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La Linea is the videogame adaptation of the internationally famous TV series featuring Mr Linea and his friend the Drawer.

This time, Mr Linea tries to conquer the heart of a beautiful female Line, helped in his quest by the Drawer.

Main Features:
• A real “touch gameplay”: Draw the level design to help Mr. Linea, sting him to make him jump, draw bridges to overcome obstacles etc…
• Mr Linea, a « real » human being: Mr Linea is not controlled by the player (player = drawer). Pay attention on not making him too much angry or he will shout at you and leave the screen!
• A humoristic game for kids and adults: May you win or lose, La Linea will always do funny animations and “shout” thanks to a high quality dubbing 100% true to the original cartoon
• Revisited GFX of a cult animated cartoon for a shiny and appealing result
• An infinite lifespan with 4 environments to visit and lots of achievements to unlock
• Side “minigames” for more fun: drive a plane, surf on a wave, ride a cart etc…
• Facebook Connect feature: send your score online and compare it to the one of your friends or to people in the world

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