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------Now on special spring sale!Apps subject to the sale are being maximum discounted price until March29st!------Touch Action Game "GATE" You must open the oncoming doors to proceed."GATE" is a touch action game which has players open oncoming doors ("gates") by making full use of the iPhone's unique touch, tap, flick and drag techniques.------------Game Functions------------- ModesTIME ATTACK mode is a race against time to open a set number of doors.There are EASY, NORMAL and HARD difficulty levels, along with the CHAIN:25 mini-game.In SURVIVAL mode, compete for the highest number of doors opened. There are STANDARD and EXTREME difficulty levels.EXTREME has many tricks which are difficult to deal with.- Save high scoresTop ten scores are saved for all modes and levels.------------How to play------------Making full use of touch, tap, flick and drag techniques to open the doors.-sliding the doors left and right.-turning the symbols above the doors with the finger.-touching all the targets on the door.------------Walkthrough Tips------------Using both tap and touch techniques and, in some cases, using multi-touch techniques will be the key.Make effective use of touch and drag against multiple targets!...Open the GATE!!

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