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Guide and Walkthrough by falsehead

Version: Final | Updated: 03/30/2004

************************** CYBERMORPH: FAQ/WALKTHRU ***************************

                   Atari Jaguar Flying Game; released 1993 UK

                    FAQ/WALKTHRU (Final Version) 29/03/2004

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com

Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
purposes that's OK).

This guide may NOT be used as part of a restricted Pay-to-Enter website or in
print unless you are prepared to pay me for its inclusion.

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

*********************************** CONTENTS **********************************


a) The Plot!
b) Keypad Overlay and Game Controls
c) Understanding the Game Screen
d) Weapons, Power Ups and Scoring
e) Enemies

a) Sectors 1, 2 and 3
b) Sectors 4
c) Sector 5


***************************** 1) INTRODUCTION *********************************

INTRODUCTION - Oh No.  Probably the worst Jaguar game I ever played, but yet
for some reason I have taken pity on it and done a guide for it.  Anyway this
guide will help you get to grips with the controls, provides information on
weaponry and power-ups and gives a guide to completing all five sectors
including the final Boss World. If you own a Jaguar, its likely you have this
game as it was given away free with it.  So if you finally want to beat it,
this is the guide for you.  Don't all thank me at once yah hear!

In writing this FAQ/Walkthrough the "Official Atari Jaguar Gamers Guide" by
Zach Meston and J. Douglas Arnold (1995) was invaluable in helping me complete
the tricky final two sectors of the game and also supplied the various cheats
listed in the final section.


REVISIONS - (10/01/2004)

Version 1.0 up and running.  I am persecuting a fellow Jaguar owner into
playing this game from start to finish to test this guide out. Any additions
and/or corrections that result from this will be put in the next update.  After
we both come out of Bad Game therapy that is.

Final Version (29/03/2004)  That's it, no more.  If I never play this game
again it will be too soon. There's enough here for anyone who is masochistic
enough to want to play to the finish.

***************************** 2) GETTING STARTED ******************************

Yes there is a plot.. Here is courtesy of the original manual.

"The Galactic War has begun, and the ultimate weapon has been created: robotic
technologies that can rebuild themselves.  As the evil Pernitia Empire adds
planet after planet to it's growing empire, their regenerative technology
becomes permanently entrenched.

Fortunately, your forces had new weapons designed.. unfortunately, they were
seized by the enemy.  The weapons, along with supplies and information, were
sealed into pods.  Some of the key designers were cryogenically suspended and
put in the pods as well.

You have been assigned to pilot the only prototype fighter craft in existence:
the Cybermorph Transmogriffon, or T-Griffon, a morphing attack craft.  Although
useable only in planetary atmospheres, it can be transported between worlds by
intersolar cruisers, and has it's own re-entry and retrieval systems.

The T-griffon can follow terrain extremely close at high speeds.  It an also
hover and fly backwards by altering its shape.  It can withstand extreme damage
by regenerating parts, using technology similar to that used by the Pernitia
Empire.  The T-Griffon also features a holographic intelligence agent named
Skylar, who will give you crucial battle functions.

You must recover the pods so the resistance fighters will have the weapons,
equipment and expertise necessary to stop the spread of the Pernitia Empire.
Skylar will keep you informed of newly downloaded intelligence about the
planets surface.  When you recover the number of pods known to be in each
sector, Skylar activates the retrieval code and the beam portal opens which
will take you to another sector."


Button A - Forward Thrust
Button B - Fire Weapon
Button C - Brake/Backward Thrust

OPTION - Toggle through main weapon ordinance
PAUSE - Will Pause the Game
        While Paused you may change the volume using the joypad
        A= Skylar Volume, B= Sound Effects Volume, C= Engine Volume

Joypad Left - Turn Left
Joypad Right - Turn Right
Joypad Up - Dive
Joypad Down - Climb

Keypad 1 - Fires Super Weapon
Keypad 2 - Fires Super Weapon
Keypad 2 - Fires Super Weapon
Keypad 4 - Toggles Crosshair on/off
Keypad 5 - Forward View (with T-Griffon on screen)
Keypad 6 - Cockpit View (forward view from inside ship)
Keypad 7 - Left View
Keypad 8 - Rear View (view behind, with ship on screen)
Keypad 9 - right View
Keypad 0 - Toggles Music off and on
* + #    - Press these together to reset game.

               KEYPAD LAYOUT

         1            2          3
         |______ Super Weapon____|

         4            5          6
       Toggle      Forward    Cockpit
      Crosshair     View       View

         7            8          9
     Left View    Rear View  Right View

         *            0          #
         |      Toggle Music     |
         |________ Reset_________|

To reconfigure the controls, press the Option key at the title screen.  This
brings up and options screen where you can change around the functions of the
A. B and C buttons.  You cannot save a game, but each time you beat a sector
you'll get the codes that allow you to travel to the next sector.


Your view is through command screen display.  There are several elements here
you need to keep an eye on.

1) The number in the middle of the top of the screen is your score

2) The little shop icons near that are the amount of lives you have left

3) The scary green head in the top left is Skylar, who will appear to give
incomprehensible advice.

4) The cross hairs lock on and help you aim your weapons, this can be toggled
off and on

5) The "dial" in the top right is your Scanner this displays enemies as red
skulls (in hostile mode) or green (in passive mode).  A white X means a Vortex
Tower, yellow diamonds show where pods are.  Yellow arrows point to pods or an
exit portal that's open.  White arrows point towards any nearby Vortex Tower.
Squares are teleporters.

6) Underneath this on the left right side of the screen is the altimeter .  The
bottom white like is sea level, the top white line is the highest you can fly
up.  Your height is shown by a black line, the pink bar shows the height of the
terrain in front of the ship.

7) On the bottom bar there are several controls to look out for.  The first on
the bottom left is your speed. Green = forward, blue = backward.

8) Next to that is the Shield power metre. When this is fully depleted, you
lose a ship (life)

9) The next five icons are weapons available.  Twin Shot, Three Way, Cruise
Bomb, Mine and Incinerator.  When you have the ammo to allow these to be
selected the icons will appear in white.

10) In the middle of the bottom control bar is the message window.  This relays
info from Skylar and keeps track of the remaining pods in that world.


Only 50 rounds of ammo (apart from single shot) can be held in each weapon.

- Single Shot is standard ammo, infinite supply, but weak.  Use when you have
nothing else to use.
- Rapid Fire can fire any shots at a much faster rate.  You will lose it when
you finish a level or lose a ship
- Twin Shot fires two shots at a time and when you get it, it will replaces
single shot.
- Three Way Shot will fire a spread of three shots at once
- Cruise Bombs drop out of your ship and fly forward across the ground
- Incinerators fire a wide stream of flames out in front
- Mines can be spread across the landscape and will only go odd when an enemy
goes near them.

Only one type pf super weapon can be carried at a time, and only hold five
rounds of ammo at a time.

- Thunderquakers destroy all nearby enemies
- Nitros give a burst of speed and while in Nitro mode, most damage can be
- Detonators will destroy nearby buildings

- Energy coins recover 1/4 of your total power.
- Weapon coins give you between 20-50 rounds of ammo
- Superweapon coins give you two more round of ammo for a superweapon
- X Coins give you an extra life
- Power Rings restore you to full power when you fly through them.  Can only be
used once
- Bonus Rings, find one and fly through to get a bonus world to explore.


ENEMY HIT = 50 points
ENEMY DESTROYED = 150 points
VORTEX TOWER HIT = 100 points
POD PICKED UP = 200 points
1k COIN = 1000 points
2k COIN = 2000 points
EXTRA PODS RECOVERED: 5000 points awarded when world complete
An EXTRA SHIP is awarded with every 50,000 scored once the current world is


There are various enemies you'll meet in the game. A lot of the early ones are
basically drone like robots that are only dangerous if you bash into them, but
some are nastier.  I have had to make up names for them as they aren't named in
the game, I hope you can understand what ones I am talking about!

NON COMBATANTS:  These are things like pod movers (look like hovering tripods),
pod prisons (four spikes around a pod) and pod carriers (big truck like
vehicles).  None will attack you, but they can be dangerous if you crash into
them, so blow them up for points.

PERNITIA CONVENTIONAL SHIPS - Grey ships with orange markings that are fairly
weak on their own but can cause grief in numbers.

PERNITIA PIRATES - Odd looking ships.  Look like flapping black birds, which
engage you from distance, often lurking near mountains and sniping at you.
Hard to target to you may need to whip out the crosshairs.

CRABS - Walking robots that guard pods and sometimes hold them in their bodies,
they will fire at you if you get too close, but are easily destroyed with a few
hits from your basic weapon.

KAMIKAZE - Plain green/blue pointed ships that basically ram you and can cause
instant destruction.  Dodge them as they charge you and shoot them down.

WORMS - These are pretty nasty, they look like a chain of pink diamond shapes
that are split into segments.  They rise up into the air and come at you.  Its
instant death if any part touches you and they can regrow body segments. Mines
are the best way to deal with them.

BLOBOBS - Large yellow blobs that stick to the T-griffon and gradually drain
its energy.  Very fast and will stick to you in groups.  Move quickly and shoot
them before they can stick to you.

GREEN HEADS - These look like large Devil Heads that flap up and down and fire
missiles at you. They stay in the same place though and are not that accurate.

HEAD HUNTERS - This looks like a large white/pink robot head and it will follow
you around the level.  It will sink into the ground and pop up somewhere else
and let loose a barrage of missiles.

***************************** 3) GAME WALKTHRU ********************************

Cybermorph has a fairly simple structure to it.  There are five sectors to
explore and retrieve pods from.  Within each sector are eight planets, which
can be tackled in any order.  Once all planets within the sector has been
liberated (ie, you have enough pods from each) the next sector will open up.
You can afford to lose a few pods per world in some cases, but keep a close eye
on the Message Bar, Skylar will notify you when you have lost too many and you
have failed that world.  You can do it again though, so all is not lost.

a) SECTORS 1, 2 and 3

These first three sectors are actually really straightforward, the pods are all
in plain view and there are no tricky enemies to combat, so I have kept the
details fairly brief for these sections.  The real hard stuff comes with
Sectors 4 and 5, which are covered in more depth.

- Spend time in the first sector really learning to get to grips with the
T-Griffon.  It can be easy to oversteer and fly into mountains etc.  Learn to
gently tap the d-pad rather than hold it down to steer.  You can however stand
quite a lot of damage from crashing or bumping things, don't be afraid to zoom
off at high speed if your pods are in danger. To collect a pod you only need to
fly into it and you'll automatically pick it up.

- The T-Griffon will hug the ground if you want to fly close to it, rising and
falling with its undulations.  But it won't automatically avoid buildings, so
be careful when zipping about at speed, low to the ground.

- In the first sectors the only real danger is from things called Vortexers.
These are towers that generate an anti-matter field that will destroy any pods
that get near them.  Some pods will be transported around the planet and if
they get to near they will be destroyed.  Watch your messages from Skylar, she
will let you know if a pod is in trouble.

- Some pods will be located in prison blocks, these will not show up on your
radar.  If you find yourself some pods short, try torching some buildings to
find them, you can't damage the pods yourself.

- There are other buildings apart from pod prisons to look out for.  There are
force fields blocking off some areas, destroy Power Stations to knock out a
forcefield.  Some pods may look like they are lying innocently about, but get
to close and spikes will pop out of the ground. Hover carefully around them to
grab the pod, or destroy the Spike Station controlling them. There are bunkers
scattered about that can be shot open to reveal useful items.  Also the enemy
has radar towers to detect you, shoot down enough of them and you will freeze
some enemies into inaction.

- For extra points, easy points destroy trees!  For power-ups it's a good idea
to target flying enemies as ground based enemies will not yield any.  Before
you pick on a new super weapon, make sure you have used up the one you are
holding as the new one will replace the old one and any leftover ammo will be

- There are teleporters that will allow you to reach other parts of the world.
But these are not as prevalent in the first three sectors as they are in the
final two.

- As you progress through the worlds, you can revisit easier, earlier ones to
collect power-ups and rack up points.

- Vortexers will respawn after a while, so if you are taking your time with a
level, they can become a danger again.

SECTOR 1 (code 1008)

CODEX: Pods 7, Rescue 6, Vortexers 0
EMETH: Pods 6, Rescue 6, Vortexers 0
ENNIS: Pods 19, Rescue 16, Vortexers 1
GRIZ MADRE: Pods 17, Rescue 15, Vortexers 0
KAPITOL: Pods 27, Rescue 27, Vortexers 0
OLOPE: Pods 12, Rescue 9, Vortexers 0
OTTO BAHN: Pods 12, Rescue 15, Vortexers 0
ZUEL: Pods 4, Rescue 3, Vortexers 1

All the worlds on this first sector are pretty gentle.  They have lots of wide
open spaces and few buildings clustered together to crash into.  Vortexers are
rare and enemies are few.  It leads you gently into things like blowing up pod
prisons and learning to search canyons.

SECTOR 2 (code 1328)

ALLRIS: Pods 12, Rescue 9, Vortexers 1
BROSS: Pods 13, Rescue 8, Vortexers 0
FRAGOCIA: Pods 13, Rescue 8, Vortexers 0
GALIIZIA: Pods 18, Rescue 13, Vortexers 0
KARAVOSTOS: Pods 11, Rescue 10, Vortexers 0
METROPOL: Pods 11, Rescue 11, Vortexers 3
ROSAM: Pods 15, Rescue 12, Vortexers 5
ULMTRI: Pods 6, Rescue 6, Vortexers 0

In sector 2, the levels are still fairly basically laid out.  There are more
enemies and vortexers to contend with, but for most levels the number or pods
needed is not the full amount.  Only Metropol offers a slight challenge with
its multiple vortexers and requirement for all pods to be recovered, but the
lack of enemies should have you destroying the vortexers and making your escape
before they can respawn.

SECTOR 3 (code 9325)

GREENSTONE: Pods 10, Rescue 5, Vortexers 0
JOJO: Pods 25, Rescue 20, Vortexers 0
LADAN: Pods 3, Rescue 3, Vortexers 0
LEVOV: Pods 24, Rescue 20, Vortexers 0
MAULUK: Pods 10, Rescue 5, Vortexers 3
MONICALIA: Pods 6, Rescue 5, Vortexers 0
PICO: Pods 18, Rescue 18, Vortexers 1
SPYKRE: Pods 16, Rescue 14, Vortexers 0

Surprisingly, here in sector three, vortexers and enemies are less troublesome
than in sector 2.  This sector is introducing you to a more complex level set
up, with teleporters to travel through in your hunt for pods.  Spend time
really learning to navigate and read the landscapes as sectors 4 and 5 will
really test your flying, fighting and searching skills to the limit!

b) SECTOR 4 (code 9226)

Ok hopefully you used the first three sectors to get the hang of the T-Griffon,
now stuff is about to get challenging!
Total Pods: 15
Minimum Rescued: 15
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Several valuable chemical pods are guarded in a tidal crater below.
           Retrieve these quickly. Watch out for ground forces. Turrets shoot
           homing missiles".

From the start, go right into a canyon with yellow pillars in it.  Use the blue
teleporter and grab all the pods.  Head for the water and take the blue
teleporter, then take the red teleporter.  Watch out for the clump of buildings
and go left to get to the exit.

Total Pods: 12
Minimum Rescued: 10
Vortexers: 0
Briefing: "Lost in the strip mined world of Girdell are several deposits
           we need urgently.  Keep your bearings and watch for the Pernitan

Go right and collect the first pod then go right again and over two ridges.
Turn right at the brown building and go over another low ridge.  Collect the
pod at the end of the canyon.  Turn around and go left back over the ridge, and
over another. Go through the red teleporter, then through the blue one.
Collect the two pods in the prisons and the one in the open, then go back
through the blue teleporter. Go through the green teleporter and collect the
three pods in the area.  Go back through the green teleporter and through the
yellow one.  Collect the three pods and go back to the red teleporter.  Travel
through it and go right.  Go back to the brown building and go right, travel
down the canon and collect the final pod.  Turn right to get to the exit.

Total Pods: 12
Minimum Rescued: 10
Vortexers: 0
Briefing: "A swarm of Pernitia Crabs have taken over the twisting canyons
           of this planet and protect supply pods. Explore every twist and
           turn. Good luck."

Fly across the low area and collect the three pods, then head for the lake and
collect the next four pods. Take a narrow pathway into a canyon collecting
another pod on the way. Turn right in the canyon to get another pod, then right
again for another. keep going and take out the power station building when you
reach it. Then go left and follow the right passageway back to the big canyon,
collecting another pod as you do so.  Cross the canyon and take the passage
opposite and follow the winding path to get the final pod.  At the end lies the

Planet: GRUNGE
Total Pods: 17
Minimum Rescued: 14
Vortexers: 7
Briefing: "Urgent, several critical tech pods are being destroyed by waste
           disposal pod carriers.  Shoot the vortex towers. Save as many pods
           as you can."

There are vortexers on this level so they are a priority. Find them on the
scanner by flying towards the white arrows.  Shoot the vortexers and keep
grabbing pods when you see them.  They are bunched up in a small area with the
vortexers, so this is more a test of accuracy than a big hunt.   Pods will keep
appearing near the two end vortexers so keep an eye out for them.

Planet: LEKSEY
Total Pods: 17
Minimum Rescued: 14
Vortexers: 2
Briefing: "Pernitia forces have sealed off a strategic valley using two force
           Fields. Worse still, they have 17 Pods. Recover them fast."

Fly along the river and keep an eye out for a power ring, just beyond it is an
gap in the mountain on the right.  Fly through it and collect the pod then blow
up the bunker.  Go through the teleporter and follow the mountain wall until
you come to an area with lots of pods.  Collect them all and then exit near the
red teleporter.

Total Pods: 8
Minimum Rescued: 8
Vortexers: 0
Briefing: "Pernitia Pod Restrainers must be blown up to free the pods inside.
           They are heavily defended by fleets of pirates and kamikazes."

Turn left to find the first pod then keep going along the canyon wall until you
reach two pod prisons.  Destroy all the enemies and collect the pods then use
your scanner to find the rest of the pods in the open area.  Then carry along
the canyon wall until you find a red teleporter and a power ring. Go through
the red teleporter and keep flying along the canyon wall until you find more
pod prisons.  Bomb them open and then find the exit past thee gun turrets near
the lake.

Planet: SQUIB
Total Pods: 13
Minimum Rescued: 10
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Retrieve the medical pods from Beacon Cove quickly before the
           Snatchers take them to their fortified camp."

The pods you come to first of all are booby trapped. So circle high over them
to set off the spike traps then wait for the pod carriers to collect them.
Shoot the pod carrier to then collect the pod safely. While you wait for the
carriers, shoot out the vortexer nearby. When there are no more pod carriers,
carefully descend into the spikes to collect the remaining pods one at a time.
The exit is near to where the vortexer was.

Planet: ZAHAV
Total Pods: 10
Minimum Rescued: 10
Vortexers: 4
Briefing: "The Pernitia occupy three extinct volcano craters that you can
           reach by teleporter Check each one for pods."

A fairly open area, but you must watch out for vortexers.   Fly around
collecting pods until you can't find anymore then head for the area with four
yellow pillars.  There is a red teleport here, which will take you into a
crater.  Shoot the pod prison, then take the green teleporter. Go through the
blue teleport once any loose pods have been collected.  Go back into the main
area and fly around the base of the mountains looking for pod prisons. Once is
halfway up the side of a mountain.  Once you have them all, use the red, then
green teleporters to get to the exit in one of the craters.


This is just you against the worms! So stock up with Mines before you take this
world on.   Stay up high while you use the scanner to locate the Boss Worm.  It
will charge you, so you should drop mines while flying up to its red head,
which you should destroy.  while it reforms its head, keep following it and
ready your mines for its next charge.  Keep destroying the head until all the
segments are gone.  You also need to destroy two normal worms before the Exit

c) SECTOR 5 (code 344)
Now for the last sector, plenty more tricky flying, but if you have made it
this far, it should be a breeze now =P

Total Pods: 11
Minimum Rescued: 9
Vortexers: 4
Briefing: "Valuable artefacts are being destroyed at 4 powerful Vortex towers
           Do not waste any time in recovering them.

More pods here are surrounded by spikes, so wait for the carriers to fetch them
up.  Then destroy the carriers and collect the pods.  Two vortexers are on
islands, so destroy them.  Collect all the pods in open, then go to the pod
prisons which are underneath the floating city.  When the exit appears, you can
leave now, or fly past it to the two bunkers. Shoot them both to reveal an
extra life.  Then go back and exit.

Total Pods: 15
Minimum Rescued: 15
Vortexers: 1

Straightaway turn around and fly though the red teleporter.  Turn and follwo
the canyon leftwards, it will reach a dead end with a blue teleporter. Go
through it and turn around and fly until you reach a power station. Blow it up
and fly back through the blue teleporter. Follow the canyon around and collect
the pods near the vortexer as your priority, then collect the rest in the
canyon.  Go through the blue teleporter and you will find the exit.

Total Pods: 1
Minimum Rescued: 1
Vortexers: 0
Briefing: "The Pernitia have captured and hidden a fleet commander for
           interrogation.  Search the countless bunkers to find him."

Only one pod to find, so more of a search mission this time. Methodically
destroy all bunkers you see.  When you see a teleporter, go though it and keep
going until you get to a narrow canyon with one bunker visible.  Fly past and
destroy the next bunker then go through the yellow teleporter. Collect the pod
from the pod prison and destroy the power station.  Go back to the yellow
teleporter and go left past the green teleporter and to the exit.
Planet: EELAAZ
Total Pods: 11
Minimum Rescued: 11
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Pernitia forces are mining the ocean bed of this tropical world
           for rare mineral deposits.  They are stored in pods and fiercely

Go straight ahead and blow up the pod carrier.  Keep going to the water and urn
left, following the coastline around, collecting four pods on the way.  the
other seven pods are imprisoned, with each one to be found in a small area
marked with a pillar.  Shoot the prisons and collect the pods.  There is one
row of three islands and one row of four.  Once that's done, the exit is by the
long thing area of land.

Total Pods: 14
Minimum Rescued: 7
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Hundreds of cocooned POWs are at the mercy of a Pernitia Vortex
           tower.  The only saviour lies at the end of a large valley. Use
           Nitros when you can.

The best way to do this level is to collect detonator weapons from one of the
other worlds (The lower right planet in the Unknown Sector carries lots of
weapons, so go and stock up. Kapitol in Sector 1 also has them). Thus tolled
up, enter Gantlet and fly away from the brown pillars.  Go high and fast until
you reach the forcefield.  Use a detonator on it to blow it open then carry on
through and collect all the pods.

Or, you can fly towards the poles sticking up out of the ground until you reach
a bunker.  Blow it up and enter the newly revealed red teleporter. Fly down the
canyon and though another teleporter.  Follow the twisty route until you find a
detonator. There is also a blocked path.  You can collect the detonator and use
it to either clear the blocked path which allow you round the back way to get
the pods, or return to the front area and blow up the force field with it.

Total Pods: 20
Minimum Rescued: 16
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Once thought to be hell itself this charred land has 20 pods we
           need to recover. They are protected by fearsome Pernitia Head
           Hunters. Be careful."

Tool up with plenty of mines and follow the radar arrows to get all the pods
out in the open.  Then destroy the pod prisons in the middle of the spikes,
also destroy the Joker Heads so you can carefully collect the pods, then head
for the nearby exit.

Total Pods: 7
Minimum Rescued: 6
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Many weaponry pods are about to be lost to a vortex tower. Visit
           this world and save as many as you can."

Go left right away and though the blue teleporter.  then though the yellow
teleporter and the next blue one. Blow up the power station, then return
through the three teleporters and fly towards the pods.  Collect them all.  You
can exit or go and collect the bonus rings which is out past the Vortexer.

Total Pods: 18
Minimum Rescued: 18
Vortexers: 1
Briefing: "Technology pods are hidden along the length of snake gorge.  The
           entrance is by an industrial complex. Good flying skills are
           essential to success."

Fly along the road leading away form the canyon mouth.  Destroy the power
station.  Blow up the cargo carriers if you need any powerups and then go back
to the canyon.  Fly through the canyon dodging and destroying the enemies as
you go.  Avoid the buildings and collect the pods as you zip through.  This is
a real test of your control of the T-Griffon!  Go right to the canyons end,
colect the final pods, then turn around and fly back out, until you spot the


Load up with mines, then get ready for some fancy flying.  Collect all the pods
first near the vortexers first, then use your mines to get rid of the head
hunters and the giant worm. Now to take out the twin guns, try and manoeuvre so
close that it can't hit you with its guns and keep firing at the guns until the
are blown off. Then keep a barrage of fire up into the body of the gun as it
tries to charge you.  It should fall quickly.  Once all the enemies are dead
and pods collected and exit will appear.  Go through and victory is yours!

********************************* 4) CHEATS ***********************************

BONUS WORLD RINGS: These are located on Olope, Metropol, Pico, Olyotris and

SECTOR CODES: Sector 1 = 1008, Sector 2 = 1328, Sector 3 = 9325, Sector 4 =
9226, Sector 5 = 3444.  these must be entered at the "Select Destination" Screen
Just type them in using the controller keypad and they will automatically
appear on screen.

UNKNOWN SECTOR: Enter code 6009 to be presented with four planets.  Pick the
lower right one to collect loads of power-ups.  The other three have no
power-ups, just lots of enemies for max point scoring and practice.

UNLIMITED AMMO: At the title screen press Option then press and hold 1,3,5,7,8
and 9. An odd sound will occur to signal correct input.  Now all weapons,
including Super ones will have unlimited ammo.

Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome.
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My email is falsehead@aol.com

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Please also check out another great site for next generation gaming news and
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Big Thanks to CjayC, the cool bloke who runs GameFAQs.  You've given me the
opportunity to reach more people with my stuff than I ever could have alone!

Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.

Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
and being all round awesome dudes (and gals)! asherdeus, bloomer, sashanan,
Andrew Schultz, MaxH, Vegita, Marc Golding, Jesse Eubanks, Adrenaline and
Banandgril Love yah all guys/girls

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