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Unlock the mysteries of the past, present, and future in a race against the clock to save mankind. From a secret facility to a prehistoric island, solve puzzles to propel through time and prevent a future disaster. Uncover clues from characters, hunt ferocious predators of the past, and protect yourself against threats of both today and tomorrow. As each minute passes, it becomes a question of not how, but when to survive.________________________________iTunes® CUSTOMER REVIEWS (U.S.):"This game was amazing! It had the the "all alone need to survive" feeling and the "average person in a city" twist as well! Im a big fan of Sims and also a big fan of adventure so this game was perfect for me!" ?????_________________________________ISLAND QUESTSComplete quests, explore the mysterious islands, and solve puzzles in this action adventure.FRIEND OR FOE?Take a chance with a character that will either help or hinder your progress. TIME TRAVELSeek out the past in an uninhabited island and hunt dangerous prehistoric dinosaurs. Then cross to the future to uncover clues to the mystery.DAWN UNTIL DUSKAs the sun rises and sets, watch as your surroundings transform and discover new items at specific points of day.Check out other Glu games:?World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend?Deer Hunter African Safari?Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year?Deer Hunter 3D?Family Guy: Uncensored?TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING?Super KO Boxing 2?Build-a-lotFOLLOW US attwitter.com/glumobilefacebook.com/glumobile

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