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A groovy space based arena brawler where the titular heroine must survive an endless army of killer robots. With an arsenal of weapons at her disposal, the robots don't stand a chance!


Half way through her 5 year mission to bring love to the universe Babeorella crash lands on a stray asteroid. Unfortunately, this particular asteroid was a secret killer robot base and she now has to fight for her life against a never ending horde of deadly mechanical monsters. Babeorella is no ordinary lady though, equipped with an array of weapons for just such an occasion the robots will have a tough time taking her out.

- Utilise the varied ranged combat, where weapons change depending on your distance to the target.

- Upgrade Babeorella's abilities, from her Bimbo Bomb capacity to the whip's damage.

- Multiple power-ups to add Babeorella's progress, from damage boosts to invincibility.

- Complete challenges to boost your score.

- Up to 5 different enemy types.

- Unlockable costumes, each with their own unique properties.



"a fun and intense arcade romp" (Touchgen.com)

"If endless action games featuring blonds and robots is your thing, you won’t want to miss this one" (Appadvice.com)

"Funny and Intense" (Spazioiphone.com)

"accessible to the greatest number while keeping the flexible challenge thanks to the various levels from difficulty - Verdict: Good Assets!" (livegeek.fr)

"Babeorella is the best beat-em all game on the iPhone!” (applicationiphone.com)

"all of the classic arcade touches help to mould Babeorella into a very appealing title... 8/10" (midlifegamer.net)

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