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Move List by LPopa

Updated: 01/01/1997

From: ai403@freenet.hamilton.on.ca (Lawrence Popa)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.atari
Subject: Re: Double Dragon V Moves
Date: 1 Jan 1997 20:20:01 GMT

Lawrence Popa (ai403@freenet.hamilton.on.ca) wrote:
: Here's the list of Double Dragon V moves that I've discovered:

Oops!  Forgot the Overkill for the Boss - here's the corrected move list:

             Moves for Double Dragon V on the Atari Jaguar
             ----- --- ------ ------ - -- --- ----- ------


U - Up                          P - Punch
D - Down                        K - Kick
T - Towards Opponent            L - Light
A - Away from Opponent          M - Medium
                                H - Hard

Note:  Overkills must be performed when both characters are on the
ground, and the attack listed by the opponents name must be used.  The
attack must do enough damage to win the match in order for you to see
the overkill.  Does not work in easy mode.

Billy Lee
----- ---
Throw: MP
Dragon Snake: D, DA, A&P
Dragon Slice: T, DT, D&P
Dragon Shock: hold A, T&P
Dragon Slide: T, T&P
Overkill: Standing HP

Jimmy Lee
----- ---
Throw: MP
Dragon Snake: D, DA, A&P
Dragon Slice: T, DT, D&P
Dragon Fire: Hold A, T&P
Dragon Slide: T, T&P
Overkill: Standing HK

Swallow: T, T&MK
Bite and Toss: T, T&HK
Flying Headbutt: T, T&P
Loogie Hock: hold A, T&P
Breath Wave: D, DA, A&P
Ground Spark: T, DT, D&K
Overkill: Standing HP

Throw: MP
Eyebeam: D, DA, A&P
Skull Toss: Hold A, T&P
Gun Shot: T, DT, D&K
Long Arm Lash: T, T&MP
Super Headbutt: T, T&MK
Overkill: Standing MP

Throw: MP
Energy Blade: D, DT, T&P
Whirlwind Slice: Hold A, T&P
Rolling Sawblade: D, DA, A&P
Flying Cartwheel Sawblade: T, DT, D&K
Overkill: Standing MK

Throw: MK
Laser Bolt: Hold A, T&P
Knucklespin Twistkick: Hold A, T&K
Jet Flare: D, DA, A&P
Missile Shot: T, DT, D&K
Rocket Dive: T, T&K
Overkill: Standing LP

Throw: MP
Flying Claw Slam: Hold A, T&K
Claw Roll Attack: D, DA, A&P
Inverted Spinkick: D, DA, A&K
Blender from Above: D, D&LK
Clawvault Boomerang Kick: T, T&HK
Head Bounce Kick: In Mid-Air, D&HK
Overkill: Standing MP

Point-Blank Throw: MP
Short Distance Throw: HP
Hold and Bite: MK
Ponytail Beam: T, DT, D&K
Swoop Hurricane: D, DA, A&K
Highheel Knife Slide: D, D&LK
Overkill: Standing Long-Range MP

Shadow Master
------ ------
Overkill: Standing HK

Lawrence Popa
"Every man and every woman is a star." - Book of the Law:  Ch.1 Vs. 3

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