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Reviewed: 10/04/01 | Updated: 10/04/01

Ill-fated system, but still one of the better games on there!

A long time ago, there was a game system that promised the world, but ended abandoned to other systems and namely by the gamers who had pledged to support it. Atari Jaguar was one of the first systems to boast a 64 bit processor and plenty of games that would be the top of the line for the next generation. However, without the proper party support, and the fact that Atari wasn't tuned into what was going on, you were left with just a handful of games on a dead system that can be had for only a few dollars! Primal Rage is a hard game to describe on any home system, and even when you find words for it, it's still one of those games that you really can't put into words! Featuring some primal creatures that range from dinosaurs to wild ass gorillas with attitude, you've got a wild ride of a fighting game with plenty of gore and mindless violence to go along with it!

The Earth has been destroyed during a great apocalypse, and the result is the re-emergence of these wild creatures that hail from deep within the Earth and even from the Moon. Humans are no longer on top of the food chain, but rather handy snacks there for the munching and crunching during battle! The focus of the game isn't on advanced combinations, or even learning to be some masterful expert, nope, it's based solely on if you can turn your opponent into a pile of mush and bloody flesh or not.

-Game Play 8/10-

It's not the most scientific of fighting games, with the moves being laid out for you on the control panel, but it is rather fun to pound someone into the ground using attacks that range from fire and ice to toxic venom and even the occasional fart of death! Primal Rage takes a twist for the gruesome when you put the Domination Moves into effect, which are more or less brutal finishing moves ala Mortal Kombat. There is nothing like whizzing on your opponent and watching the flesh melt away, leaving a pile of bones in its place! But with the home version of this game you'll find that there are plenty of secrets in the two player mode that you can open up and use, such as secret mini games like human bowling, human volley-ball and the ever popular human sacrifice feeding! You'll find that there are plenty of things to do with the two player option of the game, but there is very little outside of fighting in the one player.

-Control 8/10-

Weak and Strong punches and kicks as well as a block button to round out your control set. The special moves take a little practice, but really the only moves that need the most practice are the Domination Moves. Learn those, and you'll have a hell of a time bash and mashing your opponents! Other than that, the control is easy enough to learn, and like it said before, the special moves are all laid out for you to practice. With eh awkward Jaguar controller, you'll have to get used to the extra buttons that are located on the face of the control, and even then, it'll take plenty of time just to get used to playing the game effectively! Because of the shape, and the multitude of buttons that are on its face, gamers will probably have to take a long time to practice up on what the game has to offer!

-Audio 8/10-

Really all you have to listen to is some sort of primeval rock beat that matches the game, but doesn't really fit the mood. You have a ton of sound effects that range from people screaming as you scoop them up and eat them, down to the various explosions and guttural growls that you'll hear from the different characters! The Jaguar manages to re-create a near perfect image of the arcade version of the game. You'll find that if you listen close enough, there is enough of the original soundtrack there to make you realize, that this is as close to the arcade as you're going to get without actually being there!

-Visuals 8/10-

Well drawn and detailed, every character has a different style about them that can easily be seen. Special effects in the game really don't flash with much flare, but what special effect there are, do show! People flying into the air just before you eat them, noxious clouds of gas, and bloody chunks of flesh being ripped out and thrown around come through with plenty of style. The backgrounds are always teeming with life and animation, so be on the look out for that when you have time to take a look at the detail and thought put into Primal Rage! With the visual acceleration of the Jaguar CD, you'll find that Primal Rage moves just as fast as the arcade version, and is damn near spotless in every way! However, with such accomplishments, it does bring its share of problems to the table with the addition of image break up, and slow down in some areas of the fight, and on occasion, you'll run into the game freezing as it loads up a Domination Move!

-Overall 8/10-

Primal Rage is a fighting game that steps into the surreal and doesn't really come back. With some slick visuals and massive sound, as well as intense game play depending on how far you're willing to get into the game, you'll find that Jurassic Park and King Kong on a bender is actually a helluva lot of fun to play! Even though the Jaguar is long gone, and this game doesn't exist in open circulation, it is a piece of video game history, and should be treated that way. If you have a couple of bucks, and can find someone who is willing to part with e Jaguar and this game for a couple of bucks, or maybe even a pack of smokes, then by all means, go for it, cause in the end, it's definitely worth it!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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