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Are you sick and tired of the handsome prince always getting the happy ending? Well Wackylands Boss is the game for you; take control of a monster as you rampage through a kingdom destroying anyone who dares try to stop you!

Like the sound of walking around destroying castles while wearing a toga, a ninja mask and some ballet shoes? Well you can! Customize your monster any way you like, from head to toe you can outfit your boss out in all manner of apparel. With tons of items and accessories to unlock, the combinations are almost unlimited.

Unlock awesome evolutions for you monster, turn into an icy beast or a horned, poisonous goliath! With each evolution comes a new set of powers to use against the feeble little knights and archers trying to ruin your fun! Equip your Boss with more items than you can stake an enormous stick at!

Guide your boss on a rampage across the kingdom and over a range of different environments. Through the forest, into villages, across the icy tundra and finally into the castles themselves, terrorize the whole kingdom of Trogon and reclaim your dignity!

Punch, kick, stomp and incinerate your way across the magical Kingdom of Trogon. Smash those pesky knights in shining armor as they story to stop you, send the archers flying with a good old fashioned club and much the beautiful princesses for lunch!

Players can compare their scores in the Arena with others around the world via the online leaderboards using Crystal.

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