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FAQ/Walkthrough by gadesxion

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/02/2004

Super NES
Version 0.5

Authored by: GadesXion aka Shouvik :)

shouvik_sayef@yahoo.com (Put "Cannon Fodder" in the subject line)
AIM: gadesxion

Table Of Contents (Use Ctrl+F)

Z101 - Table Of Contents
Z102 - Intro
Z103 - Version History
Z104 - Game Basics
Z105 - Passwords
Z106 - Walkthrough
Z107 - FAQ
Z108 - Legal Stuff and Acknowlegements


Cannon Fodder is a classic underrated addictive game for the Super NES which i 
discovered had been neglected on the FAQ boards and thus decided to write this
FAQ for. Its a fun little game where you control a group of soldiers and 
elimintate any enemies in the given level.

Version History

0.5 - My first FAQ! Game basics section is complete. Walkthrough and passwords
complete through Mission 5!

Game Basics

The Intro Screen : 

First the "score" at the top is the number of kills 
home = your kills
away = your casualties 
(Graves will form on the hillside as your caualties grow)

on the left column, the Heroes are ones that have been killed, and the Squad 
are the people that are alive.The following number is their individual kills

By pressing select at the first screen the options menu will pop up:

Load Game : This option is actually a password entry screen; passowords for 
thecurrent level can be found by selecting Save Game

Save Game : This option gives the password for the current level

Key Define : The controls for Cannon Fodder can be assigned with this option. 
My recomended controls are as follows:

Move   - B
Shoot  - Y
Map    - X
Weapon - A

Stereo : Stereo is set to off by default, change it if you wish

Pressing start will begin the mission

Gameplay Basics

Basically you move a target around the battlefield, pressing move will command
your soldiers to move to the target, pressing fire will command then to fire
at the target very simple-- but it gets complicated as strategy is needed in
the later missions. By pausing you can move soldiers individually and you must
usethe map to help you plan out your attacks.

If you pause and select the names of soldiers and then the snake thingy it
will separate your troops into groups so you can command them individually,
dont worry though because troops that are left alone WILL defend themselves,
although not very effectively. (Use R and L to switch between
soldiers/ groups)


Mission 1 - NBPBZ
Mission 2 - BCBCY
Mission 3 - SCSDX
Mission 4 - CDBGW
Mission 5 - TDSHT


:: Note the number of Recriuts remaining is only if you travel through the 
game with 0 casualties::

Mission 1: The Sensible Initiation
Phase 1/1: Its A Jungle Out There
Briefing : With 2 soldiers you must kill all enemy

13 Recriuts Remaining
3 Enemy Soldiers

Very easy, if you lose this mission you should not even bother with the rest 
of the gamejust move your soldiers into range of the enemy and openly fire on 
them, kill all 3 of them and youre done!

Mission 2: Onward Virgin Soldiers
Phase 1/2: Bridge Over the River Pie (Haha like the movie get it?)
Briefing : With 3 soldiers you must kill all enemy

27 Recriuts Remaining
17 Enemy Soldiers

This level is MUCH harder and is what the rest of the game will be like. You 
now have 17 enemies as opposed to 3. I still recommend you keep all of your 
soldiers in just 1 group. First off there will be an enemy swimming
towards you from the north, kill him immedietly. Next 3 enemies to the south
stay by the trees and lure them 1 at a time and pick them off for easy kills.
Now head west along the south border, 2 soldiers will come rushing in, pick
them off (your groups mass firing should get it done very easily). Head north
when you hit the west border and pick off the 2 soldiers standing by the 
Now go to the bridge (use the map if youre lost) and pick off the one guard
across the bridge. Go west and lure the guards by firing bullets near them
until they come into your range, and then pick them off. As always use the
trees for cover. Go around the trees and head east slowly, you will be 
approached by 2 soldiers at the clearing, pick em off. (see a pattern here?)
Head east and kill the last 3 soldiers. You win! watch your soldiers jump
around in victory :)

Phase 2/2: Trash Enemy HQ
Briefing : With 3 soldiers you must -kill all enemy -destroy enemy buildings

27 Recriuts Remaining
22+ Enemy Soldiers (Soldiers will continue coming out of the building if you
		   do not destroy it)
1 Enemy building

I think by now you get the idea of the game, so i can condense my strategy.
At the very start 2 soldiers come in from the west, kill them and cross the
river. There are 2 more soldiers by the trees You know what to do. When you 
reach the end of the peninsula, 2 soldiers to the west across the river and
one incoming from the south. As a reminder stick to the land so your soldiers
wont be slowed. Follow the river east along the north shore. One soldier will
come from the east and one more is across the river at the end of the south
peninsula. Go south and follow the river west killing the 3 soldiers along
the way. Go south and kill the 2 soldiers waiting in the corner. Go east
and kill the 9 soldiers along the way until you see a building. Kill the 2 
soldiers north of the building and any that come out of the building. There
is a little brown crate next to the building- pick it up to recieve grenades.
To use a grenade target the barrels around the building HOLD down fire and 
then press move, when you throw a grenade at the barrels they will explode
and destroy the building. ::Note keep your soldiers a safe distance from
the buildings when destroying them, flying debree can kill your soldiers::
Mission Complete!

Mission 3: Antarctic Adventure
Phase 1/1: Blast Its Cold
Briefing : With 4 soldiers you must -kill all enemy -destroy enemy buildings

41 Recriuts Remaining
?? Enemy soldiers
4  Enemy buildings

First kill the soldier to the south and any that come out of the building. 
Head east kill the 2 approaching soldiers and any out of the building. Go
down the slope - Dont worry about the building yet come back for it when you
get the grenades.-  go east past the lake (make sure you are not followed). 
You will see a building with crates around it. DO NOT shoot the crates! kill 
all surrounding enemies and go and pick up the crates and destroy the
building. Go back and destroy the 2 buildings you passed along the way with
your grenades. Come back and go west, there are ALOT of enemies along the way
make sure not to slip up or you may lose one of your soldiers very easily.
when you see the 4th building you can throw grenades at it or just shoot the
crate. Mission Complete!

Mission 4: Supa Smashing Namtastic
Phase 1/4: Beachy Head
Briefing: With 4 soldiers you must  -destroy enemy buildings

56 Recriuts Remaining
?? Enemy Soldiers
4 Enemy Buildings

Your first objective is to get some grenades. Head down to the start of the 
bridge and head straight east, follow the path until you see a building
with a crate next to it (SE corner of the map. Kill the soldier to the west 
and east of the buildingand destroy it before more soldiers come out of it.
Head north along the path until you find another building. Commence 
destruction. Head NW and continue west across the river, watch for
enemies and you will come up on another building. Grab the grenades and 
destroy it. Head south along the west shore killing enemies along the way.
Find the last building in the SW corner. Destroy it. Phase Complete!

Phase 2/4: Peer Pressure
Briefing: With 4 soldiers you must -kill all enemy -destroy enemy buildings

56 Recriuts Remaining
?? Enemy soldiers
1 Enemy Buildings

From the start come out shooting and kill all the soldiers, when its safe
cross the river and destroy the building in the SE corner. Phase Complete

Phase 3/4: Village People
Briefing: With 5 soldiers you must -kill all enemy -destroy enemy buildings
55 Recriuts Remaining
2 Enemy Buildings

Simple mission, head west, kill enemies along the way. Go south all the way 
to the southwest corner and destroy the 4 huts (Optional i guess) and take
the extra grenades go down to the SE corner for the last building. Go back
through the level and pick off any soldiers you missed. Phase Complete!

Phase 4/4: Quicksand
Briefing: With 5 soldiers you must -kill all enemy -destroy enemy buildings
55 Recriuts Remaining
1 Enemy Buildings

Go north, avoid the quicksand or your soldiers will sink and die. 2 enemy 
soldiers to the north. There isa landmine under the next patch of quicksand,
shoot it. Take grenades and go around the next patch. Head south and then
west to find the building killing enemies along the way. After the building
is destroyed go back and kill any enemies you may have missed. Mission

Mission 5: Thos Vicious Vikings
Phase 1/3: The Valley Of Ice
Briefing: With 3 soldiers you must -kill all enemy -destroy enemy buildings

70 Recruits Remaining
5 Enemy Buildings

Head west until you find 2 buildings pick up grenades and rockets 
(rockets are used the same as grenades, use weapon to switch between them)
go back and fire a rocket at the building you saw earlier. Continue
west until you see 2 buildings across the river. Continue west, watch out for
rocket soldiers; theyre very deadly. After theyre all killed Phase Complete!

-- The walkthrough will be updated in my next version Thank YOU!


1. How do i use grenades/ rockets?
A: Hold fire down and press move while the target is where you want to throw
your grenade/ fire your rocket.

2. What do those badge thingies mean?
A: Whoever has more of them will "lead" the group it is assigned to.

3. Can I ungroup soldiers?
A: As far as i know you cannot, if i am mistaken please email me a note, or
put it on the boards, i am on the boards more than i check my email i remind

4. Can I email you questions?
A: As i said before i would much rather you post questions on the board, if
i do not get to them then, then you may email me, but if you do ask anything
i have included in this FAQ thus far i will simply delete your email.
Make sure to put "Cannon Fodder" In the subject

Legal Stuff/ Acknowlegements

Copyright 2004 Shouvik Sayef
Thus far only GameFAQs has permission to put my guide up on their site, it
may not be used partially or whole for profit, if it is used i would like
to recieve credit for it, or you are a dirty plagerizer!

Thus far no one but me has made any contributions, as this is the first
draft, but hopefully that will change.

-I would like to thank GameFAQs for putting this wonderful game up for
bounty and encouraging me to write this, my first FAQ. 

-I would like to thank the creators of Cannon Fodder for making such a 
great addictive game.

Updates will come shortly

-- Please Email me if you would like to put my FAQ on your site or if you 
would like to make contributions, i remind you to put "Cannon Fodder" in
the subject line. 

Thank You and have a wonderful day!

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