of which had their own powers, abilities and difficulty levels. As with the original release of the game, the different locations and story behind the game was to give you the same follow as you would have had with the comic book series in which all of the characters were against each other in several locations. Now, the game itself had a demo that was playable and only some of the screen shots were taken and posted in order to give gamers the general idea of what the game was supposed to be like!

In most of the demo shots, there was very little that was left for granted, and in all respects, put the Lynx system at the fullest in showing the amount of detail, lighting and design that would have been the end all, be all hand held game on a portable color system. From various reports, there were to be several stages of which you could control one of the three characters and perform the exact same functions that they could on the Jaguar release of the game. However, with no real proof of these suggestions or promises, it can only be left to speculation what all of the game play would have been like in the end. What there is to see and to read on it can be found on various web sites if you’re cursing the web.

Games such as this that have appeared as though they were vapor-ware, and they have appeared on various platforms when the support for them ran out. You’ll find that the more you get into reading up on games and attempting to find them, there are points when the surprise of finding out that they don’t exist and you’re left with nothing more than hearsay and otherwise. When you find more information on the Aliens vs. Predator game for the Lynx, it comes with some interesting features that might have made it into something rather impressive. Although the game was little more than a one-player game, there was enough action and adventure as well as some puzzle solving thrown in for the hell of it!

The further you get into reading on this game, you find that most of the game play was still the same was it was when the release was put on the Jaguar system. With the Marine, it was your basic run and gun while trying to avoid the different traps that the Predator and the Aliens may have had in store for you. As the Predator, you had to use a mix of stealth and power to kill off your target in order to earn points for new weapons. Bad kills ended up netting you nothing more that a reduction of Honor Points and if you weren’t careful, you’d be left powerless throughout the game.

Something of interest though, was that the game demo that was found in later years, only featured the first couple of stages, mainly within the depths of the Predator Ship and you could only play as the Predator or the Marine. When the demo was released, there wasn’t enough information on the game, and the demo didn’t go far enough into it to introduce the Alien character for you to play as. Even though the demo lacked these long term features, it did show enough into the game that it could warrant being called a full length game. Further on in the reading, you’ll find the different specs throughout the game to be conflicting which only leads to further speculation on what the game could have been.

Aliens vs. Predator is vaporware, in which you have little more than those scattered reports of what there is to see and what there is to do. You may find that the game has little more than a teasing view into what could have been the greatest game for the Lynx or possibly any other older hand held system out there on the market. Due to mismanagement and even some mistakes in the release and overall production, the only way that you’re going to be able to look at this game, is to find it somewhere out there on the net and do as much reading up on it as you possibly can!

Rating: 10

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