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Exclusive price drop this week! Don't miss it! Get the game now!4 out 4 "Must have" "It's one of the most addicting sims we've played on the iDevice" slidetoplay.com*** NEW ! Find out more on the game, tips & tricks, on www.facebook.com/IplayGaming. Don't forget to become a fan to receive regular update and new tips!***Inspire artists as they perfect their craft and restore the colony to its former glory!“ARTIST COLONY turns out to be an engaging, great looking game whose quirkiness will keep you enthralled for many hours” 4.5 out of 5 stars - TouchReviews Gamezebo says "ARTIST COLONY is surprisingly deep and an enjoyable game and is well worth your time and money, especially if you're a fan of people simulations. The unique concept is well-designed and successfully executed, and should provide many engaging hours of fun."*-- A DRAMATIC AND ARTISTICALLY CHARGED CASUAL SIMULATION GAME! --Nurture your artists: Make sure they are rested and fed, keep them inspired, help them find love or heartbreak! Sell brilliant works of art as you battle the elements to restore a once-thriving colony and attract new talent.-- 15 CHARACTERS TO MANAGE AND INSPIRE! --There are 15 aspiring artsy type characters, including painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers and photographers. Make them interact with each other, fall in love, advance in their career, clean up messes they make or rebuild the abandoned building of the colony.-- A VAST ENVIRONMENT TO EXPLORE AND RESTORE! --More than 12 locations to explore, including a wonderful lake, a music studio, a sculpture building and even a dance studio. Refresh the outdoors and renovate buildings so your artists can enjoy the environment and be inspired for their art!-- COOL AND EASY CONTROLS! --Use the iPhone's touch interface to drag characters across the screen to make them interact with their environment. Ultra easy to pick and perfectly suitable for the iPhone/iPod Touch screen.-- SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK! --Complete the various tasks and receive awards you can share with your friends on Facebook. Post messages when you sell a masterpiece, when a new artist has arrived or when your artists fall in love with each other! -- BE INSPIRED BY YOUR SONGS WHILE YOU PLAY! --Play your favorite songs stored on your iPhone/iPod Touch without interrupting your game!Tips & tricks: ***spoilers ahead*** For those stuck in level 10, there is a small island in the upper-left corner, separate from the rest of the level, where the last piece is located. Use your vine to jump there.”More fun games from I-play: Fast and Furious, Bubble Town 2, Dream Day Wedding, Turbo Subs, James Patterson's Women's Murder Club, Paradise Quest, Kingdom Of The Blue Whale, Plan It Green and more! FOLLOW US: twitter.com/iplaygamingFIND US: facebook.com/iplaygamingWATCH OUR VIDEOS: youtube.com/user/IplayMobileGaming *Gamezebo's review applies to the PC version of ARTIST COLONY

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