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Atlantis…. So many people have been trying to find this place… Find yourself in the mystical world of marine creatures with the mission to save sassy mermaids from dreadful monsters!

You’re just an ordinary guy working in the office and receiving tons of emails every day. Pretty boring, huh? But all of a sudden, you get a secret email from a remote location which turns out to be to be the ruins of Atlantis: mermaids are asking for help! Being a true man not lacking adventure spirit and curiosity you give everything up and decide to travel half the world to make sure that this place full of sexy mermaids really exists.

Put a hero suit on, grab some Hi-Tech weapons and dive into a breath-taking underwater journey. Check secret caves on your way to get upgrades and purchase weapons or med kits. Get rewards from characters on the surface, take a breath, stay in a safe zone and go back to a fierce battle to rescue helpless beauties from the jaws of terrible monsters!!


• Intuitive interface and easy controls
• Story mode and hardcore survival mode for real daredevils!
• Tons of different weapons to choose from including special weapons
• Hidden treasures
• Morning, noon, evening and midnight battles
• 5 stages 4 levels each
• A dreadful Boss thirsts after your blood at the end of each stage!
• Hours of fun and amusing gameplay, you won’t be able to stop till you defeat all the monsters detaining your mermaids!

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